DanielleRicks Betcha She Don't Love You- Evelyn "Champagne King"
DanielleRicks Leaving u w/ Miki Howard & I "Hope That We Can Be Together Soon!
DanielleRicks @BJAZZAY: "Will & Rachelle work this to the bone" *Will he see, will he leave or will he stay anyway* (reblip)
DanielleRicks @PryncessPoetiq: "Once I hear the Temptations, I can't stop" "I want a love I can see" *AMEN* (reblip)
DanielleRicks @BJAZZAY: "From a great CD...More Brother's So Smooth" (reblip)
DanielleRicks I just wanna be "Close To You" and show u the way I feel. Maxi Priest
DanielleRicks "I've got myself to remind me of love" Happy Feelin's Maz feat. Frankie Beverly
DanielleRicks GN all... "Thank You For Letting Me by Myself" Sly & The Family Stone
GinaDunc Ok...I'm not going to sleep if you keep this up... ;0) ty! rb:@SatinLegsSmith: "vi@Blackempire: "Nancy Wilson – Don't Ask My Neighbors" nice " (reblip)
DanielleRicks "Where You Are" Rahsaan Patterson - Great way to end the night. Blip ya later! (reblip)
DanielleRicks HOW'D I NOT KNW ABOUT THIS SONG? Fourplay feat. El DeBarge-"After the Dance" GOING IN HEAVY ROTATION (reblip)
DanielleRicks Was gonna end there & go to bed...but... uh... "Wait a Minute"- Estelle
DanielleRicks I should be asleep because tomorrow "I go to work"- Kool Moe Dee

kool moe dee.I go to work

| play
DanielleRicks My fav Sade song... "By Your Side"

SadeBy Your Side

| play
DanielleRicks Come on... you wanna know don't you? "Do You" Ne-Yo

Ne-YoDo You

| play
DanielleRicks Michael Jackson "They Don't Care About Us" Yes we do MJ... yes we do!!

Michael Jackson - They Dont Care About Us

| play
DanielleRicks Groovin' 2 the Jackson 5 "Dancing Machine"! I miss you MJ!!
DanielleRicks I don't care what they say Michael... "I Never Can Say Goodbye" #RIPMJ

The Jackson 5- Never Can Say Goodbye

| play
DanielleRicks My 2nd fav Michael Jackson b/c this is when the crush on him began! MJ, "I Want You Back!" #ripmj
DanielleRicks My favorite Michael Jackson song. It reminds me of Howard U "Rock With You" #RIPMJ
DanielleRicks Tweet, tweet... tweet, tweet "Rockin Robin" Michael Jackson
DanielleRicks Awwwww... I'm dancing in your honor now MJ "Blame It on the Boogie"
DanielleRicks It's just "One Thing" you did got me trippin' Amerie

AmerieOne Thing

| play
DanielleRicks "I Wish I Wasn't" in love with you - Heather Headley
DanielleRicks It's the REMIX "Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie ft. Sean Kingston
DanielleRicks "Maybe I'll fall in love if you catch my fall!" A Broken Heart Can Mend- Alexander O'Neal
DanielleRicks Leaving u w/ the gr8t Anita Baker & hoping YOUR "Fairy Tales" come true!
DanielleRicks I hope u knw that this has nothing 2 do w/ u. It's time 2 b a big girl & "Big Girls Don't Cry"- Fergie
DanielleRicks "I'm starting to question the love that was made"... If You Love Me- Brownstone
dwo34 Toni Braxton – Love Shoulda Brought You Home I love Toni, I will string up a few of my faves
DanielleRicks "I Thought" that we could be but.... Brandy
DanielleRicks "You never said goodbye, someone tell me why you had to go?" You Are Not Alone- Michael Jackson
DanielleRicks When ur lost when ur alone & u can't get back again l'll find u I'll bring u home *deep*

SadeBy Your Side

| play
DanielleRicks @Kre8tive1: "(Had to hear this again!) John Mayer –Human Nature [MJ Tribute]" If they say why tell 'em that is human nature" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "U can see inside me. Will u come inside me? Do u wanna ride inside my luv?" Sang Minnie! (reblip)

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

| play
DanielleRicks @shonnannohs: "omg!" *Happy Feelings- Frankie Beverly... a good way 2 end the nite! (reblip)
DanielleRicks Not that u could... but... uh...sending u "Forget Me Nots" Patrice Rushen (reblip)

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

| play
DanielleRicks The magic of your love just would not let me stray "Just Can't Stay Away" EnVogue
DanielleRicks You were my life, my hopes and dreams "Just to keep you satisfied" Marvin Gaye
DanielleRicks Thx 4 reblip! @somehume: "@DanielleRicks: "@shonnannohs: "omg!" *Happy Feelings- Frankie Beverly...a good way 2 end the nite!" ...or start a morning." (reblip)
DanielleRicks @Jazzzyone: "Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (live!) "Music is a world w/in itself with a language we all understand.." *don't ya just love?* (reblip)

Stevie WonderSir Duke

| play
DanielleRicks Ya gotta love Prince! (reblip)

Prince- Incense & Candles

| play
DanielleRicks I want u & u want me so why don't we get 2gether "After the Dance" Marvin Gaye double play!
DanielleRicks If you feel like I feel baby, then come on, "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
DanielleRicks Until the end of time I'll be there 4 u... *that's what they all say* Sing it Prince "Adore"


| play
DanielleRicks R u the man who loves and cherishes me? "Spotlight" Jennifer Hudson
DanielleRicks I will love you any way baby "This is For the Lover in You" Babyface
DanielleRicks @SquarerootZ: "Came across this while diggin through the crates..." *thought I knew all the J-5 hits... thx 4 this" (reblip)
DanielleRicks @mylenechantress: "ouch heartaches.. LOL!" *You Said it Girl!!! Ouch is right!!!* (reblip)
DanielleRicks You see your mind might be made up but your heart has got it's own plans "Kem" Love Calls

KemLove Calls

| play
DanielleRicks Love hurts sometime if you get right "Save Room" John Legend
DanielleRicks Thnx 4 reblip love! @sakapfet: "@DanielleRicks: "I wanna "Dance Tonight" Lucy Pearl. SUCH A GOOD BAND!"" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "Hi" back and thank you! @broadwayg: "Alicia Keys-If I ain't got you (reblip)
DanielleRicks @ta23n: "♪Cherish - Brian McKnight - R&B" (reblip)

Brian McKnightCherish

| play
DanielleRicks I will stay in your heart & when things fall apart... u'll remember "One Day In Your Life"- MJ
DanielleRicks @julianlacey if you see my halo it's because I'm an "Angel Of The Night" :-) (reblip)
DanielleRicks @julianlacey if you see my halo it's because I'm an "Angel Of The Night"
DanielleRicks @QUEENRO: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart "GIRL, THERE ISN'T GLUE STRONG ENOUGH FOR THAT ! " GIRRRRLL you ain't never lied! (reblip)
DanielleRicks @LadyFantastick: ""Ah, shower me with your sweet love. I will bathe in every drop through all the seasons. Let it pour & never stop."" (reblip)
DanielleRicks All 'ya gotta do is "Say Yes" -Floetry

FloetrySay Yes

| play
DanielleRicks EVERYBODY GET UP! Teena Marie Square Biz
DanielleRicks TI triple play!! My play husband giving swag lesson... T.I. feat Wyclef Jean "My Sway"
DanielleRicks T.I. double play... when is he gettin' out of jail again? I'm just saying.... "Big Things Poppin"
DanielleRicks Now my play husband... T.I. baby!!! "Bring 'em out" *just kidding Tiny I knw that's ur man :-)*
DanielleRicks For my girl @ShannonRenee and her play husband Lenny Kravitz "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"
DanielleRicks Sitting here w/ @ShannonRenee turning her on 2 Chrisette Michele. How she not know? It'll "Be Ok"
DanielleRicks Yeah well... if it wasn't you Shaggy who was it?

ShaggyIt Wasn't Me

| play
DanielleRicks I'm not a player I just crush a lot! Big Pun
DanielleRicks Everybody bounce! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.... Jay Z -Big Pimpin

Jay-ZBig Pimpin'

| play
DanielleRicks "How Can u Mend a broken Heart" (one dang day at a time!!!) Al Green & Joss Stone
DanielleRicks "Fell in Love w/ a Boy"... he's in luv w/ the world & sometimes these feelings can b misleading -Joss Stone
DanielleRicks How could he touch your face & not see how "Beautiful U R" Javier double play

JavierBeautiful U R

| play
DanielleRicks Feel like ur a part of me... the finish and the start of me... u r the heart of me "Crazy" Javier


| play
DanielleRicks It's all a bad dream until you believe... just "Breathe" Lalah Hathaway
DanielleRicks Oh SNAP!!!! How come every time you come down my "London Bridge" wanna come down? Fergie (CLEAN)

FergieLondon Bridge

| play
DanielleRicks Can't b #musicmonday w/out my play husband T.I.! Feat Wyclef "May Swag" It's TI need I say EXPLICIT LYRICS
nilsm111 tower of power*****

Tower of Power - Brick House

| play
DJDreamy All Right Now ~ FREE *** Like this song more for ==> 2 on TUES !!!

FreeAll Right Now

| play
DanielleRicks ENDING HERE NOW! @CynDyn: @MayorDorisWolfe: "Everyone needs 2 hear this at least once. Don't give up!" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Ending w/ Queen of Hip Hop Mary J Blige- Just Fine "no time 4 negative vibes 'cause I'm winning!"
DanielleRicks My play husband T.I. feat John Legend ...Life is like a "Slide Show"!
DanielleRicks Flow Floetry... "I'm responsible for me" - I'll Die

FloetryI'll Die

| play
DanielleRicks My FAVORITE Pharrell jam "Frontin"


| play
DanielleRicks B/C we're all a "Shining Star"! The Elements will end it 4 me...this time 4 REAL. Good night!
DanielleRicks Just when u think u knw me...1 of my fav songs "Love Will Keep us 2gether"-Captain & Tennille... no really!
DanielleRicks @Karmacrochet: "Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews – Love of My Life - This is a great song" (reblip)
Twistergrl89 Would make a good processional (as your family AND you are walking down) for you Ash.

2.19 The Beatles - In My Life

| play
DanielleRicks WHO AM I KIDDING? I'm locked in Blip! RT @miguesme: "George Michael –Faith" (reblip)

George MichaelFaith

| play
DanielleRicks @LadyRazz: "@DanielleRicks thx 4 props! Here is a soulful 1 ya!" OK ENDING... really! (reblip)
DanielleRicks Keep trying 2 end but @ChiGurlCee keeps playing the hits! "Sly & the Family Stone –Sing A Simple Song" (reblip)
ChiGurlCee Sly & the Family Stone – Sing A Simple Song
DanielleRicks Old School Jay Z... I'm slipping back into the time capsule...


| play
DanielleRicks You and me girl "We Go A Long Way Back" -Bloodstone (reblip)

We Go A Long Way Back- Bloodstone

| play
DJBELLADONNA @JODYGIRL162: I always liked this tune....thanks. WOOO HOOOO (reblip)
DanielleRicks We're in the thick of love, sometimes we get sick of love, we both still have room 2 growe "Ordinary People" John Legend
DanielleRicks @verawooten: ";-) Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle" *THIS MY SONG!!!!!!* (reblip)
DanielleRicks 1 of us is changing or maybe we just stopped trying & "Its Too Late" baby! The great Carole King!
DanielleRicks For a while we paid no mind 2 the past. Something happen along the way & yesterday was all we had
DanielleRicks Those lines that worked so well 4 u b4...for me just won't do "Love me in a Special Way" DeBarge
DanielleRicks Almost had me thinking you were turned around but everybody knows "Almost Doesn't Count" Brandy
DanielleRicks "Ur words once so sweet now they fall incomplete & they no longer speak 2 me" Javier "October Sky"

JavierOctober Sky

| play
DanielleRicks I'm lovin' him a little bit more each day... "Day Dreaming" by the Queen of Soul Miss Aretha Franklin
DanielleRicks "Love has truly been good to me..." So Amazing- Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross-So Amazing

| play
DanielleRicks I keep hearing "Footsteps in the Dark" The Isley Brothers
DanielleRicks 2 people just meeting barely touching each other, 2 spirits greeting, trying 2 carry it further "Inside My Love" Minnie Riperton
DanielleRicks Theme song 4 2day's Dream Big Challenge "Wings of Forgiveness" India Arie
PryncessPoetiq Good evening blippaz ;-) Hope everyone is feeling good!!!


| play
DanielleRicks Reminding us all that it's a "Lovely Day" - Bill Withers
DanielleRicks "How do we make love & what is it truly made of?" Ingredients of Love-Angie Stone ft. Musiq
DanielleRicks "I search to find the love within...." What you Won't Do for Love-Bobby Caldwell
DanielleRicks I knw what I said was the heat of the moment but there's a little truth between the words I've spoken "Till it Happens 2 U"
DanielleRicks "Anyone who ever had a heart" Luther Vandross
DanielleRicks @sakapfet: "Never in my wildest days did I think I'd find someone like u I like ur style, u're swift, u're agile Everything about ya stays true" (reblip)

Jill Scott & Eric Roberson--One Time (2001)

| play
DanielleRicks @Jeffie: "The Chi-Lites - "Oh Girl" ..., I'd be in trouble if you left me now, 'cause I don't know where to look for love - I just don't know how..." (reblip)
DanielleRicks Let the madness & the music get to you! "Off The Wall" Michael Jackson
DanielleRicks @Babygirlxx8: "T.I Swing Ya Rag " *Sorry, breaking frm my R&B slow jams. Saw T.I. in the thread & had 2 do it!* (reblip)

T.I Swing Ya Rag *New 2008 Single*

| play
DanielleRicks @Jeffie: "Heatwave-"Always And Forever" Every day, love me your own special way; melt all my heart away, with a smile" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Love me some Maxwell!!! Let love set you free to spread your "Pretty Wings" around

Maxwell "Pretty Wings" (Official music Video) [[NEW song 2009]]

| play
DanielleRicks R U a man who loves & cherishes me? "Spotlight" Jennifer Hudson
DanielleRicks "Never Give You Up" Raphael Saadiq feat. Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton
DanielleRicks @Awannabeangel: "Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Love *Oh u r groovin' 2nite!" (reblip)
DanielleRicks I wanna "Dance Tonight" Lucy Pearl. SUCH A GOOD BAND!
charmstep HEATWAVE – Sho Nuff Must Be Love -
DanielleRicks No one can change your life but you! "Hold On" Wilson Phillips
DanielleRicks "No time for negative vibes because I'm winning!!!" Just Fine by the Queen of Hip Hop MJB
DanielleRicks "Not afraid b/c the seasons have changed, I'm gonna count my blessing then just follow the sun"!

Angie Stone: No More Rain

| play
DanielleRicks When all that u've got is doubt & no1 2 pull u out, when ur heart is slowin down "Can you believe"?
DanielleRicks My heart has no fear.... "Sunshine" Earth Wind & Fire
DanielleRicks Let's shake free this gravity of judgment & fly on the "Wings of Forgiveness" India Arie
DanielleRicks Too busy living life, Living love, Freely... So happy being me!
DanielleRicks I'm trying to find my way in a place I've never been. I'm so "Lost in You" -Tank

Tank- Lost in you

| play
DanielleRicks Sometimes I luv 'ya sometimes u make me blue... loving u darlin' makes me so confused "Fallin" Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysFallin'

| play
DanielleRicks Good one!!!! @Awannabeangel: "Mariah Carey – I Wish You Well" (reblip)
DanielleRicks 1 day u won't remember me, ur face will b the reason I smile "Pretty Wings"

MaxwellPretty Wings

| play
DanielleRicks @girlsflyingsolo: "Patrice Rushen's Have You Heard? No more looking... found him! Can't wait for our first US Thanksgiving together :D" (reblip)
DanielleRicks This was my 1st Gold Record when I use 2 work at BET "As We Lay" Shirley Murdock!!!!
DanielleRicks "If I had to do it all again I won't take away because I know it made me who I am!" Faith Evans "Again"

Faith EvansAgain

| play
DanielleRicks It's a Blackbyrds triple play... "Love So Fine"
DanielleRicks Rockin' music on my mind... "Happy Music" by The Blackbyrds
DanielleRicks OK, ONE more! Al Green tribute ft an All-Star cast of amazing singers! Good way 2 end the day #musicmonday
DanielleRicks Thanks @BlacDahlia Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what u got 'til it's gone? :-)


| play
DanielleRicks Indeed!!! U R welcome!!! @Bdarealist: ""you can never tell someone to much that u love them." thanks for the prps @DanielleRicks @donellaMae" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "love was simple at the start"... yeah... ain't it always the way? Estelle "Back In Love"

EstelleBack in Love

| play
DanielleRicks Beyonce in rare UN-POP mode "If Looks Could Kill" LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Beyonce-If looks could kill + lyrics

| play
DanielleRicks The drum is KILLER on this! Meshell Ndegeocello "Love You Down" Mellow and FUNKY #Music Monday
DanielleRicks U got me! Never heard this one!! @broadwayg: "Quite possibly 1 of the most beautiful songs ever written. "Smokin Room" Chaka & Rufus.@DanielleRicks (reblip)
DanielleRicks ...don't forget to "remember me".... T.I. ft Mary J. Blige
DanielleRicks Wait... wait a Minute... pause... "Wait a Minute" (Just a Touch) Estelle #MusicMonday
DanielleRicks Hey now... it's MusicMonday! Blu Cantrell "Breathe" Getcha groove on!
DanielleRicks I'm sure but I love this song... 4got all about it. Thanks! @MAESTROLUNGS: "WHERE DID JON B GO?" (reblip)
DanielleRicks If you're at work put the head phones on & crank up the volume! Janet Jackson "If" #music monday
DanielleRicks And speaking of Jazz w/ a hip hop swing... Janet Jackson ft Heavy D "Alright" #music monday
DanielleRicks Good Sunday morning folks... about to get my praise on Mary Mary "Shackles"
DanielleRicks "Getting ready to get my fellowship on! Kirk Franklin "Looking 4 You" (reblip)
DanielleRicks *Grooving at my desk rt now!* @DJLOPZ: "@Cocoamel Dance Dance. Member Juice? Soundtrack status right here..." (reblip)
DanielleRicks It's been a long day. Good night to all the DJs. I'll be back with you again "In the Morning" Ledisi.
DanielleRicks "Love is Contagious" Taja Sevelle *Indeed it is!!!!* #MusicMonday

Taja Sevelle -%- Love Is Contagious

| play
DanielleRicks LOVE THIS! "I'm Diggin' you like an Old Soul Record!" (reblip)


| play
DanielleRicks Giving Thanks this Sun AM! Mary Mary AND Kirk Franklin (come on what a combo!) "Thank You"
DanielleRicks "You are my light when dark days do appear... bringing me Sunshine... my heart has no fear" ~Elements Good Sun AM 2 u!
DanielleRicks Give Me 1 Reason 2 stay here & I'll turn rt back around! Gr8t combo, Eric Clapton & Tracy Chapman! #Music Monday
DanielleRicks Speaking of funky.... Stetsasonic "Talkin' All That Jazz" #Music Monday
DanielleRicks OK... let's turn up the heart folks "GET UP EVERYBODY" Salt-N-Pepa #Music Monday
DanielleRicks Old school vibe with a new school swing! "Baby" Wycleff Jean #Music Monday

wycleff jeanbaby

| play
DanielleRicks I LOVE this song sooooooo much "Pretty Wings" Maxwell coming to DC soon! #Music Monday

Maxwell "Pretty Wings" (Official music Video) [[NEW song 2009]]

| play
DanielleRicks "U find yourself trying 2 my dance maybe b/c u love me?" Pharrell -Frontin'


| play
DanielleRicks "You so easily set me aside" Bring it Meshell Nidegocello! "You Made a Fool of Me" #Music Monday
DanielleRicks DOUBLE HEADER! Luv this combo! Joss Stone ft Common "Tell Me What We're Gonna Do" #Music Monday
DanielleRicks This young girl has mad, crazy soul!!!! Joss Stone "Son of a Preacher Man" #Music Monday
crowjane @julierthanyou: "crowjane hey grrl! thanks for reminding me- this one is a damn good summertime song. "~~say that sis~~few good summer days left~thnx (reblip)

2PacKeep Ya Head Up

| play
DanielleRicks Such an interesting game... "The Game Of Love" - Santana feat. Michelle Branch
joespake Appropriate Memphis Music - Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand the Rain
DanielleRicks "Three things I like about summer. drop tops, long hot nights & summer love..." What he said!! "Summertime" Beyonce ft P. Diddy
DanielleRicks OK, I remember this one! *up and dancing now! @rockthetropics: "One from the Black Album for @DanielleRicks." (reblip)
DanielleRicks My sunshine has come and there's "No More Rain (in this cloud)" ~ Angie Stone LOVE THIS SONG!!

angie stone - no more rain (in this cloud)

| play
DanielleRicks Feeling "some kinda way" 2nite as we say in Philly. Come along me won't you? Prince "The Beautiful Ones" @girlsflyingsolo @broadwayg
DanielleRicks For the DJs some "Happy Music" The Blackbyrds @DaLady @VincentWright @willybfrank #Music Monday
DanielleRicks "Who do you love... are you for sure?" Bernard Wright
DanielleRicks Thnx & be careful! re-blip @broadwayg: "Bout to hit tha road. Sendin love and good thoughts to @Per_Iscritto @DanielleRicks @lillianwong (reblip)


| play
DanielleRicks This one is for @adriane515 because when it comes to El DeBarge "I Like It"


| play
DanielleRicks Saw her perform two weeks ago. She is still an amazing songbird! LOVE HER!
DanielleRicks Ending with the original version - "La La Means I Love You" by the mighty Delfonics Good night all!


| play
DanielleRicks Swing Out Sister with a funky, funky remake of La La Means I love you...
DanielleRicks Al Jarreu doing the dang thang on Teach Me Tonight
DanielleRicks D'Angelo and that funky base in Feel Like Makin' Love!!
DanielleRicks Speaking of the Isley Brothers.... "you're the promise everlasting and where you are is where I hope to be"
DanielleRicks Joss Stone KILLED it this Isley Brothers remake. Sang girl!
DanielleRicks I hope and pray each day I live... a little more love I'll have to give!
itsRamel Will Smith ft Robin Thicke – Switch R&B (Remix)
DanielleRicks "...I don't wanna wash your cloths...I Just Wanna Make Love To You!" Etta James Tell 'em Momma! #MusicMonday
DanielleRicks LOVE this man! Javier "Poetry" #MusicMonday


| play
DanielleRicks Gotta go... but I got "Nuttin But Love" 4 u DJs! @barnburner @LadyFox @carlnat @broadwayg @extrenergy Heavy D & The Boyz
DanielleRicks @MrFresh 1 more..."some ppl don't like the way "Sally" walk"! "D"... u r more hip than I give u credit 4. LOL! Stetsasonic baby!


| play
DanielleRicks I'm over here dreaming BIG!!!! Ashanti "Dreams"


| play
DanielleRicks Jay-Z & Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" '09 AMA. Dang they got that out there quickly huh? #MusicMonday
DanielleRicks Mad crazy remix of Whitney Houston's new single "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" *downloading to workout playlist!* #MusicMonday
Tropicsz4 TY:) RB @SliverMoon: "nice and easy ...got to be real yeah!" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Beautiful! @MissM773: "@digitpt: "Angie Stone – Life Goes On"" (reblip)
DanielleRicks LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! @humanipod: "Sade - the moon and the Sky - another great track" (reblip)
DanielleRicks TY Lady!!! @MsButterzworth: "Danielle its ur birthday!! Happy Birthday Danielle!! LOL @DanielleRicks ~Happy Birthday Lisa-Michael Jackson~" (reblip)
DanielleRicks It's just one thing you did that's got me trippin'!!! #MusicMonday

AmerieOne Thing

| play
DanielleRicks Let's Get it On for #MusicMonday!

Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

| play
DanielleRicks It's Friday 'yall come on... "Dance Wit Me" Chaka Khan
DanielleRicks "Don't it always seem 2 go that u don't kw what u got 'till it's gone!" (Reblip @insideplaya) (reblip)


| play
DanielleRicks Getting ready for the weekend! "Do you love what you feel"?
DanielleRicks I gotta go but 'yall "Keep It Coming Love" 4 #musicmonday KC & The Sunshine Band
DanielleRicks "Reach out and touch Faith!" #musicmonday Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus"
DanielleRicks "U don't love yourself you can't love nobody!" Can't be #MusicMonday w/out T.I. baby! "My Swag"
DanielleRicks *Love me some D'Angelo!* @eholley: "From Voodoo; channeling Roberta Flack." (reblip)
DanielleRicks LOVE @Intriguingds: "((TWITTER STRETCH)) Let's Do It!! Take Your Time (Do It Right)" – Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - The S.O.S. Band" (reblip)
DanielleRicks I keep hearing "Footsteps In The Dark" but I'm going 2 bed anyway. Good Nite! #MusicMonday
DanielleRicks *LOVE THIS SONG!* @PryncessPoetiq: "#musicmonday Change Feat. Luther Vandross :: The Glow of Love" (reblip)
DanielleRicks *Me 2* @ICEGIRL152: "i just love this song...." (reblip)


| play
DanielleRicks #musicmonday 80's flashback Evelyn Champagne King "You Make My Love Come Down
DanielleRicks It's Fri folks.... EVERYBODY GET UP! "Square Biz" Teena Marie

Teena MarieSquare Biz

| play
DanielleRicks Ending here folks... "There'll Never Be" a better love! *no matter what they say!*
zantha The Brand New Heavies – You Are The Universe (Remix) - saying g'bye to all you blippies! blip <3 and peace @ ALL!!!!!
DanielleRicks "I call your name whenever I am lonely" Sang Switch... sang
DanielleRicks What's all about... this crazy love? "The Agony & The Ecstasy" sing it Smokey!!!
DanielleRicks I feel like I've on this earth many times b4... "Deja Vu" Teena Marie

Teena Marie "Déjà Vu (I've Been Here Before) 1979

| play
DanielleRicks "I need to lie here and think about the last time u touched me in the morning". Lady D
DanielleRicks The blue lights in the basement are still on! "I pick her frm the garden to me mine!"


| play
DanielleRicks It's Friday... go ahead... You Got the Love!!!
DanielleRicks Thx Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews... I DO "Love My Life" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Uh... yes it was! I SAW YOU!!! "It Wasn't Me" Shaggy

ShaggyIt Wasn't Me

| play
DanielleRicks @TropicsZ4: "Diana Ross~"I'm Coming Out" *in about 2 hrs & I'm not coming back (until Mon)* (reblip)
DanielleRicks @onefive: "Teena wants y'all behind the groove" *That's where I'll be then!" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Ike & Tina Turner "Come Together"
DanielleRicks @cipytweet: "RT @OliviaWilder: @dwo34: "Prince "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" " (reblip)


| play
DanielleRicks It's FRIDAY!!! Bump it up!!! @elinejv: "Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam [1989]" (reblip)
DanielleRicks With you is where I got to be! "Oh Sheila" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "In my silent times I long to hold you tight" *what 'yall know about blue lights in the basement music?*

The New Birth "It's Been A Long Time" (1974)

| play
DanielleRicks "1 thing u know in life is that change will come"... "U must control ur mind" George Duke "Sunrise" #MusicMonday

George Duke-Sunrise

| play
DanielleRicks Bringing back so many memories! Thanks @Blackempire: "Slave – Watching You (Single Version)" (reblip)
raspberrysonya v i @ArthrReeeeD | Lupe Fiasco f/Kanye West & Pharrell – US Placers | (reblip)
DanielleRicks @charmstep: "@rogue_fm I'm above ground, therefore Outstanding. Thx for asking. (reblip)
co3z #musicmonday Blackstreet aka Dave Hollister lol "Before I let you go" Happy B-Day @dave_hollister God Bless with many more brother always beena fan

Blackstreet- Before I Let You Go

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Rock with you Michael Jackson

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DanielleRicks I'm so happy you're here! Macy Gray "Glad You're Here" ft. Fergie
DanielleRicks She's arrived... Miss Hotness! Okkkkkkkk
DanielleRicks @therealginger: "LL..." *your jingling baby... go 'head baby!* (reblip)
shortygal Sheila E. – The Glamorous Life
Bdarealist I really wanted to blip this JL spoof --->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb-pWbdmPc4&feature=channel_page SOOOO funny!
DanielleRicks Check the base line out!

Jay Z Hard knock life

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DanielleRicks "Can the affects of love & time cause the mind 2 trick the eye?" RB @closer2thasun: "Mos Def & Bilal: Reminisce" MusicMonday (reblip)


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DanielleRicks Classic Carpenters!! "Rainy Days and Mondays" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "Somebody already broke my heart". Sadly, I feel ya Sade #MusicMonday (reblip)
mrrodd Right on @Kspez: "was just thinking of this song :) "American Boy"" (reblip)
DanielleRicks *LOVE IT* @Choonks: "#MusicMonday: Nice1@crowjane: @Atomik @organicsue @autsmama98 @djalexanderfog @wednesdayzchild...1Love" (reblip)


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Choonks #MusicMonday: Nice1@crowjane: @Atomik @organicsue @autsmama98 @djalexanderfog @wednesdayzchild...1Love (reblip)


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DanielleRicks Reach out and touch faith! "Personal Jesus" Depeche Mode
DanielleRicks I Feel the Earth Move under my feet.... Carole King

I Feel the Earth Move Carole King

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Gypsylyn ~ Poetry Man ~ Phoebe Snow
DanielleRicks Baby, if you treat me right you won't have to worry. #MusicMonday
crowjane Lay a little De La Soul on me soul sista~~~@BohemianChick: " " (reblip)

De La Soul - Buddy

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DanielleRicks RB @wdiffin: "I wish you the best.. I guess.. Best line EVER! @johnlegend Everybody Knows" #MusicMonday (reblip)
closer2thasun Mos Def & Bilal: Reminisce


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wdiffin I wish you the best.. I guess.. Best line EVER! @johnlegend Everybody Knows
DanielleRicks You find all the cool remixes! @MsButterworth: "*BJ* @MissM773: "Guru – Cuz I'm Jazzy (ft. Slum Village)" Good morning =-)" (reblip)
DanielleRicks Love this combo! Monie Love "It's a Shame" (reblip)
DanielleRicks 'Cause we're cool like that @crowjane: "cool and slick sis~ I need it~@BohemianChick: " " this will work " #MusicMonday (reblip)
DanielleRicks Hard 2 pic of fav Marvin Gaye but this is in top 5 Thnx @phoenixlike: "#musicmonday (reblip)

Marvin Gaye "I Want You" (1976)

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DanielleRicks My afternoon pick me up song! Earth Wind & Fire "Sunshine" #MusicMonday

Earth Wind & Fire " Sunshine " 1975

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CynDyn @MayorDorisWolfe: "Everyone needs to hear this at least once. Don't give up, through it all, Just stand up!" (reblip)
DanielleRicks "drifting on a memory, ain't no place I'd rather be" Joss Stone "For the Love of You"
DanielleRicks ♪ur image of me is what I hope to be...♪ "A Song for You" Simply Red
DanielleRicks "I Used To Love Him"... now I don't... Lauryn Hill
DanielleRicks ♪...feel like ur a part of me, the finish & the start of me... "Crazy" Javier


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DanielleRicks ♪My heart is drenched in wine... but you'll be on my mind 4ever..." Don't Know Why Norah Jones
DanielleRicks ♪ain't no place I'd rather be than with u, loving you♪ "For the Love of You- Isley Brothers
DanielleRicks ♪every day yur away it's driving me crazy so I write u every nite & sign my name... "Love Always" El DeBarge
DanielleRicks ♪You're only human let's shake this gravity of resentment...♪ "Wings of Forgiveness" India Arie
DanielleRicks What's the meaning... what's the meaning of life "Get a Life" Soul II Soul
DanielleRicks "Somewhere in My Lifetime" Phyllis Hyman We MISS YOU!
DanielleRicks ♪I pretend that I'm glad u went away...I'm crying inside & "Nobody Knows" it but me The Tony Rich Project
DanielleRicks ♪U don't like my music u don't hv 2 use, funking is a thing dat all of us release "Get the Funk Out Ma' Face Brothers Johnson
DanielleRicks ♪was it the simple things that made me so crazy about you?...♪ "Forget Me Nots" Patrice Rushen
DanielleRicks ♪I don't to bore u w/ my troubles, but there's something about your love that "Knocks Me Off My Feet" Stevie Wonder
DanielleRicks ♪... the site of u makes me weak, there r no more words left 2 speak... Lauryn Hill "Can't take my eyes off you"
DanielleRicks The Roots – "Rising Up" (Featuring Chrisette Michele & Wale)
DanielleRicks ♪...everybody get up....♪ "Square Biz" Tina Marie
DanielleRicks ♪I sold contraband that they sponsored...♪ "Blue Magic" Jay-Z ft. Pharrell
DanielleRicks ♪Everybody know who girl u is...♪ "Beautiful" Snoop Dog ft. Pharrell
DanielleRicks ♪I've been trying baby tryin to hold back this feelin' 4 so long... "Let's Get it On" Marvin Gaye
DanielleRicks Reblip JamesZ101 ♩if u fall I will catch u I'll be waiting "Time After Time"♩ Cindy Lauper (reblip)
DanielleRicks In memory of Wayman Tisdale who lost his battle w/ cancer yesterday "Summer Breeze" Wayman Tisdale
DanielleRicks You have appeared to my life... feel like I'll never be the same "Like A Star" Corinne Bailey Rae
DanielleRicks Let me show u the way love is suppose 2 b... "Let Me Love You" Mario
DanielleRicks I don't worry b/c everything will be alright "No One" can get in the way of the way I feel 4 U ~Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysNo One

| play
DanielleRicks Holla, holla, holla... I realize I just don't love you... not like I "Use to Love U" John Legend
DanielleRicks Double header... "love hearts a little if you get it right!" John Legend "Save Room"
DanielleRicks Wayman Tisdale... I am "Thinking of You" May you rest in peace!
DanielleRicks @Dbassist this is 4 u...the funky bass of Wayman Tisdale "If You Want Me to Stay" he will be missed!
DanielleRicks Wayman Tisdale, frmer Oklahoma bb great & jazz musician will b missed "After the Game"
DanielleRicks There goes that bass again! *remembers clubbing @ Trax in SW DC* "Take ur Time" S.O.S
cybel "Night and Day" - Al B Sure.
DanielleRicks ♪...am I too much for the mental...♪ "Rock Dis Funky Joint" Poor Righteous Teachers
DanielleRicks I'm a P-Funk, Hip Hop, R&B kinda gal but I LOVE The Carpenters ♪...just like me they long to be...♪ "Close to You"
DanielleRicks Wayman Tisdale "Starship" I'm sure he's playing ball & make beautiful music on the other side. RIP Wayman!
DanielleRicks The luv u feel 4 me will it say u'll b by my side 2 c me thru...? "You and I" Stevie Wonder
DanielleRicks ♪..is it you're the finest thing I ever saw...♪. "Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine" D'Angelo

Heavy D & the Boyz-Somebody For Me (1989)

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DanielleRicks Leaving you this afternoon with this..."Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" Akon & Michael Jackson
DanielleRicks Cyndi Lauper did the dang thang on AI last nite! "Time After Time"
DanielleRicks We miss you Luther! "Anyone who had a heart" ~Luther Vandross
therealginger Props to you @cookgoose!

Ain't No Half Steppin'- Heatwave

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therealginger @LiaSong@thebajangirl@primadanna Goddesses-the whole lot of you!

Sun Goddess-Earth, Wind & Fire with Ramsey Lewis

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DanielleRicks Ending w/ more thug love 4 my play husband T.I. "Bring 'Em Out" Do I really hv 2 say it... EXPLICIT LYRICS WARNING

T.I.Bring 'Em Out

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Dbassist Starting my afternoon that is so smooth & cool she can make an ice cube sweat
PeaceDiva Oh yeah @wild_divine, nice one!...Let's Groove Tonight (reblip)

Let's Groove tonight

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SpeaksBeliefs [sings in raspy voice] Someone please call 911...
DanielleRicks @Kre8tive1: "(Starting my own party- Happy Friday) Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid" *you go girl!* (reblip)
DanielleRicks For @BevJack Ludacris "When I MOVE YOU MOVE!" Do I even need to say this WARNING explicit lyrics
AnnieMac And there's always - Rick James – Super Freak
DanielleRicks He was THE single most pompous artist I have EVER met but love his debut album Terence Trent D'Arby Sing Your Name (reblip)

Terence trent d'arby-Sign your name

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embrownny It's like that y'all... Mariah Carey

mariah carey-it's like that

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PeaceDiva We're no strangers to love...Rick Astley...Never Gonna Give You Up (reblip)
DanielleRicks "When Love Calls (Remix ft FLOETRY) Kem ♪...'cause too many words have been spoken & 2 many lies hv been told♪
DanielleRicks ♪Who would I be if I didn't know you "Where Would I Be" if I didn't know you?♪ Kindred The Family Soul

Kindred The Family Soul "Where Would I Be"

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Soulflower Yesterday was her birthday, Miss Grace Jones.
DanielleRicks Ending w/ my girl JJ "What have you done for me lately" Signing off Twitterverse & Bliperville
DanielleRicks @JazzyLadee1908: "Oops upside ya head fooooo" *just b/c don't want 2 don't mean that I don't want 2* (reblip)
SpeaksBeliefs "Wow, we're in stereo....." This the soundtrack to my afternoon. [also on my all-time favorites iPod playlist]
DanielleRicks ♪A little bit of this... a little bit of that... ♪ "The Game of Love" Santana ft Michelle Branch
DanielleRicks Told 'ya the bass was coming...ya ready? "The Jam" Graham Central Station ♪"on bass, playing on the funky bass 'yall...♪
DanielleRicks ♪Sometime you just gotta "Shout" shout... let it all out... these are the things I can do WITHOUT♪ Tears For Fears
DanielleRicks ♪Miracles will happen as we speak but we're not gonna survive unless we get a little "Crazy"♪ Seal

SealCrazy [1991]

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DanielleRicks ♪Your own... "Personal Jesus"... someone to hear ur prayers, someone who cares...reach out & touch faith♪ Depech Mode

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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DanielleRicks Saw them in concert back in the day when I was working @ BET Talking Heads "Burning Down the House"
DanielleRicks I forgot all about this song!! LOVE IT Jacksons & Mike Jagger -State of Shock (reblip)

Jacksons & Mick Jagger ~ State Of Shock

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DanielleRicks ♪If you say I've got a lot to learn....♪ "Teach Me Tonight" Phoebe Snow
DanielleRicks Since tonight is girls night out... "Ladies Night" by Kool & The Gang
DanielleRicks Leaving you on a positive note with some Stevie "Don't you Worry About a Thing" #musicmonday
DanielleRicks LOVE these lyrics "When our lost when ur alone & u can't get back again I will find u darling I'll bring u hm" #musicmonday

SadeBy Your Side

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DanielleRicks "I hope must things go my way and I'll be happy ever after". New age music baby! #musicmonday
DanielleRicks My theme song baby... "I'm living for the joy and laughter!" so Happy Being Me #musicmonday
DanielleRicks It's an overcast outside in the DMV but it's still a "Lovely Day" #musicmonday
DanielleRicks Because daydreams count too!!!! Dream BIG!
DanielleRicks Have work to do this AM... but I'm in such a good mood so this is for you all!

Happy Feelin (DK EDIT) - Earth Wind and Fire

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DanielleRicks For you @MrFresh & the rest of Twitterville... Make that move to have the best day ever!
DanielleRicks This song makes me so happy! Hope you like it!!!!
DanielleRicks Long b4 I moved to DC this song was da JOINT!
DanielleRicks Al Green featuring Joss Stone "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" priceless!!!
DanielleRicks Whatcha know about blue lights in the basement? Marvin Gaye "After the Dance"
DanielleRicks Sometimes we have to remind ourselves we are "Just Fine" -Mary J Blige
DanielleRicks Whatcha know about Bloodstone "Natural High"... leaving blip now... really that's the last one :-)
DanielleRicks Oh snap... I'm sucked back into my blip.fm addiction again. Isley Brothers "At Your Best You Are Love" & aren't we all?
DanielleRicks I still have this album. You can't really appreciate the art work on a CD :-) Ohio Players - Skin Tight
DanielleRicks In honor of my BTR show 2nite on the language of love! Ohio Players- Love Rollercoaster
DanielleRicks Roy Ayers baby... summer concerts in DC... good times... good times!
DanielleRicks @ShannonRenee: "this is for @DanielleRicks @MochaMom365 namaste my sistas #musicmonday" LOVE U FOR THIS SHANNON! (reblip)


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DanielleRicks I'm not at full force this morning... need some Chi Tea... in the meantime... I need some party music... so... Show Me Your Soul!
SoulMusicSummitDj PLAYING: "Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)" The ISMS Sept 24th - 27th 2009 www.soulmusicsummit.net (reblip)
2Serenity If you saw the movie Love Jones, you know this song is the JAM & that the soundtrack is ESSENTIAL to your music collection! : D Love Dionne Farris! xo
DanielleRicks Because DC is THE Go-go capitol of the world... whatcha know about this? Are you moving yet?
PeaceDiva Thanks @DanielleRicks..John Legend...Greenlight Ft. Andre 3000...this song makes me MOVE! (reblip)
DanielleRicks I don't want to stop the music but if I keep this up and I won't get any work done today... party over here!!!


| play
embrownny Really miss her, but her voice lives on... Phyllis Hyman - You Know How to Love Me
DanielleRicks ♪...In my solitude I asked 2 know the highest truth & what I was told, was 2 thine own self b true..♪
DanielleRicks ♪...I don't wanna forget present is a gift... another day here is not guaranteed...♪
DanielleRicks ♪...Can you forgive in your heart? Can you ask for forgiveness?... can you believe in yourself...♪
DanielleRicks So here’s a song to make your day brighter… one that will last through troubles days….
DanielleRicks WHAT!!! Stesasonic "Talkin' All That Jazz"!!! Uh... think I'll end it here and keep it jazzy/hip hop... like me! Be back in a few 'yall...
DanielleRicks Heading with some Old School then I'm getting some work done... party on folks... party on and have the best day ever!
DanielleRicks I don't advocate property damage but this song a) cracks me up and b) I know how she feels... say no to felonies and yes to a killer, funky beat!
SoSoulfull @iamdiddy - "Show Me Your Soul" still GOES HARD! Man, my behind is getting HYPED!
DanielleRicks It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that GoGo swing "Chuck Baby" Chuck Brown
DanielleRicks Some ppl go around the world 4 luv but they may never find what they dream of "What you won't do for love" Bobby Caldwell
DanielleRicks @Dbassist: "@fresh remember this one Kingsman Pub and the Carriage House." *LOVE THIS* (reblip)