FloridaSunSales sexiest black guitar ever!

Metallica-Fade To Black

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FloridaSunSales Ukelelee from Tanquil's MDA Telethon performance selling at online auction -http://www.mda.org/auctions/
g_jones Now that I'm startin' to learn I feel I'm growing old
FloridaSunSales close enough...and classic Georgia and Ray Charles, night all!
StreamingMimi Hi! Thanks for your RBs. They are so appreciated! @scotlandlover: "rb @StreamingMimi: "The Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night"" (reblip)
FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto... whassup,... jump "own" it.. is that a southern accent...

Sir Mix-A-Lot-Jump On It

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Jeffie Stevie Wonder - "If You Really Love Me" (autumn, 1971)
FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto if you're going to have a moment.. make it a BIG moment.
FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto now this group is the bomb.. this song..if you wanna find your achilles.. here it is..
FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto... snap out of it chick.. WAKE UP.. keep one eye open
FloridaSunSales AC fixed in the AM until then it's..."no one knows her name or where she came from,..running wild and looking pretty"
FloridaSunSales Awww @Nik_Nik thank you! I think of you every time I dance! ; ) Thanks for B-day wish!
FloridaSunSales girlfriend Kim here loves some Brain McK..
RockItRadio Love it - hey check out-->@soundsofmysoul: "Supertramp – Take the Long Way Home - (reblip)
TechJunkie Leave the Jacket at home - but don't forget the 5" Stilettos...
TechJunkie @FloridaSunSales Looking for some Drums?..


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The Rasmus ~ In the Shadows

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AnnieLicious Oh yeah !

Goo Goo Dolls Give a Little Bit

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FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto keep it simple..@FloridaSunSales: "nooo... this is what i meant.. the prayer.. blipped that one too early.. this is my real prayer. " (reblip)
FloridaSunSales nooo... this is what i meant.. the prayer.. blipped that one too early.. this is my real prayer.
FloridaSunSales oh hell... i have not heard this prayer in a while.. .. lol (reblip)
lubaggini @natalynha: "Oh lord, wont u buy me.. a colour tv? " (reblip)
ZenZoneMS Absolute classic ~ Love this version ~ Stone Temple Pilots - Plush - (MTV Unplugged)
LesleyLambert @mmpartee you are this lyric: More than I hoped for More than I dreamed of This is how it should be.

Colbie Caillat-Something Special *with lyrics!!*

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Jeffie The Temptations - "Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)" (summer, 1970)
FloridaSunSales @myrtlebeachblog should take a lesson from Bob...little lady maid is out there somewhere
FloridaSunSales For #Tallahassee's Armor Realty baseball team going to tournament next week! w00t!
FloridaSunSales it's just a willie kinda night..
niknik @FloridaSunSales Thanks for sharing a little of your Florida sun with me! Woohoo!
Scorpionkiss True Blood, fuckin yeah!!

Bad Things by Jace Everett

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FloridaSunSales This man makes my knees weak. not kidding..cause he knows southern girls @ATLREMAX

Southern GirlAmos Lee

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Jeffie The Ohio Players - "Fire"

Ohio PlayersFire

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FloridaSunSales Oh.. he is great!That is one BIG guy!
GiselaBlanco Que pentelhice é essa do Blip de mostrar vídeo agora? Quero vídeo não! Quero musiquinha pra blipar! pô...

DuffyWarwick Avenue

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ambit Hello all~ you gotta know that WE HAVE NOT FINISHED YET~ 5 Heartbeats With Patti Labelle.....

Go To Sleep You Little Baby

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FloridaSunSales @divadonna5: "Good version of Brother, Where Art Thou song." (reblip)

GILLIAN WELCH, ALISON KRAUSS and DAVID RAWLINGS Go To Sleep You Little Baby ACL 2008 9-28-08

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FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto...."I'll sing the man part" LOL

Peas In A Pod:Grey Gardens

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tonylazz thinking Thursday night...Fluid....
milesgrace77 theme song thursday.....yeah i made that up....i love this tho:)
FloridaSunSales love the guitar here..John..sweet.

John MayerGravity %

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Jeffie Roy Orbison - "Only The Lonely"

Only The Lonely-Roy Orbison-original song-1960

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ambit #Fjc: G'nite and nice selection rb @wild_divine: "~ MAHALO LOVELIES - YOU SO ROCK MY LIFE. Need some rest, " (reblip)
Jeffie Canned Heat - "Going Up The Country"
FloridaSunSales more blues from #Tallahassee, FLA How we roll down here.

The Joël C. Johnson Trio Performs "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"

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FloridaSunSales let it be clear......and to all a goodnight...
Bikermom69 TY@aprildax: "@Bikermom69:@Hizzapuf1:♫She's so♫– Beautifully Broken shaped by the wind,Dangerously twisted, Here I go again hi!thxs luv vi@Bikermom69" (reblip)
FloridaSunSales @LoriBee @HeyAmaretto...I am so not...yes I am.. no I'm not... yes I am..

Garth BrooksShameless

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FloridaSunSales @LoriBee @HeyAmaretto I really would like a pool boy with a little less attitude
ambit I swear I tied some ribbon to these trees so I could find my way back!!! Out in the Woods/Leon Russell.....

Out in the Woods/Leon Russell

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scottkinnaird And since we're only here for a while Might as well show some style Give us a smile
FloridaSunSales @twitter - got me under your spell..


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FloridaSunSales If you ever come see me..we will definitely visit this place in #Tallahassee, FLA my FAVORITE #Twitterqueens

Albert Castiglia, "Walking Blues" (07-24-2009 (09) @ Bradfordville Blues Club)

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FloridaSunSales Irene Goodnight...Goodnight Irene,.. I'll see you in my dreams #Tallahassee Bradfordville Blues Club

Damon Fowler Group, "Goodnight Irene" (10-16-2009 (11) Bradfordville Blues Club--Fla.)

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FloridaSunSales surrender to your darkest dreams...
Tropicsz4 The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
insignificant__1 It was never enough..I must go ..[Watch Over You – Alter Bridge ]
insignificant__1 I want something.. [Bethany Joy Galeotti & Grace Potter – I Want Something That I Want]
insignificant__1 Always...[Ry Cuming – Always Remember me ]
Dillin_Chillin Here with some... Wolfmother – Far Away ...not too far away.

WolfmotherFar Away

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FloridaSunSales for all the shooting stars...so thankful today! Happy Thanksgiving all!
FloridaSunSales at the heart the blue flame burns... I'll find him don't you worry.
FloridaSunSales Has to be one of my fav songs..takes me back..@SteveGarufi you remind me of this song and how to colorado makes me feel.
FloridaSunSales keeping it going with the uke.. Donovan,.. from #Tallahassee

DCT Concerts: Donovan Chapman: "HIGH HAWAIIAN STYLE"

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mmpartee @LesleyLambert you light up the night, just like the moon (reblip)

"Just Like The Moon" by Brett Dennen

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FloridaSunSales Take me out to the ball game....man I LOVE baseball..

Baseball "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" (1908)

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mmpartee @LesleyLambert the closer I am to, the closer I am to fine. (playing at sbux as we left today-perfect)
TechJunkie @FloridaSunSales Here's one of the best!

Ted Nugent -Stranglehold

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TechJunkie @FloridaSunSales Here's some great guitar from the fabulous Johnny A.

Johnny AOh Yeah

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FloridaSunSales speaks for itself... Love James Dean.
FloridaSunSales this just never gets old........
FloridaSunSales Speaking in music...Why people should come on down to #REBCORL ... "stop messin round" Register!
FloridaSunSales @Twitterzilla you deserve the king size tub ... the new tour bus and the broadway star


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Jeffie The Casinos - "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" - Kiss me each morning for a million years; hold me each evening at your side...
FloridaSunSales I found it! Rain is a GOOD thing! : )

"Rain Is A Good Thing" by Luke Bryan with lyrics

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TomAllen1965 I've been waiting for this moment all my life................
FloridaSunSales so sleepy.... hope it's just this peaceful.


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FloridaSunSales @MrRomance1973 @DimplesAng here you go.. ; )
FloridaSunSales do we know what goes on.. @LeslieLambert we just keep believing ; )
FloridaSunSales for all the GA friends left behind after #retso ... next year kids..
FloridaSunSales all about some guitar sometimes....the best of the best..right here.
LesleyLambert #twitterqueens Cause i got music,and it makes me feel alright. Got this here music,and it helps me ease my mind up.
ARDELLd I've been loving you too long...to stop now
sederson If I had a crystal ball I would gaze into your mind and see what you were thinking if my ship was sinking, if you're leaving me behind; cool lyric
FloridaSunSales sometimes. you just need one of these darlin'
FloridaSunSales have mercy...really...makes me want to dance.


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DareToEatAPeach I spent the last seven years carving "I am incredibly sincere" into my forearms. WORD. I don't care Idon'tcare I DON'T care I only want to hear beauty
FloridaSunSales didn't see any of these.. but sure showed a green, blue and coral colored one Sunday..w00t!
FloridaSunSales sweet ella may.. makes my day.. : )
Loni Hey! Who turned off the sun? Oh yeah...more rain. Covered In Rain – John Mayer
FloridaSunSales night to all.. on a step back in time.........@realtyman..night
FloridaSunSales @realtyman @ladyexec... just a matter of time before we are famous
ambit Classic Rod! Have you ever seen the Rain?
tcar I want to be with you in the colors...
CoachCharrise Love Snow Patrol...We don't need anything or anyone...If I lay here, if i just lay here...
tcar As if I'd never noticed,The way she brushed her hair from her forehead.

Paul SimonGraceland

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FloridaSunSales train a child up.. and then run when they start to get it!
FloridaSunSales i need something to rely on.. seriously.
FloridaSunSales for @divaoflove It ain't all sunshine baby..divas know the difference!
CoachCharrise This song changed my spiritual life years ago. Nicole Nordeman writes real life lyrics I can relate to.
FloridaSunSales florida... can be cold for some..without their sunshine!
TechJunkie @FloridaSunSales I am truly a...


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TechJunkie Time for a little Reggae @FloridaSunSales (I love my New Truck and I don't miss the Prius!)
FloridaSunSales now that's funny.. and dedicated to the *#& that pulled me over last week.
TechJunkie @FloridaSunSales I bet nobody has pulled this one out yet - Merry X-Mas!
FloridaSunSales what's the scoop here.. will have to ready up.. Salt Peanuts..I'm Dizzie too!! @realtyman..too crazy for ya?
FloridaSunSales my goodness.. you have to appreciate the greats..
randymatheson Xmas music that doesn't suck... James Brown - Funky Christmas... (I'm out)
FloridaSunSales for Realtyman...and other's who know bout this thanksgiving song!!
FloridaSunSales blippin...blues travelers live...love it
TechJunkie Arguably the BEST Classic Rock song (which involves a Flute in the beginning - Go figure)!
FloridaSunSales God,.. I love this man.. his music and his story,..
FloridaSunSales how much will I get done after this,.
FloridaSunSales to twitter friends...make me laugh..
FloridaSunSales it's a theme...my theme..

Bonnie Raitt Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

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FloridaSunSales nothin more to say....it is what I am.
abbeyroad612 It's the way that I wanna be kissed forever more...
andykaufman Can't blip Bobby and forgot about Jerrry.. throw in merl saunders, john kahn & martin fierro and you shouldn't be allowed to have a band this good.
tcar @realtyman All I'm sayin is that you don't tug on @housechick's cape
tcar gonna turn it down now. My ears are ringing

CandleBoxFar Behind

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FloridaSunSales For my open house promo... Georgia St. perfect!
FloridaSunSales worked in the yard...still checking for em..

Brad PaisleyTicks

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OutdoorLori I know it's worth waiting for, but man, it's really hard...
ambit Sometimes...this is how we roll in Texas!!!~ Cowboys and Kisses!
daydreamer @killjenpoet - keep forgetting you are 5 hours behind us!! How's your day going?

Beatles - Let It Be

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FloridaSunSales and he should've said...

lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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kveebee I prayed that he would finish, but he just kept right on... (reblip)
FloridaSunSales just me... me and well some other person out there I am sure..
OutdoorLori A much more updated version of the last song I blipped. And yes, I am dang proud of who I am. Word!
giopack va pues, quiza y esta

Matchbox 20Push

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FloridaSunSales surely we will get our heads back...slowly..

Macy Grayslowly

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kencook Aahhhh, Count Basie dreamin' a little dream.
FloridaSunSales @HeyAmaretto... did you miss the whole converstaion between @jreck and me?
LesleyLambert #nik_nik @nik_nik I am finally home and sending you a proper birthday greeting!

QueenKiller Queen

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FloridaSunSales last on of my favs.. practicing a little drums...then night-night enjoy all..
FloridaSunSales 29.. that's all that I need to say about that.

Gin Blossoms29

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FloridaSunSales my biggest mistake..letting it get away.. California..
FloridaSunSales gonna cause a big commotion....
FloridaSunSales @finestsuit man..it is not ..the end. Here's a shot of some Gin.. ; )
finestsuit anybody reading this... read your own head. i hope you are in awe of what you see. you should be... the possibility is there. think. create. share~
realestatechick you'll just be distractin' me....in a good way!

RooneyStay Away

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TonyLetts Melody Gardot LIVE! - Beautiful stuff - Love me like a river does
FloridaSunSales will share all my sunshine dear..@mark_crase hope it spreads to you and yours!
FloridaSunSales I am missing my HEAD! C'mon Twitter! Give it back..
FloridaSunSales I've been lookin.. would you love me then??
tcar @camden damn, you're off to a good start (reblip)
FloridaSunSales where there's smoke there is dang sure fire.
FloridaSunSales lord.. savin this for the 14th on the hill!


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FloridaSunSales goodnight.......sun went down a while ago..it's time..night all
TechJunkie Although I 'Rock Out' most of the time on Blip, @realtyman has an Incredible Classic Jazz & Blues collection! Just sayin' :)
FloridaSunSales anyplace but those I know by heart...
FloridaSunSales my fav. john denver.. miss you my friend..
FloridaSunSales sometimes..better to slow it all down..
arkitekto the magic filters, the magic violin
angiecovacs love his sweet voice in this song
FloridaSunSales Great relaxing music to fall asleep to. Wish I had better company to listen with. (reblip)
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