FlashHarry They'll be snuff juice everywhere!


| play
FlashHarry Thank God for Mom and Dad!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
FlashHarry We don't like the Army!

The MonksMonk Time

| play
FlashHarry All I want is to just have fun....
FlashHarry Of love and poetry that you bring....
FlashHarry A yot a yook but a yood na nuff....
FlashHarry I just can't seem to drink you off my mind....
FlashHarry Let all the boys know I died standing pat....
FlashHarry I'll be looking cute behind the bars with my striped suit!
FlashHarry How are you fixed for blades?
FlashHarry I've got my hand up the skirt of Mother Nature....

Neil Innes - Crystal Balls

| play
FlashHarry I don't ordinarily drink with strangers....
FlashHarry Far or near or very middle East
FlashHarry Hold on Jim, gimme time to think!
FlashHarry He outbopped the buzzard and the oriole....
FlashHarry I smiled at the serpent and he smiled back
FlashHarry Mas y mas y mas y mas!


| play
FlashHarry I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
FlashHarry City of cars, bars and stars (not necessarily in that order)
ChrisCollao This is madness!... - Madness?... THIS! IS! SPARTAA-A--A-A-A-AA-A-AAAAA!!!
ChrisCollao I don't know too much... But i know this... SHE IS F*CKD UP!
ChrisCollao Rise and fall... Rage and Grace!... Woooooo!!!
FlashHarry This place is poison to my soul
FlashHarry Get me some money too.

Lil Green / Why Don't You Do Right

| play
FlashHarry ...gradually by degree.

Lil Green Knockin' Myself Out

| play
FlashHarry If you don't have transportation, yeah, she treats you wrong.
FlashHarry I took her back and made her dessert....
FlashHarry Try to get yourself a bargain, son.
FlashHarry Ain't been no peace in the barnyard....
FlashHarry If you're wondering where this goes...


| play
ChrisCollao I must leave our party, @ladams00 and @mellowmello... Have a good night... See you!
FlashHarry The world wanna know what it's all about
FlashHarry We gonna be wrestlin' when the wagon comes!
FlashHarry I'd sit my mind in an ice cream cone
FlashHarry When I was invisible, I needed no light
FlashHarry So many voices...don't let them stop between my ears...but it appears they are here.
FlashHarry Is that concrete all around, or is it in my head?
FlashHarry In a government yard in Trenchtown Obba obba observing the hypocrites
FlashHarry All the way from France with shiny shiny cufflinks
FlashHarry the other half's at the bottom of the sea
FlashHarry Shine on the one that proved untrue
FlashHarry Everything is upside down
FlashHarry Ow there's sand in my shorts!
FlashHarry Someone's going to make you pay your fare!
clonazepam t0p t0p = Rock de la mujer perdida // @sudaca70 nice nice dude !!
FlashHarry More confusions, blood transfusions -- possibly Love's greatest
FlashHarry Like a pornographic scene
dj_bluesdaddy Love and Happiness - Amazing Rhythm Aces
davidwatts1978 last for tonight, so tired, diggin this lot, gt sounds name and titles
Fraueva A well a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word!!!!!! Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ...
quakkaz Really like this, not heard it, or the band before. Thanks @dickadcock ! :) (reblip)
FlashHarry Locked and loaded, voices screaming "Let's go" But I'm just doing what I'm told
charleyhorse @sky126 sounds like you had a really pleasant morning :) .... me I woke up with a foul taste of gin in my mouth and this playing in my mind ;)....

Nick LoweI'm A Mess

| play
charleyhorse @robotnik gillade dessa med.... har inte hört dem innan...
LordCarrett One critic called this "the best song Chuck Berry never wrote."
clonazepam Sea Of Love – Cat Power // começou maysa todo mundo desaparece .. haaaa
FlashHarry Welcome new listener @morriganfae : a drowning song for you
FlashHarry Come to me...come to me...!

Peggy Lee Bali Hai

| play
FlashHarry All you Calabrese do the mambo lika crazy

Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano

| play
FlashHarry Life's a beautiful thing as long as I hold the string
FlashHarry Stay and stay and fail and fail
FlashHarry It was acceptable in Las Vegas

Calvin HarrisVegas

| play
mightyacorn Ah, my day wouldn't be complete without some "Benny Lava" I have to hear this at least once a week! I prefer to watch the video though...

Prabhu Deva Kalluri Vaanil

| play
FlashHarry I'm just a devil with love to spare

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas

| play
FlashHarry with preface by Hunter S. Thompson(?)
MadMommyMariaMagnosi Oh yeah -- this one is great and I still know all of the words.
FlashHarry Go ahead on Tulane he can't catch up with you!

Chuck BerryTulane

| play
FlashHarry Bad luck baby put a jinx on me
MaddyTheSongWhore @jhidalgo me encanta esta version!!! ...lol --->para los que se empachan con las fresas (reblip)
MadMommyMariaMagnosi 2/17/1940– 4/5/2006, was an American singer-songwriter. He was also an accomplished guitarist, pianist, drummer and skilled sound engineer.
BatesLine "All you good friends stand by!" Junior Barnard tears it up on Tiffany Transcriptions No. 5
hmd703 おおおバインもあったー


| play
surfermen ooke buena rola yeah¡¡¡


| play
rdrcr420 Don't Stand So Close To Me, The Police
clonazepam ʞʞɔɐɥ ˙˙ ʞɔnɟ ˙˙ ǝɟıl ʎp00lq ɹnoʎ ʞɔɐɥ 'puıɯ ɹnoʎ ʞɔɐɥ
toosweet4rnr [walking in rhythm - the blackbyrds] moving in sound, singin' my song
mellomatic ok, I'm in an SOAD mood now, thanks to @BrandonDavid. =) Here's another fav. SOAD is good driving music.
FlashHarry Cemento caliente al piso rosa la pared que te hizo aullar como un bebé

Los PiojosPistolas

| play
rdrcr420 Losing My Religion – R.E.M.
leinergroove This was a rock/pop standard in Spain, back in the 80's... "they say you have poison in the skin, and you're made of fine plastic"
MaddyTheSongWhore lovely song!<3 them!

Caifanes La Celula Que Explota

| play
FlashHarry If I had a little telegraph tapping in my brain it would tap out I love you
Emsquared "Eat your words but don't go hungry"
FlashHarry em llik uoy t'nod yhw os ybab resol a m'I, rodedrep nu yoS-- things are gonna change I can feel it


| play
FlashHarry Work out at the gym to fit your underwear
FlashHarry @craterbaiter Yes I like the Spanish lyrics too...grande shout out al traductor de Yahoo Babelfish--What, no Hollywood Swingers on blip.fm???
FlashHarry Somos todos prisioneros de propia voluntad
FlashHarry Where the days are short and the nights are long
FlashHarry Zen fascists will control you
FlashHarry Ptah has taken him in the celestial bark
FlashHarry Call the ghost in your underwear boo!
FlashHarry Everybody's talking 'bout light ale, dark ale


| play
FlashHarry Listen to the children of the night!
FlashHarry You sure have started something!
FlashHarry Hippety Hi Hippety Ho Que sera!

Neil Innes - Crystal Balls

| play
FlashHarry It never seemed to be the right time
FlashHarry Perdiendo el desayuno. Tengo que tomar Menudo.


| play
FlashHarry Good night and happy new year!

The MonksShut Up

| play
FlashHarry I wouldn't pay 25 cents to go in nowhere!
FlashHarry I'm crawling to the bathroom again...
FlashHarry What a beautiful state we're in!
FlashHarry I'm thinking...I must have been drinking!

SparksGood Morning

| play
FlashHarry I haven't eaten today and my eyes are turning red
FlashHarry Put me in a wheelchair and get me to the show
FlashHarry Thinkin of ways to get back home
FlashHarry ...asking where I've been....
FlashHarry When she's hot there aint no coolin!
FlashHarry I found her right here in the Windy City
FlashHarry I got a brand new house by the roadside made of rattlesnake hide....
FlashHarry Papa's in the icebox lookin for a can of ale
FlashHarry Hilarious epic parody of cult singer/writer Will Oldham

Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

| play
FlashHarry @bendrix Title translates "Hopefully it will rain coffee" written by Jose Luis Guerra: a manic rendition by the great Mexican rock band Cafe Tacuba
FlashHarry the other half's at the bottom of the sea
FlashHarry I would walk 500 miles and I would blip 500 blips and my playlist just hit 500 songs daladaldala
FlashHarry ...and pal around with democratic fellows named Mack!
FlashHarry He treats me badly - makes me love him madly....
FlashHarry Only a lover lost burns in ghostfire

Tiger ArmyGhostfire

| play
FlashHarry Love's purity enshrined

Tiger ArmyLunatone

| play
FlashHarry In the space between heartbeats
FlashHarry We need us some Tiger Army in here!
FlashHarry Forces from the center of the earth
FlashHarry I wish they all could be Bulgarian girls
FlashHarry Beyond our bodies in this life
FlashHarry Well you go downtown, you buy yourself a shotgun, we gonna break it down baby, we gonna load it up baby, shoot it 'fore they run now!
FlashHarry All opinions expressed are those of the artist-- the management of this website does not condone domestic violence of any kind -
FlashHarry I'll scrub your dirty floor
FlashHarry Get out of here and get me some money too!

Lil Green / Why Don't You Do Right

| play
FlashHarry And now we bid adieu to Tiger Army as they fall under Saturn's shadow and ask the eternal question: After I'm dead, will I still dream?
FlashHarry Off to buy tix for Nosaj show. Video made me think of inviting Octomom but tix wd break me. Must add to my evergrowing collection of creepy videos!
FlashHarry OMG they covered it! See the mellorooney come out!!!
DeadCabbage The Outsiders – Time Won't Let Me
xmodox Rooney – I'm A Terrible Person
FlashHarry If I had a friend who was a robot, this is what he would tell me:
EliteEntertain She just blew her lunch in my new car! (good night @CallinInSic)
finestsuit *stands and laughs @evablue flaunting her 2-week-self-defense-course moves before he reaches out and breaks her finger*

Ram JamBlack Betty

| play
HellenKellersIpod @FlashHarry: This is amazing. I love Wire (reblip)

Three Girl Rumba

| play
FlashHarry EEEWWW!!!! Sleep well if you can

my robot friend 'DEAD'

| play
FlashHarry Welcome to my world hahahahahahahaaaa! In the morning I'm someone in the afternoon I'm somebody else!
FlashHarry Money just a fall like rain


| play
FlashHarry Acoustic version--finding this for you is just one of the many services we at FlashHarry Inc. provide free of charge to you, our loyal customers.
CallinInSic by having the JBs blip about taxation through imeem, will this promote and prolong the implementation of the 30 second plan? @Diordan what can we do?
crowjane heeee so many memories I'm gidy~lol
crowjane Big Chief

Big Chief

| play
EliteEntertain One of my favorite surf bands (@FlashHarry, @CallinInSic) - unfortunately not well represented here yet.
CallinInSic i feel like you would like this title @Danji
EliteEntertain Gnight Blipsters! I'm a Crowbar Baby! Thanks for listening & props @charleyhorse, @FlashHarry, @Tsauro

Link WrayCrowbar

| play

Dillinger Escape Plan - Panasonic Youth

| play
oboreruhito The original! Richard Berry, writer and original performer Louie Louie. REPRESENT, LOUISIANA NATIVE.


| play
kzythm nufunk Brazil!....Max de Castro – Sempre aos Domingos
crowjane Put the lime in the coconut~ and drink all down~Yeah but add Gin it tastes better :o) @MasterWolf that's for sure~ain't no sin~to drink a little gin (reblip)


| play
DeadCabbage Los Straitjackets – All Day and All Night
DeadCabbage El Guincho – Palmitos Park
kzythm Young Holt Unlimited – California Montage....@hijklmn おはようです。
FlashHarry Yah let's blip all night and tomorrow too
oboreruhito @avivamagnolia Is that why people are anti-imeem? Boo on that blip! Boo on that imeem! Boo on record labels being stupid about everything! >:(


| play
crowjane I told dat white boy~if U venture cross da' tracks~ U better learn da rules~black woman don't git mad~hell~we git even~fool should have asked somebody
crowjane so called tooth ache bitch ain't even home~I drove by da bitch house

Laura LeeDirty Man

| play
elhombrecohete también sabía que una máquina le puede hacer un "finger" a otra.
HellenKellersIpod Posts will be a lot more sparse, as I really don't want to lose my job. Goddamn right it's a beautiful day...
HellenKellersIpod @sandyriverside I actually tried to learn to skateboard but was too lazy

AquabatsMy Skateboard

| play
FlashHarry "¿Aman a Rory? Yo amo a Rory!" Si, @elhombrecohete, ¡nos atocinábamos también! (reblip)

Rory MacLeod, Fairwell Wellfare

| play
hamburglar Thanks @FlashHarry! You've cured my existential crisis!
FlashHarry Scouring the thrift stores for one of these!
FlashHarry Animated musical of "The Island of Lost Souls" influenced by Cocteau's "La Belle et la Bete" and Dr. Doolittle (Too-Too the owl portrayed as Jewish).

Betty Boop 1933 Cab Calloway "The Old Man Of the Mountain"

| play
elhombrecohete Tenemos que demostrar que ser pobre es cool. Si no nos dejan, cogeremos el dinero y correremos.
elhombrecohete 16 Golden Retrievers explicando los átomos: la ciencia con perrunos funciona, bitches! http://j.mp/08q4Sbt
FlashHarry Firecracker Jazz Band

Happy Feet

| play
FlashHarry @avivao Melting pot? More of a fondue pot, I would say from all the stuff that got dipped in cheese here... genius (reblip)
JimmyStagger Manchester, England...I hate for you forcing Man United on us but I thank you for this! @FlashHarry @DJTIMMY @ReflectionSymmetry @Unaturalsoul
tomcorc64 @shadowblade: "awesome" - de que año es?????????? (reblip)

Groove is in the heart music video

| play
threebears "@threebears as secretary did you advise his redship on this track? Guessing it's not what you hear at the gates of hell lol" quote'n'rb@MWeezles ^_~ (reblip)
FlashHarry These are a few of my favorite things sez @FunkShoi Robots- my favorite leitmotiv!
FunkShoi Should I be getting aroused by this song? Cause I am. These are a few of my favorite things.
FlashHarry Due to the painstaking research of @Garrett_The_K we have this classic. In response to our grateful praise, Garrett commented: "So glad I found it." (reblip)
elocio Funkadesi – Stir it Up

FunkadesiStir it Up

| play
Atomik my favorite video find this week, (or one of them - I still love the muppets)


| play
grungemaniac Los Pericos – Pupilas Lejanas
elhombrecohete estupenda versión, los dibujos muy majos también

GloboWhip It (Devo)

| play
CargoCulte me too. :) @megb: "i'm obviously a sucker for this type of thing. "Les Surfs :: Tú Serás Mi Baby (Be My Baby) - very nice. "" (reblip)

Tu Seras Mi Baby (Be My Baby)

| play
Blackempire El General – Pu Tun Tun
DeadCabbage Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta
FlashHarry @FunkShoi Here's some folks that might need a towel

'Wipe It Off' LONNIE JOHNSON, Guitar Hero Legend Of Blues

| play
elhombrecohete vuelve la elegancia, vuelven los trajes de co-hechura fina
FunkShoi @FlashHarry, lying naked before the council and expressing my deepest darkest fears and promising not to tell sounds like Kindergarten. No thank you.

The Residents- Third Reich 'n' Roll

| play
TheUnwelcomeGuest "I already met you, yeah, I already met you. You're like my last girlfriend and some girlfriend I had before her..."


| play
poyo_ @eldanzarin hola, esa canción es un SUEÑO!!!!! LA AMO!! GRACIAS!!! GRACIAS MIL! (reblip)
whittington he looked liked 65 when he died, he was a friend of mine
FlashHarry The swinginest song that could ever be!!!
FlashHarry You only live but once and when you're dead you're done!
Casualty >>>> great . thanks @dubstarr (reblip)

The Aliens - Theramin

| play
tobaccoflower nice... never heard this before
misterscience 88 Lines About 44 Women – The Nails. Not exactly romantic...
mellomatic Do me a favour and donate @ www.blipathon.com - every little bit helps. (reblip)
FlashHarry Possibly the crowning achievement of musical history
FlashHarry It's a long long way to the cold cold ground
FlashHarry I found her right here in the Windy City
FlashHarry Muddy Waters, another mule is kickin in your stall!

14 Long Distance Call

| play
FlashHarry My heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you

Etta JamesAt Last

| play
tigeladakawaii rb @2fast4u <Do you have the time to listen to me whine?> (reblip)
FlashHarry You've got the universe reclining in your hair

05 Jeepster

| play
profundities freedom, crashing waves, warm sunshine breaking through dark clouds
elhombrecohete seguro que repito música, es más, estoy convencida de que, a veces, digo exáctamente lo mismo. Culpable: el aguarrás

The SonicsThe Witch

| play
FlashHarry Juliette And The Licks – Sticky Honey thanks to @Raphfael (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse The Jam – David Watts (Demo) ~ For my mod buds - especially @davidwatts1978 Oi!
csuspect A dutch friend turned me on to this band

doe maar - nederwiet

| play
JohnGushue Jellyfish: He's My Best Friend. Right up there with Pump it Up, She Bop and Dancing with Myself.
xmodox Los Tres – Un Amor Violento
onceacurmudgeon for @karencunha who introduced me to this band and made me ever so happy for this fact.


| play
supersentido from Mexico!


| play
GrandPerformances I know you know this song! Rock el Casbah, Rock el Casbah!
Chaf Why do i keep breaking shoe laces and zippers?


| play
CGrant Space foods *ARE* marshmallows, asparagus, ice cream!
FlashHarry Time to take the wheel and the road from the masters
wintersoldier Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm


| play
Maureen the jesus christ superstar batman punk rock theme song if there ever was one..and I don't believe there was.


| play
wintersoldier So what do you do? Oh yeah, I wait tables too...
FlashHarry Let's cruise on into Better Than Ever Street!

Pointer Sisters - Pink Cadillac

| play
FlashHarry Und wenn sie verbrennen, ja dafur kann ich nichts!

Marlene Dietrich - Falling In Love Again auf deutsche 1930)

| play
FlashHarry You meet the highbrow and the hipster

Warren Barker Orchestra - 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha

| play
FlashHarry Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow
FlashHarry We've got to bring some lovin here today
FlashHarry The heat is causing all the action
FlashHarry Sie coquettieren auf und ab Trippeltrippeltrippeltrop!
FlashHarry Before I'll be a slave I'll be buried in my grave
FlashHarry Is it yours? Is it mine? Is it ours?
FlashHarry I don't ordinarily drink with strangers
FlashHarry Daddy Oh don't you dare

Peggy Lee You Give Me Fever

| play
FlashHarry Who's prepared to pay the price for a trip to paradise?
FlashHarry According to the Kinsey report....
FlashHarry You took the part that once was my heart...zadooya doop zadooya dop!
FlashHarry Trying to make it real

Eddie Harris and Les McCann Compared To What

| play
FlashHarry Word falling--photo falling--breakthrough in grey room....
FlashHarry This rose will never die, inshAllah!
FlashHarry Dedicated to Crime of Passion
FlashHarry Yeah baby, she's got it


| play
FlashHarry I got love for you if you were born in the 80s
FlashHarry Don't be afraid of the world we made
FlashHarry I'm never going to dance again...
FlashHarry Merry Christmas @ abarbosa & everyone uno y todo um e tudo perdone mis pecados lingüísticos
FlashHarry I used to do all kind of shit when I was wild-- Thanks @ MelMaven (reblip)
FlashHarry I've been making these eyes since '82...
FlashHarry To the childhood I lost


| play
FlashHarry When you wear your bell bottom pants I just stand there in a trance
FlashHarry Why must the youth fight against themselves?
FlashHarry What's the use of pulling the shades?
FlashHarry Call the ghost in your underwear
FlashHarry Something tells me I got to go
FlashHarry I can't believe I blipped this
FlashHarry Look what you get!

Howlin' Wolf - 300 pounds of joy (UK Chess EP)

| play
FlashHarry James Brown James Brown (reblip)