Janete Pois é...eu tava assistindo ao programa Alto Falante outro dia ea pareceu essa banda
Jackiekie Gosto tanto dessa música, mas não posso cantar junto porque estou rouca :P

Kid AbelhaGrand Hotel

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guiguigostation Emfim lembrei o nome : 0

Pandora's boxOMD

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Janete The 90's again in my head
Jackiekie @guiguigostation Gosto muito dessa música, ouvi uma vez no carro da Chi e não sabia quem cantava. :D (reblip)
Janete Essa é uma banda de jazz do Brasil que eu gosto muito!

Delicatessen Jazz

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Janete Baby You Should Know is unavaliable...
Janete Gosto dessa (e gosto do Coldplay também = P)
Jackiekie Há tempos não ouvia essa música! n___n
guiguigostation Não estou conseguindo fazer o Previw hoje : /
guiguigostation Paul Carrack-Harvest For The World


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Jackiekie I like this song so much, how could I forgot it? :P

Summer Sun

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LynnSunshine me too@Jackiekie: "Oh... me likes this sound very much! :P" (reblip)

Lisa mitchell neopolitan dreams

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guiguigostation Outra vez!Quem mandou deixarem "unavailable" : P
Janete Big me to talk about it

Foo FightersBig Me

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Janete There are many things that I am not,but there´s one thing that I can´t deny
Janete I never meant to be the needle that broke your back

Cat PowerHe War

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nofz305 "..But everytime I reach for you, You slip through my fingers.. "


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nofz305 I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out


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Jackiekie @Deoxy: "mwahaha. @mettee @NotAsPunkAsYou " Hey! I really like this one! :D (reblip)

BjörkCome To Me

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nofz305 "..You think that you're the sun,The whole world revolves around you.."
Janete Eu gosto dessa versão,tô nem aí pros que se arrepiam só de ouvir falar o nome Tiago Iorc
Janete @guiguigostation Lizstomania,Bachmania,Chopinmania,Vivaldimania e,é claro Mozartmania ^_^
Janete Não podia terminar o dia sem blipar essa ^_^

Radical Face 'Welcome Home'

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Jackiekie Uma das minhas favoritas em 2010 :)
Janete Mais uma versão curiosa >_<
Janete MCA cantando Portishead é algo que merece ser conferido,curiosa essa versão de Glory Box,não?
Jackiekie "let's just be super cute girls" :P Good morning, blipers!

AnnA TsuchiyaAh Ah

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Jackiekie I go I go I go... good night blipers! o/
Jackiekie @Janete gosto muito dessa música, o chibi chan também. Ele corre para ver a propaganda toda vez que ouve essa música na tv! :D
Jackiekie "Tell me, tell me, will you walk with me, just for a little while" :D

インド音楽舞踊ユニット ターラ

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The Bird And The Bee-My Fair Lady

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MykeGreywolf Power metal is best metal. Also, Guitar Hero blah blah blah.
Janete @CalMa: I heard this yesterday and I didn't know who was playing (reblip)
Jackiekie @omlounge Best video ever! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Sour Hibi no neiro

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Lemon Jelly Tribute: The Staunton Lick

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kaoruo Nice! thanks rb@nofrills: "Video: Yeasayer in the studio. // Hello and thanks for props, replies and reblips. :) @Nymph @dronnoisseur @bankaiAP" (reblip)


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セルロイドスター FEAT 佐田真由美 music by トベタバジュン

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guiguigostation Lembranças de épocas tão inocentes ^ ^

The Beatles Pepperland Instrumental

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Renan Luce La lettre

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kaoruo thanks rb @kockey: "今日はこのぐらいで" (reblip)

Uyama HirotoOne Dream

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Peter Bradley Adams-Song for Viola

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guiguigostation Bring back that sunny day

Classic IVStormy

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Jackiekie @Janete: "@guiguigostation: "Secret Garden -> Elan" Gostei ^_^" Eu também gostei! >_< (reblip)

Secret GardenElan

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kaoruo I live in Japan. This is an appeal of support to Haiti.Thank you for your kindness.@alapinto: "thnx for prps hope you are safe & well, love to Haiti" (reblip)
Jackiekie @kaoruo That's very good ^___^ (reblip)

KIMBRA | Simply on My Lips

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Jackiekie Just listened on the radio...
guiguigostation Georgy porgy, pudding pie, kissed the girls and made them cry
Janete Keane n__n


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Jackiekie I'd love to see this song in Sing Star! XD

BesourosFor No One

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Jackiekie @guiguigostation: Estava a pensar nessa música ontem, mas não lembrava o nome! n_n (reblip)

. Love song for a Vampire .

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Jackiekie To Chibi-chan with love! ;)

Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK"

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Jackiekie I like it in his voice too! :P

Mad WorldGary Jules

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Janete "Come with me,come with me we´ll travel to infinity"
Janete This song is really sad...and true
Janete É uma das melhores dele,na minha opinião
Janete @jackiekieE aí Jackie!!!Essa música me lembra de você

db boulevard point of view

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Janete @guiguigostation Muitos beijinhos procê querido!!!! (reblip)
Jackiekie @guiguigostation Porque sei que acha o vídeo dessa música engraçado n_n
Jackiekie Fiquei uma semana com essa música na cabeça! :P
Jackiekie Memories... lalalalalalaaaaaa la... not this song... :P
Jackiekie It's sunny now, but I see dark clouds in the sky...
Jackiekie The movie was really sad... And I really like this song.
Jackiekie OMG! I found this song !
Jackiekie Sorry for the melancholy of this morning songs. They're beautiful though...
Janete @jackieckie e pro Lindinho também,é alegrinha acho que ele vai gostar
Jackiekie Do you remember a movie with this song?
Jackiekie Always a pleasure to hear this song...

Etta JamesAt Last

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guiguigostation @Jackiekie Uma vez você me contou a história, mas não me lembro mais
Deoxy what's up! so much to discuss! goodblip@adversary1 (reblip)
Deoxy thinking about audio quality, copyright, and new media. :)


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Jackiekie Really cool beat!

Golden Silvers 'True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)'

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Jackiekie @ Guiguigostation Thank you, Kido! What would I do without you?

Sarah McLachlanAdia

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Marilyn Monroe-Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

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Deoxy I saw that you purchased the walkmen. kudos@adversary1
Deoxy How have you been a "DJ since Jun 10, 2009?" confused@DJCopyleft

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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Jackiekie @Janete: "Blue is my favorite colour,because "the black will be white and the white will be black but the blues are still blues" Love this one :) (reblip)
guiguigostation Achei lindo esse clipe, com cenas tão românticas = )

TracesGloria Estefan

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Janete I just wanna know what´s the meaning of anti-folk

Kate NashMouthwash

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Jackiekie Sorry, my time machine isn't working very well... It keeps taking me back to the 80's...

Drive (The Cars)

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Jackiekie @guiguigostation Thanks for the song, dear! n_n Another from the 80's for you... It seems we keep going back there, don't you think?
Janete I was thinking about this song days ago
Deoxy rb@adversary1 And this song gave me chills of the good kind! (reblip)
Jackiekie @Deoxy Thanks! ;)

Jack Peñate 'Be The One'

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Jackiekie Essa música é muito doida... Pena que Amy também é :P

valerie- amy winehouse feat mark ronson

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Jackiekie Very interesting sound, imho! =)

Arcade FireWake Up

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Jackiekie I just want the skirt and the long Jacket, thanks ! n_n

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

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Janete @guiguigostation era pra ser outra música,mas eu fiz bagunça...longa história
Jackiekie "Cute" that's what I thought first time I heard them :P Srly, I like them a lot :)

the strokeslast night

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guiguigostation Interesting

Glass music-Dance of the sugar plum fairy-Tchaikovsky

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guiguigostation Bela música, bela representação da família Bach. (reblip)

Bach. Cantata BWV 30. Magdalena Kozena.

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Deoxy and again, I shall attempt to sleep. night@all.

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

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Deoxy this is on repeat (and repeat) for meh.

Jennifer Paige crush

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Jean-michel Jarre-Rendezvous IV (R'Houston pt4)

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Janete Such a long time that I didn´t hear this
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