lilyetc she keeps bees ~ gimme

She Keeps BeesGimme

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Clutch "Electric Worry"

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ImTheQ This is my new favorite song...


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DamnTheMan Trip blip! rb@DragonMoonTunes: "Missing dance time with ~~~> @dawnie22: "'Bad Company' -Five Finger Death Punch" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Nothing wrong with a little Led in your morning coffee! @wesk: "rb @ear4you: "@Skull_300: "rb! :)@ankita_gaur: "A FAVE \m/#DTM: "Trampled Under Foot" (reblip)
spacey_boy The Who – Going Mobile (Studio Version) | its maybe that time in life!
DaveL TYVM Instrumental Inspirations, Contributors. To New York Stock Exchange & NASDAQ on Media Player
Wattyz you were damn good too...Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg – Regulate #RIPNateDog

Warren GRegulate

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fxp123 thanks hope you had a great SVD @AmyisImaginary: "TY! No one was supposed to hear that! rb@fxp123: "rb @AmyisImaginary: "Girl Talk – Set It Off (reblip)

Girl TalkSet It Off

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fxp123 Etta James Take It To The Limit

Etta James Take It To The Limit

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fxp123 dunno LOL it rolled away better ? is what's under the stone @teresa_8888: "where the stone?haha@fxp123: "mumford and sons - Roll Away Your Stone"" (reblip)

"Buttercup" Lucinda Williams NEWEST single from BLESSED STUDIO TRACK

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fxp123 fxp123 The Sopranos theme song Alabama 3 Woke up this morning

The Sopranos theme song

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ImTheQ A box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through

Grateful Dead- Box Of Rain

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ImTheQ And I'll tell it and speak it and think it and breathe it, And reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it,
harmonygirl30 Okay #musicmonday; Top Cold songs of all time! No particular Genre, no particular year, just good ass music, holla if you feel it... no.1

The Beatles-Come Together with lyrics

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rogue_fm Non-vid but the only version that played. (Your last blip @messinwiththekid made me think of this song. "Catch me if I fall..." How are ya' tonight?)

Texarkana R.E.M.

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It's Too Late Carole King

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ImTheQ Ahhh...this song just FEELS GOOD to listen to...
dwaskle1 I've heard this too many times recently. It needs to be blipped.

Spandau BalletTrue

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pigschit and now some cocteau twins...a long time fave of mine...and i'm always surprises who pipes off that they like them, too :-)
musicfanmic A song co-written by Rod Temperton of Heatwave, and Quincy Jones involved. This is when songs were done right.
MasterWolf Little dedication time for all my loyal listners old and new
Karenin Menu executar -> telnet
ImTheQ This one goes out to @mojowriting. We don't need no water, baby.
cachita ... see ya kids. It was fun to share some music with you today. Off to dinner.
ruthsias Close your eyes, listen and of my favorite female artist
ImTheQ Pimp playin shock it dont matter I'm fatter; Ax Butta how I zone (man Cleopatra Jones)
ImTheQ I loved this song in the 11th grade. I had the cassette single. Remember cassette singles???

nikkinotice me

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abcdefghijkliz reminds me of the days when all i cried about was skinned knees.
ImTheQ @mojowriting They soon ran out of money but Sonny knew a man Who knew some Cuban refugees that dealt in contraband...

Robert Earl Keen

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ImTheQ They know my name 'cause I told it to them; But they don’t know where; And they don’t know when it’s coming
ImTheQ @cajunjim: "KEB' MO' - "The Itch"" (reblip)

Keb Mo Suitcase The Itch

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Wildtunes Hi,thanks!:)@zoja01: "rb@opruimfee Hello, thanks! What is the new fashion you do not have favorites?" (reblip)
zamfir The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

Willy Deville Heaven Stood Still Live Berlin 02

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shimonta Tom Waits - Invitation to the Blues הייתי רוצה לראות אותו בהופעה כל כך
eraser creo q como siga la cosa en #sevilla nos vamos a convertí en el hombre lluvia Los Delinqüentes Johnny Chaparrón (reblip)

Los Delinqüentes Johnny Chaparrón El Hombre Lluvia

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eraser cuore & Si yo tuviera un martillo ➡➡➡➡ 6:06 ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡ Rita Pavone (reblip)

Rita Pavone Cuore, Si yo tuviera un martillo

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Vyxen007 Daft Punk - Musique *my favorite*

Daft PunkMusique

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RafaelCortines [The Grateful Dead - New Speedway Boogie]
fxp123 Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
fxp123 T'pau ♫ Heart And Soul ♫

T'pau ♫ Heart And Soul ♫

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lilwldchld Still love this thx for the rb :-) @golfnovels: ""@lilwldchld: "Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right"" (reblip)
ShinjiSquirrel Home... with some vintage 70's sounding tunes.
maionese_paty Música pra animar o dia :)

Princess Crocodile

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PloedeQ like it immer noch ;o) - @PloedeQ: "like it!! .. thx @HobbeLink: "Jamie Woon – Lady Luck"" (reblip)

Jamie WoonLady Luck

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AlinaCosta "Hoje tudo me entristece..." / F - A - D - O
megg probably my favorite cat --->@orangekittypie: "Probably my favorite Broken Bells. :)" (reblip)

Broken BellsCitizen

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DreamySim1 last blip: sweet dreaming
aprildax @djfOfOH: "And the time that I will suffer less is when I never have to wake... Wandering Star- Portishead" (reblip)
iMickeyD New Foo track 2 ~Foo Fighters – Rope~

Foo FightersRope

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onesanz W rb@bendrix:10/18/08 at 3:10PM I posted my very first blip. Today, 4/7/11 11:42PM I'm posting my 10,000th Blip 2 1/2 years later. CONGRATS TO ME!! :) (reblip)


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DJKatalina Arafers!;)@kobiswim: "THXXXXX so much my beautiful Kat Happy day to you too wish you all best huge hugs hun :))@.Kat "Happy St Patrick's Day!! @.Kobs" (reblip)

Eireann-Afro Celt Sound System

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ImTheQ This one is going out to @windyhill


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ImTheQ "Win yourself a cheap tray..."
ImTheQ Come on ya'll, you know you wish YOU had a DETACHABLE PENIS!
ImTheQ This time I won't end up another victim of looove...
ImTheQ My first concert ever was Howard Jones when I was 14.

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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schmevelyn They always make me smile, and want to dance.


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ImTheQ If you were here...


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ImTheQ I've got my spine...I've got my orange crush...

REMOrange crush

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ImTheQ Don't run's only me...
ImTheQ Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love...can you hear me?

YazOnly You

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ImTheQ It's hard to believe I was so in love with you...
ImTheQ Uh Huh! We should have each other for tea...
ImTheQ I was totally hot for Ian Astbury back in the day...before he cut his hair.
acruzer 1 more 4 u. @tedguyver @brucegtrs @joybianchibrown @larryczwonka @heysal @ponet #virtualfiesta #cheese

James TaylorMexico

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rogue_fm r/b @ZONE vi@patita Brilliant!! Great version, with Arabic flavour. Love it. (reblip)
mojowriting S-s-s-s A-a-a-a F-f-f-f E-e-e-e T-t-t-t Y-y-y-y (Everyone should reblip this) (reblip)
ImTheQ Ya'll pour a glass of tea, sit back and enjoy this one...
rnzmom DJ Moule – Black Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin)
trueheresy I wish all of you was, and I'll do anything to get there...
ImTheQ @HollyMVG - Wall of VooDoo says, "Happy Cinco de Mayo"
AlienQueenShay whoaaaa!!! This Rick James B____!! lmao
Suzn1177 had to RB@sybil I totally forgot about Naughty,Naughty! ThnX! (reblip)
Intriguingds @AceConcierge - shhhhhh - Ask Them Who wants 2 come out and get this party started??? HMMM??? HAVE FUN GIRLFRIEND! (reblip)
ImTheQ This one is for my brother, who happens to be on this particular ride right now... (reblip)
GoodeToBeFirst Was about to rest for awhile... But aw hell naw! Puttin' on my dancin' shoes!
Biru Just talking about this one!
ImTheQ High time we made a plan to shake up the views of the common man...
ImTheQ Hush hush, keep it down, down...


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ImTheQ Don't drink, don't smoke. What DO you do???
mojowriting Ooooh, the Carlton Dance!! I mean, OOOH! Tom Jones! for @ImTheQ & @freakpixie (reblip)


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statelypenguin So maybe I watched Reservoir Dogs last night.


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3LittleMonsters hahahahahaha used to play this one to torture the parents :para
ImTheQ OH YES, YES, YES. This came to me in a flash of inspiration! "Let's Go All the Way..."
acruzer Heading out for a bit...Enjoy this while I'm away:) Life By the Drop

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Life By The Drop

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3LittleMonsters lets try it in english....not that it makes mores sense....

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

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ImTheQ I'll ask a doctor to take your picture--so I can look at your from inside as well... (reblip)


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berryvee I am turning Japanese...


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ImTheQ Moving forward, using all my breath...
ImTheQ a baby in your arms...
arksha Olivia Newton-John – Magic
courtcourt the beat that i'm banging is delicious


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TawnyMarie @verawooten: hello my lady>>>Hey is my blip buddy??? (reblip)
elocina All rained out? Here's the last song. Until soon...
mojowriting Thanks @lissarankin We miss you Mel! Keep dancing :) (reblip)

abbaDancing Queen

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elocina Of course, some of you might really enjoy the rain...
GoodeToBeFirst Finished editing video for #areallygoodejob Time to relax-- I just may get some sleep tonight... #murphygoode
Dj_CFonzarelli My baby nephew used to get down to this song! SOOO CUTE
smartard Babyshambles – There She Goes
kevindavis One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx

The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another

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elocina Continuing theme of Erasure covers. Could totally write something cheesy here like "take a chance and listen to my station", but I won't...
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