mrrodd lol Yeah @Bubbly3 but I am Two Steps Back!
Fortharrison I think you might like this one its a fav @Bubbly3

Barenaked LadiesEasy

| play
Bubbly3 Light up, light up~as if u have a choice~evn if u cannot hear my voice~I'll b right beside u dear~louder, louder~& we'll run 4 our lives

Leona Lewis: Run (with Lyrics)

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Bubbly3 Good Morning Blip ~ Your Joy ~
Bubbly3 wow I like this song & the video is AWESOME! thx Paul :) @TakeFive: "APOCALYPTICA - NOTHING ELSE MATTERS,,,ENJOY,,," (reblip)
Bubbly3 woohoo! Thanks Aline :~) haha~so CUTE!!!! @AlineFonte: this one go for u, snowy ;) (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ ♦♦♦ Unbreakable ♦♦♦ ~


| play
Bubbly3 I nevr saw it coming~it kind of crept up & caught me by surprise~ move in a little closer~take it 2 a whisper~just a little louder ♦♦ Say It Again ♦♦
Bubbly3 love love love this new song of hers ~ lyrics are so true to my heart ♥ Doesn't Mean Anything ♥
Bubbly3 ♥ Smoke ♥

Jus Jack-Smoke

| play
Bubbly3 ♥♥♥ Hang On ♥♥♥

Plumb Hang On Digital Dog Radio Edit

| play
Bubbly3 NEW SONG!!! love it ~ Life After You ~ love it ~ NEW SONG!!!
Bubbly3 I drank it all :) LOL~ how r u & what's ur fave? @klynnDemar YEA...good friend, now...where's the wine?" (reblip)
Bubbly3 hi Andres~hope u had a gr8 thxgiving~how r u tonight? & hows the weather? @vidabatine: "hey ... [ Keane - Sunshine ]" (reblip)


| play
Bubbly3 holy crap this is awesome!!! RB luv ladies@hopedances: "ohhhhhhhhh.. mandatory rb.. =) @NicoleVSanchez: "good night :-) sweet dreams..@scotlandlover"" (reblip)

Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel

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Bubbly3 so in love with ~ MUSIC ~ may the spirit of Thanksgiving bring u love, laughter & a warm heart. I am so thankful for all of you :)

Music (Original Version) Joss Stone Feat. Lauryn Hill

| play
Bubbly3 YW :) @la_loquita @Bubbly3: EAST COASTERS~thanks 4 sending me the most beautiful ♥ Sunrise ♥ this morning :~) love your morning joy :)) thanks!!! (reblip)
Bubbly3 ♥♥♥ Hello My Apple ♥♥♥ I love this song~& I love Priscilla~my new FAVE girl :~)
Bubbly3 ♥ I Fell in Love with You ♥

I Fell In Love With You Priscilla Renea (With lyrics)

| play
Bubbly3 gotta strt lookn @ the hands of time we've been givn~we only got 86 400 secnds in a day 2 trn it all around or throw it away~ gotta live lk we're dyin
Bubbly3 ooohhheeee~havn't heard this 1 by her surprisingly!! LOVE it! Thx Diane :) @polarkat: "G'morning girls @NicoleVSanchez @Bubbly3" (reblip)

Songs Like This- Carrie Underwood

| play
Bubbly3 I'm only human,4gv me~I'm only human, luv me~I'm only human, save me~I'm no super woman, embrace me~I'm fragile & brokn, ur just like me~prfctly human
Bubbly3 got this sent 2 me on FB~love the Romeo Persective~it kicks ASS!!! :~)
Bubbly3 why do we tk it all 4 grantd until its gone?luv who u luv~w/all that u have~& don't waste the time that flies so fast~hld on as tight as they'll let u
Bubbly3 holy crap! that is DAMN awesome!!! love Mayer & this version~thank you :) @MrsASoprano: "I love the way Mayer covered this @Bubbly3 " (reblip)
Bubbly3 thank you Andres :) @vidabatine ~very much appreciate it :) (reblip)

Starting Now by Ingrid Michaelson

| play
Bubbly3 r u 2 talking behind my back? lol@vidabatine: "She needs to get with it. It's a great song @NicoleVSanchez: "Can you believe Amber hasn't heard this? (reblip)

Corner Allie Moss

| play
Bubbly3 glad u like it!@creativeness: "lmao. @dmoney350z: "Great, now this is going to be in my head ALL NIGHT lol RB @creativeness: (reblip)
Bubbly3 ♥ Leave It All Behind ♥
Gypsylyn ♥ The Nearness Of YOU ♥ Norah Jones
suckmydeck TYVM my friend and have a good day!!! :))@Bubbly3: "WOW! WOW! WOW!~ I love it :~) awesome~where do u find these? lol @suckmydeck" (reblip)

Daniel Merriweather Water And A Flame Feat. Adele (FULL Official Video)

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Bubbly3 today has been okay~wow~so true
Bubbly3 & if I add chocolate sauce & a cherry then what? ;) @mrrodd: BT Is The Sweetest GIft!" (reblip)
Bubbly3 just popping in for a minute*HI everyone* BYE everyone~lol

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant in Please Read the Letter

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Bubbly3 i had 2 go see who blipped this!!!@mark_till~one of my ALLTIME faves that turns my head whenevr i hear it. I love it! thx 4 blipping!!! :~) (reblip)
Bubbly3 so far away from where u are~I miss you~I wish u were here~ I miss all the little things~I never thought that they'd mean evrything 2 me.....
Bubbly3 u say u want the cookie~fresh out the oven~straight suga luvin~ 2 the beat I luv it! yummy :) *~* ENJOY THIS SEXY ONE *~*
DJLOPZ And the last one bear :) @Bubbly3

Donnell Jones - You Know That I Love You(1)

| play
Bubbly3 I gotta run blipsters~wish I cld stay & play but my list of things to do is GINORMOUS! Make it a gr8 day & I'll pop in once in a while. LUV U~xoxoxoxo

Enrique Iglesias-Be Yourself

| play
Bubbly3 yep! awesome & you did a good job of out-doing yourself :-D @DJLOPZ: "I truly just outdid myself bear @Bubbly3" (reblip)
Bubbly3 I'm ecstatic~ I feel the magic~u nvr truly thnk its real til it blows ur mind~some ppl fight 4 luv~ur the reason~the air I'm breathin
Bubbly3 yep, thats pretty sexy! wow! I love it :) Thx T @DJLOPZ: "Your wish is my command bear :) (reblip)
Jalapeno @Bubbly3 thx girl! LUV HOW U SPICE IT UP :) hehe THX girl! I just can't stop the music is ALWAYS in my head :) & now my boys RHCP...
Bubbly3 oooh! what a GR8 song to get going to!!! TY!! :) @queenzgoddess: "I'm hearing this song everywhere and I'm loving it. Good morning everyone x" (reblip)

The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition

| play
Bubbly3 GOOD EVENING my Bliperazzi :~) missed you all!!!!!!!! {hugs}

Joss StoneFree Me

| play
Bubbly3 OMG~ this is AWESOME~thanks for it :) @Gioca: "Pause" (reblip)
Bubbly3 so she'd die if I didn't know them? LOL~ :) how r u? @yesguv2 Hello this is Lauren's fav band & she follows / stalks them all over the place (reblip)
Bubbly3 yep LOVE it :) thx Flo! @Dancer12: "on break..Enjoy...." (reblip)

Cuando Me Enamoro-Andrea Bocelli

| play
Bubbly3 I'll b fine....nothing some hot tea, a hot bath & a blip band-aid wont heal :) @NicoleVSanchez Hey, Amber are you okay? Im just checking on u :-) (reblip)
Bubbly3 roll me up in ur black & satin bed~Im here 2 take u 2 the ground~TAKE IT OFF! if u wanna make luv boy u bettr bring it~ sexy sex obsessive :)
Bubbly3 cold as fire~hot as ice :) just the way I like it
Bubbly3 BOOTS & BOYS! ~they bring me so much joy :)

KeshaBoots and Boys

| play
Bubbly3 from the 1st day I met ya~I fell 4 ya~as time kept goin & our love kept growin~I had 2 let go of the pain, let love RAIN DOWN on me~ u showd me thngs

JoJoLet It Rain

| play
Bubbly3 u still got me~from here lookin back~I still cant blieve~where we've been, what we've seen, u & me~u got me 4eva~wherevr u go u'll nvr b there alone

Still Got Me by Jump5

| play
Bubbly3 i just like to SAY i'm driving-lol. we can finish captivating if u want :) still workin on pickin music~way fun its gonna be! WAY fun! @NicoleVSanchez (reblip)
Bubbly3 woohoo! hey Diane :) LOVE this song & so sorry I havn't caught up w/u yet :( @polarkat: " Good evening Amber @Bubbly3" (reblip)

Daughtry version of Poker Face

| play
Bubbly3 (*uh um*) well isn't THIS a sexy video~WOW! @mrrodd: "Can't let you Tie Me Down" (reblip)

Tie Me Down

| play
Bubbly3 ♡ if u were a cowboy I'd TRAIL u~if u were a piece of wood, I'd NAIL u 2 the floor~if u were a sailboat, I'd SAIL u~if u were a river I'd SWIM u ♡
Bubbly3 who u callin trouble Trouble? @egmpresident so what's ur name?
Bubbly3 haha~ I'll second that~lmao! yep one day sounds better than never @klynnDemar: "ok, but since THAT'S not gonna happen, i'll settle for one day" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ★according to him, I'm: Im btyful, incredible. he cnt get me out of his head. Im funny, irresistible, evrythng he alwys wantd. evrythng opposite of u★
Bubbly3 AWESOME Rod~enjoy the V with a capital V!!! :) @mrrodd: Enjoy The Ride @Bubbly3 All I Can See Now Is The Afterglow! (reblip)
Bubbly3 HELLO BLIP!!! :~) XOXOX ♦♦♦ You Got Me ♦♦♦
Bubbly3 I know!!! tell me about it~its addicting :) @vidabatine Imma find a goodnight mashup if there is one & then I'm out :) (reblip)
Bubbly3 sexy sexy mashup :) my FAVE!!!!!

Mega MashUp Lady Gaga Shakira Pitbull Madonna David Guetta Akon MaNuMixx Remix Version MUSIC VIDEO

| play
Bubbly3 heres 2 u~tried & true~fade into the twilight~I can hear u breathin~see ur picture on the wall~I wld give u my wings~if they'd help u at all
Bubbly3 @Fortharrison: "UUHHMM strange not unless your holding a toy or you've had a sex change LOL, u'd b breakin hearts all over blip land@Bubbly3 "Cheers"" (reblip)


| play
Bubbly3 put me on the table~make me say ur name~if I cn't remmbr, then give me all ur pain~OH MY GOD!~go a lil slower~what was that again?~let me feel u baby

P!nk LiveOh my God

| play
Bubbly3 (ooohhheeeee~what SEXY lyrics!) head back~eyes closed~deep breath~let it go!~bare w/me, I'll take good care~I'm an expert~I'm like a surgeon..........
Bubbly3 am I real? am I dream? am I borrowed? am I blue? settling~ am I fair? am I strong? do I belong?~do I wave goodbye? ~is it wrong when nothing is right?

Tara MacLean: Settling (with lyrics)

| play
Bubbly3 ~ breathe in breathe out~ tell me all of ur doubt~everybody bleeds the same~if evry1 goes away, I will stay~we push & pull~I fall down sometimes
Bubbly3 no but I live down the street & I could be since I spend so much time w/her! lmao :) @c3p0 your not 1 of her 4 kids are you ? :-) (reblip)

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy

| play
Bubbly3 has the sun gone down on you? have u given up? I wish I cld say all the right things 2 make the pain go away~I wish u knew how btyful u r in evry way
Bubbly3 in his arms she fell~as her hair fell down~among the fields of gold~will you stay with me?~will you be my love?~
FineNGood "Me: So I am less of a dick in real life? Her: I didn't say that." Is that the thanks I get? WTF LOL. You know who you are girl on MSN Messenger!
Bubbly3 ever been misunderstood, misused or misled~life is funny, life's a mess~sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing~don't worry bout a thing
Bubbly3 Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back @ Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Bubbly3 baby why don't u stay w/me~share all ur secrets tonight~we can make believe the morning sun will never rise~come & lay your head on this big brass bed
Bubbly3 you always have awesome songs!!! @Intriguingds: "Jennifer Lopez ~ I'm Glad" (reblip)
Bubbly3 One of my faves!!! I don't wanna see u ever sad~anything that hurts u, hurts me 2~will u take my hand & feel how close I am~just hold on to me tonight
Bubbly3 I wish you out of the woods & into the picture wiht me~I wish you over moon, come out of the question & be~I rollercoaster for you
Bubbly3 Craig David – Last Night

Collide w/ lyrics by Howie Day

| play
Bubbly3 I think I'll go to Boston~I think I'm just tired~I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind~I think I need a sunrise~I'm tired of the sunset
Bubbly3 wake up 1 morning u realize ~ur life is 1 big compromise~u ask urself~there's got 2 b more than what I'm liivng more~ let the sunshine on ur face

Laura IziborShine

| play
Bubbly3 I nvr been who I wanted 2 b~I nevr felt completely free~no 1's evr had all of me~or made me feel so btyful & sexy~I'm givng myslf ovr 2 u~body & soul

Jennifer Hudson Giving Myself

| play
Bubbly3 LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!!! UH-HUH~lyrics are incredible!!! @VT_HickChick: "then? hmmmmm" (reblip)

Brad Paisley Then

| play
Bubbly3 @HERDE "havn't heard this one in a L-O-N-G time. Love it~thanks :)" (reblip)
Bubbly3 all we need is candlelight~u & me & a bottle of wine~I'm gonna hold u tonight~lets delay our misery~save tonight & fight the break of dawn :~}

Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry

| play
Intriguingds ((Twitter Stretch)) Elvis Presley ♥ It's Now Or Never ♥ Enjoy This Amazing Day!!
Bubbly3 MY NEW FAVE SONG!! Parlez vous francais?~Konichiwa~Come and move in my way~Hey, little chica from Guadeloupe~That thing you got behind you is amazing~
Bubbly3 when I touch u, I feel happy inside~its such a feeling that my luv I can't hide~ya got that somethin~I'll thnk u'll understand~ I want to hold ur hand (reblip)
Bubbly3 I'm blinded by your love~your love is not enough~you're always in my heart~you're my ocean & blue~fly with me on the wings of love~fly w/me 2 the moon

Mark MedlockBaby Blue

| play
Bubbly3 sometimes the rain~can turn into a waterfall~the pretties things can come out of the coldest mind~& even with broken wings you find your way to fly

The Beatles - Blackbird

| play
Annimallover Anyone heard their new stuff? Rb@polarkat: "G'nite @Bubbly3" (reblip)


| play
cpcdiniz @Dancer12: "Past my bedtime!!G'nite all!!@gpharley@dawoollyman: "she is on Leno now and is as beautiful as ever and can rock it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" (reblip)
Bubbly3 {{{ Katy Perry – Thinking of You }}}
Bubbly3 David Cook- Come back to me lyrics [ON-SCREEN!]

David Cook- Come back to me lyrics [ON-SCREEN!]

| play
polarkat Good one@Bubbly3: ""maybe I like this song cuz it has my name in it!! :)" Amber Pacific – Always You" (reblip)
Bubbly3 "maybe I like this song cuz it has my name in it!! :)" Amber Pacific – Always You
Bubbly3 {{{ Monrose – What You Don't Know }}}
Bubbly3 Semisonic – Secret Smile
Bubbly3 I like this song-nvr heard it b4@CPCDINIZ: "@RadioFreeIllinois: "@powerlevel @AEnders @prie_tita @CPCDINIZ thanks y''s a great vibe, power"" (reblip)

K'naanWavin' Flag

| play
Bubbly3 Staind – Believe (Radio Version)
Bubbly3 { Even if you can't hear my voice~I'll be right beside you dear. Snow Patrol – Run }

Snow PatrolRun

| play
Bubbly3 Shoutout to all my listeners~from Upside Down :-} Diana Ross – Upside Down
Bubbly3 @NicoleVSanchez "you & me LOVE lyrics so much, check this one out!! Sndng hugs ur way~MuAh!!" Demi Lovato – Two Worlds Collide
Bubbly3 Savage Garden – To The Moon & Back
Bubbly3 the stars lean down to kiss you~I lie awake I miss you~pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere~drenched in vanilla twilight
Bubbly3 Woohoo! I love it, great song, & then again, has my name in it!!! Woohoo~thanks Will :) :) :) @TropicsZ4: "Amber – This is Your Night" (reblip)
Bubbly3 My Favorite Highway – Bigger Than Love
Bubbly3 Now my destiny can begin~Something strange & new is happening~Its the best that I've ever had~Give my love 2 him finally~Fergie – Finally


| play
Bubbly3 Keri Hilson – Slow Dance Remix ft Renaan Illice
Bubbly3 HOW AWSOME!! thank you for this song! Love it :) @GR8FL: "upside down @Bubbly3 " (reblip)
djsurfer Frank Sinatra – I get a kick out of you
Bubbly3 what a great song Will :~) @TropicsZ4: "Leona Lewis – Happy >> (reblip)

Leona LewisHappy

| play
rosecryst Such a lovely lullaby~SweetDreams CK! *ty* @chickenkatsu: "G-nite all! TY for Ps/Rs/RBs!" (reblip)
Bubbly3 looks like all you need is a slave then @detroitfan :~) haha

britney spears im a slave for you Offical Video

| play
Bubbly3 thank you to whoever blipped this. HOLY CRAP!!!! I just fell in love with this song~ DAMN!!!! awesome~awesome~awesome~awesome~ awesome~awesome~awesome (reblip)
Bubbly3 this is my ULTIMATE fave song! I had to go back to find who blipped this~thank you @nbztunes!!!!!! :~) I absolutely love this song :~) (reblip)
Bubbly3 yep, me too !!! :~) @dirtylittlesecret: "love this song! @Time2Burn: "Santana – Into The Night (Ft. Chad Kroeger)"" (reblip)
amyleigh10 RBing from my playlist, love this one...good dancing in the kitchen w/ hubby song! Thanks2: @westham999@johno@cisum35@Bubbly3 WELCOME @olgaduarte! :) (reblip)
Bubbly3 hey girl! How is your kiddo feelng today? @blackgrapes
Bubbly3 Hows the state fair @mrrodd? Gotta enjoy the yummy food & remember the cotton candy :) lol
Bubbly3 @NicoleVSanchez: Woohoo~woohoo~woohoo~I'm so happy that you're coming home!! man oh man it made 4 a long week since I couldn't come over-LOL~Muah<3 u! (reblip)
Bubbly3 ***Goodnight my blip friends*** Josh Preston ~ Lullaby

Josh PrestonLullaby

| play
Bubbly3 I had to pull this out of the closet~I absolutely LOVE this song!! hope you like it :~) Tara MacLean ~ If I Fall
Bubbly3 WOW! @TakeFive~this song is AWESOME!!! love it~possibly a new fave of mine now :) (reblip)

A Fine Frenzy: You Picked Me Live DVD

| play
Bubbly3 OMG~yes, I need to wind down~how soothing@Yesguv~thank you!!! absolutely L-O-V-E it :~) (reblip)

ColdplayThe Scientist

| play
Bubbly3 things get better~lift it off~u need 2 know~the heart keeps sayin don't give up~through it all @Fortharrison just stand up :~)

JUST STAND UP! Mariah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley, Leona & more

| play
Bubbly3 awesome pics on here for those of us who LOVE flying in planes! (I'm being sarcastic-lol)~the pics are awesome though :)
Bubbly3 u came & u changd my whole world now~I'm smwhere I've nvr been b4~now I know what love means~its UNBELIEVABLE & I don't wanna let it go
mrrodd I hear ya @Bubbly3 doing that next wkn! :) Just watching the days go by!
Bubbly3 @mrrodd: relaxin & chillin~doin absolutely nothin. On the list: movies, popcorn & being lazy~I'll watch you run though :) LOL~its my S-L-O-W wknd :) (reblip)

Sean Kingston "I Can Feel It"

| play
Bubbly3 @mrrodd: gotta re-blip this~havn't heard this song in forever & L-O-V-E it~ThAnK yOu!!! :~) (reblip)
Bubbly3 Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
Bubbly3 when the rain is blowing in ur face~& the whole world is on ur case~I could offer u a warm embrace~to make you feel my love

Adele 19 Make You Feel My Love

| play
Bubbly3 LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! we could fly~you & I~on a cloud~kissing, kissing~a jorney of the heart


| play
redbarchettadrive Wow! I found it! Don't let this one pass you by. Rebip!
Bubbly3 Do you really wanna know me?~all me?~don't waste no time~show me what's on your mind~do you really wanna know?

Verona "Do You Really Wanna Know" HD

| play
Bubbly3 LOVE this!!!! Awesome :-} @sunshinemaker_7: "3 Doors Down & Sara Evans ~ Here Without You" (reblip)
Bubbly3 its morning~I wake up~the taste of summer sweetness on my breath~its a clear day~lets go dance under the street lights~COME ON OVER!!!!

Streetcorner Symphony Lyrics

| play
Bubbly3 thank you~same to you :-} I enjoy your songs!@Lonravalex: (reblip)

Charlie Wilson (Can't Live Without You)

| play
Bubbly3 @atibbs2292~the answer to ur ? is yes~I'm a blipper :)
Bubbly3 LOVE LOVE LOVE his new battle studies cd~ who says I can't get stoned?~who says I can't be free?~who says I can't take time?~who says?

Who SaysJohn Mayer

| play
Bubbly3 requested by my 7 year old~hmmmm~how have I never heard this song? LMAO-haha
Bubbly3 must be the reason why I'm king of my castle~ must be the reason why I'm free in my trapped soul~must be the reason why I'm making examples of you
Bubbly3 really, really think this is an awesome cover. For aNyOnE who needs a pick-me-up this friday/sat this is FOR YOU!!!! MuAh :)
Bubbly3 i like it when you lick right here~i like it when you touch right there~oh u do it so right~u know I like it
Bubbly3 @hotchick~congrats on your 50 badge!!! keep up the great songs :~)
Bubbly3 w/the taste of ur lips~I'm on a ride~you're toxic, I'm slipping under~w/a taste of poison paradise~I'm addicted 2 u, don't ya know that ur toxic?
Bubbly3 I would do anything~I would say anything~I would try anything~ 4 ur love~there aint anything impossible 4 ur love
Bubbly3 baby the harder work~pick up the pace & step on it~work, work~I gotta the goods & I want ya......thx 4 the video @hopedances~~love it! (reblip)

The SaturdaysWork

| play
Bubbly3 ~ oh, tonight ~ thank you for this Michael :-)
Bubbly3 if you agree this is a good song, gimme a thumbs up ;-)
Bubbly3 ~ goodnight blip ~ thank you all for giving me joy ~ give love to all and to all a good night :-)


| play
Bubbly3 have you heard this one? :-) @lilwldchld

Juke KartelIf only

| play
Bubbly3 ~ she's like Texas ~ a friend turned me on to this and LOVE love LOVE it :-) THANK YOU!!!!!!

She's Like Texas- Josh Abbott Band (Lyrics)

| play
Bubbly3 ~ sunny came home ~

Sunny Came Home -Shawn Colvin w/Lyrics

| play
Bubbly3 ~ maybe ~ .............

Sick PuppiesMaybe

| play
Bubbly3 alright......time for work~I LOVE love LOVE my new job...... make your day a masterpiece..... ~ collide ~ make whatever you want happen :-) xoxox

Collide-Leona Lewis Lyrics

| play
Bubbly3 I don't want the whole world.....I just want to be the only girl you love.....~ all your life ~
Bubbly3 ~ storm warning ~ :-)

Storm Warning-Hunter Hayes

| play
Bubbly3 ~ without you ~ I will never be the same without you..........
Bubbly3 I'll find my showed me how..I wanna ~ wish you well ~
Bubbly3 HELLO BLEEPS :-) ~ beautiful inside ~
Bubbly3 you touch my heart & soul deeply. Ur the most amazing friend anyone could ever WISH for :-) xoxo @Fortharrison: "thx & from yours... cheers Amber @me" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ GIVE INTO ME ~ my new favorite song!!!!!!!!! aaaaaah :-)

Country Strong Give Into Me

| play
Bubbly3 hey you! gr8 new avi :-) you're so welcome!!! @B828: "Hi Bubbly @me ...thank you 4 the props" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ just by being you ~ HELLO bleeps!!!!!
Bubbly3 DANG IT! how do you DO that?! very nice~I love it :) ty @jcase59: "Garret Hedlund/Leighton Meester ~Give In To Me~ (~_~) @me, checkmate :-)" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ Johnny and June ~

Johnny and June- Heidi Newfield

| play
Bubbly3 oooooh WOW~ I like it Will~definite keeper :-) @TropicsZ4: "New Foo :) @me" (reblip)

Foo FightersArlandria

| play
Bubbly3 if you wanna stay, just stay....if you wanna go, ~ if you wanna go ~ just go
Bubbly3 its the ~ simple things ~ that make us feel at home
Bubbly3 MANDATORY RB ;-) @NicoleVSanchez: "Amy Stroup – Love You Strongly" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ GIVE INTO ME ~ I think I'm addicted to this song :)

Country Strong Give Into Me

| play
Bubbly3 ~ hold onto hope love ~

Hold Onto Hope Love

| play
Bubbly3 it ~ just takes a little ~ of you to make it good

Just Takes a Little by Amy Stroup as heard on DROP DEAD DIVA

| play
Bubbly3 I just want to be ~ closer ~ to you
Bubbly3 ~ roar ~ (yes I know this isn't Katy Perry but I can't find a good video I like of her singing it) love this song
Bubbly3 ~ you give me something ~

James Morrison 'You Give Me Something'

| play
Bubbly3 ~ you never walk alone ~
Bubbly3 Thx blips for coffee & fun. Wishing everyone a SWEET Sunday. See ya around.... leaving you with my newest favorite song ~ THIS LOVE ~
Bubbly3 lets listen...OOOOoohhh wow I DO!!! :-) thank you @CanadianClassic: "An all time fav I think you might enjoy :) @me (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ river ~

Sarah McLachlan -- River (with lyrics)

| play
Bubbly3 my new fave version of this song and I'm passing out drinks to everyone as its celebration time~~~ I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) WOOHOO :)
Bubbly3 ~ hello blip ~ :)

Colbie Caillat Bubbly Video HQ

| play
Bubbly3 ~ back at one ~

brian mcknight Back at one live acoutic

| play
Bubbly3 ~ tears in the rain ~


| play
Bubbly3 u gotta fail a thousand times before u see it, u gotta know what brought u here, u gotta lose to persevere, its always been worth ~the fight~

Eli Young Band " The Fight " Lyrics (Go To Life At Best Album)

| play
Bubbly3 ~ hesitate ~

"Hesitate" From Audio Secrecy With lyrics

| play
Bubbly3 ~ save tonight ~ @Flying_Roundhouse speaking of guitar :-) waving back!!!
Bubbly3 ~ kiss the rain ~ what a great song!!!!!! TURN IT UP :-)
Bubbly3 good morning blip :-) ~ undeniable ~

Undeniable-Mat Kearney Lyrics

| play
Bubbly3 off to ya blippers :-) keep it sweet, be kind and know you're special and mean a lot to me xoxoxoxo

Eli Young Band " I Love You " Lyrics (Go To Life At Best Album)

| play
Bubbly3 ~ secretly ~

Secretly by Jennifer Lopez

| play
Bubbly3 ~ a love so beautiful ~

A love so beautiful..!!! ~ Michael Bolton

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Bubbly3 ~ song instead of a kiss ~

Alannah Myles (Official Site) Song Instead Of A Kiss

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Bubbly3 ~ ~ ~ you make the rain fall ~ ~ ~

You Make The Rain Fall Kevin Rudolf ft Flo Rida

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Bubbly3 WOOOOOO FREAKIN WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I 've been looking 4 this song 4 months & months :) yaaaaaaaayyyyyy :) enjoy! I love this song! lyrics r gr8!
Bubbly3 I'll ~ keep on lovin YOU ~

Steel Magnolia- Keep On Lovin' You

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Bubbly3 if ur ready 2 go, I'm ready to rock~if u wanna roll, lets go ~ STAY HERE FOREVER ~ :~D

Stay Here Forever (NEW SONG!), Jewel

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Bubbly3 gotta face myself~gotta chase my soul~gotta free my mind~get back my glow~I got to run run 4 my soul~makin sure I go slow slow
Bubbly3 he stops in evry once in a while :) Show urself to Missy A :) @MrsASoprano: "Is @unfinishedperson still a blipper? I have not seen him in ages (reblip)

BreadIf - Lyrics

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Bubbly3 when ur driving down an empty highway~ur surrounded by the sky & sea~when ur seeing such a thing of beauty~think of me~ think of me
Bubbly3 only an hour & 1/2 left!!!!!!!!!!!!! @c3p0 woohoo~this girls excited :)
Bubbly3 I KNOW!! how could anyone want 2 miss out on her :) @nosetu: "@mrrodd is missing out on SKYYLA (reblip)
Bubbly3 gotta love colors & dancing :)
dANGELofLOVE Westlife "I DO" An early "Happy Valentine"s Day" Song for both of you @Bubbly3 and @c3p0. Hope you Enjoy it. ((HUGS))

I do ❤-Happy Valentine's Day (westlife)

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Bubbly3 Beyonce is my fave!!! really, I'm LOVE her :) LOTS @dANGELofLOVE: ""BABY BOY" FOR YOU @me....THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES BECAUSE OF THE BEAT.... (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~THANK YOU ~ 4 the good times ~ THANK YOU~ 4 the love ~ THANK YOU ~ 4 the joy uv given me ~ THANK YOU ~ 4 showing me the way

Mozella- Thank You (Album Version)

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Bubbly3 oooh! I like this Fred :) thank you (huge smiles) xoxo @Fred0828: "THANKS, A! ENJOY! XO :) @me (reblip)


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Jonny Diaz 'A More Beautiful You'

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I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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Bubbly3 Good Morning~TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!~nice 2 see u :) ~ how u been?

Lenny Kravitz Good Morning

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Bubbly3 all I can say is thank you for this Vinnie @c3p0 I have no other words
Bubbly3 ~ Hiyyyyyyya blip ~ my new FAVE song :) how is everyone?
Bubbly3 ***dedicated to all veterans~past, present & future~thank you 4 all u do 4 us~xoxoxoxoxoxo ***
Bubbly3 what a BEAUTIFUL song!!!! WoW~thank you, I very much enjoy :-D @Lonravalex: "Beautiful.... @Bubbly3" (reblip)

beautiful- vivian green lyrics NEW

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Bubbly3 I LOVE THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! ~ almost lover ~
Bubbly3 I love it when u read 2 me~u can read me anything~I love it when u sing 2 me~I love it when u give me things~u ought 2 give me wedding rings
Bubbly3 you make my day~light up my way~u give me life~u give me love~ always beside me~u are the one~u see me just 4 the 1 I am~u understand the life I lead
Bubbly3 I will love u Monday~u will hurt me Tues~I will kill u Thurs~if u dnt stop me Wednesday~4give u on Friday~reunion on Saturday~ 4gotten all on Sunday
Bubbly3 I like........................ mmmmmmmm .....................

Keri HilsonI like

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Bubbly3 how u chose 2 express urself~its all urself~it comes naturally~ u follow what u feel inside~& it takes my breath away~ what u do so naturally

Selena GomezNaturally

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Bubbly3 he smiled @ me & said, that makes me luv u more~he heals me~ knows the real me~he accepts me~he nvr hurts me~he heals me~ he's a btyful man & friend

India.ArieHe Heals Me

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Bubbly3 I just lie there silently preparin 2 luv on u~I melt evrytime u look @ me that way~it nvr fails, anytime, anyplace~this burn in me's the coolest thing
Bubbly3 if I were u my prized posessions, wld b the 1's I'd hold so close~cuz when u lose ur luv u lose what means the most~if I were u I'd hold affection....
Bubbly3 one of my ULTIMATE faves.....listen to the lyrics :) aaaaahhhhh I'm melting :)
Bubbly3 OMG~this brings back memories as my dad listened to this when I was growing up evry day it seemed :) TY :) {SMILING} @Tsauro: "inspired vi@Bubbly3" (reblip)
Bubbly3 tears of hope run down my skin~tears 4 u that will not dry~they magnify the 1 within~& let the outside slowly die~oooh remembr when it rained......
Bubbly3 true 2 life~true 2 me~so simple~live to love~love 2 be~ absolutely free~take it down~strip it 2 the core~I dnt really need much~less is more~so simple
Bubbly3 when u hear but u jst dont listen~when u look but u just dont see~when u get done w/a hard day~when u think ur on ur own~ think of me

Rosi GolanThink of Me

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Bubbly3 i love this place~but its haunted w/out u~my tired <3 is beating so...slow~2 help us grow~it is not said~I always KNOW
Bubbly3 mess up my bed w/me~kick off the covers I'm waiting~every word u say I think~I'm happy 2 know u~leave ur taste on my tongue~ cover me like a blanket
Bubbly3 Love Jordi~he is a Spanish Catalan viol player :) aaaah heaven

Jordi Savall-Karl Friedrich Abel-Prelude

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Bubbly3 this one is both~WOW! good one T :) @DJLOPZ: Now are we talking sexy videos or sexy music? Big difference bear :)))" (reblip)
Bubbly3 oh how I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE love LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Train-Breakfast In Bed Lyrics

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Bubbly3 WOOHOO!!! SUPER SEXY NEW SONG!!! she needs 2 f*ck every night~she needs 2 suck~she needs 2 lick~she needs 2 fight~she likes it rough~she likes 2 tease

Britney spears ft.flo rida lips on

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Bubbly3 YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS!!!!! :) :) :) ~ Today was a Fairytale ~ :) :) :)
Bubbly3 WOW! how awesome!!!! I 4got about this one :~) I'm speechless thank you 4 this Darin ;-) @creativeness: "hmm, hey did you drop this?" (reblip)

Amber - Sexual

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Fortharrison if u liked jolene then i think you'll dig this too.... @Bubbly3 ..time it swallows everything
Bubbly3 ~ what do you want ~ (another favorite I could listen to all day)
Bubbly3 ~ don't you wanna stay ~ (I could listen to this song ALL day :)
Bubbly3 yes you do :) very impressive!! @Chow322: "Amber see i do know :) @me (reblip)

LemarIf She Knew

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Bubbly3 ~ wherever you will go ~

wherever you will go by the calling w/ lyrics

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Bubbly3 ~ strip me ~ this is such a beautiful song!!!!
jcase59 Blake Shelton ~You'll Always Be Beautiful~ (~_~) lol @Bubbly3, @awriterchick is that it? C'mon now rofl (reblip)
cpcdiniz rb @Bubbly3: "[Beyonce](ft. Jay Z) – '03 Bonnie & Clyde" (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ walking in Memphis ~ ( a fave)
Bubbly3 ~ I'll survive you ~

BC Jean- I'll Survive You

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Bubbly3 ~ roll to me ~

Roll to Me (Del Amitri)

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Bubbly3 you make it feel ~ ok ~

Holly ConlanOK

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jcase59 Steel Magnolia ~Just By Being You~ (~_~) What happened @Bubbly3? :-)
Bubbly3 u gotta ~ keep your head up ~ :-)
Bubbly3 ~ life is a is a riddle....I'm so scared that I don't show it....I've got to let it go & just ~ ENJOY THE SHOW ~ :)

LenkaThe Show

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Bubbly3 ~ HEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOO bleeps :-) ~ missed u all!

Key To My Heart by Jessica Jarrell (With Lyrics)

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Bubbly3 bawling my eyes out! :( I LOVED that movie :) @NicoleVSanchez: "Love this, time to get to reading my book so @me can borrow it :-) LOVED that movie!! (reblip)
Bubbly3 WOOHOO! I love this song & her too :) so pretty @13to1: "Just 4 U Bubbly @me (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ saturday ~ yep, lets turn up the heat w/this video :)
Bubbly3 hiya blip ~ missed you all :) ~ beautiful beautiful ~
Bubbly3 ~ free fallin ~ LOVE this cover :) in MY opinion, better than the original :)
Bubbly3 goodnight blip.....sweet dreams.....thx 4 the fun, I'm ~ OUTTA HERE~ lots of love......xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Bubbly3 I more b4 I go :) LIFE IS A GIFT ...wrapped up everyday ~ isn't it remarkable ~ its just another ~ ordinary miracle ~ today ~ xoxoxo

Ordinary Miracle

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Bubbly3 ~ raise your glass :) ~

Raise Your GlassPink

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Bubbly3 OMG!!! u DID get ur 10k badge!!! I missed it, so sorry Mary~congrats & I freaking LOVE love LOVE this!!! ty & gr8 to see u more :) xoxo @harmony60 (reblip)
Bubbly3 ~ I caught a chill & its still frozen on my skin ~ I don't want to live to waste another day underneath the shadow of mistakes I've made
Bubbly3 ~ things that come w/time will always be better ~ no one knows the way to make things last ~ I need u now ~ I'll show u how ~ take my hand & save me

The Rock and The Tide

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Bubbly3 my new FAVE fave FAVE song!!! ~ love is your color ~ it makes you shine so show your colors, it comes from inside...everything else is black & white
Bubbly3 interesting ∃! :)@bytera marvellous monday? tasty tuesday? wonderful wednesday? thankful thursday? friendly friday? sensual saturday? special sunday? (reblip)
Bubbly3 2 thumbs up Mr :) nite J@Fortharrison: "how bout a butterfly ms @me....i'm going to dreamland, just sharin, its a nice one I think you'll like it...." (reblip)


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dANGELofLOVE ♥♥==♥♥ "It Is What It Is" For My #Sweet #Friend @Bubbly3 ♥♥ Hope You Enjoy This!! (((♥Hugs♥))) ♥♥==♥♥
Bubbly3 Do you ever feel...? there's a spark in u, u just gotta ignite the spark in u & let it shine....UR A ~ FIREWORK ~ make em go "oh oh oh!" hv a gr8 day!
Bubbly3 I love this song!!!!! Love love love it!!! LeAnn Rimes: What I Cannot Change

LeAnn Rimes: What I Cannot Change

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Bubbly3 I'm dancing~can ya'll see? WOO! The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up
Bubbly3 [Beyonce](ft. Jay Z) – '03 Bonnie & Clyde
Bubbly3 Sammy Hagar – The Love

Sammy HagarThe Love

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Bubbly3 Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
Bubbly3 Fatboy Slim – Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
Bubbly3 Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Bubbly3 Fuel – Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
Bubbly3 Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak on (Amended Version)
Bubbly3 This song brings back memories!!!! HaHa :) Devo – Whip It

DevoWhip It

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Bubbly3 Destiny's Child – Jumpin', Jumpin'
Bubbly3 Joan Jett – I Love Rock N Roll
Bubbly3 Holy Mylanta! This song brings back memories! The Real McCoy – Run Away
Intriguingds @ShopUltimate Here's One For You Cute Babe Boy...That Be "U"??? LoL
Bubbly3 nelly – Ride With Me

nellyRide With Me

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Bubbly3 Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It
Bubbly3 Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
Intriguingds Look What I Found In My Back Vault LoL @AnitaBreakSoon @TropicsZ4 @PeaceDiva ===> No Doubt...Hella Good (reblip)

No DoubtHella Good

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Bubbly3 Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart
Bubbly3 The Cranberries – Dreams
Bubbly3 WORLD'S BEST LOVE SONG!!!!! LOVE, LOVE LOVE :) coffey anderson – better today
Bubbly3 That girl is a BAD girl! haha Akon Feat. Kardinal Offishall – Dangerous
Bubbly3 I'm off to lunch...enjoy yourselves while I'm gone & try not to get into too much trouble! Daughtry – It's Not Over
Bubbly3 @busylizzy Such an upbeat song :) Lady Gaga – Just Dance

Lady GagaJust Dance

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Bubbly3 If California was a girl, this is who she'd be :) Rascal Flatts – She'd Be California [ New Video + Lyrics + Download ]
Bubbly3 I like this song-A LOT!!! @Intriguingds: "Rb ♥ @ShopUltimate @Intriguingds Ne-Yo – Miss Independent" (reblip)
Bubbly3 How is everyone today on life's highway? Rascal Flatts – Life Is a Highway
Bubbly3 @NicoleVSanchez-thought u might like this :) Remedy Drive – Belong With You
Bubbly3 Emerson Drive – Fall Into Me
Bubbly3 @Reiver_Iron: A great pick me up in the kinda middle of the day :) (reblip)
Bubbly3 Natalie Imbruglia – Wishing I Was There
Bubbly3 got this from Nicole: "Women are like phones. They like to be held, talked to & touched-often.But push the wrong button & your ass is disconnected" :)
Bubbly3 How awesome ladies to be someone's rain!! :) Tim McGraw – She's My Kind Of Rain
Bubbly3 Fast Forward 25 seconds & you'll fall in love with this song! Rascal Flatts – Love Who You Love
Intriguingds You Keep Picking Ones I Have Forgetten! TY! @FollowMal @Intriguingds Thanks so much for the props. :)< Welcome! (reblip)
detroitfan @MusicWithMsB @CrescentMoonglow: "This is one of my very favorite songs ever. I am celebrating my little victories."" (reblip)
Bubbly3 OOOOOOOHHHHH- I just melted cuz of this song :) Josh Gracin – Brass Bed
Bubbly3 A new TWIST on a GREAT song- what do you all think? Ironik – DJ Ironik - Tiny Dancer [Hold Me Closer][Feat. Elton John]
Bubbly3 @NicoleVSanchez~ I think I know u too! Haha-wow-put the wine down! LOL- I know how much you love this song as much as I do :) Sara Bareilles "Gravity"

Sara Bareilles "Gravity"

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Bubbly3 Amy MacDonald – This Is the Life
Bubbly3 1 of THE most romantic songs EVER!! Coffey – Better Today

CoffeyBetter Today

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Bubbly3 Sunrise Avenue – The Whole Story - New Single in HQ
Bubbly3 @detroitfan: for your little victories :) Blue October- Congratulations

Blue October- Congratulations

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Bubbly3 @TropicsZ4 sneaking in one 2 u before I go out to breakfast :) Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles
Bubbly3 Jason Mraz – A Beautiful Mess
Bubbly3 Goonight :) James Morrison – Broken Strings feat. Nelly Furtado
Bubbly3 rasmus – livin' in a world without you
Bubbly3 Tiziano Ferro ft Kelly Rowland Breathe Gentle OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (NEW)

Tiziano Ferro ft Kelly Rowland Breathe Gentler OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (NEW)

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Bubbly3 Melanie Fiona – Give It To Me Right
DJJazzyMua777 I can almost see it...that dream I'm dreamin'....... rb@CPCDINIZ (reblip)
detroitfan @KristyRNinAZ: "She's hot, can't stop, up on stage, doing shots. Ooh she's a Bad Girlfriend ~~Theory of A Deadman" (reblip)
Bubbly3 Vanessa Carlton – Pretty Baby
Bubbly3 Do I bend your spoon? LOL Michelle Branch – You Get Me
Bubbly3 See everyone in a few hours. Its been good getting 2 know everyone. Thanks for the songs & thank u will :)

Kanye WestStronger

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Bubbly3 Hi-5 to my new listeners: @Time2Burn @Dr_Wes @DJTIMMY Coldplay – Clocks


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Bubbly3 Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure
Bubbly3 Aerosmith – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Bubbly3 The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Bubbly3 Tonight is the night to let it go....I wanna see how u lose control :) Jay Sean – Down

Jay SeanDown

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Bubbly3 Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love [Dance Mix]
Bubbly3 @NicoleVSanchez Oh. My. God-flippin out over this song!!! yippee its awesome :)

Kaci-Crazy possessive w/lyrics

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Bubbly3 ok, I take it back....THIS is my fave song :) Saving Abel – Addicted

Saving AbelAddicted

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Bubbly3 yes this is a sad song, but I L-O-V-E the harmony & the sound & everything else about this song!!!

Whisky Lullaby

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Bubbly3 yes, this is a sad song, but I love the harmony & sound :) Whisky Lullaby

Whisky Lullaby