JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@Alturn8tive: "Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Hope you had a nice halloween!@rachidkas: (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.....
JoanieBeachMusic Happy November!

04 - November Sky

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks... very cool...@iReignMusic: "cool! @Thaiangel: " this one ok thou,we celebrating full moon here @iReignMusic :) "" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Great choice. I love Pat Metheny@TropicsZ4: "Nice, Sunday Smooth Jazz :)) rb (( @Shellsie: "No Sunday morning is complete without Pat Metheny (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you..@chiron08: "✪ hey that's Eric Burdon & War , not animals... "@adbert [The Animals – Spill the Wine] " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@TidyCat: "=^..^= ((((( @ShiaoMei ))))) Keiko Matsui – Walls of the Cave" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Fasten your seat belts...we're flying around the world to listen to the best Jazz on earth!

Hong Kong International Jazz Festival: BConnected with Wang Xiaojing

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@TropicsZ4: "Thanks for all the props and reblips :) rb @KevinBadWolf (((The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@TidyCat: "KOTOKO - agony" (reblip)


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JoanieBeachMusic thanks@docstimulas: "PABLO CRUISE " love will find a way " 1978." (reblip)

PABLO CRUISE " love will find a way " 1978.

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@docstimulas: "Derek & The Dominos – Bell Bottom Blues" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic @TropicsZ4: "TY,Good Morning,:) @ShannonGrissom: "GM -love this one @TropicsZ4: "Orleans – Still The One """ (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you!@PeaceDiva: "@DeAnn....Got your spell on me baby...Carlos Santana...Black Magic Woman" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@beingtheo: "It's been real - must check out now. Many thx to all! - "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@rachidkas: "Thanks & Nice day!@beingtheo:"Can't imagine a world without love! Blip with thanks to: @elinejv "" (reblip)

A World Without Love -- Peter and Gordon

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Great song!@Atomik: "New Order – Regret" (reblip)

New OrderRegret

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@scotlandlover: "love this...sending to @carlnat rb @DJDreamy: "New York Minute㍿ (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@scotlandlover: "good day! rb @StreamingMimi: "The Fray -- How To Save A Life"" (reblip)

the fray -- how to save a life

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JoanieBeachMusic Hamptons, Long Island, New York
JoanieBeachMusic Cool...Intriguingds: "Sweet Inspired Dreams! Rb @scotlandlover Goodnight! Thanks for props,rbs,great tunes today! Sweet Dreams....:-) xx" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks again!@Unaturalsoul: "@Yakabladi: ""Oh yeaaaaah, you really got me now, you really so I can't sleep at night !""" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@Unaturalsoul: "@scotlandlover: "I was pleasantly surprised by the requestJeanneBehr: "Thanks for connecting w/me on FB. :) @scotlandlover""" (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @JoanieBeachMusic: "@JoanieBeachMusic: From the beautiful Hamptons on Eastern Long Island, New York..." (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @JoanieBeachMusic:@JoanieBeachMusic:@Joanie: "Joanie Beach Music - Some Surf Music from THE BEAUTIFUL HAMPTONS on the East End of Long Island, NY, USA (reblip)

The Shins- Phantom Limb

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JoanieBeachMusic Thank you!@docstimulas: "The Church – Under The Milky Way - good morning @pinkpolkadots (-:" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Have a great weekend!@TropicsZ4: "Hi, Happy Saturday :) rb @cattysheba: (reblip)

Crosby Stills Nash Wooden Ships

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JoanieBeachMusic Merci!@Unaturalsoul: "@Nisso70s: "Nouvelle Vague-Bizarre Love Triangle"" (reblip)

Nouvelle Vague-Bizarre Love Triangle

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JoanieBeachMusic merci beaucoup!@Yakabladi: "Doo u feel ?" (reblip)

Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do Midnight Special 1975 FULL

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!!!@RollinsWallace: "Duty calls. Wish I could stay but there is serious work to do. So, here is a self-planted ear worm to keep me inspired, (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks Rachidkas! One of my favorite Cat Stevens songs!@rachidkas: "Cat Stevens – Moonshadow" (reblip)

Cat StevensMoonshadow

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JoanieBeachMusic @rachidkas....thanks again...another great Cat Steven's song
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@docstimulas: "The Guess Who – No Time - just a fly by have a great day people (-:" (reblip)

The Guess WhoNo Time

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JoanieBeachMusic John Coltrane!@PattiN: "♪♫ John Coltrane — The Feeling of Jazz ♫♪" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic @TropicsZ4: "Good Song, thanks, )) @ms_cornwall (( k.D. Lang - Constant Craving" (reblip)

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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JoanieBeachMusic Love this...heard this at the gym today and had to blip it!!!!
JoanieBeachMusic Hamptons, Long Island, New York...Happy Thanksgiving eve!!!
JoanieBeachMusic One of my favorite Beethoven pieces. Thanks so much!@rachidkas:"Bonne nuit au clair de lune "Angel" @BBlanca -Moonlight Sonata- Ludwig Van Beethoven" (reblip)

Moonlight Sonata

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JoanieBeachMusic Danke..@peterprivat: "start #musicmonday and this wonderful week with Sautets tune - simply perfect for your Peugeot 304 in november" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Now that we are on to Beethoven...this is really my favorite piece....

The Competition, Richard Dreyfuss, Beethoven, The Emperor

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JoanieBeachMusic Danke!@peterprivat: "and if somebody rudely overtakes, think of Miles & John: "So what" " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@Intriguingds: "OMG! You picked such an amazing song to go with the ocean! I'm not ever coming back LoL...Hurry With Da Drinks :)) (reblip)


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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@TropicsZ4: "Thanks , awesome song :) rb @Firecracker16 (( Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing" (reblip)

Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5,Bernstein

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@SpinninSara: "Thanks Eric- U2 :-)@FreakinFrog: "Thank's Sara.... @SpinninSara ...always nice to "see" you here... Have a Great Week"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Craig Chaquico-Native Tongue

Native Tongue

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@rachidkas: "Thanks!@tbell: "thx @sir_edward_ross: "The Look of Love (reblip)

Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 The Look of Love

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JoanieBeachMusic Dedicated to our old black cat "Ashley"@JazzyChazzy (reblip)

Old Black Cat by Ian Anderson

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JoanieBeachMusic are you? Thanks so much!@BBlanca: "TY @caporal_chief: The Cure – 07 Lovesong" (reblip)

The Cure07 Lovesong

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JoanieBeachMusic merci beaucoup!@BBlanca: "Je te souhaite plein de bonheur en cette journée. @rachidkas: "Bonne nuit au clair de lune "Angel" (reblip)

Moonlight Sonata

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JoanieBeachMusic Thank you..@BBlanca: "Thanks... @rubikoO: "Penguin Cafe Orchestra – The Sound of Someone You Love Who's Going Away and It Doesn't Matter"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Time to go...Have a great afternoon and evening!
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you..What a beautiful song!@rachidkas: "Thanks!@ToujoursDiva: "Rêves doux.@rock2monster:"it started playing and the next thing i knew, (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you..@BBlanca: "The same to you... @dylangirl99: "lovely thanks!@BBlanca: Have a great week " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@BBlanca: "“Am I, a part of the cure or am I part of the disease?”" (reblip)

Coldplay-- "Clocks"

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Stopping by Woods (Blues in Open D)

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JoanieBeachMusic @JazzyChazzy: "@avivamagnolia: "Eric T. Johnson (jazz guitar) | Desert Song"" (reblip)

Desert Song - Eric Johnson

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks..How's the weather in Florida?@TropicsZ4: "Happy Sunday, gr8 song (rb)@GR8FL: "never stop "" (reblip)

Van Halen-You Really Got Me (Official Music Video)

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JoanieBeachMusic Thank you...@dreamscolor: ""Ice, Ice, Baby." OH... WAIT... NO!" (reblip)

Under Pressure

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Deep Tibetan meditation music

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@BillyB_Jr: "@redoctopus: "Jim Hall – Concierto De Aranjuez 1/2" Thanks for playing one of my favorites. Great blip!" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thx@PeaceDiva: "Beautiful, thx @iReign69!...Hall & Oates...Sarah Smile " (reblip)

Hall & Oates-Sarah Smile

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Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin-A Love Supreme

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JoanieBeachMusic Thank you!@redoctopus: "great@Tubabo: "Gato Barbieri – Adoro"" (reblip)

Gato BarbieriAdoro

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JoanieBeachMusic @JoanieBeachMusic: "Craig Chaquico-Native Tongue" (reblip)

Native Tongue

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JoanieBeachMusic It's the thunder and lightening he can't explain@JazzyChazzy (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you!@ProhorLaptev: "Thanks @BruceC: "Segueing into the holidays from Tyner b-day. John Coltrane – What Child Is This // TY @jazz29171 (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Merci beaucoup!@SabineWe: "Oh cette voix d'Andreas Scholl ! Merci@NotDarkYet: "Bach 1685-1750/ Mass in B Minor / "Agnus "" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Merci beaucoup!@Yakabladi: "I wish I could... (Santana & Buddy Guy)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@atibbs2292: "has David Foster written every song ever?" (reblip)

LOVE SONG from St. Elmo's Fire

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JoanieBeachMusic Merci! How are you?@rachidkas: "TY!@tbell: "feel like i'm moving in slow motion here,but thx (reblip)

Keith JarrettTokyo

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JoanieBeachMusic Merci!@SabineWe: "Brasilia ! RB@BleakMouse // I'm thinking about @juniverses who is flying from Paris to Sao Paulo that night..." (reblip)

Bill ConnorsBrasilia

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JoanieBeachMusic @TropicsZ4: "Good Mood :) rb@dawnie22: "'I'm in the Mood' for a Melody, I'm in the Mood.. -Robert Plant-"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks for the props@dawnie22: "'For Your Love'.... I'd give you everything & more, that's for sure... TY @GR8FL" (reblip)

Blodwyn Pig / Leave It With Me

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JoanieBeachMusic Gracias muchisimas!@BBlanca: "Happy Christmas! @Dancer12: Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you...@GR8FL: "boas festas via@Diordan: "Merry Christmas bliplands"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic @GR8FL: "that you @Atomik? hope all is well for you with your family and that Miami is nice and warm" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you and Happy Holidays!@jerrym53: "Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line" (reblip)


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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@mckenzieKmusick: "@MikeattheMike:"Thank you @Coffeenuts: "Cherokee Morning Song" I forgot to mention how much I really like the photos and art (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Gracias..I hope you had a great holiday!@BBlanca: "Anna Maria Jopek & Pat Metheny – Cichy Zapada Zmrok (Here Comes the Silent Dusk)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thank you!@mckenzieKmusick: "@Coffeenuts thanks and may you have a non-Blue Monday." (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@MSBloom: "Smokey Robinson is always a nice addition !!Ty.Rb @Kingsofdabeatz: ""blipstaaz" thanks again for being with you ... later more"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@lasmart: "RB to feel better ;-))thnxx@SarahABQ: "HiYa, good one! @lasmart: Just Feel Better" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic @avivamagnolia: "Yu Hongmei (于红梅) | Erhu Soloist | Yu Bei Ballad ( 豫北叙事曲)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and Happy New Year!@JODYGIRL162: "@Danzr_1: "`~*~` .. R U DAY .. `~*~`"AWESOME SONG" (reblip)

Tracy Chapman: Baby Can I Hold You Tonight

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks Dawnie!@dawnie22: "1-2-3-4.. rb @Chrissyisms: "The Grass Roots- Let's Live For Today"" (reblip)

The Grass Roots- Let's Live For Today

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Great workout song!@TropicsZ4: "Happy Tuesday :) rb @jimi_bullington: "you can feel the power. rb's@GinaDunc @TropicsZ4 @dawnie22"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks..Get your surfboards out!!!@avard: "@avard: "moms"" (reblip)

The Ventures "Walk Don't Run"

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks@avivamagnolia: "Eric Dolphy | Love Me | Jazz Sax Solo | #jazz" (reblip)

Eric DolphyLove Me

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@mckenzieKmusick: "@comicmama What a fantastic song choice. Love it." (reblip)

Coming Back To Me-Jefferson Airplane-1967

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JoanieBeachMusic Thank you @420thoughts: "Ive seen the good side of bad, the down side of up & everything between. (reblip)

everlast - what it's like

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@abarbosa: "♥ 'Cause you make me feel so brand new and I want to spend my life with you ♥" (reblip)

Al Green-Lets Stay Together

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Ray LaMontange , Forever My Friend

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The Doors Love Street

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and Happy New Year!@DjMandiTori: "U2 New Years Day *~HAppY*nEW*YeaRS*EvE~*" (reblip)

U2 New Years Day

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@cjh: "Simply Red – Holding Back The Years - sometimes yes, sometimes no..??" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and Happy New Year!@RedRhia: "RB@ilude_iono: "Collective Soul – The World I Know -- Quite possibly my fav CS song."" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and Happy New Year!@DJDolceVita: "No sleep for you!!!!!! ;-) <spoken like the Soup Nazi . . . too much Seinfeld for me?> (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and all the best for 2010!@DJDreamy: "Ain't a CLOUD in SIGHT~WAVEs2 @DJDolceVita@Jalapeno @klynnDemar @santamistura@organicsue @JendeMen @ (reblip)

Mr Blue Sky

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and Happy New Year!@Jalapeno: "Adored..." (reblip)

Collective SoulAdored

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in the court of the crimson king!

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Time of No Reply- Nick Drake

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JoanieBeachMusic Remember this..@JazzyChazzy@JoanieBeachMusic: "Thanks!!@BadAcid_Moonalice: "Short version so you still have time to recover before going to church. " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic From the snowy Hamptons, New York

Lou Reed Dirty Blvd

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@DJDolceVita: ":-) @Captblackeagle: "I will be flying again soon. @DJDolceVita"" (reblip)

Foo Fighters- A320

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!!@TropicsZ4: "Elton John, I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues" (reblip)

Elton John I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues

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Pat Metheny: "Last Train Home"

| play
JoanieBeachMusic Grazie!@by_starla: "[Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (live, acoustic)]" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@mckenzieKmusick: "I am just a sucker for beautiful music. I am the sentimental fool. (reblip)

The most beautiful music of Bach

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JoanieBeachMusic Ciao e grazie!@Stregaserena: "@TheOneAndOnly: "Merci and best wishes, by the way this song´s great !!! @LadyB74"Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That""" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic this song. Thanks!@rock2monster: "~i wanted to send flowers@Stregaserena~but, instead...i have this one perfect kiss... (reblip)

Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

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Collide w/ lyrics by Howie Day

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@jet333: "European Jazz Trio – "Europa"...:))" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic @Alturn8tive: "{The Rosebuds-Box Car}" (reblip)

'Box Car' The Rosebuds

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! @TropicsZ4: "Pretty good drums in this song too :) @BarbieRay" (reblip)

Soul Sacrifice ~ Santana

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Yoga Music at the beach by Trisoma

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks@dickadcock: "but have you _priced_ islands lately? LOL thx rb@mizzle: "This is where I want to be: on an island in the sun."" (reblip)

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

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Sniff 'N' The Tears - Driver's Seat

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JoanieBeachMusic I'm thinking Caribbean..on the beach with a pina colada!

Two tunes for Renaissance guitar

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Bruce Cockburn "Different When It Comes To You"

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JoanieBeachMusic Buona Sera e grazie!@mammara: "@GR8FL @abarbosa maybe it's strange that a brazilian want to go here for carnaval, (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thank you@Zentgraf: "Does it get better than this? I don't think so..." (reblip)

The Byrds-All I Really Want to Do (Single Version)

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JoanieBeachMusic Danke!@DrFloyd: "gimmi a soft OM ;)" (reblip)

Zen Garden

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Bach, "Little" Fugue (G minor)

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JoanieBeachMusic thank you@TheRealJohnC: ""Waterloo Sunset's Fine"...My favorite song by my favorite singer/songwriter. Thanks @Sheila_nl " (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks again@TheRealJohnC: "@FitzgeraldKC: "RB @backtoback Carlos Santana & Gato Barbieri - Latin Lady "nice sax from Barbieri in this .. (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Today is a perfect day!!! Happy Monday!

Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti Perfect Day 2001

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JoanieBeachMusic Hey everyone....get moving...workout....
JoanieBeachMusic DANKE!@cjh: "Wir werden es wohl bald geschafft haben!@HenrivanVeen: "10k for u @cjh: "Calling All Angels~~Train" pfff..."" (reblip)

Calling All Angels~~Train

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JoanieBeachMusic Many thanks!@prescottscott: "(rb) and thanks to you and @all it is a good night (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!!@bibman: "vi @avivamagnolia: "Nick Drake – Black Mountain Blues "" (reblip)

Bob Seger- Night Moves

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JoanieBeachMusic Sun is Pilates class....later...
JoanieBeachMusic I'm back.....

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version)

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks..I love this song@LindyLuv (reblip)

Joni Mitchell- Just Like This Train

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JoanieBeachMusic thank you!@docstimulas: "Van Morrison – Moondance - ok whats up ? I cant find "Someone Like You" my favorite VM song ? help )-:" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic I'd like to fly away to Barbados@TropicsZ4: "Thanks :) rb (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks rachidkas! How have you been?@rachidkas: "Thanks (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks..@TropicsZ4: "Hello, sounds nice,. rb @Becka_911: "Can't we all just take a trip and have a few margaritas together?"" (reblip)

Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett

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JoanieBeachMusic Good morning! Happy Wednesday...Have a great day!

Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@SingingBirds: "Another good one from the Man on The Moon soundtrack." (reblip)

R.E.M.- The Great Beyond

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Ian Anderson: Eurology

| play

Fleet Foxes "Ragged Wood" Music Video

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks..I have not heard this one in a long time!@backtoback: ".." (reblip)

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day -1968

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JoanieBeachMusic Great Song!@TheRealJohnC: "yes it is, thanks @luna1124: "Crosby, Stills & Nash – Lady of the Island ~~BEAUTIFUL SONG!!"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks again!@luna1124: "@djwttw Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac – Green Manalishi" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thank you@GR8FL: "turning myself into a demon (and charged up for work now)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thinking about our friends in Haiti....
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!!!@cjh: "Radiohead – Thinking About You" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Have a good day!@cjh: "Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks... always loved this song@cjh: "Hit to all!!@Dancer12:""" (reblip)

Ian Anderson- Circular Breathing

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks...i love this song@TropicsZ4: "Hold On" (reblip)

SantanaHold On

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JoanieBeachMusic Good morning! We made it to Friday!
JoanieBeachMusic We're having a heatwave in NY today....expecting the high forties...

Martha Reeves-Heat Wave (Live), 2005

| play
JoanieBeachMusic @JazzyChazzy: "@poochiesan24: "I agree, nice rb@pulsar: "What a beautiful song!""" (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac Albatross

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JoanieBeachMusic Yes!!!Very slow today..@scotlandlover: "anybody else having trouble getting availability of songs on betablip this am?" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Wish it was gone....

Nick Drake Winter is Gone

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JoanieBeachMusic @docstimulas: "more r/b luv @RockItRadio: "Hope you're not Dreaming With A Broken Heart"" (reblip)

Ian Anderson Orchestral Life is a Long Song 06/20

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JoanieBeachMusic thx@GR8FL: "thanks @prescottscott with your donation, have exceeded matching goal of $500 today to help Haiti relief... gonna up the ante tho'" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thank you@Shanti46: "Oh simple thing where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely on..." (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@kristenboyd: "It's probably my most played album of all time. Huge C.C. fan. rb @DJ_HeckaCool: "agree 100% :)" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks@krisp: "A track from one of the best albums of all time, by one of the best guitarists of all time. George Martin produced, btw..." (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@IKIDYOUNOT: "Listening to Robert Palmer – "Mercy Mercy Me / I Want You"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks@Oldies: "Marvin Gaye - What's Going On" (reblip)


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JoanieBeachMusic @jillbabe: "went into a daze trying to think of something clever to write" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic I spent yesterday at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art... Great day, great exhibits. If you are in NYC, you must go...
JoanieBeachMusic thanks@lukesharp: "please don't keep me waiting :D" (reblip)

Waiting on the World to Change- John Mayer + lyrics

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks..this is cool..@gotlongview: "Jesse Cook is amazing - luv his music! @Coffeenuts: "Cafe mocha @gotlongview: Jesse Cook"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks again!@Radiobread: "Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic wow this is beautiful..thanks!@rachidkas: "TY @BBlanca: "Good night... @me "Buenas noches .... ~~@BBlanca~~Pat Calisura – Romance (Spanish Ballade)""" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!!!@ambit: "perfect....>>@jchernandezjazz: "wow thanks ! @ShiaoMei: "@jchernandezjazz ..........The Pat Metheny Group ~ Minuano""" (reblip)

Pat MethenyMinuano

| play
JoanieBeachMusic thanks again@ambit: "#FreshJazzCafe: Classic Carlos Santana~Europa !! Enjoy @ShiaoMei @RadioFreeIllinois @backtoback @westham999 (reblip)

Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile), Santana

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Ginger Baker Trio~'Ginger's Blues'

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Two tunes for Renaissance guitar

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JoanieBeachMusic Is anyone having problems with Blip this morning?

Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison- Tomorrow Never Knows (Very Rare)

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks..this is a good one!@jerrym53: "craig chaquico-cafe carnival #musicmonday #nowplaying " (reblip)

craig chaquico-cafe carnival

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks again :-)@jerrym53: "Don Henley – Sunset Grill" (reblip)

The Doors When The Music's Over

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JoanieBeachMusic @EphemeralDog: "This would seem appropriate following this morning's blatant plug for a certain brand of canned food: Circus Maximus – Wind" (reblip)

Circus MaximusWind

| play
JoanieBeachMusic thanks!@bthecat: "da shh shh song @Mysterymix: "The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship"" (reblip)

02 The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship

| play
JoanieBeachMusic thanks again:-)@belcanto9900: "@MCDEIBEM: "TY:))@CynDyn: "great footage and sound quality on this one from @beingtheo. Thanks :)""" (reblip)

The Doors Love Me Two Times

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JoanieBeachMusic This is the end for today...Have a great afternoon and evening!!!!

the doorsThe End

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Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me BY Elton John

| play

Incubus-Anna Molly (Acoustic)

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JoanieBeachMusic I had such a great workout...feels soooooo good.
JoanieBeachMusic thanks@rachidkas: "Good Night Angel!@BBlanca ~~Joan Baez - La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)" (reblip)

John Mayall "Dream With Me"

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JoanieBeachMusic thanks again! Have a great day!@TropicsZ4: "She's Not There" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Love this song@TropicsZ4: "thanks rb @CMDoria: "The Doors – Wishful, Sinful"" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic This is so cool... (reblip)

Jack the Beat / Jack Kerouac by greenwich village

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JoanieBeachMusic This is also cool... (reblip)

Blues for Jack Kerouac

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks and cheer up :-)@luna1124: "A Sad Song ~~I need to get an attitude adjustment..just too sad today :(" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Great song!@Jalapeno: "Angel Love... new Santana" (reblip)

Santana 'Angel Love'

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JoanieBeachMusic Thanks!@docstimulas: "RB @echostreamer:Chris Cornell's haunting acoustic"Original Fire" (reblip)
JoanieBeachMusic Thanks! Makes me feel like dancing...@rico: "wickedest #ska tune ever" (reblip)