BohemianChick Good night BlipStarz! ~ Thanks for the love...Smooches!! :-)))
bendrix Yeah Bent is absolutely Ridiculous. It took me 4 weeks to locate & buy 2 albums not available in NYC or in USA. HAPPY U vibeN on it=> @BohemianChick
BohemianChick Wow so you're an Old Head huh?Congrats @bendrix: "August 26th at the stroke of 12PM marks my new year. This sacred Bent track will forever..." (reblip)

Breakfast at 80,000 Ft.

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bendrix This is the sound of @BohemianChick's subliminal brainwashing "FIRE U'r trusted accountant & transfer all U'r funds to my Ponzi Madolf Swiss Account" (reblip)
BohemianChick Thank U very much sir ;-)bendrix: "This is the sound of bendrix digN in the crate for some smooth Detroit Slum Village deliciousness=> @BohemianChick" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey you, today I get to stay home and be Mommy! :)@ambit: "Hey You @BohemianChick how are you this morn? Exciting workday planned? :)Enjoy my friend!" (reblip)

Wayman TisdaleYou

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BohemianChick My fave obscure Latin Rock group! I'm bringing 'em back! ;-)

Black sugar. Viajecito

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BohemianChick Happy Monday (well, as happy as a Monday can be) 2 @SpinninSara: hi neighbor :-) @Blippo
BohemianChick No worries friend ;-) @rock2monster: "rock2 can now smile, again...worried much as a rock(2) can...i'll see You in the snow/ i'll be..." (reblip)
BohemianChick Good morning BlipStarz! ~ It's raining...and I'm really happy about that. ~ I'll be even happier when it snows. :-)
BohemianChick It did ;-) @rock2monster: "@BohemianChick~ i made a joke last night...i know, it rarely happens, but i hope it made rock2's friend smile..." (reblip)
BohemianChick Lenny needs to regrow his locks. @LYRIC he's definitely an FHOC! ;-)

Meshell Ndegeocello Dred Loc 1993

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BohemianChick LOL...they're not blowing in the steamy south either :-) @DJFrankie: "reblip @BohemianChick. One thing they do NOT do, is blow today in NYC.Ugh. : )" (reblip)
BohemianChick Jonathan Maron - Natural High ~ Hi BlipStarz! ;-)

Midnight Snack Vol.1

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ambit Yes~It Can Happen! Don't Fool urself!

YesIt Can Happen

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BohemianChick Thank U 2...I love this one :-) @iMatthew_: "Platinum Jazz! WAR – City, Country, City (thx 2 @BohemianChick for blippin' --Slippin' Into Darkness)" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey sis! @LadyFantastick I've been pretty good...thanks for asking. How are you?
BohemianChick That's what I was thinking! Whatever works huh? ;-) @DJRogueBettie

D Train--You're the Reason (1984)

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Hezekiah Walker & L.F.C. -He's Holy

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BohemianChick No harm at all :-)@ksablan: "@BohemianChick I know I've played it before, but no harm in repetition, right? :)" (reblip)
BohemianChick I've gone to 2 of her concerts, always a good show thx :-)@rubyd77: "@BoChica - love her - did u ever see her live - great in person-enjoy the video" (reblip)
itsRamel Ramel – Baby Without U

RamelBaby Without U

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itsRamel Ramel – U Put It On Me

RamelU Put It On Me

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BohemianChick Good morning 2 U :-) @akuji: "Bougie Soliterre – Got The Bug (Sfere Mix)" (reblip)
BohemianChick Good morning BlipStarz :-)


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BohemianChick Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Rework)


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BohemianChick True...Louie is the man!! Thx rb@akuji: "Marie Joly – Lovin' U (Louie Vega Roots Mix) @FRIEDCATFISH @BoChica When Louie touches it, it can only jam!!" (reblip)

Peace & Quiet Feat, Stephanie Mckay-DJ Spinna

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Marystudio The Belmonts ~ Tell Me Why
BohemianChick Definitely shizi! lol :-) @KushiQ: "@BoChica,thanks wether more Bush Doctors or shizi (???) to relax :-)))))))))) " (reblip)
BohemianChick You are very kind :-) @rock2monster ~ Well, this is my "I'm pissed about something" song. Sighhhhhh....
BohemianChick I'm good...enjoying the cooler weather down here too :-) @bduubz: " i'm good, enjoying the cooler weather in nyc :) hope you're good!" (reblip)
BohemianChick Ah yeah...that's what's up! @crowjane: "U got any sexy men hanging around the sach? crowjane~follow me sis~plenty of eye candy at da' bar~" (reblip)
BohemianChick Another one! I'm reblipping all of your stuff lol ,-) @steno: "Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow (Mousse T. Remix)" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey you :-)) This is nice, thx. rb@steno: "Christian Hornbostel - Waiting At Potsdamer Chaussee" (reblip)
BohemianChick Thanks! :-)) @LYRIC: ""Throw your pain in TheRiver~~~~ to be washed away" ~sending U some healing energy, my dear @BoChica--feel better... :)" (reblip)

PJ HarveyThe River

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BohemianChick Hello again BlipStarz :-) Thanks for the props & replies

Boz ScaggsLowdown

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BohemianChick LOL Hey sis! :-) @crowjane ~ Thanks guys! @djilo: hey you! @KushiQ: it is! @SpinninSara: hey neighbor! @GR8FL: hi there!
BohemianChick @RnBE: I'm outta props for you already! ~ I still haven't found my musical direction today, but I think I'm getting closer! ;-)
BohemianChick Yes!!! Thank you! ;-) @sammysoul: "@BohemianChick You asked for the original, here it is ;-) (until the blip overlords remove it...)" (reblip)
BohemianChick Yes, we do! Nice bliplist! rb@Degringolade: "Just stay through the credits to make sure a clawed hand doesn't reach up through the ground" (reblip)

Curtis Mayfield ~ Freddies Dead

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BohemianChick This is in my all time top 5! are the man!! ;-) (reblip)

StrafeSet It Off

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BohemianChick Nice to see you too! Enjoying your Sunday? @RnBE: "Jimmy Dludlu – Walk of Life @BohemianChick hello nice to see you!" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey BlipStars...Happy Friday! =)

Nuyorican soul,i am the black gold of the sun(4hero remix)

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BohemianChick Thanks! ;-) @ffluxx: "Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset <---- @BohemianChick 's sunset :D" (reblip)
BohemianChick "Please, do not be alarmed...remain calm. Do not attempt to leave the dancefloor..." (I love this song!) ;-)
BohemianChick Hi BlipStars! ~ Happy Birthday! @Flying_Roundhouse ;-)


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BohemianChick Hi BlipStars....Happy Friday!! =)

(NEW) Me'Shell Ndgéocello "The Sloganeer: Paradise"

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The Rebirth This Journey In

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BohemianChick "Deep, deep where the sun don't shine..." :-)
BohemianChick Thanks! ;-) @djilo: "Since you guys weren't around last night, I'm gonna blip this again just for you ;-) @BohemianChick@WIGSTA" (reblip)

C&M Ft. Parliament of House-Inside (Deep Inside Mix)

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The Rebirth--Got Your Madness (2005)

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LSG (All The Times)

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Isley brothers Voyage to Atlantis

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BohemianChick If I wasn't already in love with my BohemianDude...I'd fall in love with Osunlade LOL ;-)
BohemianChick hey's almost here! ;-) How are u? @crowjane: "Hi there! :-) ~~back atcha sis~What up boo~?~lemme guess~Friday~its on da' way babe~" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hi BlipStarz! Happy Thursday ~ Thanks for all the blip luv you've been sending me! :-)
BohemianChick Yeah, are you? @Blippo: "Hey @BohemianChick All things right there? ;) " (reblip)
BohemianChick Thanks for this...I love Rachelle's voice too :-) @jkgaskins: "@BohemianChick @ambit- this is one of my favorite Will songs. Keep on groovin'." (reblip)

Recloose -Deeper Waters feat Joe Dukie (eva bes remix)

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Funkadelic "Maggot Brain" 1971

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BohemianChick Back later BlipStarz...see ya! :-)
BohemianChick G'night BlipStarz! Thanks for the props, replies and rb's! ;-)))


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ffluxx Erykah Badu – Green Eyes ------<{@BohemianChick ; )

Radiohead + Osunlade & Erro everything in its right place

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BohemianChick We luv Me'shell! :-) @LYRIC: ""I find myself yearning for the heaven that U bring..." I am so happy 2 see my lovelies blippin' Me'Shell :) rb@bendrix" (reblip)
BohemianChick I haven't blipped this in a fave song ever!

(NEW) Me'Shell Ndgéocello "The Sloganeer: Paradise"

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BohemianChick I'm good, thanks for asking! How are you? @tony1175: "@BohemianChick how are you??" (reblip)
BohemianChick I'm going to reblip your entire playlist one it! @BobSpirit :-) (reblip)
ladypn & you know we're counting on that fact@mark_till... :) : "You know I can't hold back... @ladypn " (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow "Aly walks with me in my dreams.... can I walk with you in Portland right next to you? ;) ***I LOVE walking in Portland! Miss it so much! : ( (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey BlipStarz...Happy Monday (and Happy Easter! Yeah, I'm a day late.) ;-)
BohemianChick Thanks :-) rb@non_sequitur: "following up on @BohemianChick and her marvin theme! granted, its not mister gaye himself, but a great rendition of..." (reblip)

Ben harper, Sexual Healing

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BohemianChick It HAS been a while! I'm good, how are you? rb@M_C: "Hi @armchairclubber @lostsoulgee1 & @BohemianChick! It's been a while....hope you're all well?" (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey BlipStarz! :-)

Chris Walsh & Dave Beran- Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix) 2001

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BohemianChick Hi BlipStarz :-)

J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science -Leave It All Behind

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BohemianChick Really? Hmmm...popular name I guess rb@FRIEDCATFISH: "@FRIEDCATFISH: "@BohemianChic (kinda acidy techo beat)."@BohemianChick.. Two BoChicas'" (reblip)
SquarerootZ The Whutnauts - Help Is On The Way sampled for Apache (R.I.P) - "Hey Girl", De la Soul - "Ring Ring Ring" & Common - "Resurrection"

The Whutnauts - Help Is On The Way

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BohemianChick Thanks for the props and replies BlipStarz :-)
BohemianChick More running music...trying to motivate myself to put on my Adidas...not working though. :-/
amphore Acid Jazz Guitarist DjMorpheus – Celestial Culture Dance
Tropicsz4 YW >> @gpharley: "@CarolannB: "Thx @TropicsZ4 for sharing one of my favs: "Crimson & Clover""" (reblip)

Dean Martin (Ain't That A Kick In the Head) Sexy Groove

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armchairclubber rb vi@lostsoulgee1 ~ A Taste Of Honey - Do It Good.... you certainly do !! (reblip)

A Taste Of Honey- Do It Good

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Gwen and Bertrand Dupart-Lolita (Rocco Remix)

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BohemianChick I love this song...thanks. rb@itsRamel: "They That Wait - Fred Hammond" (reblip)

(*NEW*)They That Wait by Fred Hammond

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Siouxsie & The Banshees ~ Kiss Them For Me

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BohemianChick "Old pirates, yes, they rob I, sold I to the merchant ships..."
QueenyKay Amanda Perez ~ Angel ~ "God send me an angel from the heavens above/ Send me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love"

amanda perezangel

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BohemianChick I hear ya...I'm SO glad it's Friday. :-) @Bdarealist ~~ Hi & thanks! @nicklokes @EveEditorella: thx for the FB add! @Karuna

P'taah ft Tiombe Lockhart "Fade Away"Silver City Space Mix

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Mrxtrabusy @BohemianChick, @AbsoluteVenus,@msclace,@MzTrysRiddim hope yall enjoy this one. Erykah Badu-Stay

Erykah BaduStay

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BohemianChick Thanks! :-) rb@palisadehills: "@BohemianChick I like your new photo :o) || Morcheeba – Way Beyond" (reblip)

MorcheebaWay Beyond

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BohemianChick Nice one! :-) rb@EFR56: "Latin Soul Brothas – Afroricaness (Glenn Underground's Black Dynamite Rerub) - 2010" (reblip)
EFR56 Latin Soul Brothas – Afroricaness (Glenn Underground's Black Dynamite Rerub) - 2010

Hird ft. Yukimi Nagano 'fading blues'

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beatmassa Ok I hope I'm not making you dizzy @BohemianChick but I got one more - I promise, wait I don't - I hate breaking a promises loool
Snuffpuppy ;0)@MahoganyGirl: "Billy Idol "Eyes Without A Face...." Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!" (reblip)
BohemianChick Blip kicked me out...again. lol Gotta steal this...thanks! :-) rb@palisadehills: "Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)" (reblip)

Nuyorican soul,i am the black gold of the sun(4hero remix)

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BohemianChick Welcome...thx for the track! :-) rb@beatmassa: " latest track - funky and fresh - hot off the press @sybi @skreama @cocona @BohemianChick @senoa" (reblip)

The Funkadelic Freakshow

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Bdarealist This beat always reminded me of "Left My Wallet in El Segundo" RB@killiterati: "music made to dance to" (reblip)

GangstarrJazz Thing

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narataku0217 Earth Wind & Fire – Let's Groove...great!!
palisadehills @BohemianChick :o) || Me'Shell NdegéOcello + Basement Jaxx – Feels Like Home
KayceeDee School Gyrls - Something Like A Party (Ralphi Rosario Radio 1)
BohemianChick Thanks!! :-))) rb@Cris_tina: "Happy Birthday ♥ !!!!!!!!@BohemianChick" (reblip)

Marek HemmannGemini

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BohemianChick Gotta reblip this of his best songs! Thanks big bro :-) rb@broadwayg: ""Kirk Franklin-Any time you get down on yourself, listen to this..." (reblip)
BohemianChick Hey BlipStarz! ~ Thanks for the props, replies and rb's over the past few days! :-)

Manu Dibango MAW - New Bell

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BohemianChick Hey you! :-) rb@cipytweet: ~ Hi @GR8FL thanks! (reblip)

Gato Barbieri Europa

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Shaun Escoffery ~ Days Like This (DJ Spinna Remix)

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BohemianChick Thanks for the props/replies! @suckmydeck @shiner @Gioca @rock2monster: hey monsterdude! @ShiaoMei: I have my coffee...and I'm wide awake! lol :-))
SpinninSara Just stopped in for a few... hope to be back later... Hope everyone has an awesome day!!! ☼ ~~Yael Naim – New Soul~~

Yael NaimNew Soul

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BohemianChick Good morning! Mysterymix @ShiaoMel @ffluxx
RnBE Prince – Shhh ~ now the prince version. who's is betr Prince or Tevin? | @Acedyiamond hey wassup! nice 2 c u!


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juicyjewelz RB @gusone: "ain't nothing but a lovvvvvvve thing" (reblip)


| play
BohemianChick of my fave dreadlocked guys! Thanks! :-)) rb@ShiaoMei (reblip)

Marion MeadowsSuede

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BohemianChick Thank U! :-) rb@DrCocker: "@DrCocker: "@BoChica for a funky chic"" (reblip)

The Majestics-Funky Chick (1969)

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BohemianChick Ok you're first...just remember, this will hurt you more than it hurts me...and you'll be dead afterwards, 'cause I'm draining ya! LOL ;-) rb@ambit (reblip)
ShiaoMei @TropoicsZ4 & @0_0 <<< I need a good wake up song!! ..with my 2nd cop of coffee!

On the Ocean -K'Jon

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BohemianChick Hey Fam! =) rb@RonnieBebop: "@BoChica... Hey "Sugar..." ;o)" (reblip)

Reggie Watts 05/08/2009 'Sugar Got It Going On'

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BohemianChick I've been looking for this song! (reblip)

Zhane: Everything Happens for a Reason

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Jazzy Jeff feat Erro: Rock with You (Osunlade Mix)

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akuji Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler – Rising the Sun @Mysterymix @BoChica
BohemianChick Dedicated to the person that just told me that my taste in music is schizophrenic and weird...LOL Ya think?!? =P


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BohemianChick Thanks :-) @KushiQ

John Beltran: It was all beautiful

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BohemianChick My fave Sebo K track for @Raha :-)

Sebo KDiva

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BohemianChick No sun here today, just fog and clouds! :-) @QucksandRangero Thanks! @Triple5Light @briangreene @C_Golisano @T_DeBarros: hey sis! =)

joey negro pr akabu - i'm not afraid of the future (jimpster mix) (MrEmiX)

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BITT59 Gretchen Peters – The Way You Move Me
BohemianChick Hey bro! ;-) rb@djilo: "Hey sis! : ) @BoChica Allen Hoist – With Love (Dubbed With Love Raw Deal Mix)" (reblip)
BohemianChick Yeahhhhhhh! The Roots and Roy Ayers together? I'm in heaven! ~~ Later BlipStarz!! ;-)

The Roots feat. Roy Ayers: Proceed 2

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BohemianChick Thanks for the props, rb's and replies BlipStarz! Smooches!! :-)
BohemianChick Awww...thanks. No problem...I've got a huge turkey! lol rb@Gioca: "Absolut Kravitz for Absolut Bohemian Lady @BoChica ..sorry, no turkey here :) " (reblip)


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BohemianChick Good morning BlipStarz :-)

Sky's the Limit ~ Raphael Saadiq

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QueenyKay Perfect for a smooth wake up! @BoChica@Kaleem1966@Steste@mrrodd@DeathByChickFlix@yesguv2. No need to understand the lyrics , just feel the music:)

gagepense a moi

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