BigMick Attica Rage. Good friends, awesome tunes and a great band. My favourite track they do. Can't type any more, banging my head too hard...
radsta Iron Maiden – Transylvania. Pop quiz: Where is Transylvania? (I know, do you?)
didy >> finally arrive @ home (dance) *Home Sweet Home* Motley Crue (music)
Malta Impressionante que somente depois de velho fiquei fã de AC/DC. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap para abrir o dia.
ayeshayesha @BML: "needing some..."---love Faith No More soooooooo friggin' MUCH!!! xD (reblip)

Faith No MoreCaffeine

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BigBird Ik had hier even zo'n zin in: Radiohead - Street Spirit

radiohead street spirit

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radsta Iron Maiden - The Nomad.This song made me love rock/metal music! Hell yeah!

Iron Maiden The Nomad

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ayeshayesha listening to Faith No More - Easy (Like Sunday Morning)

EasyFaith no more

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Placebo-The bitter end (lyrics)

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15timesdead @fearshop thx as always for the props, @BML, @didy, @Yael_80 greetings to you all - Some head pounding Slayer coming your way

slayerdead skin mask

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BigMick @15timesdead: "The Godfathers of Girth Metal..." I snipped it down, as no more needs to be said. Listen, enjoy and feel the girth! (reblip)

Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fist

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ash1111 @Metal_Rocks: "Kreator - Pleasure To Kill. Ahh...some fine German thrash metal!! " (reblip)
Schoork Def Leppard – Photograph

Def LeppardPhotograph

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BigMick Judas Priest on acid. Absolutely crushing riffage. Bang yer head, you know you want to...
flinndc Good Moring \m/ how are you today?!! rb @pamper411: "G'morning #metallica friends! @flinndc @Schoork @lucerotk @Time2Burn @annapurna" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Metallica – Turn The Page
15timesdead @BigMick something to cheer you up today Mr Grumpy :)

pantera: walk

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15timesdead mornin' one and all from sunny funny Scotland. Let's break stuff

Rage Against The Machine: Know Your Enemy

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flinndc reblip @fearshop Queensryche - Empire - @AcidBlack - Great over here. Just enjoying the metal being dished out.


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fearshop Testament - Trial By Fire - @15timesdead - Thanks. And here is some right back to you.
Trevor_Murdoch *Driving to the shop* Five Finger Death Punch – Bulletproof
15timesdead what it's all about...

Anthrax: Metal Thrashing Mad

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RuiFelix lol...@romanus: "Guten Tag! @CMDoria: "Bom dia! Podes crer! Primeiro trovoada e dp chuva... mas q raio de tempo (reblip)

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

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RuiFelix é caso para dizer...Wake Me Up When September Ends...@CMDoria: "Bom dia! Podes crer! Primeiro trovoada e dp chuva... mas q raio de tempo!!
DirtyUrine ~ Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills !!
15timesdead Great Scottish band who are sadly missed :(
15timesdead now for a bit of fun... @RomanusSum - thx for the RB


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15timesdead anyone remember this great side project of Smithys? Silver and Gold was a great rock album

A.S.A.P.: Silver and Gold

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DirtyUrine ~ no worries I do! @SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ lmao omg! I don' lick chickz!@DU: "my favorite lady lickin' tune! a song to lick by!! LMAO!! ~ @Silveramberz (reblip)
Sapphyre I look like a fool when I dance to this song but I fun & silly fool ;)

rammstein sonne complete

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BigMick My kids loved this track when they were younger. They're into Hannah Montana now. *Sigh*

Rammestein Sonne

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Wolfgirl_Leah A little tired, but good thanks! @Schoork: "doing good and u?@Wolfgirl_Leah: "Hey, how are you? :D @Schoork: "hey girl@Wolfgirl_Leah
Schoork damn right RB@Time2Burn: "Nickelback – Never Again" (reblip)

NickelbackNever Again

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CMFlinn La Grange-ZZ Top

La Grange-ZZ Top

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Godsmack - "Whatever" ♥ Got it now?

god smack whatever

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Wolfgirl_Leah Haven't heard this in a few days...must be a record for me ;)

Papa RoachScars

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BigMick The Beatles! Where the hell does one start? This one'll do :).
15timesdead one of Metallica's finest thrash efforts

MetallicaDyers Eve

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15timesdead and just off the back of the end of Aesthetics of Hate I feel it should go straight into this... @romanus thx for the props!

SlayerRaining Blood

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15timesdead great track @RuiFelix: "rb...@romanus: "System of a Down – Toxicity"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine I better get off now or the US morning crew will have me pegged on here 'til lunch!! ~ enjoy #BigHairThursday at !!! thnx@Metal_Rocks (reblip)
Schoork I consider if there is really someone at Blip who never heard this song*lol*@CMDoria: (something unheard arround here!! LOL)" (reblip)
BigMick Been a fan of Kreator since I heard 'em on the Tommy Vance rock show when I was a young 'un.

Kreator-Violent Revolution (High Quality)

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Schoork Alice Cooper ~ Poison

Alice Cooper ~ Poison (Lyrics)

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fearshop W.A.S.P. - The Hellion - Shouts to @flinndc

WASPThe Hellion

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flinndc Awesome cover + awesome video (1st few seconds r silent)
15timesdead excellent choice of 'deth boys track sirrah @flinndc: "Poison was the Cure" (reblip)
15timesdead an old Soil classic and one of the first songs of theirs I heard... Halo


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DirtyUrine ~ this is an awesome cover sweetie!! ~ @AmyisImaginary: "This is good. ALMOST as good, Just 'shy' of GREAT like Golden Earring. " (reblip)
15timesdead Morning people. The Dead are back on this morning with a rude awakening. DAVIDIAN lml(g-g)lml

Machine HeadDavidian

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DirtyUrine FINALLY!!! ~ @mark_till: "Uh.... The Doctor will see you now. @DirtyUrine Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood " (reblip)
fearshop Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King - How are you @OmeRoon
15timesdead European metal... Scandinavian if I remember right. Love this one from Coroner

CORONER-Masked Jackal

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fearshop Sepultura - Propaganda - Thanks @schizo84


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15timesdead likewise @fearshop great music choices and here's my continued German presence with Rammstein :)

Rammstein "Feuer Frei!" Video

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15timesdead Stone Sour... I love this track
15timesdead the band that got me into metal and I can't believe I've not played anything yet... well except now of course :)

Iron Maiden Sanctuary

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DirtyUrine rb@CooperHarris: "And I swear to you That I would never feed you pain But you're staring at me Like I'm driving the nails In your jesus christ pose" (reblip)
15timesdead love this American Hi-Fi track...

American Hi-Fi, flavor of the week lyrics

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15timesdead just after their amazing set in Edinburgh last week, a band sadly missed for many a year

Kid Rock All Summer Long-READ DESCRIPTION!

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Hallowed be thy name Iron Maiden Rare

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15timesdead supergroup alert... supergroup alert :)

Audioslave Cochise

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fearshop @15timesdead: "All hail the Bush era Anthrax..." - Here is another great blipper that I just met. (reblip)


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fearshop W.A.S.P. - I Am One - Hello @TheOcean

W. A. S. P.I Am One

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15timesdead Overkill..... Elimination


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flinndc this song always helps rb @TaraKLucero: "good morning! workin on waking up! Motorhead- Ace of Spades" (reblip)

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

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15timesdead Have a gander at our good mates Attica Rage and their single Dark City. Scottish Metal lml(g-g)lml
15timesdead Testament - Souls of Black... nuff said
15timesdead British Thrash at its best. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Onslaught
15timesdead classic rock from the north east of England
15timesdead !...and here's one of our own tracks - Bullethead. Enjoy.
15timesdead ...first blip and thought it should be a classic Sabbath number!
15timesdead One of Savatage's greatest tracks

SavatageGutter Ballet

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15timesdead From the awesome film Still Crazy this is an amazing track
15timesdead All hail the Bush era Anthrax...


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15timesdead @judi just reminded me of this. Sonic Temple is a great album

The Cult-Edie (Ciao Baby)

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15timesdead one of my favourite Godsmack tracks off their IV album. Excellent rocking track

GodsmackThe Enemy

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15timesdead classic 70s rock with some thin lizzy... yeah

Thin LizzyMassacre

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15timesdead @Elmetalismo muchas gracias :) Dead Embryonic Cells for you? Haven't heard this in years
15timesdead @lisa_michele: "Can't wait to see them in October!!! \nn/" they were awesome in Glasgow earlier this year. Brilliant (reblip)
GerryMercer Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead \m/MAIDEN\m/
15timesdead @fearshop yeah man, cheers for the RB... have some Testament lml(g-g)lml
fearshop @15timesdead: "Time to heavy things up with some classic SLAYER..." (reblip)
15timesdead HAVE to add this classic classic track. It's just awesome
DJSPEEDYZ Another fine day fellow blippers.last one for the day for me. Thanks for all the props, re blips and great music..props to all of you

Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fist

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15timesdead it's not been the same since seeing Seb Bach in The Gilmore Girls :)
15timesdead some Rawk from Dave and the lads
Wolfgirl_Leah Linkin Park – Paper Cut
flinndc RB @loretta: "High in the wind forever free " (reblip)

W.A.S.P.Forever Free

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15timesdead time for some Pantera methinks... Mouth. For. War

PanteraMouth Of War

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15timesdead in honour of the #followfriday this is the awesome Pitiful Reign lads and D.I.V.E - thraaaaaaaaaaash

Pitiful ReignD.I.V.E

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15timesdead tweet tweet chirp... the original in all its glory


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15timesdead @Oni843 @Roflwaffle so let's go from new classic to old classic...
15timesdead @Roflwaffle: "Metallica – All Nightmare Long" aw hell yeah... outstanding track off the album and live as well (reblip)
15timesdead 15 Times Dead are back on blip and with a track from Staind

Staind Outside

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BigMick Toured with these guys, they're a fantastic bunch of lads :). Bloody good tunes and great stage performance. See 'em if you can!
Schoork Metallica – The Four Horsemen
RuiFelix rb...@vix_rock: "100 Greatest Thrash #Metal Songs[@vix_rock] song#29 . Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls (reblip)
BigMick @15timesdead FEEEEEEL THE GIRTH! Hell yeah :).
flinndc Where were you when it happened? Where could you be found? .....Back in the Day
15timesdead kick in the bullet-time...

Rage Against The Machine: Wake Up

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BigMick Classic band. Shame they got known only for this song, they were bloody good.

XENTRIX : Ghostbusters

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15timesdead for all our listeners, grab your ears around our good mates Attica Rage and Dark City. Scottish metal at its best
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