chuckpee y con esta les digo chau... mañana la voy a postear para amanecer chidito, es la más de mañana...


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paeix from@FreedomFreelance _________________________________________________________ who the fuck.... (reblip)

Who The Fuck Is Alice Lyrics

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futurebiblehero @redroulettes gotta leave now, or else i'll go ... i'll keep looking out for you ;-)
marilovisky ... and after the *speech*, time for a drink! :D I hope you @ll have a good day! See you around! Rock on! ;)

Tori Amos-"Sleeps With Butterflies" Music Video

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sheryonstone Hi and thanks rb@LexiePixie: "@adbert Καλησπέρα Adrian {Dolores O'Riordan – Ecstasy } Hello @sheryonstone :)" (reblip)
melodyofurlife RB-->@heatherlethal: "I know that you want the candy." (reblip)

The RaveonettesCandy

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chuckpee Esta es la mejor para regresar a Blip, como ño!!!
azuquitar me gustó mucho esta nueva de los kings of convenience, se me hace que va a estar bien padre el nuevo disco
Aluciel Happy Wednesday! Did you remember your business socks this morning? ^_^
Aluciel @eth0s Sure! Send it on FB and I'll try to log in one of these nights, but my mic still makes me sound like I'm communicating from The Mothership...
marilovisky HAHAHA @mellomatic HAHAHA It's so cool! What/who can I choose? Hmmm, I really dont know yet, but you have a long way to go and think about it. ;)

Have A Nice Day Stereophonics

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sheryonstone rb@serendipitynz thank you for sharing NZ band, "Evermore" :) (reblip)

Light Surrounding You

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sheryonstone lmao @briangreene ~ it's good then that I live so far away ;)

Teenage Fanclub "The Concept"

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sheryonstone i si no dejar de fumar, voy a necesitar un@tubilino ;) (reblip)
Sandman5 Come a little gamma ray, Standing in a hurricane....

BeckGamma Ray

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Sandman5 I didn't get a lot in class, But I know it don't come in a shot glass....
evablue @melodyofyourlife i shot DMB last week. still not done processing pics. my office and my brain are as messy as it looks in this video.
melodyofurlife Damn, Tribe lost 9-0! They are (song title)s…


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sheryonstone rb@K8H &j2ad with thanks :)"I'll write you a letter to say goodbye and I will make it long and maybe lie just a little. Tell you that I'm doing fine. (reblip)

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald-Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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All I've Got To Do (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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NewageSounds HIMEKAMI – YOSHIAKI HOSHI (new age)
Aluciel Wish there was a non-video version of this song on here, but this will do. <3
Aluciel It really is going to be a pretty lovely day here today. Well, lovely for Wisconsin in March, anyway. ^_^

Isn't This A Lovely Day? by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (1956)

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chuckpee I did NOT remember this track, I do now, it's a good good thing
chuckpee how about some San Francisco leftfield disco? ok, cool
Aluciel Time for some physics fun and then hopefully some sleep.
GarlandGrey This has a great start.


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DJC2 The Bird And The Bee – Love Letter To Japan (Ivan Demsoff Remix) DVJ SaM Vs DVJ Burzhuy Videomix - Cheers all. a short one tonight @TarinnAdaria :-)

Ian McCulloch ...Hey, that's no way to say goodbye (of Leonard Cohen)

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sheryonstone thanks @chameleonpixie ~ found it on line, couldn't resist it. I am a little over the top with most all animals :) (reblip)
natalynha Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup ... :

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

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Sandman5 If you find me, hide me, I don't know where I've been...
evablue inappropriate song title. play music. [ENTER]
evablue [tap tap] empty brain [nudge nudge] music in

"Heartbeat Radio" by Sondre Lerche

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paeix ...any minute til your black star@by_starla ! (reblip)
6lr muy contenta en los momentos esporadicos!
sheryonstone vi@djwttw - I was just sneakin around and saw this, so, well you know me. lol :D (reblip)
gabasanch que pesar que este cortada


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sheryonstone vi@randymatheson can everyone agree that no one should be left alone...*yes I agree and this is a good song :D (reblip)

Filter - Take a Picture

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formalhaut @chiron08 nimm nächstes mal die richtige maschine :)
gabasanch @bronco_bob yes it is...I love that movie, ha ha I wanna be like that when I'll be old hahahahha
gabasanch ummm this one is also good, the french one
Aluciel Slow it down a bit...mellow out a little.
Aluciel I'd like to blip other songs from the Sugarcubes...but I just can't not blip this one. I'm compelled to blip this every freaking time!
6lr ............i don´t love U
6lr oR trick or treat jeje!
6lr 6lr@The alternative proyect of simian yeah!!!
paeix great, thanks (...wait for it...) vi@PlasticRobot, @dals & @gabasanch (several times, I see...) (reblip)
Sandman5 "With all your lies, You're still very lovable."

Bon IverFor Emma

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6lr 6lr@loVe MoReTTi rEtRo*
6lr 6lr@noT only coffe and tv!

BlurSong 2

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gabasanch @shehasagun jajaja I do live with you la nooooooooov, pero tambien me imagino de donde salio (reblip)
6lr i remember u, we are to young

PhoenixToo Young

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6lr @more romantic,i remember UFO:-(
6lr @bcaUse i´m romantic jaja
sheryonstone Especially for car4dave -I blip this song entirely too much, but...well, it's for YOU :D
6lr uff UfF! OrGuLLo meXicaNo
Aluciel Ok, need some Jarvis now.

PulpMile End

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Sandman5 Wanna make a bet, Will be making it, Taking off the gloves....

MetricStadium Love

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sudaca70 me voy bailano bajito... ¡chau!
chuckpee some more Air related projects
chuckpee this one's the one daft punk track no one plays

daft punkmusique

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chuckpee @daretoeatapeach Hope you like it, it's SUUUUPER old


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lilwldchld You spin my head right round, right round...
marilovisky Okay, last one. But I won't promise anything more. :D


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Aluciel I blip Stars a lot...I can't help it.
lilwldchld My love is pink, everybody knows what you think....
jojofm Hehe. Add a tiny beard and it's a dead ringer. haha @purplesime (reblip)
purplesime Re-Blippin' @dubstarr as this is my favourite Gnarls Barkley song. (reblip)
purplesime I played this yesterday, but you know something, it's such a great song it should be played every day.
purplesime Sorry, it all got slowed down again... this time I won't hold back...
Aluciel Good morning, blippers!! Happy Thursday! ^_^
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