axefield Hmm Joker is playing in miami next week.
nastysurprise Man. I've blipped some of these songs lately, but I just love 'em. I need to find some new music today.
anothercraze There are no losers in this video, just candycanes for yr eyes.

Brigitte Bardot vs. Cat Power

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CLARITY @DJLOPZ Thats how immersed in music I am. I just said start a study session "tune" instead of "soon". wowza. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @Craindre Huh? Don't thinks so. Sometimes you just get lucky. ;)
ApeAbe rich kid not taking things for granted and understanding what matters. nice cipes
DareToEatAPeach Me likey! //@peepsound You're quite welcome, kind sir! TTFN.
DJC2 Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax

Frankie goes to hollywood Relax (Body Double)

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anothercraze Back to the cotton fields, so I'll take a page from @NotAsPunkAsYou's book and bid you all: "Goodbye (cruel world)"
aproxy The bass line makes me want to blast this while driving up and down Main street with the windows down ;) Crawl - Kings of Leon

Kings Of LeonCrawl

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CLARITY this ones for @Smokalatte! && DILLA FRIDAY! @ZOEBOE @bendrix @DJLOPZ

A.G.- Hip-Hop Quotable ft. Aloe Blacc (Prod By J Dilla)

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everythingispop I like this my dear. I had not heard it before. Blippaffections to @CLARITY Good morning to the ever modest and lovely @thegoddess (reblip)
CLARITY @sandyriverside he sounds like the cookie monster in this one! muahah


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GrassyKnoll RB@FunkShoi: "wh.wha? WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?" This is awesome is what it is. What up @radolo? (reblip)
nastysurprise This song is so stuck in my head, probably because I learned to play it on guitar recently.
BiggL No R. Kelly business!

Wayne WadeYoung Girl

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SNIZWHIZ girl guy don't matter ...just don't be that sad person dancing by themselves...
DareToEatAPeach Starts off lovely, builds up to mad-sexy.
squidbrain speaking of which, this mix has completely blown the doors off my shitty Buick. it put me in a neck brace. it got fresh with my lady.
CLARITY @axefield now YOU have to promise to excuse any tagged obscenities of me. I'm pretty sure I was out of line on many different levels saturday night.
CLARITY @anothercraze YES! well my dental meds did me in. dnt remember much, but apparently I was a hot mess, got belligerent & took the wrong bus hm.
CLARITY great fuckin rb@TiffTackToke. great fuckin wknd! sry boo, for gettin so belig! darvocet &dbl vodkas do that to you apparently? whaat? (reblip)
CLARITY @freshjuice the mouf is numb!& I feel well today :D Little bummed I cant partake in all this sugary goodness Im surrounded with. Hows your spook day?
CLARITY @coconuuuuuuuut I did some thinking. If we're gonna be in blove, I'd rather be the Ingrid Bergman and you, Humphrey Bogart. Romance.
DareToEatAPeach While listening to Mika, bulimia is a kind of flower + Darfur is a land of puppies and rainbows. In short Mika world = Lisa Frank world. @andigress
SNIZWHIZ i really like this band...such a unique sound
DJC2 @TarinnAdaria: "@DJC2 @snugglebunny @mmmwabbits --- for the bunnys ---- Shakespears Sister – White Rabbit (Droyds Mix)" (reblip)
FunkShoi @CLARITY, 1/2 lb of swedish fish and tea for breakfast. Carrot Soup+sammich in a bit. My cold is taking a bad turn. Like fever and delirium settin in.
CLARITY @honeygirl ya, it happens. the meds ..AND the herbal remedies, are treatin' me just dandy ;D hah

AdultNite Life

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axefield @CLARITY who cares about listeners! Play what you want when you want to, I don't want any Hater's listenin' to me!

Blahzay BlahzayDanger

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1001queen RB@Claymoore: "@c4thomas Time for us to do this lightrail shoot. It is plenty cold now. Seriously. (reblip)
CLARITY @kalimar the xx is on thursday! but im lookin forward to it! "@axefield I'm up, I'm up! sheeeesh it's cold in TX today. DANCE is heatin me uuuup! :D (reblip)
CLARITY and maybe this one to switch it up from original, to date @axefield. im excited FOR you.
TiffTackToke I have a confession to make... I don't want to go to law school anymore. I WANNA DANCE!!! @CLARITY

Zapp and Roger-Doo Wa Ditty

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StonyTunes ~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ~ Fiona Apple ~ no need for apologies
NotoriousMUG I already downed two large cups myself @ZOEBOE: "Lots of coffee needed 2 day peeps :) @axefield @CLARITY @DHS @solid_au @bduubz @djilo" (reblip)
CLARITY @axefield intentando aprender.. (sp?) // I can't seem to keep a listerner for the life of me this week :( been loosing 1 or 2 a day. booo (reblip)
freshjuice i think it would be fun to be in a club dancing to this with you guys @GrassyKnoll @CLARITY @mkvkelly @sandyriverside @MissDiggity @axefield @Shukitty


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kalimar @CLARITY - the middle of this track is for people who had root canals! judging from your mood your tooth feels a lot better!
YoDavo @CLARITY Thank you, I'm becoming addicted to this site. Want to do lunch this week?
CLARITY @YoDavo it makes me smile a whole lot when I see you pop up here. A whole lot.
sandyriverside Pumpin myself up for the work week @CLARITY I never seen Jay-Z live. Once peeped him chilling w/ Beyonce at a Grizzly Bear show. How goes it hot .5?
CLARITY lovely rb vi@tbolt <3 friendly fires & the xx are comin to my hometown next tuesday. for $10 dollars. what a steal. (reblip)
CLARITY @liquidjumper & @aktovoir yall on fire this afternoon! // @sandyriverside when you need a have your musical chip humpday si?


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HermanBlume Here it is @Jazzhole. Stone Gossard - Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley Cover)

Never Give You Up

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freedom_fighter @tbolt: "@DubFreakz: "✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Thursday Night Mix ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖"" Dope mix (reblip)
RandallBlips LMAO! u two;^> @daretoeatapeach @CLARITY just doing my part and trying to create some banner comps!
RandallBlips u <3 me like... every nite... make it right ;^>
sandyriverside @ShesAllWrite I love that phrase, my sister used to say to me all the time.
axefield I had some oysters for dinner last night and they're starting to work there mojo if you catch my drift. @freshjuice @TheNewYorkChimes @Nicoline

LCD Soundsystem-bye bye bayou

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TiffTackToke Up up and awaaaay. The breakfast of champions: a bowl of some kush and a laarge cup of coffee xtra sugar
CLARITY <33 @nastysurprise72: "I haven't blipped this in forever, like 2 days or so." (reblip)
ShesAllWrite Soul Coughing – Sugar Free Jazz

MANDALA-You got me

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OKnightmare Out of props for you! This is absolutely wonderful! Thanks! rb@misterscience (reblip)
RandallBlips work'n muzak~> LCD Sounsystem - Bye Bye Bayou (Ernold Sane re-rub)

LCD Sounsystem-bye bye bayou (Ernold Sane re-rub)

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TiffTackToke I'm super excited About the discovery of this song... LISTEN! @CLARITY
CLARITY More of my ACL adventures caught on tape.... The yyy's were a highlight from my weekend.
DJFrankie RB@urlgirl: "Totally geeking out... it's also pretty! vi@space_cadet :)" True enough, and why should Andrew Bird get hog this sandbox? (reblip)
CLARITY Sweet jesus I just came twice in the first 30 secs. @Mysterymix: "& thanks @Hanja" // @freshjuice check this # out! & do you FB lady? Let's be friends (reblip)
NickMain remember the time you saw Hot Chip?
GrassyKnoll yes, I am playing this. Really. / @freshjuice the internet company screwed me over! / Hello @Lucindalala hope all is well!
CLARITY Now I gotta get back to class.. have a good day bleeps! // Thank ya sugar @Shukitty // @TiffTackToke me and you, yo mama and yo cousin too ..
happymooncake @dricow, your project looks great! i'd love to see all the photos
djilo "New Wave" dance classic ;)

New Musik - The Planet Doesnt Mind

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ShesAllWrite You want to camp out, I want to fuck around...mmmm hmmm... ~ An Horse – Camp Out
CLARITY REBLIP! sometimes it's just more fun to make up words and pretend you're boss. @SNIZWHIZ: "reblip this if u do this..." (reblip)

01-margot_meets_the_melody_maker-torch_(namitos_torture_remix) (MrEmiX)

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CLARITY @MissDiggity house sittin' for my parental unit while theyre outta town and workin' at the bar. big monies esta bien con mi!
MissDiggity congrats on finishing @CLARITY! and on finding your phone charger :) (reblip)
axefield Ok eclectic beats set up. songs that have caught my attention while researching.

"Baby Remember My Name...." Naturi Naughton Fame Music Video

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Lali Puna-Together in Electric Dreams

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1001queen sick Niceee rb grazie kittens ;)@fluffyboots: "@Kingsofdabeatz- I'm not a tiger but I usually win in an argument or debate!!:))))" (reblip)

Mc SolaarInch'allah

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Lo-Fi-Fnk The City Teenagers Remix

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Sook wish i had actually gone down to brooklyn to see them during CMJ
darkrider1 Very cool, seductive song, but man he sure is ugly.
CLARITY electro has stolen my heart... not really sure if it intends on giving it back to any other genres..any time soon.

Michael Jackson Beat It Blisters Boyz Remix

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CLARITY Energy spent..@Atomik glad I'm re-cooping tonight and giving it a rest. Beside, blipping is honestly more fun than hangovers ;D Thank you for asking.

Liam Finnenergy spent

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CLARITY foot steps on the dance floor, reminds me, baby, of you ..

The xxTeardrops

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CLARITY @sandyriverside Yea, its a bummer.The silver lining: theres a special on bluebell at the store.I'll share my meds if you come feed me sourpatch kids.?
StonyTunes ~ WANTING YOUR LOVE ~ Chromatics
djilo Thought you might like this one :) @monicab // Stereo 8 – Can't Stop

Stereo 8Can't Stop

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kalimar Still connecting the dots! My current favorite mashup -> Norwegian Recycling with Jason Mraz
kalimar Rollin on... LAZRtag remix with Michael Jackson
axefield @CLARITY @sandyriverside @EFR56 @Mysterymix @freshjuice @PunkBroc @MissDiggity Hey Guys, thanks for the love, I'm good, and wish I wasn't so busy.
kalimar Gearing up for Hallow`s eve - Outta here kids - Beijos @lapislazuli@CLARITY@fluffyboots et #all

Thriller (MonsterMash remix ) RIP Jacko x

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CLARITY This song makes me laugh...thinkin of my semester in Spain, and all that comes with being North American.
FunkShoi Writing on the wall. So you can scream. The writings on the wall. They'll sing, they'll sing.
DJHizzy blow my whistle!

dj aligator vs gigi d'agostino shut the fuck up and dance

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CLARITY the guy who had heart was even gayer. baha@FunkShoi: "@mkvkelly, aight. Just listening to this song which might be even gayer than captain planet." (reblip)
CLARITY love this one. whats your schedule look like next week @ZOEBOE? not sure details..but i'll prob be in SF the 3rd or 4th? (reblip)
mkvkelly hellosssss @CLARITY@TiffTackToke@DJLOPZ@Smilo@stellar0240 I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Time for a study sesh. <3 g'night
Mysterymix ∰ Datarock The Pretender (Holy Ghost Remix Dub) #Mix+
KayceeDee Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker Will I am (Soldsouls Mix)

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TiffTackToke no words are necessary for this one...@CLARITY

Chiddy Bang- Truth (Feat. Passion Pit)

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TiffTackToke Im not even surprised how FUCKING GOOD this issss @CLARITY
TiffTackToke Very nice!!!! rb@m00nstress... looking for an apt/roomate so I can move to Austin real soooon :) (reblip)

Sky Ferreira-Animal (Miike Snow Cover)

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axefield @yellowcheese Drinking through a hangover sounds like a great idea | right @ECLECTICIAN @Str8Ballin @CLARITY | #electroclash | I'm still alive yes.
axefield Of course my 140th blip was Metronomy | gosh coincidence or fate? | #electroclash #loved #bestof2009
axefield Deftones = win | rb@razorfire: "SHOVE IT SHOVE IT DUBSTEP IT DUBSTEP IT!!!! @axefield " #eargasm #dubstep (reblip)
axefield oh this is sexy | rb@tieTYT: "the weekend is just around the bend!" | #electroClash (reblip)
shawndromat so phat that i'll forgive the use of the adjective phat haha ;) @Thnikkaman: "This is phat. " (reblip)
sandyriverside Whoa sick rb@jarnokeim: "!!!! @kaaeyl: "ok so far @j_p lets move on & push her," @HellenKellersIpod check this (reblip)
axefield Some of my favorite stuff right here | #bestof2009 #electroclash #funkadelic


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ShesAllWrite @CLARITY Hope your holidays have been and continue to be the brightest! ~ Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (Riot In Belgium Remix)
RipTrick @CLARITY: Hey sexy lips! This one is for you.


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DJ_HeckaCool I wasn't aware. I agree, that sucks! @sarahmsmart: "Thanks, @DJ_HeckaCool. Sure wish they hadn't broken up." (reblip)
CLARITY I tried to fight it, I tried so hard. .
DJ_HeckaCool It's funny how seeing the name 'George Michael' reminds me of Arrested Development now instead of the artist. :) @DJSuppitsu: "@FukayouFukayou" (reblip)
GarlandGrey Acoustic.

Daughtry version of Poker Face

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everythingispop @badtemperedzombie As much as I like this band. Their latest just didn't grab me like there other releases have. Nice guys though! (reblip)


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alfonzo I say one for the fam, two for good judgment Bad luck to trife, good luck to stay above it @chisox312 @rollout @CLARITY

O.C.Ma Dukes

| play
axefield My Top #dubstep Track | I know kung fu @CLARITY | Waaaaaaaaaaah
CLARITY gooodnight blip world. its time for sleeep. <333
Jamesbo @DJOutre: "This is where Passion Pit gets "And everything was going to the beat" love this song. @Nymph @bunq @CLARITY @Bodisahtva @DJSylow" (reblip)
razorfire Hellz 2 the yah!! @axefield: "My Top #dubstep Track | I know kung fu @CLARITY | Waaaaaaaaaaah" (reblip)
CLARITY mmm mmmm this was some nice bass for breakfast. thanks blove :) @Atomik: "thanks for listening @DJBudbakk" (reblip)
RandallBlips ur def one of my biggest fans! @CLARITY: thx for the kind words;^>
RandallBlips Oh hells yes a BREAKBOT Friday;^> @brunapp: "heya RandyElliott, happy friday!" (reblip)
sandyriverside @GrassyKnoll when we starting this band, you know - Elvis Presley and the Beatles?
DJC2 Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Theme (Meuble remix) RB via @axefield: "OK I need to share this with everyone | @CLARITY @TiffTackToke @GR8FL @fulana @DJMORI (reblip)
DJOutre This is where Passion Pit gets "And everything was going to the beat" love this song. @Nymph @bunq @CLARITY @Bodisahtva @DJSylow
TiffTackToke Another fav! Ahhhh get ready for the TRO.... Phone blip #3 @CLARITY @axefield @FunkShoi
Hardiiboy the dopest of the dope @ItsaTrap @Keekee @CLARITY @Atriedes (if you ever rode in my montero you probly heard it before)
CLARITY you're tops in my book @DjEntronic. // you made me smile mucho with those last too. feel good is right! @daretoeatapeach :) (reblip)
TiffTackToke @axefield @sandyriveside @CLARITY @DjEntronic @FunkShoi @Vodka_Tonic.... Get your weekend started with some Electro. Happy Fridays!!! ///@CLARITY <3
ApeAbe i first heard this song in a Vizeo commerical and liked it@ScenicKK: "Good Morning.............@ll" (reblip)
Hypnotica Chew Lips – Salt Air (Two Door Cinema Club Dui Remix)
DJLOPZ Justus League! @DJGodfather4: "#DJLOPZ Oh Yeah, hear we go, A Little Cesar for ya(and not the pizza)" (reblip)
DJLOPZ Ahhh! All on at the same time??? :))))@ZOEBOE: "For some of my fam -> @CLARITY #DJLOPZ" (reblip)
CLARITY Good morning blipverse! I hope your Tuesday passes in good favor <3 They say it'll snow in Texas today. Doubt it!

Million YoungHammock

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ApeAbe adding great music from others@DoubleDigitCatastrophe: "@CLARITY I'm slow to learn to "blove", but when I do I'm all ears. : )" (reblip)
olivertwisty Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix)
deeprez P.U.T.S.......whos dad was this?! hahaha whats up everyone
CLARITY For my smom!

thomas dolby -my brain is like a sieve

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freshjuice can we have that Pad Thai you and @CLARITY are always talking about @mkvkelly?!?! it's got to be better than BC - at least you have sunshine there!

Gorillaz- Noodle Tribute

| play


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sandyriverside Hey bride @CLARITY sorry I was remiss of my blip duties today, 'ad to figure out this old school internet circuitry. My weekend was splendid btw.
TheRealFLUIDITY Format + 2na = hot ish! ~~~ DJ Format – The Place (feat. Chali 2na & Akil) What up hopheadz? @DJLOPZ @ZOEBOE @cipytweet @Atomik @CLARITY @liquidjumper
Mysterymix hi_five§@bukowski: "A mí me encanta el tempo de la versión de George Benson, @eraser" (reblip)

Take Five

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Performalosophos @nemesisurchin wishin you good times with the fam these next few days. Huggy hug Nemmy Nem...

The Sea and Cake - Tea and Cake (Mix by Sterolab)

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ZOEBOE Wait, why is it that I'm at work today? Oh
CLARITY Holy shit. I think I just fell in love with you a little bit more @DjEntronic: "another mp3 for blip, yum" (reblip)

Gossip -Dimestore Diamond + Lyrics

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CLARITY thank you for this Mr. bell @Perotin Nice sounds from Austin's Silver Scooter #CLARITY ... when will you & @anothercraze be headed to Texas? (reblip)
CLARITY I wanna feel love like this.

M. WardPoison Cup

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axefield I'm making dark chocolate brownies in my perfect brownie pan.


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ElizaHerp Here's a nice cover. @snugglebunny , I hardly know ye! Wha, you finally see that orthodontist? I like the new whirling dervish look.
CargoCulte Uh, you shouldn't be anything less than great! :) @LeParadis: "Yeah I'm ok thanks... :-) CargoCulte" (reblip)

Cocoa TeaGood Life

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axefield @DJFrankie BOMB @Betoques: "Tiga – Louder Than A Bomb (Hoshina Anniversary Remix) Download at Frau Prau!" (reblip)
axefield @ladyhoho your plans sound so awesome that I think I have a crush on you.
axefield @MissDiggity | you know I'm a ghetto white boy wanna be spic superstar gangsta evrrday I'm hustlin to my theme song | @Shukitty @squidbrain
CaramelAh @arose, @CLARITY, @mightE: this song makes me supremely happy like few do. "Your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea."
CLARITY @Fangbaby dinner was lovely.I stuffed my face & got super sleepy. Still not feelin' top notch :/ at home resting up for tmrw! (ps listen to this one)
YoDavo @CLARITY Sry I always catch your replies hours later.. xmas break chill sounds great when life gets easy again. We'll see. Good luck with finals!

Dj-Thoms Remix Of Heart Of Glass

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usin420 Get well soon! Hope ur doin better@rockthetropics: "Couldn't wait to blip n run. BEYOND SICK. (reblip)

N.A.S.A. "Spacious Thoughts" (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

| play
jambands feat. Raekwon (of Wu-Tang Clan) Pimp C, Icewater
CLARITY <3 @YoDavo xmas break chill time? being spread thin can be such a drag at times... I always seem to have my priorities straight w/ blip, though? hmm
mkvkelly So if anyone wants to purchase some new lenses for my camera, it would be greatly appreciated. :)
CLARITY When I was in the 6th grade I tried to change my name from Claire to Flair. I thought it would make me cooler. rb@RandyElliott (reblip)


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CLARITY @melodyofyourlife mmm songs like these feel so good :) Thank you, and good mornin'! (reblip)
CLARITY Hottest half! @sandyriverside how was your weekend spent? In good company and in fun, I do hope. (reblip)
axefield @CLARITY I'm pretty


| play
CLARITY rb'in @Fangbaby & @mkvkelly // for the BIRTHDAY GIRL @freshjuice Hope you party it up on your big day bebe! (reblip)
CLARITY excellent choice - havent heard this in a while. rb@DJMORI (reblip)
CLARITY @sandyriverside I only want to be your one life stand. (reblip)
CLARITY @louiskugel I want you to listen to this start to finish when you get the chance. & i want you to love it as much as I do. <3
CLARITY psst... baby cakes.. @mkvkelly YLT is coming to austin Jan 29th. Be my dance partner?
DJ_HeckaCool @SexfiendLuvs69: "RB @mark_till: "@TheOneAndOnly vi @boshuisen Snow Patrol- Shut your Eyes"" (reblip)

Snow Patrol- Shut your Eyes

| play
freshjuice wakey wakey @CLARITY / @axefield, alright, as long as you and this other woman don't wake me up... :)
ShesAllWrite Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses (Extended Mix)
freshjuice so unfair @axefield. i'd kinda hate you if we weren't in blove.

Four TetLove Cry

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