GroovinandJammin here we go again! ...give a little bit of your love to me... I'll give a little bit of my love to you :-) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin's some nice piano blues, just for you... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin another one from the basement .../LOL
serendipitynz Thanks @DeAnn, had forgotton how much I listened to Boston way back.
GroovinandJammin Oh tell me where your freedom lies/The streets are fields that never die (reblip)
GroovinandJammin dream lover, dream lo-ove!! And I will turn into dreamland now - g'nite y'all :-)) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Danger – now she's looking for a dream.... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Hey, I've been looking for that one last night and couldn't find it...THX for blippin' it! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Save your gotta keep the devil down in the hole.... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Ahhh, Mr. Mega Tongue...not bad at all!!! - unplugged, much better version . . . (reblip)


| play
GroovinandJammin This was first song written by the Eagles when the band reunited in 1994. (reblip)

EaglesGet Over It

| play
GroovinandJammin I was fiiine...on cloud niiine...
GroovinandJammin @stevetuf ... it's only 9.30pm here in Little Rock ;-)
GroovinandJammin Woohoooo..... Here comes the master again :-)
GroovinandJammin Wooooohoooooo!!!! Yeeehaaaawwww!!!! (reblip)


| play
GroovinandJammin @concernedrancher ..nice sunday groove," This is the stangest life i have ever lived.So I am "Waiting for the Sun" (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @ mullie1 - the top of THE CREAM! :-) ~~ Badge ~ Cream ~~ @iddybud one of my all time favorites..thx (reblip) (reblip)


| play
GroovinandJammin @Telemill : Yeah, I really like this one too :-) (reblip)

Tommy RoeSweet Pea

| play
GroovinandJammin @adbert : G'nite...never even saw you tonite, lol - LAST BLIP: TTYL! :-) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin another one from my treasure chest :-)
GroovinandJammin @tresatresa : mine is a fake golden...does that count? Hi sweetie :-) how was your afternoon? to all those with golden hair :- ) (reblip)
Vickingo Spinners, The – The Rubberband Man, yea still off track here hehe
buxa A real RocknRolla wants the f*in lot!
Oldies Peter Paul and Mary with The Mamas and The Papas – I Dig Rock'n'Roll Music
RadioRider She can whip chop and puree Guaranteeeeeeed.
RainStorms @DeAnn, do you have a heart of glass? LOL
GroovinandJammin via@Ozarksagent: I'm Goin down to Louisiana hmmm goin buy me a mojo and/////////////////////////woot woot (reblip)
JanelleV Cansei de Ser Sexy – Off the hook
GroovinandJammin @MapleLeaves ...LOL what a thing to ask.... Jim musta had brass ones... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin remember when we used to hitch hike?
kdcat cher did an exelent cover of this
GroovinandJammin @Lowell : Yesss.... sweet!!! :-) DeAnn - another great Searchers take on a Jackie DeShannon song (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @patita : Sorry to hear, the sun's out here and I'm HAPPY! :-) OMG - "it's raining again" :((( (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @thegeek74 : AHH - 'da masta'...he's the cream of the cream, lol (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @Oldies : I like nearly everything they did :-) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion Gotta get moving on work is more like it.
GreenTara @DeAnn Is that a proposal? lol " wanna get married or what? LOL (Dreamt about furniture for some reason.... )" (reblip)
RainStorms @DeAnn, I can help too, lol.

0184 - Billy Swan - I Can Help

| play
marilovisky HAHA You're laughin' at me, @bartholomewJstriker?! HAHA "Altho im not a car"?! OMFG! Ok, it doesn't matter! You were standing there. :P
GroovinandJammin @DJSelchie: Thanks!!! :-)) (For all you crazy people out there in Mardi Gras-land tonight, this one's for you!) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @Donnie44 Journey ((Wheel in the sky)))....@stevetuf: when did you blip that??? Never saw it :-o (reblip)
GroovinandJammin all aboard...come on....Via @tresatresa: I'm here, girlfriend :-) (reblip)
TechJunkie It's only OK if I approve...

Bill WithersUse Me

| play
GroovinandJammin awesome tune!


| play
KiddRock Cheers Ya’ll; @DeAnn @SenenTenths @Donnie44 @sheryonstone @lilwldchld ~ Yes – Roundabout


| play
GroovinandJammin @Donnie44: Sweet! I always sing along when I hear this, lol. Bad company ((Shooting star)) (reblip)
Kimmehkins Baby....


| play
tresatresa @DeAnn hey sweet thang! want to come? I thought that I would take a ...Walk On The Wild Side !... ;~} .
GroovinandJammin @Ozarksagent Here I am again! >> Listen to this guys, this is really awesome!!! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @crispassinato : I had forgotten all about this, thanks for blipping it! (reblip)


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ICEGIRL152 @DeAnn: No you don't, 'cause Love Stinks!!!!
GroovinandJammin WOW - this is a great tune! ...I have one of these in my wallet ...via@ spydrgyrl (reblip)
organicsue @DeAnn - awesome song - THX @ARDELLd ... I used2 care but things have changed. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin this song ...does something to me ...nite nite to u too @Donnie44 (reblip)
GroovinandJammin I've got a song but I ain't got no melody...I'm a gonna sing it to my friends...hey ALL!!!


| play
GroovinandJammin I keep following you tonight, LOL and you're wayyy too fast :-) @Donnie44 (reblip)
GroovinandJammin OMG - It's an AGATHE BAUER SONG!!!!@shortygal Awww yeah. (reblip)

Snap!The Power

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rrhobbs Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Thx @Donnie44>>Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (1967) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Oh wow - have not heard this in 20 years...memories...a private beach in Soellingen, Germany... @redroulettes (reblip)


| play
GroovinandJammin THX as always!@stevetuf>>You have a stranglehold on the jukebox, DeAnn nice blips (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Good morning all y'all!!! Yess, I do like it, sista! :-)) @NeedBlues2Live > You like this from my vault? @Oldies: Dang,have I missed you again?! :-o (reblip)
GroovinandJammin too much rain...I've had enough! LOL


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GroovinandJammin Don't even ask ME!!! LOL@NeedBlues2Live you are as old as you feel in your heart. Oh, crap, I am 86!! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin errr - yep! @GiantPimpslapper Are You Experienced?: Jimi Hendrix "The Wind Cries Mary" (1967) {*rant over*} (reblip)
GroovinandJammin yep!!!@ star45 No Doubt – Hella Good – . . . DeAnn @dswancanada @bangang (reblip)

No DoubtHella Good

| play
GroovinandJammin ahhh, play list material ;-) @DAVESnotHERE says..." I had to "breakdown" with some Petty. I just had to be the st1 to do it! (reblip)

Tom PettyBreakdown

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GroovinandJammin awhhh - @GeryDiMarco I used to bowl against Edie's Dad. He usually left with my money. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin love it, thx@ darrylheron Here is a Dylan version. (reblip)
espantosa They needed them to keep their oh so tight trousers together...
GroovinandJammin great blip!@leinergroove @GR8FL talking heads and more talking heads... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin another fave via@tedguyver Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed (reblip)
GroovinandJammin via@SheDo Are you the wonderwall? (reblip)


| play
GroovinandJammin sure is @TrainWreckRadio MANY COVERS OUT THERE......but this is the REAL DEAL @readmylipstick: THX hotlips ;-) you're pretty kewl yourself!:-) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Oh, this one was still missing on my play list - THX!@ Oldies Baby I'm for Real - DeAnn >You are??? :-) (reblip)
ZONE [Always love blipping this one...] via @leinergroove - yes, a good crescendo... hello to @DeAnn, @ptneves, @DownLow, @simplesmente (reblip)

Bill WithersHarlem

| play
GroovinandJammin awesome blip!!! Thx@mystwitch Mark Knopfler-True Love Will Never Fade (reblip)
GroovinandJammin hey, you're pretty awesome yourself tonight :-) @TheLenzyme Great beat to this one (reblip)
GroovinandJammin sweet!!! @ Donnie44 ...let it flow, baby....there's a reason... (reblip)
Oldies Losing My Religion - Hi There - back from the city, had a few Jameson before lunch. How r things?@DeAnn@patita@Buzzz @NeedBlues2Live @organicsue
GroovinandJammin RB << Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat >> (reblip)
GroovinandJammin wow - awesome remix!!! Anymore fave Stones blips???@ davidwatts1978 >>DeAnn (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Doin' it!!! :-)))@Sethski >DeAnn and @djwttw ...Don't move your head don't move your hands don't move your lips just shake your hips ... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Good night @stevetuf Good night >DeAnn great blippin with you as always.... (reblip)

The TimeJungle Love

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GroovinandJammin play list material!! Thx@JimmyHook Now, go home and get your Shine Box! Donovan – Atlantis (reblip)


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GroovinandJammin absolutely!!!! THX@santamistura muitooooooo bom ... flashback ;)) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin OMG - awesome, thx so much @Jeffie The Tee Set - "Ma Belle Amie" (1970) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Kewl!@Choonks Now that I've lost everything to you in this brutal divorce- Got to find my own way in this- Wild World. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin so many great blips after another!!! @blueflamedesigns no one here gets out alive (reblip)
GroovinandJammin would u promise to be true?@Oldies: still sore ...from working in the yard!!! LOL (reblip)

BesourosIf I Fell

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GroovinandJammin Ain't THAT the truth, LOL@BlueJeanBaby If we'd listened to Mama we'd never have had any fun. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @harlequinne Random fact: Iron Butterfly would have performed this at Woodstock, but they didn't make it because they were stuck at the airport. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin you're wayyy too young for this song, honey :-)) @andregbar Boa lembrança @Kalaes (reblip)
GroovinandJammin >>Mark Seven – A Slow Blow<<
GroovinandJammin Saturday night partayyyy is oooonnn!!! @sylvia638 @sayfun Thanks! (reblip)

Salt-N-PepaPush It

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GroovinandJammin Hotttt ... <<A plus D – Pour Some Hot Sugar (Mims vs. Def Leppard)>>
MWZ The Nuge!!! The Motor City Madman!!! Uncle Ted!!!
GroovinandJammin OK, any more hard rock tunes out there????!!!! It's Saturday Rock Night, guys!!! @MWZ The Nuge!!! The Motor City Madman!!! Uncle Ted!!! (reblip)
Oldies Ten Years After – I'd Love To Change The World @patita @organicsue @abarbosa @DeAnn@DJYouMama
GroovinandJammin Oh come on ...a few glasses of pinot grigio and you're all fired up!!! :-)))@JediJonny DeAnn Thanks! But I really can't dance...except for myself. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin I can't believe he's 'on the other plane' now!!! @Daniel_bertis Kurt Cobain says sorry. (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio and when I awoke I was alone...this bird had flown....So I lit a fire... isn't it good...Norwegian Wood!!!! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin "tiiiime on my side, yes it is! "always, LOL :-))) @thehillers @Oldies (reblip)
GroovinandJammin but it does in Arkansas :-) @Oldies (no rain on your island, right?, lol)
GroovinandJammin Thx@playalongjon Hi, thanks for joining my listeners group,welcome any feedback (reblip)
GroovinandJammin thx - great blip and info @Reubstock Bill Withers was born the youngest of nine children in the small coal-mining town of Slab Fork, West Virginia... (reblip)

Bill WithersUse Me

| play
GroovinandJammin must be as old as I am then ;-))) and still young at heart?LOL@dcarlile Hendrix - I remember him doing this on BBC2. (reblip)

Jimi HendrixHey Joe

| play
GroovinandJammin one of my personal faves :-) thx@ MaddMatt DeAnn Did ya hear about the Midnight Rambler... Where's @patita (reblip)
AnnieLicious @DeAnn @Cabl @famtasyisnotreality


| play
GroovinandJammin Fo sho! :-) @AnnieLicious Shaking it like a polaroid DeAnn @NeedBlues2Live @Oldies Ok who else is dancing?I wonder if Deann has leftover wine? (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

| play
Oldies The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind
GroovinandJammin This is an old fave of mine from way back... when I was a young girl in Europe.... @ Oldies All-4-One – I Swear @AnnieLicious@patita@NeedBlues2Live
GroovinandJammin [Eric Clapton – I'll Make Love To You Anytime] (reblip)
Gaz50 @DeAnn lol classic this ..was gonna play 'young girl' but cat Stevens gave ya age away lol
Silvershadow The news people said "hey what you're doin in bed" - Guess who?


| play
GroovinandJammin we should have that one for the train earlier :-) @Klemmie (reblip)
mystwitch @RadioFreeIllinois We need a busload of faith to get by y'all @DJFrankie @DeAnn @StonyTunes (That and a bit of $$$ would help!) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin And..didn't I blip it last night? It's not on the list...@AnnieLicious DeAnn I'll comment for ya lol Makes me giggle when you play big balls lol xo (reblip)
MustGoFaster @DeAnn Stevetuf and all the other Blippers THANK YOU for a great night of music.....
GroovinandJammin vi@gwenxmaybe >>I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind @Oldies (reblip)
GroovinandJammin love this blip - thx@FranciscoIV Hump Day @MerlottesBar Rascal Flatts – Life Is a Highway (reblip)
O341 Fools Garden - Lemon Tree, 1995 (Alemania)
Gaz50 This goes in my top ten all time greats, Frampton after Humble pie and before he went solo,
Dave_Malby The last song before Twitterlessness


| play
GroovinandJammin @rodaniel @ThisIsRobThomas Oh btw, the source of the aforementioned "Woo woo" is Steve Miller Band's "Take the Money and Run." #oldies (reblip)
GroovinandJammin getting to enjoy lots of flamenco music these days? :-) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin kewles blip - danke!@wowi @estrogen...kino fiel aus...dafür rund ums feuer,rotwein,cuba libre..und in Gedanken eh in nem eigenen film!;o) (reblip) (reblip)

The CureClose to Me

| play
GroovinandJammin One of my all time faves 2!!! @KiddRock Thanks, one of my all time Fav's man!@PazzoRagazzo I'd love to change the world...To @MasterWolf @KiddRock. (reblip)
GroovinandJammin OMG - haven't heard this since the 60's!!! THX@melkytown (reblip)
GroovinandJammin wow - this needs to go on my play list...thx@ Oldies Trouble No More (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Don't reach out for me, she said. Can't you see I'm drowning too. (reblip)

Bob DylanHigh Water

| play


| play
GroovinandJammin Hi there 2 u 2! Still in Espagna? :)@Oldies Hi there & Good Day! DeAnn @patita@AnnieLicious@NeedBlues2Live @crispast (reblip)

Dobie Gray-Drift Away

| play
GroovinandJammin love it! Thx girl! @patita hi DeAnn, :D ♫ Davey Pattison/Brad Gillis/Phil Soussan/Fred Coury – Same Old Blues (L.A. Blues (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Matthews Southern Comfort – Woodstock "We are star dust...." (reblip)
GroovinandJammin beautiful song...thx :-)@Oldies Kenny Wayne Sheppard – Blue on Black >DeAnn (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq @philkirby Sadly not in any of my collection, I even looked under Only you can the other single, Noosha had a great voice! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin don't worry - be happy! LOL

The WhoHappy Jack

| play
MrVisions @LittleChinaGirl while your shopping pick me up their cd
GroovinandJammin Thanks! :)) @PixelInTime DeAnn Since ya asked so nicely! lol.... Here I present my favourite Rolling Stones tune. My momz used to play a lot of RS ;D
GroovinandJammin thank youuuu! @djwttw for Ms DeAnn as per her request. : P listen, deann --- it's JACK FREAKIN' WHITE singing with The Stones!!! yeehaw!!!
GroovinandJammin Nite sweetie! @BarbieRay!j Heaven done called...another Blues stringer back home...and to bed!! G'nite all my Bluesy friends...You know who you are!! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @Sparklepony [Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue] lindy's pick 2 for kareoke... (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Can I get some LED ZEPPELIN from anybody? :-) This here is kewl too..thx@ Hairynomas All out of ACDC :( DeAnn & @BarbieRay
GroovinandJammin Fast, girl..hop on the train!@StarStruk The head nurse spoke up! Said "LEAVE this ONE ALONE!" She could tell right away... I was Bad to the BONE! (reblip)
GroovinandJammin AR is full of them, lol @TrainWreckRadio This song was written for the redneck girl (reblip)
GroovinandJammin genuine retro blip and one of my faves too :-))
GroovinandJammin g'nite Donnie, be back soon :-)@Donnie44 Gnight all enjoyed Take care Tks DeAnn >>>>>>>>> ((((((straight from the heart)))))))
GroovinandJammin Awhhh...finally I found this song!!! <<Charlie Dore – Pilot of the Airways>>
GroovinandJammin And here's my other great friend, Ron Rutherford!!! *loves this new database :)*
GroovinandJammin Good morning all! I won't blip much today, but if you send me a message on twitter I will respond. Have a fun day - sun's out!!!
GroovinandJammin What a f'n scary voice and accent! LOL Like a Grimm's Fairy tale villain@77ozzie metal...MEIN HERZ BRRRRENT! DeAnn
Jalapeno Here w/o u. and tonight it's only u & me
leotard bloc party does an interesting cover--what a shotty song until bloc party gets a hold of it.
GroovinandJammin @Flying_Roundhouse Hey DeAnn, tried to RB yours and practically brought the earth to its knees. So let's hear this one! ;-)
GroovinandJammin Oh yeah, this is totally kewl! Thx@Peel24 DeAnn since you are lovin Nirvana....get a load of this..
kbuech Then you will need a midnight rambling man....., @maddythesonwhore@DeAnn@stockmanmarc
GroovinandJammin sooo unexpected! thx@kbuech Yepper! So fine. And Fever Ray? @nervioso oh! the YYY, I love her voice (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @StonyTunes: "~RB~ @kimme23: ""Come On Baby finish what ya started.......I'm incomplete"" ~.~ ;-)(-;" Yep :) (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @hondomesa: Hendrix fans, you've got to hear this @RadioFreeIllinois DeAnn: <Jimi Hendrix –Angel>"Angel came down from heaven yesterday.."#Janis'nJimi (reblip)
softbluenrock steppenwolf - magic carpet ride vi @just_some_lady: "♥ :: Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf :: ♥ .. I like to dream.." (reblip)

steppenwolf - magic carpet ride

| play
StonyTunes ~.~ LYIN' SITTIN' WAITIN' WISHIN' SUPERSTITION ~.~ Jack Johnson ;-)(-;
GroovinandJammin heya beautiful ya bee? :)@LindyLuv <The Kinks – You Really Got Me> (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Sniff 'n' The Tears – Rodeo Drive ~ For @DeAnn & @romanus ~ a rare one from the "vault" ;-)
GroovinandJammin @dawnie22: "Slept in, gotta cook up some breakie while 'Dancing Barefoot' :)~~> C U soon" (reblip)
GroovinandJammin <Janice Joplin - one night stand>

Janice Joplin one night stand

| play
GroovinandJammin I still do 'em sometimes ;)@BarbieRay: "BRVs Vault a nice version, one you aren't expecting. Reminds me of the old days when we did the Stones Trains (reblip)
GroovinandJammin The Scorpions in Stuttgart tonight were AWESOME! <scorpions Live send me an angel STUTTGART 14.05.2010>

scorpions Live send me an angel STUTTGART 14.05.2010

| play
GroovinandJammin <Edguy – Avantasia (live)> >>Hard rock at it's BEST
Soto Hello, I love you - The Doors (reblip)
DirtyUrine Awesome! RB @DeAnn: "@enricchi >>"bloody brilliant!" :))" (reblip)

U2 Elevation Live At Slane Castle

| play
GroovinandJammin rb@Ttddman: "DeAnn" >>Scorpions- Hour I (reblip)

Scorpions- Hour I

| play
cpcdiniz Hi @rock2monster: "my goddess is 13ft. 4 inches!@donnadontplay: "Good morning Will! A fav!! @TropicsZ4@donnadontplay. Hollies good:) long cool woman" (reblip)
negar I'm trying to find the music that was playing at my Restorative class. This isn't bad for Om Shanti!
Bubbly3 yw ;) thx 4 the listen :) @Dragon2Hawk: ""Thanks 4 the props" @me (reblip)
DeAnn2 via@BakingMan...Good Morning West Coast! Good Afternoon East Coast! Hello World!! =))
GroovinandJammin Hans Theessink – Oh baby - you set my soul on fire (!)
psd @jobsworth: "Crosby and Nash join David Gilmour in this touching tribute to Crazy Diamond Syd Barrett. Mesmerising" (reblip)
KilliansZillians future funk from yesteryear


| play
romanus Eagles of Death Metal – Flames Go Higher
iMickeyD Artie as I call it, was written after trying Absinthe and reading of Van Gogh's conflicting Ear stories. Listen for sharpening blades. @Sibyll@DeAnn
GroovinandJammin ~The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Bold As Love~
GroovinandJammin Winner! :)@Sibyll: "this leaves me ALWAYS speechless! Awesome with the Orchestra - *is in heaven* @iMickeyD@droolius@ladypn@Totengrber" (reblip)
remedysains good deep inside !

Zen Garden

| play
Labotomy shorter 'movie' version

Frankie goes to hollywood Relax (Body Double)

| play
vittorio Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come to an End

Tibetan Meditation

| play
rockmisterblues Bad Company – Burning Sky
LegendarySurfer @Dr_Wes: "Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton – Can't Find My Way Home" (reblip)
MISSGJ There's a log on the fire And it burns like me for you Tomorrow comes with one desire To take me's true
Stuelpner Massive Attack Feat. Terry Callier – Live With Me ... via @storylet (reblip)

Can't you hear me knocking- rolling stones

| play
Louden This one is for you dawlin! Hope you have your walking shoes on ;) @BarbieRay

AC/DCEvil Walks

| play
Jazzdad great live video Eric Clapton - She's Gone
iMickeyD oh, i like this one! TY rb @DeAnn: "~King's X-King~ "You are the one...."" (reblip)

King's X-King

| play
dawnie22 & Kris K announcing? AAA+ @donnadontplay A FAV! @Angie74: "Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone - Janis Joplin Tribute..I get chills every damn time!! (reblip)
RuiFelix Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
TGDude @DeAnn Mir können fei au Hochdeutsch ... wollet aber net
LynnSunshine Waves of Ocean – Sobersoul - Compact Mood (Waves of Ocean rmx) @DeAnn
zoso418 Hello rb@Jungstir: "rb@akadjwttw from the wayback machine Neil Jung..:)" Cowgirl In The Sand (reblip)
JonathanDune G'day@DeAnn TY Rbs! that I was givin you was never n doubt. Let go of your heart, let go of your head n feel it now... Babylon (reblip)
GroovinandJammin I am impressed! ;)@Tuneaholic ...Notice How we are side by side (the highway)...I've waited soo long for this (my 15 seconds.)I'm a quick study@DeAnn (reblip)
GroovinandJammin It's because I've been there :o@akacarol: "RB Yes, YOU WERE RIGHT AS USUAL" Thank you for your support, I listened to YOU YOU RAWK!!> (reblip)
GroovinandJammin Semisonic – Sunshine and chocolate
elocio Dire Straits – Expresso Love (reblip)
GroovinandJammin I'M FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL@Chow322: "u >> @Sly_dog: "she'll be back :) @Chow322: "@DeAnn ><<><>@Sly_dog >><><><>@VyV""" (reblip)
LailaZuch RB! ;) @raejack75: "Creed – "Higher" lyrics, full version, with video." (reblip)
crispast ciao Rafael! you stolen my next blip ^^..hope all is going well with you, see you! rb@rafasirotheau: "with that i'm leaving... cya!" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ♥~♥~♥ [[Beautiful Video]] ♥♥ [[Wish You Were Here]] ♥~♥~♥ #Buddha #Bar #Bliss (reblip)

4 U2 Bono & The Coors When the stars go blue

| play
GroovinandJammin rb love@pixelmongress: "Mmmm...RB @ChristienGB: "Eros Ramazzotti e Anastacia ~I belong to you.~ i hear your voice and all the darkness disappears ..." (reblip)

Anastacia Eros Ramazzotti ( I belong to you ) we xvi.wmv

| play
Badruddeen @Nirvana454: "What's with all the pictures of feet?" (reblip)

Pearl JamFootsteps

| play
GroovinandJammin gotta leave 4 a while...BBL ....Led Zeppelin - Friends

Led Zeppelin-Friends

| play
GroovinandJammin just needing my soul elevation fix :) U2?
GroovinandJammin this is great!@Tuneaholic: "@DeAnn ....This is a short Story...The Video is Kinda Art Like...It's a Slow Reggae Song... Wanna Dance..." (reblip)
GroovinandJammin @Marsel_Garsone@djdaryl: "How are you tonight?@Ajakseat "Sonny Landreth/Eric Clapton–When I still had you" Love the slide guitar@liminal@HeyAmaretto (reblip)
mrrodd LOL No doubt! @ambit: "I hear ya...Must be something in the Tequila!! LOL>>RB@ mrrodd: "Working up a Black Sweat"" (reblip)

PrinceBlack Sweat

| play
GroovinandJammin U2 ft. Mick Jagger, Fergie & – Gimme Shelter
GroovinandJammin CONGRATS! :)@letitride2: "forever RB@Lisa_Michele RP @zoja01@djmalakadux@Jalapeno "tomorrow is my 1 year blip anniversary and I am def Bad Company!" (reblip)

bad company- 5 finger death punch

| play
GroovinandJammin @barrin: "@Annaleise: "@crazydv: "Hey H! Can't always remember the one hitters!! Ha!Ha!Ha!@hondomesa: "I forgot about this one.. Thx""" (reblip)

David EssexRock On

| play
JonathanDune Imagine YOU are...@1brwneyedgirl: ";)" "Wild Thang... (reblip)

Tone LocWild Thing

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JonathanDune G'day my lovely@DeAnn TY RBs!...YOUR..."Lips Like Sugar...sugarkisses... {until next time...kisses-the-small-of-your-back MUaah!} (reblip)

Echo & the Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar" Cover Tribute feat. Coldplay & The Smashing Pumpkins

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JimmyStagger @stellartara Just a short 3-hour drive....

AC/DCRide On

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Janeslfdoe #nowplaying "Going Down Slow" by Aretha Franklin
GroovinandJammin some are just .....addicted to love
GroovinandJammin Holy Crap - good one, darlin!@Sylak: "I'll match ya! ☺ ‡‡Five Finger Death Punch – "Bad Company" (Bad Company cover)‡‡ (reblip)
darknessdisgrace Only because I was NOT expecting this option.
GeorgeSand Actually it was a couple of Bud Lites... and I feel pretty good: ) (reblip)
firefly124 RB @Ttddman: Rock Me Baby-BB KIng/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn (reblip)

Rock Me Baby-BB KIng/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn

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GroovinandJammin Very nice - thank you!@THEREALME "@katterfelto: "@GeorgeSand: "rb@Onetoo: "Wow! @PabloM: "corrs & bono – when the stars go blue (mtv)" (reblip)
GroovinandJammin u2- live – with or without you
Krystinascott I wish they would have been a little more creative with this video. It's still a good song even though the video seems uninspired by it.
hippiechick Carlos Santana – Put Your Llights On