JaseyRae All in all - Lifehouse ][ Standing on top of the world tonight <3 i miss Jason Wade's awesomeness xx

LifehouseAll in All

| play
JaseyRae Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene ][All these people, drinking lovers spit. <3 baroquepop for the drunkards ;) xx
JaseyRae Faking the Books - Lali Puna ][ so.furckin.boom.kiss @eightbitkoala for lali puna<3 u shudnt force a mullet on her then, she'll break ur heart ;) (reblip)
JaseyRae I'm So Sick - Flyleaf ][ I will break into a thought.....Paramore who? xx

FlyleafI´m So Sick

| play
JaseyRae Breathe Today - Flyleaf ][ And i can only say what ive seen and heard <3333 !!
JaseyRae Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot ][ oh baby, baby..how long am i supposed to wait? xx
JaseyRae From Your Favorite Sky - I Am Kloot ][ Who am i to dare to pull the stars from your favorite sky? xx @patita @Aluciel @Nymph <3
JaseyRae They Tried to Kill Chivalry but We Brought it Back - My Favorite Highway ][ rock/pop goodness! Drats, i loooove MFH! <3<3
JaseyRae Every Little Earthquake(Clap Mike Amour RMX) - Little Boots ][ @jonnyrockunit thanks! this is amazingly viral! <3 ;;) (reblip)
JaseyRae Killing Me Softly - Fugees ][ retro backtrack classic then shocks you with a hiphop beat <3 :D lovesiiiiit!
JaseyRae Where is My Love - Cat Power ][ some mellowyellow piano smoothie since my hands are shaking. need something to calm down <3
JaseyRae Dark Clothes - The Chairs ][ I'll meet you at the door. Yeah we embrace, yeah we embrace <3 weepy&creepy but i adore x
JaseyRae Life On An Airplane - Breathe Electric ][ @RandMan @eightbitkoala @dietcokehead sure sugar xx
JaseyRae Willie - Cat Power ][ gotta love her <3

Cat PowerWillie

| play
JaseyRae Gamble Everything For Love - Ben Lee ][ You gotta gamble everything for love. Tell me youre gonna cry all night. Tell me the truth <3
JaseyRae A Good Day(Morning Song) - Priscilla Ahn ][ Are you having a great day? Back to blippin musical goodness! <3 :)
JaseyRae My Sharona - Pink Cream 69 ][ Come on ;;) ooh my little pretty one <33 Best version evaaaaah xx @eightbitkoala HAHA! Is she thnking of a haircut? =p
JaseyRae This is our perfect crime - The Von Bondies ][ woooot! lovin me some TVB <3 :D:D
JaseyRae Deadwood - Dirty Pretty Things ][ Something's gonna change! xx i need my daily dose of DPT! I missed them! D; @eightbitkoala who's stickgirl? :D
JaseyRae Lille - Lisa Hannigan ][ Now she's gone. So is he. <3 i love this too much.

Lisa HanniganLille

| play
JaseyRae When Doves Cry(Prince Cover) - Damien Rice ][ The sweat of your body covers me. Darling can you picture this? xx @deWethouder :) @Stanisms @Mathioso
JaseyRae Sofa Song - The Kooks ][ why dont you come over to my side of the sofa? ;;) @Mathioso oh hello! :)

The KooksSofa Song

| play
JaseyRae Hallelujah - The Helio Sequence ][ Like we have something before <3
JaseyRae One - Epik High ][ Time is tickin'! korean electro <3
aquaflush most of us can relate to this one :)
Stay19 Lucid Picnic – Snow Dream<><>
Stay19 Bat For Lashes – Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)<><> Nice. Seeing KOL on the 21st babyeeee ! vi@siriuslyheather (reblip)
crispast [Ive seen Incubus twice and both times they were amazing....]me too, the same(in florence and in milan!)@DOCSTIMULAS :) ..ciao@Ceesix1@RockItRadio! (reblip)


| play
JaseyRae Here Comes the Sun - The Plastic Pals ][ it brings smile to everyone <3 rawkoooooon <3
JaseyRae Tell Me Where it Hurts - MYMP ][ why is it that sad look in your eyes? <3 filipina pride :)
JaseyRae A Good Word, An Honest Man - Laura Gibson ][ Where have all your good works gone? Where? :O
RandallBlips German Sushi - Ey Keule = duhaamnnn haute blip @formalhaut thnx for another discovry!!
JaseyRae The Fever - The Von Bondies ][ @amandasayuri aww you so sweet xD I love Kings of Leon! Hope you like this <3

The Von Bondies - The Fever

| play
Mathioso @cillian23 Tanks... You know too :] @GabiRapuano Você dança uma musica calma ? ;)

The ZutonsBeautiful

| play
aquaflush alright - kicking off a Pernice three-spot with this one
JaseyRae NeverChanger - A Shoreline Dream ][ :) radiohead-like art rock..yum <3
JaseyRae Warning - Great Northern ][i missed this <3 @bobscopper my name's JaseyRae now. byebye cillian23 ;;)
JaseyRae On The Wing - Owl City ][ Below the northern lights, i spent my coldest nights... <3 @fatchair y hello!:) @meriel loves me some JJ<3 @LukasLunacy hey!

Owl CityOn The Wing

| play
JaseyRae Feletone - Melodium ][ ACK. this is too brilliant. i cant believe it. too fuggin perfect. im speechless <33333


| play
JaseyRae Felt Melt(Primitive Version) - Melodium ][ insane. this is like worlds crashing like lines from a lullaby song. <3 @Nymph @eightbitkoala @RandMan :)
tinyapples name says it all really. (so catchy)
tinyapples this has been my phone ring for a few months now, whenever i hear it i grab my phone....
JaseyRae La Fin De Tout - Melodium ][ Tell me why i feel so dumb <3 hypnotizingly dumb ;;) @ why are you awake? @eightbitkoala is it stick girl?:D
JaseyRae All of Your Love(Andrew D's RMX) - Hellogoodbye ][ I'm closing off inside... <3 ;)
threebears Latest results in the straw poll on When Doves Cry: ♠ Ist place The Be Good Tanyas, ♠ 2nd Damien Rice, ♠ joint 3rd Prince & 'Prince vs Unknown'
JaseyRae Naked as We Came - Iron and Wine ][ One of us will die in these arms, eyes wide open, naked as we came <3 blip later loves :)
JaseyRae Hello Seattle - Owl City ][ I am the crescent moon that shines on your face <3 :) indiepopelectricsweetpop @amandasayuri @eightbitkoala @Nymph
JTO @meriel - I almost cried when I saw this live :)

Jack JohnsonFlake

| play
JaseyRae How To Say Goodbye - Paul Tiernan ][ You love to say goodbye. xx @myalmostloverillkillyou
JaseyRae Superstar - Blaqstarr(Tactic RMX Mastered) ][ I love your sexy ways, coz youre my superstar <3 ;;) the beat is crazayy and me loves it.
JaseyRae Losing Light - Holopaw ][ :) yay youre on! @Aluciel :D @anitachrys i love Metric! ;)
melodyofurlife This one should get you moving.
JaseyRae Thanksgiving Moon - DM Stith ][ drink to love, drink to me. :) Loves it! @crisrocs <3 only heard Just Once before. This one is eerie and pretty.
JaseyRae Awake since '78(MSTRKRFT RMX, david world re-edit) - Acid Jacks ][ @RandMan glad u like. it has a ring to it doesnt it? ;)
meriel [Love Me Like The World Was Ending - Ben Lee] sigh
JaseyRae Bad Neighbors - Jack Acid and Spukkin Faceship ][ some electro house for the dancing queens <33
JaseyRae The Outsiders(Radio Edit) - Athlete ][ we dont care, so let's lose ourselves. <3
melodyofurlife Mick Jaggers voice kicks on this track.
JaseyRae LOL. Ben,Regina with T.I? and Stereogum, team9 RMX to boot? =D Lovezzzz <3
JaseyRae Sisters Are Forever - Sexy Kids ][ I miss you @reginareyes :) <3
JaseyRae Alala - CSS ][ for everyone who's having an electrifying afternoon! <3 buzz up! ;)
Stay19 Phoenix - 04 - Love For Granted<><>had to get this beauty on blip. couldn't find it. <><>

Phoenix - 04 - Love For Granted

| play
Stay19 Phoenix – Run Run Run<><>

PhoenixRun Run Run

| play
Stay19 Phoenix – Napoleon Says<><>
threebears Guy Sebastian . when doves cry. In a straw poll to see which is the favourite version. Had never heard this cover ...fascinating cover ..love this!
JaseyRae For the Sum of It - Enon ][ Dont forget to check your meal, check your coupon expiration dates! ;P experimental noise pop<3 but refreshing:)
JaseyRae Mr. Ratatatatat - Enon ][ Something must have happened to the tape x noise pop magic for my babyloves:)

EnonMr. Ratatatatat

| play
JaseyRae Blood Bleeds - The Helio Sequence ][ Where am i? Nobody knows me. xx
JaseyRae You Can Come to Me - The Helio Sequence ][ <3
JaseyRae Someone Still Loves You - Boris Yeltsin ][ i just love this :D Hello! @eightbitkoala nice blip<3 @RandMan a happy one to u too!:D @bobscopper @SandroC
amandasayuri @cillian23:} Loved the other song ! :D hope you enjoy this one !
JaseyRae Music is My Hot, Hot Sex(KILL THE NOISE RMX) - Cansei De Ser Sexy ][ <33333
JaseyRae Cansei De Ser Sexy - Meeting Paris Hilton ][ The bitch said yeah, yeah, yeah! :D such a venomous electric song <3
JaseyRae Your Universe - Rico Blanco ][ You can thank your stars all you want but I'll always be the lucky one <3 :(( filipino smoothie loves it xx
JaseyRae Here In Your Arms(Young Americans RMX) - Hellogoodbye ][ powerpop schmexyness! ;;) <3 @weknowplato @RandMan @eightbitkoala @Nymph @samdiva @mimacruz
JaseyRae I Wanna Be Adored(Stone Roses) - Axton Kincaid ][ I don't need to sell my soul xx thanks! @jennyleepeeny <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae California Dusk(orig Mix) - Circuit Society ][ wow @fatchair i love your pic and your blips! Haha! :D
JaseyRae Everyone Loves Everyone - The Helio Sequence ][ I cant wait to get out of here somedaaaay<3 :D:D:D @bobscopper @Mathioso @Aluciel @meriel
JaseyRae Delete - Younha ][ she's furcking orgasmic, its good to have a big lesbo crush on this korean hottie <3 BLIPPIN LATER! tkd now!


| play
weknowplato Have to wait for Paramore...These guys come first - good friends and contacts! @weknowplato (reblip)
JaseyRae Looks Just Like the Sun - Broken Social Scene ][ for everyone who looks just like the sun ;;) <3 you blippers! tnx for the replies!
JaseyRae Come Around and See Me - The Raspberries ][ if you want me to wait forever, i will. just wait and see! <3 Goodmorning! @eightbitkoala loved your blips
JaseyRae Redford - Sufjan Stevens ][ for @yoochun ill make you cry again <3 :) @mimacruz sure no prob slugger ;;) add them up!
JaseyRae Decatur - Sufjan Stevens ][ Down to the river where they caught a wild alligator <33 @GR8FL @eightbitkoala @weknowplato @kbuech @bobscopper @Nymph :D
JaseyRae I won't ever be Happy again - Bright Eyes ][ there are people who are shopping for their lovers and friends <3
GR8FL of course the rain continues....

Priscilla AhnRain

| play
JaseyRae Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me - Japanther ][ You wanna call the cops? call the cops. -,- ROFL <3 ch-check slugs!
JaseyRae First Love - Uffie ][ i know you'll come back anyway :) @eightbitkoala this was my hit fave back in 2007! <3 tnx for blippin! lover her<3 (reblip)

UffieFirst Love

| play
weknowplato @cillian23 @noisecontrol my "other" band. Check 'em out. - Holy Smokes - Hot Guitars! @weknowplato Thanks! (reblip)
weknowplato sometimes it's good to just chill.
Stay19 I've played this version more for some reason. Sucks me right in <><> It just has some melancholy tinge that I succumb to...
JaseyRae Kiss Me(Acoustic) - Sixpence None The Richer ][ Kiss me, beneath the milky twiliiiiight! <3 ::) FOR my almost lover xx
JaseyRae Ashes and Wine - A Fine Frenzy ][ Don't know what to do anymore, ive lost the only love worth fighting for. xx @eightbitkoala @bobscopper i love this!
JaseyRae Last of Days - A Fine Frenzy ][ The poet's eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven...indeed <3
JosephRanseth Beautiful piano, beautiful lyrics, beautiful philosophy for life: "I Know That I'm Good For Something....All Or Nothing." :)
JaseyRae Borrowed Time - A Fine Frenzy ][ @eightbitkoala glad u do :) it's like a smoothie with vanilla chips on top <3
JaseyRae I will Follow You into the Dark - Amy Millan ][ Love of mine, someday you will die.. <3 like tic-tac candies sprawled lavishly in my tongue. :)
JaseyRae Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy ][ Your fingertips across my skin, <3 G'morn @eightbitkoala :)
threebears fed up, irritated and tearing your hair out when Maccabees ads gets in your way??? I was, until I saw the light & realised that I was projecting my fr
JaseyRae Hope for the Hopeless - A Fine Frenzy ][ mellowyellow some more. I appreciate you blip not too loud music for a while <3 let's take it slow..
JaseyRae Tell Me a Lie - The Fratellis ][ Time for Post-punk rev, bliptoasts! xD
JaseyRae Plastic Stars - Freezepop ][ I say i wanna take it slow, when you're lying next to me <3 @weknowplato ::) thanks for the awesomeness xx
TimMothE "this is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you. And from above you how I sank into your soul In2 that secret place where no one dares to go."
JaseyRae In the Morning - Junior Boys ][ hello @TimMothE :) It's a pity i have to go. Anyway, i loved your blips. gleamin raad, sweettoast ;)
JaseyRae Transliterator - Devotchka ][ im hitting hay in a while now. last lovely blip, sluggers <3 blip on tomorrow! ;;)
TimMothE "What a beautiful face I have found in this place that is circling all around the sun."
TimMothE "...your mouth moves in mine, soft and sweet. Rings of flowers round your eyes and I love you, For the rest of your life.."
JaseyRae My Moon, My Man - Feist ][ take it slow, take it easy on me ;;) the piano is electric and bangin'! loves it xx
JaseyRae I Need a Hero - Frou Frou ][ where's hercules to fight the rising odds? Indietronicaaaaaa<3
JaseyRae Hear Me Out - Frou Frou ][ it's fairy-tale like dreamy. Feels like heaven, tonight <3 Listen xx
JaseyRae The Last Beat of My Heart - DeVotchka ][ dont be afraid to speak, my darling :) indiefolkgoodness<3
JaseyRae How it Ends - DeVotchka ][ OMG. THIS IS...TRULY DIVIIIINE <3 ch-check! @eightbitkoala @weknowplato @bobscopper :D:D:D (reblip)
miketopia 'I like a girl with caked up makeup. In the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time. Who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand'
JaseyRae Kids(MGMT cover) - Ben Lee ][ You were a child, crawling on your knees.. <3 like a warm cocoa for a cold weather xx @Aluciel @poeticimmortal :)
JaseyRae Houki Boshi - Younha(Bleach theme song) ][ i need upbeat music like this today. i nearly collapsed at tkd just now. furck.
JaseyRae 23 - Blonde Redhead ][ some noisepop for insomniacs..haha, yes hello from your fellow nightowl <3 @weknowplato nice blip :)

Blonde Redhead23

| play
Stay19 Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Paul Epworth Version)<><>
Stay19 Shinichi Osawa – Rendezvous (Crookers remix)<><>
JaseyRae Fix You - Coldplay ][ When you love someone, but it goes to waste. what's worse? <3 im helplessly in love with this song D;

ColdplayFix You

| play
threebears everything she does is magic ... everything she do just turns me on ...
Stay19 Fink – Blueberry Pancakes<><>
Stay19 permanent blue for you..<><>


| play
Stay19 Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill<><>
JaseyRae Let it Go - Keyshia Cole ][ I dont want yer maaaan! =p been being random today, i see..
JaseyRae Innocence - Bjork(Simian Mobile Disco Twelve Inch Remix) ][ Can never get the effin slurs, eh rather, words. xP *dances*
JaseyRae I Believe - Simian Mobile Disco ][ electrifying and orgasmic. careful now ;;)
JaseyRae OK - Shitdisco (Yuksek Remix) ][ some dance punk electric tunes, loves:) @RandMan @Elling_ @fredsablan <3
JaseyRae The Last Significant Statement to be Made in Rock n Roll - The Indelicates ][ Someone should electrify this rock song. <3
JaseyRae I Love You, I'm Going to Blow Up Your School - Mogwai ][ a very loooong lyric-less one if youre planning a long night. <3
JaseyRae Dr. Strangeluv - Blonde Redhead ][ I don't get why i still wait, why i still hope for it, that answer ill never get. xx @patita oh cool :)
JaseyRae Fever - Superpitcher ][ You give me fever when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight. <3 sexayyy ;;)


| play
JaseyRae Paper Aeroplane - Angus & Julia Stone ][ gotta say mmmmm....mmmmm <33 indiefolk fever ;;) @patita @der @Baja Hello, nice to see you guys blippin :D
JaseyRae More Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw ][ I'm gonna looove you more than anyone, i'm gonna hold you closer than before. <3 @toriebaby @anarina @Aluciel :)
JaseyRae The Whales - Japanther ][ They're experimental, spunky, wild, ferosh and deathly crazy! xD @RandMan thanx! ;;)

JapantherThe Whales

| play
JaseyRae The Loving Sounds of Static(Junior Boys RMX) - Mobius Band ][ coz i still need me some sweet indietronica pill tonight ;;)
RandallBlips thnx for this blip - hearts rev and flossrdom oh fck yeah! @formalhaut (reblip)
JaseyRae Skip to the End - The Futureheads ][ If i could cheat, i would skip to the end! ::D a postpunk cake for y'all punkass! <33
JaseyRae See You on Rooftops - Neil Halstead ][ thanks@ @weknowplato this is truly a find. glad im chillin with this. enjoy babyloves <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Misery is a Butterfly ][ you were, you were, you were.. xx @Mathioso thanx! :) you should blip more often:)
JaseyRae Shinichi Osawa – Rendezvous (Crookers remix) ][ @DJstromer19 this is weirdly orgasmic. thnx! @eightbitkoala Hah! you read my mind =p (reblip)
JaseyRae Why Can't I? - Liz Phair ][ Why can't I breathe whenever i think about you? x) goes for my babyloves: @mimacruz @antenaweb @threebears @GR8FL :)
JaseyRae When we don't talk - Isle Delange ][ The silence that's falling between us is the loneliest sound iver ever heard. How can we find forgiveness?
JaseyRae Fools in Love - Inara George ][ Fools in love, is there any other more pathetic? xx @mimacruz hah i know its depressing. =p
mimacruz I miss you more than I should, than I thought I could. :(
JaseyRae Jody - The Dodos ][ Your face is pale, youre lips are red. x) furcking addictive drum beats for a monday kick! <3

The DodosJody

| play
JaseyRae In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Eisley ][ OMFG @meriel i was going to blip her too! xD you are too cool, too cool:) @SandroC
JaseyRae Time For Heroes - The Libertines ][ you know i cherish you my loooove <3 its post punk rev's fault luring me to these sweets! xx
JaseyRae Lollipops are from Venice - DJ Gray ][ lil wayne vs bloody beetroots vs dada. this ought to be spunkayyyyy <3
JaseyRae Stop Me - Mark Ronson ft Daniel Merriweather ][ nothing's changed. i still love you, only slightly than i used to. <3 DANIEEEEL!! xx
JaseyRae Change - Daniel Merriweather ft Wale ][ he's so. damn. cute @bigbdisco @Gaz50 @TimMothE aww cya later! <3
TimMothE Good morning and goodbye. School. :( Almost done though...so, so close.
JaseyRae Attack of the Cheesburger Fries - The Fay Institute on WNUR ][ Brandon! im not that kind of girl anymore! Ive evolved! =))))OMFG. this is funny shiz!
JaseyRae Ice Cream - Muscles ][ theme for today? Yummy fooooood <3 :D:D @casey_kent @GR8FL @bobscopper @eightbitkoala @RandMan @deWethouder @calamari

MusclesIce Cream

| play
JaseyRae Sweet Deception - Laura Gibson ][ cruel is comfort, if i have known the last of your kind.. <3 sweet sweet deception <3 @mimacruz
JaseyRae Blue Marble - Mike Park ][ im just a stranger in a strange,strange land. Come on now! Ive got something to say! @bobscopper @GR8FL @mimacruz
RandallBlips actually like the orig of this a bit better than rmx but this is great none the less;)
JaseyRae Beautiful One - Jeremy Camp ][ Beautiful One, I love You. Beautiful One, I adore Youuu! <3 JC loves JC and JC :D
meriel [I Could Be There For You - Eisley] You're part mystery and partly drawn
JaseyRae Dream - Priscilla Ahn ][ I had a dream that i could fly high <3 munch on the exquisiteness babyloves:) @mimacruz

Priscilla AhnDream

| play
JaseyRae Rain - Priscilla Ahn ][ well it's raining..and it's pouring. xx graaah.

Priscilla AhnRain

| play
JaseyRae City Watch - BB Brunes ][ siitti wotch, sitti wotch. =)) Funnnaaayyy but adorable <3

BB BruneCity watch

| play
JaseyRae Confusions Printanieres - BB Brunes ][ French succexy, anyone? <3 ;;) @mimacruz theyre hawt. just furcked up hawt.
JaseyRae This is not the end - Laura Gibson ][ Forget about the end, forget about the end.. xx
JaseyRae Storm - Lifehouse (Acoustic) ][ for all my weary loves. rescue is coming <3 @mimacruz @reginareyes @rtsnance @bobscopper @patita @yoochun :)
JaseyRae Broken Bottle - Laura Gibson ][ exquisite. <3 @bobscopper @GR8FL @mimacruz @SandroC @rtsnance x tell me guys if you want me to blip u a song :)
JaseyRae Don't Dream Its Over - Sixpence None the Richer ][ hey now, hey now, dont dream it's overrr<3 better version @bobscopper ;;)
JaseyRae Chocolate Raspberry Lemon & Lime - Muscles ][ I wish that i could keep you in my pocket <3 you're mine. xx @bobscopper thanx! :)
Afy Running low on credits but this is brill! RB @Nymph (reblip)
JaseyRae You - Allie Moss ][ <3 @eightbitkoala that was..breathtaking i almost choked on air. =x :D

Allie MossYou

| play
JaseyRae I Am In Love With You - Imogen Heap ][ deelish ;) @DJDreamy @djsurfer @space_cadet @eightbitkoala why do u blip pretty things? <3
GR8FL @oliboni: what player? I am listening only through my browser - FF o (reblip)
JaseyRae If You Were Here - Cary Brothers ][ If you were here, I could deceive you. And if you were here, you would believe. <3
Audiophile021 I Found It....Pure Lushness as @28apple_chic would say

Metro AreaMiura

| play
indielawyer great sound, true indie, like it. @lofolulu: "@peacePEACEout Laura Marling- incredible voice, only 18 yrs old!! Previously in Noah & the Whale." (reblip)

Laura MarlingGhosts

| play
JaseyRae See You Later, Alligator ;) Muay Thai Time for me now! x
JaseyRae Gives You Hell(The Bloody Beetroots RMX) - The All-American Rejects ][ zap it electro! <3 hello;)@bunq @Audiophile021 @studiojm @bendrix @noisecontrol
Baja is listening to SHINee - Replay - Great song even if you don't understand it!
TheTLady hot hot hot RB @girlpiper @DoctaMike :) @TheTLady What the hell, it's Friday and girls night out! Have a great day! Next ~ Too Close (reblip)


| play
RandallBlips hey there! luv'n the Minus the Bear too. @JaseyRae
melodyofurlife I heard this one last night. Had to Blip it today

Ben KwellerMagic

| play
JaseyRae Lovers Who Uncover - The Little Ones ][ <3theyre NOW my fave mintchoco chip for the day ;P @evablue @ShiaoMei @amandasayuri i love the fray! :)
erigony the Killers - Romeo and Juliet>♥
JaseyRae Game Over - OZMA ][ ive seen all the episodes, i know all the secret codes! x the kind of music to get you on the road, driving and singing! :D

OzmaGame Over

| play
dickadcock I know. It's not summer. But … I must purge this lovely song from replaying in my head … & say g' mornin'. — Sarah Jaffe – Summer Begs - - Lyrics!
Stay19 @sarah_crisman You're killing me!I didn't know anyone else even knew this tune..haa. Oh boy.Tough memories .Lots of pill/alcohol. Sober today though! (reblip)
Stay19 @dannycantspell I was at the same show. Insane! Small world eh ! WoW. What a trip. Cheers . <><> I cried. I couldn't hold back the tears on this one.


| play
djsurfer rb @KirstenMarie18: "Gosh I LOVE the acoustic version so much better than the original. It's so pretty! " (reblip)
sarahlovesyou an excuse to play this song again!! RIDICULOUS.
GR8FL rb @warhorus: [Sweetheart, I ask no more than this..."] what a beautiful song and sentiment :) (reblip)
Aluciel @Darryl I haven't been blipping with you this week. What's up with that?
Aluciel ^_^

Sarah Silverman I'm Fucking Matt Damon Music Video

| play
midnightwalker @indieearcandyforeveryone Dropboxing their debut. Finnish quality electropop

Villa NahRunning On

| play
soundshifter lalala now i know it IS you that STILL drives me mad. and I hate it!
RandallBlips mmmmm aaaahhhhhhhh smmoooothhh candles down low;)
jonnyrockunit @JaseyRae i do like beautiful stuff like this too...
Aluciel ^_^

Jimmy Kimmel sings "I'm FUCking Ben Affleck"

| play
GR8FL blip 'free' tracks - filter them out by keying search string in quotes followed by -imeem EXAMPLE: ["California" -imeem] </end PSA>
Apple_chic It is with the notes in my ears and the dawn etched into my mind and the echoes of last night's conversation and acidity of the wine... that I sleep
Audiophile021 Smooth Electronica on a Tuesday..
philkirby everyone's favourite waking up record
FakerGigi @Stealthgigi: "I'm not particularly religious, but she's one of my favorite acoustic voices." (reblip)
by_starla [The Stone Roses - Song For My Sugar Spun Sister] glad you're feeling good @rkmonkey--it was a busy week, so i am trying for a quiet weekend :)
dustypony Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) - Who Says You Can't Go Home . . . not me
JaseyRae He Took Her to A Movie(Surreal Madrid Mix) - Ladytron ][ I think she's being alone ;;)
kooi SOOO GOOOD, thank you!! & good morning RB vi@LYRIC (reblip)

BentTo Be Loved

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Apple_chic vi@RandMan - you know me so well! Thanks! :D ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (reblip)
ScenicKK @boxofcrayons23: "Play me a sad song. thx for playing this sad song ;) hope you are not sad.. (reblip)
ScenicKK @BeautifulSorta wow, i love your playlist, love it love it, for me you have almost perfect taste in music, thx!! (reblip)
sunnysunnysunny If I were a Blip, I'd be this. I hope this doesn't go away. Can't find this version elsewhere.
JaseyRae Heartache vs. Heartbreak - Ozma ][ honey, we'll get you down :)
JaseyRae Munich(Shy Child Remix) - Munich ][ You should speak when youre spoken to. x scrumptious <3 CH-CHECK!
JaseyRae Holdon(Modeselektor RMX) - Apparat ft. Raz Ohara ][ apparently im obsessed:) sup @Afy @RobertoFendler @djsurfer @Atomik @DJFrankie <3
JaseyRae Crazy Angel - Kill Hannah ][] @Audiophile021 this is exactly the morphine i needed <3 ;;) your blips are electrifyingly refreshing x (reblip)
JaseyRae Car No Driver(CWL RMX) - Dirty on Purpose ][ soak in this <3 @davidwatts1978 @Audiophile21 @RandMan @eightbitkoala wer r u?! :D @tubilino @JTO :)
Atomik thanks for listening @DEGirl - I follow over 5000 streams and my page flys by, I like to see what everyone's listening to.
JaseyRae Keep Your Hands Off My Girl(Broken Spindles RMX) - Good Charlotte ][ the way you stare at me across the room ;;) @DJstromer19 @rtsnance @moijojojo :D
Stay19 Tricky – Council Estate ( Mowgli mix)<><>NIce! vi@EddieCurrent Cheers. (reblip)
JaseyRae The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice? - The Books ][ @threebears this is refreshingly amazing, i cant believe how gorgeously varied this is! Woo! <3 :D (reblip)
threebears @pyrrhoX ^_^ thanks! Good idea! Thinking of someone determining very specific brain activity areas. Will ask neurologist friend who'll laugh 4 sure!
JaseyRae I Want You(Gus Gus RMX) - Klovn ][ for some reason its a feel-good electro beat day today <3
JaseyRae Lust - Gus Gus ][ schmexyy time yet again ;) @bobscopper @jude81 @JTO @meriel @marmedman HAHA hope yer havin a blast! xD

Gus GusLust

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JaseyRae Just A Dream - Great Northern ][ Was i dreaming? Was I awake? <3 hello! @dj_kwame @SugarDoggy @CowboyStef @LonPoPoGlobalLobo xx :D
JaseyRae Moment in the Sun - Clem Snide ][ Can't believe im crying right now because of this. xx
JaseyRae Apologize(MK Electro Mix) - Timbalad ft. OneRepublic ][ sweeet <3 @der heehee, what kind of music are you gonna blip? :D
JaseyRae Looking For Love(C.P 58th Str MIX) - Vikter Duplaix ][ yay found it! :D
JaseyRae Black Dirt - Sea Wolf ][ @eightbitkoala Gyeah its pretty cool tho the weather is fugged up.=/ @der yay ur blippin! :)

Sea WolfBlack Dirt

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JaseyRae You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf ][ @eightbitkoala nah, im in Philippines:)although my time's set in Cali time. weird. i know. :))
JaseyRae Live Good(The Bloody Beetroots RMX) - Naive New Beaters ][ It's time to go <33 dya like some electricpop/rap cherry flavored beat? ;;)
JaseyRae Ohio Clouds - Laura Veirs ][ sweet melodymaking:) @kturner i like PWT's too:) @eightbitkoala gmorn sugar:) @aquaflush i lyk GN too ;) <3
JaseyRae Tiny European cars - Clem Snide ][ did you know that Isaac Newton was a virgin when he died? x @kturner hello! :D @patita @ashenmorpheus ::)
kturner If I sorted it all out could you be mine
JaseyRae The Outsiders(Radio Edit) - Athlete ][ Let's lose ourselves <3 @jude81 @jtbritto @bobscopper @poeticimmortal Hello! :) x
JaseyRae Close to Me(Dirty Edit) - Isomer Transition ][ my daily dose of avant-garde futuristic dance music <3 you there. love it ;)
JaseyRae Coconut Flakes - Love as Laughter ][ Then I'll come over and bring the coconut flakes :) @bobscopper @moijojojo @GR8FL @amandasayuri :D
JaseyRae Lights Go Down - Telepathe ][ you know i love me some electricgoodness. ;;) thx! @RandMan :) (reblip)
JaseyRae All For You - Kill Paradise ][ So how do you feel now, my love? :) electricpop smoothie for the morning light <3 hello! @anitachrys @formalhaut @ALL--
aquaflush nice work today, @JaseyRae, really enjoying your blips :) (reblip)
JaseyRae Arcadia(Telefon Tel Aviv Edit) - Apparat ][ this is too good.,i hope i can take this to neverland xx
DJFrankie @HellenKellersIpod. Yeah, "Popular" was their hit. If you get a chance to see them it is totally worth it. They're terrific musicians and showmen.
JaseyRae Komponent(Telefon Tel Aviv RMX) - Apparat ][ We can get away... <3
JaseyRae Fire Fire Fire - Dappled Cities ][ aussie sonic exploration goodness <333 great day so far? :D
JaseyRae Hurricane - Athlete ][ all the places we grew up with, playing hide and seek... <3 i can never NOT love Athlete. :):)


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idejmcd as I clean house playlist, interlude with: (reblip)
meriel [Obligatory Road Song - The Brunettes] Ahyyy @JaseyRae na pala! :))
JaseyRae My Love(Paul Oakenfold RMX) - Justin Timberlake ][ some sonic electro JT lovin' <3 i feel lyk poppin now. ;;) @RandMan @formalhaut @DJFrankie xx
JaseyRae Corona Extra - Love As Laughter ][ one day at the beach, i was starin into the sea <3 helmet boy is mine ;;) @mimacruz ch-check:)
JaseyRae All Over You - The Spill Canvas ][ I wanna taste you one more time again, im' all over you, im not over you xx @jude81 :) @mimacruz amazing blip! <3 (reblip)
by_starla [The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You]
weknowplato #7 One of their most beautiful songs ever!
weknowplato #6 (sorry I couldn't stop at 5 so here is a top 10 of R.E.M.) This is a cover but they do it so well.


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dietcokehead Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day // this one's for @JaseyRae
JaseyRae Your Summer Dress - Dirty On Purpose ][ Just seriously loving these ethereal sonic washes with pretty harmonies <3 @weknowplato BLIPS! :D
evablue howdy blipsters. all of youz. [BIG WAVE] :)
JaseyRae Girls and Sunshine - Dirty on Purpose ][ I think youre gonna have to wait forever <3 @meriel haha! :D @dietcokehead @idejmcd @evablue @KILLAMARIE :)
ShiaoMei @GR8FL ...Take a listen, I think you might like this tune. He is very popular in Asia. :) (reblip)
JaseyRae Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse - Minus the Bear ][ My newfound indie experimental rock bandsweets <3 @cadmium so.damn.hot dj name ;)
JaseyRae Come on Feet - Pete and the Pirates ][ these are my boys ;;) You, Love it. <3
JaseyRae Hypnotize - Dan Black ][ BEWARE: very addictive and viral. sinfully deelish and just..fauk. @der gluck!:D ch-check this <3


| play
JaseyRae Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You (Dj Vanish RMX) ][ @Afy and naive new beaters are the shiz;) @Audiophile021 @noisecontrol @eliott_is_dead @jude81 ;;)
JaseyRae Nice Fox - The Rosebuds ][ Nice fox dont dance on oyster shells <3 aaaah, lovely. too lovely. :)
Audiophile021 A firm favorite this week.... Pure sleaze....Listen to that voice...
Audiophile021 @kooi had everyone bouncing off the walls with this one this week ... mad props to him.

PlejLay of the Land

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JaseyRae Pachuca Sunrise - Minus the Bear ][ I miss you, take it all in <3 @cadmium ;) @DJFrankie @djsurfer @bobscopper @threebears @melodyofyourlife :)
JaseyRae There She Goes - Sixpence None The Richer ][ Racing through my veins <3 OMG FINALLY FOUND THIS SONG!! WOO you're my hero @tubilino ! Thanksthanks! ;D (reblip)
ShiaoMei @Fangbaby: "@ShiaoMei thx for the props! :D great tune." Thank U!! Have always love this song. :) (reblip)
JaseyRae Buzzin'(Villains RMX v2) - Shwayze ][ so.effed.up.hot. ;;)
JaseyRae City Moon - Love Spirals Downwards ][ @dj_kwame happybirthday to her as well!xD hello @moijojojo @RobertoFendler @GR8FL @TheTLady @dirtysunshine :)
JaseyRae I'll Meet You There - Owl City ][when your eyes are locking into mine:) electropop goodness again to pass the time <3
TheTLady Thanks honey !! RB@DJBlues Heeeey! All day and all of the night! my favourite song from the Kinks, difficult choice @Jalire @Elling_ @dirtysunshine (reblip)
RandallBlips Oh yes it's... Friday and Night soon to come!!! (reblip)
JaseyRae Hooray - Minus the Bear ][ seriously bringing tears to my eyes. MTB's amaaaazingly cool. <3 @RandMan yay! ur blippin ;) @jude81 hey! :D
moijojojo Good mornin, bleeps...it's an abfab day in DC...are you gonna kick ass today? A: HELLS YEAH.


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JaseyRae All I Need Is You - Hillsong United ][ i fall to my knees.. <3 All I Need is You, Lord. xx
JaseyRae Adoration - Newsboys ][ Come, let us adore Him :) <3 i miss you God. x


| play
Aluciel What's this? More Colin Meloy love? well, ok then! (sorry your day was poo, @melodyofyourlife. *hugs* I'll send good vibes your way for tomorrow.)
JaseyRae Ne're Do Well - Young People ][ Oh the chance 2 b wthin ur smile! ;D Dreamers sleep tonight <3 @evablue @threebears @Aluciel x hello to @noisecontrol
JaseyRae This Lullaby - Esthero ][ sweet melonade to go with this! ;;) lovesit xx

EstheroThis Lullaby

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by_starla [The Magnetic Fields - I Think I Need A New Heart]
ShiaoMei @ShiaoMei: "Idol Season 7. My favorite (studio) version of the song! Amazing vocals." (reblip)
JaseyRae Slipping through the Sensors - Fruit Bats ][ Slippin onto the senses. <3 dreamystrum for you babyloves:) @djsurfer thankyou!:) @eightbitkoala @bunq
JaseyRae Your Song - Kate Walsh ][ Im stuck on a boy who fills me with joy. <3 mellowyellow love smoothie for the lovers and sleepers ;P @Aluciel @marmedman

Kate WalshYour Song

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JaseyRae Cross the Dancefloor(Designer Drugs RMX) - Treasure Fingers ][ hey boy, watch me shake it across the dancefloor ;) @bunq i like yer pic lol xD
weknowplato Now for one an original or two from The Divine Comedy? My artist of the night! http://www.weknowplato.com/ http://www.noisecontrolradio.com/
mimacruz <3 @cillian23, this is for you. Because your life is like a Gossip Girl drama. Juicy. xD

The Pierces - Secret

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by_starla [The Reindeer Section - Will You Please Be There For Me]
JaseyRae Abandon - French Kicks ][ like my daily dose of mintchoco chip :) the FK is my new guilty pleasure now <3 x)

French KicksAbandon

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JaseyRae Lush with a Crush - Velcro Stars ][ <3 @mimacruz cant listen to yer blip :(
JaseyRae Summer (South Central's Summer Rev Mix) - Shy Child ][ a lil hot electro tamali for yall ;) @noisecontrol @TheTLady @RandMan @Audiophile021 @rtsnance
JaseyRae Letters To Munich - Crushed Stars ][ Would you call me from the payphone? x @mimacruz @TheTLady @DJDreamy @weknowplato ;) @Aluciel
threebears different .. but connect this & the doors love her madly ... "when I kiss your lips, I want to sink down to the bottom of the sea" brilliant lyrics!

CakeLove You Madly

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JaseyRae Take It Easy(Love Nothing) - Bright Eyes ][ I was a fool, you were my friend... <3 it's like sexual bubblegum, it's confusing =/ lol
JaseyRae Trouble - nevershoutnever! ][ im in trouble, im an addict..im addicted to this, :)
JaseyRae Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath ][ for @johncmayer 's chocolate soup. x
JaseyRae Dance the Night Away - Sweet Rush ][ @hwaiting @jimmyeatworld @thatissodope @Stanisms @marmedman @SandroC @RandMan @casey_kent :D <3youuu
JaseyRae Rattled by the Rush - Pavement ][ Im getting addicted to this drunkrock-a-babies. ;;)
JaseyRae Best Days of your Life - Kellie Pickler ft. TaySwift ][ pop-tinged pickle. huge crossover. I like! :D ch-check!
JaseyRae Slow Down Blues - Joe Satriani ][ only coz @SandroC is so gleamin raaad. I luff yer blips dear <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae It's About Time - Lillix ][ Yes, It's all about Life :) (reblip)
JaseyRae Seventeen - Casxio ][ if you want some yummy lo fi disco soul ;;)


| play
JaseyRae Yellow(coldplay cover) - Jem ][ you know i love you so, ;) mellow yellow ya'll.
JaseyRae The Scientist - Coldplay ][ Coz i miss this :)
JaseyRae I'm a broken heart - The Bird & The Bee ][ yes! @meriel i super heaaaart this sunshine ;;)
meriel [Last Day Of Our Love - The Bird And The Bee] OMG @cillian23! I love The Bird and the Bee!!!! You din?! :D
meriel [If You Were Alien - The Brunettes] Just blip-ing it again! :) Such a cute and sweet song! :>
JaseyRae Negai Wa Hitotsu - Younha ][ ive gota big lesbo crush on tis korjap ladyfinger <3

Younha - Negai Wa Hitotsu

| play
meriel [Sweet 16 - Thunderheist] Cool! // Thunderheist for you, @cillian23!!! (reblip)
JaseyRae The Police and the Private - Metric ][ yo @meriel i see you like YYY. Thizzis Metric, ch-check! ;;)
JaseyRae I Don't know - Lisa Hannigan ][ a cute lo fi take... <3
JaseyRae Standing in the way of control - The Gossip ][ Beth Ditto is gleamin brill like she was born to be. <3
bobscopper i've met these type of women...this song IS about me.
JaseyRae How we used to live(Aim Remix) - Saint Etienne ][ i said, you said..
mdesjardins Awesome cover of Sweet Child of Mine (2nd time I've blipped this)
JaseyRae Sleep - The Dandy Warhols ][ rest assured, ill be hitting the hay softly and OFFICIALLY :D last blip for the early morn! x (reblip)
JaseyRae Bang - Rye Rye ft. MIA ][ thanks to @RandMan for a gleamin raaaad electro blip <3 (reblip)
JaseyRae Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra ][ My Baby Shot Me Down

04 I think Im in Love

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JaseyRae I'm in Miami, Bitch - LMFAO ][ I'm rockin bangs x)