Alamar9 Thank you. 4props & RBs @rocket1206: "@Alamar9 xxxxxxx @NicoleVSanchez xxxxxxxxx many thx LADIES" (reblip)

Paul Weller plays 'You Do Something To Me'

| play
Alamar9 The more I know, the less I understand about Love...Hi there! Thanx4props:) @mamamiaellen: "Heart of the Matter" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanks for the RP---love this song! I wanta know this girl... (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm in a loving mood tonight...and this is the video I wanted...where is everyone? Sunday Night...
dcychan RB @Alamar9: Eydie Gorme and Trio Los Panchos – AMOR <<< v.nice such a romantic song!thnx (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm OOP 4 you but I can RB this Precious song 4 you:) (reblip)
Alamar9 Ah..the sweet Sade and her lovely sexy voice...thanx4props:) @rockchalk75: "@rockchalk75: "@Tubabo: "Come back all is forgiven""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Sigh...Me too...Ucan't..Ujust move on...let love find you, again XOX @impossiblewmn: "I can think of younger days..." (reblip)

Bee Gees- How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

| play
Alamar9 "I won the theme song contest4 Alex Wellen's bk: LoveSick.. with my all time fave love song:D FOR YOUR LOVE---The Most Romantic Love Song Ever! 4U (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Up to early to make some calls and...Well, I'm still sleepy--going back to bed& dream...SEE you later XOX:)
Alamar9 I see why...great advice:) thanx4props @BBlanca: "Me too! An university teacher told these words to her students... I just love this song..."" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'll say you do!...XOX thanx4props:) @NicoleVSanchez: "sweet song ;-) @rocket1206: "@Dancer12 xx @Alamar9 xx"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Baby, baby, baby I love you...thanx4prop :) @Kohmahts: "Aretha Franklin: "Baby, I Love You" - Appointments to keep..Back later..Have a good morning! (reblip)
Alamar9 An oldie but goodie, like me:) So who am I talking to? thanx4propsRBsRPs.. (reblip)


| play
midnightbeadery @CastlesideCat: "Have a great Sunday Blippers...signing off with The Casinos "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"...... " (reblip)
Alamar9 I Do have you now..:) @midnightbeadery: "@Alamar9: "Now I have you!...Thanks for listening:)"" (reblip)

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

| play
Alamar9 SuperLove4U...@impossiblewmn: "@Alamar9: "Amor, Amor, nacio de ti, nacio de mi...nacio de Dios, del Alma.)" Si, si es amor... a oir esta cancion. :)" (reblip)
impossiblewmn @Alamar9: "Amor, Amor, Amore....nacio de ti, nacio de mi...nacio de Dios, nacio del Alma...It's Love Baby:)" Si, si es amor... a oir esta cancion. :) (reblip)
Alamar9 Amor, Amor, Amore....nacio de ti, nacio de mi...nacio de Dios, nacio del Alma...It's Love Baby:)
ladypn Makes me feel happy just listening @jong! Thanks! (reblip)
Alamar9 I sing this in the shower....Love it! @midnightbeadery: "@gpharley: "@loopy_lala: "Patsy Cline "Crazy"""" (reblip)

Patsy Cline "Crazy"

| play
Alamar9 Yep!!! @midnightbeadery: "My long-lost twin! @Alamar9: "Baby I'm Yours, At last, Maybe,...were we separated at birth? A playlist after my Heart!"" (reblip)

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

| play
Alamar9 What a feeling song...softly moves me..@hotbeans: "@TonySong" (reblip)

Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins

| play
Alamar9 UR rightTY! @iReignMusic: "@Alamar9.. exploring ..found this. Thought you'd like the vibe.. positive energy! Couldn't wait til morn to blip! ; )" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanx4props&RBs Missed U again..tomorrow:)@midnightbeadery: "@Alamar9: "XOX...Thanx4props@JeanneBehr: "Brenton Wood – Gimme Little Sign""" (reblip)
ladypn So much more I'd like to play, so many more I'd like to say HI! to, but time, this is all I have. Goodnight, thx for your music! All I have is yours!

Mat KearneyAll I Have

| play
benyasbabe omg i wish the actual video was on here. forgot i watched the ANTM episode where they filmed this video. RIDICULOUS lol

Tyra Banks-Shake your body(with lyrics)

| play
Alamar9 Will good night with "Nochecita"--for all of you and esp. for @impossiblewmn cause she understands...amor decepcion:)
Alamar9 let's dance this's fun! @gotlongview: "Fun, fun, fun, happy, happy smiles! Dancin in my chair. : D Calexico – Hey Baby, Que Paso" (reblip)
Alamar9 XOX...Thanx4props@JeanneBehr: "Brenton Wood – Gimme Little Sign" (reblip)
Atomik Howdy! Its been a while, hope you are well @Alamar9 (reblip)

Ray LaMontagneTrouble

| play
mariposa7 grazie rb @Alamar9 "In a Ray LaMontagne mood---hope someone's holding you tonite..:)" (reblip)
mariposa7 and I tell you, how e-e-asy it feels to be with you...
djLop hoy toca paparota →@jude81 pero sin peperetas !!! (reblip)
Alamar9 My Soul needed something today & tonight I remembered my all time fave: El Concierto de Aranjuez--Adagio for @DJMonaLisa & all of you...w/love Gnite
Mysterymix congrats 4ur promotion lol @swissmade: "@Mysterymix thx for nouvelle vague... here comezz the gunz of brixton :-)" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes, I have missed UR Loveliness. Hope all is better soon. XOX @DJMonaLisa: "This goes out 2 @Alamar9 - I know you've missed me. My life is nuts!" (reblip)
DJMonaLisa Cause, like, I just wanted to hear it.

Lady GaGaPoker Face

| play
Alamar9 Yes, I do:) @mariposa7: "merci rb @Alamar9 "Do you remember...when we met.."" (reblip)

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page-Sea Of Love

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ModelSupplies The Pina Colada Song

The Pina Colada Song

| play
rsmac When you smoke all my weed man,you gotta call the green man so I can get mine and you get yours! Ok Amy!
rsmac Joss Stone – Super Duper Love
rsmac Mary J Blige- Family Affair

mary j blige- family affair

| play
Alamar9 Tango..The sexiest, most sensuous dance of all..yes let's dance..:) @BBlanca: "Would you like to dance with me? Tango is not for the timid.." (reblip)
Alamar9 Been waiting for that 2nd chance...need a arms of the this song..TY @BBlanca: "Sarah McLachlan – Angel " (reblip)

Sarah McLachlanAngel

| play
Alamar9 Well, it changes my mood..thanx4props :) @BBlanca: "" MUSIC can change the world because it can change people." ~ Bono, U2~ " (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Hey you, sweet dreams catch you tomorrow, maybe :) @chickenkatsu: "Last spin of the night! Nite! TY all for Ps/Rs/RBs!" (reblip)

"This Magic Moment" by Ben E. King & the Drifters

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Alamar9 I love the Tango...wish I could, Tango..thank you for listening.:) (reblip)

Mandragora Tango plays "Cafe con Limon"

| play
Alamar9 I see! Thank you for listening:) @starlingpoet: "The Sounds-No One Sleeps When I'm Awake" (reblip)

The Sounds-No One Sleeps When I'm Awake

| play
Alamar9 Great memory! Gonna say gnite on this lovely note...Thanx4props to all..out of gas XOX @midnightbeadery: "@AgeBee: "Lost it on a lonely highway"" (reblip)

The Moments-Love on a Two Way Street

| play
Alamar9 @abarbosa: "How can I tell you that I love you? I love you but I can't think of right words to say,& long to tell you that I'm always thinking of you" (reblip)
Alamar9 Love this song...Just makes me wanta dance,dance, dance! @midnightbeadery: "@MarcusDeSouza: "@natyzinha: Michael Jackson – Billy Jean"" (reblip)
midnightbeadery @AgeBee: "Lost it on a lonely highway" (reblip)

The Moments-Love on a Two Way Street

| play
Alamar9 I'm OOP's for beat ever...UR body moves w/o thought:)@midnightbeadery: "@MarcusDeSouza: "@natyzinha: Michael Jackson – Billy Jean"" (reblip)
Alamar9 I love this song...who's missing you, tonite? I'm a Romantic...curse of the Romantic...Unrequieted Love! back later XOX
Alamar9 Just left you on Twitter:) Great song. @oneluv918: "Who can forget this one?" (reblip)
matwater213 RB@urlgirl: "If you win the rat race, if you come in first place, then a rat is all you will be." @linjea @fxp123 @OCVegas @johnrod@Alamar9 @rachidkas (reblip)
Alamar9 Hi! Great song, as usual. I haven't been on here much, lately. thanks4props. (reblip)
miguesme Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky
Alamar9 For Your Love is my all time fave LoveSick Song...but FALLEN is my2nd Fave...TY XOX@DaLady: "~*~FALLEN~*~ Lauren Wood" (reblip)

Lauren WoodFallen

| play
Alamar9 We Pisces--We love it:) @fxp123: "uncle Kracker - Follow Me I love this song" (reblip)
Alamar9 How's all topsy-turvy...
fxp123 uncle Kracker - Follow Me I love this song
Alamar9 Hi! In a Ray LaMontagne mood---hope someone's holding you tonite..:)
Alamar9 Thank you for RB of this song XOX @midnightbeadery: "@Alamar9: "...FOR YOUR LOVE---The Most Romantic Love Song Ever! 4U"" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 They must be:) @Kohmahts: "Whitney Houston (Jermaine Jackson): "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes,luv'sABitch..thanx4RB. @THEORDEROFEARTH: "thx@jjoche: "@jjoche: "temaso." QUE GANAS DE ESCUCHAR ESTA CANCION, HACE JUEGO CON LOS DIAS QUE VIENEN (reblip)

confundido autenticos decadentes

| play
Alamar9 if my favorites! @ladypn: "Turn down the lights, turn down the bed, turn down these... Hmmm, I seem to be in a theme tonight, don't I? ;)" (reblip)

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

| play
carlnat @SgtMac: "Tim McGraw - "Do You Want Fries With That"" (reblip)

Tim McGraw ~ Do You Want Fries With That?

| play
DJMonaLisa Someone called me Barbie today. And I know I should have been insulted. But I wasn't.
Alamar9 Love love...thanx4listening:) @Blanquis26: "♥♥ Always imagine this hottie ---> @WTFJAY when I hear this song!! Glad I hear it a lot!! Lol xoxo ♥♥" (reblip)

The Doors Love Me Two Times

| play
DJMonaLisa rb @Alamar9: "I'm leaving you...tonite..but I'll be back XOX:)" I'm east coast early, usually, but tonight, I'm late! (reblip)
Lil_Wing One for Smokey the Cat who just loves this ;) Stray Cats ~Stray Cat Strut
Alamar9 Now UR talking:) @NicoleVSanchez: "Don't want you for a weekend...I'm only interested if I can have you for life ;-) Shania Twain – Gonna Getcha Good" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh Yeah. Pop that Beat:) @chickenkatsu: "RB @Rella: "Turn this up..cuzz some one has my ass stirred gotta get it out some"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thank you...made my dayXOX:)@DJMonaLisa: "For @Alamar9 and her sunshine bright-eyed California cotton-candy face " (reblip)

Collective Soul Hollywood

| play
DJMonaLisa For @Alamar9 and her sunshine bright-eyed California cotton-candy face

Collective Soul Hollywood

| play
DJMonaLisa @Alamar9: "I'm Ca.UpLate?" I was but probably won't be tonight. I'm in Orlando. Long day! (reblip)
Alamar9 I leave you w/a fun song&UR Imaginations! @lust @GottaLaughGirl @DJMonaLisa @chickenkatsu@ Lingerie_Girl @MusicWithMsB @DaisyDee" @77ozzie @ladypn "

You Can Leave Your Hat On ( subtitulado español )*JOE COCKER* ( 9 1/2 weeks )

| play
Alamar9 Good night All:) "@BBlanca: "Thanks alot "Love is the pass-key to the heart" Madame Necker @Alamar9: "Fell in love w/this song, tonite..." (reblip)
Alamar9 @BBlanca: "Thanks alot "Love is the pass-key to the heart" Madame Necker @Alamar9: "Fell in love w/this song, tonite...maybe it's time...I can dream. (reblip)
DJMonaLisa @NicoleVSanchez: "hey there! Are you back to work now? I hope you are well :-)" I'm great! Back in my office, classes start Monday. Hope you are well! (reblip)
DCtunes This song is addictive. lol <3 it
Alamar9 Yes....?@DaLady: "><I CALL YOUR NAME>< Switch ft. El Debarge" (reblip)
Alamar9 One of my favorite dance#'s..thanx4props&more:) @lilymar: " Love it~~ RB @djwttw: "..."The Staple Singers – I'll Take You There" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes, it's sad...loved the three brothers:)@BklynDooWopper: "Teddy Kennedy dead of brain cancer at 77 :( The Mourning of another Kennedy" (reblip)

Track 14

| play
Alamar9 This takes me back...if only I was 30 again..look out!
Alamar9 I did this once...feeling sentimental tonite...@BBlanca: "Tony Bennett - I left my heart in San Francisco" (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Salt ~n~ Pepa ~ Push It....... ;}~

Salt-N-PepaPush It

| play
Alamar9 Fell in love w/this song, tonite...maybe it's time...I can dream. G'nite all! "This is so beautiful. "RB@ "@DJJazzyMua777: "GREAT SELECTION!!! :-) " (reblip)
Alamar9 Tonights the go crazy...where's the ice cream? (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Amen! @chickenkatsu: "RB @washingtonson: "Tracy Chapman – At This Point In My Life (I've done so many things wrong, I don't know if I can do right.." (reblip)
Alamar9 Hey friend, you're pulling out my lonely heart too...thanx:) @chickenkatsu: "I love TC's voice!" (reblip)

Baby Can I hold you

| play
Alamar9 This is so beautiful...thankU. Why I love to be here...take in all this gr8Music! @DaisyDee: "RB@ "@DJJazzyMua777: "GREAT SELECTION!!! :-) "" (reblip)
jet333 Diana Krall – "Every Time We Say Goodbye"....good night:) (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh I was reminded of this song that tears at my Heart, and I love it I am finally going to turn down the lights and go to bed...gnite...
Alamar9 MsB you're closing with my all time fave song! :)@MusicWithMsB: "rb@Jalapeno: "Oh no.. I've Got You Under My Skin" Almost time for blip to close down. (reblip)
Alamar9 Choir simulating a rain storm---turn up the sound, Gang! how is everyone tonight?...good I hope!
Alamar9 So this is the Rehab @benyasbabe: "haven't heard this in awhile. another random song in my head." (reblip)

Amy WinehouseRehab

| play
Alamar9 Now that is Sweet...gNight..sorry I missed you:) @NicoleVSanchez: "Good night, all, heading to bed :-) Sweet dreams... "[ Tirzah Lemmens - Wish ]"" (reblip)

Tirzah LemmensWish

| play
Alamar9 I Haven't heard this song in ages..thanks for the props:) @hotbeans: ""Man dig that crazy chick!"" (reblip)

The Royal Teens ~ Who Wears Short Shorts

| play
benyasbabe haven't heard this in awhile. another random song in my head.

Amy WinehouseRehab

| play
Alamar9 There you are...thank you for bringing out the sweetness in me&forRbs:) @iReignMusic: "Sweet Blips from.... @Alamar9 : )" (reblip)
Alamar9 That's such lovely song...thanx4props:) @NicoleVSanchez: "Thank you for tonight, I enjoyed the evening @vidabatine Adele – Make You Feel My Love" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yeah...let''s Love baby:) @ladypn: "Thanks for giving us something to Blip about @jeff@fuzzygroove@Yan ;) " (reblip)
Alamar9 Baby I'm Yours, At last, Maybe, Twilight Time, Brown-eyed Girl, I Thank you...were we separated at birth? A playlist after my Heart! Thanx4props, rbs (reblip)

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

| play
Alamar9 Sometimes I get hung up on songs that rock me...right into bed:) GNite all you lovelies...@NicoleVSanchez @MusicWithMsB @iReignMusic @midnightbeadery (reblip)


| play

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

| play
Alamar9 Has anybody seen my friend @DJMonaLisa...Have you seen her....

The Chi-lites "Have you seen her"

| play
Alamar9 And some JAMESON'S :) @ktp107: Happy Travels! Be safe@HannahShaya: "Travel can be fun... especially W/ a well equipped hotel room after long flight. (reblip)
Alamar9 Thank you for listening:) @jonhylafarm: "la ultima de mi #musicmonday... Kansas-Dust in the Wind..." (reblip)

Kansas-Dust in the Wind

| play
Alamar9 After my Heart, UR:) @77ozzie: " too.. white flag "" (reblip)

DidoWhite Flag

| play

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
DJMonaLisa @Alamar9 "If I was tall, dark & handsome, I would offer you the color of my love" I found love long ago, but I've always got a place for dear friends! (reblip)

The Color Of My Love

| play
Alamar9 I'm ready, tell me! @lisa_michele: "The talk of days... All will be revealed @SimpleJim.. with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen.. (reblip)

Led ZeppelinKashmir

| play
Alamar9 If I was tall, dark & handsome, I would offer you the color of my love...hope someone has...thank you for props & RB's Sweet One:) @DJMonaLisa

The Color Of My Love

| play
LynnSunshine @Alamar9: " "I'm so out of Juice..say goodnight with one of my new fav artists...we are al@NicoleVSanchez @MusicWithMsB @iReignMusic "" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 This song always sends me to a good place:) @romanus: "rb @MoonlightSounds: "watching on TV now~ "In The Arms Of An Angel" ♫ ♥❀✶ ♫✮♥ Sarah McLaughlin (reblip)
fxp123 @lovedandelion: "I hope you don't mind" Elton John - Your Song (reblip)

Elton JohnYour Song

| play
ktp107 so awesome!!! LOVE!!!@Alamar9: "I feel tired, happy. and I feel like dancing and skipping with this song into my bed... (reblip)
Alamar9 I feel tired, happy. and I feel like dancing and skipping with this song into my bed...I have many replies to send to so many of you XOX...
Alamar9 All my DJFriends, been a long and busy couple time to play with you and tell you How beautiful You Are To Me...
fxp123 @ndrew025 Lou Rawls - A Natural Man (reblip)
DJMonaLisa rb @Alamar9: "What does that mean?...@DJMonaLisa: "OOP for you" It means I ran out of props... but can give you one through a reblip. :) (reblip)
Fanny57 "Thank you! @Loni: "For the very dear, @Fanny57. #Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel) – Billy Joel"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Welcome to my Music World...sometimes happy, sometimes melancholy:)@VJVixen: ""Sleep Remixxx♥♥♥!" #vjvixen #remix" (reblip)

The Romantics- Talking In Your Sleep (J Romantics Remix)

| play
Alamar9 Hi! careful with the popping head:) Good2 seeU rb@chickenkatsu: "This one popped into my head all of a sudden! Lol! Oh-ho-ho-ho...""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Howdy Ya'll! Heaven and I are missing an Angel...are you available..:) I love this Song...XO
davemora So, if you ever need to remember me. Just add this song to your playlist. I really love this version of the song :)
Alamar9 Love this song..thx4playing it:) @NickDevious: "Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing" (reblip)
Alamar9 A dear friend of mine looks just like her music too! @Enigma4ever: """People Get Ready" .... JossStone"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yes it is...& one of my fave LoveSongs! @Enigma4ever: ""Tracy Chapman "baby can I hold you tonight"" #BestLoveSongEver" (reblip)

Tracy Chapman: Baby Can I Hold You Tonight

| play
Alamar9 Snowed in @ BigBear 1972 & this song played every other min on the jukebox..Good thing I love it:) @JFKFAN: ""Spirit In The Sky By Norman Greenbaum"" (reblip)

Spirit In The Sky By Norman Greenbaum

| play
stephericsson Eden Brent – "Until I Die" this white chick can sing the blues...
davemora I am not Mexican but as a child this song was required to get at least 3 plays during a party. And with that. Good Night! :)
davemora If my dad had an iPod. I am sure this would be on his "Most Played" playlist. -- Ok, why lie. I think it would be on mine too.

vicente fernandez llorar y llorar

| play
davemora Okay, I have set the mood for my 60 mile commute 2 work on Forced Overtime. I much rather play tag with my kids. - Everyone have an awesome weekend :)

los lonely boysheaven

| play
Alamar9 Agree!! TY &Welcome 2 my VinylStudio;) MusicLives @MaxVinyl: "Will say goodnight and morning with what should be the world anthem. Peace (&love) out." (reblip)

John LenonImagine

| play
mrrodd These feelings won't go away they've been knockin' me Sideways
Alamar9 Please tell me what love is?!? @Atomik: "lights off, candles on, chill grooves and deep beats. okay, im with that." (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm not in Love...who am I kidding?...someday I will stop loving you... Good night Sweet Dj's I'll never stop loving ya'll;)
Alamar9 Here we go.. it's a fantasy night...she's not here...
Alamar9 It's this kind of night for me...the stars must be poking at my Heart...Sometimes it just feels like this...@MrsASoprano

Missing MeLyrics

| play
Alamar9 There's a Soul in the City watching over us tonight...Good night all you beautiful ladies and gents...xo
Alamar9 ...she's Hot! Welcome to the Fan Club:) @DCtunes: "Becoming a big Duffy fan! " (reblip)
Alamar9 I have only one request of the Universe for 2010...Please Send me Someone to Love... vid/beautiful skies...XO
Alamar9 Sweet Dreams DJ''s been fun...early day tomorrow...Love you XO
Alamar9 Sometimes the Mystery of life is in a this...

Joss Stone "Tell Me What Were Gonna Do Now"

| play
Alamar9 Joss Stone makes me feel Loved... Put your hands on
Alamar9 I'm not in love...I just keep your pic as my desktop bkgrnd...LOL

10 CCI'm Not In Love

| play
Alamar9 Hi! TaY&U2:) @chickenkatsu: "Hello there! Happy Holidays! RB @Alamar9: "If I had you---I wouldn't treat you bad& make you cry...Who's Loving You..."" (reblip)
Alamar9 Thanks4Props...that was fun! @TomCruisecom: "We just set up the Official channel...rockin!" (reblip)

LudacrisGet Back

| play
Alamar9 I heard this in Vegas & what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas Baby...Love...LOL
Alamar9 My gotta luvIt! @DCtunes: "<3 it!!" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Happy New Year, DJ's! This is another of my favorites by Duffy...saved my sanity last Year!!!...Later:)
bubblegumjo Lonely never here many deejays and blippers
Alamar9 Thnx 4 props! This is one fine song from a sexy lady! @bubblegumjo: "@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥Hey now! This one is hardly fair! LOL! TY both! (reblip)
Alamar9 You must read music minds...LOL TY for playing this...LOVE IT..:)@Cosmunity: "Dells - Oh What A Night" (reblip)

Let me touch you for a while by Alison Krauss

| play
Alamar9 oops4U tonight...thx4props&Rbs & for Being t/here..XO @DaLady: "~*LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS*~ Taja Sevelle 1988" (reblip)
webitchtress @Alamar9 Thank you love it (reblip)

Sam Cooke-You Send Me 78RPM

| play
Alamar9 I saw this blipped before by one of you DJ's & I finally found it...It feels so appropo to my life ....
Alamar9 This is so HOT...Brings back such memories...Love it..TY...HEY! Hey, Baby!...I wanta know if you'll be my girl...ooh aah! (reblip)
Alamar9 Welcome to @TomCruisecom...never will I ever hear this song and not think of you and kelly Mcgillis...with envy...LOL

Take My Breath Away... Berlin (Top Gun) [Lyrics]

| play
DCtunes One concert I wanted to see (and don't see happening) this year. #Fail #GreatShow
Alamar9 Great Groove Ms .@harmony60: "Train – Hey, Soul Sister - remix" (reblip)
Alamar9 Very Interesting Voice!! Looks like I missed the 10pm DJ..;)@DCtunes: "What a voice..." (reblip)
Alamar9 You guys are on a loving doowoopRoll.. Love it..TY @midnightbeadery: "@DooWopLovers: "The Chimes – Once In A While ~ #DooWop forever!"" (reblip)

ChimesOnce In A While

| play
Alamar9 There you go! I haven't heard this in a long time. Goes with this Rain:) TY @midnightbeadery (reblip)

Don and Juan-What's Your Name

| play
Alamar9 Welcome to my World of Music.. I see that you like one if my faves by Etta, appropriate for this Sunday Evening..TY! (reblip)

Etta James - Sunday Kind of Love

| play
Alamar9 Studio54.. shaking everything I had;) @harmony60: "Lol Keith. Nice to see you! :-): "Nice to be in boogie : "Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland""" (reblip)
Alamar9 This is far out.. in RomanticLand... Love it!..TY @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars" (reblip)
Alamar9 Heard this song today. I can't get it out of my Head I'll lay it down here...for all you lovely ladies;)
Alamar9 You've been on my Mind.. lose myself in time just thinking of your face.... I dare you to let me be your ONE and Only..Promise I'm Worth it! Goodnight
Alamar9 Time to get serious-- Put hands on me Baby-- have me some Joss Stone!... Oh, Yeah!;)

joss stone-Put Your Hands On Me Baby

| play
Alamar9 Feels like in keeping with my feeling tonight! ;) @rocket1206: "~~ Simply Irresistable ~~ Hello all" (reblip)
Alamar9 Happy Sunday Evening, DJ's wanta be my lover? Rocking this tonight! I dedicate this to you all tonight!

Be my LoverLe Bouche

| play
Alamar9 @ladypn "At the Risk of sounding like a Broken Record.. no other song Sings what is in my Heart, oneness for all...GoodNight DJ's #Remembering" (reblip)
Alamar9 Hi Friend! Playing my songs, are you? One of the best! TY!@rockchalk75: ";) @kimme23: Staple Singers – I'll Take You There" (reblip)
Alamar9 At the Risk of sounding like a Broken Record.. no other song Sings what is in my Heart, in Hopes of oneness for all...GoodNight DJ's #Remembering (reblip)
DCtunes Love Adele's "21!" Powerful voice and keyboard star Miles Robertson
Alamar9 Thank you for all the Props! Have a good Holiday;) @AtheDJ

Nat King ColeSmile

| play
Alamar9 Good Sunday Evening DJs! Raining where You are? Pouring here.. PerfectWeather4: Kiss You All Over--xoxo
Alamar9 Hi there! I seem to click on when you have played a song I love.. Good Night, Sweetheart! @midnightbeadery: "The Spaniels" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 One more for you @midnightbeadery -- playing thru my head all day-- so fits in with my theme tonight...remember it? ..Be Well;)
Alamar9 I love this! I ask this question as I cruise down the street.. over and over.. LOL. @blondetxgoddess: "@ladypn: hope you likeit""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh, what a night...remember the drive-in theaters?
Alamar9 Oh, how this takes me back to my younger days of loving wild...
Alamar9 Ahhh Yes. I digg this deeply;) @blondetxgoddess: "Savage Garden~ Truly Madly Deepy I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, your fantasy" (reblip)
Alamar9 This is one of my faves..thx 4 playing it tonight.. Peace&Love to You & yours.:) @blondetxgoddess: "Savage Garden~ I Knew I Loved You" (reblip)
Alamar9 The Most Romantic Love Song Ever... On my will say: " FOR YOUR LOVE, I WOULD DO...ANYTHING..."
Alamar9 Now you're playing my Heart;).. this is my Favorite LoveSong...many Memories tied into this song! @midnightbeadery (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 I love to dance..and this is one of my Faves of MJ's Moves:0 @GGDANCE: "@Greenfields47: "thanks rb @DJMicShelly:"" (reblip)
davemora If your latin childhood never experience Resortes. You might want to ask for your childhood back. #justsaying


| play
Alamar9 Getting ready for Texas..;)... This is what I wanna do now...make you close your eyes...

I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes

| play
Alamar9 Doing just that in the 70's..grt song;) @ZumbainDallas: "•**♥ Have an awesome Saturday night, "Shake Your Groove Thing" ~Peaches and Herb" (reblip)

Peaches and Herb, Shake Your Groove Thing 1979

| play
Alamar9 For @midnightbeadery And what better song to say Good Night with... Good to hear from you.. til next time ;)
Alamar9 HI! was just thinking it's SatNite.. &there U were in my Inbox..TY! @midnightbeadery: "@Alamar9: "Oh, what a night...remember the drive-in theaters?"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Dedicate this to the #WhiteHousePressCorps.. just looking for the DirtyLaundry to crow about...
Alamar9 This Song never ceases to stop me in my Tracks... Good to SEE you all DJs.. til the next time.. Good Night.. Peace and Love to You;)
Alamar9 I like this! Like Life, I am called Alamar. I am the essence of Sweet Truth...sometimes bittersweet! TY.@harmony60: "The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony" (reblip)
Alamar9 My favorite recording of this Song...Sugar on the Floor..can mean so many things if you feel it...
Alamar9 Good to see you all! I'll Have me some Mayer & Botti, tonight, TY ;) @harmony60: (reblip)
Alamar9 Thns4Prps & good luck! @Atomik: "Its gonna be a crazy month, Im getting my boo to St Louis to start school in a few weeks - "" (reblip)
Alamar9 Perfect4slowSexy SwingDance:) @midnightbeadery: "@BangZoom: "Just propped Lillian 4 U .. n/c @lillianwong: "Glenn Miller-In The Mood"""" (reblip)

Glenn Miller-In The Mood

| play
Alamar9 YES! Did Alot:) Love it!@midnightbeadery: "@SpiritbearNY: "Want to slow dance to this one?...'Tell It Like It Is' Aaron Neville"" (reblip)
krystynchong Shalamar's classic: A Night To Remember *I love the grooves & strumming in this one. #krys (reblip)
atibbs2292 i see your eyes in the mornin sun..
Alamar9 Like this one---feel that beat from the first two-three notes---love it! Need it, to wake up---slept all day:)
Alamar9 I know in the first couple of notes if I'm gonna love a song---like Rock With You--how abt U?
Alamar9 Makes me wanta do it ritenow:) I'm old:( @mairsplaylist: "my sister used to do this weird pogo dance to this song 30 years ago!@vidabatine" (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm really loving this lady!@ladypn: "G'nite all! Thanks for sharing your music & lending an ear! @avivamagnolia@BakingMan (reblip)
Alamar9 Best song I could've heard tonite..TY Gnite @midnightbeadery: "@SpiritbearNY: "Want to slow dance to this one?...'Tell It Like It Is' Aaron Neville"" (reblip)
midnightbeadery @MusicWithMsB: "@Alamar9 says: "Best song I've heard tonite" TY and Goodnight @SpiritbearNY: Want to slow dance to this one?...It is a good one" (reblip)
Alamar9 Hey U! You're late to the party....where U been? @chickenkatsu: "I'm back! What did I miss?" (reblip)
Alamar9 OOPs4U..Yes, I feel it,,great! @BBlanca: "Thanks... @AWWMF: "Listen to the passion in that voice! This is on par with the original, if not better!"" (reblip)
Alamar9 OOP's 4U as usual..TY have a great night XOX @midnightbeadery: "@Crashlndin: "rb @RoxUranus: "Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2""" (reblip)

Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2

| play
Alamar9 Y Un Beso de los ojos, tanbien.@Blanquis26: ".•**♥ Sweet Dreams Twitterville I love ya! "Solo Por Un Beso".Sigh.Love this song on a rainy night.•**♥" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 And so it is...Last's yours:)@Blanquis26: ".•**♥ I am sooo feeling the Twitter love tonight! "Save the Last Dance For ME!!**♥ " (reblip)
rockthetropics @AUXOne I rocked this tape so hard when I was 11... hahaha
Alamar9 Whoa...One of my new fave singers---TY!...loved her on DWTS:) (reblip)
Alamar9 I'll say Good Night, my Loves, with the velvet tones of Jesse Belvin and--an oldie but goodie..XOX.. pleasant dreams:)

Goodnight My Love

| play
Alamar9 Just realized, I got my hair cut like hers..haha. I'm a hip Ole chick..:) @Alamar9: "I love Pink---and heavenly DJ's---How are things in Germany?" (reblip)
Alamar9 I love Pink---and heavenly DJ's---How are things in Germany? (reblip)
Alamar9 It is, it is and I'll do my thing...thank you :) @gpharley: "@rsmac: "thx @brucifer @SDUBB @docthompson "" (reblip)
Alamar9 Ahh yes, a little Texas-style honky-tonk-blues---been there...came from there...How are you? (reblip)
Alamar9 I LOVE this song--- @gpharley: "@CHaDmAn: ""Oh, she left her kiss upon my lips, but left that break within my heart!""" (reblip)
AtheDJ Hi,MB! Hope you're having a super Sunday,my friend! :D oxoxox!! @busylizzy: "Hi! Happy Sunday my friend A! @AtheDJ wishing you a good one Xxx" (reblip)
Alamar9 Ray's songs touch me and make my heart feel---this one makes my heart happy---must be the full moon..:)
midnightbeadery @SpiritbearNY: "Want to slow dance to this one?...'Tell It Like It Is' Aaron Neville" (reblip)
Alamar9 MissedU @midnightbeadery: "@Alamar9: "I'll say Good Night, my Loves, w/velvet tones of Jesse Belvin and--an oldie but goodie..XOX.. sweet dreams:)"" (reblip)

Goodnight My Love

| play
Alamar9 And that's all they could say to me...Sorry
Alamar9 Love ThePetShopBoys..reminds me of when I came West :)@BBlanca: "TY @digitpt: "Pet Shop Boys – Go west"" (reblip)
Alamar9 In some cases, wish I didn't.. haha:) @ladypn: "We gotta get back where we started from. Do you remember that day when you first came my way? ;) " (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Backatcha:) @ladypn: "What a day to be alive! Good to know that you're there, @mark_till ;) Hi@Alamar9@cribjimbo@ggatin@iconoguy@Mysterymix@rerkai" (reblip)
ladypn Always happy@BBlanca! Such gorgeous images with this vid!!: "Hello!!! Are you happy? … me too!!!" (reblip)

Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World

| play
Alamar9 For those doors-slamming-in-your-face days---Let It Be Me...
TomCruisecom We just set up the Official channel...rockin!

LudacrisGet Back

| play
Alamar9 I love Etta---she's the best! Thanks for listening:) @tammyphinney: " I just wanna make love to you." (reblip)

Etta James I just wanna make love to you

| play
Hercscott YANKEES WIN!....Frank Sinatra – Theme From New York, New York
EFR56 Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sings Aria from Salammbo – (Cond. by Charles Gerhardt w/ National Philharmonic Orch ) for "Citizen Kane" (Dir; Orson Wells, 1941) (reblip)
Alamar9 What's a woman when...

VAYA CON DIOS What's A Woman

| play
Alamar9 Glad we're in this world, together, making it go round with XOX :) @nicklove01: "<3 <3 <3 @Gen22 @Alamar9 @MusicIsMySoul @DianWilson @mizhelena (reblip)
Alamar9 Amor, Amor, Amor..nacio de ti, nacio de me, nacio de Alma... Buenas Noches amigas y amigos...:)
Alamar9 Hi!U @chickenkatsu: "Hey there! Good to see you! RB @Alamar9: "I see you liked that...Good:) @nicklove01: "@Alamar9 Smokey Robinson–Just to See Her (reblip)
Alamar9 I see you liked that...Good:) @nicklove01: "@Alamar9 Smokey Robinson – Just to See Her" (reblip)
Alamar9 Yeah, right. When am I not?... a flirt and romantic... whata combo..

"I Ain't Fallin" Little Anthony and The Imperials

| play
Alamar9 I dropped a tear in the ocean for you....I could you in my arms forever...sigh...for whoever feels this out there:)
Alamar9 A grt dance piece! @thepetshopboy: "speaking of hi-NRG dance of my fave old school ones is GLOWORM's "carry me home" from fab !" (reblip)

GlowormCarry me home

| play
Alamar9 Hey my fellow DJ's just stopping in to say hello-hope you all had a great holiday...I love this song by Sade...Love you!
Alamar9 Now here is SADE singing "Hang On To Your Love" for @BunnyHoney and all the DJ's that can feel this...Like I do...deeply.
Alamar9 Was at Christmas program tonite& we sang this...NOTHING LIKE THIS!!! TY.@Enigma4ever: "Andrea Bocelli & Mary J Blige – What Child Is This (amazing)" (reblip)
AtheDJ Wishing all the happiest healthiest holiday season and New Year. May all of life's challenges be met and overcome! Love and Music out to @ALL. (reblip)
Alamar9 TY again! This is MY SONG &nice to hear it tonite...a gift..XOX @Atomik: "for @Alamar9 - nice to chat // Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming?" (reblip)
Alamar9 TY! MY SONG!! You know me so Well. Safe Trip.. Nice to chat:)@Atomik: "for @Alamar9 - nice to chat // Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming?" (reblip)
DCtunes <3 this video's creativity & the drummer's Chivas Tee
Alamar9 VERY NICE. @nicklove01: "@EFR56: "Thats the sound right here. :-) Thank you.RB @matriax: ": "@nunomontenegro: "uuhhhhhhhhhh""""" (reblip)
Alamar9 Ha! bet you didn't see this coming!---love it and where are you?
Alamar9 I can get so boring with my favorites...but it's the thing that moves me...I gotta go with it:)
Alamar9 Howdy! I like this version by Etta! Pulling an all niter doing my taxes...procrastinated...BAD...just in for a couple of twirls:)
Alamar9 Best recording avail here of my fave Classical Piece Borodin's: In the Steppes of Central Asia 4 @ViolettaVox and You...touches my heart...Good night.

A. Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia

| play


| play
Alamar9 I sang this song accapella at my God-daughters Baptism--love it and John! TY @MusicWithMsB: "Just imagine... John's birthday was Friday." (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Oh God Yes! Pulls at my Heart Strings! Hollywood days:) TY @starlingpoet: "RB @BakingMan: "TY 4 the props & rbs @pinkpolkadots @happy_bunny @Alamar9" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh yeah, in the mood for the game of love, how about you?
Alamar9 This song makes me feel special...

Colbie Caillat-Something Special *with lyrics!!*

| play
77ozzie Rock (OLD) S- I gotta move...I can't stay here no more...The woman I love...don't want me anymore
Alamar9 Oh YES! I am in a 'feel me' mood...MJ could do that!
Alamar9 Feel like I'm fooling around...not really...but I can dream:)
Alamar9 I liked the pic of my rocking haircut, but I couldn't stand not seeing you...
Alamar9 You have to be headed toward something, to be headed for a fall, right?
Alamar9 A sweet version of 'crazy'...wish I could sing it like this for you...

Julio Iglesias "Crazy"

| play
Alamar9 Calling all the single ladies!

Single LadiesBeyonce

| play
Alamar9 I have a crush on make me feel all bubbly inside...XOX

Bubbly- Colbie Calliet

| play
Alamar9 Where are you going? @thepetshopboy: "in an ANATHEMA state of's "a fine day to exit"" (reblip)
Alamar9 Catching up w/msgs:) @MusicWithMsB: "Rock on!@Jalapeno: "Hey blipstars. I want to Rock W/ You all night." @amphore@misedbythatmuch@wisteria90@Alamar9" (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh boy, I'm in a funny romantic mood...

Hey There Lonely Girl ~ Eddie Holman

| play
Alamar9 I'll love --Since I Don't Have you---by these guys--forever.
Alamar9 My favorite song in Spanish...same feeling...can't take my eyes off of you...
Alamar9 If I told you this duo

"I Told You So" Carrie with Randy Travis from American Idol

| play
Alamar9 Especially on! thanx for the props@michellelynn69: "Living After Midnight is the only way to live!!" (reblip)
Alamar9 Happy Birthday, America! Blow out those candles...May your birthday wish come true...Good Nite, Ya'll.

Sixteen Candles-The Crests-1958

| play
Alamar9 It may not be Blue, but it's full...who lovin' who?

Blue Moon-The Marcels-1961

| play
Alamar9 Good night sweet boy!@thepetshopboy: "off to dreamland w/the sounds of CHET BAKER's "i get along without you very well (except sometimes)" in my head" (reblip)
Alamar9 A very wise man..that Jesus!@TrainWreckRadio: "@pfreeloader FYI......ZZ -Top Storytellers on Vh-1 'CLASSIC' tonite at 8pm(cdt)" (reblip)
Alamar9 To the Rescue....Sam & Dave...I'm waiting...
Alamar9 Hey Joe, thought I was the only on..thanx for the props.@joechapman: "Motley Crue – Too Young to Fall in Love" (reblip)
Alamar9 I ain't fallin' anymore...

"I Ain't Fallin" Little Anthony and The Imperials

| play
Alamar9 a-boom-boom-baaaah...I can hear your heart beating...can you hear mine?

MétisseBoom Boom Ba

| play
Alamar9 Thanx for the props...goodnite...freedom dreams!!!@melodyofyourlife: "Have a great 4th Blip'ers Beware of the Tri-Colored Pastas! have a good one!" (reblip)

WeenYour Party

| play
Alamar9 Good one tonight!@joechapman: "Heart – Crazy on You" (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @ExpressionthruMusic they're on Vh-1CLASSIC / Storytellers RIGHT NOW as a matter of am I BTW! (reblip)
Alamar9 I'm in a Motown Mood with Al Green not alone
Alamar9 Thanks for listenin', great song for July 4th, freedom/equality! (reblip)
Alamar9 If you're on the road this 4th...have fun, be safe.@amlibertad: "On the road again - Willie Nelson" (reblip)
Alamar9 And now we have NEVERLAND..two great artists Michael &Elvis@ElZorro: " "Paul Simon – Graceland """ (reblip)

Paul SimonGraceland

| play
Alamar9 Feeling strangely, sad, lately.

Stevie WonderLately

| play
charmstep @Jeffie: "Mary Hopkin - "Those Were The Days" (end of 1968)" On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico... (reblip)
Alamar9 lovely music...@mp3WatchWorld: "JeffBuckley/LilacWine" (reblip)
Alamar9 Back on line and ready to go with you on this fine evening/morning:)@finchbeak: "[441]" (reblip)
Alamar9 Michael was so MisUnderstood by so many of he will be truly LOVED.@crispassinato: "amooooooooooooo FUIII" (reblip)

BenMichael Jackson

| play
Babygirlxx8 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1983) [Motown 25 Live] Thanks to --> sheryonstone (reblip)
Alamar9 Oh how I miss the 60's, fun @charmstep: "@Jeffie: "Mary Hopkin - "Those Were The Days" (end of 1968)" On down to Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico..." (reblip)
Babygirlxx8 Awesome song... just listen... Much Love

Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

| play
Alamar9 If only someone would sing this song to me:) (reblip)
Alamar9 Now DIG this ROCKIN' version from Ms Holliday...I'm tellin' Ya!
Alamar9 We have this beautiful version...

Jennifer Hudson And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going Music Video Code And Lyrics

| play
77ozzie song - turn down your lite, turn down the bed...lay down with me...tell me..just hold me close...

I Can't Make You Love Me By Bonnie Raitt

| play
Alamar9 Thank you!!!!for all the props rb's&replies....sweet dreams@chickenkatsu: "Eyes are fading. Much thanks to all for props, rbs and replies!" (reblip)


| play
Babygirlxx8 Santana – Maria Maria .. [TheWraith].... enjoy ;}
Alamar9 I'm not alone with Carrie Underwood and Heart...
Alamar9 Charmstep, I am just, in a sentimental mood...4 by-gone days
Alamar9 I sign off with music from this sweet/lovely Hawaiian--- thanx all for the props, great music and plain FUN. See ya'll Somewhere over the rainbow..
djellenmellon Thanks for listening... @Alamar9 @DJminimanace @chancemedley @Privilege333 clear sweet Santana I'll be taking this to dreamland...

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

| play
Alamar9 A sweet and lovely sound on the piano... good night to all my lovely DJ friends---Good Night My Love...Pleasant dreams
Alamar9 Made me cry...thanx@Annimallover: "Gr8 video hey?@ishibutsu: "rb @Fluidity: ":~) ♫ Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin - Smile .... (reblip)

Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin

| play
thepetshopboy my fave BANDERAS song @Alamar9 "may this be your last sorrow"...such a good album...timeless pop
thepetshopboy pooh...i love BANDERAS @Alamar9 ! i have the cd around here of my fave brit duos of the early 90's (reblip)
Alamar9 Wonder if I would look as sexy as her with my hair's my life alright.@DJJazzyJacq: "another memory from the late 80's " (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq another memory from the late 80's
Alamar9 Once I hear it, I just can't get it out of my we go again...I kissed a Girl...
Alamar9 This touches my Soul...@Annimallover: "Perfect song to end the nite with!@KathysArt: "@Annimallover: @LauStar: "Love this song& great cover & video!" (reblip)
Alamar9 So much my music and eraThanx for all the props.@DJJazzyJacq: "@thepetshopboy - night night sweet 70's dreams!" (reblip)

sad sweet dreamer

| play
Alamar9 I love this song! Now, I know who sings it. thanx for the props.@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** FAVORITES ***" (reblip)

Colby CaillatBubbly

| play
Alamar9 Amazing child prodigy...if I could only play.01% like that...@miguesme: "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 26 Coronation Mozart, buenos dias" (reblip)

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 26 Coronation Mozart

| play
DJJazzyJacq @Alamar9 rather good video wasn't it! more from Mr Godley!
Alamar9 A haunting melody in Chiquitita.@D_Doyle: "ABBA - "Chiquitita"" (reblip)

ABBA "Chiquitita"

| play
Alamar9 Of course...hope you're dreaming of me:)@MrsASoprano: "Do you love me?" (reblip)
Alamar9 In the mood for ABBA, anytime. Thanx for props@D_Doyle: "ABBA – Fernando" (reblip)


| play
Alamar9 Ok, now you have my attn!!!@MrsASoprano: "I only have eyes for you" (reblip)

Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You

| play
Alamar9 Oh, rock me baby...@MrsASoprano: "If you be my baby" (reblip)
Alamar9 It's a romantic Friday, huh?@MrsASoprano: "Be my baby" (reblip)
Alamar9 I have nothing but desire for this song!!!@MrsASoprano:"I don't have fond desires... happy hours, I don't have anything, since I don't have you" (reblip)
Annimallover Gr8 video hey?@ishibutsu: "rb @Fluidity: ":~) ♫ Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin - Smile .....@4UMJ thanks @Annimallover"" (reblip)

Michael Jackson's favorite,'Smile' by Charlie Chaplin

| play
miguesme Günther feat. Samantha Fox – Touch Me, gracias por RB @Alamar9@DJJazzyJacq@AtheDJ
Alamar9 You're playing my Man!...thanx for listening---goin' to bed now!@inforalf: "Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff" (reblip)
inforalf Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff
Marystudio via@messinwiththekid: "only thing on my mind is seeing Buddy Guy live this evening... getting in the mood" (have a great time, I know u will : ) (reblip)
Alamar9 NO, I love the oldies:)@mizdemeanor: "im sooooooooo oldies today... sorry" (reblip)
broadwayg Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this was Micheal's only song with Janet. SCREAM!!!@chickenkatsu hi@Sophizz @melodyofyourlife@jennyleepenny
Alamar9 I want some.@Alison_S: "Here's to 3-day weekends! I hope you all get some. If you want some, that is." (reblip)
Alison_S Here's to 3-day weekends! I hope you all get some. If you want some, that is.
Alamar9 It's a sweet moment...thanks for the props...goodnight...@77ozzie: "song - I have been waiting for this moment all my life @vaniak" (reblip)
Alamar9 mi corazon se siente Suavecito esta noche...gracias@DaLady: "<>SUAVECITO<> " (reblip)
Alamar9 Tonight, I feel tired and sad over MJ...I'll look to tomorrow...thanks goodnight@DaLady: "~There's Always Tomorrow~" (reblip)
Alamar9 one of my alltime favorites right before bedtime...sweet.@miguesme: "UB40 CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE" (reblip)


| play


| play
Alamar9 I'm in the mood for Duffy tonight, thanks for the props. Sweet dreams. (reblip)

DuffySyrup & Honey

| play
miguesme Tino Casal- Eloise

Tino Casal- Eloise

| play
Alamar9 She sounds eerily like MJ...I have never paid much attn to her before...I've been missing out.thanks@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** QUEER FOR THE EAR ***" (reblip)

Janet Jackson "Together Again" (Official)

| play
charmstep Another song I can't get enough of. Beautiful message of true love and gratitude.

Wayne BradyOrdinary

| play
Alamar9 This is the version I wanted to hear...forgive me...missing MJ
Alamar9 Had to hear this tonight, and I do wonder...
Alamar9 Right behind you..thank you!@djellenmellon: "Thanks for listening... @Alamar9 @DJminimanace clear sweet Santana I'll be taking this to dreamland..." (reblip)
Alamar9 Thank you...I needed this tonight..@Annimallover: "@gogogoma "If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long." (reblip)