ArtePirat Because you don't hear enough Elvis Costello on the radio.
ArtePirat Because classical guitar also rocks.
ArtePirat let's try this again the other one was only a snippet. So I replaced it.

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
ArtePirat some nice background music.

YppahIn My Drink

| play
ArtePirat This song is not so creepy but sort of sad.

The KinksArt Lover

| play
ArtePirat Haha, she has such an attitude. Love it.
ArtePirat I know it's cheesy but I still want to see this movie.
ArtePirat More old school musics.
ArtePirat Something light-ish

BebeMe ensenara

| play
ArtePirat She has a very beautiful style of singing.
ArtePirat More reblip 'cause you all are awesome. (reblip)
ArtePirat Stuck in my head in the shower 0_o

Anita KelseySway

| play
ArtePirat I am feeling int he mood for oldies, maybe?

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

| play
ArtePirat Heard this last night, realized it was way too long...enjoy!
ArtePirat 'cause we like to mix it up like that...


| play
ArtePirat Only other song by them I can find!!!
ArtePirat Lovely. I wish there was more of them. They are so upbeat!
ArtePirat I woke up with this song stuck in my head. So obviously, I had to blip it.

AdeleRight As Rain

| play

roberto carlos - Proibido Fumar

| play
ArtePirat haha reblipping to add to my repertoire. (reblip)
ArtePirat I love shiina ringo in all her musical incarnations.

Tokyo JihenYukiguni

| play
ArtePirat "Everyone's saying different things to me..."

Zero 7Waiting Line

| play
ArtePirat Sounds so much older than he is!
ArtePirat Only have two songs by this band on here. This is the one I like better.


| play
ArtePirat Reminds me of the Turkish rock bands Kargo and Manga.
ArtePirat I like the sound of his voice. It's unique.
ArtePirat Not to be confused with the two other bands with the same or similar name.


| play
ArtePirat I head this for the first time in a very long time last week. I wanted to share the musical joy.
ArtePirat Mmm...this is awesome and delish!
ArtePirat How do I survive? I wonder.
Antenaweb Felix Cartal – Montreal Dreams
pavolo via @FernandaW: "to a lazy day....i adore lazy days" (reblip)
evablue PSA: got a message from support. they're aware some blips are not showing on replies page. they're working on it. (Public Service Announcement)

M83We Own The Sky

| play
ArtePirat Some of the XX for lunch.

The xxCrystalised

| play
adbert [The Doors - Break on Through] Olá @MONIKKA, Como vai? :-)
ArtePirat Following in those Jazzy footsteps.

Shiina RingoSakuran

| play
ArtePirat T.O.P is growing on me.
Antenaweb hewy Chocolate Cookies – It Was Only A Kiss
ArtePirat I keep hearing this when I least expect, and now I want to hear it...

ADELE 'Rolling In The Deep' (Music Video)

| play
Antenaweb Clap . . . .Clap. . . .Clap . . . .Clap. . . .Clap . . . .Clap. . . .
Antenaweb Madrugada – Highway Of Light
Diordan Morcheeba - shoulder holster

02 - Shoulder Holster

| play
Diordan essa é especial pra você @cecci... se quiser pode mostrar pra @flordelotus =) Olha esse simonal que tem no começo... só tem pedrada nesse set.
ArtePirat Could it be fate or random circumstance?
calamari Listening to -- I Was A Cub Scout "Close To Me" (a great cover of my fav Cure song)
calamari Listening to -- The Mamas & The Papas "California Dreamin'"
hecyra odia potosop. è stanca. chiude baracca. vi buonanotta.
hecyra bah, sarà l'occhialO... si ma JAY&cicciobbello, loro si che son due gocce d'acqua :D
briangreene my other granny was Sally ~ (Sarah)

Gogol BordelloSally

| play
briangreene good score - Agnes backwards spells Senga which is also a Scottish name! this is like writing the crappy text on TOTP2. My granny was called Agnes!

AgnesRelease Me

| play
ZachsMind RT @LOST_WFTB #LOST #WFTB We host live tweets M-W-F, tonight's episode is #s1e10 - Raised by Another. See:
ArtePirat Nice song for evening


| play
ArtePirat Hadn't heard this one in a very long time.
ArtePirat Not the band I was looking for, but good stuff.


| play
Diordan Ciao @crispast!!! How are these beautiful blue eyes?
ArtePirat This song has been on my playlist all week.

SiaLittle Man

| play
adbert [Billy Preston – Will It Go Round in Circles] The 6th Stone.
Antenaweb you're welcome @coloured i'm glad that you like it!! :D grettings!! (reblip)

Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)

| play
Jeffie Jackie Wilson - "Lonely Teardrops" (winter, 1959)
adbert #Classic [Dion - Runaround Sue] For @larsengarret!

Dion Runaround Sue

| play
adbert #Video #Live #Classic [Del Shannon - Runaway] "And I wonder / I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder, / Why, / Why, why, why, why, why she ran away."

Del Shannon * RUN AWAY *

| play
adbert #Video #Live #Classic [Box Tops – The Letter] Thank you very much for your kind compliment @ArtePirat!!! Have a nice week!!! :-)

Box TopsThe Letter

| play
Heike Sunny Monday, @chiron08! Arbeite nicht so viel in Blankenese... ;-)
adbert #Video #Live [Johnny Rivers – Secret Agent Man] Johnny Rivers is not a good name for a SAM. What about "K7", Johnny?
AlKronos I don't think I'm jealous of many people, but Toumani makes this look so effortless and sound so wonderful...I'm insanely jealous!

Toumani Diabate

| play
ArtePirat This is such an awesome sound...I love it love it.
ArtePirat Really easy to listen to. I love it.
ArtePirat Ah such a good song...for any occasion! (reblip)
ArtePirat Really sweet voice. The song is so innocent.


| play
ArtePirat Has a folky sound, which is not Jacky's usual style.

Jacky Cheung- She came to listen to my concert

| play
ArtePirat Very sentimental at the moment..or at least this song is.
ArtePirat Feeling in the mood for some Anson Hu and his emotion-ful voice.
ArtePirat I have just been introduced to this awesome artist, thanks to my roommate. She's sorta local.
ArtePirat Everyone says Gackt is so scary, but this song is less scary, right? Right?

GacktLast Song

| play
ArtePirat This song is sooo old. I can't even believe they have it here.

Baby VOX - 13 Go Go No No So So

| play
ArtePirat Didn't find the Teresa Teng song I wanted but I found this, which is pretty good, completely different but good.
ArtePirat I can't believe they actually have this song! It's so frickin' hilarious!!!
ArtePirat This song is great. The video is also very good. (reblip)

Wyclef JeanFast car

| play
ArtePirat I still don't know what this song is supposed to be about...but I still love it.

Si SeMore Shine

| play
ArtePirat This is such a beautiful expression of what love can feel like.
ArtePirat Sing it.


| play
ArtePirat This is they first song I have heard by this band. It was suggested to me, but I definitely like it.
ArtePirat Absolutely breath-taking.


| play
ArtePirat This song was so important when it came out.

Fabrizio MoroPensa

| play
ArtePirat Sebnem came before Evanescence.
ArtePirat Why do they have only three Iwan Fals songs on here?

Iwan FalsIbu

| play
ArtePirat Not what I was looking for, but I like it.
ArtePirat I just want to sing along...lalala...reminds me of Tally Hall a bit, weird, huh?
ArtePirat Beautiful voice.

Bic Runga - Sway

| play
ArtePirat I want to go to sleep now...

SiaI Go To Sleep

| play
ArtePirat It's all about the strings all the time.
ArtePirat One of the most beautiful songs...
ArtePirat Slow and heartfelt, too.

Jay ChowAn Jing

| play
ArtePirat I love these guys. I've seen them in concert and hung with them. They rock!

Blue Scholarsave

| play
ArtePirat My favorite of her songs I think. It was in Fallen Angels. So good!
ArtePirat So beautiful. Turn it up and hit repeat. I could actually sleep to this.
ArtePirat This is the first time I heard this one and I really like it. The strings make the longing really tangible.


| play
ArtePirat Such a good song, even if the English is a little spotty! Besides, Anna Tsuchiya is amazing!
ArtePirat She has a very strong voice and it communicates the mood of this song so well!


| play
ArtePirat Sing it, girl! She reminds me of a Korean Brandy.

Park Ji Yoon - dunumel_gamgoser-asx

| play
ArtePirat Suzanne Vega has such a clean voice. And I love the use of personification. (reblip)
ArtePirat I love her music. I wish she would put out another album soon!

Park Ji Yoon - dol-a-on-sarang-asx

| play
ArtePirat Haven't heard this one in a while!
ArtePirat This one is new to me, but I like it a lot, very smooth. Less poppy than some of their others.
ArtePirat Love this version of the song. It pulls on my heart strings when I am homesick.
ArtePirat Good beat, fast, slightly tech, k-pop k-pow. I love to drive to this.


| play
ArtePirat Love love love this song. Good sound.
mz_e Haven't heard this since I lived in Spain. What a song.

Azure RaySleep

| play
mz_e omg, I'm in love


| play
ArtePirat I haven't heard this version before. I think I've only heard the live recording she did with her trio, but this one is nice, too, but less jazzy.
ArtePirat Whenever Trax are featured this seems to be the format...random...shift...random some more. But there is something about the way it keeps shifting...
ArtePirat This is not my favorite piece by them, but it was one of the only ones on the site. If someone has more, please add it!


| play
ArtePirat Absolutely brilliant pairing. Like a fine wine and cheese. Seriously. Kronos Quartet and Tom Waits!!!
ArtePirat Why don't Sting and Ste collaborate more often?
ArtePirat Inspiring for those days when the world is trying to eat you.
ArtePirat This is a fun way of putting it.


| play
ArtePirat Randomly found this while looking for something else. It's pretty. Haunting, too.
ArtePirat Play me like you play your tango.
ArtePirat I know, I know, but I love this song. Hopeless.

Jay ChouQi Li Xiang

| play
ArtePirat So beautiful. I have heard a live version too, performed with Yo Yo Ma, which is phenomenal.


| play
ArtePirat This song is totally hot. Tarkan always knows how to bring it. It reminds me of some of Leon Lai's techno songs.
ArtePirat Really beautiful combination of guitar, piano, and strings. (reblip)
mz_e So appropriate it kind of hurts.

Ani DiFrancoDilate

| play
ArtePirat Love this little indy band.

Nightmare Of You - No Uniform Is Gonna Keep You Warm

| play
ArtePirat OMG. This is hilarious.
ArtePirat She's retiring, at such a young age.

Jolin Tsai Let s Move It

| play
ArtePirat I can't find the songs they sing in French. But I like their English songs, too.
ArtePirat Let's roll out like this on Friday night, y'all.


| play
ArtePirat One of her songs I like. Its so classic with a real feel for the first half of the 20th century.
ArtePirat Really beautiful voice.


| play
ArtePirat This song uses one of Gackt's songs as the background, but the words and meaning of the song are completely different.

Soba Ni Iru Ne Thelma Aoyama

| play
ArtePirat Has that old school ballad feel to it.


| play
ArtePirat I really like their R&B sound and their soft voices.


| play
ArtePirat Good sound. The chord progressions are very soothing.
ArtePirat haha very good. reminds me of tally hall, but pilipino.
ArtePirat Less sentimental than some of their other stuff. But they have a nice, clean sound. You don't hear that much these days.


| play
ArtePirat Haven't heard these guys since the MMB! (Mix Music Bang!) days. Yeah, p'noise.

Sponge ColaPartisan

| play
ArtePirat Brings back memories of faraway places and times.

The Apl Song

| play
ArtePirat Haha more from the YG Entertainment geniuses. They just keep producing!


| play
ArtePirat Amerie is such a tough cookie, she is my hero in this song.
ArtePirat In the mood for electric guitars, obviously.
ArtePirat Maybe if i play music about summer it will come sooner.
ArtePirat Haha I wish they had doping panda.
ArtePirat They are called rock and called alternative. They are just damn good.
ArtePirat One of the most beautiful voices in the world.


| play
ArtePirat Finally i found it!!!

PlaceboProtege Moi

| play
ArtePirat I have seen them perform, one of their band members is a good friend. Their show was awesome, here in the big D.
ArtePirat Feeling's alright.


| play
ArtePirat 'Cause she's got attitude.

AmerieHate 2 Love U

| play
ArtePirat Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


| play
ArtePirat I was unaware that he had a solo career.
ArtePirat Sing it PJ... she has such a diverse lyrical style. No two songs are the same.
ArtePirat i very much like this cover as well as the original.
ArtePirat OMG I love this song. It makes me thing of happy summer days lazily floating down the river on a boat...listening to old time radio!!!
ArtePirat Beautiful blue grass mood...way to sing those clouds away.
ArtePirat This is not the best version of this song, but it captures the sound decent enough. I like the official radio release version better.
ArtePirat I love their smooth lyrics.
ArtePirat Oldie but goodie, haven't heard it in so long. Makes the girl from Ipanema blush.


| play
ArtePirat Because I miss nights in the Spanish desert.
ArtePirat This captures the way I feel right now.
ArtePirat Different Ashley MacIsaac, but I like also.
ArtePirat That's the fiddler Ashley MacIsaac not to be confused with the singer.
ArtePirat Ah, feeling rather strange today.


| play
ArtePirat Can I get a mail-order automaton b/f like this one? Only don't let him get chopped up by the butcher, cause that's just sad.
ArtePirat Yeah, I know, I know, but it's a good song.
ArtePirat Ah pianos and strings!!! It makes everything better!
ArtePirat Aww Fiona, sing it, tell it like it is...
ArtePirat Wicked hot!

Another Way To Die (ft. Jack White)

| play
ArtePirat I like dis band. My baby sis introduced me to them.
ArtePirat Random stuff I find while looking for this band from Brazil...
ArtePirat Why only a taste? So cruel. I tell you it is too cruel.


| play
ArtePirat Well, if you can't find what you want, want what you find...i.e. change gears.


| play
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