Everly Brothers, Bye Bye Love

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Everly Brothers- Wake Up Little Suzie

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Suzed Finally! someone who agrees with me!
ederandre aaaaaaaaah rockabilly... mto bom!!! Essa é pra dançar e pular a noite toda!!!
AnhedoniaMalfoy I thought it was "then I kissed a car on 34th & vine"
worryknot Don't Worry Baby -- The Beach Boys

The Mindbenders Groovy kind of love

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moonflowernco @QUEENRO: "@moonflowerinco I LOVED THE MOVIE, "SWEET DREAMS" BECAUSE OF JESSICA LANGE <<IS THAT THE CORRECT SPELLING?~ yep, think so :) (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow Or more accurately, I need two people to "love" me once and help me earn that 1K badge I am so close to I can taste it. *LOL*

The Doors Love Me Two Times

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Paul Simon I know what I know

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Paul Simon Late In The Evening

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Paul Simon: Diamonds on the soles of her shoes /zimbabwe

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Paul Simon: Call me Al, concert zimbabwe / South Africa

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The Steep Canyon Rangers and Steve Martin at Mtn Song Fest

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Tony Trischka with Steve Martin on Letterman

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4 Paul Simon BBC TV (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

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Paul Simon -- Cecilia

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The Monkees Mary Mary

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Simon and Garfunkel-I Am a Rock

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CrescentMoonglow I get a feelin' that's oooh eeee...Baby baby can't you hear my heartbeat?
DaveDoyle Sha Na Na – Hey Paula

Sha Na NaHey Paula

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Punched :: Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight ::
CrescentMoonglow Time in a bottle...this is my favorite Jim Croce song...
Howblip Cloudy days sometimes make me think of this song. #musicmonday
Howblip Twist on a classic-Muffs "Kids in America"
toosweet4rnr [The Three Degrees – MacArthur Park 1975. ~vid] ok, who left the cake out
DaveDoyle The Kinks - Lola

The kinks lola

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Howblip @jennyleepenny: "@toxiferous ~ I am your blip pimp Mama! I must find ways to keep you hooked! ♫ "//Now i'm hooked too. (reblip)
AnhedoniaMalfoy can't help but like this

Sons of Maxwell- United Breaks Guitars

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SuperSpaceAngel @TakeFive ~ I was jonezin' fer the original after that Goldfinger version! Hahaa! I'm such a sucker for originals! (Usually!) Hahaa!

99 red ballonsNena

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DonnyVanGo T Rex ~ Bang a Gong (Get It On) (reblip)

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

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SuperSpaceAngel Woot! Let's take the Cat out! @TakeFive: "THE BEACH BOYS - SLOOP JOHN B,,,SNOOOP PAUL B ON BLIPFM !! @ SuperSpaceAngel,,,Thanx Dear !!" (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling

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420thoughts Cause he's oh so good and he's oh so fine. And he's oh so healthy in his body and his mind. He's a well respected man about town...
CaryAtid Talking Heads – And She Was
CaryAtid Talking Heads – Take Me To The River

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Tengoku Kara Kaminari

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Howblip For @lalayu / Mr. Man "She wants to see you again...slowly twisting in the wind."
Howblip Dedicated to the brave Iranian people...
Howblip Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.
Howblip Getting in the mood 4 my Boston trip.
Howblip For my kiddo who turns 8 today.

The Beatles-Birthday

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Howblip For my sweetie on our 14th anniversary.
cjh Crosby Stills & Nash - Teach your Children well
Waterfront1984 George Harrison - Here Comes The Sun - III In A Row.

George Harrison Playing Here Comes The Sun

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Waterfront1984 George Harrison-Got My Mind Set On You - III In A Row.

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

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Waterfront1984 George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - III In A Row.

Johnny and June Carter Cash sing Jackson

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dj_bluesdaddy That Lil' ol' band from Texas! vi@BarbieRay: "DAMN Girl!! Jesus just left Chi-town and I just left the planet via LOTSA Tequila 4 lunch!!! WoooHooo (reblip)

Zorba The Greek

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avivajazz Serena Matthews - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
avivajazz Neville Brothers – Will the Circle Be Unbroken
worryknot Very early Dire Straits -- Eastbound Train Love it!
redskyy This 'unplugged' performance adds a whole new dimension to the song. This was during their Hell Freezes Over reunion concert.
AnhedoniaMalfoy Well Detroit's not so small, but I like this song...

John Mellencamp- "Little Pink Houses"

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ARDELLd I got my first real six string over at the five and dime. Played it til my fingers bled, it was the summer of 69. Those were the best days of my life.
TrainWreckRadio @KristaDarling Petticoat Junction

Petticoat Junction

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CrescentMoonglow @swilson: Popular the summer I had my first real boyfriend, this song takes me back there~ and to him~ every time I hear it...I was 15, he was 19... (reblip)
MasterWolf One of my favorite songs and Cab Calloway does is so fine @crowjane view the video
Waterfront1984 Steve Miller Band – Keep On Rocking Me Baby - III In A Row.
Waterfront1984 Steve Winwood – Back In The High Life Again - III In A Row.
Waterfront1984 George Benson – On Broadway - III In A Row.
Waterfront1984 Santana – Smooth - III In A Row.


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Waterfront1984 Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me - Liverpool 2003 (entire gig)

SM Liverpool 2003 Don't You Forget About Me

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Waterfront1984 David Bowie - Changes - III In A Row.

David Bowie Changes

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Heard It Through The Grapevine- Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Mona Lisa Song by Nat King Cole

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avivajazz Buddy Guy | Eric Clapton | Robert Cray | John Mayer | Hubert Sumlin | Jimmy Vaughan | Johnny Winter ::: Sweet Home Chicago // Thanks!@swilson (reblip)
AnhedoniaMalfoy and Jack Daniels told me my truck could jump that ditch
avivajazz The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Featuring Taj Mahal With Vassar Clements – Fishin' Blues // vi@dj_bluesdaddy vi@AnhedoniaMalfoy (reblip)

Muddy Waters- Rollin Stone Blues

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Muddy Waters- Rollin Stone Blues

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AnhedoniaMalfoy video must be from Grand Ole Opry
AnhedoniaMalfoy sad songs from the 50s sound so cheerful


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Gaz50 Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel ..Brill Vid
hiabowman This is Major Tom to Ground Control.

Steve Martin, Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka Banjo HDTV The Crow

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Little Shop Of Horrors Sims 2 Style

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Ballesteros Good morning world!

Beethoven Symphony No.9

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Acidoriccio skidrow - downtown [little shpo of h o r r o r s ]
Waterfront1984 Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces - III In A Row.
EnergyOfDeath this man is my hero

Dan Deacon on NBC morning

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worryknot Doing Butterfly 1 more time for correct spelling --> @AnhedoniaMalfoy Thnx4props! Butterfly - Take That

Take ThatButterfly

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yatzy @Vtron thank you. I change it all the time, yours is of the kind where you don't have to.

Ain't no woman like the one i got / Four Tops

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cjh The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand - @ll blippers

Since You're Gone- The Cars

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ARDELLd Talkin bout my baby, little latin lupe lu. She's a high footin baby, there ain't no dance she couldnt do. Oh shake it shake it shake it lupe.

Sweet Talking Guy- The Chiffons- 1966

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He's So Fine-The Chiffons

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Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-The Tears Of A Clown

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Howblip Happy Birthday to @fstropcarol & @tamiro18
ARDELLd Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. You know the rules...and so do I.
ARDELLd I want to be your sledgehammer, why don't you call my name?
ARDELLd Same as it every was...well, how did I get here? Time isn't holding us; time isn't after us.
ARDELLd One of my all time favorite videos - She's so fine, thee's no telling where the money went...
ARDELLd Jenny, Jenny...Who can I turn to??? Jenny, I've got your number...867-5309. Eight, Six, Seven, Five, Three-0 Ni-e-ine
ARDELLd Dance all night...play all day...don't let nothing get in the way. SHAKE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CarsShake It Up

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ARDELLd Another powerful 1982 brunette-It's time to let you know, I'm going to harden my heart...I'm going to hide away my tears...it's time you got the news!
ARDELLd Let's stick with powerful women from 1982 - I love rock and roll...put anothr dime in the jukebox, BABY!!!!!!!!
ARDELLd I needed a pick me up...Hey Mickey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toni Basil : "Hey Mickey"

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ARDELLd OMG! I have never reblipped something because it was God-awful! But this one is OMG_Awful! @Interozetor: "Sit anywhere ..." (reblip)
ARDELLd So tired...tired of waiting...tired of waiting for you. I was a lonely soul, I had nobody til I met you. But you keepa me waiting all of the time.
ARDELLd It's just my imagination...running away with me.
ARDELLd I want my MTV...get your money for nothing...get your chicks for free.
ARDELLd Your lights are on, but your not home. Might as well face it your addicted to love.
ARDELLd I got sunshine, on a cloudy day. When It's cold outside, I've got the month of may. I guess you say, what can make me feel this way? My Girl.

Bananarama Cruel Summer Video

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ARDELLd In my life I've seen everything I can see...but I've...never seen nothing like you. Do ya, Do ya want my love?


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ARDELLd Hold the line...love isn't always on time.

TotoHold the line

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ARDELLd People, get ready for the move. Some are happy...some are sad...gotta let the music play.
ARDELLd You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. I look around me and I see it isn't so...what's wrong with that?
ARDELLd Celebrate Good Times...Yahoo!!!!!!!!
ARDELLd Hey folks! Here's the story of Minnie the Moocher. Minnie had a heart as big as a whale. Heidi, heidi, heidi HO!
ARDELLd What becomes of the broken hearted, who have loved and now departed? I know I've got to find some kind of peace of mind.
ARDELLd The only time I feel alright is by your side. Girl I want to be with you all of the time...all day and all of the night.
ARDELLd There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. Saying stop children, what's that sound? Everyone look what's going down.
ARDELLd Can you hear them? They talk about us. Hey, hey, hey...OUR lips, are SEALED! Pay not mind to what they say, it doesn't matter anyway.
ARDELLd Wake me up before you go go cause I'm not planning on going solo. {OK? - TY}

Wake me up Before you Go Go- lyrics

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ARDELLd Lying in the bed...hear the clock ticking...I think of you...caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new. Suitcase of memories, time after time...

Herman's Hermits-A Must to Avoid

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DaveDoyle Chuck Berry ~ No Particular Place To Go...many thanks @zoja01 @Valeska @belcanto9900 @frankenstrat @dANGELofLOVE @Olga @harmony68 @Mmars

No particular place to go by Chuck Berry

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Marvellettes.....Beechwood 4-5789

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ARDELLd Hold tight, wait til the party's over...there's got to be a way, burning down the house!
ARDELLd See the curtains hanging in the window, in the evening on a Friday Night - Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing with the jasmine in my mind.

Summer Breeze Seals and Croft

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ARDELLd You step inside, but you don't see too many faces...too much competition in other places. We are...the sultans of swing. Harry doesn't mind...
ARDELLd I read the news today, oh boy. About a lucky man who made the grade. And though the news was rather sad, well I just had to laugh.
ARDELLd I see the bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way. Don't go around tonight, or it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise.
ARDELLd I should have known you'd bid me farewell. There's a lesson to be learned from this, and I've learned it very well.
ARDELLd You and I in a little toy shop buy a bag of balloons...Floating in the summer sky, 99 red balloons go by
ARDELLd Imagine there's no heaven...above us only sky. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
ARDELLd Here she comes now singing Mony Mony. Shoot em down, turn around...she gives me love and I feel alright.
ARDELLd I walked down the lane, with a happy refrain, just singing in the rain.
ARDELLd Somewhere Over the Rainbow...Judy Garland...1943. She has blonde hair even :)
ARDELLd Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home. And when he died, all he left me was...alone.
ARDELLd Your broke my heart, cause I couldn't dance...now I'm back! Do you love me? I can really move. Do you love me now that I can dance?
ARDELLd Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat? It doesn't matter what you wear...we're dancing in the street.
ARDELLd I'll be there, to cherish and care for you...to always see you through.

Lulu "To Sir With Love"

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Jalapeno It's a Slow ride on my climb to 12K..
innoutwindows SHIRELLES – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ~Is this a lasting treasure Or just a moment's pleasure?~
innoutwindows He's so fine - The Chiffons ~(Do-lang, do-lang, do-lang) (Do-lang, do-lang)
daevababe ♥♫

MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER What to keep and what to throw away

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innoutwindows Happy Birthday John

Imagine- John Lennon Lyrics Video

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innoutwindows Stewart Copeland-Roxanne

Stewart Copeland-Roxanne

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innoutwindows R.I.P. Nick Ashford! Thx for the music!

Ashford And Simpson-Solid As A Rock

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innoutwindows Happy Birthday to Singer Harold Reid (The Statler Brothers) is 72. Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall
innoutwindows Happy 70TH Birthday to Singer Jackie DeShannon - Put A Little Love in Your Heart
innoutwindows The Turtles – She'd Rather Be With Me ~Ya, she'd rather be with You know she'd rather be with me~
innoutwindows Tommy James & The Shondells – I Think We`re Alone Now ~There does't seem to be anyone around~
innoutwindows Ohhh Bayyybeee u stopped my run! @carrangela: "hmm..u look innteresting rb@innoutwindows: Ben E.King – Stand by Me ~‎~So darlin', darlin' stand by me~ (reblip)
innoutwindows Then I Kissed Her - The Crystals ~Well she walked up to me And she asked me if I wanted to dance~

Sharp dressed man ZZTop

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ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin'

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rocket1206 I wanna get lost in your Rock n' Roll ~~~~ Take Care All TiP

Drift AwayDobie Gray

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BrokePimpStyles Rep John Lewis from Selma 03/1965 to the White House 03/2010 John Mellencamp – Our Country #HCR (reblip)

zz top - shes got legs

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ARDELLd Way down among Brazilians, coffee beans grow by the millions. You won't find cherry soda, but they've got a zillion cups of coffee in Brazil.

Frank Sinatra _ The Coffee Song

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ARDELLd Susan...looks like I'm losing...I'm losing my mind. I'm wasting my time. No other girl could ever take the place of you. doo doo doo
ARDELLd There's a girl I know who makes me feel so good, Her name is Valleri. I lover her...Valleri

The MonkeesValleri

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ARDELLd Come on people now, smile on your brother everybody get together, try to love one another right now.
hotstuffjohn The Cowsills - Indian Lake

Indian Lake -- The Cowsills

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Linda_NH Philadelphia Freedom-Elton John

Paul Simon, Slip Slidin' Away

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Iko Iko/The Dixie Cups

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CaptainJezebel Blipping my way through VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's/ 48. Born In The U.S.A. – Bruce Springsteen
CaptainJezebel Blipping my way through VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's/ 50. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
CaptainJezebel Blipping my way through VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's/ 52. Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Right Round
CaptainJezebel Blipping my way through VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's/ 53. Billy Idol – White Wedding

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

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People Say --The Dixie Cups 1964

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Going To The Chapel Of Love- The Dixie Cups

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Howblip You can also play your son this song @memelaroo

they might be giants - why does the sun shine

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Howblip ...might as well be walking on the sun #musicmonday
ABoyNamedSue I never thought I would get so old, that I would enjoy stuff like Tortoise or Randy Newman, or draw refferences to Kraut rock, but I´m glad I did.
rileyvann How Randy Newman can write this song *and* the songs for Toy Story is beyond me. Hands down our best songwriter.

Randy NewmanGuilty

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Aquathon2009 Whether you worry about being loved like Woody, or believe you can fly like Buzz...
wrightrs It's A Jungle Out There !!! Mr. Monks is right !!! #pawpawty meowwwww ~~~ (reblip)
Howblip A smash of glass & a rumble of boots...#80smusicfriday
Howblip Burning my bridges & smashing my mirrors...#80smusicfriday
Howblip For @Lead_Solo enjoy your roadtrip to #Seafair
Howblip That was when I was somebody...
Howblip It's strange to watch the things we had all fade away...
Howblip meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin...
Howblip I'll stand beside you in the rain...
Howblip Galileo 1st demonstrated his telescope to Venetian lawmakers on this day in 1609.
Howblip Some postman is grooving to all our love letters...
Howblip Time for some more vintage Seattle sounds...

Room NineCircus Floor

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Howblip The rain is falling through the mist of sorrow that surrounded me...
Howblip ...and how electric it will be...

Dharma BumsHaywire

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Howblip @FUZZYFM awesome find! never heard this b4! (reblip)


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Howblip There are all kinds of heroes, you know...
Howblip She's got cheekbones like geometry...

Save the Last Dance for Me

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Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-The Tears Of A Clown

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Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (Crusin)

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Jingothefool How may roads must a man walk down before you call him a man... RB via @BlooPhoenix Bob Dylan – Blowin' in the Wind (reblip)
Jingothefool I walked into such a bad time at the station...Cream – White Room

CreamWhite Room

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Jingothefool I don't mind other guys dancin' with my girl...The Who – The Kids Are Alright
Jingothefool The kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs...the Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown
Jingothefool Robbin' people with a six gun...Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought the Law
Jingothefool Now I been waitin' to show her...Tommy James and the Shondells – Crimson and clover
Jingothefool Give it to me easy...Zombies – Time Of The Seasons
Jingothefool And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all...Jefferson Starship Airplane – White Rabbit
Jingothefool Always had some mighty fine wine...Three Dog Night - Joy To The World


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