avivajazz Lau Nau / Painovoimaa, Valoa // Weird. Very very weird.

Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa

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zamfir Elvis Perkins In Dearland – Shampoo
djLop por el concierto o por los animales?→@Ra_H: "Hola! (lástima no haber podido estar el viernes en La Riviera de madrid!)" (reblip)

"Hola (To see the animals)" The Sunday Drivers ("Los Conciertos de Radio 3, 23/9/2009)

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BarnabasCoLLins The Golden Gate Quartet – Blind Barnabas ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Ciao,@DJTinsley would u happen to know of any Italian operas suited to my...genre? ☂ ("Stride la Vampa" Cossotto from "Il Trovatore" Verdi)

Cossotto "Stride la Vampa" Vienna 1978

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BarnabasCoLLins I, BARNABAS ....am able to blip but not prop....and that sucks! bbl☂

I, BARNABAS by The Robert Cobert Orchestra

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BarnabasCoLLins I Wanna Be a Vampire (Parody of Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars) ☂ they mock me ^☹^

I Wanna Be a Vampire (Parody of Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars)

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BarnabasCoLLins Bruce Springsteen - All The Way Home ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ouch^☹^ @Nicekitty: "Encore Welcome @BarnabasCollins: Ty! "I think I'm sleeping with a vampire. Drove a stake through his heart. Now he's on fire."" ☂ (reblip)

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins The Frantics – Werewolf ☂

The FranticsWerewolf

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BarnabasCoLLins David Turpin – The Bone Dance (Music Video) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins rb@technogiant: "We Are Scientists – I Dont Bite" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Bella Morte – "Earth Angel" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gingerbread (Zombie) Army – low budget horror video ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Phantom of the Opera ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Tango del Vampiro ~ Daniel Melingo ☂

Tango del Vampiro

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BarnabasCoLLins Sweeney Todd; Objection to Tango ☂

Sweeney Todd; Objection to Tango

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BarnabasCoLLins Many Minds – The Vampire Bride ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TY! bbl ✈ rb@DJTinsley: "great version :)@BarnabasCollins--Pretty Balanced – Romeo and Juliet" ☂"" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Band Of Horses – Blue Beard ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gravenhurst – I turn my face to the forest floor ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dr. Dog ~ "My Old Ways" ☂

Dr. Dog "My Old Ways"

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BarnabasCoLLins Sting – Seventh Son feat. Jools Holland ☂

StingJools Holland

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BarnabasCoLLins Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows ☂

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins Nox Arcana ⚡Vampire✣Exorcism⚡ ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Highwaymen – Highwayman Music Video ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Edward scissorhands – Ice Dance ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Depp's Vampire Club by Voltaire ☂ (will they ever make this movie or is there a glut in the genre?)

Johnny Depp's Vampire Club

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BarnabasCoLLins The Specials – Ghost Town ☂
BarnabasCoLLins 'Dave Likes Dolls' – The Dark Shadows ☂
chelseagirl19 The Meteors – My Daddy Is A Vampire
BarnabasCoLLins 'She Couldn't Laugh' – "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1941) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – The Plagues ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Smithereens - In A Lonely Place ☂

The Smithereens-In A Lonely Place

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Mahalia Jackson= I know it was the blood

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BarnabasCoLLins a bats-eye view of "New York, USA" ☂

"New York, USA" by Donald O'Finn, Music by Les Sans Culottes

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BarnabasCoLLins ☂y rb@zoja01: "rb@ifkdup" VAST – I am a Vampire ^〠^ (reblip)

VASTI am a Vampire

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BarnabasCoLLins Barnabas Collins- "I'll be with you always" ☂ (heard Frid's doing a cameo as "old Barnabas" in the new film)

Barnabas Collins- "Ill be with you always"

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BarnabasCoLLins Harlan T. Bobo – "Old Man" - (Sucker LP) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Blink – Chameleon Circuit ☂
killahtunz Pitter patter, pitter patter here comes the rain!
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Procol Harum – Dead Man's Dream ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Belle and Sebastian – Get me away from here I'm Dying ☂
MiguelCabrita last thought for tonight (from highway gas stations w/good soundtracks for summery nights)

Pearl Jam- Immortality (W/ Lyrics)

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BarnabasCoLLins "Moving Forward – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly ☂" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@VaLeri Damien Jurado – Johnny Go Riding ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost (with Lyrics) ☂


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BarnabasCoLLins ^〠^ rb@TarinnS ☠Band Of Skulls☠ "Impossible" (Acoustic) ☂ (reblip)

Band Of Skulls "Impossible" (Acoustic)

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BarnabasCoLLins Harry Belafonte – "ANGELIQUE O" ☂
garbageman01 Not sure there are many of them left to marry . . . rb @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "hi & rb@LaHaine: "Shocking Blue - Never Marry A Railroad Man."" (reblip)
Xyling I was gone for a week to see how things work in Kentucky and Ohio. Welcome, @TheWahnbriefe @TGunnn @BarnabasCoLLins @JoanieBeachMusic @pushygalore (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Neil Young with Johnny Depp – Dead Man Theme ☂ (starting to get psyched for the movie...finally)
BarnabasCoLLins The Kooks – See The Sun (Live Acoustic) ☂
ladypn i like it, thanks @ablothum! : "@ladypn @indieearcandyforeveryone got a kool kick to this:P" (reblip)


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ladypn New to my ears @TropicsZ4, very nice! Thanks to you & @LeaHendryValle:"Thanks for introducing them @LindyLuv: "Best band you've never heard of...""" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Crooked Still – Ain't No Grave (from 'True Blood')☂
ladypn I like the Corrs@AdamOfDallas. : "The Corrs and Bono – "When the Stars Go Blue" @ladypn" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Cave Singers – "Dancing On Our Graves" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Danzig – Killer Wolf ☂

DanzigKiller Wolf

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ladypn Happy NY to you too@deadwood4! I love Royksopp! : "happy new years ... @ladypn - perhaps it was one of you that turned me on this 1" (reblip)

Royksopp- Alpha male (Wolves clip)

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ladypn rb@by_starla Never knew who did this!: "[Silly Wizard- If I Were a Blackbird] thanks @Corts-wishing you a new year full of beautiful female vocals..." (reblip)

Silly Wizard- If I Were a Blackbird (A Scottish Love Song)

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Voxetta Tim Buckley – Phantasmagoria in Two
ladypn Welcome ghosts and all wanderers of the night.... :)
BarnabasCoLLins Corpse Bride ~ Piano Duet ☂

Corpse Bride Piano Duet

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BarnabasCoLLins The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain" ..Not many notice the undead..☂ (reblip)

The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain"

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BarnabasCoLLins Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows ☂

Sleeping with a Vampire by Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shad

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BarnabasCoLLins Blue Öyster Cult – Nosferatu - Kinski ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead – A Wolf at the Door ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Radiohead - Street Spirit ☂

radiohead street spirit

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BarnabasCoLLins Gnarls Barkley Live- Part 11- The Boogie Monster ☂

Gnarls Barkley Live- Part 11- The Boogie Monster

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BarnabasCoLLins I Monster – Heaven ☂

I MonsterHeaven

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BarnabasCoLLins Elvis ☞♀ Mean Woman Blues ☹ - ☂

elvis-mean woman blues

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BarnabasCoLLins They Might Be Giants – I've Got A Fang ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Do not stand at my grave and weep ☂

Do not stand at my grave and weep

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BarnabasCoLLins Rasputina~ Gingerbread Coffin ☂

Rasputina~ Gingerbread Coffin

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BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Perkins – Stay Zombie Stay ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Hidden Cameras – AWOO ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dave and Tim – Gravedigger ..could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain..☂
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Cash – Wayfaring Stranger ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Chance Halladay – Bury Me Deep ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Danse Macabre - Saint Saens ☂ (reblip)

Midnight Dance

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BarnabasCoLLins Lone Ranger ~ Barnabas Collins ☂

Lone Ranger ~ Barnabas Collins

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BarnabasCoLLins Bela Lugosi Girls (Draculetta Mix) ☂

Bela Lugosi Girls (Draculetta Mix)

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mrrowe8 dudes fucked up but damn no1 can doubt he can rap ,rock or do what ever he wants &do it better then anyone else


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bob dylan/elvis presley/tomorrow night

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BarnabasCoLLins "Bats in the Belfry" by Smokescreen ☂

"Bats in the Belfry" by Smokescreen

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BarnabasCoLLins The Hunchback of Notre Dame – The Bells of Notre Dame ☂
ladypn Beautiful chill music, and great imagery in vid... @zantha @bendrix @LYRIC @djstromer @DesertLily @Blippo
RealtorLefebvre The girl's got soul. What a voice. Last verse gives me chills every time.
BarnabasCoLLins TY @TarinnAdaria ~ Still Doll (Sarah Brightman) ☂

Still Doll (Sarah Brightman)

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Koshka Wonder how many times a day this is said, "this is..."?
BarnabasCoLLins Merci bowcups&vous too!^☊^ @TarinnAdaria: "Je vous remercie, la musique est un don, celui-ci est pour vous@BarnabasCollins-Rongwrong "Our Own Coffin☂ (reblip)

Rongwrong "Our Own Coffin"

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Vanzetti via@tittybingo: "Ike Turner – She Made My Blood Run Cold - #nowplaying the #blues" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Pirates of the Caribbean – Drunken Sparrow -If you're ever in Collinsport drinks on me at the Blue Whale ☂
BarnabasCoLLins @TarinnAdaria: "Devics -A Secret Message To You @BarnabasCollins :)" Here's your secret mssg http://t.co/QRpbBna ...shhhh ☂ (reblip)

Devics-A Secret Message To You

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DJPrimitivo ♪Red Moon - The Walkmen · Please RB!

The WalkmenRed Moon

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darrylheron Warren Zevon doing an acoustic version of Werewolves of London.
BarnabasCoLLins Dracula's Return – Cruxshadows (☂BC sends his kind regards frm 1897 where there is no Blip ♦we're working on it♦ Sincerely, #TeamBarney #iChingwands )

Berceuse (Lullaby) from Jocelyn ("Cachés dans cet asile") by Benjamin Godard

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BarnabasCoLLins Great & has bats too! TY @TarinnAdaria: "@BarnabasCollins--The Moog – You Raised A Vampire"☂ (reblip)

John Lennon- Whatever Gets You Through The Night

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Voxetta Roma Di Luna – The Romance of Wolves
avivajazz Mike Katz (of Battlefield Band) | Scottish Bagpipes Medley | Filmed in Scotland (2008) | Outstanding! vi@FOGGIELOANER (reblip)

Scottish Bagpipes: Mike Katz of Battlefield Band playing the Scottish small pipes

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clairetheloon rb @SarahABQ.:) Hiya. Nice way to start the morning. TY. (reblip)

Wet Willie Keep On Smiling

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bthecat ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧

Les Fleurs of Minnie

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ladypn Oh, waxing poetic in the am@Fortharrison! :) : "On a bed of roses, this is my quiet time, catch up on the past event, and plan my day, of course blip" (reblip)
TupeloJo @avard : ya got me! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● █▀█▄▄▄▄▄█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█▄▄ █▄█▀█▄█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ●●● (reblip)

Kill Bill Soundtrack (You Shot Me Down)

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BarnabasCoLLins Elliott Smith ⚘Coming Up Roses⚘ ☂

Elliott Smith "Coming Up Roses"

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BarnabasCoLLins Shadows Of Knight – Dark Side ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Costello – Deep Dark Truthful Mirror live ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Barnabas von Geczy – Wenn man sein Herz verliert..... If You Lose Your Heart ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Silvery ☂ 'Horrors'

Silvery 'Horrors'

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BarnabasCoLLins Scream 2 – Soundtrack ❤ Dear Lover - By Foo Fighters ☂
BarnabasCoLLins And Also The Trees – Stay Away from the Accordion Girl <<-- terrifying ^☉☉^ @TarinnS: "@BarnabasCoLLins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ☂Dark Shadows – Vote for your favorite couple! (think they missed a few, but who could keep track?) Happy❤Day
BarnabasCoLLins Morning^〠^@Hizzapuf1: "GM! The Zombies ( She's Not There vi@danniaranda: "@cidermaker: :)"" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Julia or Josette? @TarinnS: "def B&J :)@BarnabasCoLLins: "☂Dark Shadows – Vote for your favorite couple!❤ ^〠^ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ☂Winona Ryder . Jump In The Line . Shake Senora . BeetleJuice 1988 Harry Belafonte

Winona Ryder . Jump In The Line . Shake Senora . BeetleJuice 1988 Harry Harold George Belafonte Jr

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BarnabasCoLLins "Ghosts" by Silver Starling ☂

"Ghosts" by Silver Starling

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BarnabasCoLLins Bo Diddley – Ride on Josephine ☂ Ciao, for now @TarinnS
BarnabasCoLLins Elvis Presley – Johnny B Good >>>yes, I'm talkin' to YOU Depp! ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Hands (Tommie Sunshine 5am Edit) – Ting Tings ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Pernice Brothers – One Foot In The Grave ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Last Of Mourning Sun – The Bombs Of Winter ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Old Canes – Early Morning Hymns ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Fruit Bats – Beautiful Morning Light ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Bats – Satellites (flying with that dish on my head...not so stealthy) rb@TarinnS (reblip)


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BarnabasCoLLins Très bien,mais le dégivrage mes ailes avant le décollage est une douleur dans le cou.(so2speak) ☂ @TarinnS: "congélation espérons que votre porte bien (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ^☺^ @TarinnS Pale Young Gentlemen ☂ A Shadow on the Wall (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@TarinnS William Fitzsimmons – I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow) ✈ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Curse of the Currents – Said the Whale ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Edward/Bella – A girl like you (Edwyn Collins) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins DON'T FEAR THE REAPER ☂ The PepTides
BarnabasCoLLins Sting ⚘Blood Red Roses⚘ ☂

Sting: Blood Red Roses

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BarnabasCoLLins Dark Shadows ~ Barnabas & Julia ☂ (reblip)

Dark Shadows: Barnabas & Julia

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BarnabasCoLLins The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest ☂ Bob Dylan

The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

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BarnabasCoLLins koffin kats: vampire curse with lyrics (brought to you via @TarinnS Thnx!) ☂ (reblip)

koffin kats: vampire curse with lyrics

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BarnabasCoLLins Josh Ritter--Lillian, Egypt Official Music Video ☂

Josh Ritter--Lillian, Egypt Official Music Video

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BarnabasCoLLins Cousin Dud – Crows ☂

Cousin DudCrows

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BarnabasCoLLins The Headstones – Cemetary ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Roma di Luna – Ghost Dance ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Phoebe Snow – Poetry Man ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TyRb@TarinnS Keith Richards • You Got The S¡lver (E×tendeÐ) ☂ (reblip)

Keith Richards • You Got The S¡lver (E×tendeÐ)

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BarnabasCoLLins John Mayer – Victoria ☂

John MayerVictoria

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BarnabasCoLLins Pretty Maggie of Maine (Maggie Evans from Dark Shadows) ☂

Pretty Maggie of Maine (Maggie Evans from Dark Shadows)

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BarnabasCoLLins tyrb@TarinnS Elvis Presley # '68 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again ☂ (reblip)

Elvis Presley # '68 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

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BarnabasCoLLins The Larks – Maggie Maggie Maggie (Out Out Out) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ^☹^rb@vikingbutcher:"@backtoback: "she suffered with that darn cancer RB@GimmeSomeJohn: "Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan's Dream RIP Suze Rotolo Is Dead at 67"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ^〠^ TYrb@GimmeSomeJohn My Mistakes Were Made for You – The Shadow Puppets☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins rbTarinnS Tango from Paris – André Claveau, 1943 ..memories of my days in la résistance française <souterraines> ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins ☂hanks rb@TarinnS Lillasyster ~ Umbrella (real video) (reblip)

Lillasyster Umbrella (real video)

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BarnabasCoLLins Carnivale: Torniquet by Evanescence ☂

Carnivale: Torniquet (better version)

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BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@Negative_Creep The Runaways ~ Here Comes the Sun ☂...and there goes the Vampire ✈ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@TarinnS Custom Kings – Boys Of Summer ☂ (I'm being barraged by pop-ups..Blip bites! bbl...) ^☹^ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins rb@ReverendSal: "The memories of man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime" ^☂^ Pink Floyd – Free Four (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Roma Di Luna – The Romance of Wolves ☂
BarnabasCoLLins souterraintransmissions – Laura Gibson - Spirited ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Rest – The Lady Vanishes ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Thee Wylde Oscars – Big Bad Wolf ☂
BarnabasCoLLins You Shook Me All Night Long ~ ACDC & Steven Tyler ☂

you shook me all night long ACDC & Steven Tyler

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BarnabasCoLLins The Smiths – `Pretty Girls Make Graves` ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Pink – Janie's Got a Gun ☂

PinkJanie's Got a Gun

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BarnabasCoLLins Unfold " by Julie Peel ~ "Barnabas Collins and his many re-creations of his lost love Josette..." ☂

Dark Shadows ~ Unfold

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BarnabasCoLLins Little Willie (Dark Shadows video) ☂

Little Willie (Dark Shadows video)

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BarnabasCoLLins Grazie, @TarinnS "Step Into My Coffin" – Zombie Ghost Train ☂ #temagotico (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Loreena McKennitt ☂ Ancient Pines ...are considered to be the oldest living organisms on Earth...including me ^〠^
BarnabasCoLLins Aerosmith – Janie's Got A Gun ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Whisperblast - Darkness Be Undone ☂

Whisperblast-Darkness Be Undone

| play
BarnabasCoLLins These Fangs - Say Hi to Your Mom ☂

These Fangs-Say Hi to Your Mom

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BarnabasCoLLins Paul McCartney, Diana Krall ☂ We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) 2012 Live rec.
BarnabasCoLLins Wonder why vampires can cast shadows but not a reflection☂ TYrb@SarahABQ: "cool :) ~Shadows- Lindsey Stirling" (reblip)

Shadows- Lindsey Stirling

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BarnabasCoLLins Never heard this one-Thnx! rb@Ineluctable: "George Harrison's birthday! Blip your fave of his! @teresa_8888@romanus@pcsketch@DjblueClariz@rachidkas"☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Singing In The Rain – Gene Kelly ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ⚠Beware of Darkness – Marianne Faithfull covers #GeorgeHarrison #happybirthday
BarnabasCoLLins ...Only Sleep by The Cruxshadows rb @TarinnS (reblip)

...Only sleep by the cruxshadows

| play
BarnabasCoLLins @TarinnS ⚡Beware Of Darkness⚡ (Concrete Blonde/GHarrison cover)☂

Beware Of Darkness

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Neon Cough – Graveyard Grass ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Waiting for the Full Moon ~ Lise Olden, ☂ (yet another Dark Shadows video I found on youtube...should really learn how to make my own)

Waiting for the full moon

| play
BarnabasCoLLins John Taylor ☂ In The Bleak Midwinter
BarnabasCoLLins Jeremy Messersmith ☂ Paper Moon
BarnabasCoLLins John Mayer ☂ Heart of Life (Acoustic)
BarnabasCoLLins Haunted By Love ☂ Dominique Fricot {Official Music Video}
BarnabasCoLLins Mad World – Donnie Darko movie ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Radical Face ☂ Haunted (Ghost)
BarnabasCoLLins Kwoon – I lived on the Moon ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gob – Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Alizbar – Waltz On The Branches / Вальс на ветвях ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Vampire's Cry ☂ NOSFERATU

NOSFERATU-----Vampire's Cry

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Gob – Banshee Song ☂

GobBanshee Song

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Gob – I Hear You Calling [Official Music Video] ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Fools Garden ☂ Once In A Blue Moon
BarnabasCoLLins DEAD MAN'S BONES ☂ For weddings and funerals
BarnabasCoLLins Beth Orton – So Much More ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Jonathan Coulton (Young Frankenstein) Skullcrusher Mountain ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Zombies ☂ Time Of The Season
BarnabasCoLLins The Leatherwing Bat ^〠^ Judy Collins
BarnabasCoLLins Billy Bragg – She's Got a New Spell ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Billy Bragg – Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (w/ Wilco & Natalie Merchant ) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Benni Hemm Hemm – Retaliate ☂ (look for my cameo)
BarnabasCoLLins Benni Hemm Hemm – Snjór ljós snjór ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Shadows in The Rain ☂ Sting - Umbria Jazz 1987
BarnabasCoLLins The Smiths – Panic ☂

The SmithsPanic

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Jefferson Airplane ☂ Flyin High Bird

Jefferson Airplane --- Flyin High Bird

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Andrew Bird ☂ Nomenclature - Cemetary Gates
BarnabasCoLLins John Wesley Harding – If You Have Ghosts (Tribute to Roky Erickson) - lyrics ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Marcy Playground ~ Ancient Walls Of Flowers ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Marcy Playground – A Cloak of Elvenkind ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Ghost Waltz ☂ Player Piano (Sonya Belousova)
BarnabasCoLLins Skeleton in the closet ☂ Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong- Skeleton in the closet

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Blue Beard – Sly Willy (more silly than sly) ☂

Blue BeardSly Willy

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Bluebeard – Paint it Black ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Band Of Horses – The Funeral ☂
BarnabasCoLLins White Wedding – Billy Idol ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ^;;^ flapping, Flapping – Rose Danish Queen ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Jonathan Coulton w/ Sara Quin and Dorit Chrysler (theremin) ☂ Still Alive (Official Video)
BarnabasCoLLins Bob Dylan – Let Me Die In My Footsteps ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Dead Man's Boots ☂ Firewater
BarnabasCoLLins Danzig – Blood And Tears ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Presence Of God ☂ Soulsavers & Dave Gahan
BarnabasCoLLins It's better left to those w/out fangs & scissorhands ^☹^ rb@DJTinsley: "de mariage que vous dites? vous ne croyez pas en eux@BarnabasCollins...☂" (reblip)

White Wedding: Literal Video Version

| play
BarnabasCoLLins ^☺^ White Wedding: Literal Video Version ☂

White Wedding: Literal Video Version

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BarnabasCoLLins Have iChing wands, will time-travel. ^☺^ rb@Hizzapuf1: "GM Av! Thxs rb "In The Year 2525" vi@avard" ☂ (reblip)

In The Year 2525 Music Video

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Alisnchains @ellendiane we're putting this on her id tag, haha real # on the back :)

867-5309/Jenny, LIVE

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BarnabasCoLLins Hey,@DJTinsley Is that "grazie freddi" I hear at the end of this vid or am I just daft? "School Of Rock-The Ramones-My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down ☂" (reblip)

School Of Rock-The Ramones-My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Lay this Body Down ☂

Lay this Body Down

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Redemption Song ☂ Chris Cornell Audioslave (Unplugged Live)
BarnabasCoLLins ☼=^☹^! rb@mark_till: "RB @MrTompkins Beth Orton – I Wish I never Saw The Sunshine @BarnabasCoLLins bet you could relate." (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TyRb@djpuggie: "@Coffeenuts:" New York City's Killing Me – Ray Lamontagne ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins nice♫! Ty@TarinnS Fruit Bats – Slipping Through The Sensors ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Golden Earring – She Flies on Strange Wings ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Bombay Bicycle Club – Ghost ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Deep Dark Woods ☂ "Hang me, oh hang me"
BarnabasCoLLins ^〠^ rb@TarinnS The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins RIGOLETTO – VERDI - Donna E Mobile (Woman is Flighty^〠^) #justsayin
BarnabasCoLLins Roll On, John ☂ Bob Dylan
BarnabasCoLLins Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground ☂ Blind Willie Johnson

Public Enemies Soundtrack-Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Little Charlie & the Nightcats/Nightcats – Circling the Drain ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Trashcan Sinatras – Hayfever ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Jerry Lee Lewis – Lust of the Blood ☂ (inspired by Shakespeare's Othello)
BarnabasCoLLins Michael Andrews and Gary Jules ☂ Mad World
BarnabasCoLLins Alice No País das Maravilhas – Follow Me Down - 3OH!3 feat. Neon Hitch (Clipe) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@34SEB Jeff Beck – Jeff Beck (feat Joss Stone) - I Put A Spell On You ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Kooks – Victoria (The Kinks) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Li'l Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Shins – So says I ☂

The ShinsSo says I

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Creature – Don't Be Afraid ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Creep ☂ Radiohead (HQ) feat. Johnny Depp

CreepRadiohead (HQ)

| play


| play
BarnabasCoLLins Highland's Apparition-Chevelle-Hamlet Music Video ☂

Highland's Apparition-Chevelle-Hamlet Music Video

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Sunday Bloody Sunday – Ireland - U2 ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Sunday Bloody Sunday – Wolfe Tones ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Blood Of The Lamb – Wilco & Billy Bragg ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Silent Girlfriend – Richard Snow ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Billy Idol – 2007 - Winter Wonderland ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold) – Eric Whitacre ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Cyndi Lauper – In The Bleak Midwinter ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Beck – Dark Star / Strange Apparition ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Wombats ☂ Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
BarnabasCoLLins Christmas Ghosts – The Raveonettes ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☂tried2watch it once&all that blood scared me^☹^but love this♫! @gypsybug: "I love your avatar BTW @BarnabasCollins "...Are u a fan of Trueblood?..." (reblip)

Damien Rice9 Crimes

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Belle & Sebastian – Beyond The Sunrise ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Sparklehorse ☂ Apple bed

SparklehorseApple bed

| play
BarnabasCoLLins EPISODE 1 ☂ Life and death will never be the same again when the mysterious stranger, Barnabas Collins, appears in Collinsport, Maine. (1991)


| play
BarnabasCoLLins Night Bird Flying ☂ Jimi Hendrix

Night Bird Flying- Jimi Hendrix

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Get off of my cloud ☁ Rolling Stones ☂
BarnabasCoLLins She's A Mystery To Me ☂ Roy Orbison
BarnabasCoLLins Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Big Business – Ayes Have It ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Kansas – Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Big HEED and ALIen – UP IN THE MURNIN ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Bach: Prelude 1 In C Major. Glenn Gould. w/ "dancing cigarette" vid ☢Dr Julia's Warning: Coffin nails are bad for your health...as are^〠^ vampires☂

Bach: Prelude number 1 In C Major. Glenn Gould. With "dancing cigarette" vIDeo.

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Romantics ☂ What I Like About You (original version)
BarnabasCoLLins Must You Throw Dirt In My Face – Elvis Costello & Emmylou Harris ☂
BarnabasCoLLins After 200+yrs I'm having my doubts about her ☂ @mark_till: "@BarnabasCollins Ladytron - Ghosts (Toxic Avenger Mix) Angelique says she's sorry...." (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Grifters – Last Man Alive ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Karen O ☂ "Strange Love" from Frankenweenie Unleashed
BarnabasCoLLins a good day for this song ☂ Fool In he Rain☔ rb@Tarinnz Led Zeppelin (@Sylak) (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Frankenweenie ☂ Plain White T's "Pet Sematary" Music Video
BarnabasCoLLins Dark Shadows ☂ The Night In White Satin by Moody Blues (waiting for this tune in opening scene w/Vicky on the train to hit youtube)

Dark Shadows-The Night In White Satin

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Attn: Mr Depp!!–>Songs For John In D – Kurt Vile TYrb@Tarinnz: "@BarnabasCoLLins" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Chevelle - Send the pain below (MTV) ☂

Chevelle-Send the pain below (MTV)

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@DamienRice: "these are right after damien and lisa broke up" Damien Rice – 9 Crimes (Live from the Basement) (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins In case u were wondering, it was this one ^☻^ @damien Rice – Older chests via @Tarinnz (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins was just thinking of blip'n Damien TY!☂rb@DamienRice: "just excellent" Juniper "Eskimo" (Damien rice / Bell X1) (reblip)

Juniper "Eskimo" (Damien rice / Bell X1)

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Robert Smith (The Cure) ☂ Witchcraft - Frankenweenie 2012 - Lyrics in Description
BarnabasCoLLins thankfully there's no bat's guide for insects! TYrb@ell_ess_dee: "Insect Guide – Bats ^〠^ (reblip)

Insect GuideBats

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Donovan – The Tinker and the Crab ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Haggis Horns – Hot Damn! - The Traveller Part2 ☂
BarnabasCoLLins My Jolly Sailor Bold ☠ clip from Pirate's...On Stranger Tides ♆ Hans Zimmer

My Jolly Sailor Bold

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Casket Lottery – On The Air ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Fools Garden – Lemon Tree (Live!) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue and Pogues et al. (Dylan cover) – Death is Not the End ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Fruit Bats – Every Day That We Wake Up It's A Beautiful Day ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Go All The Way ☂ The Killers (Music Video)
BarnabasCoLLins Fruit Bats performing "Never Tear Us Apart (Cover)' ☂

Fruit Bats performing "Never Tear Us Apart (Cover)'

| play
BarnabasCoLLins (☟Finally the one w/Vicky on the train in opening scene) Dark Shadows ☂ The Night In White Satin by Moody Blues
BarnabasCoLLins Rainy Day – I'll Keep It with Mine (Dylan cover) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☂ Emilie Autumn – 4 O'Clock
BarnabasCoLLins Rose Red – Emilie Autumn ☂

Rose RedEmilie Autumn

| play
BarnabasCoLLins ☂Tyrb!@wickedannabella: "Gorgeous cover" Ellie Goulding - The Wolves (Act I and II) (Bon Iver cover) (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Me2☂@Shiner: "ah can't sleep U have one tho@rachidkas: "Hello & G'nite Starr♥ @Shiner: "Yup@r: "Everywhere!@wickedannabella: "Love love love rb@r""""" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart – Live performance with Ryan Bingham & LisaJ ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Divine Comedy – The Light of Day ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☂yrb@Tarinnz Eggs – Why Am I So Tired All The Time? (Maybe b'cuz I'm up watching "House of #DarkShadows" at 4am on #TCM) (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Karen Elson ☂ Season Of The Witch
BarnabasCoLLins Siouxsie And The Banshees Spellbound

Siouxsie And The Banshees Spellbound

| play
BarnabasCoLLins ☂ "My name is Victoria Winters..." Watch the opening minutes of both the original daytime drama, Dark Shadows (1966), and it's 1991 primetime revival.

Dark Shadows-The Arrival of Victoria Winters

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Keith Richards – Make No Mistake ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Badly Drawn Boy – I'll Carry On ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Alice Cooper ☂ Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Brutally Live)
BarnabasCoLLins Oops, THIS is the Clem Snide cover of Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror" ☂

I'll Be Your Mirror

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Girls of Hammer Horror – Scream Queens (Kate Bush) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ☂yRb@mizhelena: "*cries* @Musicalizing: "Alas, no Cure tickets for me -----> The Cure – The funeral party"" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins I'll Be Your Mirror – Clem Snide (Nico & Velvet Underground cover) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School ☂

The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

| play
BarnabasCoLLins My girlfriend's dead music video Vandals☂

My girlfriend's dead music video

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Clem Snide – Wal-Mart Parking Lot ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Frightened Rabbit – Old Old Fashioned ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Hotel Transylvania "Monster Remix" Music Video ☂ Becky G ft. will.i.am
BarnabasCoLLins Swarm of Bats – PumpItUp (Elvis Costello cover) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Barnabas – WIthout You ☂ (a few blips now and I'll catch up with your props l8r, thanks for listening-BC

BarnabasWIthout You

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Lol @ The Duckfather TYrb@Falainix: "consent fro duckfather^^@BarnabasCoLLins: "Sopranos ~ The Beast in Me ~ Nick Lowe ☂"" (reblip)

Sopranos 01 The Beast in Me Nick Lowe cornel1801.com

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Loreena Mckennitt ☂ Skellig

Loreena Mckennitt- Skellig

| play
BarnabasCoLLins JOHNNY DEPP – CHOCOLAT (Long Version) ☂HappyBirthday☂dude!
BarnabasCoLLins Take That ☂ Love Love ~ Live at The National Movie Awards 2011
BarnabasCoLLins Jack Sparrow nicked a bit of this look TYrb@Tarinnz Adam & The Ants – Stand and Deliver ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Sopranos ~ The Beast in Me ~ Nick Lowe ☂

Sopranos 01 The Beast in Me Nick Lowe cornel1801.com

| play
BarnabasCoLLins He was my cousin from England^〠^ rb@Alisnchains: "@robsonsanchez @BarnabasCoLLins (dark shadows?) Ty :)" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@Tarinnz Antony & the Johnsons on Letterman ~ You Are My Sister ☂ (reblip)

Antony & the Johnsons on Letterman

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Barnabas Collins ☂ by Andrew Bayuk

Barnabas Collins by Andrew Bayuk

| play
BarnabasCoLLins You´re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go ✈ Ben Watt (Dylan) ☂ ~~see u in September~~
BarnabasCoLLins ☂'was St Barnabas' Feast day too! @Hizzapuf1: "Hey Barnabas! my only grandchild's BDay was the 12th I finally talked to her this evening! Later!" (reblip)

BarnabasWIthout You

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Mr and Mrs Smith Film Soundtrack - Assassins Tango ☂ (stalking,hacking,etc...not interested in this drama)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Soundtrack (Assassin's Tango)

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@Tarinnz: "ty rb@Versh: "From 'Rave On Buddy Holly' (a compilation album, out June 28th)"" <<~~ can't wait! ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Nickel Creek – When In Rome ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Eels – Ordinary Man ☂

EelsOrdinary Man

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Deer Tick – Choir Of Angels ☂
BarnabasCoLLins John the Revelator – John Mellencamp ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Man in the Long Black Coat – Mark Lanegan (Dylan cover) ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Murderers' Accordion – Weird ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Gnarls Barkley ~ Run (I'm a Natural Disaster) ☂

Gnarls BarkleyRun

| play
BarnabasCoLLins ☂hanx for all the props...I still owe u some! rb@Tarinnz I Am Kloot – No Fear Of Falling ✈ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard ☠⚰☠ Jeremy Messersmith- The Reluctant Graveyard ^〠^TyRb's2 @SylverHawk @Alisnchains and @Ring31 (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Hocus Pocus – Focus ☂

Hocus PocusFocus

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@Kubrickx: "James Brown – Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Horrorpops – Girl In A Cage ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Phono Emergency Tool – The wind ☂
BarnabasCoLLins John – Black Cadillac ☂

JohnBlack Cadillac

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Horrorpops – Emotional Abuse ☂
BarnabasCoLLins ⌈∴⌉My Brain is Hanging Upside Down~Ramones cover

My Brain is Hanging Upside Down

| play
BarnabasCoLLins VIOLENT FEMMES☂Blister in the Sun

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways ☂ Tammy St. John
BarnabasCoLLins The best part! @storylet: "saw steven on tv tonight :-) @lilwldchld: "I'm feelin' like a bad boy, mmm, just like a bad boy...."" (reblip)

AerosmithRag Doll

| play
BarnabasCoLLins ☂Heart Break Hotel Horror ~ Gisele MacKenzie

Heart Break Hotel Song set to Horror

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Blackeyed Susans ☂ You're A Good Doctor (someone plz make a #DarkShadows vid of this featuring our good Dr JH..tia)
BarnabasCoLLins Sleepy Hollow Tribute ☂ O Willow Waly - Isla Cameron

Sleepy Hollow Tribute- O Willow Waly- Isla Cameron

| play
BarnabasCoLLins MONORAL – Tuesday ☂


| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Smithereens – Groovy Tuesday ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Badfinger – Sweet Tuesday Morning ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Nanook – Timmissat Taartut ☂
BarnabasCoLLins With Whom To Dance?-The Magnetic Fields-Stephin Merritt ☂

With Whom To Dance?-The Magnetic Fields-Stephin Merritt

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Abrevadero Zombie – Vuelvo de la tumba ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Priscilla Hernandez – Off the Lane - The Underliving ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Science Fiction/Double Feature (cover) [couldn't find the cover of this I was looking for but this is good too]☂


| play
BarnabasCoLLins Horrorpops – ℞ Julia ☂


| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@VaLeri Zoos of Berlin – BelowTheOldHouse ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins David Bowie: ☂ Where Are We Now?

David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Dark Shadows / Barnabas Collins ☂ Animal (Johnny Depp)
BarnabasCoLLins Willow Willow ☂ Sweater (Official Video)
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@VaLeri Horse Feathers – Vernonia Blues ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins You'll Never Walk Alone - Performed By Dr Storm ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@Roxanne721: "I hope&cont. 2pray som1donates kidney2ur brother!GodBlessU@ladypn:"Spread Kevin's story across the wire http://bit.ly/ap2qaT rb/rt!" (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Fools Garden – Once In A Blue Moon ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Mostar Diving Club ☂ Broken and Borrowed (Official)
BarnabasCoLLins La Befana ...trullallà. _/\_

La Befana ...trullallà.

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Sukie In The Graveyard ☂ Belle and Sebastian
BarnabasCoLLins Please Don't Bury Me ☂ John Prine

Please Don't Bury Me John Prine

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Dark Shadows ☂ The Twelve Pains of Christmas

Dark Shadows 12 Pains of Christmas

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Fat Boy Slim – The Joker ☂ ...been sick, no joke bbl

Fat Boy SlimThe joker

| play
BarnabasCoLLins All the Umbrellas in Cherbourg/London ☂ The Magnetic Fields

All the Umbrellas in Cherbourg

| play
BarnabasCoLLins The Pretenders w/Kings of Leon – UP THE NECK ☂
BarnabasCoLLins The Magnetic Fields ☂ The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
BarnabasCoLLins Daniel Johnston ☂ "True Love Will Find You In The End" Video

Daniel Johnston "True Love Will Find You In The End" Video

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Frightened Rabbit ☂ Old Old Fashioned

Frightened Rabbit- Old Old Fashioned

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Leona Lewis ☂ Glassheart (Music Video ft. Dark Shadows)
BarnabasCoLLins CAN – She brings the rain ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Barry Lyndon – PIRATE BOOTY ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Depp is one trippy dude... TYrb@TarinnS: "go see this movie this weekend its so funny" Rango – Trailer HD ☂ (reblip)

RangoTrailer HD

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TY☂ rb@Tarinnz: "ty rb@DarkLady: "ty&rb @schellstation: "inspired by @DarkLady""" Joshua James – Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Lead Belly – "Haul Away Joe" ☂
BarnabasCoLLins Roger McGuinn – Jolly Roger ☂
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@TarinnS: Smoke Fairies – Frozen Heart ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins @ladypn: "Thank you rb@sir_edward_ross!! : "We all need someone we can lean on ... Please read➤➤ http://bit.ly/ap2qaT & RB/RT! @ladypn""☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Johnny Depp ☂ My Valentine (Paul McCartney HD)

Paul McCartney ft. Johnny Depp-My Valentine HD

| play
BarnabasCoLLins Damn thoz goats! @mark_till: "Dude they cussin' you @BarnabasCoLLins :@RadioFreeIllinois: "The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires..snip @driftway" ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins War of the Worlds-Bad Moon Rising (Rasputina) ☂ (just a brief fly-by to say hi, & I'll prop yuz'all later)

War of the Worlds-Bad Moon Rising (Rasputina)

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb @ThePlaywright Real Teusday Weld ~ I Love the Rain ...hence the ➔ ☂ (reblip)
BarnabasCoLLins Mystical Sun – Halo ☂

Mystical SunHalo

| play
BarnabasCoLLins TYrb@dogzbollox: "The Bees – Love In The Harbour" ☂ (reblip)