BiPoLar_BEaR 'haven't seen this one in awhile."And I meow meow meow"@NikkiPixel @backasswards

I'm a Kitty Cat

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Hey God.My first Metallica album.Still love it @DamnTheMan

Fade To Black Metallica Ride The Lightning (Studio Version)

| play


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "If I could start again...."

Nine Inch Nails Hurt official video

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Montage of stupid crap & retards over a Beck song.Why am I blipping this?

BeckDiamond Bollocks

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Totally 80's.This rocks!! (in a retro sense)

Beck-Mixed Bizness [Freestylers Remix]

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR NIN (another weird fan video)

And All That Could Have Been

| play
DamnTheMan RIP Cliff Burton. @BlipisHip: "vi @Angie74 Metallica -- Master of Puppets LOVE the pics in this vid" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR I wish I could get into their new stuff.I don't like how Rock simplified their sound.Its not as dynamic as it was right?@DamnTheMan
BiPoLar_BEaR This song made me wanna play the air vents in my house
BiPoLar_BEaR beautiful - Aphex Twin "Alberto Balsalm"(On guitar)Not so easy to play.Okay he needs more practice
BiPoLar_BEaR uh oh I kinda like this.Shoot me (The guitars sound cool)
BiPoLar_BEaR Probably the weirdest thing I've heard in a while...Not sure if I like it.Kinda puie
BiPoLar_BEaR What's up,God @DamnTheMan sorry I missed your reply.How's things?
BiPoLar_BEaR AWESOME REMIX!Thanks,Toilet Paper! :) rb@TPJK: "WOwwwwwwwwwwww DEEP.This remix's music suit his troubled lyrics BETTER!@bipolar_bear" (reblip)

NIRVANA Very ape (Remix by POL)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR GARAGE BAND VIDEO ALERT!(This is what makes YouTube great!)
BiPoLar_BEaR Have a great day everyone.I'm outta here!! later,Cookie Monster @CMDoria
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's a funny/disgusting zombie game video for an MSI song @agogab

Resident Evil 4 Stupid MF 8

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL Here's a Biggie Smalls cover by an INDUSTRIAL/EMO band!That's a start lol @agogab

MSIBig Poppa

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR See? lol Its Hooverphonic's "2 Wicky" sped up @agogab

biggie smalls warning

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I LOVE this version! LOL @backasswards He looks like he has a steak cook'n in the oven! (I don't know what that means lol)

X-tended vs Dominatrix DEPECHE MODE Renoise / Madtracker Remixes

| play
backasswards anybody rememeber this song? it's from 1995.
AshliVicious hey you! =] lol i actually like these guys =] shhh haha thx 4 tunin in hun!@bipolar_bear: "You're cool ;) rb@nicolee73: "LOL, its cool, (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Hellos to @DamnTheMan , @Angie74 @Louden & @DjDiddlesSkittle (I'm too lazy to chase your blips tonight lol)How's everyone this evening?
BiPoLar_BEaR Still an incredible mashup The Killers vs. Gorillaz - Feel Good Breakin My Back @NikkiPixel remember this one?I love the break!!*chills*
BiPoLar_BEaR Great live footage!!They exude coolness The Bravery - Tyrant & No Brakes

The Bravery = Tyrant+No Brakes

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR HEEEERE we go Entropic vs. Raven - Raven Experiences Hardware MalFUNKtion.(Crazy ass Drum & Bass/Electronica/Jazz?)Mad respect for this NY girl
BiPoLar_BEaR 'not sure if this is the right "Raven"but she kicks ass.I GOTTA meet that crazy woman!

RavenRaven Mad Jam

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR THANKS! You really know your music!! You play an instrument? rb@agogab: "@bipolar_bear--sample ;)" (reblip)

NasLet There Be Light

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL Somebody had their meds and is HAPPY!! (Who DREW this crap?!) hahaha
BiPoLar_BEaR Well,there was one here like the one I told you about but it was boring & had too many church photosHere's a weird old demo instead 4@newwaveclassics

the cure all cats are grey

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR MSI for LOL "We're Goth! hang out with Dracula & da wolfman "@NikkiPixel @Louden @Ashlivicous @agogab @backasswards @ThoBrian
BiPoLar_BEaR Rihanna -Umbrella Fart #ItSmellsInHere!

sexy butt plug farting away

| play

The Cure -Catch -1987

| play

The Evil Little Pumpkins--Nut Crack Butt Sack

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR PUNK ROCK PASTA!!!!!!We make it FAST!!

Che PastaKe pasta?

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Ren & Stimpy Theme on the electric guitar.This rocks! lol @NikkiPixel
BiPoLar_BEaR Prodigy fans may like this (Menacing Electronica)Cool beat
BiPoLar_BEaR DM "Lost" (Unreleased song)

Depeche Mode" Lost" unreleased song from Ultra 1997

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Hey,Mama :) How's the farm? @Angie74 that's so cool!
BiPoLar_BEaR "Hey,everybody!..Where did MARY go?!!"
BiPoLar_BEaR (Garden Pixie intro)I think this was "the last good,depressing song to be played on Mtv"-@TPJK
BiPoLar_BEaR Here he is; a lot of Gay man's fantasies.He hates The Cure.(Secretly he dresses up like Robert Smith I think)Its a front

Rollins BandLiar

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Unplugged Love this one @DJVioletSea
BiPoLar_BEaR What song is this?Kinda rocks.I like the moody guitar.More Donnas for @backasswards

The Donnas -Vs- MissBehave Magazine

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Everything from "Munich"Rocks!Great show for @DJVioletSea The Cure - Primary
backasswards back later..maybe..if inspiration hits me.
DJVioletSea good night. @PyrettaBlaze: "My little boy is having nightmares of being eaten by a bear... gotta run. Rest well my friends!" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL Datz alotta MATZA! @agogab This song I think was sampled by Faith No More "Midlife Crisis"

Beastie Boys Car Thief Demo 2

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Demo by Martin Gore) #MoreBleepinDEMOS
BiPoLar_BEaR RAW!! Fuck'n LOVE it!! Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump (Demo)
BiPoLar_BEaR Tribute Remix to ODB (Drum & Bass)Kinda sad.Nice synths

Ol' Dirty Bastard ( i like it RAW ) Remix Dj A Waugh

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR YEAH!! This sounds about the right kinda crazy for me.How'd they DO that? lol @NikkiPixel
BiPoLar_BEaR "Fodder for the animals living on Animal Farm"__anyone gonna play that "Farm Game"advertised here?Not me.Looks gross
BiPoLar_BEaR "love me/love me/say that you love/fool me/fool me/go on & fool me"I hated the original.Everything sounds better with a thumping bass & distortion
BiPoLar_BEaR ehh not having a good time :( At least this is here

Deepfield- Don't Let Go

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's a Religious Rock band that doesn't suck- Jars of Clay "Flood" HAPPY EASTER,EVERYONE!

Jars Of ClayFlood

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (here's the original)I wouldn't go ya like dat

Beastie Boys- Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Anthrax - Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun (Beastie Boys cover)Very KICK ASS."(Chuck)Chill out"I saw his CD in the $1 store!No SHIT!! hahaha how sad
BiPoLar_BEaR Aside from The Cure's "Never Enough" this has some of the coolest guitar I've ever heard.agree?(Studio version.Not an annoying remix) @HaloNReverse
BiPoLar_BEaR "The world neither fair nor unfair/the idea's just a way for us to understand" The Cure - Where The Birds Always Sing

cure where the birds always sing

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR NICE!! Love this! The Cure - Out of This World (demo)+ Lost Flower 2

The Cure Out of this world demo + Lost flower 2

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle Fall Out Boy~"Tell That Mick That He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"

Tell that Mick that he just made my list of things to do today

| play

The Cranberries- Pretty

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Beastie Boys vs. NIN,bitches

Mashup / bootleg Beastie Boys vs Nine Inch Nails

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Why The Fuck is There Vomit on my Cellphone?...What ever this is,it rocks
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO This still cracks me up....I think it the woman's "Afro Puffs"

Cee-LoCloset Freak

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I think this is that "Kurt" movie.I heard it was crappy.But works for this song @DamnTheMan

Kurt Cobain-Half The Man I Used To Be

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! What do you CALL that dance?Its INFECTIOUS! @auxiliary_fox lol

Hippie dancing at festival

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I really hope this isn't Ireland version of Marilyn manson LOL! Fuck'n WEEEEEIRD!

THE Wuthering Heights Video!!!

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! The similarities are ASTONISHING!!

Marilyn Manson and Alanis Morissette

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Pretty cool remix.Why couldn't the album sound as interesting.Rodger Waters is a boring producer I think.Flood is better for Nine Inch Nails
BiPoLar_BEaR NIN - Throw This Away (Fixed)

Nine Inch Nails-Throw This Away

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR 'reminds me of the movie "Airplane"

When the Shit hits the fan (album)- The Circle Jerks

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I SWEAR this sounds EXACTLY like old Trent."Flock of..I mean Exotic Birds" anyone?
BiPoLar_BEaR This kinda rocks?!..Who woulda thought Radiohead vs The Black Eyed Pees
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL! What the HAY! Depeche Mode modeling Star Wars costumes! @HaloNReverse @LikeAnAngel
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's the original,one & only :
BiPoLar_BEaR No I did NOT record this one!..But I DO LIKE it! LOL

drunken beat boxing

| play
AnnieLicious Great song Mr. Hair rb@rock2monster: "~...another song originally titled, "i'm no rock2"...again, tooooooo wordy...~" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's some traveling music for my baby @NikkiPixel

Beatles- two of us

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Last year!

The Cure 10:15 On A Saturday Night NME Big Gig O2 Arena 26th February 2009

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (Aphex Twin-ish stuff by me) Hope you like it

TPJKloose change

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR HOLY CRAP!! Its HERE now!! Enjoy my scary ass freak out of a song! TPJK - Cash Cow

TPJKCash cow

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Mellow Electronica --- Not what I was looking for but nice.(I uploaded one of my songs called "Cash Cow".Its not here! grrrr)Anyone know why?

SK123Cash Cow

| play

Jewel Cover Who Will Save Your Soul By Mandala (Jewel Boobs Slideshow)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR wants some Oreo Cookies!! Even if they'll give him "Type II Diabetes & BLUBBER on his hips" lol

Oreo Cookie Blues (Lonnie Mack)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!This one has to be the best one yet Shane Dawson @NikkiPixel @backasswards


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs (Old Sarge Mix)-Sounds great with drums.Heard this one?@TweakerRay @BinaryAudio @Darkangelkas @LikeAnAngel
BiPoLar_BEaR EMF vs. Anal Cunt .........Things may get hairy!
BiPoLar_BEaR Haunting guitars.'love this cover

Smashing Pumpkins-Never let me down again

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Why is this crap pop up every time I search for my own music?!!

Amigos Del Corazon Karaoke

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO! Exactly!We're unique "animal DJs!" ;) rb@auxiliary_fox: "the other bear and fox without bars can't nearly be as awesome as us! @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR More DJ Shadow Inspired by @auxiliary_fox who has a little bar between her name just like me :)
BiPoLar_BEaR Coldcut - Mr. Nichols - Depressed?....Watch this

ColdcutMr Nichols

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Metallica - Bass solo!!(He likes his beans)


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL thnx.There's a special place in hell for hackers >8( @AshliVicious: "lol glad u figured out a way to rb.. sucks it's ill broken tho =/ @moi (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Raven is actually from my area.We enjoy the sounds of broken machinery here.I think its in the air.Lots of pollution & chemicals in the water
BiPoLar_BEaR Dis iz da Ruffneck Collection,Yo.A present for DJ Envy,a true thug....suck on my sweaty ass hairs
BiPoLar_BEaR But WHERRRRRRE'S Pringles?...Taking a Hip Hop Shit?

Rhuffles & rheetard go On and On

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL so gross @DamnTheMan @NikkiPixel @ThoBrian @backasswards @Angie74 @Louden"Poop with the wiiiiindow oOopennnn.." LOL

Metallica Enter Sandman Poop Remix Enter Poopman

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Metallica - Master of Poopets

Master of Puppets (Fart remix)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I'm the "Boy in The Bubble" I can talk to everyone but I can't reblip.Its an "Adware Hack"(It takes me to an advertising page)Sucks right?@Louden
BiPoLar_BEaR "Won't you look down on me Jesus/you gotta help me make a stand/my body's aching and my time is at hand"..#SongUweren'tExpectingMe2Play lol
BiPoLar_BEaR WARNING TO ALL DJS!!! If a yellow screen pops up that says "your browser is unsafe,download Microsoft internet security"ITS A TRICK! DO NOT ALLOW!


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Hoovephonic - 2 Wicky (Trip Hop)

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR From "Various Artists for The Masses"-A great band in their own right inspired by @greyskiesblack

"Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic

| play
CMFlinn Depeche Mode – Halo @bipolar_bear doing ok! And u Freaky Bear?
BiPoLar_BEaR Nirvana - Horrified (Unreleased 1991 demo) inspired by @backasswards (This is just them messing around in the studio at 1st)
backasswards wth?'s a mix someone made. kind of a mashup.
BiPoLar_BEaR Goya - Moj (its pre-chewed beans)


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This song & Green Day's ...(song)same riff?
BiPoLar_BEaR "The Cure"for "A Strange Day" is to go RIGHT to bed!!

The Cure A Strange Day

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Forever (Weird,Unreleased song from "Pornography")-I wanna put it in my 4Track to find out what he's singing..Not really kinda boring

The Cure Forever(Unreleased Studio Version)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Unreleased Song of "Disintegration"sessions..(Kindaaaaa PEPPY?! What duh?)Hey,Mama @Angie74
BiPoLar_BEaR is a DJ "Flying Solo" now.This totally sucks..Here's some dark,depressing piano
Koshka *smoochies* thankies love, outta props for you @Naestopaz: "rb @ducks2007" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR My blip is "BROKEN" again.I can't RB anyone!! Grrr So A big "What's up to @DamnTheMan @HaloNReverse @Angie74 & @LikeAnAngel am I barred or something?

PanteraI'm Broken HQ

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR is gettin CRAZY wit da Cheez Wiz

BeckLoser (Live 2003)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck live-I think he handled this rowdy crowd pretty well.What do you think?..Beck SUCKS?!! Well,SCREEEEEEW you,Dude!-lol (Too hyper)
BiPoLar_BEaR "i want to be in another place i hate when you say you don't understand/i wanna be with the energy/not with the enemy/a place for my head"
BiPoLar_BEaR GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!! I leave with this crazy asshole.He's actually pretty damn brilliant~ The Petebox - Where's Your Head At?(Basement Jaxx cover)

Missed by PJ Harvey (Lyrics)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR She can play the piano with her FACE!!...I can do it with my ASS!! (Doesn't sound as good though) (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR What's up,Buddy! :) @Louden //and for my Cubby @NikkiPixel get well soon!Love ya!
BiPoLar_BEaR "You got a baaaad ol' habit of making sad/you got a bad ol' habit of making people mad"Filter "So Cool" If you hacked me,I'll find you & eat your LIFE

filter so cool cover

| play
DamnTheMan Yep yep, I believe that the difference between pleasure and pain is perception sweets :) @AshliVicious

Alice Cooper-Bed of nails lyrics

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR @DamnTheMan Thanks,Bro :) I got hacked here.I still can't RB it takes me instead to an advertising site."Adware hack"I must've pissed someone off lol
jmabell "And I got nothing to lose but darkness and shadows." #nowplaying (reblip)

SpoonGot Nuffin

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Every time something GREAT happens for me,something totally shitty happens after....
BiPoLar_BEaR This was recorded BEFORE 9/11.Weird huh? (It was recorded in NY)


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR The internet is full of haters
BiPoLar_BEaR drugs are taking their toll on Satan.Some one help Marilyn out please(side by side comparison of how he USED to be & how he is now live)Kinda sad:(


| play
Unpredictable Lita Ford --- Falling In And Out Of Love
BiPoLar_BEaR Never Dead :) Hey Mama @Angie74 (I didn't wanna disturb you before :)
rkmonkey no. never too far. think this is the one you like @djwttw i'm out on this one. There There would have been next (walking in your landscape....) g'nite

The Trend-(I Feel Like A) Dictionary

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "I don't wanna believe it/until I hear it/from your mouth" whew boy this one didn't help my brain.Great song though
sandiegogil really?thx 4 the info@bipolar_bear: "The Ning is soon to be a"pay site"Good griefAnyone else get that desperate email Help needed at the Ning @Angie74 (reblip)

NIngSign To Move On

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "We're patiently waiting for the "Dinosaurs" to die out"..Still waiting.They spawned baby dinosaurs instead


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Very unusual!! @NikkiPixel rb@TidyCat: "for my friend right now ~ Huun Huur Tu" (reblip)

Huun Huur Tu

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Now THIS is an "Upload-worthy"video!Great drum cover (Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong)
BiPoLar_BEaR Is this Mindless Self Indulgence?So cool


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Pretty damn cool!This nerd can rock on the drums

Express Yourself N.W.A Drum Cover

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Its Radio Los santos kickin' out some real gangsta shit,Yo!" What shitty dialogue.Not stereotypical at all lol

N.W.A.- Express Yourself (Radio Los Santos)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Yeah free Ring Dings SEEM enough of them & you wanna DIE!...I feel like SHIT!

Dr. DreRing Ding Dong

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This is the strangest thing I've heard in awhile! That effect sounds like a sick little dog @NikkiPixel (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Primus -Jerry Was a Race Car Driver!!(They must be King Crimson fans)Thnx,Cubby rb@NikkiPixel: "Goodnight my love @me (reblip)

elephant talk king crimson

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR No more remixes & covers! HERE'S the original music video,digitally enhanced & all dat good shit= Depeche Mode-Never Let Me Down
BiPoLar_BEaR Hey there's a white rapper named "Cubbiebear".He's black man trapped in a white man's body
BiPoLar_BEaR "ay yoo tawkin' ta me?"

Marilyn Manson Gets Pissed

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This is almost as creepy as that talking DOG!! @NikkiPixel

Marilyn Manson- Spoof

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Whoa no THIS sounds weird."The face of The Death Star?"
BiPoLar_BEaR I was looking for "Marilyn Manson takes a shit"but this'll do lol
BiPoLar_BEaR is in an "Old School Punk Rock mood"(I gotta label
BiPoLar_BEaR is looking for a (debate).(I'm bored.Anyone wanna argue?) lol

New York dolls on TV-looking for a kiss

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "s'cuse me while I KISS this guy!" Are NOT the lyrics Sebastian Bach.And no AIDS doesn't NOT just "Kill Fags Dead"....What MUSICAL are you in next?lol
BiPoLar_BEaR "You got the look/I got the brains/lets make lots of Bee Gees"no?
BiPoLar_BEaR I think The Pet Shop boys song "You got the look,I got the brains"sounds like this (a little)..
BiPoLar_BEaR I used to put this album on to fall asleep.'so relaxing -The Cure - In Your House

The Cure In Your House

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR NIN - The Great Destroyer (Acoustic version)
BiPoLar_BEaR Pretty cool remix @NikkiPixel

Nine Inch Nails: Only

| play
SabriESC @Totengrber: "@SabriESC" Hello and TY :) (reblip)

Armageddon Days Are Here Again Video

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Inspired by ze Blips o' @HaloNReverse (and my own bad luck)lol
BiPoLar_BEaR "May pretty horses come to yoOOou as you sleEeeep" Good night,Blipheads
BiPoLar_BEaR I searched "Radiohead Fart" This is what I got @NikkiPixel its not bad

Good Question

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Internet trouble.I might have to close shop again :(

*cold playtrouble

| play


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Fred needs his diaper changed again....mmm'I aint doin it
BiPoLar_BEaR Incredible band.They rock no? (They're Australian)@NikkiPixel @mizhelena
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL I leave you all now with a weird guy beat boxing kinda well.But its REALLY annoying.GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE & @NikkiPixel @DamnTheMan @DJCZ

Eurythmics Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams Beatbox Remix by MT

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR This guy sounds ALOT like him...sorta...ok not really.It LOOKS cool though (The Cure -Cover)

Why Can't I Be You

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Bananas? @NikkiPixel lol I like this Fat Boy Slim song which one is it?

Gwen Stefani vs Fatboy Slim "Holla Back Girl" Remixed by Realtime

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR hahaha EM

EMINEM -1999 Interview in London

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR fucked up...

Marilyn Manson Cryptorchild Fallen Angel Mix

| play
lillianwong tyrb@2Tall: The Cure 39 (Karsh Kale Remix) @asoul_isborn > i own a lot of old Cure bootlegs 1979 - 1987 and I spin jungle/dnb > so this a nice blend! (reblip)
ShedMySkin Pure Imagination - Gene Wilder

Pure Imagination Gene Wilder

| play
mauxonfire #downtempo // Татьяна Зыкина – Верь мне // ✪92
Matokokepa0405 thx new listener! I'll join ya! RB vi@Event_Horizon: "TGIF...!!! I need a drink(s)!!!" (reblip)

BECK rare live footage 'LOSER'

| play

Noel Gallagher covers the smiths manchester vs cancer 07

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (Scary Industrial)

g"s.conflict terd

| play

Tits, Clits, Bong Hits

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Here's the original @NikkiPixel The Cure - 39 I love how the Bass sounds on it

The Cure39 (HD)

| play

Nine Inch Nails vs Bloc Party

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR ,real name no gimmics! @Jentern

Obie Trice feat Eminem "Rap Name"

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL This kinda ROCKS! @NikkiPixel Amy Winehouse vs. Queen "Crazy Little Thing Called Rehab"

Crazy Little Thing Called Rehab (Amy Winehouse vs. Queen)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Andy Kaufman on The Johnny Cash Show as Latka from Taxi @NikkiPixel LOL
BiPoLar_BEaR hahaha nuts

Andy Kaufman Bongo

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR R.I.P Macolm Mclaren,The founder of The Sex Pistols @CMDoria
BiPoLar_BEaR "rain rain/go away/come again some OTHER day"-I did a math ditto in 2nd grade that had that as the puzzle.Remember that?@ThoBrian 2+5=7a

Nine Inch Nails: Down In It Woodstock 1994 (Digitally Remastered)

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Hey Eminem fans!!Ever wonder what "Without me" is a referencing?(This shitty old school song)Why was this a hit? lol @DamnTheMan @AshliVicious
BiPoLar_BEaR @AshliVicious "My Michelle" duet actually cool

Axl Vs Sebastian Bach....Voodo Child....LOL...

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "Will you play something gay?" LOL?? @agogab this is the best I could find.I think they took the other mashup down.What a shame :(
backasswards ummmm what the hell, the video has nothing to do with the movie/song @bipolar_bear

Billy Madison music video

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Nirvana vs. Guns N Roses (Nirvana wins)(AXL is a wife beater)

Nirvana Vs Guns n roses (No On 9 Benefit, 09-10-92)

| play

Nirvana Documentary Part 2 of 12

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL This kinda rocks!! I think its all one GUY! @NikkiPixel @Angie74 @backasswards

Katy Perry- Hot 'n Cold (Punk Rock Cover)

| play
mimidancer nice mash up nirvana vs calvin harris..smells like teen spirit was my first song on guitar and I am not alone fav video from last year

Mighty MikeNot a teen

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I think you'll like this one @Angie74 pretty cool cover
Pesest Radiohead & Pixies - In My Mind

RadioheadIn My Mind

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I kinda wanna bang that lady gorilla.Is that wrong? LOL

Donkey Kong Country WARPED: The Search for Crappy Part 1

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO! Here's that stupid video again I mentioned @Louden @NikkiPixel @backasswards

Smells Like Bowser by Stupid Mario Brothers

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I say the bouncer was trying to push him back on top of the crowd,pulled his hair.But I think also that Kurt tugged back the guitar from a fan.??

Kurt Cobain fights security with a guitar

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Inspired by @Angie74 GREAT DOORS COVER! (Scott Weiland of The Stone Temple Pilots w/ The Doors) Hey Mama :)
BiPoLar_BEaR This isn't a mashup!! lol for @NikkiPixel

***BACKSTABBER: Dresden Dolls VS Panic! At The Disco***

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR "I think I got a generation BRAINWASHED"-You probably do.


| play
BiPoLar_BEaR I get these guitar sounds in my head when I get food poisoning.NIRVANA!
BiPoLar_BEaR "H'yeeah they really WANT you/ they really WAAANT you/ they really DO"
midas22 • Unfortunately Blipster is non-functional with the new API, so I can hardly listen to anything but myself, I hope they fix it soon or I'm outta here.
BiPoLar_BEaR old old old OLD! The (Easy)Cure - Killing an Arab (Demo)
Jazzhole Heading over to Hollywood to see PiL


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BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm worse at what I do best"Sounds a bit like Weezer's "The World Has Turned & Left Me Here"-I still love both songs regardless
BiPoLar_BEaR I still think her & Kurt were kinky lol and that's cool

HoleBeautiful Son

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Pigface : "Tapeworm" (1991)

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BiPoLar_BEaR Why would any band CALL themselves this?Especially THEM.I don't see any fat dogs.I don't hear farts @backasswards


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BiPoLar_BEaR almost choked on his pork chops

Prefuse 73Choking You

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BiPoLar_BEaR HEY!HEY!HEY!HEY!,,THAT is ANoyyying (I like the beat though)
BiPoLar_BEaR TOTALLY AWESOME,DUDES!!........Just kidding.Never do THIS AGAAAAAAAAIN! lol wtf?

Sweet Dreams (marilyn manson) Wormvomit

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BiPoLar_BEaR "The Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight"-Mary Jane Watson >GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE >Editors - Lullaby (Cover of The Cure)
BiPoLar_BEaR The Stills - Still in Love Song...I Still like this song but I Still never hear much about them.I think its because radio Still sucks
BiPoLar_BEaR I'm getting kicked off repeatedly.So if I lose my connection before I say good night.GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!! :(

KornAlone I Break

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BiPoLar_BEaR "I wanna live in Los Angelees!!.." rb@dailystendhal: "a wee bit more frank for you @melodyofyourlife" (reblip)

TPJK , I'd Rather Die....than let them know they hurt me

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BiPoLar_BEaR For the amazing @NikkiPixel You should ROCK this! PJ Harvey - White Chalk...Well this song doesn't "ROCK" it simmers.You should SIMMER it! ;)

PJ HarveyWhite Chalk

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Jentern @SSSIXXX That's what I'm here for! Secret OhGr pimper. xD

oHgr wateR

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BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO!! Is this South Park?? I think it IS! @backasswards

Captain America Fuck Yeah!!!

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BiPoLar_BEaR Inspired by @Jentern I love this mashup lol

Mashup / bootleg Beastie Boys vs Nine Inch Nails

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BiPoLar_BEaR Satanic messages in KENNY RODGERS MUSIC?!! LOL "I can see all that shit" hahah @NikkiPixel

Kenny Rogers The Gambler BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BiPoLar_BEaR I like the seagulls!Very cool! rb@NikkiPixel: "LOL! Check this out @bipolar_bear, it shows Adrian making a few guitar sounds, but mostly it's funny" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR I wanna see the one for a Panda!!Do the PANDA!! lol rb@NikkiPixel: "LMAO! Here's another! @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR LOL! In my search I found THIS! @NikkiPixel Its Batman with a mullet & weird crap
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck - (My Brother's friend)


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BiPoLar_BEaR Beautiful CGI animation!@NikkiPixel @backasswards @DJCZ @thecurefan @jong The Cure - Jupiter Crash

Jupiter Crash

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BiPoLar_BEaR Marilyn manson - Mobscene (Grunge Cover by The Overnight)Very Kick ass
BiPoLar_BEaR Marilyn Manson "gets ghetto" on some poor shmuck lol

Marilyn Manson beats guy up with guitar and Mic stand while wearing thong

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL! Hi! :) rb@comawhite: "@bipolar_bear: "I wonder what he's thinking (Sorry this is the best I could do)"..nothing.. :)" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR CAMEL TOE ALERT!...Wait that's a DUDE!! What the?? haha I'm gonna puke I think.Hey Skittles @DjDiddlesSkittle

Diddle My Skittle

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midas22 • Chemical Brothers feat. K-OS - Get Yourself High
midas22 • Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Zuckr Breakbeat Chop)
BiPoLar_BEaR Hey I kinda LIKE the original!..Grooooooovy,baby..yeaaaaaaaah..I'm gonna try to FLY!-No MICK,DON'T!!
BiPoLar_BEaR hahaha Man Mick Jagger must have a bad cold!Listen @Angie74
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - (Unreleased Song from Disintergration sessions)Instrumental
BiPoLar_BEaR Megadeth - Poison Was The Cure......then they took their make up off- I love when this one finally kicks off.They don't make Metal like this anymore
BiPoLar_BEaR (Original version)With the retarded video.Screw it.I love this song

RomeoBasement Jaxx

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BiPoLar_BEaR This is terrible..but true

Butter Face Rap

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BiPoLar_BEaR Depeche Mode - Useless Love the fuzzy bass on this one

Depeche mode-Useless

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BiPoLar_BEaR "Like a Chika Cherry Cola"..-Shit I hate this song and this is amusing
BiPoLar_BEaR NIN - The Day The Whole World Went Away (Demo version)
BiPoLar_BEaR This one I can listen to over & over again(I did)There's all sorts of little tweaks & twists that are so subtle.You only hear them on repeated listens

Pressure Drop by The Specials

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BiPoLar_BEaR I typed in "The Cure Horny" (This is what I got)Before it was "The Cure Angry" lol
BiPoLar_BEaR The Cure - Shake Dog Shake

The Cure perform Shake Dog Shake live

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BiPoLar_BEaR ahhh relaxing guitar & Spanish stuff
rkmonkey radiohead binge..... Radiohead – Climbing Up the Walls "It's always best when the light is off It's always better on the outside"
BiPoLar_BEaR Johnny Cash on The Muppet Show!!..LOL! Look how happy he is! awww @ICEGIRL152 @vixxeninpink

Johnny Cash @ the Muppets singing with Miss Piggy

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BiPoLar_BEaR I don't know..."Smothered Hope" & this sound almost identical to me.This song's catchier.'reminds me of The Borg too!...Who am I talking to?
BiPoLar_BEaR No WONDER so many girls like Skinny Puppy.Ogres ripped! LOL Cool band
BiPoLar_BEaR I KNEW I heard that song somewhere before.It was here! @backasswards Hole - You Know Your Right (Nirvana cover Unplugged)
BiPoLar_BEaR Awesome!! I love this one."Moooooo!!......Baaaaah" rb@backasswards: "inspired by @bipolar_bear" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR According to AP this is the 1st song that was ever catagorized as "Industrial"...See?I'm not a TOTAL waste of space
BiPoLar_BEaR Happy Birthday @TPJK

Happy 42nd Birthday Kurt Cobain

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BiPoLar_BEaR This is good.Is this where the Black Eyed Peas got their talent from? rb @RoxUranus (reblip)

Afro Rican-Give It All You Got

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Afro Rican-Give It All You Got

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BiPoLar_BEaR (I'm not calling you an idiot) lol This always calms me down @NikkiPixel "slow down"

RadioheadThe Tourist

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Happy birthday 50 Robert Smith!

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BiPoLar_BEaR "Music make you lose control"? lol wtf is this?

Happy Birthday Mr. Reznor

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Thomas Kennedy

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BiPoLar_BEaR This one of the most terrifying songs I know of.(Just on samples alone)You ROCK! or he does.Whoever blipped it rocks rb@Allexis:@Totengrber" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO!! This made me smash my Living Colour cassette...Then my cousin was gay.Gay people are cool now.(Don't believe the stereotypes)

Living ColourBi

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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL!! Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"(Song by Metal Dudes)@DamnTheMan
BiPoLar_BEaR For a great great someone who lifts my spirits.Love ya!! @NikkiPixel

The CureHigh

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BiPoLar_BEaR Great Cure blips! rb@Pesest: "the cure - fear of ghosts" (reblip)


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Pesest The Cure - Mr Pink Eyes


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BiPoLar_BEaR Some bands just sound better in the studio.They're one of them..Beavis & Butthead hate this song.Oh well lol


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BiPoLar_BEaR WOW!! This sucks even MORE with a TRUMBONE in it!

What's my name again?

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BiPoLar_BEaR WOW! Really cool stuff!Thanks! Its amazing how far graphics have come rb@agogab: "some more anime for ya ;)@bipolar_bear" (reblip)

GITS2 (innocence) amv, music: Darling Violetta smaller god

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BiPoLar_BEaR Beatles fans check this out! Beck vs The Beatles It works

Mashup Beck and Beatles

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BiPoLar_BEaR LMAO Remember I said I wish these two collaborated? Here it is! Fuck'n awesome! @NikkiPixel @ThoBrian Beck vs. Bjork
BiPoLar_BEaR Yes I'm obsessed w/ this stupid game! LOL Nice music on this one.Stayed tuned for the spoof after @backasswards

Days of Our Lives: Resident Evil Episode 6 (Part 1)

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BiPoLar_BEaR WTF?...REALLY!!..What the fuck IS this? LOL Very disturbingly funny @NikkiPixel @backasswards @DamnTheMan @ThoBrian (Weird ass Industrial)

Total Komandre-Space shit

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BiPoLar_BEaR *GASP!!* holy crap this song is here! @NikkiPixel @backasswards @DamnTheMan @Angie74 @DjDiddlesSkittle @agogab BEST LYRICS EVER!! LOL

BeckCorvette Bummer

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BiPoLar_BEaR L O S T - The Gonzo Rap...LOL Its LL Unknown J
BiPoLar_BEaR This sounds like its under water....prob'ly just my head phones..pieces of shit

NirvanaNegative Creep

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mark_till They aren't laughing anymore... @Lisa_Michele: "I like it. @Lysander: "nothing wrong with that@Lisa_Michele: "Nice Reminds me of Talking Heads. (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR What ever happened to "120 Minutes"? @agogab


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BiPoLar_BEaR I just blipped "Just One Kiss" by The Cure.Now here's "Just One Fix" by Ministry rb@jong: "And another RB @Totengrber: "rb@margeauxvernon: (reblip)
greyskiesblack Nine Inch Nails vs Prodigy – Pigs Must March!
BiPoLar_BEaR "You want to know why I HATE you well I'll try & explain.."
BiPoLar_BEaR I got this question quite frequently growing up.

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl ?

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BiPoLar_BEaR (Mid tempo Electronica)relaxing...eyes getting heavy,brain & body slowing to a crawl..might be my last blip,folks.Gotta sleep


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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL fuck'n deranged

The Real Doll (The Model)

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BiPoLar_BEaR Try to count how many innuendos there are in here.@NikkiPixel @anyoneelsewhowantsagoodlaugh
agogab @bipolar_bear you seen this one??@2liveis2fly: "@me:"ok, this is just...fucked up! vaginal chicken wasn't that good but this woke me up"" - seconded." (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR kinda sexy.This....gets old after 5 seconds but nice attempt to polish that Britney & Madonna terd
BiPoLar_BEaR I hear "Cure guitar" but I'll forgive them.This isn't bad
BiPoLar_BEaR "The sun rises slowly on another day"

the cure another day live 1980_subtitulada.avi

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BiPoLar_BEaR "Just cuz you see it doesn't mean its there"(Interview & studio rehearsal )
BiPoLar_BEaR More Massive Attack inspired by @Angie74 Hey I used to have one of those keychain noise makers!!

massive attack protection

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BiPoLar_BEaR "So take your hat off,boy /when you're talk'n to me"We hat to take our hats off in Spanish class.Amazing right?.."off night" lol

BellyFeed the Tree

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DamnTheMan Now *that's* WTF I'm talkin about \m/\m/ rb@Metalheadoutcast (reblip)

PanteraDeath Rattle

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BiPoLar_BEaR "NOT!"....."NOT!" "They say Rap & Metal can never mix...."

AnthraxI'm The Man

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BiPoLar_BEaR Okay..I think he's really "pushing it"w/ this one!I'm gonna get sick of this fart guy! LOL!rb "@MarianitaG somebody shoot him >:) (reblip)

manualist plays bohemian rhapsody on his hands!

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BiPoLar_BEaR GOOD NIGHT,EVERYONE!! Have a great night or day,World :)

The Beatles Good Night RARE VIDEO

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BiPoLar_BEaR Here's a better "Clown" song for ya. lol @backasswards Great Quality!!! ~~~~Korn - Clown (Live)
BiPoLar_BEaR He's Johnathan Davis' little brother right?Very cool!'sounds like Korn a lil' rb@Louden: "YVW! @vixxeninpink: (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR PIT STAIN!...Did he just "air piano?"....The lead singer of this BAND kinda looks like a manikin....her Grace Jones & Annie Lennox.Sorry nice song!
BiPoLar_BEaR "I'm gonna l'm gonna fly like a dog.ROCK'N THE TOWN LIKE A MOLDY CROUTON!!Flyin' through the air with bees?" LOL @DamnTheMan @NikkiPixel @backasswards

BeckCorvette Bummer

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alw ;-) the best place to be ;-)@2liveis2fly: "@DamnTheMan @alwilbanks - all these palmetto-heads in my blip!" (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Akon & Poop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You LOL!! I never knew it was originally CALLED that!...I don't follow crappy groups much
BiPoLar_BEaR There's 2 version's of this video...Neither 1 of them in English.Sorry..But Metallica,Anthrax & others are interviewed in it.Metal Heads,take note
BiPoLar_BEaR LETS SEE WHAT AUTO-LINKS!! "HOW MANY OBSCENE DJ NAMES ARE THERE?"@Dicksucker @porno @cunt @asshole @Buttmunch @Paris_Hilton (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Haven't done this in awhile...LETS SEE WHAT AUTO-LINKS!! "HOW MANY OBSCENE DJ NAMES ARE THERE?"@Bigfattitties @fatass @shitstain @shithead @doody
BiPoLar_BEaR is addicted to porn again :( .....This band rocks
BiPoLar_BEaR ahhh to have disposable income again!I'd rather have food now rb@Allexis: "Madness takes a toll have exact change@bipolar_bear: "That's $20...@Louden (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR .......Doesn't matter how stupid a girl acts....If she's cute,men will give her their undivided attention.I can't stop WATCHING THIS! :P hahahahaha


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BiPoLar_BEaR LOL sorry I had to @Louden @vixxeninpink

Fatty Spins -Just cuz im a muppet

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BiPoLar_BEaR Remember this one,children of the 80's?.....Rick can walk on water!!....Off to study now.See ya'll later!! Have fun

The CarsMagic

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR (I like the chorus vocals..don't judge me)

LunizI Got 5 On It

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BiPoLar_BEaR So hot (Not in a traditional way)
BiPoLar_BEaR (PUNK ROCK COVER)Is that Al Quaida?Or how ever you spell that shit?@ThoBrian


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BiPoLar_BEaR Cool song by them.Love the guitar look at him dance!GREAT QUALITY & performance @backasswards @jong @thecurefan @ThoBrian
BiPoLar_BEaR This sucks at first.Be patient
BiPoLar_BEaR This is really easy to play....Why's it kick ass then?


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BiPoLar_BEaR YW rb@jong: "ty @bipolar_bear: "Cool song by them.Love the guitar look at him dance!GREAT QUALITY & performance (reblip)
BiPoLar_BEaR Beck screaming his BRAINS out to an untitled Punk Rock song...then playing mellow stuff..'luv Beck.He's fk'n nuts