Bdarealist Howard Hewett inspired by @ambit @DJBadBilly

HOWARD HEWETT "This love is forever"

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band 1975

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DJBadBilly @fridayschild: "@100yearoldman: "@gwensutton: "1of my very favs oldies" one of mine to (reblip)

Ooh Wee Baby I Love You

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San Francisco is My Disco

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DJBadBilly "Jim Morrison...The Hitchhiker"@mark_till (reblip)


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DJBadBilly RB, TYVM>>> @Leylita: "HOUSE CLASSIC 1989 !!! THE LATIN AGE – ESTA LOCA" (reblip)
salondelynn Guru Ganesha Singh ◎ Ma

MaGuru Ganesha Singh

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xatstilonair Nobody Knows Whats Going On (in my mind but me). vi@DJBadBilly

Nobody Knows Whats Going On (in my mind but me).

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Dancer12 ♥ღ ♫♥ BARRY WHITE-Playing your games-LIVE! ♥ღ ♫♥ . . .

BARRY WHITE-Playing your games-LIVE!

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zoja01 rb@mark_till: "RAMONES My Back Pages SUBTITULADO" (reblip)


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Second Chance (LIVE)-38 Special

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dawnie22 Rock it! RB@Music4OnlyYou: "★.¸♚¸.★ ☀••••☀ I JƱSƮ ƜẴƝƝẴ ☀••••☀ ƦIÐЄ ☀••••☀ ★.¸♚¸.★ #Jσє #Sαtrḯαηḯ ✮ღ(ˆ▿ˆ)ღ✮ #Ɲєw #Ĥαrℓєy #Ðαvḯdsσn #Ɣḯdєσ ✮ღ(ˆ▿ˆ)ღ✮" (reblip)
DJBadBilly JJ Cale - After Midnight"@PabloMellow @pclovinU (reblip)

JJ CALE After midnight 1971

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Pedro_S The Cribs – Leather Jacket Love Song

Reflections Of 1977 ♫ ♫ [65 Songs]

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SweetSensation Diva DJs vs. Nicky French – Total Eclipse of the Heart 2006 (Saint Club Mix)
sir_edward_ross The Doors I'm Horny, I'm Stoned

The Doors I'm Horny, I'm Stoned Live at "Beat Club" 1972 Televison Performance "Original Broadcast"

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DJBadBilly Still like the original, She had a great deal of soul @Gobosox54
DJBadBilly Need To plan some traveling, Thank you @WithOutMakeUp: "Middle Eastern Music, Exotic, Oriental, Arabian Music,Stunning Dubai Photos" (reblip)

Middle Eastern Music, Exotic, Oriental, Arabian Music,Stunning Dubai Photos

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DJBadBilly "Saw her do this in Dreamgirls years ago, JENNIFER HOLIDAY-IM NOT GOING""@PabloMellow (reblip)


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DJBadBilly ""Jim Morrison...The Hitchhiker"@deelenn (reblip)


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DJBadBilly Parliameny.. Good Ol Music..Early Funk

The Parliaments-Good Old Music

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DJBadBilly "John Legend and Adele ..Rolling in The Deep" New one for me @cohetes (reblip)
DJBadBilly Sounds of Blackness...Testify...Great Gospel/R.B


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DJBadBilly @The101HiWay " In California, take the 10 Freeway East from LA, past Palm Springs [Jim Morrison's Film: Hwy Highway] (pt 1) @matriax""" (reblip)

Jim Morrison's Film "HWY" 1/8

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Hachimon The Bollock Brothers - Harley David
DJBadBilly TY sooMuch,U knowme I'm always behind sendingsongs, THXSAgain>>>@katjgroove: " - it was great (reblip)

Bob Marley, Concrete jungle.

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DJBadBilly @sir_edward_ross @GattoMaoz, THXS again for sending all the Zucchero songs. Americans have missed out on a talent.>>>>>>@Trudimilla (reblip)
sayghal گرچه بهار و نوروز نیست ولی اجرا و شعر بسیار زیباست . در همه ایام
DJBadBilly @lilLADYT8845: "Eurythmics vs Carly Simon ~ Eur So Vain ~"" (reblip)
DJBadBilly @JonnyWilson: " In California, take the 10 Freeway East from LA, past Palm Springs [Jim Morrison's Film: Hwy Highway] (pt 1 of 8) @matriax" (reblip)

Jim Morrison's Film "HWY" 1/8

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DJBadBilly 60s Soul (reblip)

Gene Chandler And Barbara Acklin Show Me The Way To Go

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renothespinner Thnx 2~~>@bytera: "❏ Never forget the wise words of Johann S¡belius Bach: “To blip is human, to яeblip divine.” . . . #.ℊ'ห¡gнт Poets❣" (reblip)
neilvalla Every night I cry Every night I sigh Every night I wonder why

Village People En La Academia 2011 "YMCA" 2/10/11 Parte 3

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DJBadBilly Sad Song.It's sad that there is so much hatred in theworld @dj_lmb@AlienThomas Keepguessing,buddy Billy,one day youll be right>DJBadBilly CC@Dancer12 (reblip)
ellendiane rb@DJBadBilly:Please stop the harassment. Quit attacking all the women you attackGet help @HawkNoize – Out To Get You @ellendiane @DJBadBilly"@blipfm (reblip)
DJBadBilly "Mongo Santamaria – Guaguanco Sabroso" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Death Threat!! @HawkNoize: "@DJBadBilly !!"TY - KLONDIKE KATE! "I hope You Die" – Live at the Java Jive, @vikingbutcher2"@blipfm
Hachimon De La Ghetto - Hold On We're Going Home (Spanish Remix) In the morn!
sir_edward_ross re-business @bytera: Tom Waits – "God's Away On Business" (reblip)
DJBadBilly "Slash With Chic..Let's Dance (reblip)

Slash with Chic: "Let's Dance" (live New York 2008)

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DJBadBilly Please refer to..list and file @blipfm .... TY@HawkNoize

TIGHT PANTIES en BLANCO BAR (11-09-2009, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife)

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DJBadBilly TY@HawkNoize: "ike I want more Rats. @DJBadBilly @77ozzie @vikingbutcher2, thanks guys." @blipfm... per review

I want more rats

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DJBadBilly This is how youtalkabt women? @HawkNoize: "THRASH OR DIE – NO POSERS ALLOWED. the old bags R POSERSDancerPIZZ12 BAD NumNutz GO AWAY. thanks!" (reblip)
Dancer12 ♠ Notice to YOU: @HawkNoize I AM WRITING TO @blipfm tomorrow/& contacting twitter/facebook/LinkedIn ABOUT your FOUL SONGS to @DJBadBilly and Me !!!♠
DJBadBilly Thinking abt Boston,Okla,deathof somany,whynot let us focuson positive energy,the past is the past,Think it over,A new Begin. @HawkNoize@ellendiane

SnapThe Power

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DJBadBilly Udon't have2respond,I'll understand,but I think we both could send alot ofgoodenergyjust,I hope youll agree. @HawkNoize @ellendiane (reblip)

SnapThe Power

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DJBadBilly You Gotta have faith,Life's2short 4all this.Let's just let it go, maybe it'll fizzle out.I Pray/Hope.Let 's let it go and think positive. Dancer12" (reblip)

John Lennon, imagine

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DJBadBilly This is ihe response in regards to hatred ,calling women nasty names, harassment and discriminationof the aformentioned.. @HawkNoize: " I Don't Care (reblip)

I Don't CareD.O.P.E

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DJBadBilly IfUsupporthatred,discriminat.,harassmentofwomen, DJs,peopofcolor,oldrpeople,gays,nastyname calling,pleastakeUR nameoffmylistUthensupportHawk&his hate

John Lennon, imagine

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DJBadBilly Something isverywrong withaperson:hates everyone&sends messagesofhate2somanypeople@Dancer12 SICK.Pleasequit hatingeveryone> @HawkNoize cc @ellendiane (reblip)
DJBadBilly @HawkNoize Uareanadult.Uare ruining BLIP.Somanypeople hateURbehavior.Stoptheharassment :women,people of color,gays,olderpeople cc"@ellendiane (reblip)

perfect circle-imagine

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DJBadBilly 4therecords,STOP!quit harassing me,sending death threats, suicidenotes,fucking myfamilynotes.Againstop the harassment!! CC.Police records @HawkNoize: (reblip)
DJBadBilly A low blow, but I forgive U @HawkNoize: "@DJBadBilly: SISTER FUCKER oh i forgot, we should only play.peace" Ty again @blipfm (reblip)


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DJBadBilly Have A wonderful night, &an even bettter tomorrow, God loves you @HawkNoize: . Man's AN Idiot. wow, not blocked. (reblip)

The Waves Come In by Man's an Idiot

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DJBadBilly All of our prayers are with you, God Bless you . Have a wonderful tomorrow , Bless you!@HawkNoize: "@DJBadBilly I Wanna Get Rid of You ...the end." (reblip)

I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You

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dj_lmb TY@DJBadBilly: "Yeah! @dj_lmb: "TY@TBFKA: "A hired gun reblips@dj_lmb: "TY@SylverHawk: "Hired gun – Peter Doherty @dj_lmb @DJBadBilly""""" (reblip)
DJBadBilly I'm sure you have better things to do then to play games with getting into accts and taking personal pictures,Our guard is up now! @Major_Matt_Mason (reblip)
DJBadBilly U took my avi &put it onURsite,Hacking.nothing more to say!!! Purpose,just to give someone a hard time!@Major_Matt_Mason: "I don't have that knowledge (reblip)
His_Boy_Ellroy Oh, you mean your photo?! Oh, that's easy. No hacking required. I just borrowed it because I like it. Sorry!@DJBadBilly
40GRAUS ~~Richie Havens – Teach Your Children (Live - 10/71)~~
DJBadBilly Doors...Summertime ...Nice Find, TY>> @mrbigballs (reblip)

The Doors-summertime

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DJBadBilly Good Club sound, TY>>> @matoart: "se qualcuno sogna la #California...;)))" (reblip)

benny benassi- california dreaming Remix 2004

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DJBadBilly It tellsUwhat kind of people theyare2support his racist,incest, rape,death,mentrally challengedattacks,womenhating comments@JoanieBeachMusic Me 2Billy (reblip)

Tyler / Present Arms ~ UB40 ~ Live 1983

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snaksac ELEANOR RIGBY by Ray Charles

ELEANOR RIGBY by Ray Charles

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DJBadBilly Chissie Hynde of The Pretenders..Dark Sunglasses

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons- Hits Medley

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Engelbert Quando Quando Quando (Spanish Mix, the Dance Version)

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GAY_AMSTERDAM THE MARVELETTES - when you're young and in love

THE MARVELETTES when you're young and in love (1996)

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DJBadBilly They are Latinos,Latin/Mex. Americans,not your derogatory term@HawkNoize Wetback Wednesdays 26 cc @Angelitos55@Pedro_S@Rosa147@Regina_br@Itacimirim" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Dont Play with me cause youre playing with Fire..IfUdont stop the harassment,bashing ofwomen,hispanics,blacks gays, challengedchildren.Cont.@HawkNoize


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snaksac Jennifer Lopez Pitbull "We Are One" World Cup 2014 San Paulo

Jennifer Lopez Pitbull "We are one" World Cup 2014 San Paulo

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ndude Rolling Stone – Bob Marley and The Wailers
DJBadBilly Hot Damn, Man, TY>>>> @djilo: "Señor Stereo – Hot Damn (Gigamesh Remix)" (reblip)
LilBlues4u Joe Louis Walker – Too Drunk to Drive Drunk - 2/25/12
DJBadBilly AskDancer,kaycee,popsicle,Jazz,ellen,Viking, rockmebebay,Auti,Sir,C3,joanie,intermit,swin,stream,Angel, georges,luke,fayez,2name afew @SuperSpaceAngel (reblip)
knowtheledge Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – Ronnie
JazzYogi888 <Naww,Stud-Muffin of the Kali-Yuga@HawkNoize: "motley Crue: mother fucker of the year - @DJBadBilly @dkrmdude @JY~@Sven77@llorentea@lukesharp_radio (reblip)

motley crue mother fucker of the year official video

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Itacimirim rb ty @HawkNoize: "THE SHAPE SHIFTERS ~ POND SCUM @DJBadBilly. Hocus Pocus. xo" (reblip)


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playfulx Sorry@DJBadBilly: "Haacking!! @play: "Rb@Classikat: "Billy, why is your avi the same as the Major's?@DJBadBilly: "Alan Parsons..TIME"TY @Classikat "" (reblip)

Time by The Alan Parsons Project...with Lyrics

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playfulx Rb@Classikat: "Billy, why is your avi the same as the Major's?@DJBadBilly: "Alan Parsons..TIME"TY @Classikat "" (reblip)

Time by The Alan Parsons Project...with Lyrics

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DJBadBilly Another woman attacked @HawkNoize: "BOWIE & LOU REED – Queen Bitch @ IntermittentforU cc @eloy13 @blipfm

motley crue mother fucker of the year official video

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DJBadBilly Freestyle..Don't Stop The Rock
DJBadBilly "Weekend Players ..Into the Sun (reblip)
pedalbypedal Soñando con Puerto Rico

Soñando con Puerto Rico

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DJBadBilly Wow! Great find, TYVM>>> @Imagine60: "..Isley Bros, later done by Tammi Terrell and Rod Stewart ....This old heart of mine..." (reblip)

This Old Heart Of Mine

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DJBadBilly You Got it, MAN, samples Etta James&Colormebadd TY>> @djilo: "Father Funk – Don't Stop" (reblip)
DJBadBilly The label bought by MOTOWN I was talking about the other day @ARDELLd @frankierocker

Ric Tic Records 9 Stereo Synchs Samples Teaser

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La_danseuse I heard this and it sounded to me so beauty (reblip)

The DodosWinter

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DJBadBilly Good Sound!, TY>> @Hachimon: "Sound Factory - Understand This Groove (1992)" (reblip)
BlipOff She was 31 & I was 17. Bobby Goldsboro – Summer (The First Time) (reblip)
djilo Valentin Huedo & Atfunk – Until the Sun Goes Down
DJBadBilly Man, I'm out o fprops, Good sound as usual TY>>> @djilo: "Vondelpark – California Analog Dream" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Please leave Danc12,Georgesand,Classikat, Intermittentforu,llorentia,insidemel,alone >@HawkNoize :Agnaldus..Blood on Assof UR FuckingGod Yeah! @Billy


| play
DJBadBilly Please leavepopsicletoesParadiselover@jazzyogi,Auti, Sir-Edward,alone @HawkNoize: THRASH OR DIE NO POSERS old bags DancerPIZZ12 BAD NumNutz GO AWAY (reblip)
DJBadBilly Please leave lukesharp, sven777, viking, Tlwinslow, alone@Dancer12: "Lord, help me help @HawkNoize with his hang-up of sending ,cruel,obnoxious songs (reblip)
DJBadBilly Please leave Rockmebaby,eloy13,kayceedee alone.Dancer12: Notice2U@HawkNoize I'm WRITING 2@blipfm&contacting twitter/facebook/LinkedIn ABOUUrFOULSONGS (reblip)
DJBadBilly PlayMusicstopbashingeveryone.stopharass,bashing women"CUNT,DICKHEAD"hispanics,blacks,gays,chopping mothersintopieces onMom'sDayGiveusabreak!@HawkNoize (reblip)


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Marystudio Chuck Jackson ~ Greatest Hits (Full Album)


| play
Hachimon X - Los Angeles (music video)
DJBadBilly Messages,2days ago"Youre daughter's a whore". Anyonewho listens2U,Scary.LEAVE US ALL ALONE orUwill b arrested/in court,quoted fromthepolice @HawkNoize
DJBadBilly Philly Cream..MOTOWN Review
DJBadBilly Try being positive and without HATE towards all of us today, PLEASE @HawkNoize: "GUCCI MANE . "STOOPID", @DJBadBilly . yess! ty!"" (reblip)


| play
AmyIsImaginary Ohhhhh. K. No words....TY rb@DJBadBilly: "Quincy, El Debarge, Barry White and James Ingram.. The Secret Garden @AK (reblip)
DJBadBilly WeRtired ofU,IfUwouldnt bash/SLANDER (keyWord)U wouldget listeners back @HawkNoize: DJBadBilly.The Sic F*cks ChopUp UR Mother:DJBadB HappyMothersDay! (reblip)
DJBadBilly Positive Vibrations..Try it, it will work4all of us&bring friendships backtogether,Think in a Positive Manner.PLEASE 4the sake of all of us@HawkNoize
DJBadBilly SLANDER/Defamation of Character. Please try to be positive ..@HawkNoize: "Say Anything – Hate Everyone. ( Sessions) Ok .
DJBadBilly Great&Fitting Lyrics. Plse Listen.Some ChangesR 4Good..It had 2be said 2Hawk,IfU R on his station and support /prop his negativity please drop me Now

Dionne Warwick — Some Changes Are For Good

| play
DJBadBilly Thank you for trying to be positive, it's a start!@HawkNoize: "FILTER – "Take A Picture." DjDipSHit* @DJBadBilly. . go wash up , or something..
DJBadBilly HopedUcould be positive with all of us,More hatemessages from U.Theres still hope.WeR praying4 URwelfare&theend ofURviolent slander @blipfm@HawkNoize:

The Peanut Vendor (used in Duck Soup) 2012 01 19 19 41 08

| play
DJBadBilly Positivity and maturity and morality Towards all of Us, You can Do It!@HawkNoize: "Oasis-

Oasis Stop Crying your heart Out Doup Adiction Edition

| play
DJBadBilly You're doing better, Being Positive, stopping the hate, Good For you! Thank You Very Much from all of us !@HawkNoize
SomeMoSir Bruno Mars Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2013

Bruno Mars Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2013

| play
Itacimirim rb ty @HawkNoize: "& You , U, F*Ck .> "@DJBadBilly." < A Fool Of EveryOne. Jet A Lot Like Love.." (reblip)

A Fool Of EveryOne Jet A Lot Like Love

| play
JacoLovesMusic Go play with Billy @HawkNoize: "Robert Cray - Playin' In The Dirt. @JacoLovesMusic" (reblip)

Robert Cray-Playin' In The Dirt

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matoart sweet night my darling, I wish you nightmares but not so much love;) hugs@Desdemona_: "One of the special places in my life; gare du nord; @matoart (reblip)
djilo Dzihan & Kamien – Deep Disco
Groovasm @R_A_Y_B_E: "Sexual Healing" (reblip)

Kate Bush Sexual Healing

| play
hizza_puf The Rolling Stones Watching The River Flow

The Rolling Stones Watching The River Flow

| play
DJBadBilly Sounds like early Funk, THXS>>>@frankierocker: "SOME SAY THE FIRST DISCO RECORD - (reblip)

Do It Billy Sha-Rae 1971 First Disco Record

| play
KayceeDee You got me feeling like...I'm stepping on buildings...I swear I could touch the sky... #New
sir_edward_ross Push Push

Push Push-The Doors

| play
mark_till Well I can't stand to look at you now. @HawkNoize: "Seether – Country Song @The_Swin "@DJBadBilly"" (reblip)
eubieland Jeremy Enigk – Set It on Fire
DJBadBilly THXS @JacoLovesMusic. I knew you'd be understanding, EX>> @HawkNoize: @DJBadBilly.The Sic F*cks – Chop Up Your Mother:DJBadBilly." Happy Mothers Day!
davetherave1947 RB@HawkNoize: "@matoart:Gare Du Nord Marvin & Miles Sex 'n' Jazz (reblip)

Gare Du Nord Marvin & Miles Sex 'n' Jazz

| play
DJBadBilly @HawkNoize The Fuckin ShitBiscuits,@DJBadBilly.Im a Goddamn Stupid Fucking Idiot.We know,butt dont be so hard on yeRSelf cc @ellendiane@JacoLovesMusic
DJBadBilly @HawkNoize: ": are not fit to even be an asswipe!!!"@DJBadBilly."Bunga Low Bill" , *Rehearsal.* djbb"CC@ellendiane @ncvibes @JacoLovesMusic

Bungalow Bill rehearsal

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DJBadBilly Yeah!! TY Nice one>>@djilo: "Wonderland Avenue - White Horses (Laidback)" (reblip)
Greenfields47 good music day at your radio station :)@SuperSpaceAngel (reblip)


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DJBadBilly I just turned the computer on, Lucky Me, He sends between 5-20 a day. He has something wrong with him.@tartantoes: "shut the F UP! >>>> @HawkNoize (reblip)

Frank ZappaDisco Boy

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Top 10 Grunge Bands

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GAY_AMSTERDAM The Surfers – Windsurfing Time Again
KayceeDee Happy Fridayyy!!!!:):) Giving u some Dirty Bass...Get groovy!:)
DJBadBilly YEAH!!!...Listen, Feel, and Enjoy. Doing It!!! @KayceeDee: "DJ Roland Kenzo – Listen Feel Enjoy!:)" (reblip)
DJBadBilly You're welcome, I can see you are a person of integrity, but I did the right thing @HawkNoize: "..Dink's Song. 4 Dickwad, - "@DJBadBilly
Aguialene rb@HawkNoize: "(R*Clip) F3tch – Fuck Your Mum. (Clip.'de) "@DJBadBilly." thank U, sir. go to radio school, though there's no such thing." (reblip)

Jim Morrison-The Girl Of The Ghetto (Poem Read by Johnny Depp)

| play
DJBadBilly "Ring a bell, THXS @R_A_Y_B_E RB@Itacimirim: "rb ty @HawkNoize: "& You , U, F*Ck .> "@DJBadBilly." < A Fool Of EveryOne. Jet A Lot Like Love..""" (reblip)

A Fool Of EveryOne Jet A Lot Like Love

| play
DJBadBilly Too Long,Came out of nowhere,4the past year about 3/4 a day.Not worth dealing with it.Saw what was writtten 4Y today. Noone is safe @IntermittentforU (reblip)
11_14AM @AmyIsImaginary: "SMASHING PUMPKINS – Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) - Live on iHeartRADIO - Audio HQ"rbTY (reblip)
ellendiane I have no explanation- I am sorry for the abuse to you &J.....@DJBadBilly When I see it I run...
1970sdude Bob & Marcia – Young, Gifted And Black written by Nina Simone and Weldon Irvine
DJBadBilly "His only MOTOWN hit.. "Chuck Jackson ~ Shame On Me for lovin You" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Yes,she is,Comeon,there's no need4allthat Be Cool,Man!@HawkNoize: – I Didn't Know My Own Strength, @GeorgeSand,if u R a Woman,i'll die,&I'm SOO Sorry.
DJBadBilly Beautiful, been there twice, would like to go back, TY>> @garbageman01: "'Radio Morocco' . . ." (reblip)

Radio Jaipur (Sublime Frequencies, 2007)

| play
DJBadBilly Wow!, Imagine!, the video and the singing, Excellent,TY>> @Garol: "Love this video☂♪ღ ...not to mention the singing.. and the song✽ Hope you do too❤" (reblip)
DJBadBilly FYI WantedU2know Imnotsending thenastyblips theyRbeing sentbyH,Sorry, Hawk: BedpanFight djbilly @lukesharp_radio@eloy13@mrbigballs@tlwinslow @dkrmdude
starleeknight 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds ;)

Donnie DarkoMad World

| play
DJBadBilly LET IT BE...PLEASE 4 the sake of all of us. Have a good day!! @HawkNoize

Beatles Let It Be Music Video 1970

| play
TakisXblipfm Astor piazzola – Classic dubstep (polar remix)
KayceeDee Sojo & Inna – Summer Lover..when I discovered the world in your eyes...
KayceeDee Addicted to Dance:)

don and palm feat. jessica eve-addicted to dance(by dimitris michos)

| play
KayceeDee DJ Play This Song!

DJ Sanny Orry Jackson DJ Play This Song (Gordon&Doyle remix)

| play
KayceeDee Fave, thank you!:)@renothespinner: "Motorcycle ~ As The Rush Comes" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Very Cool, THXS>> @40GRAUS: "~~Bruno Mars – Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 [Hooligans in Hawaii]~~" (reblip)
salondelynn Rhythm & Blues Revue (1955) full movie

Rhythm & Blues Revue (1955) full movie

| play
Clair_de_Lune Ever since I've created a porn site half of you don't talk to me anymore! Or prop me! Good riddance. I have enough fake ppl in my life already.

Joan JettFake Friends

| play
yiakal Barry White – Rio de Janeiro
Rosa147 Have you all a very good time! Goodnight!

Bob Marley Nice Time

| play
DJBadBilly Nice Find, and in stereo, THXS>> @Plural_Tastes: "Land Oh!!!, The Doors" (reblip)

Land Oh!!!, The Doors

| play

van morrison -high summer

| play
frankierocker DON'T KNOW WHY THIS WASN'T A BIG HIT (make me "blue")
DJBadBilly A new one for me, THXS>>@djilo: "Alabama 3 – Keep Your Shades On" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Jim Croce – Rapid Roy... He Got A Tattoo On His Arm That Says "Baby" He Got Another One That Just Says "Hey"" (reblip)

Chicago Soul! "The Impressions- I'm A Fool For You"

| play
snaksac Mackelmore: White Privilege Lyrics HD (The Language of My World)

Macklemore: White Privilege Lyrics HD (The Language of My World)

| play
DJBadBilly Across The Universe from the movie Across The Universe @IntermittentforU@xeyed

Across The Universe + Helter Skelter (Across The Universe)

| play

Billboard Hot Soul Singles Top 50 February 18, 1978

| play
DJBadBilly You're playing some great stuff tonight, TY>> @KayceeDee: "Come on Bounce!" (reblip)
KayceeDee Eminem feat. Nate Dogg – Shake That!!
KayceeDee Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Jerome Isma Ae Bootleg)
DavesMood Thank you beautiful song@DeliciousD: "~Hawaii '78~ @DavesMood" (reblip)

Hawaii '78IZ

| play
pedalbypedal @Cairnmont It's going to be awkward ;-O if you dance it like the couple in this video ;))

Xtreme Te Extrano ~ Original version ©

| play

♫ Best Progressive Trance Mix 2013 Vol. #5 [HD] ♫

| play
snaksac [DJ.ZEENLINE] - Party Shaker Remix 2014
DJBadBilly Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands

Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands

| play
DJBadBilly 100 Greatest Songs of Rock

Top 100 Greatest Rock Songs Ever!

| play
djilo Christian Prommer & Alex Barck – Gladys Knight
DJBadBilly Great Flashback..RB...TY>>@GiovanniF7: "Happy Birthday to singer/songwriter/musician James Ingram "Yah Mo B There," with Michael McDonald." (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "Otis Rush – Your Turn to Cry" Inspired by @cpcdiniz & @backtoback
DJBadBilly Things have been pretty smooth,until last night, got one of the nastiest Ive ever got from Italia then backed up by His_Boy_E,Whoa! @IntermittentforU (reblip)

gino soccio dancer

| play
Italia @Italia: "@DJBadBilly: "Fantastic 4 ..You Gave Me Something" Syphilis??" HAH! Funny, possibly who knows! (reblip)
neilvalla he said I'm better off without you till I showed him my tattoo's
frankierocker CUDDLE TIME!


| play
pulsar I have scans of a few hundred CKLW surveys. But you can see text files of many CKLW surveys here: rb@DJBadBilly (reblip)

DETROIT EMERALDS Feel the need in me 70s Rare Soul

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DJBadBilly How did you find this one..WOW!! > RB< TY>> @anjeee (reblip)
Kenouse @Shaman777 - Dada Life - Rolling Stones T-Shirt (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
cjh Sunrise Avenue -- Hollywood Hills

Sunrise Avenue -- Hollywood Hills (Official Video)

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Kenouse @Shaman777 - Splendid - NaNaNa (Official Video)
TheTAZZone Ironically, even though he censored this song himself to get it past the CRTC, the song itself was about censorship during the Vietnam War (reblip)


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axefield EDDIE PALMIERI E ISMAEL QUINTANA – CAFÉ | oh this is the one I wanted to blip at you @knowtheledge
Kenouse Slam - Crowded Room

SlamCrowded Room

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Kenouse Deep House : Le Borgne - Rick Wade
Kenouse Phunk Investigation - Crazy Diamonds (Original Mix)
DJBadBilly Little Ghetto Boy..John Legend and The Roots... Great rendition, TYVM>>@talkingheadsgr (reblip)
DJBadBilly THXS can't prop you,since you have me blocked,THXS anyway, Have a great Friday @Hachimon: "Bad Boy Bill & Richard Humpty Vission - House Connection 2
DJBadBilly RB.. TY>>>@Hachimon: "House Connection 1 - Bad Boy Bill #TGIF"
DJBadBilly Brian Eno...By This River

Brian Eno- By This River [Anzu]

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snaksac THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

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DJBadBilly Good Mix, RB, TY>> @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "Madonna - Don't Cry For Me Argentina [Miami Mix]" (reblip)

Madonna Don't Cry For Me Argentina [Miami Mix]

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DoctorOfJazz Hey Blip Stars. If You Enjoy Photography check out my relatively new FB Page. (reblip)

Lou Rawls Groovy People

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DJBadBilly I made some really good soup last night.surprised myself, Good one,TTY >>@KayceeDee, find a little snack and get to a long workout... ... :)" (reblip)
DJBadBilly You're playing some great smooth sounds tonight, Good as always@djilo: "MDNGHT – Breeze (Tontario & SaxoKid Remix)" (reblip)

London underground song lyrics ©

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GinaGina Ashford & Simpson – High-Rise
paisley DJ's Rule – Get Into The Music (Hybrid Mix) #EDM #remixes
DJBadBilly Belle Stars..MTV Flashback..Sign of The Times
DJBadBilly Dusty Kid & Grooviera – Where The DJ Hell Is Todd Terry"Ty@djilo (reblip)
DJBadBilly Marvin was so smooth, TYVM>> @komatsu: "MARVIN GAYE – ITS NOT UNUSUAL" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Good Pick, THXS>>> @djilo: "War – Don't Let No One Get You Down" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Great Team..Santana/Doors, TYVM>>>>>@GottaLaughGirl (reblip)

Santana vs Doors Riders on a Black Magic Storm GiGi Boss DoubleMashed Video Rmx

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ghostroadtunes u think u'll maybe trust her


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renothespinner Van Morrison ~ Q~Q The Best Of......

Van Morrison -The Best Of Van Morrison(HQ/HD -compilation))

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DJBadBilly Finish Line..ENERGY.. Gotta play this on Sat/Sun? KayceeDee: "New we're talkin'!!! #Energy #Markus :)" (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic The Greatest Hits Medley 1975 @frankierocker

Three Degrees-The Greatest Hits Medley 1975 (les dawson show)

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DJBadBilly THanks Man,Playing some old school dance,Don't give a shit if some people don't like it.May be the last week I'll be doing this, Thxs 4the song @djilo (reblip)
DJBadBilly Village People..MegaMix Medley

1978 | The Village People Vinyl | MEGAMIX MEDLEY

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DJBadBilly Edwin Starr..Contact

Contact" Edwin Starr" remix Jean Master Cut

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KayceeDee Btw...I'm actually really digging the genre Melbourne Bounce... :):) @Paul_: "Happy Sunday! ; ) @KayceeDee"" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Latin/Afro Rhythms..Good Club Mix, TY>> @snaksac: "La Secta - Pongale Remix (Official Video HD)" (reblip)
hizza_puf Flo & Eddie: Another

Flo & Eddie: Another Pop Star's Life

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DJDustmon Don't touch me.

Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos

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Fredtimbo The Spanish version . . . "Otro Día Más Sin Verte" by Jon Secada.
DJBadBilly JIMMY CLIFF..."THE REBEL IN ME""Ty@emulator_ii" (reblip)


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ellendiane simmering- I guess djbb hates me again. sad we cant all play nice:( x rb@HawkNoize: "@ellendiane: metaphor for passion"" (reblip)


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axefield M.ono & Luvless – Never Gonna Leave You
djilo Offshore Funk - Crometown (Fame video remix)

Offshore Funk-Crometown (Fame video remix)

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bytera Another day, another metaphor. For tomorrow. (ړײ) Baci ((@Snoooze)) “Sometimes the best map will not guide you / You can't see what's round the bend.” (reblip)

Bruce Cockburn- "Pacing The Cage" Live in studio 1998 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)

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llorentea Gracias!@matoart: "tutti ad #Acapulco...a vedere l' alba...;-)))" (reblip)

Santana "Acapulco Sunrise" HD

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DJBadBilly Great rave, Club list, TYVM>>>>@snaksac: "Firebeatz DJ Mag Top 100 2014" (reblip)

Firebeatz DJ Mag Top 100 2014

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DJBadBilly I guess your words were short lived, Oh Well @HawkNoize: "~ Everclear ~ (reblip)

Everclear~ Unemployed Boyfriend

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DJBadBilly My hand is still out for a handshake . It's all over, The Past!@JacoLovesMusic: "Yes please. @HawkNoize: "The Anthony's Vinyls – (reblip)
DJBadBilly My hand is outstretched to shake Hawk's hand.. @JacoLovesMusic:So... i like to thank the both of you.Happy 2014 @HawkNoize @DJBadBilly"" (reblip)

Iggy Pop Lust For Life (HQ) (Lyrics)

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WithOutMakeUp so, what is your name? :) Bro.. @HawkNoize: "@DJBadBilly @WithOutMakeUp , Breath Of Life Take 2. – I Told Jesus To Change My Name. , happy now?" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Then stop the harassment,it's not that hard @HawkNoize: "@Rosa147 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out. @DJBadBilly , The Spencer Davis Group"
DJBadBilly He sent the note,I don't send notes2him I send them2blip,Udefend "I Hope You Die comments"?I feel for U.Look the other way,it'll go away? @ellendiane

Cyndi Lauper True Colours Lyrics

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DJBadBilly Wasn't that long ago that several of us wrote letters on URbehalf 2have him stop attacking U,How soon we forget,Learn the hard way,I Guess@ellendiane
BluJulius it's important to remember that the world is full of people that would like nothing more than to see others in pain@DJBadBilly: "She was sensitive, (reblip)
ellendiane rb@scotlandlover: "beg all you want...until you stop bullying @DJBadBilly you will be blocked ...I can't stand for bullying, here or in RL @HawkNoize: (reblip)
DJBadBilly Youve attacked atleast 20/25 peoplein the last 4 wks.&now attacking peoples mothers? Rape&Incest wasn't enough.Be A Man..STOP! @HawkNoize @Itacimirim
DJBadBilly Very sorry to hear your mother is ill, Prayers for her and family @HawkNoize: "The Cutie Pies- Wild Thing- "@DJBadBilly." not anyOne else,Dense One."

The Cutie Pies- Wild Thing

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DJBadBilly If U are a listener of his what does that say U believe in?TY @HawkNoize – Bang Bang ..(2 shots in the head): @DJBadBilly.",,, oh wow! @blipfm
DJBadBilly Even after sending ,twice, condolences for his Mom passing , he's still on the attack,what can I tell you@antoforever ..Bridge Over Troubled Water" (reblip)
DJBadBilly "I have no regrets about saying sorry for the passing of your Mom, even if you don't give a shit!@HawkNoize (reblip)
JazzYogi888 It's what I keep trying to tell Bill, best way to shut that clown down is ~Mostly Ignore @IntermittentforU: "I deal with crazier @DJBadBilly (reblip)

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

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DJBadBilly Calling latinos,blacks,gays racistslurs.wouldUlike2see some of them.I have abt 200 saved4unnamed reasons.Now maybe youll openUReyes. @SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Quoting Obama"When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance you don't really have to do anything, Just walk away" @HawkNoize

Susan Boyle ~ The Lord's Prayer

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DJBadBilly Well he went for a week without bashing people, except 3 women, The Lord be with him @HawkNoize: "> "@DJBadBilly
DJBadBilly Dear Mama..I'm very sorry for your loss @HawkNoize
DJBadBilly Worries me that so many people that have been attacked are leaving,It's not fair, let a bully stay a bully/violent and they'll never quit @LetGo (reblip)
DJBadBilly Your mother just passed away,RIP,Show respect! stop the Hate!!@HawkNoize : 2 the fabUlous @ellendiane ,xo , Lucille & "Who Needs "@DJBadBilly @c3p0

Lucille + Who Needs The Peace Corps '88

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DJBadBilly I have tried , asked for friendship, extending my hand, 2 days ago I sent 2 condolences for his Mom, and he started right up again. @GroovinandJammin (reblip)
DJBadBilly Anotherattack on a woman,has called women Dickheads, retards,douchebags,Cunts,&old bags Write A letter>>>@HawkNoize: Hairy Legs [- @ IntermittentforU

Hairy Legs [The Best Worst Song Ever]-KIMONLEE. and AxBo

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DJBadBilly No worries, he does that to a lot of people(20-25) .Non stop...thxs Have a good one! @ed_dietryin: "don't follow the views of another DJ, (reblip)
DJBadBilly @HawkNoize..Please stop the hate,violence, harassment,namecalling .discrimination,it is the worst in the history of BLIP due2U cc.blipfm @ellendiane (reblip)

perfect circle-imagine

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DJBadBilly Thxs @luka2810: "rb@giesebrecht: nach Robbie brauch dann doch noch... Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia" (reblip)
DJBadBilly Beautiful movie@luka2810: "Just beautiful @DJKatalina: Inspired by @amphore & @Tubabo ..Sending you a musical gift & warm hugs! :) (reblip)

Pat Metheny Trio " Love theme from cinema paradiso"

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DJBadBilly @DJBadBilly: "YOU GOT TO FEEL HER LOVE AND PAIN" (reblip)

Anyone Who Knows What Love Is ~ Irma Thomas.wmv

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DJBadBilly Great Funk @E_Wanjiru: "Funkin' For Jamaica - Tom Browne [bet y'all didn't C this one coming :)] #np" (reblip)

Tom Browne Funkin for Jamaica

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Sex on the Beach- Truth Inc

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DJBadBilly Thxs, Sounds like a case of acid flashback @The101HiWay: "Heads-up... Haight / Asbury '68 ~ enjoy this one too [no, I ain't trippin~it's a flashback (reblip)
DJBadBilly Bruno Mars Songs (reblip)

Top 10 Bruno Mars Songs

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garbageman01 1932 - 2015 . . .

Blaze Starr Exotic Dance #2 (1950s)

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DJBadBilly June 19th 11:10 PM from H, just like all the others you did (although U hadn't in abt 3 mos till the other day in fairness to you) @AscensionArcana (reblip)
Kenouse Top 10 Hated Musical Artists

Top 10 Hated Musical Artists

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profundis Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers || I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)
LindyLuv Prince ~ "Cream" ...This is it...It's time for you to go to the wire... You will hit...'Cause you got the burnin' desire..."


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djilo Peace out fam! :) .... Ed Royal - Daddy Cool

Ed RoyalDaddy Cool

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DJBadBilly Billy Idol..Shangrilla


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Kenouse Dj Aligator _ blow my whistle babe

Dj Aligator _ blow my whistle babe

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22Crystal22 @DJC2: "@SandroC@comicmama Anyone guess what song this would mix with? No, seriously, I totally forgot... Sad what age and red wine will do." (reblip)

MATERIAL & NONA HENDRYX -"Busting Out" (1980)

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badbabygirl I understand;)@DJBadBilly: "Fine, Don't play as much. Won't play on days someone is off work or when he comes home, don't need the stress @badbabygirl (reblip)
DJBadBilly Then don't prop him on anything @ellendiane: "I HATE these foolish games.l.. why bother-just block&ignore like I do rb @HawkNoize:@blipfm (reblip)
DJBadBilly @ellendiane:I HATE these foolish games.l.. why bother-just block&ignore like I do rb @HawkNoize: "Madchild Mongoloid - Dope Sick. @DJBadBilly @blipfm (reblip)
DJBadBilly RB, a Classic, TY>> @texman2: "Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles (live 1969)" (reblip)
DJBadBilly RB, TY.>>>> GOOD FIND >@surrealistic: "(Impressions)" (reblip)

Check Out Your Mind

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pulsar @badbabygirl I've been known to do some gardening there too! :)
nastysurprise You guys come over to It's A LOT like Blip. Many of us over there. Tell others @pratinsky @aebar @sufferin_jukebox @irsocal
DJBadBilly She's got a voice like Martha Wash or Rozalla, RB, TY>> @Kenouse: "DJ Fresh & Adam F - Believer (Official Video)" (reblip)
kenhouse The Doors - Been Down So Long (with lyrics)
DeeAnn you better stop that, HAWK because this bad energy comes from your own soul, so you only define yourself, hun@HawkNoize: "American Trash '@DJBadBilly (reblip)
eloy13 it, thx..@SylverHawk: "The Billy Childish . Cheat & Lie @... @eloy13 (reblip)
kenhouse Best Electronic Music Of All Times From The Past Into The Future (Vectrex Extended Club Mix)

Best Electronic Music Of All Times From The Past Into The Future (Vectrex Extended Club Mix)

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djilo Timewarp Inc – Yuil Disco Breaks (Soundsystem version)
djilo Chris Joss – Dr. Rhythm

Chris JossDr. Rhythm

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djilo Los Chicharrons – Timbuktu
djilo Onur Engin – Do It To The Music
djilo Vuca – Bossafrica


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djilo The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Terrapin

Terrapin-The quantic soul orchestra

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GAY_AMSTERDAM Village People - hitmix

Village People, Can't Stop The Music, Sydney Gay Mardi Gras

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neilvalla im in love with your daughter
DJBadBilly Prince ~ "Cream" .


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DJBadBilly "Peter Gabriel–"Sky Blue"


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Greatest Music Hits of the 60's -Vol.1 (full songs)

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It's True I'm Gonna Miss You Carolyn Franklin.wmv

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ellendiane internet bully-ing I have been accused of such by rigid,self righteous people-- once upon a time I was the delegate of peace&love. x @StreamingMimi


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backtoback hello my friend long time no blip...rb @Knunor: backtoback: " (reblip)

War- Spill the Wine

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scotlandlover wow!!! seriously??? @mark_till: "@HawkNoize Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks [LYRICS] #Inappropriatelyfasterthanmybullet @ DJBadBilly" (reblip)
The101HiWay HNY2u2~sometimes, a 'good one' ain't bad~or it's the best we may expect :D ||As always,Be well rb@DJBadBilly: "Fav. Video..Have A Perfect 2014 (reblip)
scotlandlover rb @Jeffie: "Mel & Tim - "Backfield In Motion"" (reblip)

Mel & Tim Backfield In Motion (1969)

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GoCubsGo BLOW me homo @DJBadBilly: "Yeah, I guess it disappeared on it's own,the messages in my box do that sometime. Peace Sign??? @lukesharp: "@DJBadBilly

Kirk Franklin- I smile with lyrics

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Radiobread re-bread "The End - The Beatles" (reblip)

The End- The Beatles (Abbey Road)

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Surreality Anyone who would like to keep in touch: I'm Iridescence on and iridescence93 on Spotify : "Monster Movie – "4th and Pine"" (reblip)

Nada Surf, "Beautiful Beat"

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DJBadBilly Good one, THXS>> @webbedradio: "@webbedradio: "RANDY CALIFORNIA – Hey Joe"" (reblip)
TheTAZZone What if god smoked cannabis?

What if god smoked cannabis?

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SeanH "The human heart is greedy; it will use religion, color, or any other excuse to justify its greed. Blame the human heart."~Bono
badbabygirl @DJBadBilly From now on when does nasty blips with my name in it..I will copy & paste & send to @blipfm that he is still here, pisses me off Billy..
mark_till Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes--Jimmy Buffett
JacoLovesMusic Arthur Lee – Bummer in the Summer
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