1001songs Played this song on college radio station all the time @the_night_manager: @DJTIMMY @Dr_Wes @by_starla @Awannabeanangel @bigbilly @DjLhexriah (reblip)
ita___thedjcat hot hot hot & humid some funk & soul for you...
1001songs Should have been on Sign O the Times

PrinceWonderful Ass

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maki_m もう暦の上ではfallですが。(^^;;
1001songs This is the Smokie song my band would cover. Eat yer heart out rod stewart
ChrisStarr what ya'll know about this? ok ok, i won't beat ya'll wit too much oldschool, i know ya'll like all this souljaboy ya ya bitch shit now lmfao

Isley Jasper Isley--- Caravan Of Love

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pulsar GREAT song from the Shazam LP.
sangawa Burdon session. >>> other great Paint it Black

ERIC BURDON & WAR Paint it Black

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The Beatles-Can You Take Me Back (White Album Outtake)

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powerdrill god, i love this song...

The Move , Hello Susie

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everythingispop I've heard a few things via KEXP but it is great stuff this year @Modster


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sir douglas quintet_nuevo laredo

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1001songs a live version of the song from ROOTS (1971)
Will_the_bloke The Clash – Magnificent Seven - Tom Synder Show 1981 .... you've got to see Joe Strummer live here ... great rushing guitar squalls too
1001songs Brilliant tune from Joe Simon who turns 66 today
1001songs doin in the park doin it after dark

the blackbyrds rock creek park

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DJRadius i'm back to thinking about them chickens jackin' my style... (reblip)
GroovyMonster Lou Rawls - Season Of The Witch
1001songs 17 consecutive uk top 20's

SladeCoz I Love You

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Southerndelite "for all of you fellows out there" *Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – Treat Her Like a Lady**
1001songs you'll remember this number. Chris Norman looks like a Martin Short character
1001songs title track. serious sly & robbie production

Black UhuruAnthem

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seattlesaint SC Guv's Top 3 Appalachian hiking trails #3
DrDisk Let's get a little funky on a friday : )
1001songs i have to hear this again....1967 hit by the motormouth man
1001songs from outsideinside 1968

Blue CheerSun Cycle

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1001songs this may take you back...recently discovered a live NRBQ cover
1001songs #14 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
eudada One of my favorite Pavement tunes. From No Alternative and all about R.E.M.
1001songs his debut was released right after AFTER THE GOLDRUSH abd right before JACKSON BROWNE'S debut. Strings by Beck's dad. Beck may have been @ sessions

Jimmie Spheeris (Come Back)

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Yoko Ono: "Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)" (1972)

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1001songs from the 8-6-4: Spartanburg native and sessionman Hank Garland who sold a million copies of this instrumental when he was still a teen ager
1001songs When people ask me what was I like in high school I play them this video and point to the blonde guy @modernartrocks @chelseagirl19
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #45 Since I Left You (2001) once the coolest band in the world?
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #49 Absolution (2003)
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #78 Fold Your Hands Child Like a Peasant (2000) a fey fave


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1001songs must hear this again. young Beck reportedly at session. his dad did the strings. hear the influence? @JA_ABBOTT

Jimmie Spheeris (Come Back)

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iMatthew_ a great headphone track (even before the dueling typewriter chorus) ENo: China My China
TMA7 Not music, but really old SCTV skit w/ Dave Thomas, Harold Ramis & John Candy.
Radiobread Al Kooper – Where Were You When I Needed You ..mm.. ?
1001songs Steve Kilbey of The Church and the late Grant McLennan of the Go Betweens recorded as the duo Jack Frost

Jack Frost Thought that I was Over You video

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1001songs aaaaAAAAAAAh!

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie "Soul Drums"

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TMA7 Just ran across this on Twitter

eartha kitt, i want to be evil

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1001songs From Black and Blue! @O_Afflicted: "another cool video, hehe" (reblip)
1001songs chage of pace: something i did at work for an 80's special

I'm Stuck in an 80's Video

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1001songs it's important to spread you arms as wide as you can when you sing rb@Bardy: "Always makes me happy" (reblip)
Brizza @checkcheck: "#pawpawty" Noting says Christmas like Japanese Girls singing about celebrating it in Space. (reblip)
1001songs NME's Top 100 lps of the Decade #80 The Grey Album. Never released marriage of Beatles White Album and Jay Z's Black album


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1001songs Dis Sung ist too cool von me! Sabbath foons taken noote
1001songs true beatlesque pop from these polish wunderkids in the 60's


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dvdsea yeah a secret agent gig looks promising. Convertible rides with women (check), interrogating guys in their underwear (not so much) thks all! later!

Tv Theme The Saint (original)

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1001songs I salute this man's facial hair: progressive eastern european jazz prog rock from 1969 (reblip)
1001songs i'm getting a bit obsessed with this one
1001songs Check this guy out! He and I havethe same facial hair! yeah i'm pretty cool to be blippin some progressive eastern european jazz prog rock from 1969.
1001songs Celebrating 617 listeners with a 5 song shout out to the 6-1-7 Boston MASS #5 I Went to school with Michael Cudahy (in jacket) & brother Nick. Genius


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TMA7 [Jimi Hendrix – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band]
1001songs for a time they were NYC's greatest party band. From 1983's Hexbreaker.
1001songs Check out the skinny bass player in the sweater...yep, Nick Lowe!
1001songs glam pop that topped the charts in '72
1001songs 1966 written by a W. Zevon
1001songs I'm going to tell Beck to cover this. Not "Beck" Beck. Billy Beck at the pub, lead singer of the Sausage People
TMA7 Catching up on my playlist. Some of these I marked back in June. rb @ladypn: "Usually I don't have to beg... ;) " (reblip)
1001songs Slade. It's all about the beat and the bad spelling!

the blackbyrds rock creek park

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tigertuft greatest talkie intro in a song, ever! :)
tigertuft @dojodub agreed, classic, should never be covered..... (reblip)
tigertuft it's great being out of reach of mobile and computer networks....great to get back to them as well though :)
tigertuft the most beautiful version of one the best anti-war songs ever :) It breaks my heart every time I listen to it.....
tigertuft hope everyone having a good good friday :) It's a nice chilled day here, apart from the sodding weather, we've started on the easter eggs lol :) (reblip)
tigertuft got this on green 12" vinyl back in 77 when I was a young 16 year old music mad scallywag. 'Marquee Moon' possibly the greatest LP ever? :)

TelevisionProve It

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tigertuft .....and these.....Note the Talking Heads fascination! Fergal Sharkey always looked really hot in his Parka :)
tigertuft .....and these....when they still had Echo (the drum machine). :)
tigertuft LOVE Talking Heads 77.......
juliansimpson @Harkaway This was always my Dad's Sunday morning song...
undeclared Think of a number, divide it by two
undeclared Your kiss so sweet, your sweat so sour
undeclared I find it hard to tell you 'cause I find it hard to take
tigertuft Still not jumped the shark......
tigertuft Love Mick Jones voice....so distinctive :)
tigertuft take a look these hands.........from the mighty 'Remain In Light' :)
tigertuft ok, I'm going too far now.......come on, this is a classic :)

Bob MarleyExodus

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tigertuft stupendous tune incoming alert.........
undeclared It's a Fleet Foxes kind of day.
undeclared This one is for @tdnnc. I know how much you love songs that repeat the same lyrics over and over!
godsmonkey Roy Wood is truly the god of catchy tunesmithery.
tigertuft off 'The Correct Use of Soap'. A classic album, Howard Devoto MASSIVELY under-rated
undeclared This song reminds me of driving around w/ my college roomies. Good times.
undeclared It's a big decision in a town called Malice
tigertuft Spot the anagram - Talking Heads. Great song. Fripp's outro is beautiful!
tigertuft Tom falls in to the arms of the Venus de Milo


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tigertuft nothing sounds like Orange Juice......

Orange Juice - Rip it up

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tigertuft the future of rock n roll? sounds like a good Stones tribute band! :)
tigertuft riotous opening to 'More Songs About Buildings and Food'.....
tigertuft @Floralsadora no props sorry, cracking tune :) (reblip)
tigertuft I used to work with his Auntie Jean who is name-checked in the chorus of this great tune.....honest :)
marlaink makes me think of good ole WTUL from my Tulane days...
tigertuft He's not a genius, he just thinks he is.....
tigertuft classic Berlin Bowie, from Low, one of the greatest records ever, ever, ever.
1001songs #12 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION. This un's a classic
1001songs one my top 20 fave besouros songs

BesourosBad Boy

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tigertuft caught this on the radio yesterday (i think). Sounding BRILLIANT :)
invisiblepilot wow - never really a smiths fan but def brings back memories. sleep now. (reblip)
1001songs #1 of 10 Great songs from 1975.... from There's no place like america today
1001songs #9 of 10 from '75...#1 in the UK and charted 2 x in the 90's
1001songs #7 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
1001songs #5 track from Ronco's 1976 collection HIT EXPLOSION
1001songs it doesn't look good/and i'm feeling like a block of wood
thahy quentinha, confortavel e mortífera... (reblip)

Happiness is a Warm Gun

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1001songs mellow and tuneful beefheart...yes it is possible
1001songs this sounds like that rare live in studio version...carole king wrote this 'un
1001songs now i'm just being self indulgent. the album is Bird of Paradise. Discovered in Charleston SC in 1988


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1001songs maybe i need to find this cd again?

DjavanMe Leve

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zamfir "kind of crept up on you didn't it?" "No, you drove us here."
PranK I am human and i need to be loved...
tigertuft Keeps us healthy, bet sales are rocketing!

CanVitamin C

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tigertuft growing, increasingly, to appreciate the greatness of teenage fanclub :)
tigertuft New Bob album pretty good I've heard? Must give it a go. This is a good modern Dylan track....
ElizaHerp Great show in N.O. @ Tip's a few decades back. Both Stinsons still living.
tigertuft All he wants to do is think of you LOL @AndreaUrbanFox every one else gone PC and terrified, you're still full of comedy value! :)
tigertuft come on @philkirby through the pain barrier! :)
tigertuft Came on as I wandered through the horrifically re-modeled Liverpool shopping district today....It all made sense as I returned my daughters shoes!! :)
ElizaHerp Who knew I'd actually be able to work to THIS? Ha! Gang of Four ~ Not Great Men
BluesHotel Grab some orange slices & get to a safe place.

SmokeMy Friend Jack

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surveillancesolutions @proud2btntsmom---I'm so in love with you -I been loving you forever ,lets be together no matter what good or bad ,just so in love with you
zenmantra theres an army on the dance floor


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LindaJosey Brings back memories. Excellent song-cheesy video.

Ultimate Spinach_Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess

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tigertuft @philkirby Mother of Pearl sounding fabulous there! Oh how the mighty fall. Those early records were fantastic. :)
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