Gamera ███ it. ███ better. Makes us. ███ harder. ███ do it! Our ███ is never ███!
SpinningDiscs Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy .... "Bow To My Queen of Darkness" @NikkiPixel..
Gamera Hold the hand of your best friend. Look into their eyes. Then watch them drift awa~ay...
SpinningDiscs Marilyn Manson - Heart Shaped Glasses....Forgot I was competing with American Idol tonight! ~LOL~
Gamera @SpinningDiscs: "The rain will kill us all. If we throw ourselves against the wall. But no one else can see...The preservation of the martyr in me." (reblip)
JMaury To all my danin' mates @Nymph @Gamera @daretoeatapeach. Thanks for the finds. Always good to have a team of toe tappers.

We Are Ur Friends( final ) - djtimdolla

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Spindangerously @Gamera: "And for my 100th blip, my favorite song by my favorite band. "So have a toast and down the cup. Drink to bones that turn to dust!" Uncanny. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Was looking for something I liked on pg 2, found this instead. rb@headshaker: "rb@L3ta: "my body's broken, your's is bent."" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @Gamera Thanks. Though I seem to be presently snatching half of @Nymph's list. ;)
Gamera Take it back like Linda Ronstadt! *bwahahaha!*


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Gamera Yeaaah, you bled enough for TWO! Yowza.
Gamera I've nearly worn out my DVD of this. :)
Spindangerously Nice pairing! @jilliansaint: " ^_^" (reblip)

MadnessOur House

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dj_midori *Quickly making my way to where the toys are. Tearing through them trying to find what I want.*

aphex twinvordhosbn

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kbuech Offspring - "Why Don't You Get a Job?" (imeem-free, NOT video)
MusicIsMySunshine Annie - Antonio (Designer Drugs Remix) Such a great song!
Gamera @daretoeatapeach Oh and very well done summing up my musical tastes. I've been told they're schizophrenic!
kbuech "You down ill, girl, need a doctor?" rb@girlpiper: "Kurt, you know what I like at night!!! "Disturbed - "Down with the Sickness" (imeem-free) (reblip)
judi Rammstein – Ramstein - Ich Will (reblip)
themarmalade oh baby don't you know I suffer? oh baby can you hear me moan? well??? hahahah
Gamera NOICE! Thanks @asterion! ~ RB @asterion: "ah, here you go @Gamera..." (reblip)


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JTO @Gamera: Right on! My wife and I also translate/rewrite Korean manhwa for Yen Press :)
Metal_Rocks LACUNA COIL – Spellbound (Official Video). Now that we can blip vids I have an idea for a new theme - 'Hot chicks in metal videos'! FTW \m/

"I'll get You" Classixx feat. Jeppe/ Kitsuné x The Cobrasnake EP

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Sanctuary- Utada Hikaru

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DareToEatAPeach "I don't want the world. I just want your half."
RockItRadio Ok I'll just review my audio Rock Concert movements manual....
Gamera So dark... so depraved and disturbing... so awesome!

avenged sevenfold- a little piece of heaven

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Gamera God I love this song. I'm leaning on the props button for @sheryonstone (reblip)

RoyksoppRemind Me

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Spindangerously _________said something stupid. We persevered.
Spindangerously Indeed, and I'm displaying my gratitude on BLIP.FM!
Spindangerously I'm so glad I found this ditty. Because. I. Am. So. BAD.
Spindangerously I love the smell of it.

The CultRain

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bendrix When @Heike plays this song, people gather around & gaze spiral eyed as she defies gravity & performs unimaginable graceful acrobatics :) (reblip)
Spindangerously Shove me in the shallow water, please. I'm deep enough.
Gamera Somethin' ain't right!

Stereo MCsConnected

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Gamera The joy of repetition really is in me. @daretoeatapeach Good question. It's really a very mysterious lyric. (reblip)
Gamera And find my asshole brother? :D - @Spindangerously: "@Gamera, I think you should fly to Scottsdale." (reblip)

BushEverything Zen

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JMaury @Gamera: Apparently, the joy is in me too. Feet could be burning tonight : p (reblip)
Gamera @scorpionkiss I'm trying to figure out if I'd rather kiss a scorpion *or* a girl with lips like morphine. (reblip)
akablaze Very now EUrope. Tour the france@

'Dirty & Hard (Stereoheroes remix)' DJEDJOTRONIC feat. SPOEK

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rkmonkey [Headless Heroes - Just Like Honey] was great @by_starla: "[Silver Jews - How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down]" (reblip)
Gamera Blippin' n' swingin' n' scratchin' and beatboxin' vi@Deesound (reblip)

Jurassic 5Swing Set

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toosweet4rnr [The Selecter – On My Radio] hey there @rkmonkey :)
DareToEatAPeach rb@blackberry: "music for men." (reblip)

Gossip-Heavy Cross

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SON OF RUST: The Highest Cost

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webovator RB @Gamera: "You can remix this song until your fingers bleed and I'll still love it." (reblip)
Gamera -.-. .- .-. . ..-. ..- .-.. / .-- .. - .... / - .... .- - / ..-. --- .-. -.- -.-.-- @seizuresalad
TheWorkingDead Here's one of my favorite pieces of music from Who, @Gamera. So sad... I really miss Rose.
MaggyTheBrave Mental health break, take two: Epic Last Song / Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Gamera Beware the POWER GLOVE! @seizuresalad: "Ghosthustler – Parking Lot Nights // thanks for listening @CLARITY // @westham999 @djilo @Gamera" (reblip)
eddscape @Skiznot: "Obscure and Crazy 80s: Killer Pussy Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage." Love it! (reblip)
stena i hate u 4 making me laugh. rb!@Gamera"-when turtles collide...gonna make me go emo w/self-loathing! rb@TomServo@Gamera positive start 2 turtle's day" (reblip)
Gamera This is not a love song. (reblip)


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Gamera Limps. But skillfully. I love it! rb@WIGSTA: @Gamera: This ones trips me out @ZOEBOE @Miee @Spindangerously (reblip)

TipperTiny Face

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Inge_FS agree! rb@Mysterymix: "@Inge_FS let's put that other rmx that seems cool too …" (reblip)
Gamera Z u l u... That's the way you spell ZULU! This song will NEVER get old. vi@santamistura (reblip)
Gamera We will do away with your kind!

Dimmu borgirPuritania

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Gamera Operatic and full of energy! rb@WIGSTA: "@seizuresalad: This track really brings me back" (reblip)

AMV Ergo Proxy- Carpe Noctem- E-Nomine

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toosweet4rnr hmm, catchy :) @toddtyrtle: "...but I find this remix particularly catchy." (reblip)

Bill O'Reilly Fuck It Remix

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Gamera You have any idea how many funny looks I got on the plane when I bought this CD and played it on my Discman? (3) @katarinax: "LOVE Machine @Gamera =)" (reblip)


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katarinax 「たんぽぽ食べて」( Eating a dandelion) is crazy funny song. @dcychan @Daeflyn @lwsrc @pappwixe @vinicius_robles @QUEENRO @Gamera @Daeflyn @cremeweiss

たんぽぽ食べて Tanpopo tabete

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Gamera We are eating Ga me raaaaaaaa! rb@tele (reblip)

Gamera Theme Song 1969

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Senaka by Asa-Chang & Junray

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Gamera I have this problem, too. It may just be because my eyes are on the sides of my head, though, rb@seizuresalad: "@djilo @Gamera // rb@WIGSTA " (reblip)

Fat Freddy's Drop 'Wandering Eye'

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Groovasm Check this site out (Useful) yes ...I am into Synths too!
Gamera Fee Fi Fo Fun for meeee!

Moloko Fun For Me

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Atomik rb@bduubz: "um, is "meat-flipping" a euphemism? ;) // @matttbastard: "@Nymph @bduubz Wicked meat-flipping choon. ;-)"" (reblip)
arrshley "I've realized that men are obselete When it comes to rodeo The game's over!! I shout I'll show you how it's done"

Koda Kumi- Cherry Girl

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arrshley So weird to see her on MTV. Her interview was adorable though.

BoA- Eat You Up MV (U.S. Version)

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deathzealot Oh yeah.... Heroine is quite right..

Nami TamakiHeroine

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YOSHI2012 Morning all! it's #musicmonday. In 7 days the #E3-09 starts and I hope to hear something from FFXIII and Heavy Rain. Good song of the day!
Gamera Sunny days! rb@evablue (reblip)

Beatboxing Flute Sesame Street

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arrshley Remember the Hana Yori Dango drama? No? Well, it's still a pretty song.

Ai OtsukaPlanetarium

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kbuech "It's the code word, April...thx!! I can't keep up with replies/props either. Labor of love tho!" rb@charmstep Cameo - "Word Up" (reblip)

CameoWord Up

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JenAvila Keep hope alive

The Crystal Method- Keep Hope Alive

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vyctorsoft i got the bottle you got the cup lets get ....
vyctorsoft i think i should read a book


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Gamera You thought right! @Flow: "@vyctorsoft: "numbers...kraftwerk" SICK! I think @Gamera would appreciate this." (reblip)

Kraftwerk Numbers 1

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arrshley I hope this is not what my zoo experience will be like today...

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

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Guyfour20 @Guyfour20: "Gotta love Avenged Sevenfold!! =D" i'm getting crazy now!! =P (reblip)

Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

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JackandDianne Like Oh My God!!! Does Obama Believe In GOD?!?
crowjane @patbone: We got both kinds of music - Country. And Western."~U joke~ but that is all we got in Eureka~Thank the Lawd for the internet~love variety (reblip)

Blues BrothersRawhide

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skyleigh [Motorcycle] As The Rush Comes (Original Video) need to get this
Evan_Exempt rb @Gamera: Cool! Honestly, I have had some mixed (no pun intended) reviews on some of the remixes I have heard, but this is a good one! :D Cheers! (reblip)
seizuresalad ok evryon. gotta go. thanks for playin. old and new. ur awesome. (@THX3 @WIGSTA @djilo @westham999 @stena @Echo_L @Gamera @HighNDrye) * ** * * * *
SpinningDiscs Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy.... Shout Out & Thanks: to @cpzimmerman, @Gamera & "Hoisting Glass to Toast" @BadBoyBoogieman
Gamera Listened to this countless times. Never seen the vid til now!@aoibhneas: "@MANOTAS: Thought u like theToneLoc...Grabbin this from u...Xmucho graciasX" (reblip)
Gamera My all time favorite Ayumi song and video!
Gamera There's definitely something I like about this. Hmm, shoulda known! Crazy props @seizuresalad! (reblip)
Gamera It's just physiologically improbable. ~ vi@JonasFiel (reblip)
Gamera Today's an embarrassing day to be a Californian.
Ryan_Paul_Thompson @secretagentmama: "FUNNIEST SHIT EVAH! " (reblip)

you kicked my dog

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dj_midori *Grinning @JessicaHamby and giggling a little.* (reblip)

SuperMassive Black Hole- Muse ~ Twilight

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lilwldchld I need ooh la la la la....

GoldfrappOoh La La

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sneekysneeky Sevendust – Going Back to Cali..............rap songs are so much better as metal........point in case
Gamera Pretending we don't exist... @TomServo: "beeped out @CreepyGirl @CrowTRobot @FunkShoi @Gamera @Minger. Long days and pleasant nights, y'all " (reblip)
thespaghetticat Leftfield – Phat Planet. Start it off with a little something to kick your ass into gear.
BingFutch Kate Bush - "This Woman's Work"
Artsyboo Shiny Toy Guns do it again!
iandmac Savor the summer sun while it's back! ;-) Looking forward to tomorrow!
BingFutch @musicla Thank you. : ) Frank Sinatra - "My Way"

Frank SinatraMy Way

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Gamera Judge Dredd. Found Dead. Face down in Snoopy's bed. (Doesn't Snoopy sleep on top of his house?)


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sydkaygo which leads to THIS. This song is exactly how I feel (1st verse) lol :D
Gamera Max Planck Institute discovered center of the Milky Way's chock full of ethyl formate, the molecule that gives raspberries their flavor!
BingFutch John Williams - "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)"
BingFutch They Might Be Giants - "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair"
BingFutch Oingo Boingo - "Controller"
BingFutch Galaxy Angel - "Galaxy Bang! Bang!"
BingFutch Peter Gabriel - "Don't Give Up"
Gamera "We have waited centuries for this moment. The rivers will flow with the blood of those who oppose us." - Kane
Gamera That's all I need to get me in a good mood!
Scorpionkiss um @Maggiemelba Maggie,this is the tune you love?Um,not?hahahaha

Icehouse_Hey Little Girl

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SylvioMicelli Pet Shop Boys With Dusty Springfield - What Have I Done to Deserve This?
SylvioMicelli Soft Cell – Tainted Love
SylvioMicelli Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
SylvioMicelli The Smiths – Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
SylvioMicelli The Cure – A Night Like This
SylvioMicelli The Bolshoi – Sunday Morning
Gamera I'm gonna sing the doom song now!

GirDoom Song

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Gamera Doctor... what? how?


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Scorpionkiss well @Edainsmom the broken heart is asleep right now!hahaha,but i'm awake!YAAA

Nada SurfPopular

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iMmopukCP PLAYING: David Jordan - Sun Goes Down
tometty [Beyoncé - Work It Out (Chew Fu ReFix)] Tried the new & improved bit.up to up the Slipped Disco Re-Edit of this, but it ain't working =(
BingFutch Why they changed it, I can't say. People just liked it better that way.
warrenellis Have you heard of Konono No 1? If not, give this a listen:

Konono Nº1Paradiso

| play
Beckfrogandtoad This song is stuck in my head all the time right now. ALL THE TIME.
BlooDyJ The Prodigy – Warriors Dance ... Come with me to the dancefloor ...
BingFutch What a heartbreaking tune - and part of a trilogy even. Geez.

FalcoJeanny, Pt. 1

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BingFutch The grim reaper cuts, cuts, cuts, but he can't catch me!
viss this song makes me smile :D


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Gamera We can't stop here. This is ___________!
Gamera I still remember a couple fourth grade girls lip-syncing this song at a "talent show." In some ways, it tainted the song. It also made it epic.
Gamera I close my eyes and I see that yellow puppet, Flat Eric, bangin' his head to this tune still.
ShannonLeigh Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk
Gamera Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow. (45!) (reblip)
Ringer the white stripes - 7 nation army
Gamera Think twice. You are running out of time. #fb
Gamera If Elfman did metal. At least, that's how my twisted brain works. :P
Gamera Likewise. I don't care about the young folks, either.
Gamera It's always time for some Ayumi.
DJkakas Garbage - Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
electricdaik From the album Ixnay on the Hombre. This song is so damn good.

Stepenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

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helenevolturi This song makes me want to dance my ass off. (reblip)


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toosweet4rnr [Red Hot Chili Peppers – Taste the Pain]
threebears hey boy .. hey girl ... superstar dj .... here we go ....! (♡genuine 100% pure blip - contains no imeem!)
MusicIsMySunshine Great remix! This song introduced me to Karin Dreijer Andersson.. turning point in my life?? :)
MusicIsMySunshine love Erlend Oye! Royksopp has great taste in vocalists!

RoyksoppPoor Leno

| play
ZachsMind @siriuslyheather "Going to grab my pussy and slip in between the sheets. I love a purring pussy in bed." ..yer talkin' 'bout yer CAT ..right!?

PrincePussy Control

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Spindangerously Oh I think I'm going to love this site.
gigia via@DJSineWave said: "@gigia Was so going to play Yellow! heh. Let's try some BR instead." ... nice shot!! (reblip)
Gamera M' style is da bomb diddy bomb di dangy dang diggy diggy! #fb
C_C @C_C: "This one always makes me feel relaxed. Love squeeze." (reblip)
Aluciel Extra sleepy tonight, so I'm heading to bed early. Goodnight, blippers! *muah* ^_^
Gamera C'mon... I need to show it!

The KnifeLike a Pen

| play
Gamera I actually agree with Trent. Johnny's version's even better.

Johnny CashHurt

| play
Gamera @TidyCat: "@Gamera 本当に?ありがとう!=^..^=" 本当本当!Oreskaband大好き! (reblip)
t0dds Thx for the props @theraygungirls!! ... =) ... Wow! I think this is my new fav for the week!! (reblip)
akablaze @djwttw: "RBlippy #1 @dsb1218. it would SO be lousy if i didn't like this song! :Goodguys,asSoon as you see me you play Soundgraden!!! (reblip)
JadedxMisfit This song is totally me. Also, this is the first song I ever heard from The Faint. The rest is history.

The FaintErection

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akablaze @judi: "Rammstein – Ramstein - Ich Will"thanks (reblip)
Spindangerously Why can't we not be sober? (reblip)


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Gamera I focus on the pain. The only thing that's real. (reblip)

Nine Inch NailsHurt

| play
Gamera No one likes a quitter!

NoFXThe Quitter

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Gamera Marble House was the first song I heard from The Knife. Instantly fell in love.
Spindangerously @jennyleepenny: "Thx -vi@Oldies: "Love will tear us apart"@jennyleepenny"" You're making this easier for me! (reblip)
Gamera For some reason, I'm in the mood for a cold drink now. (reblip)
ScenicKK actually the singer of the knife
emoloz @patchit - not bad just feeling the revision for exams, want them to be over, got another 2 weeks for that or so :(
ZachsMind @bangfalse "it says 'stream overlap error' ..a GB ref.?" DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!
SylvioMicelli The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon
Gamera Baaabay, I can rock it to... youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (reblip)

The JetsRocket 2 U

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thrackle Zooey Deschanel is awesome (from the movie Yes Man)
gigia isso, jordana... agora sim!!!!
SylvioMicelli Information Society – Walking Away
luiz_com_z @urlgirl, this was the first version I knew, before the original! Liverpool rules, doesn't it? I think @renkea likes it too. (reblip)
sydkaygo @migz: thank you! I really like this song!! (reblip)
intinet heart is not based on numbers or graphics but people =) keep it clean
Stay19 Just ridiculous. Amazing band that is blowing up fast now. Crazy how the tides turn. Their letterman appearance was insane.<><>

Manchester Orchestra - Where Have You Been

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ScenicKK Marilyn Manson – Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fuckin'-Geddon
ZachsMind "I wish I could sing like that! The only real thing that matters nowadays is rhythm and melody!"
gigia @tipuri meu menino!! cai que foi um espetaculo!!! entao,,, é verdade!! eu ouvi vc blipando no blipnbeer... ahhah ai, que horror... desnecessario!! rs
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