All Along The Watch Tower, Jimi Hendrix

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anouk no time to waste live

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Fleetwood Mac-Landslide

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Dido- White Flag

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somebody to love-jefferson airplane

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mark knopfler and eric clapton layla live

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FGS1959 @Eros: ":(" no suicide, but auto-erotic death! (reblip)
FGS1959 when you're listening to my music, please STAY


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'Later' uit de musical Ciske de Rat bij Paul de Leeuw

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FGS1959 @megtastic: "This is one of my favorite songs of all time. For sure." (reblip)
FGS1959 @Phantom4ever: "lalalal Stepping stone song :) love song" (reblip)

DuffyStepping Stone

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Duffy-Warwick Avenue Lyrics

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FGS1959 old but nice

Little Feat- Time Loves a Hero

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FGS1959 another great fish-song

FishFortunes Of War

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FGS1959 also a great song by fish

FishState of Mind

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FGS1959 tonight the rain will fall (reblip)

KANERain Down On Me

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FGS1959 @PiCr: "All Woman..." great song, great singer (reblip)

Lisa Stansfield ~ All Woman

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FGS1959 nice song, nice voice, nice girl
FGS1959 van het album alle 13 fout: Fout genoeg? (reblip)

Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

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FGS1959 oh no, don't leave me this way...

Don't Leave Me This Way- Thelma Houston

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FGS1959 nice live song

Steely Dan 2003-Babylon Sisters

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FGS1959 @QUEENRO: Gr8 tune! "Look inside you and be strong!" (reblip)

HeroMariah Carey

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Boston-More Than A Feeling

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Don Henley- The Boys Of Summer (Live) (HQ)

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FGS1959 @serendipitynz: love this track 2; - "Spanish Eyes" (reblip)

U2Spanish Eyes

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FGS1959 "Dit is een lied over een plant...." kierewiedewiedewiet (reblip)

Doe Maar 'Nederwiet'

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love of my life-Queen

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FGS1959 for all those at home watching tv

Nina hagentv glotzer

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The The-Uncertain Smile

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FGS1959 as long as I'm not waring it

Keith Urban You look good in my shirt

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FGS1959 "Madonna – You'll See" (reblip)

MadonnaYou'll See

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FGS1959 rood is vandaag de kleur van haar lippen..


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FGS1959 "The Earth will shake, in two will break, and death all around will be your dow'ry." (reblip)
FGS1959 @Teresa: "Love this one! Thanks for reminding me!" (reblip)

Neneh CherryWoman

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FGS1959 One of my favorite Dido songs: 'Northern Skies' (reblip)

Dido Northern Skies

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slicedgeek Stevie Nicks-Edge Of Seventeen

Stevie Nicks-Edge Of Seventeen

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FGS1959, day after day

Solution, 100 words

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FGS1959 no 1

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

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FGS1959 but many wanted to live somewhat longer than they did..... R.I.P.
FGS1959 depeche mode – a question of lust

"The Back Seat Of My Car" By Paul McCartney

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John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

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ik heb je lief paul de leeuw

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FGS1959 these dreams are no nightmares
FGS1959 with lyrics

solution, 100 words

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FGS1959 I surrender

David Sylvian I surrender

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FGS1959 nice


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FGS1959 "Tell it to my heart, tell me Im the only one, is this really love or just a game?"" (reblip)

Black Dog Led Zeppelin with lyrics

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FGS1959 The living years – Mike and The Mechanics
FGS1959 like the music, like the movie

VangelisBlade Runner

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FGS1959 @Emss: "Juicy!" (reblip)

Mtume: "Juicy Fruit" [Complete Version, HQ Audio, GTA Vice City Soundtrack]

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FGS1959 @Oss: "fantastic song, fantastic choice - @juanduron: "Teardrop"" (reblip)
FGS1959 "Chaka Khan – A Tribute To Chaka Khan" (reblip)
FGS1959 @verawooten: "@DJDreamy: "GREAT Songs on this CD => Thank You rb@verawooten: "@DensOnAir: "♪♫♥ Seal – Crazy ♥♫♪"""" (reblip)


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Gypsylyn ~ Stateless ~ (reblip)

U2 Stateless

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FGS1959 it's not always the sun that makes me happy
FGS1959 @Tyger: "Saw these guys on Thursday in Philadelphia. They were really phenomenal! " (reblip)
FGS1959 @kerstinsklein: "@MaryDiJay: "Amy Winehouse & Ghostface Killah -You Know I'm No Good Remix"" (reblip)

Amy Winehouse & Ghostface Killah -You Know I'm No Good Remix

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FGS1959 You Bet Better You Bet Better You Bet Better You Bet
FGS1959 @Luthanick: "I wasn't too fond of their most recent album, but I enjoy Keane very much @marietheodo: "Enjoying Sunday evening at home..."" (reblip)
FGS1959 Storms in Africa Remix

Spectrum Storms in Africa Remix Forbidden pleasures Instrumental Love Song Like Enya now in Stereo

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FGS1959 @Flying_Roundhouse: "Buena Vista Social Club ~ Clocks (Coldplay) ~ RB @SpinninSara: "You know I got that Cuban blood running through my veins ;-)" (reblip)

Clocks Buena vista social club

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FGS1959 @Gen22: "G'Night blippers:) [Coldplay - Amsterdam]" (reblip)


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FGS1959 sLowdown – Boz Scaggs

LowdownBoz Scaggs

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FGS1959 Miss Riddle – Boz Scaggs (reblip)

Miss RiddleBoz Scaggs

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FGS1959 @nearvanna: "#thankyoumichael I believe. Watching people respond to truth about humanity: MJ "Heal the World" " (reblip)

The World Loves Michael Jackson _ Let us Heal The World

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FGS1959 great song (reblip)

05 - Bono And Daniel Lanois-Falling At Your Feet

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FGS1959 Epic Version

Sergio Deejay Feat Loona Hijo de la Luna Epic Version

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FGS1959 @WhitlowUniqueCollectibles: "Lets Get all the Sellers Started this Morning !Weird Al ebay song#MusicSaturday" (reblip)

Weird Al ebay song with all ebay auction pictures

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Pink Floyd, Echoes(part 1)

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FGS1959 Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music (reblip)

Counting Crows Big yellow taxi

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FGS1959 Aphrodites Child – Spring Summer Winter & Fall
FGS1959 @Flying_Roundhouse: "MEDITATION MUSIC – Feng Shui- Kokin Gumi - Zen Garden. Here is some chill music" (reblip)

Madonna and Austin Powers in beautiful stranger (drowned world tour studio version)

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FGS1959 i walked this morning...
FGS1959 Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
FGS1959 The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend
FGS1959 Styx – Lady (live): when you're with me I'm smiling


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FGS1959 Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson – All the people in the world: just imagine that we could...
FGS1959 it is.....

Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

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FGS1959 Katie Melua – Nine Million Bicycles
FGS1959 Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind
FGS1959 @Henri1969: "Anne Frank would have been 80 years old 12-06-09" Thnx (reblip)

Memory of Anne Frank...

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Steely Dan-Rikki Don't Lose That Number

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FGS1959 to my wife

Hall & Oates-Sarah Smile

| play

Mandala Meditation

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FGS1959 live version

Paul Simon: Diamonds on the soles of her shoes /zimbabwe

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FGS1959 beautiful song about nelson mandela
FGS1959 Roger Waters – In The Flesh (live)
FGS1959 predicted century's ago what's happening now!


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FGS1959 Nightporter – Japan

Night PorterJapan

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FGS1959 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Asia- The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (live 1983)

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FGS1959 first the foreplay, then the perfect long time till the end!

"Foreplay/Long Time" by Boston

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FGS1959 blockbuster

sweet blockbuster

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FGS1959 one of the best guitar players

JAN AKKERMAN Streetwalker, Wilhelmina Cafe Eindhoven 080224

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FGS1959 @oohardyoo: "ich liebe dieses video! Van Halen – Hot For Teacher" (reblip)

mark knopfler and eric clapton and elton john cocaine live

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La belle dame sans regrets Sting

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FGS1959 @Gypsylyn: "Still singing...LOL" (reblip)

Secret Garden

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FGS1959 there she is, waiting for me, with open arms
FGS1959 "Have you got it in your Mind Someones Watching You" (reblip)
FGS1959 @chriss09: "Soundtrack song of the day from "The Blues Brothers" and the queen." (reblip)

Chasing Cars (Grey's Anatomy Version)

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FGS1959 @D_Doyle: "Shirley Bassey I (WHO HAVE NOTHING)" thnx (reblip)

Shirley Bassey I (WHO HAVE NOTHING)

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FGS1959 30 years old (reblip)

Gerry Rafferty Get it right next time-Night owl 1979

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FGS1959 Julio Iglesias and Diana Ross- All of you

Julio Iglesias and Diana Ross- All of you

| play
FGS1959 i'll be back for good

Take that-Back for good

| play

Werewolves Of London

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FGS1959 @Gypsylyn Styx- The grand illusion + lyrics

Styx- The grand illusion + lyrics

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FGS1959 sloooowwwww.....

Keith Sweat: Nobody

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FGS1959 @SaoRibeiro: "Love this... thanks" (reblip)

robbie williams-feel

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FGS1959 when you've got the flu, just beat it! (reblip)
FGS1959 in zuidamerikaanse sferen.... Verboden te vergeten.... (reblip)
FGS1959 even better than old Phil (reblip)

cindy lauper - true colours

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FGS1959 one of my all time favourites
FGS1959 ecstatic electricity

ELOStrange Magic

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FGS1959 our garden isn't secret anymore (reblip)

Quincy Jones - The Secret Garden (feat. Barry White, James Ingram, El DeBarge, Al B.Sure)

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FGS1959 one of my daughter's favourites (reblip)

Michael BubleHome

| play
FGS1959 when i look at my wife i see ..
FGS1959 Maxi Priest – Close To You (1990) (reblip)
FGS1959 when I saw U I was hypnotised....." (reblip)
FGS1959 free drugs?


| play
FGS1959 what a guitarplayer

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

| play
FGS1959 this is pretty saxy, i'm following this lady on Twitter (reblip)
FGS1959 Crosby, Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (reblip)
FGS1959 without guitars!


| play
Taegus From 80s movie Dirty Dancing - She's Like The Wind - Patrick Swazye
FGS1959 i feel for her


| play
FGS1959 slow 'n' easy, no cure, no pay

The CureLullaby

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FGS1959 Yoga! makes you free (reblip)


| play
FGS1959 spanish moon, dutch moon, what difference does it make? It's the same moon! (reblip)
FGS1959 one of the best secret gardens
FGS1959 my daughter is crazy about this song (reblip)

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
FGS1959 i like the orchestral part
FGS1959 CSI is good, this music makes it even better

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play
FGS1959 niet alleen oogverblindend, maar ook oorverdovend
FGS1959 deze nemen ze opnieuw op onder de titel
FGS1959 orchestral manoeuvre in the light
FGS1959 beautiful voice, beautiful song
FGS1959 the song we used at our yoga-class
FGS1959 latin america, 80-yer-old men: very nice (reblip)
FGS1959 U2 – Electrical Storm ON MY COMPUTER (reblip)
FGS1959 bomb? ay!

golden earring - bombay

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FGS1959 Whitesnake - Is This Love (reblip)

Whitesnake - Is This Love(1)

| play
FGS1959 taking a slow walk thinking about the past
FGS1959 "It's what's happening right here and now right now, it's right now" (reblip)

Van HalenRight Now

| play
FGS1959 to cheer them up a little bit

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ultra Rare Trax Vol3)

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FGS1959 langzaam naar een hoogtepunt.. (reblip)
FGS1959 Cat Stevens 'The Boy With A Moon & Star On His Head' (reblip)
FGS1959 FGS1959: "Still crazy after all these years..." (reblip)


| play
FGS1959 to my wife..."Stay With Me" by The Faces (1971 album "A Nod Is as Good as a Wink...To a Blind Horse") (reblip)

FacesStay With Me

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FGS1959's cold and rainy here.... (reblip)
FGS1959 ik hoop dat dat voor die mieren geldt (reblip)
FGS1959 Nice and easy: Keith Sweat – Too Hot (reblip)

Keith SweatToo Hot

| play
FGS1959 I know what I want and I want it now....


| play
FGS1959 would you..., if I asked you
FGS1959 @Gypsylyn: "Orleans – Dance With Me <smile> " Love this one!" (reblip)
FGS1959 @AmazingAmyJo: "Bon Jovi - It's My Life" (reblip)

Jon Bon Jovi - its my life

| play
FGS1959 it was a perfect day, and now I hope for a perfect night...

Lou ReedPerfect Day

| play
FGS1959 @spems: "Gewoon, omdat ik er héél erg blij van word :)" vandaar nog maar een propje voor jou (reblip)
FGS1959 you think is good between you and your girlfriend, but it's just..
FGS1959 but it takes two to tango.. (reblip)

led zeppelin - tea for one

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FGS1959 i'm going to cook in an hour....
FGS1959 ...when I'm down...

The Commodores-Lady (You Bring Me Up)

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FGS1959 a rare rare earth, some men use less time to get ready (reblip)

Rare EarthGet Ready

| play
FGS1959 for all those without a home

Paul SimonHomeless

| play
FGS1959 "only you.. can hear my soul" (reblip)