Vtron I almost saw them at a free outdoor concert in Brooklyn. It rained. (reblip)

Blonde Redhead23

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leopoloaquino Amei essa música...ficou só abaixo da Diva na lista da Rolling Stone
JimmyHook Sinnerman – Nina Simone
halezyeah A little dancing at the party? Sure...but keep it sexy.
BicycleEstate the vcr is in front of you

Thom YorkeVideotape

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jenna_ so sleepy. and still so much left to do today.
blackkites all time fav. » delorean - the nightlamps
thundercunt way to rip my heart out @bunq & throw it on the floor
thundercunt ● ❍ ■ ❏● ❍ ■ ❏● ❍ ■ ❏● ❍ ■ ❏● ❍ ■ ❏ @bunq ● ❍ ■ ❏
thundercunt ✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉ @bunq ✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉✆ ✇ ✈ ✉
thundercunt ☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆☎ ✆
BicycleEstate @thundercunt, dreams are the best way to communicate
BicycleEstate @thundercunt haha that would be a big hassle, im a dream of some treehouse fun, but non-sexual haha
thundercunt yes, i know that boooogie is fooor reeeal. FO' REAL @bunq ➫ ➬ ➭ ➮➫ ➬ ➭ ➮➫ ➬ ➭ ➮
thundercunt ✕ ✖ ✗ ✘ ;) @bunq ✕ ✖ ✗ ✘✕ ✖ ✗ ✘✕ ✖ ✗ ✘✕ ✖ ✗ ✘✕ ✖ ✗ ✘

StarfuckerPop Song

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BicycleEstate @thundercunt LET'S GET WORKIN, YOU CANT RESIST THAT BASSLINE, i hear it drives the ladies nuts
thundercunt this should be your alarm clock song @bunq ▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼ ◆▲ ▼
thundercunt gettin' you sweaty with multiple orgasms with this track. PEACE LOVE & ECSTASY ✌ ❤ ❊ ✌ ❤ ❊ ✌ ❤ ❊ ✌ ❤ ❊ @bunq ✌ ❤ ❊✌
thundercunt @bunq you [are] out of my league ;)
thundercunt even with my shades on, the galaxy has blinded me @bunq
BicycleEstate WE NEED MORE ELKLAND, oh how i miss them


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BicycleEstate ///TEEN///

the teenagers - feeling better minitel rose remix

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thundercunt @bunq Can i eat Ice Cream - off your Muscles!? ahahaha i'm so witty (refer to yr last blip)
Mendeley yo @godninja here's some more feist. one of my favorite feist remixes


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FrankmusikIn Step

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antennica @Y2zl... oooohhhh, a quality Radiohead remix. thx @robotnik! gr8 remix.. (reblip)
marielectric Forever since I've heard this one!
by_starla goodnight @punkrockdiedwhen--and thank you as well. (Luna a wonderful choice for a last blip of the night.) see you soon! :)
gigia hey @melpimenta menina bonita!!! bom dia com tia nina simone.
BicycleEstate lower your eyelids and view the galaxy of the juggs
BicycleEstate i think i have a problem, i play this way to much
BicycleEstate dont let the sunnrise burn your eyes out, not until you've heard the accordion


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thundercunt @bunq oh no! a bad day is better than a bad week better than a bad month... glad it's over though! oooh something secret!? pst is it SIDNEY project?
BicycleEstate i just wet myself hearing this... (reblip)

Kalle JVingslag

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BicycleEstate @bdubz, dam that's tight! im declaring you the DJ OF THE DAY BABY! (reblip)
leoreis @bunq Paaaaaa Paaaaaa Paaaaaa Pa Paaa


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BicycleEstate if the avalanches were to make a baby this would be the outcome///...
BicycleEstate @GIO_R, OMFG this is beautiful, thank you sooooooooooo much, (reblip)
RomeCollins Warm weather and maybe going to 6 flags?

Mylo - Salt Lick

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BicycleEstate holy beejezus this is GOOD! :D...ima blip this like 90 more times (reblip)
BicycleEstate this is the song of the day for me///...dam straight
bduubz i worship these guys

Metro AreaMiura

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teen angst (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX!!!!!!!!)

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BicycleEstate oh this is too good/// (reblip)

Destination Pt. I

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BicycleEstate i just can't get over how good this song is! LOVE YOU ALL NIGHT!///
BicycleEstate @XmX, Okay, but at least get me some animal crackers, cause im hungry ;D
BicycleEstate styrofoam, YAY! :D (reblip)


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BicycleEstate OMFG///AFTER MONTHS OF TRYING TO RECALL THIS SONG I FINALLY FOUND IT!///get ready to crap your pants kidz... @haizee, @bdubz, @opomegranate, @XmX
BicycleEstate gonna build a treehouse for you, \\\, ❤
BicycleEstate @XmX, this isnt the epic song, im still searchin, but this is an EPIC gem anyways///
youcollme @bunq I tried to reblip this once and it disappeared! (reblip)

FM Attack - Take Me Away

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BicycleEstate PREPARE TO FALL IN LOVE///@bduubz, @haizee, @dems, @youcollme, @code402b, @thundercunt \\\DRIVE LIKE A GANGSTA


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BicycleEstate traveling the world in one month

Max RichterNovember

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BicycleEstate ❤☀ BIKE RIDE TO THE SUN ☀❤...it's that good
BicycleEstate NIGHT///hibernating from love forever
BicycleEstate summer night waves///love lost///dreams die into the sun///a midnight goodbye///
BicycleEstate ❤ close your eyes///& dream...
Tranquil Ok, This is the REGINA I was looking for. Hope you like Finnish. @bunq
BicycleEstate all the dreams we just had, are just beginning...
BicycleEstate @TRI, if i could give you a million props for this i would, LOVE THIS! (reblip)
BicycleEstate ▲☀ i've got the summer flu :/
BicycleEstate i'll admit i never liked La Roux, but this is gorgeous...
BicycleEstate benadryl + tea + vicks rub = good dreams...
BicycleEstate ☀ ///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\ ✍

Nouvelle VagueWaves

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BicycleEstate my prayers have been answered! :P talk about turning a shitty day into a gorgeous night, all because of this...
BicycleEstate @ArthrReeeeD that article made my week! :D no joke! especially the part about his car :P
BicycleEstate right when i thought the original couldn't get anymore epic...hot damn! ;D...
BicycleEstate if i could give you a trillion props for this i would! @dochugo :D @ArthrReeeeD @bduubz @fulana @youcollme @Inge_FS @DJ_mao @VayVay this is magical!..

SalemCold Shower

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BicycleEstate i f'in LOVE THIS! thanks @ArthrReeeeD p.s. love the video, wish it was on here too!

St. VincentMarrow

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BicycleEstate ▲▲L▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲O▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲V▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲E▲
BicycleEstate ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
BicycleEstate inside all of us is a WILD THING...
BicycleEstate LO▼E

Don't Falter

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BicycleEstate I absolutely love this! thanks!! @Inge_FS
BicycleEstate you just totally managed to make my night with this gem! thanks @Ninette (reblip)
BicycleEstate (reason for playing this again) cause if anyone ever listens to the blips i play, you will crap yourself magical wonders after hearing this gem...
BicycleEstate leaving you with this gem, peace!


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BicycleEstate this too! @AleBourg you're on fire sir!

Le LoupForgive Me

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BicycleEstate starting my summer early...
BicycleEstate Cheers everyone! Have a goodnight...

CFCFBig Love

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