DivanDiva Aww not that bad to grow up and get old - life gets better in many ways actually. Some of the angst blows away - that is good.

MetricGrow Up

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DivanDiva RB/RT @pitchforkmedia Check out the new Death Cab for Cutie video for "Little Bribes" http://bit.ly/jZ6v5
DivanDiva @CarbonThief-Redding is hotter - what to say! This is a weird, lovely little piece of lyrics/tune - I am strangely attracted to it!

ShivareeBossa Nova

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CarbonThief @DivanDiva: "okay it IS hot! 107 here in NorCal @ 7:30 but I think we need to at least chair dance tonight and get happy!" haha 98 in Sacramento AMEN! (reblip)
santamistura @Bor64 umbumbarumm umbumbarum under pressure umbumbarumm umbumbarum under pressure again ;o)) (reblip)

QueenUnder Pressure

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DivanDiva pretty and modern sounding soft girl singsong

At The Same Time by i am jen

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DivanDiva we might go see a flick today...

Frou FrouFlicks

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Jaenne Corner of the earth.. pour votre dimanche soir.. see you later..
DivanDiva On the weekends my Soul can come out to meet my body!

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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santamistura @ClaudiaMagic belíssimo sempre gotan project ;o)) obrigadaaaaaa (reblip)
MrOliverMellors Dido, Faithless & Buena Vista Social Club – One Step Too Far
DivanDiva @elenamachado: "Velvet and Nico." reminding me of afternoon with dzbytez at deYoung WARHOL exhibition - different universe for a day (reblip)
char7ie fav blur song

Blur-End Of A Century

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DivanDiva For the girls out in my driveway spray-painting a pickup.

Thao "Swimming Pools"

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Flying_Roundhouse Pipas – What Nobody Does ~ RB @Modster: I like these guys! (reblip)
DivanDiva No more accidents for the Dirty Projectors, please. Hope all recover quickly!
sheryonstone major cudos to @FreakinFrog who has contributed so many great uploads lately. Hat's off to ya sir :)
mmcgovern a song to turn up from regina's new album @sabrinaross @modbird @northerchick @patchit @johno @amandamooney
DivanDiva I can't remember is I watched this movie or not - love having a holy mind - oh, mean holey mind - like a sieve.

Yes Man ~ Munchausen by proxy & Zooey Deschanel

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Aluciel Good morning, blippers!

PlaceboPure Morning

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sheryonstone @MartianLove I try to everyday. Most of the time I lose ;) (reblip)
DivanDiva drawn to the light...

Passion Pit- Moth's Wings (Manners)

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slicedgeek She had a thirst for knowledge

PulpCommon People

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DivanDiva This is my mantra today - nice, deep, sighs - BREATHE!
DivanDiva RB @2814Brandii: ";)" - I am always interested to find what Brandii and her insomnia will bring to Blip! (reblip)
amandaarany could this be out of line?
DivanDiva for my girls in SF - love you babies

Lemon Tree Animation (with Subtitles)

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DivanDiva from my fave-RIGHT DJ! - Who gave me my first blip welcome besides! (reblip)
DivanDiva Thank you all you little test lab rats!

The SlipEven Rats

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DivanDiva @RHYTHMjunkie: "@GR8FL: "rb@lurgee: "♻ @NikkiPixel: "Tiësto (Feat. Tegan & Sara) – Feel It In My Bones" thanks both!"" (reblip)
DivanDiva @santamistura:Thank you - so nice to listen to "@albertsdad thanksssssssss" (reblip)

FanfarloFinish Line

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RHYTHMjunkie I'm a junkie

Silversun Pickups-Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)

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SofiaFada a não ser, a vontade de te encontrar... o motivo eu já nem sei...
RHYTHMjunkie reBLIP@katost: "Coconut Records – "West Coast"" (reblip)
DivanDiva The right knitting music makes all the difference.
RHYTHMjunkie cross between Ditty Bops & Lykke Li -- hooo hoooo (reblip)
DivanDiva Have to RB my own! This song is amazing - beautifully complex with magical layers - worth a listen! @DivanDiva: (reblip)

O+SPermanent Scar

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DivanDiva Who doesn't have 1 or 2 or 20 Permanent Scars - remember they don't kill us!

O+SPermanent Scar

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DivanDiva LOVE IT Thanks@NikkiPixel: "Who knows the answer Who knows the cause Who knows the pain The pain when we're apart" (reblip)
DivanDiva Rita doing country - I like her style.

The Beginning Song

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DivanDiva still new to me so must blip again!
DivanDiva Ok - just to be clear - I am not in psychic pain - been there done that, got old and callused but do like these songs!

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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DivanDiva I am trying to think winter - I am a little tired of sweating!

The DodosWinter

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Secondhand Serenade- Maybe

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DivanDiva He used to like this song too. My father is leaving me so many beautiful memories that I shall hold dear long after he leaves his body!
DivanDiva This if for my Daddy - this is the first song that I remember him liking and I can still see the old album cover.
DivanDiva Yes - love weekends - my husband is home!
DivanDiva I am a sucker for ad music...what to say the idiot box influences me. What a boobious album cover
bthecat @DivanDiva: one for the road...shame its imeem. (reblip)
DivanDiva I lied. Why doesn't Gwyneth sing more - great voice - I guess too much talent to bother with singing. Poor thing. Back to ToyT
mushka rb@by_starla:next time im here i buy you dinner for all your great tunes! (reblip)
mushka @poochiesan24:{ "hey mushka, you sleep I'll drive, we visit ICEGIRL152"} I love the way you think... roll with you anyday! (reblip)
DivanDiva Busy whistling er I mean working to "tidy up the place", cause it won't take long when there is a song...right? I hate housework - I want 7 slaves!

whistle while you work w/ lyrics

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RHYTHMjunkie Me too good night all @J2ad: "Time for sleep! Thank you blippers for being so awesome every day. (reblip)
DivanDiva Ok - RHYTHMjunkie - I just fell in love for tonight. I fear I will be playing this one over and over and over...THANK YOU (reblip)

MetricRock Me Now

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DivanDiva This song grew on me and came back into my mind today - but only the feeling. Had to work to find it. I love the optimism - this is for all of us!
DivanDiva just sharing my current addiction again - hey it doesn't have calories! (reblip)

MetricRock Me Now

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DivanDiva @ggalvao: thanks - puts me in mind of traveling in jackieO sunglasses, scarf, convertible (top down), I am at the wheel, alone, CA Coast, LOUD music (reblip)
DivanDiva not crazy about CW pop music, but I love Emmylou and her harmony on this is good enough to give goose bumps - I think!
DivanDiva If I had a halodeck I would recreate the Entertainment Extraordinaire that was Cuba in the 50's, don my gala attire and party! (reblip)

Cuban Pete/Desi Arnaz

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DivanDiva This song may be for you - certainly for me - some of the time. Some of us gals were okay til we did get married and then home to mothers YIKES

Super Freak- Rick James

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DivanDiva This is another song I remember from my childhood. I did not like Joan's voice then - what was that wiggle? Love this song
DivanDiva Thanks "@sheryonstone" - I remember when this song came out and I hated it as a child and I love it now. I was thinking of it earlier today. (reblip)
jtabz @J2ad--(sigh ... I shake my fist at bills!)
HobbeLink Thao with the Get Down Stay Down – Bag of Hammers
conservadora are you prepared for my aching arms?
HobbeLink Camera Obscura – Let's Get Out Of This Country
DivanDiva I have just discovered The Bird and The Bee and I am addicted!
DivanDiva Lovely brunch sound.


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DivanDiva This sets the tone for the vapid sophistication that I aspire to daily. A beach song with snow outside - the impossible! LOVIT!

Astrud Gilberto ~ The Girl From Ipanema

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Vtron A song just for @robotcarol. I hope this cheers you up. :)
miudaaa Choose Love !!! Sempreee.Sempreee.Sempreee!
amandapalmer once when holly and i were going to vermont, her dad driving, we listened to this 15 times in a row on the car tape player. i needed it this morning.
amandapalmer i love this song so much...covered it once, and also fell inlove with the girl who wrote it. DAMN she's amazing.
amandapalmer i am going to start blipping, goddammit. my favorite cure song, EVER. because of course.
DivanDiva feeling a little blue and this song takes my mind out on a quick, fun date!
Liris The Bilinda Butchers – This Love Is Fucking Right! (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Cover) !!!
DivanDiva I love BLIP.fm - what a great way to find new music since the daughter flew the coop - she use to keep me a little more current but now BLIP (reblip)
Shukitty pardon me, the music is moving. Moving from left to right. Apologies for loosing my cool, losing the day tonight
Shukitty trying to dance but freaking hungry. 20 minutes left until done for the day and I can get me some foood.


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intinet hellow blipland =) =)


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Liris Im RB'ing myself. @2814Brandii: "Here We Go.... Dance WIth Me People! Honey Honey - Toy Gun" (reblip)
bthecat this bloke's pretty fantastic too.... (reblip)
beatrix_kiddo "As she falls around me." One of my favorite lyrics.


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DivanDiva I plan on walking around today - in this posture! Happy Saturday - off to scrub the cuticle remover off of feet to see how well it worked!
DivanDiva BLIP FM lets you find new music like Psapp - Oh that is who does the Gray's Anatomy intro - and they do great music videos with MUSIC - GOOGLE THEM 2

Kittens v Robots: Psapp (Check out new link: better quality)

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DivanDiva Hi there Saturday - You and I and the music are going to ROCK FTW

Psapp — Hi

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DivanDiva hauntingly beautiful night song for #loftnotc
DJrainndietrichwilson Little Joy - Like The Strokes were hangin' with Velvet Underground and Nico at a Brazilian beach house.
DivanDiva Just wanted to hear what AFP can't get out of her head. then off to work!
DivanDiva Is this the Dirty Projectors?

Stillness Is The Move

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DivanDiva On jury duty and I keep getting breaks and go outside - Summer DAY - wow! Out of the office, there is life!

PhoenixSummer Days

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DivanDiva I like to get this song back in my head!
jorgefm "sugar plum fairy came and hit the streets..."
beatrix_kiddo If this song were a man, I would marry it.
GrassyKnoll Love this song... thanks @sandyriverside for getting this permanently stuck in my head
Nichi I honestly forgot about the wallflowers for like 5 years. Mistake? Maybe.
DivanDiva This young fella is just adorable and I love his sound.
sheryonstone love it, thanks @matwater213 :) (reblip)

Guggenheim Grotto "Philosophia"

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DivanDiva @Russty - a little music for you to paint to rebelwomanmother!
Aluciel The lalalas get me every time. They just make me smile. ^_^

The Fratellis - For the Girl

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Aluciel I also listened to a lot of The Fratellis at work today, and found out a co-worker is a fan, as well! They never cease to make me happy. ^_^
Nichi These guys amaze me constantly. And yes, I mean Sufjan and vi@dantonn: "this might be the new song of the day." (reblip)
sheryonstone good morning @redangel I obviously was dreaming it's over cuz here I am blippin again. ;) seriously though, back to sleep (reblip)
sheryonstone rb@LYRIC such an awesome track. thank you :) >>.and when the day arrives, I'll become the sky and I'll become the sea... (reblip)

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

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DivanDiva a lullabye blip from me - Sweet Dreams and Days!
DivanDiva RP a bossa nova @MariFerreira: "tentar relaxar pra ver se faço a porra de um trabalho maldito que não comecei. Me desejem boa sorte.rs" (reblip)

Bebel GilbertoAganju

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MariFerreira tentar relaxar pra ver se faço a porra de um trabalho maldito que não comecei. Me desejem boa sorte.rs

Bebel GilbertoAganju

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DivanDiva to my family who traveled to share their love this last weekend
DivanDiva You're the best, you're the best!
DivanDiva Yes, advertising plays good music sometimes!
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