80smax @FlippingTheHits: "@Lady_Lindsay: "Def Leppard – Photograph""Ty- another good one- keep em comin:) (reblip)

Def LeppardPhotograph

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80smax TY- Dropkick murphys noble goes out to @Thebestmusicever :) (reblip)

Dropkick murphys noble

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80smax TY- Ratt – Round And Round is just like life;) (reblip)
80smax @TrainWreckRadio: "These Are The Times - Styx (the dangling carrot disc)"TY- luv Styx! (reblip)

These Are The Times By Styx

| play
80smax @girleddy: "Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster" is what the whole world is doing right now- ) Oh well- ) (reblip)

Molly Hatchet: Flirtin With Disaster

| play
80smax TY- Twisted Sister – We're Not Gonna Take It is one of my all time favs;) (reblip)
80smax @freeakysoonerdude: "Bring em on!"Queen – 'Fat Bottomed Girls' is just right too;) (reblip)
80smax @freeakysoonerdude: "80's ballads rock!"Ty- luv Night Ranger – Sister Christian:) (reblip)
80smax @MertitytesMuses: "Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper"TY- so nice;) (reblip)
80smax @Dawnrazor: "Nice to see something besides My Sharonna get blipped :) @LilIvy: "Just a few more..""Ty- I still have their whole 8 track:):)luv it) (reblip)
80smax Ty- Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark is just right tonight:) (reblip)
80smax @J0hNYFE: "Rimsky-Korsakov – El vuelo del oscardon" Gracias- Rimsky-Korsakov – THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMLEBEE es delicioso:) (reblip)
szi TY SM :-) rb@Neruda65: "Soul Asylum - "Runaway Train"" (reblip)

"Runaway Train" w/lyrics ~Soul Asylum

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80smax @Lady_Lindsay: "Yes – It Can Happen"TY- another fav- just keep em comin:) (reblip)

YesIt Can Happen

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80smax @Cheri_S: "can't wait to see them @renothespinner: "Coldplay ~ Clocks""Ty- luv it:) (reblip)


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80smax @SugarAndSpice: "ReeeeBLIP @DamnTheMan: "Rush - Tom Sawyer""Ty- just right;) (reblip)

RushTom Sawyer

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80smax @ValMendes: "De arrepiar. Sensacional!!! Tenho um carinho todo especial por esta canção... Ray Charles - Let It Be"Gracias:) (reblip)

Let it beRay Charles

| play
80smax @DDPlay: "Mwuah! @soulzzz_of_the_knight: "bisous ...?! rb/VI @SugarAndSpice: "Thx hon! xo @ ME: "VI @SugarAndSpice: "Hinder ~ Lips of An Angel"""""Ty) (reblip)
musecrossing Perturbing movie. #museic

Dueling Banjos Deliverance

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80smax @MertitytesMuses: "BBL blessings and thank you...S"Ty- Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do is just right;) (reblip)
80smax TY- Elton John – Rocket Man is just right to say Ty for all the props and rbs tonight! (reblip)
80smax @AmyisImaginary: (I worry) rb@stille_willie can use a whiskey,/ a tough night @AK O2 guy is German, ♥'s Metallica/treats Mom like a Princess.♥"Ty) (reblip)
80smax @zoja01: "g'morning rb@kaltasosdark: good morning to you as well ! mondo svegliati ! @mooto"TY- nice version:) (reblip)
80smax @Dawnrazor: "@xenone Sebastian Bach – Godzilla"TY- lots of energy in this one;) (reblip)
80smax @pcsketch: "woot woot it like that somedays @favre: "@Ninapapaya""Ty- Billy Squier – Everybody Wants You is another fav:) (reblip)
80smax @keithold: "Where do we go@Schoork: "Guns N´ Roses – Sweet Child O´ Mine #BHT""TY- another fav:) (reblip)
80smax This tune by ZOEgirl "You Get Me" goes out to @ptraining @steadfastchrist @Thebestmusicever @greatradio101- sweet dreams;)

ZOEgirl "You Get Me"

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80smax @MrGrandprix: "HIYA DJL !@DjLerica: "tyrb@MrGrandprix: "Whitesnake – Slide It In"""Ty- good tune to say g'nite all- sweet dreams:) (reblip)
80smax @ForeverInYourSmile: "#smile Shania Twain – from this moment on..."TY- a fav- nice version;_) (reblip)
80smax @girleddy: "Def Leppard – Foolin'"Ty- a total fav :) (reblip)

Def LeppardFoolin'

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80smax @SugarAndSpice: "Hi hon! Good to see U! :) @stille_willie: "Hi there @SugarAndSpice: "Been OOPs for U! *big sigh* @soulzzz_of_the_knight:" Ty- ) (reblip)
80smax Ty- Van Halen-Jump is just right after today.... (reblip)

Van Halen-Jump with lyrics

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Awannabeangel Paul Simon & The Oak Ridge Boys – "Slip Slidin' Away"
Crazy_lil_Stef Now today I throw my heart To some forgotten memory
80smax Here is one from a group I just found- very nice- lots of Boulder energy:) BarlowGirl – Come Alive

BarlowGirlCome Alive

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80smax TY Supertramp – The Logical Song is another fav:) (reblip)
BlipKiss STYX - Lady .... (Live in Chicago)

STYX Lady Live in Chicago

| play
80smax @iMickeyD: "rb@AmyisImaginary: "Lil' Dancer just busted ass on the the hardwood floor! ""TY- Billy Idol – Rebel Yell does that to us too:) (reblip)
80smax @greatradio101: "Great song by Toby Mac to start off the day! Toby Mac- Hold on! TY- another fav:) (reblip)

Toby Mac "Hold on" (with lyrics)

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80smax TY- The Cars – Moving In Stereo is a fav:) (reblip)
80smax @Tinylies: "Weekend plans: DENIED. :-S" Gracias- un favorito :) linger the cranberries subtitulos en español:) (reblip)

linger the cranberries subtitulos en español

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jimmytheP yvw ! :)@new_clear_MUSIC: "[tyvm for listening..] rb @jimmytheP: "GEORGE HARRISON – MY SWEET LORD"" (reblip)
80smax @ForeverInYourSmile: "rb @mooto@ForeverInYourSmile: "#smile Carole King – Celine Dion - Shania Twain - Gloria Estefan - You've got a friend"""TY) (reblip)
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way" #nowplaying
Cheri_S I have grown too strong to ever fall back...jar of hearts
DJRC21 Carly Simon - You're So Vain
80smax @DDPlay: "Hope your having a good weekend! YW :) @Roxanne721: "Hello ~ ty rb @DDPlay: "Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman""" (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman

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80smax Ty for "Pink – Raise your Glass" :) (reblip)
80smax @JerryZ: "@HappyCamper" Ty for "Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill" just right again:) (reblip)
80smax @dawnie22: "'Phenomenon' -Thousand Foot Krutch-"Ty- nice one;) (reblip)
80smax @fried_chikn: "@HarleyJoe63"TY- Three Days Grace – World So Cold is just right for boulder in February;) (reblip)
fxp123 Switchfoot - Your Love Is A Song Lyrics :)
80smax @HarleyJoe63: "@dawnie22: "A+ TY Rb @whatevertunes: "Gordon Lightfoot ~ The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"""Ty) (reblip)

Gordon Lightfoot The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald lyrics

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Balou8900 Night Ranger - (You Can Still) Rock In America (live)
80smax @sharonhayes: "Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield"Ty- I hope you have a wonderful night too;) (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling Music Video

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80smax Ty-Foreigner-Long, Long Way From Home is another fav;) (reblip)

Foreigner-Long, Long Way From Home

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80smax Ty- nice:) (reblip)

Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway(CD Version)

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80smax @panther_man: "....over and over again"Ty- a total fav:) (reblip)
80smax @sharonhayes: "Sweet Dreams ~ Eurythmics"TY- sweet dreams all- :) (reblip)
80smax Ty- Bruce Springsteen – My Hometown is a fav: (reblip)
Mike_Mx TY, my Dear!! @AmyisImaginary: "Every now and then you deserve a kiss! @Mike_Mx" (reblip)
80smax @new_clear_MUSIC: "HEY NINETEEN"Ty) (reblip)

Steely Dan Hey Nineteen

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80smax @panther_man: """"...cause trying not to love you... only makes me love you more"""Ty:) (reblip)

Nickelback-Trying Not To Love You Lyrics

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80smax @wishyouwerehere: @andiwonder"Ty-Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days is just right;0) (reblip)

Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days

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80smax @Dawnrazor: "Cause I'm on an Aussie kick @zifnab999: "RB@loripop326: "AC/DC - Ride On"""Ty- sounds good:) (reblip)


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80smax @stille_willie: "@traceyr: "Billy Squier ~ My Kind of Lover""TY- a fav;) (reblip)

Billy Squier My Kind of Lover(With Lyrics).wmv

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80smax @Balou8900: "Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory ...regulators! Last song! Thanks for RT's, RB's and assorted Tom and Foolery...peace out :)"Lol- g'nite:) (reblip)
80smax TY- Tina Turner – Better Be Good To Me is another nice one;) (reblip)
80smax @HowieWard1: "Eagles – Best of My Love"Ty- this goes out to my wonderwife:) (reblip)
80smax Nice Divinyls video- best version-:)


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80smax @bethlayne: "rb @AlienThomas: "just looking for clues at the scene of the crime rb@Ezmerelda109: Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good""Tysm:) (reblip)
80smax "Ty- Pat Benatar – Invincible is just right:)"@ptraining- You are invincible- god is your foundation- remember forever! (reblip)
80smax Ty- Pat Benatar – Invincible is just right:) (reblip)
80smax Ty- nice song for a wild night in Boulder:) (reblip)
HowieWard1 Bread - IF ..."I could be with you"

Bread IF 1977

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80smax @JacoLovesMusic: "#TT"Metallica – Nothing else Matters HQ is just right for tonight:) (reblip)
80smax @tokool4u: "If you love the guitar..."What Can I Say""T- a fav:) (reblip)

Bread Guitar Man

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80smax @golfnovels: "Martina McBride – Wild Angels"Ty- a fav;) (reblip)
80smax @musecrossing: "oops@HowieWard1: "Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love (live, 1998)""Ty- a fav with so many memories dancing Tulagis on the Hill-Boulder (reblip)
80smax @andiwonder: @wishyouwerehere Ty- Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days is a total fav:) (reblip)

Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days

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80smax @Tinylies: "Toby Mac is so hot & made of awesome. Love him today and from way back in his DC talk days! Met him back in '94! RB!- Congrats on #100!! (reblip)

Toby macMade to love

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80smax @DDPlay: "Joan Jett ~ I Love Rock'n'Roll"Of course we do- that's why we're on blip.fm:)TY for another fav on a beautiful night in Boulder:) (reblip)
80smax @HarleyJoe63: "@bing: "@Breno_Ostemberg""TY- another fav- wow- all of you are going crazy tonight- so many good tunes!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
80smax @COLLIDEoSCOPEY: "rb@sassikassi: "Well, just - a look at that girl with the lights comin' up in her eyes @dkrmdude"":) (reblip)
80smax Ty- Modern English - I Melt With You is a fav;) (reblip)
80smax Ty-BlackFoot in Denver was one of my favorite concerts ever- their front band was Def Leapard-on their first tour in the USA. Incredible-) (reblip)
80smax @KWrightz: "Alanis Morissette - Ironic (Lyrics Video)"Ty- just like life:) (reblip)
new_clear_MUSIC [a fav.. ty..] rb @yuuhi_hajime: "iTunes play "Clannad - I Will Find You (Theme From "The Last Of The Mohicans")" #nowplaying" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross What's on the telly then? It appears 2 B a penguin ... @scotlandlover: "Jack Hanna is in town...on the news with a Penguin :) @sir_edward_ross" (reblip)
junisidro So sad. Gone too soon. :( @autiboy: "rb @BestOfMe: "RIP :( ♫ Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody ♫"" (reblip)
80smax @JoeJoe420: "rb@Grayfox: "Bad Company – Bad Company (studio version)""Ty again- a fav;) (reblip)
80smax Gracias- The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody (Single Version)- Buenas noches:) (reblip)
80smax @cityboyFloyd: "Nice! :) `Rb~>@Ezmerelda109: "Badfinger - Baby Blue""TY- luv it;) (reblip)
80smax Ty- ZZ Top – I Thank You goes out to @mikeyboulder- luv zztop;)

ZZ TopI Thank You

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80smax @cityboyFloyd: "<~ I painted this Falcon ~ Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle"Ty- a fav:) (reblip)

The Cars- Let The Good Times Roll Lyrics

| play
80smax @Unaturalsoul: ".. & Thxs~~>..@thevampyre: ";) thxU rb; '"TY-Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress is a fav;) (reblip)
80smax @dANGELofLOVE: "❤ƸӜƷ❤ ●▬▬ ❤ Greatest Love Of All ❤ ▬▬● ❤ƸӜƷ❤ #RIP #Whitney #Houston ❤ƸӜƷ❤ #1992 #Live #Performance ❤ƸӜƷ❤"We'll miss her. (reblip)

Whitney Houston-Greatest Love Of All(Live 1992)

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80smax @sanisis55: "Def Leppard – Photograph / Pyromania otro disco GENIAL de Def Leppard @hhurtadog"TY- a fav:) (reblip)

Def LeppardPhotograph

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80smax @cityboyFloyd: "...tnx for the warning!!! ;) `Rb~>@paulab42 ~ Dropkick Murphys - "I'm Shipping Up to Boston""Ty- a fav for @Thebestmusicever:) (reblip)
80smax @cccdynapro: "Feeling is mutual :).. @fxp123: " @cccdynapro: "Just got it AF!!! Thank u. @fx "ty""Ty- totally a fav;) (reblip)

BostonPeace of Mind

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80smax @ReverendSal: "Speaking of grins @BluJulius"Ty for Twisted sister- you can't stop rock 'n roll:) (reblip)

Twisted sister- you can't stop rock 'n roll (official video)

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80smax @djsurfer: "night night !!!"Ty- luv Cheers full theme song:) G'nite'_ (reblip)

Cheers full theme song (with subtitiles)

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80smax @LlamaDisco: "So sad....hard to believe she's gone.... Whitney Houston - You Give Good Love"TY... (reblip)
80smax @cnytodd: "Round And Round // Ratt"TY- a shot of espresso for Boulder- people are just getting started! (reblip)
80smax @sassikassi: "~~"Ty -luv Elton John-Crocodile Rock- ) (reblip)

Elton John-Crocodile Rock

| play
thedigitalbee54 '' i Love the way she sangs this song >@DJBadBilly: "RIP Whitney" (reblip)

whitney houston step by step with lyrics

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80smax @clasblues: "@MCDEIBEM: "rb @AlienThomas: "I was and will be your..."""TY- Yes – Roundabout is a boulder fav) (reblip)


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80smax @kapri: "rb via @scotlandlover: "nice choice...tks for props...haven't heard this in some time :) rb @mkruzel""Ditto:) TY) (reblip)
80smax @girleddy: "Kansas – Point Of Know Return (Full Album)"TY- totally luv it:) (reblip)
80smax @cccdynapro: "Feeling is mutual :).. @fxp123: @cccdynapro: "Just got it AF!!! Thank u. @fx "ty""TY- a total fav- luv it:) (reblip)

BostonPeace of Mind

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cnytodd Night Time // J. Geils Band
80smax @xxxAdryxxx: "@HowieWard: "Thank-you! :) @scotlandlover: "rb @HowieWard: ":) #dj_oks27 Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird-BBC 1975""""Ty- so good:) (reblip)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird-BBC 1975

| play
SugarAndSpice When you move me everything is groovy .. they don't like it sue me ... mmm the way you do me .. I'll be there for U ... This is not a drive by-i-i-i-i

TrainDrive By

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80smax Ty- I'm Burnin' For You-Lyrics-Blue Oyster Cult is just right on a Cold Wed night in Boulder:0) (reblip)

I'm Burnin' For You-Lyrics-Blue Oyster Cult

| play
80smax Ty- luv JJ and – crimson and clover-:) (reblip)
Awannabeangel rb ty @1nOnly Elton John The One (reblip)

Elton John The One

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80smax @wavechaser: "When I See You Smile"Ty- luv Bad English:) (reblip)

Bad English- When I See You Smile (lyrics)

| play
girleddy Poison – Nothin' But a Good Time
80smax @PenelopeVintage: ":) @RafaelCortines: "@PenelopeVintage""Ty- I tell my employees this every day) (reblip)

Lovin Spoonful You Didn't Have To Be So Nice

| play
TBFKA Inspired by banter between @scotlandlover and @sir_edward_ross in Blipping another Beatles song

fool on the hill

| play
80smax @xxxAdryxxx: ":D Que bueno que est'as por aqui!!@djsurfer"Gracias- yo te amo The Monkees – I'm a Believer :) (reblip)
Dancer12 ♥ღ¸¸¸.•*•♫♥WOW!! Blast from my past...Long time no see!!♥ღ¸¸¸.•*•♫♥prop thanks, have a great weekend!!Rb@marpolo20 (reblip)
HowieWard1 Thanks again! :) @ExStreamingMimi: "TYSM! :-( rb@HowieWard: "Whitney Houston - All At Once"" (reblip)

Whitney Houston All at once

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80smax Ty- Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty is a fav;) (reblip)

Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty

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80smax @wavechaser: "Real World"Ty- ) (reblip)

Matchbox Twenty: Real World

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woofstick Gotta go, thanks Blipsters!

ZZ TopI Thank You

| play
TheTAZZone TAZ brings you the One-Hit Wonders from 1960 to 1999 - Adina Howard- Freak Like Me

Adina Howard- Freak Like Me

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80smax @HarleyJoe63: "@gingers_island: "someone has to carry the torch""TY- a song of hope! ;) (reblip)
80smax Ty- nice live version of Bryan Adams – When The Night Comes:) (reblip)
80smax @ValMendes: "Love this song... :) rb @HarleyJoe63 Don't Speak – No Doubt (Live)"Ty- luv it too: (reblip)
iMickeyD AC/DC Back in Black

AC/DC Back in Black

| play
80smax Ty-Roy Orbison – You Got It is a great tune to send to @timeforcake! A great friend and Colorado website designer:) (reblip)

Roy OrbisonYou Got It

| play
80smax @SugarAndSpice: "WHAT ABOUT ADDING THIS AWESOME DJ ~ SO CLOSE TO 500 BADGE ~~>>> @WriterInMotion ~ YOU WON'T BE SORRY! :))"Already did- WIM is great:) (reblip)

AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)

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80smax @FlippingTheHits: "reblipped"Ty- Robyn is nice:) (reblip)

'Show me love' by Robyn

| play
80smax @FlippingTheHits: "Def leppard – Rock Of AgesDef leppard – Rock Of Ages"Ty- nice version:) (reblip)
80smax @SGMan: "Heart ~ Heartless"Ty- 0) (reblip)


| play
SugarAndSpice WHAT ABOUT ADDING THIS AWESOME DJ ~ SO CLOSE TO 500 BADGE ~~>>> @WriterInMotion ~ YOU WON'T BE SORRY! :)) (reblip)
80smax @cnytodd: "Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live) // U2"Ty- nice version for a blipper who only needs one more for 200- ) (reblip)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

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80smax @AbsoluteVenus: "#np Des'ree – Kissing You << i got married to this song... #memories :)"Ty- very nice:) (reblip)
Dancer12 ♥ღ¸¸¸.•*•♪♫♥ First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (reggae) ♥ღ¸¸¸.•*•♪♫♥ . . .Back for very short set, to close pages. . .
BlipKiss Meatloaf - Two Out of Three Ain't Bad ... inspired by @80smax

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

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80smax @iMickeyD: "ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace"Ty-) (reblip)

ZZ TopPearl Necklace

| play
80smax @DJ_VA: "My fave: "Greatest Love Of All" - Whitney Houston via @TheVAPassport #RIP"Ty- DJ_VA- have fun on the beach for us:) (reblip)
80smax @golfnovels: "#Chicago – Dialogue Part 1 and 2"Ty- this goes out to wonderwife;) (reblip)
80smax @HarleyJoe63: "@MertitytesMuses: "Quiet Riot is an American heavy metal band.""Ty- a total fav:) (reblip)
80smax @SugarAndSpice: "WHAT ABOUT ADDING THIS AWESOME DJ ~ SO CLOSE TO 500 BADGE ~~>> @WriterInMotion ~ YOU WON'T BE SORRY! :))"Ty for shot of espresso! (reblip)
80smax @HarleyJoe63: "@SugarAndSpice: "Scorpions ~ Rock You Like A Hurricane""TY- you know I luv the Scorpions!! (reblip)
80smax Ty- Scorpions – Wind Of Change is a nice mellow tune;) (reblip)
80smax @SGMan: "RB@USAShopper: "RB @Naestopaz: @DonaldD: "Right on! \m/ RB@80smax: "@Schoork: "Great White – Once Bitten Twice Shy "TY- a total fav too:)""" (reblip)
80smax @greatradio101: "@cyberfreak77: "AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long" Oh Yeah! LET'S ROCK! @80smax"Ty-) (reblip)
80smax Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes- ty) (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @amaretto ... Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better (reblip)
80smax @JacoLovesMusic: "Bad English- When I See You Smile"Ty) (reblip)

Bad English- When I See You Smile (lyrics)

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Greenfields47 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@Chymell_<<<<<<<<ONLY 3DJs more to 50 badge (reblip)
kgbox ♪ Night Ranger - NIGHT RANGER
80smax Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning is just the tune to say g'nite all;)
80smax @djsurfer: "night night !!!"Ty- ) (reblip)

Cheers full theme song (with subtitiles)

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80smax TY- Quiet Riot – Cum On Feel The Noize is a fav;) (reblip)
80smax Ty- Van Halen – Henson Studios - 02.01.12 - Hot For Teacher is just right:) (reblip)
Dancer12 ♥ღ¸¸¸.•*•♪♫♥Thot You'd never ask!! Hi &Ty♥Vic♥Rb@victomlinson Aren't you ready to dance now?@Dancer12 ♥ღ♫♥ Ty♥Sm♥Nite, Sweet Dreams (reblip)
carlnat @GroovinAndJammin: "♫♪♪♫@sanisis55: "Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe / rb @Unaturalsoul: "......She's Not Worth It.....#Jenny...""" (reblip)

Jimi HendrixHey Joe

| play
S4W2E0D i fell right into his trap

GarbageStupid Girl

| play

Sam Cooke Hold on

| play

Lay It Down by Ratt

| play
Greenfields47 greatest party Deejay from santa monica is?? DEEJAY JENNY@Unaturalsoul: "..My Pleasure..Great Song..Great DJ..@g (reblip)

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

| play
Wildtunes Thanks!! :))))))))rb@LionaB: "Van Halen – Dance the Night Away- Time to go ! Thank you for props,Rb's and listening! Byeeeeeeeeee!!" (reblip)
80smax @dawnie22: "'Juke Box Hero' -Foreigner-~~> @Chow322 inspired ;)) !.!.!"Ty- luv it:) (reblip)
80smax @rockedon: "Sarah McLaughlin"In The Arms Of An Angel""Ty- it is hard to play blips in the middle of a chess tournament- they might just kick me out:) (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Hey! Doing good! How are you?☮♥❀◕ ‿ ◕❀♥☮ @MuesliDD: "Hey. :) How are you? @JoanieBeachMusic: "California Girls.....☮♥❀◕ ‿ ◕❀♥☮"" (reblip)
80smax @wildlifeartist: "Beautiful blue sky in Detroit today"Same here in Colorado- ty- this song is a fav;) (reblip)
80smax ZOEgirl – You Get Me is a good tune to say good morning Boulder- #iheartmom too;)

ZOEgirlYou Get Me

| play
80smax @anniemcs: "hahahaha you didnt think i wouldnt play at least one...didya!? :) xx"Ty- Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day is a fav;) (reblip)

Bread Make It With You Lyrics

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fxp123 I hope they're all good ones take care @bellbtmblues: "Rascal Flatts - These Days" (reblip)

♥ Rascal Flatts- These Days

| play
xatstilonair You're music station is great! @BluJulius

Earth HD| Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS

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hippiechick @cityboyFloyd: "Linda Ronstadt, Ann Savoy, The Four Tops - "Walk Away Renée"" (reblip)

"Walk Away Renée" Linda Ronstadt, Ann Savoy, The Four Tops

| play
80smax @JessieDows: "Eric : are you asking someone i knew , if i can help ? @muso: "Jeremy Camp – Take you Back (lyrics)""Ty) (reblip)
80smax @Skype: "ty hun Glad:)Hugs xo@WithOutMakeUp: "Hello dear friend:) @Skype: ":D Hello, my sweet Kitty:)@WithOutMakeUp: ":) @c3p0""""Ty) (reblip)

StarWars Live C3P0.mpg

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80smax @golfnovels: "@80smax: "Bob Seger- Night Moves - Wow- two favs in a row:) Ty)"" why is blip.fm putting commercials over songs- not cool!!!! (reblip)

Bob Seger- Night Moves

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80smax Sweet – Love is like Oxygen 1978 is just right- a fav- and so true in Boulder Colorado! Not enough O2:)
80smax @Alvesaf: "@StreamingMimi: "Joe Cocker -- You Are So Beautiful (lyrics)""Ty- this goes out to wonderwife and all of my followers:) Pray for Dallas! (reblip)

You are so beautiful by Joe Cocker Lyrics

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80smax @MrsRobinsome: "TYRB! :) @golfnovels: "The Spinners - Rubberband Man""Here is some support for our Detroit friends:) (reblip)
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Sweetbox - Shout (Let It All Out)" #nowplaying
MrsRobinsome \m/ (slashes back and overall appearance in this footage o.O ) i didn't know.... :D Guns N' Roses – Paradise City (Live in Tokyo 1992) HD
80smax @romanus: "Billy Squire >> The Stroke"Ty- just right! (reblip)
80smax REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You- ty- just right:) (reblip)
80smax @SifiJen: "Midnight Blue by Melissa Manchester"Ty- we need this after dealing with Obama Treasury Dept all day:( Do not buy Solar panels! (reblip)

Midnight Blue by Melissa Manchester

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80smax @ICEGIRL152: "beautiful rb@MertitytesMuses: "Twelve Girls Band are an all female Chinese musical group""TY- first time:) (reblip)
Dancer12 ♥ Dear Volume......"Can't Smile Without You" ......last pages closing..frustrating..feels like sign language....
DjLerica tyrb@metheeDeeJay: "@alekr2o: "Patti Smith – Because The Night..."" (reblip)
80smax @MrGrandprix: "RB!@QueenzQT: "I'm going to tell you right away, I can't wait another day, Amanda.""Ty- luv Boston:) (reblip)


| play
80smax @backtoback: RB @FOGGIELOANER: "hope you have a great weekend! backtoback"" Ty- Barry White – My First My Last My Everything is just right:) (reblip)
80smax @mkruzel: "rb @Sly_dog: "@golfnovels: "Dr. Hook – Sharing The Night Together"""TY- this goes out to my wonderwife- a fav:) (reblip)
80smax @The101HiWay: "Hi ::: TY for all your thoughtful replies :)) rb@Spica7: "@MertitytesMuses @sungypsy @TheHiWay""TY- you like Boston- gotta follow:) (reblip)
80smax @Spica7: "#noagenda"TY- this goes out to all my followers- a total fav:) (reblip)
80smax @MertitytesMuses: "Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Krutch"Ty- nice:) (reblip)

Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Krutch

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80smax @new_clear_MUSIC: "KISS YOU ALL OVER ~ rb @1brwneyedgirl: "..i can feel it in ur touch..""Ty- a total fav:) (reblip)
80smax Ty-Sweet – Love is like oxygen is a fav- wonderwife (and I) luvs it- gotta keep her happy:) (reblip)
80smax @c3p0: "whahahaha daar is het nooit te vroeg voor :-P@autiboy: "maar eerlijk gezegd is het nog vroeg om gelijk iedereen op de kast te jagen ;))"TY:) (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac ~ Sara

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80smax @CT5: "rb @sheryonstone: "Coldplay – Clocks (Live 2003)""Ty- a fav:) (reblip)
80smax @dANGELofLOVE: "☰❐★❐☰ ШĤЄƝ ШЄ ŞŦẴƝÐ ŦѺƓЄŦĤЄƦ ☰❐★❐☰ #Ɲḯckҽlbαck ⓌⓘⓈⒽⒺⓈ ★ ⓄⒻ ▲ⒽⓄⓟⒺ▲ ♚ ▲ⓁⓄⓋⒺ▲ ♚ ▲ⓟⒺⒶⒸⒺ▲ ♚ #ŞUPЄƦ #ШЄЄKЄƝÐ #ШIŞĤЄŞ ♚ ❤ ԼƠƔЄ, ƁЄԼԼẴ ❤" (reblip)
80smax @scotlandlover: ty :) @ALimitedEdition: "i like this1!! (a lot <3 KB) but TJ must be awesome as well :)) TYSVM!@SL "Joe Cocker ✰"Ty- great video:) (reblip)
80smax @BattLady: "You ALL knew it was coming!!! ~~> @scotlandlover: "we still discussing beer? :) @romanus: "LOL Bottoms UP ;) @Louden"At least one:) (reblip)

Nickelback : Bottoms up

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80smax @muso: "Feels Like Tonight- Daughtry [[with lyrics]]"Ty- a fav:) (reblip)

Feels Like Tonight- Daughtry [[with lyrics]]

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80smax @sharonhayes: "Friday Night ~ Lily Allen"Hey wild woman- have a great holiday:) (reblip)
scotlandlover tks for the reblip @danielbdc: "AC/DC - you shook me all night long [ WITH LYRICS ] @danielbdc" (reblip)
Coffeenuts nu2me,gr8thx,rb @Lunaladee: Over the Rhine - Firefly (reblip)


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80smax @scotlandlover: "rb @ALimitedEdition: "Poison ✰ Every Rose Has Its Thorn""Ty- this goes out to @copyblogger and @heyamberrae in Boulder:) (reblip)

Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn official music video

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scotlandlover rb @ALimitedEdition: "Poison ✰ Every Rose Has Its Thorn" (reblip)

Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn official music video

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80smax @GroovinAndJammin: "ty hun ♫♪♪♫ @CT5: "rb nice @GroovinAndJammin: "Baby I Love Your Way... ♫♪♪♫ @dj24""" (reblip)
Tuneaholic Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over (BBC introducing)
80smax @Schoork: "Nickelback – Something In Your Mouth"LOl- ty) (reblip)
80smax @zoso418: "RB@Hittman Green Day -Boulevard Of Broken Dreams @lukesharp @romanus"TY) (reblip)

Green Day -Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

| play

Bad Company / Shooting Star / Live / High Quality

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80smax @Schoork: "Poison – Want Some, Need Some"TY- can't wait to see this in Denver next week:) (reblip)
80smax Ty- I hope they play Def Leppard – Hysteria at their concert next week in Denver- we can't wait! (reblip)

Def LeppardHysteria

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DDPlay YW, credit goes to the awesome @FullMetalJacket @DaveyT: "rb ty @DDPlay: "ReeeeBLIP! @FullMetalJacket: "Seether – Tonight""" (reblip)
80smax @golfnovels: "@backtoback: "BACHMAN -TURNER OVERDRIVE - Let It Ride.""Ty- have a great day- leaving wireless and Santa Fe behind- on the road again) (reblip)
80smax @peacefrog2100: "youre bringing on the heartbreak..."Ty- can't wait for the DL, Poison, Lita Ford concert in Denver when we get back from vacation:) (reblip)
TBFKA Hold on its London calling long distance
80smax @cnytodd: "Play The Game // Queen"Ty) (reblip)

Queen'Play The Game'

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80smax @BlipKiss: "ty rb @Sysperia: "rb@DJBadBilly: "Ty- Manfred Mann's Earth Band – Blinded By The Light is a fav:) (reblip)
80smax @FullMetalJacket: "rb!!@fried_chikn: "Ty- RATT – Lay It Down (funny music video);) (reblip)
80smax A great #ff tune- ZOEgirl "You Get Me"- Thanks God for such a beautiful sunrise and morning in the Boulder hot tub;)

ZOEgirl "You Get Me"

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80smax Alice Cooper – School's Out for summer goes out to all the new grads in Boulder along with @onlyinboulder- #ff for sure:)
80smax This goes out to @onlyinboulder Aloha!!!

I Wanna Rock- Twisted Sister

| play
JacoLovesMusic Thnx for CT one of my first 45 singles :) @fxp123

Cheap TrickSurrender

| play
musicamilete rb!@mark_till: "Brandon Flowers – Crossfire (Acoustic) - Mix 94.1 Underground Lounge. Here.... @JessieDows get it right--where's my bd flowers" (reblip)
szi Szia János, szép estét kívánok! :-)@idaipaix: "rb" (reblip)

► The Cranberries ~♫~ Dreams (With Lyrics)

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80smax Can't wait to see Lita singing this in June along with Def L and Poison at Pepsi center:) Boulder
muso My Best Friend's Girl – The Cars
80smax @rockedon: "RB how did you know?;-)@FullMetalJacket: "RATT – You're In Love (music video) HQ #BHT""Here's your morning shot of espresso @TheGolfClub! (reblip)
80smax @Grayfox: Ty- "Boston – Don't Look Back.. is a fav;) (reblip)

BostonDon't Look Back

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MrGrandprix WARRANT Sometimes She Cries @DDPlay

WARRANT Sometimes She Cries

| play
80smax @On_The_Beach: "~"Ty- Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn is just right;) (reblip)

Poison-Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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80smax @golfnovels: "@muso: "Van Halen – Panama - @TheGolfClub""Ty- a nice shot of espresso for Boulder! (reblip)
xxlenaphroditexx Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire......
Sly_dog work work work...:( but i love my job so it's ok! :)) @Greenfields47: "travel bug hittin u..chile,holland ..monday inLONDON LOL@Sly_dog" (reblip)
80smax @Flying_Roundhouse: "Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Breakdown ~ A break in the action for a breakdown ~ going out to my LA gf @Unaturalsoul"ahhh;) (reblip)
80smax @vixenvoice: "@FlyingEagle1: @endywood:"TY- "Maybe I'm Amazed" By Paul McCartney is a total fav:) (reblip)

"Maybe I'm Amazed" By Paul McCartney

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80smax @bradysbeau1:@ExStreamingMimi: @SHERRYBABY65 ""This song: Star Wars Theme By John Williams goes out to you and your daughter on her driving test:) (reblip)

Star Wars Theme By John Williams **HIGHEST QUALITY!!**

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Balou8900 Chicago - You're The Inspiration ...a pair for @MarthaQuinn ..it's a dopamine thing..well and the 2nd song she reminded me about today
80smax @MertitytesMuses: "Guns N' Roses – Welcome To The Jungle + Lyrics" ty- a total fav- this goes out to @wind4me and @onlyinboulder- welcome to Boulder:) (reblip)
80smax TY- Pat Benatar – Invincible is just right:) (reblip)
80smax TY- The Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man is a fav;) (reblip)

The Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man

| play
SifiJen The Hollies – The air that I breathe [1974] Original Version [HQ]
80smax @marcylauren: "Neil Young - Rockin In The Free World"Ty- always nice;) (reblip)
80smax @Balou8900: "The Call - I Still Believe (great live version)"TY- you're right- it is very nice:) (reblip)
80smax Gracias:) Guns N Roses Live And Let Die is a great version;) (reblip)

Guns N Roses Live And Let Die

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80smax Muy bueno- bed of roses / Bon Jovi:) (reblip)

bed of roses / Bon Jovi

| play
80smax @hippiechick: "@busylizzy: "Foreigner – Cold As Ice""Ty- tomorrow should be in boulder:) (reblip)
MrGrandprix Tired, Bored.. whats up w/ u ?@DDPlay: "Hi hun! How are you? @MrGrandprix: "Nickelback – Shakin' Hands"" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbi outta my Airplane @thesockpuppet: Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit (reblip)

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

| play
Dancer12 ♥ I'll never know til it'sOver If I'm right Or I'm wrong Loving U But I'd rather be sorry 4 something I've done ♥Than 4something that I didn't do♥
80smax @SifiJen: "Train – Drops Of Jupiter (Lyrics)"Ty- nice;) (reblip)
80smax @bradysbeau1: @FromFullHouse:"TY- Looking glass – Brandi you're a fine girl is a fav;) (reblip)
80smax Gracias- Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) LIVE IN CARDIFF is just right- ) (reblip)

Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) LIVE IN CARDIFF 1993

| play
80smax Gracias:)-Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home Live is just right- keep em comin:) (reblip)
80smax @Thebestmusicever: "Skillet – Rebirthing! is just the right song to say good morning Boulder- going into the hot tub now to watch the sun come up:) (reblip)
Dalli @JoeJoe420 "Joe Satriani – Crushing Day" (reblip)
DJRC21 I Melt With You - Modern English
80smax Ty- The Who – Substitute -nice live version:) (reblip)
80smax Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Krutch is just right-)

Phenomenon-Thousand Foot Krutch

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80smax Ty- Boston-More Than A Feeling Music is a total fav:)

Boston-More Than A Feeling Music Video

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80smax @loripop326: "Journey - Faithfully"Ty mate;0) (reblip)

Faithfully (HQ)

| play
80smax @Mike_Mx: "Love these old songs!! ~Neil Diamond - Solitary Man 1966 (Audio Resynch)~"Ty- this goes out to my wonderwife;) (reblip)
80smax @geegee_: Ty- Neil Diamond – Forever in Blue Jeans is just right;) (reblip)
80smax @sharonhayes: "Free Bird ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd"Ty- a fav:) Have a great week! (reblip)
80smax @new_clear_MUSIC: "[♥.. ty..] rb @BlipStarr: "rb @2blue: Thanks for spinning "Queen – Somebody To Love" :-) #music""Ty) (reblip)
80smax @Momix74: "rb@torino: "Beautiful Girl..........INXS" ehiiii! ciao, buona serata!! :)"Gracias:) (reblip)

INXSBeautiful Girl

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80smax TY- Starship – Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now is a great version:) (reblip)
80smax @glitterdream: "Alisha - "Do You Dream About Me?" :)"Ty- great movie:) (reblip)

Mannequin song

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AtheDJ Grey's Anatomy Best Music Moments Season 1-5

Grey's Anatomy Best Music Moments Season 1-5

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80smax @barbsurvives: "Tyler~Total eclipse of the Heart..every now and then~"TY) (reblip)

Bonnie Tyler -- Total Eclipse Of The Heart [[ Official Live Video ]] HD

| play
80smax @golfnovels: "@S4W2E0D - Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield"Ty- ) (reblip)
Alvaroxx Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (Live)... I´m... ... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :D

Garbage Shirley Manson Only Happy When It Rains

| play
80smax @Elitropia: "hola! @Bizzarro como estas?"Ty-The Ramones – I Don't Want To Grow Up is just right to listen to on a beautiful day in Boulder:) (reblip)
cnytodd Roll With The Changes // REO Speedwagon
80smax @JoeJoe420: "ty@DJBadBilly: "@JoeJoe420""Elton John- Philadelphia Freedom is just right- ty) (reblip)

Elton John- Philadelphia Freedom

| play
80smax @SAMSLICK: "#flasback Lady - Commodores"TY and g'nite all- thanks for all the great tunes tonight:) (reblip)
80smax @AmyisImaginary: "♥/Blessed 2 have the sweetest friends. Any CLUE♥ rb@SanClemente@ibutterflyi@AK"Ty- Don McLean – American Pie is just right;) (reblip)
80smax @LeifStoltz: "@fxp123: "ty @TropicsZ4: "Loverboy was so cool in the '80s, sold so many albums, and great MTV videos:) @fx"";D"Ty- lots of energy! (reblip)
HowieWard1 REO Speedwagon – Keep On Loving You
80smax @Sly_dog: ":) @romanus"Ty- Pat Benatar – Invincible is just right;) (reblip)

Pat BenatarInvincible

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80smax @On_The_Beach: "~"TY- Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You is a fav on the end of an incredibly, fantastically beautiful day in boulder:) (reblip)
80smax @Thebestmusicever: "Switchfoot - Politicians! argggg:) Ty) (reblip)

Politicians Switchfoot Music Video

| play
80smax @greatradio101: "Great song for @Thebestmusicever! Skillet – Those Nights" Ty- ) (reblip)

SkilletThose Nights

| play
80smax @Thebestmusicever: "Dropkick Murphys - Sunshine Highway! Happy St. Patricks Day everyone" Ty- ) (reblip)
80smax Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn is just right for this week- Boulder weather is beautiful, but health is not- ok trade off:)
AmyIsImaginary Check out Jonn Rody @http://www.ustream.tv/channel/rodywebcast Thank You #BrentGill
Unaturalsoul ..Oh Yeh..Lovely Blip..!!!..kisses..@fried_chikn: "and if i fall on my knees, tell hows the way to go....#jenny @Unaturalsoul"" (reblip)
80smax @HappyCamper: "MY GIRL ✰ THE TEMPTATIONS"TY- just right for one last dance in boulder with wonderwife tonight;) (reblip)
80smax @On_The_Beach: "~"Ty- just right:) the only thing we missed today in boulder was a beach and a boogie board:) (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac ~ Gypsy (Extended version)

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80smax @MrGrandprix: "Nickelback : Bottoms up @lostndanet"Ok- good tune to say g'nite- bottoms up all:) (reblip)

Nickelback : Bottoms up

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80smax @golfnovels: "@Dancer12: "♥ Eternal Flame - The Bangles ♥@BlueHeaven""TY- this song is talking about my marriage with wonderwife:) (reblip)
Coffeenuts thx,rb @BlipStarr: rb @GAY_AMSTERDAM: Building a Mystery (reblip)

'Building a Mystery' by Sarah McLachlan

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80smax @SifiJen: "Elton John – Your song"Ty- a total fav:) (reblip)

Elton JohnYour song

| play
80smax @Thebestmusicever: "@lilbratsie: "Def Leppard – Rocket""Ty- luv DL) (reblip)

Def LeppardRocket

| play
80smax @Thebestmusicever: "Before Their Eyes - Lies! Great song first time i have never heard of this band before, Great stuff! @80smax"TY- ) (reblip)

Before Their EyesLies

| play
80smax TY- Lady Antebellum-Just A Kiss is all I need:) (reblip)

Lady Antebellum-Just A Kiss LYRICS

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80smax @Ninapapaya: ""Magic bus" by The Who"TY- I think I see these buses driving all over Boulder;) (reblip)

The WhoMagic Bus

| play
DDPlay So did I! :D Happy weekend! @Cheri_S: "You just knew I had to hear it again :) @DDPlay: "Pssst, for you sweetie!! @Cheri_S"" (reblip)

TrainDrive By

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80smax @artboycraig: "Runnin' Down A Dream / Tom Petty - inspired by @Ninapapaya"TY- and glad to know you:) Great tunes list:) (reblip)
Jessica_Rabbit Styx - Lady

Styx- Lady '95

| play
Jessica_Rabbit Tony Orlando & Dawn - Knock Three Times

Tony Orlando & Dawn sing Knock Three Times

| play
DDPlay Nahh not at all sweetie, you are good! @andiwonder: "thank you very much! and like wise :) ..but i still think the name was the only reason i had (reblip)

Phil Collins -Follow You Follow Me -Genesis in Rome

| play
80smax @Jaxtraw12: "RB 4 newbie~~>@Paloma22: "♫Jet!♫:)--->Jaxtraw12 ♫♫♫!""Paul Mccartney & Wings "Jet" 1976 is a fav: (reblip)

Paul Mccartney & Wings "Jet" 1976

| play
Jessica_Rabbit ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You

ABBA : Knowing Me, Knowing You (Live '79 )

| play
1brwneyedgirl @MrsRobinsome i am soooo done.. lol Nite luv!! XO txt ya tomorrow.. SD's

GisliPassing Out

| play

George Harrison My Sweet Lord

| play
kapri rb via @scotlandlover The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever (reblip)

The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever (2009 Stereo Remaster)

| play
80smax @Annimallover: "@bradysbeau1: @FromFullHouse:"TY- Looking glass – Brandi you're a fine girl is a fav;)""Ty-this is a total fav:) (reblip)
80smax @77ozzie: TySM- Meat Loaf – I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) is a total fav:) (reblip)
LionaB tyrb@autiboy: "huh? rb @ellendiane: "got heat&getting a refurbished computer for free:)it wasn't the angel ceremony-a transormer blew@c3p0:" (reblip)
80smax @MrGrandprix: "TOO Young to smoke --->@DDPlay: "Boston ~ Smokin'""TY- hate smoking- but luv this tune:) (reblip)


| play
80smax @Cheri_S: "damn i need more props @DDPlay: "Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman""LOL- just keep on sending us good tunes) (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman

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80smax @AugustSymatry: "Tyrb"@Regina_: "Hi & thanks : ) @moonlit: "...""TY- life is simply the best) and TT is nice too:) (reblip)
80smax @kimme23: @andiwonder"TY-Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight is just right to send to a good friend @timeforcake :) (reblip)
80smax @Cheri_S: "Another sad loss ..."Life's a song".....sure is"TY- so true- but it is a great song-:) (reblip)
DDPlay G'nite hun! I'm out too! Have a good weekend! @MrGrandprix: "The Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep ~~ im out cya later everyone..thanks!!" (reblip)
80smax @kimme23: @sir_edward_ross: "23:07 @DDPlay:Chicago- Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is""""yes- it is time to enjoy every moment of your life:) (reblip)

Chicago- Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is with Lyrics

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80smax @kimme23: ""RB!! "Ty- Boston-More Than A Feeling Music is a total fav:)""TY- it is a fav- luv this tune- life is a feeling! (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling Music Video

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scotlandlover fading out~~~ty @ll~~~xo ♥♥♥

Sarah McLachlan- Possession (piano version)

| play
80smax @Annimallover: "Gr8 dance tune!! rb@Tsauro: "The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another""This is just like life;) Ty- ) (reblip)

The Fixx- One Thing Leads to Another

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80smax @Jaxtraw12: "~ I Would Walk 500 Miles – The Proclaimers"TY- I could for my kids and my employees and my country:) (reblip)
80smax @GroovinAndJammin: "♫♪♪♫@RunnerDJC: "Feel Like Makin' Love...""Yes-!! A fav;) (reblip)

Bad Company: Feel Like Makin' Love

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80smax @bellbtmblues: "apparently you like this one as much as me! thx 4 playing it ....a lot ;) @toddsb: "rb me @toddsb: "keep me in mind :-)"""Ty) (reblip)
80smax @Will_the_bloke: "Cheap Trick – Surrender .. hey how you doing @scotlandlover"TY- one of my all time favs:) (reblip)

Cheap TrickSurrender

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