DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – World Ablaze
DEXTER_M Boston – Smokin' (taken from GTA San Andreas)


| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Loverman (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Cover)


| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Turn The Page (Bob Seger Cover)
DEXTER_M deftones – Around the Fur (1997)
DEXTER_M Rob Zombie – Superbeast

Rob ZombieSuperbeast

| play
DEXTER_M Bad Brains-House of Suffering

Bad Brains-House of Suffering

| play
DEXTER_M Incubus – New Skin (live)

IncubusNew Skin

| play
DEXTER_M The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control (1999)
DEXTER_M Hell is for Heroes – To Die For
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Creeping Death (live)
DEXTER_M Sonata Arctica – Fade To Black (Metallica Cover)
DEXTER_M Faith No More - From Out of Nowhere (live @ Download Festival 09')
muso great choice!! Thanks! @simplesmente: "Melhor remédio pra aparência é sorrir :-) ....então não demore e Seja Feliz!" (reblip)

More than a feeling...

| play
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Pisschrist (1995)


| play
DEXTER_M Marilyn Manson-Angel With the Scabbed Wings

Marilyn Manson-Angel With the Scabbed Wings

| play
DEXTER_M Soil-Breaking Me Down (2003)

soil-breaking me down

| play
DEXTER_M deftones - Birthmark (1995)
DEXTER_M Norma Jean – Robots: 3 Humans: 0
DEXTER_M Cavalera Conspiracy – Must kill
DEXTER_M Hatebreed – Ghosts Of War (Official Video)
DEXTER_M fuckin' masterpiece!! Metallica – Orion


| play
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Scumgrief (1992)

Fear FactoryScumgrief

| play
DEXTER_M Sick Of It All - Just Look Around

Sick Of It All "Just Look Around" Video

| play
DEXTER_M NOFX – Theme From A NOFX Album (Live @ Summersonic '02)
DEXTER_M Alice in Chains - Shame in You (1995)

Alice in Chains Shame in You

| play
DEXTER_M Re-Align (Acoustic) – GodSmack
DEXTER_M Placebo – Taste In Men

PlaceboTaste In Men

| play
DEXTER_M Good Morning everybody!! Korn – Somebody Someone (1999)

KornSomebody Someone

| play
DEXTER_M Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know

Cro MagsWe Gotta Know

| play
DEXTER_M Cradle of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog (2000)
DEXTER_M Sad But True – Metallica (Live Shit San Diego 1992)
DEXTER_M Nowhere Fast – Incubus

Nowhere FastIncubus

| play
DEXTER_M Incubus – Pardon Me (LIVE ESPN Awards)
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – Declaration
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Not For You (live)

Pearl JamNot For You

| play
DEXTER_M Garbage – I Think I'm Paranoid (1998)
DEXTER_M Creed – My Own Prison (1997)

CreedMy Own Prison

| play
DEXTER_M Creed – Who's Got My Back (2001)
DEXTER_M Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser (No Chaser)
DEXTER_M Exodus – Piranha (1985 Studio Version)
DEXTER_M Metallica – The Frayed Ends Of Sanity + Stone Cold Crazy (Live in Nimes, France 2009)
DEXTER_M Slipknot – New abortion (live in London)

SlipknotNew abortion

| play
DEXTER_M Arch Enemy – I Will Live Again (2007)
DEXTER_M Chevelle - Bend the Bracket (2004)

Chevelle~bend the bracket

| play
DEXTER_M Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
DEXTER_M Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone (1993)
DEXTER_M Opeth – Ghost of Perdition (2005)
DEXTER_M The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (live)
DEXTER_M Black Label Society - The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye Black Label Society A2 Music Video

| play
DEXTER_M Still Remains - The Worst Is Yet To Come (2005)

still remains the worst is yet to come interpretation

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire (live in Mexico DF)
DEXTER_M Nice song!! @DJRalf: "Spaanse rock, oprecht maar echt anders. Mijn stemming is op slag in orde" (reblip)


| play
DEXTER_M Good Morning everyone!! Machine Head – Wolves

Machine HeadWolves

| play
DEXTER_M Sôber - Hemoglobina


| play
DEXTER_M Faith No More – Falling To Pieces (live @ Brixton Academy)
DEXTER_M Alice in Chains - Acid Bubble

Alice In Chains-Black Gives Way To Blue-Acid Bubble

| play
DEXTER_M Chevelle – Still Running

ChevelleStill Running

| play
DEXTER_M Stone Temple Pilots – Down (Official Video)
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam - Spin the Black Circle (1994)

pearl jam- Spin the black circle

| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused (live in London 1969)
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Rearview Mirror (live at TV show rehearsal)
DEXTER_M Still Remains – I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
DEXTER_M Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat

Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat

| play
DEXTER_M Seether – Eyes Of The Devil
DEXTER_M Beautiful intro - awesome song!!; Machine Head – "A Nation On Fire"
DEXTER_M Fastball – The Way

FastballThe Way

| play
DEXTER_M Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight
DEXTER_M Soulfly - Living Sacrifice (live)

Soulfly-Living Sacrifice live

| play
DEXTER_M Héroes del Silencio - La Alacena (1993). Beautiful song!!!

la alacena (heroes del silencio)

| play
DEXTER_M Héroes del Silencio - Culpable (1993)


| play
DEXTER_M Pantera – I'm Broken

PanteraI'm Broken HQ

| play
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – "Securitron (Police State 2000)" from "Obsolete" album (1998)
DEXTER_M Mudvayne – Scarlett Letters
DEXTER_M Heroes Del Silencio – Decadencia (1991)
DEXTER_M Hamlet – Siete Historias Diferentes (2009)
DEXTER_M A.N.I.M.A.L. – Loco Pro (1998)

A.N.I.M.A.L.Loco Pro

| play
DEXTER_M F*** You – Damageplan (ft. Corey Taylor)
DEXTER_M Band Introduction + No Habrá Final (live @ Radio3 España) - Hamlet
DEXTER_M Hamlet – Limítate (2002)


| play
DEXTER_M Hamlet – Contraproducente (2006)
DEXTER_M Probot – Shake Your Blood (Uncensored)
DEXTER_M Chimaira – Eyes of a Criminal (live)
DEXTER_M When Summoned – Devildriver
DEXTER_M DIE LAUGHING - therapy? (introduced by Tom Jones)


| play
DEXTER_M Heroes del Silencio - Flor de Loto (live). Y esta es mi flor de loto, y yo era su nombreeee!!!

Heroes del Silencio-Flor de Loto-En Directo!/!Alta Calidad!

| play
DEXTER_M Pantera – "Goddamn Electric"
DEXTER_M Entombed – Full of Hell (1993)

EntombedFull of Hell

| play
SDUBB "d-_-b" "Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Prince and George son Dhani Harrison" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Korn – Need To (1994)

KornNeed To

| play
DEXTER_M Depeche Mode - I Feel You (live)
DEXTER_M Knives -Therapy? (1995)


| play
DEXTER_M Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes See No Future (2005)
DEXTER_M deftones – Lovers


| play
DEXTER_M Black Flag - Depression

black flag Depression

| play
DEXTER_M Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Dont Fall (live)
DEXTER_M Chimaira – Salvation (2005)


| play
DEXTER_M Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society covering Ozzy's "No More Tears"
DEXTER_M Pantera – Becoming


| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser

Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica - Dyers Eve (live in Nimes 7/7/09)
DEXTER_M Metallica – Imperial March (Star Wars)
DEXTER_M Eric Cartman sings Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" #Southpark

Cartman vs Lady Gaga -Poker Face (YellowSmileY Extended Edit)

| play
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells (1991)
flinndc I'm well. :-) I have to commute....but never any traffic and not a bad drive rb@JeanneBehr How r ya? I work from home, so I'm always in my room. ;) (reblip)
DEXTER_M For Metallica / Beatles' fans. Beatallica – Hey Dude!!

BeatallicaHey Dude

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Damage Inc (Live In Paris 2004)
DEXTER_M Korn - Counting (1999)


| play
DEXTER_M Superjoint Ritual – Antifaith (Official Video)
DEXTER_M Extremoduro – Standby


| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin-Bring It On Home

Led Zeppelin-Bring It On Home

| play
DEXTER_M Eddie Vedder – End Of The Road (Into the Wild OST)
DEXTER_M Tool - No Quarter (Zepp's cover)
DEXTER_M Metallica – Lepper Messiah. Bow to lepper messiah!!
DEXTER_M Slipknot – People = Shit. "Here we go again motherf**ker!!!"
DEXTER_M H.I.M. - The Sacrament; well, Rita's gone, but i'm supposed to be a psycopath, true??LOL

H.I.M. The Sacrament

| play
DEXTER_M hey, i live in Spain, i'm still waiting for 4th season!!! Pls don't tell me anything about it!! LOL@MrsASoprano
MrsASoprano No, I was kidding - Oy@LadyFantastick: "Does this happen? Ack! I I haven't finished the Trinity season. @MrsASoprano: "The death of lovely@DEXTER_M"" (reblip)

Lovely Rita- The Beatles

| play
DEXTER_M Hi ;-) @MrsASoprano Hey Dex!~ @DEXTER_M: "Soulfly – Eye For An Eye"
DEXTER_M Soulfly - Pain (feat. Chino Moreno & Darryl Glassjaw)


| play
DEXTER_M Soulfly – Eye For An Eye

SoulflyEye For An Eye

| play
DEXTER_M Soil - Obsession


| play
DEXTER_M U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (1993)
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – What Is And What Should Never Be

Nine Inch Nails -The Great Below

| play
DEXTER_M Beatiful song!! @Shena_Princess: "all this talk of getting old it's getting me down my love...." (reblip)
DEXTER_M InMe – Neptune (2003)


| play
DEXTER_M Disciple-Slayer (2001)


| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – The More I See (Discharge cover)
DEXTER_M Deep Purple – Strange Kind of Woman
DEXTER_M Korn & Chino Moreno - Wicked (1996)

Korn ft. ChinoWicked

| play
naapstermaan lol yea i run out for you after the first three i see @clarasaurusrex out of props for you already. damn. @naapstermaan
DEXTER_M God is DEAD!!! AND NO ONE CARES!!!!!!! Nine Inch Nails - Heresy #nin

Nine Inch NailsHeresy

| play
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Struck A Nerve (1997)

KoRn-Camel Song

| play
DEXTER_M As I Lay Dying – I Never Wanted
DamnTheMan MAYNARD!!!! Great blippage girl \m/\m/ rb@Untamed: "damn good song" (reblip)

Tool Intolerance

| play
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Demanufacture
DEXTER_M George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (1971)
DEXTER_M The Beatles, Come Together, Abbey Road (1969)

The Beatles, Come Together, Abbey Road (1969) Lyrics

| play
DEXTER_M Enrique Bunbury – Frente a Frente (Vídeoclip Oficial)
DEXTER_M Phil Anselmo & Alice in Chains – Would? (live in Sidney)
DEXTER_M Héroes Del Silencio – Maldito Duende
DEXTER_M Chimaira – Resurrection (official video)


| play
DEXTER_M Stone Sour – Tumult

Stone SourTumult

| play
DEXTER_M Prodigy – Spitfire (ft. Juliette Lewis)


| play
DEXTER_M Hatebreed – Refuse / Resist [Sepultura cover] #hatebreed
DEXTER_M Chemical Brothers ft Richard Ashcroft – The Test
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover)
DEXTER_M Lacuna Coil – Heaven's a lie (Live Acoustic)
DEXTER_M The Beginning is the End is the Beginning – Smashing Pumpkins
DEXTER_M Melechesh - Deluge of Delusional Dreams

Melechesh: Deluge of Delusional Dreams

| play
DEXTER_M Evanescence – Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover(
DEXTER_M KoRn – Faget (1994)


| play
DEXTER_M Creed – "Torn" (live)
elland666 Anthrax - I AM THE LAW

AnthraxI Am The Law

| play
DEXTER_M Slipknot – Wait And Bleed - Live At London Arena
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Self Bias Resistor (live - classic line up)
DEXTER_M Korn – Ball Tongue (1994)

KornBall Tongue

| play
DEXTER_M Ill Niño – God Save Us (2001)

Ill NiñoGod Save Us

| play
DEXTER_M que buenos son los cabrones!! @eraser: "paro, q nos vamos al paro!!! -->carnaval de cadiz 2010-chirigota-los pre-paraos-popurrit-prel-by mangla.avi" (reblip)

carnaval de cadiz 2010-chirigota-los pre-paraos-popurrit-prel-by mangla.avi

| play
DEXTER_M Korn – Clown (1994)


| play
DEXTER_M I think this is Barcelona's 1991 show. Sepultura - Desperate Cry (live)
DEXTER_M Stone Temple Pilots – Creep
DEXTER_M Deftones-Xerces (2006)


| play
DEXTER_M Fear Factory - Hi-Tech Hate (1998)

Hi-Tech Hate By Fear Factory

| play
DEXTER_M Staind - Spleen

Staind Spleen

| play
DEXTER_M Arch Enemy- Taking Back My Soul (2005)

Arch Enemy- Taking Back My Soul

| play
DEXTER_M Cypress Hill – Can't Get The Best Of Me
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Go (1993)

Pearl JamGo

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Master of Puppets (S&M) [HD]
DEXTER_M Deep Purple – Highway Star (Live)
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Altered State (1991)
DEXTER_M Beatallica – Leper Madonna. It´s like Hetfield singing funny beatles songs!!
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade (2003)


| play
DEXTER_M Of course, a warm walk among the flames!!@Metal_Rocks: "Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell. Hey @ DEXTER_M Let's take a walk?! \m/" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Imagine - A Perfect Circle (John Lennon Cover)
DEXTER_M "Never Try" – Down (from "Overtheunder" album)

Never TryDown

| play
DEXTER_M This is what you need?? @Untamed Call Of Ktulu - Metallica & San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra

the call of ktulu s&m metallica

| play
DEXTER_M Disturbed – Voices (2000)


| play
DEXTER_M Deftones – Simple man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

DeftonesSimple man

| play
DEXTER_M Faith No More – Falling To Pieces (Live in London 1990)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Industrial Discipline
DEXTER_M Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine (feat. Liv' Kristine)
DEXTER_M The calm after the storm... Norah Jones – Don't Know Why
DEXTER_M No Apto - Delirios (2004). Good spanish band!!

No Apto- Mi Propio Infierno- Delirios

| play
DEXTER_M The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (1996) a little drum 'n' bass!!!
DEXTER_M Skunk Anansie – Charlie Big Potato (1999)
DEXTER_M Guns n' Roses – Pretty Tied Up - Use Your Illusion II
iReignMusic Thank you Sir! ;) @sir_edward_ross: "RB & Congrats on the 1K! @iReignMusic: "Valhalla I am coming! ~ welcome & RB@Abhi_Rocks (reblip)

Immigrant Song1972

| play
DEXTER_M Kemopetrol - Child is my name (2000)

Child is my name (Greek lyrics)

| play
DEXTER_M Chris Cornell - Disappearing One (1999).

Disappearing One

| play
DEXTER_M Muse – Plug In Baby (Live Rock In Rio 2008)
DEXTER_M Five Finger Death Punch – Stranger Than Fiction
DEXTER_M R.H.C.P. - Otherside (1999)

red hot chili peppers otherside lyrics

| play
DEXTER_M Opeth – Hex Omega (2008)

OpethHex Omega

| play
DEXTER_M Rage Against The Machine - Vietnow
DEXTER_M Ill Niño – With You

Ill NiñoWith You

| play
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – My Life For Yours (bonus track for japanese edition of "The End of Hearthache")
DEXTER_M Chimaira – The Venom Inside
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Reise, Reise
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Slanderous
DEXTER_M #Rammstein - Hallelujah


| play
DEXTER_M Norma Jean – Death of the Anti Mother
DEXTER_M Deftones ft. Max Cavalera - Head Up (live)
DEXTER_M Pantera – Floods (1996)


| play
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies) 2001
DEXTER_M Maya Filipic – Stories from Emona IV. Love this one!!
DEXTER_M Alice in Chains - Private Hell

Alice In Chains-Black Gives Way To Blue-Private Hell

| play
DEXTER_M At the drive-in - One armed scissor
DEXTER_M System OF A Down – Mr Jack
DEXTER_M Ozzy Osbourne – Gets Me Through
DEXTER_M Soulfly – I And I

SoulflyI And I

| play
DEXTER_M Incubus – A Crow Left Of The Murder
DEXTER_M Radiohead – Airbag


| play
DEXTER_M Machine Head – A Thousand Lies
DEXTER_M Jello Biafra with Andreas Kisser and Igor Cavalera - Holiday in Cambodia (live)

Holiday in Cambodia

| play
Gen22 yes I need one! [Snow Patrol - Lifeboats]

Snow PatrolLifeboats

| play
DEXTER_M It's raining again!! The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin
DEXTER_M Reckoning - Killswitch Engage

Reckoning-Killswitch Engage(new song)

| play
DEXTER_M DOWN – On March The Saints
DEXTER_M Heaven and Hell - Breaking Into Heaven

Heaven and Hell- Breaking Into Heaven

| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
DEXTER_M Sepultura - Inner Self

SepulturaInner Self

| play
DEXTER_M Marilyn Manson – The Nobodies
markmac that kylie minogue cover was good, thanks @MONIKKA (reblip)

Fujiya & MiyagiUh!

| play
DEXTER_M Depeche Mode - Dream On (live @ David Letterman Show)
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Release (1992)
backasswards <3....thanks.. think ill be a puddle for most of the day now. :p @Doggonahogg

Incubus-The Morning view sessions-The warmth.

| play
DEXTER_M Godsmack – Serenity (live)


| play
DEXTER_M Alter Bridge – Open Your Eyes
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Dissident (1993)

Pearl JamDissident

| play
DEXTER_M Soulfly – I And I (2005)

SoulflyI And I

| play
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – Still Beats Your Name
DEXTER_M Metallica – Broken, Beat & Scarred [Live Nimes July 7, 2009]
DEXTER_M Lamb of God- Foot to the Throat (2006)
DEXTER_M Oceansize - Music for a Nurse
DEXTER_M The Mars Volta – Desperate Graves
DEXTER_M Velvet Revolver – Dirty Little Thing (live)
DEXTER_M Foo Fighters – Another Round
DEXTER_M All That Remains – Not Alone
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin - In My Time Of Dying

Led Zeppelin In My Time Of Dying

| play
DEXTER_M Cavalera Conspiracy - Ultra-Violent (ft. Rex Brown of Pantera)
DEXTER_M Chimaira – Six (Official Video) [HQ]
DEXTER_M Marilyn Manson – I Don't Like The Drugs
DEXTER_M Pantera – Fucking Hostile
DEXTER_M Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd
DEXTER_M Danko Jones – Baby Hates Me
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Can't Keep

Pearl JamCant Keep

| play
DEXTER_M Dream Theater – Strange Deja Vu
DEXTER_M That Was Just Your Life – Metallica (live in México DF)
DEXTER_M @avard Amazing cover by spanish act "El Principe Gitano - In the Ghetto"
DEXTER_M Won't Get Fooled again - The Who (live 1977)
DEXTER_M Red Mosquito – Pearl Jam (live)

Red MosquitoPearl Jam

| play
DamnTheMan That's not what George tells me hehehe @EllenaG: "I´m innocent! ;P #DamnTheMan: "A very innocent blip to play ;) rb@EllenaG: "~Rammstein – Pussy~" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Black Label Society – 13 Years Of Grief (Live)
DEXTER_M System Of A Down – Needles (live)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory - Echo Of My Scream

Echo Of My Scream

| play
DEXTER_M Slipknot – New Abortion

SlipknotNew Abortion

| play
DEXTER_M Oceansize – New Pin (2006)
DEXTER_M Baroness – Wailing Wintry Wind
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Shock

Fear FactoryShock

| play
DEXTER_M Down – Bury Me In Smoke. #NOLA sound!!!
DEXTER_M Eric Clapton – Layla (Unplugged)
DEXTER_M Staind – Comfortably Numb (acoustic)
DEXTER_M Héroes Del Silencio - Bendecida

Heroes Del Silencio Bendecida

| play
DEXTER_M Heroes Del Silencio – Flor de Loto
DEXTER_M Héroes del Silencio - Decadencia


| play
Louden WIN! @DirtyUrine: "HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD - UNDEAD !! \m/" (reblip)


| play
DEXTER_M Heroes del Silencio – El Estanque (unplugged)
DEXTER_M Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky
DEXTER_M The Who – Baba O'Riley (live)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Scumgrief

Fear FactoryScumgrief

| play
DEXTER_M Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
DEXTER_M Pantera – Hollow


| play
DEXTER_M Crowbar – Thru the Ashes (I've Watched You Burn)
DEXTER_M The Unforgiven – Metallica
DEXTER_M Black Sabbath - Crazy Train

Black Sabbath Crazy Train

| play
DEXTER_M Evanescence – Snow White Queen
DEXTER_M Metallica – For Whom The Bell Tolls (live in Mexico City)
DEXTER_M Mudvayne – Beautiful And Strange (Official Music Video)
DEXTER_M Down – Invest In Fear

DownInvest In Fear

| play
DEXTER_M Thnx 4 listening!! Machine Head – "Hole In The Sky" @lulacarneiro
DEXTER_M another track from one of my favorite bands: #Chimaira – No Reason to Live
DEXTER_M hamlet - J.F. (Jodido Facha)

hamlet-jodido facha

| play
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Wolves

Machine HeadWolves

| play
DirtyUrine never heard this cover! @crasin2me: "Deftones – "Say It Ain't So" (Weezer cover)" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Deftones – Wax and Wane (Cocteau Twins cover)

DeftonesWax and wane

| play
DEXTER_M Rockin' in the free world - Pearl Jam (MTV Unplugged)

Pearl Jam Unplugged , 1992

| play
DEXTER_M The Verve – The Drugs Don't Work (live)
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Keine Lust

RammsteinKeine Lust

| play
DEXTER_M Pantera – Becoming


| play
DEXTER_M Depeche Mode – Freelove (2001)
DEXTER_M Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl
DEXTER_M Stone Temple Pilots – Lounge Fly (1994)
DEXTER_M Foo Fighters – Stacked Actors
DEXTER_M Jerry Cantrell - Bargain Basement Howard Hughes (2002)

Jerry Cantrell Bargain Basement Howard Hughes

| play
DEXTER_M Foo Fighters – I'll Stick Around
DEXTER_M Metallica – Breadfan


| play
DEXTER_M Korn – Here to Stay (2002)

KornHere to Stay

| play
DEXTER_M Opeth – Porcelain Heart

OpethPorcelain Heart

| play
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Apes Of God (2002)


| play
DEXTER_M AD/DC VS Los chanclas – Bolillón. jejejejeje #chanclas
DEXTER_M Korn – Chi (1996)


| play
DEXTER_M Korn – Swallow (1996)


| play
DEXTER_M Machine f**kin' Head – "Deafening Silence" (2001)
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – In Hiding (live in studio)
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam - Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town (1993)
DEXTER_M Muse - Bliss


| play
DEXTER_M Bullet For My Valentine – Forever And Always
DEXTER_M Slipknot – Everything Ends (Live @ Download Festival 2005)
DEXTER_M Thunder – The Prodigy

ThunderThe Prodigy

| play
DEXTER_M Thnx for listening!! @JohnSabbath: "Korn – Lies" (reblip)


| play
DEXTER_M Deftones – Bloody Cape (Battle Axe Intro)
DEXTER_M Trivium-Drowned And Torn Asunder (2004)

Trivium-Drowned And Torn Asunder

| play
DEXTER_M Slipknot – Before I Forget (live @Download Festival 2009)
DEXTER_M KoRn – Hollow Life (2002)

KoRnHollow Life

| play
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Clenching The Fists Of Dissent (live)
DEXTER_M Metallica – Trapped Under Ice (Live in New York November 15, 2009)
DEXTER_M Jet - Cold Hard Bitch

Jet "Cold Hard Bitch"

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Blackened [Live Nimes July 7, 2009] HD
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Metamorphosis. Good night everyone!!!!
DEXTER_M Opeth – Isolation years (2005)

OpethIsolation years

| play
DEXTER_M The Offspring - Nitro (1994)

The Offspring nitro

| play
DEXTER_M Make Me Bad – KoRn (from 1999 "Issues" album)

Make Me BadKoRn

| play
DEXTER_M Brujeria - La Migra (live)

BrujeriaLa Migra

| play
DEXTER_M Korn And Disturbed – Forsaken
DEXTER_M You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC (live in Madrid)
DEXTER_M Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot – No Remorse (I Wanna Die) (1997). This is rave-trash-drum 'n' bass-metal music. Or somthin like that...
DEXTER_M Opeth – The Lotus Eater (2008)

OpethThe Lotus Eater

| play
DEXTER_M Sacred Reich – Love... Hate
DEXTER_M Incubus – Privilege


| play
DEXTER_M Three Days Grace – Lost In You
DEXTER_M The Bends – Radiohead

The BendsRadiohead

| play
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Gone (2006)

Pearl JamGone

| play
DEXTER_M Pink Floyd – Hey You

Pink FloydHey You

| play
DEXTER_M Chimaira - Lazarus (2005)

Chimaira Lazarus

| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Spring


| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Nebel


| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser

Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser

| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Tier. Das ist Tanz-Metall!!


| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Spiel Mit Mir
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Engel


| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – Thank You

Led ZeppelinThank You

| play
DEXTER_M Flaw - My letter

My Letter Flaw Lyrics

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DEXTER_M Flaw – Endangered Species
DEXTER_M Sepultura - Ambush / Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells (live)

Sepultura / ambush / arise / dead embryonic cells / live bio part 4 1996

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DEXTER_M HAMLET- Irracional (live in Madrid)


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HAMLET MIENTEME (vercion anime)

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DEXTER_M Esperaré en el Infierno – Hamlet (live in Madrid)
DEXTER_M Sôber – Oxigeno (2001)


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DEXTER_M Adema – The Way You Like It
DEXTER_M Sick Of It All - Call To Arms

Sick Of It All Call To Arms

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DEXTER_M Nirvana – I Hate Myself & I Want To Die (1993)
DEXTER_M Sunna – One Conditionning (Live - MTV Five Night Stand)
DEXTER_M Dream Theater – Endless Sacrifice
DEXTER_M Muse – House of the Rising Sun
DEXTER_M Angel Of Death – Slayer (Live @ Download Festival 2005)
DEXTER_M Pantera – Strength Beyond Strength
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Thin Air (2000)

Pearl JamThin Air

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DEXTER_M The Haunted – 99

The Haunted99

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DEXTER_M Metallica – One [Live in Nimes July 7, 2009]
DEXTER_M Must be listened to in a dark room and high volume!! @thenewfreaky (reblip)
DEXTER_M Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
DEXTER_M Slipknot – Circle (2004)


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DEXTER_M Tindersticks – The Other Side Of The World
DEXTER_M Downset - Anger

Downset Anger

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DEXTER_M Queen- The princess of the universe (1986)

Queen- The princess of the universe (pics)

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DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – Rose Of Sharyn (2004)
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Klavier (1997)


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DEXTER_M Silverchair – Freak (live)


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DEXTER_M Soundgarden - 4th of july (1994)

Soundgarden 4th of july

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DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Mind Riot (1991)
DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Mood for Trouble [Studio Version]
DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Circle of Power (1988)
DEXTER_M Dishwalla – Angels or Devils

One Armed Scissor (official video)

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DEXTER_M Los placeres de la pobreza han vencido a mi burlada revolución... Héroes del Silencio - Los Placeres de la Pobreza (live)

Heroes del silencio-Los Placeres de la pobreza-Acapulco 1994

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DEXTER_M Christina Scabbia... Slipknot's James Root is a lucky guy. Lacuna Coil - Swamped (acoustic live in studio)
DEXTER_M Outstanding song!! Stockholm Syndrome (live at Rock Am Ring 2004)

Stockholm Syndrome (live at Rock AM) 2004

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DEXTER_M Incubus - Sick Sad Little World (2005)

Sick Sad Little World | Incubus

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DEXTER_M Sing along f**kers!!! Seek & Destroy (live)
Gen22 Alice in Chains - Rooster (Unplugged)