JewelDMC aaaaawwwwww! I luv luv this song....
JewelDMC OOOooooh!!!! Here we go baby!!!!! Strut, Strut, Love this......

Staying Alive

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JewelDMC Michael Buble always makes me feel good!!!!
JewelDMC Love this guy!!! ;)

Rob Thomas Her Diamonds Video HD

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JewelDMC This is such a good song - haven't heard in awhile.....:) This is for you......
PositivelyPouty Later, kids. This last one is dedicated to @JewelDMC because she loves the Celine Dion version of this, but this is my fave.
JewelDMC Yesssssss.......I finally found it!!! Gimme all your lovin..all your hugs and kisses too!!

-ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin

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mapex_drummer Matchbox Twenty- Back 2 Good (Live at Philip's Arena)@JewelDMC Here is your morning Rob Thomas fix. Hope you like

Matchbox Twenty- Back 2 Good (Live at Philip's Arena)

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JewelDMC @mrrodd: "No doubt @JewelDMC still the sweetest girl and I'll have to check up on it :)" Love this your the sweetest boy I know.. (reblip)

BeyonceCheck On It

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JewelDMC This song is for you know you are...:)
JewelDMC @hawaiibuzz: I like this song.......what a good find! :) (reblip)
JewelDMC Oh how I loved this song!!! Still do.... *giggling*
JewelDMC He he he no celly is not shy.....last Joan Jett- she was the bomb....

Joan JettCherry bomb

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JewelDMC pretending that your oh so shy.......he he
JewelDMC One of my favs....Walking out the door to get on the runaway train....*smiling*
JewelDMC Hold me now....Down to one last breath...

CreedOne Last Breath

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JewelDMC @redwolf21: "Gold Digger sounds better with this sampling of Beethoven Fifth. hahaha" (reblip)
JewelDMC @SlamDunk: "this is an awesome cover, thought you would like it! :)" oooohhh!! I like, Thank you....;) (reblip)
JewelDMC Loosin up my buttons..... ;)
JewelDMC I have to say this has got to be my fav van morrison song....this sings to your soul... and makes me happy. ;) (reblip)
JewelDMC I'm not in love, so don't's just a silly phase I'm going thru......
JewelDMC Everytime I look at you I go blind.....
JewelDMC Oh awesome song....glad i found the video ....happy happy...Good mornin'
JewelDMC Don't like her hair so much here....

Joan JettLove Hurts

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JewelDMC Loved Joan Jett....Two words - bad
JewelDMC Oh how I love these guys...."I won't tell em your name"

Goo Goo DollsName

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JewelDMC I just love shaggy's voice....good song, good song.....;)


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JewelDMC This song hits your soul.....she had an awesome voice. ;)

janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

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JewelDMC stealing ;)....@igetfreepie: "PUNK...EFFING...ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
JewelDMC Stealing this... ;) @igetfreepie: "I adore your conversation I adore just who you are You inspire my imagination I adore just who you are" (reblip)

Six by SevenSo close

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JewelDMC Laura Jansen... "Use Somebody" .... Pretty cover... :)
JewelDMC *clink clink* Ice Ice Baby! ;)
JewelDMC @mailboyiscool music for your soul.... :)
JewelDMC oooohhhhh.....they wear skinny

Kings of LeonCloser

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JewelDMC With all the things caught in my mind....I don't wanna be there when your coming down...I don't want to be there when you hit the ground...

OasisDon't Go Away

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barlow girls-never alone

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JewelDMC Because everywhere I look your "all around me".....What!..... might just be my fav song right now :)
JewelDMC The music man said that him and jimmy went out and he ended up howling at the moon.... To much tequila? lol
JewelDMC aaahhhhh! what a cute story.... love it!!!
JewelDMC :) @nynabl: "Seether – "Broken" feat. Amy Lee (Official Video)" (reblip)
JewelDMC OMG...luv it.... Fuel "Daniel" (Elton John Cover) (reblip)
JewelDMC @bobthompkin Heard this today...good song...have to send your way....I haven't blipped you a song in quite awhile :)

14 Times by Marcus Foster

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JewelDMC pretty song! Lisa Mitchell "Valium"

Lisa MitchellValium

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JewelDMC of all the zillion stars in the sky i found your star and you shown bright for me.....and invited me in...:)
JewelDMC ha ha I meant to play this one..... Snow Patrol "Shut your Eyes"
JewelDMC @mailboy23 .....such a cold December ~ Matt Costa :)
JewelDMC :) Love this.....@matriax: "Yeah, Loveit too, it's a smile-song,thx (reblip)

Via con me (It´s wonderful). Paolo Conte.

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JewelDMC Certain bands just have factor... whatever it is... :)
JewelDMC "You evil little worm get out" he he he ;)
JewelDMC This guy still rocks it at 58...Wow! hottie....Cuts it off half way through but I still had to play. ;)

Rick Sprinfield at Planting Fields Concert"Gloria" and Happy Birthday to Rick

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JewelDMC Big girls don't cry------ Yes we do!!!! ;)
JewelDMC @bobthompkin Funny Video You got a watch the ending.......;)

Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

| play
JewelDMC @idril This is my fav song from the movie, but I'm a hopeless romantic!!!!! ;)
JewelDMC My song!!!! ha ha ha Thanx! Goodnight I'll go out with this one. ;) (reblip)
JewelDMC T'hee had to throw that in "Rain" What is it about rain. ;)
JewelDMC "♫ " Oh my fav!!!!!!! (Smile) ;) (reblip)
JewelDMC This guy was soooooo hot!!!!!! ha ha ;)
JewelDMC I just love this song!!!! ;)

John Lennon "Woman"

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JewelDMC One of my many favs from Tori amos!!! ;)

Tori AmosWinter

| play
JewelDMC "♫" Yeah I like this song alot!! I just reblipped your reblip!!!! ;) (reblip)
JewelDMC @bobthompkin: "♫ " Yeah.......... such an awesome song! (smiling) ;) (reblip)

Goo Goo DollsIris

| play
JewelDMC Yeah let's dance!!!!! Fall out boy "I don't care"
JewelDMC My song! He he no one else's.

Concrete BlondeJoey

| play

Better Than Ezra - Breathless

| play


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JewelDMC She is bad ass looking in this video!! "Hey jack it's a fact your talking in town..I think of you everynight and day..I hate myself for loving you..;)
JewelDMC Do you hear me? Do your care....... ;)
JewelDMC God is great, beer is good and people are crazy......he he ;)
JewelDMC Cool song!!! Luv Toby Mac..... ;)

MomentumToby Mac

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JewelDMC Don't you know that your toxic---- Yeah.... ;)
JewelDMC Have a good night all!!! ;)
JewelDMC "Somedays I'm a super bitch up to my old tricks but it won't last day I'm a supergirl out to save the world..and it keeps gettin better"
JewelDMC I drove all night to get to you.....;)
JewelDMC These guys were awesome! ;)

Guns N' RosesPatience

| play
JewelDMC @ryanfellman Yes.......Axel Rose was my guy! he he ;)

Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video

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JewelDMC ....ain't that America, home of the free.... yeah, little pink houses for you and me.. ;)

John Mellencamp- "Little Pink Houses"

| play
JewelDMC aaahhhh!! This is one of those songs that makes you want to melt..... Luv, Luv, Luv...;)
JewelDMC Oh love it!!!!! Got another video of theirs.;)

Def LeppardLove Bites

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JewelDMC ..Always the mysterious one with dark eyes and careless hair.....

JewelFoolish Games

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Kshaytwit @JewelDMC this is to you sis. hehe

Robert Pattinson Never Think OFFICIAL lyrics

| play
JewelDMC I just love her version.......Home sweet Home! ;)
JewelDMC I just love this song.......I can hear it every hour..... because in midnight hour babe, she cried more... more.. more... ;)
JewelDMC I just love this song!!! As I'm going out the door....Have a good day everyone....;)
JewelDMC @bobbythomas1....T'hee.... Cage the Elephant "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

| play
JewelDMC Didn't Jon have awesome hair!!! Love it...and this song!!!! ;)
JewelDMC @bobthompkin As a present to you... the video version!! Don't say I never gave you anything......(Wink)!! (reblip)
JewelDMC Just one of my favs! :) @bobthompkin @bobbythomas1


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JewelDMC Ok Start my day with Lady GaGa- "Think this song is a pretty hot summer song" plus like the video. That's me in the front. ha ha

Lady GaGaSummer boy

| play
JewelDMC Love this one of my fav songs from Jewel. ;) (reblip)
JewelDMC Because everytime I hear this song it reminds me of you.... :)
JewelDMC "♫" Yeah do like this..... (reblip)

Michael Bublé Home(live)

| play
JewelDMC This one make's me happy! ;)

moon river-breakfast at tiffany´s

| play
stanzani @JewelDMC: "aaaahhhhhhh!! What a wonderful life!!! he he :)" (reblip)
JewelDMC Love this song! and video, Half in french....
JewelDMC I was jamming out to this as I was running!!!!!! Just luv this guy!
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