Hydrau1 Insensitive (reblip)


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Hydrau1 @Serenity4all what about this instead? This is radio mix, couldn't find original
T_DeBarros Govi. Dance w Me. ☼☼ Good Morning @ZONE !!! we finally catch each other ☺ , **Good Morn @haizee @shortygal @Babuxoxoxo @Hydrau1 @daihard @negar

GoviDance with Me

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Hydrau1 Sunglasses at night hello im baaaack (reblip)
Fluter "Why am I standing on a cloud Every time you're around And my sadness disappears Every time you are near"


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jambands Cool down down Don't act a fool now, now I always act a fool oww, oww Ain't nothing new now now (reblip)
DJRodneyKing !I Know What I Like, and I Like What I Know!
Hydrau1 @MonicaOnline "A little bit of Monica in my life." (reblip)
MonicaOnline "A little bit of Monica in my life." Cheers @MJIC! You have a great name. ;)
Hydrau1 Ben Harper – Fight Outta You
Hydrau1 Right Said Fred - (reblip)


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cjh Right Said Fred - I'm too sexy


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ExtremeAnnette ~Tell Me Baby-Scar Tissue-Easily-My Friends-Knock Me Down-Breaking The Girl-By the Way~the~Otherside-Can't Stop-Give It Away~~Dani California~RIP
Sparklepony [Tricky – Broken Homes] Polly Jean helps out on this Tricky cut...

TrickyBroken Homes

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Hydrau1 Paid my Dues_good blip thanks guys @Anastacia @sundance_kiddo thanks! (reblip)
Burgers ♥♥♥ An honest loving passionate one ♥♥♥

DeftonesSimple Man

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warhorus Papa doesn't sleep at night...

The WhoSqueeze Box

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OneLuvGurl Darling, don't give me shit 'cause I know that you're full of it...

Kate NashShit Song

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Jacidbazz [♫ Wagon Christ – Bend Over ♫] #ninjatune
Hydrau1 A Queen song I hadn't heard till tonight.
Hydrau1 Tricky~Broken Homes, with help from Poly Jean thanks @Sparklepony (reblip)

TrickyBroken Homes

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bobscopper ~I have brought the stars to the ground...they are you and you...take shape...your god loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!
2fast4u I wanna live I wanna give
maurilao I'm going to have lunch and we'll see each other later, blip.

Kings Of LeonSoft

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Larry_Joe The Police~Roxanne. Hi, @cheesy80s, how're you doing?

The PoliceRoxanne

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Burgers Hello Good to see you! TGIF! @by_starla Lov e this one! (reblip)
tardisgrl hey, it's Friday--it's time for you to go to the wire @Babuxoxoxo @sandraew @gracieriots @The Lenzyme

Prince - Cream

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schau {U2 - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me} (reblip)
Shade37777 My Favorite color next to the only non color we call a color!(black)


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AnitaBreakSoon RB @Hydrau1.... u must be off to bed? thinking of sweet dreams? :-D (reblip)

Pat Benetar - Love is a Battlefield

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Atomik sexy, sexy. yes bosssss.
JuJuBee "When you see Count Olaf,count to zero Then scream and run away".Finally getting around to reading Series of Unfortunate Events.I <3 Gothic Archies
organicsue Not a patient woman either @>----------
StonyTunes ROCK THE CRADLE OF THE LOVE - Billy Idol - Thnq Beautiful BlipStars bin Wonderful as Usual ~ things to make and do here ~ Enjoy Ur Week-end ~ Be Happy
Vinha Maroon 5 – Won't Go Home Without You
sistema428 Message In A Bottle..¿para quien ,para mi? // No sé, @Silvirines. (reblip)
Hydrau1 Right Round Flo Rida


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tygerbaby Did you stand by me? No, not at all - Train In Vain
chpmem @TyKisha what a song. so I guess I'll start with the "sing dance..."-album ;-)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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deepbluesealove Rascall Flatts - What Hurts The Most Love this group - they were featured live on DWTS this week, the elimination show, and did great, as usual!


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Hydrau1 Good evening everybody, thanaks for props and replies Chasing cars~Snow patrol (reblip)
chiron08 @bendrix - have a joyful bithday !!

dispyzSexy Birthday

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deadwood4 What the hell do I do this for? You're just another guy. OK, you're kind of sexy but you're not really special! (reblip)
Hydrau1 The Chamer of 32 doors~Which door to choose? every door is a new opportunity (reblip)
Hydrau1 What am I suppose to do when the best part of me is always you? (reblip)

The ScriptBreakeven

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marilovisky What am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you?

The ScriptBreakeven

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Hydrau1 @TheLenzyme reblipped, thanks los of people will like this (reblip)
Hydrau1 What is love?----Don't hurt me.. lol you can't hurt me..(just dont try) (reblip)
simoneblum My Chemical Romance – You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (for @bungeespin)
kencasey @Hydrau1 [Thx. Saleslady told me I looked like Antonio Banderas, so I bought 'em.] Love the glasses LAdy~Gaga (reblip)
kencasey Who needs this "Girlfriend"? Does Avril? Hmmm.
kencasey Dont' get "Hysteric", it's only the acoustic version by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, just on SNL.
sheryonstone nitey nite everyone, Im feeling sick sick sick
Hydrau1 If you could only see...yes if only (reblip)
lilwldchld You change your mind like a girl changes clothes....
kencasey Set you drink down, let's go with "The Fear", says Lily Allen.

Lily AllenThe Fear

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Hydrau1 Bluegrass - the Waybacks. good enough (reblip)
DaphneA Didn't I, Didn't I, Didn't I see you crying...
Hydrau1 Be my Baby???? Is this the right question? (reblip)
deadcowaroma I could cook a pizza with one eye tied behind my back.
Hydrau1 I Knew I loved You....Do you love me 2?
Sparklepony [X – I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts] amazing show. This was 1st song of 3 encores! I got their set list signed by the band!
sandraew Thanks @Hydrau1 We've got a thing that's called radar love... (reblip)
MisssV33 @incubusmylove cant 4 Black Heart Inertia to be released. How beautiful is it.? .I think you could possibly love them just as much as i do.. maybe ;)


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2liveis2fly Bluegrass - the Waybacks. From San Fran.!
Hydrau1 Que Sera Sera, What will be will be (reblip)
DaphneA Que Sera Sera, What will be will be (reblip)
Hydrau1 @Jenniferriffic A theme for you
rayven Delerium – Self-Saboteur (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
Hydrau1 @weething ran out of props sorry, i can see a lot of bright in you, The dress looks nice on you (reblip)
Gaz50 Neil Young – Heart Of Gold
faceyman Spent my days with a woman unkind. Smoked all my stuff and drank all my wine. Led Zeppelin (1971) – Going To California
RockItRadio Rain, rain go away, come back another day..on second thought ...come back we need some
Hydrau1 Haha I will follow you in the Dark....this is so me. im a night owl... (reblip)
Hydrau1 hehe...Duck Tales... (reblip)

Duck Tales

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Joice hehe...

Duck Tales

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Burgers Thank you for this one! @neraulia @nunomontenegro more hurt... owwwwwwwww (reblip)
Gypsylyn ♥ Landslide ♥...pretty..
Hydrau1 ooooooo everbody hurts sometimes. . (reblip)
Hydrau1 Hi @MisssVee at least we dig , each other.... (reblip)


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MisssV33 at least we dig , eachother....


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ladypn Come on, LET'S GO! I like the nightlife baby!

The CarsLet's Go

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brandylynn223 More music that reminds me of Twilight, Dark-Hunters, or True Blood.
Hydrau1 mustve been sitting too long now Comfortably Numb (reblip)
DeteLangkammer Essa vai pro Rogério Ceni....logo você volta...torcendo por você!!!!
Hydrau1 Lily Allen~Alfie my little brother....

Lily AllenAlfie

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vnesnz @Hydrau1 another Lily Allen song for you!!

Lily AllenFuck You

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Hydrau1 Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason (reblip)
JustKG_ Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason (reblip)
Hydrau1 [Madness – One Step Beyond] (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @Hydrau1 I was an aviation hyraulic guy for about 5 years(F-14 Tomcats) (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Madness – One Step Beyond] hey there @mellomatic how goes it, girlie?
Hydrau1 Hee hee im "on the radio"~Regina Spektor (reblip)
tigeladakawaii And all the styrofoam began to melt away (reblip)
Hydrau1 ~Puddle of Mudd-met a girl Bla bla bla (reblip)
Hydrau1 @aussie_ali Mary had a little lamb little lamb little lamb...everywhere that mary went the lamb was sure to go...LOL (reblip)
Hydrau1 Human~The Killers... are we human? (reblip)

The KillersHuman

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mellomatic it can't all be wedding cake.

SpoonThe Underdog

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JerryKidd At a time when the world seems to be spinning hopelessly out of control...
TrainWreckRadio trying to remind myself that there should be SOME entertainment value to a posting here(ya, ya....that's the ticket!) (reblip)
SiwanDivan now you're talking...blues & U2 combo!

U2 When Love Comes To Town live from Rotterdam,Lovetown 1990

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ladypn Because I'm leary of this melody, because I want to get up off my knees...
paulzy yes! I love this video. WHAT. IS. IT!
remembermstn rod stewart .... hooooooooot legs!!!!

rod and tina turner hot legs

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adbert #VideoClip [Madonna – Like a virgin] Yes, you're right @Hydrau1, hahaha! Hello mate!!! :-)

MadonnaLike a virgin

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adbert [Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun] Hola!!!
star45 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Dull Life
Zubenelgenubi One of their best songs indeed... RB @MarleneRocha (reblip)

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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Jalapeno Would be Thursday night if I didn't blip this huh? :) for you @popr333
kencasey Yippee-ca-yeah! The Good Dancers are "Calling All Cowgirls". Maybe Bruce Willis is, too, 'cause that's his line. ;-)
luiz_com_z @Flower, jamás ví el video, ¡jajajaja! Acá en Brasil, especialmente en Rio, cantamos "uuuuu, Madureiraaa..." (reblip)

Smooth Operator

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FranciscoIV Old Skool @MerlottesBar Men at work - Land down under!

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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I Will Follow You Into the Dark With Lyrics

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mistygirlph Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe (Barry White)
toosweet4rnr [Ocean Blue – Ballerina Out Of Control]

bloodhound gang- fire water burn

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Jeffie Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - "Walk Like A Man" ...vi@tnyrvrgal (reblip)

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons- Walk Like A Man

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cagey2519 Whaaat? Love ya', Cyndi, but this IS...you know.

Cyndi Lauper- She Bop

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jencvs @enriquefa86 keeps showing us his guilty pleasures lol...
cagey2519 slightly goofy..in a good way?

Pat Benatar-Love Is a Battlefield

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organicsue Celtic Woman – The Voice
rogue_fm Can't believe there isn't a decent studio version of this. The video blips aren't so hot either. Anyhow, here it is, probably my fave DS. Good night.
djwashingtonson Blues Brothers – Jailhouse Rock
Gypsylyn Yes she did..;-)@TrainGeek: "@Gypsylyn: "~ Nobody Does It Better ~ Carly Simon" Say what you will about Carly Simon, she had some great songs." (reblip)
RuiFelix Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings (reblip)
Saltydog Stone Cold Crazy...Here's a mellow tune to help the sleepy heads...
Apple_chic oh... um...? Try having a fking awesome time at Green Man instead, will ya?!?! ;) @mammara. I. am. really. really. jealous! :)
tygerbaby No sir no dancin' today - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (reblip)


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Lotay "All You Need Is Love" - The Beatles - #Tunes - #Love

the beatles - all you need is love

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flinndc congratulations on the 1K @BenWright007TX: "All my listeners, props and rb's thank you so much! I'll be around later in the day, must sleep (reblip)
by_starla [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Is This Love?] hello @scound @skyroots @Rockin_Robin_7 // @minkamu-thanks for the reblips :)
Jalapeno Well, I put the quarter right into that can But all they played was disco, man Come on, baby, baby, let's get outta here right away... Rock This Town
FineNGood But if this ever changin' world in which we live in Makes you give in and cry Say live and let die Live and let die
hopei91 Happy Happy Birthday Tony! @Hydrau1: "Its my party.....Happy 18th to my son Tony today" (reblip)
ambit Woodstock......40 years ago....Joe Cocker~With A Little Help From My Friends!
Atomik trippy enuff for 6 am too
HobbeLink Final Fantasy – The Butcher
dickadcock One quick blip before I forget it... "Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song" by Matt Hires. . .

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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rubikoO Queen – I'm Going Slightly Mad
T_DeBarros XTC. King For a Day. ~into the land of nothing for free...so much taking, no giving..to be King for a Day..~ *hi @JODYGIRL162 @rubikoO @pinkpolkadots

XTCKing For A Day

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CarolannB Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours! :) (One of my all-time fav Stevie Wonder songs!)
SteelGuy Feels Like The First Time - Foreigner
Metal_Rocks Red - Breathe into Me. I see a 'Red' theme developing here?! :D

RedBreathe into Me

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Metal_Rocks Chevelle - The Red. Such a great tune!! Check it out if you heven't heard it before!!

ChevelleThe Red

| play
Sandman5 To give you something to go on when I go off back to the middle of nowhere....
T_DeBarros The Cure. HOT HOT HOT. ``need i say more !!!`` ☺ *hi @SylentSyd @stena @shiner **thx 4 props @Hydrau1 @TropicsZ4 @luve1995 @tonygee99 @rockchalk75

The CureHot Hot Hot

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cjh Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath
JerryKidd I was SO in love with Donna Summer back in the day
Just4Julia Saturday Night... is over ;-) [via @Balder, thx] (reblip)

SuedeSaturday Night

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Atomik think this is the first time ive blipped her, but she came up on the ipod, so what they hey
Figgywithit @djwttw @Goofy "Jack White greatest musician & poet since Dylan IMHO♫" Sorry, but IMHO that award goes to Ryan Adams...

I See Monsters

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vaniakg [The Police – So Lonely]
gracieriots rb@dickadcock Oh see, that makes me sad. (new "terms") Hope you are having a great Friday evening! (reblip)
LEM_40 @tiltcr "There's only you and me, and we just disagree." Nice choice. (reblip)
vnesnz "@Hydrau1 Hey Stephen, Happy Birthday :) Hugs and kisses (reblip)

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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RNRSteve @RocketmanUSA: "Beyonce - So talented, amazing! Major music artist, actress, model, cover girl, activist, ambassador, and a beautiful person! (reblip)
DJ_VA "The Rainbow Connection" - Kermit The Frog ;)
smeykunz ROFL It's a WoW song....Ahoy!
RockItRadio Alright ....puttin' up the White Flag now...I surrender......lol....goodnight all :-) and thanks for listening and 4 props everyone

DidoWhite Flag

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Flying_Roundhouse Frank Sinatra – I Thought About You ~ @broadwayg (it's true) Hi @AnitaBreakSoon, what's up, chica? Cheers @daihard ~ Danke schon @Hydrau1 @venussuz
RockItRadio Alright now....We're gonna pump up the volume..you all ready to dance???????????? (reblip)
DeadCabbage Iggy Pop – I am a Passenger
Evelyn the futures is uncertain, the end is always near
Flying_Roundhouse TOM TOM CLUB – Lorelei ~ @TrainWreckRadio, LOVE the Tubes ~ Hi @Hydrau1 @lovemusic @Berrypunny, you're playing all my faves ~ Hey @Mekasidnipuatier


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Flying_Roundhouse The Clash – Train In Vain @ApocalypseRadio, you are my new best friend. @ladypn, hope you feel better! Cheers @wapael @DrDebs @rosenbloom @jsotonyc
Cysquatch "I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you..."
CargoCulte @threebears The music alone is enough reason for me to leave where I'm at and relocate to the UK. :)

Pink FloydFearless

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fbrahimi The Pretenders – I Go To Sleep (reblip)
crowjane @cynfulred shares~Ella_Fitzgerald_-_Fever~~please forgive me sis if I am too forward~that child on your photo is a living doll~made me smile 4 sure (reblip)


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elocio Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
organicsue Dvorak – New World Symphony Orchestra
OutdoorLori Now on the other hand, going to a Dave Matthews concert is very "chill." Take lots of coffee to keep you awake. :-)
star45 Tool – The Patient – @HiddenBedside small world - @adrianna love Jane! - g'morning @digitpt @save_the_wolves & thanks @darrylheron @eLi182

ToolThe Patient

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Gabrilandia clipes estranhos dos 90 me encantam... talvez mais do que os de 80
Gaz50 Aerosmith-Crazy ...Good Video


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save_the_wolves @bobbysgirlforever: "@yoyesno: "Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You" - *Good music spinning through tonight - LOVE Ms. Tracy, thanx!*" (reblip)
Hydrau1 How high do you think this got on the top 40?


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klitoria hey @Kaleem1966....so hoot...wanna give to her what she wants....mmmhhhh yumm...thx... (reblip)

KhiaMy Neck My Back

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digitpt Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear @Sook, Happy Birthday to You.

Happy Birthday

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Dexter Theme Piano Instrumental

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Hydrau1 @Captain8Track: "That lonesome sax hooks me everytime." ~~You Belong to the City~~ (reblip)
vnesnz Going Under......

Evanesence-Going Under

| play
star45 Incubus – Deep Inside – hey @Lambchop nice to see you! - g'morning @SethMichaels @Hydrau1

IncubusDeep Inside

| play
Metal_Rocks System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood. One of my favourite tracks to drum along to!
tygerbaby Is the head dead yet? - Dirty Laundry
jojofm hi @kristenlou, I was just about to leave! how are you? hectic as usual here and this blip tube stuff doesn't help my productivity :)
dojodub @Madigan hearing it loud and clear, its like the old days in pirate radio when we'd have to ask the listeners could they still hear us (reblip)
Aluciel I think it shall be a Placebo morning.
SarahWV I know you think that I shouldn't still love you or tell you that. But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it - where's the sense in that?

DidoWhite Flag

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vnesnz @Hydrau1 A bit of Cat Stevens for you..... Father and son. :)
jonasbeats -bum, bum, bum, bum- hearing this song... as the name says... it's like turning back to life. like everything is possible... like if the past...
cheesy80s Sitting with @TheLenzyme tryin to work it out. Its a traffic jam of the brain, makes @Alicia wanna scream & shout. Let's go all the way... (reblip)
Nani1982 No problem! =) Eu também prefiro, porque os vídeos travam muito, precisa deixar carregar...um saco! rs =) @furi
DeAnnLR der Plumpsack geht rum... ROFLMAO - hilarious
Hydrau1 Iron Maiden – Wasted years (live 2008) and the funniest intro to a song (reblip)
vnesnz @Hydrau1 This is my favorite Pink song and it's finally on blip. You have to listen to it. :)

Pink -Boring (UK bonus track) with lyrics

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cjh Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover
Hydrau1 Not sure who blipped this today but thanks..I'm your Captain....
Hydrau1 @patita "take a good look around you and see that you and me were meant to be for each other"!!!!!!! beautiful!!!! (reblip)
Hydrau1 John Mellencamp. Human Wheels. ~human wheels spin round n round,while the clock keeps the pace~ Old Mememories (reblip)
Hydrau1 All out of props, but heres a reblip i liked (reblip)


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Hydrau1 @DownLow, thanks, I like it (reblip)

Love Missile F111

| play
DownLow another one from the Ferris Beuller's Day Off Soundtrack @HydraujointLtd @SlipperyDistortion @antenaweb @photogurrl @shortygal

Love Missile F111

| play
Hydrau1 RTThanks @HydraujointLtd and @DHS (loved your pic, btw) for the props! =) (reblip)
Hydrau1 ☺♥ Wishing Well ♥☺ by Terence Trent D'arby (reblip)
Hydrau1 Third Eye Blind. Non Dairy Creamer. ~they RTcall it KFC cuz its not really chicken..did u ever think that someone is trickin u?~LOL *Hello @haizee (reblip)
Hydrau1 @Gypsylyn♥ Leather and Lace ♥ ... I need you to love me... (reblip)
Hydrau1 [Uriah Heep – Easy Livin'] (reblip)
holyshadow Thanks @HydraujointLtd and @DHS (loved your pic, btw) for the props! =)
MisssV33 @HydraujointLtd nawww thank you sweetie xxx and for the reblips lol (reblip)
Hydrau1 @MisssVee, thanks you've played some great songs over night (reblip)
Hydrau1 vanessa williams- save the best for last (reblip)

16-Vanessa Williams - Save The Best For Last

| play