Lady8i8 @mrrodd: "Hey @donnadontplay Hope your Friday is moving along smoothly. I got 2 tickets just in case. :))" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Ttddman: "DX@imcfdean: "After midnight here, so already tomorrow ;) @Ttddman: "I'M GOOD 5:30PM HERE ANOTHER GREAT DAY@me"" (reblip)


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Lady8i8 I have always loved this song... (reblip)

BreadGuitar Man

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dANGELofLOVE Goodnight Doug! Pleasant Dreams! RB@BBandit:~Nelly Furtado – I'm Like A Bird~That's it for me today ppl. C ya tomorrow. :-)) Have a great evening ppl. (reblip)
kimme23 TY!!=))@queenofhearts11: "Could ask for a better song to shuffle into ty :) @kimme23: Heart "Never""" (reblip)
mrrodd Hey @donnadontplay Hope your Friday is moving along smoothly. I got 2 tickets just in case. :))
PaintedDaisy ~The Fray – How To Save A Life~
Lady8i8 @kimme23: "Andy Kim ~ "Rock Me Gently"" (reblip)

Andy Kim Rock Me Gently

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Lady8i8 @TropicsZ4: "How's the weather in Austria, ? Hot in the '90s here in Florida :) @cjh" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Angie74: "*snicker* @pitbullsrok: "is it wrong that I am tingly all over? :-P @Angie74: "Hot chick rb SAMMICH! @pitbullsrok: "RB luv!!b (reblip)
cjh Just watching Soccer championships?@BBandit: "Hello my friend Keep the beer cold @BrasilPlural: "@BBandit: "Thx for the props my friend @cjh: (reblip)
DJRoy1 ELO – Living Thing

ELOLiving Thing 1976

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Lady8i8 @pendulem: "@Elske63: "It's a marvelous night for a moondance..."" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @tyrelassie: ": "★ O.M.D . ★ If You Leave - taken from the film 'Pretty in Pink'. Enjoy!""" (reblip)

★ O.M.D . ★ If You Leave

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Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney from Hemingway's Whiskey

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dANGELofLOVE ♥♥~*~♥♥ Iris... I'd Give Up Forever To Touch You Cuz I Know You Can Feel Me Somehow... ♥♥~*~♥♥ #City #Of #Angels #GGD
creativeness lol...make sure ya get in on the whole list, baby! ;P thx! @BattLady: "Thanks Baby LOL RB @creativeness: "B S C baby!"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds You're not getting your spot back, just to keep thing straight. @DamnTheMan: "Seether and Amy Lee - Broken" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Hi Nicole!!! Great !!!...rb @nrayala: "Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back In Town" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @scotlandlover: "i have no accent @sir_edward_ross: "With a Swedish accent? scotlandlover: "witchy? @sir_edward_ross""" (reblip)

Elton John- The Bitch is Back

| play
Tropicsz4 Hi Babe, luv this song :) rb @alwilbanks: "38 Special – So Caught Up In You" (reblip)
Jeffie Taylor Dayne - "Love Will Lead You Back"
PabloM Pearl Jam – Oceans (Unplugged MTV 1992) ...have a wonderful night! :)!
tbell i may know the word, but not say it. out...
mrrodd Getting colder now, be careful what you wish for :) @DJKatalina N'Joy this Can~D fave with a little piano inspiration! :))

Candy DulferEverytime

| play
sir_edward_ross Nah ... doing HS homew*rk on top 10 deadliest animals @scotlandlover: "you fall asleep? @sir_edward_ross" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @klynnDemar: "Brad always does have a way with words! lol and give a little listen to that guitar peekin through" (reblip)
klynnDemar country music does have a nice way of saying "bite me"

Jack IngramLove You

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Lady8i8 I just LOVE this song! I'd forgotten that Taylor Swift was in on this too.. I think we've all had someone we could play this song for at some point
Eclecticist rb @Wes_H: "Thanks:) rb @pussreboots: "rb @Wes_H: "Toad the Wet Sprocket – Walk On the Ocean""" (reblip)
DDPlay No need to shout, I'm right here!! hehehe @creativeness: "hey" (reblip)
DDPlay I will check it out! Thx hun! @TropicsZ4: "Yes, It's on you tube official original video :) @donnadontplay: "Hi Will!! Used to is the key word!! (reblip)
Lady8i8 @donnadontplay: "Well deserved! YVW baybee!! @redwingjohnny: "thanking all of you 4 undeserved props last wk. love all yas. XO @lostndanet XO (reblip)
Lady8i8 @donnadontplay: "No need to shout, I'm right here!! hehehe @creativeness: "hey"" (reblip)
AtheDJ Yes,this song will be listened to forever. rb@fxp123: "have a good one @AtheDJ: "IMAGINE – JOHN LENON - imaginé (reblip)
klynnDemar lol, gotta love the subtle country tunes :) @TrainWreckRadio: Thanks! Locked, loaded, and SAVED for future reference, and/or for one that may need it! (reblip)
SarahABQ Snow flurries in Albuquerque, New Mexico!! :-) ~Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow ( Hey oh )
Lady8i8 @Tddmn: "Eddy Money -2 Tickets to Paradise" (reblip)

Eddy Money Lyrics 2 Tickets to Paradise

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fxp123 Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
DJRoy1 Weird Al Yankovic – Smells Like Nirvana


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Tropicsz4 Stevie Nicks – Edge Of Seventeen
kimme23 rb"@yahowa57: "@donnadontplay: "Congrats on your 10K badge!! You deserve it! @Time2Burn"" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @str8jgirl My mom walked out when I was 10, my sis was 3 - My Daddy-Mom was a single Dad to us both. I wish him a Happy Mother's day every year :)

Dolly Parton/Holly Dunn-Daddy's Hands

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Lady8i8 @str8jgirl Custodial s-mom to 3 of almost 14 years now - Kids are grown now - "Baby" turns 16 in a couple of weeks. ;) -played this song LOTS as a kid

Daddy Come Home -- George Jones and daughter Georgette

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Schoork Scorpions – Dust In The Wind
Gypsylyn Everyone luvs a ~ Brown-Eyed Girl ~ VM ~ and why not...;-);-)
Dancer12 Long Story # 35B Asked for Guidance: God+U+I=Gui+Dance=Guidance! [I Hope You Dance] TYs @JacoLovesMusic@scotlandlover@Firecracker16@Eri_Z@nbztunes
DJRoy1 Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands

Lady Antebellum One Day You Will

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Dancer12 TY RB@Schoork TY Ma'am! 4 u2@Dancer12 Wishing U FUN Friday! TY@Schoork Morning Flo!@Dancer12 GM, Andre! TY @Schoork Blink 182 - I Miss You (reblip)
Dancer12 [When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss]
Tropicsz4 Daughtry – Used To

DaughtryUsed To

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Dancer12 Well, Chocolate?? Coffee? YOU??Can U Define?? TY RB@romanus: "Depeche Mode :: Just Can't Get Enough" (reblip)
Dancer12 [Gnarls Barkley – Crazy - gr8fl]
golfnovels Jason Derulo - This story was "In My Head"
Lady8i8 @romanus: "You Outta Know :: Alanis Morissette" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak :))) @patita (( i'ts Friday tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak .

Thin LizzyJailbreak

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Lady8i8 Pulling out some of our older favorites today :)
DDPlay Thx hun! @JDS442: "rb !@donnadontplay: "~ Tesla - What You Give ~ Daily Dose!!"" (reblip)

TeslaWhat You Give

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DDPlay ~ Chickenfoot - Oh Yeah ~

ChickenfootOh Yeah

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DDPlay YVW hun! @RunswithCizers: "rb vi@donnadontplay: "~ Coldplay - Yellow ~" Excellent pick Angel.. thank you much!" (reblip)


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mrrodd I have the only key to ur heart. I can stop u falling apart :) @shibari: "@ mrrodd then maybe I can open the door :) - let my love open the door" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Good Afternoon :-) @MrsRobinsome: "Great blips as always! Gr8day2U!@TropicsZ4: "Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon"" (reblip)
MrsRobinsome "King Midas In Reverse" by The Hollies
Sylak Sweet!! Good to see ya back! Go Steelers! ☺ @bellbtmblues: "Hello, it's me, I have my account back, yeah!!!" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @kirkill: "Joe Satriani – Always with me, always with you" (reblip)
Wattyz I hope all of your excuses keep you safe. Excuses Alanis Morissette

Excuses Alanis Morissette

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Lady8i8 @AtheDJ: Have a great Sunday everyone! Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) – Enya" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Nani1982: "Definitely! ;))) @ladycatlady don't we all? ;) @Nani1982: "@droolius :) lol, never only half... ALL !!"" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Lou Bega - Mambo Number 5
DeAnnLR yeah...I'm chillin betw. semesters, all good here :)@bellbtmblues: "can't complain. how 'bout you? @DeAnn: "Heya J.! :) all good w. u? (reblip)

OutkastHey Ya

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dANGELofLOVE This Is My Fav!! Thanks!! A Must RB @Sly_dog: "Use Somebody" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Ty been playing song from 1994 @scotlandlover: "niiiice! rb vi @TropicsZ4: "Richard Marx - Now and Forever"" (reblip)

Richard Marx - Now and Forever

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DamnTheMan Welcome to where time stands still. No one leaves and no one will.... rb@Vix_Rock: "Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) |m| #TallicaTuesday |m|" (reblip)
iMickeyD rb@Naestopaz TY J, are you happy when it Snows? it's snowing here ~> ☺☺☺ (reblip)
DensOnAir Stevie Nicks • ♫♪♪♫ • Crash Into Me
mark_till @TheCapt Steal Away! Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
dANGELofLOVE Hi GG! Hope Your Weekend Was A Good One!! Thanks 4 RB @GGDANCE: @dANGELofLOVE: ♥♥ White Flag ♥♥ #Dido ♥♥ #Beautiful #New #Video ♥♥ (reblip)

White Flag / Dido lyrics

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alteresse Theatre of Tragedy " Cassandra
DamnTheMan And another! @Apaal: "@pitbullsrok: "here, here!! @nrayala: "love this one!! ty! :) #DamnTheMan: "Puscifer - The Mission" (reblip)

Puscifer"The Mission"

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lilwldchld I may not make it through the night, I won't go home without you....
andrew025 someone's just said gerry rafferty shuffled off this mortal coil this morning... rip..
DJNickPapag Thanks, I just know it's a fine line between bugging someone and sending a few songs! :))@JanetSEyre: RB! @DJNickPapag" (reblip)
Gypsylyn ♥♦♦ Her Diamonds ♦♦♥ Rob Thomas ~

10 B&G's - Copy

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Lady8i8 @AmyisImaginary: "Cuz we LOVE IT!!!!!!!! @TropicsZ4 (Lovely avi) When the smile radiates into the eyes.............truly happy ☺" (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary Still working on skimmin them stones....BUT-never give up, eh? @Greenfields47 "there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion." #HH
Tropicsz4 Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Tropicsz4 Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
sir_edward_ross Bad tooth, keeps cracking @scotlandlover: "AGAIN?I MUST need to teach U better care :) @sir_edward_ross: "and 2 morrow I get 2 see the Sadist me: ":( (reblip)

The CarsDrive

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DamnTheMan I drank Bud Light.....I know, the humanity!!! vi@kirkill: "The Coors – What can I do - when I drink "cheap" beer it's Coors, the Banquet beer. (reblip)
iSiTi rb @iJOBSi: "FOLLOW YOUR HEART...THE REST IS EASY...@L3tsGo" #k2 (reblip)

Van HalenDreams

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MrsASoprano And we sang, "Here we go again"...

James Blunt1973

| play
Tropicsz4 Great White - Rock Me

Great WhiteRock Me

| play
Tropicsz4 Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me
Jeffie Fleetwood Mac - "Rhiannon"

Fleetwood MacRhiannon

| play
harmony60 Kenny Chesney – The Boys Of Fall @lilbratsie .. For the Razorbacks. Since I used to live there. :-) .. Enjoy.. :-)
iSiTi @icatsi: GOOD MUSiC iS FOOD 4 UR EARS...AWW U MUST LiSTEN NOW BEFORE iTS 2 LATE...iTS SO GOOD...iS FANTASTiC @iFRiENDSi: "Love & Rockets – So Alive" (reblip)
DDPlay YVW!! @SteelyJan: "Hey ya'll out in Blip Land ~ can get a ADD PLEASE!!! Hey Donna, TYSM 4 helping @PaddyH71 get his shiny new badge! @donnadontplay" (reblip)
DDPlay ~ Warrant - Sometimes She Cries ~
MrGrandprix rb@SteelyJan: "Was married to one once....learned my lesson the hard way! LOL (Just sayin) ~ Southern Belles + Damned Yankees = No way! @DJBadBilly" (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~ Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
Bright_Blue ty RB! )) @nataliatune: "ty rb@MesaBoogie: "LOUDER! ~ Lita Ford and OZZY! Osbourne – Close My Eyes Forever (video)"" (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~ Stevie Nicks – Stand Back ~ #BHT !!!
Lady8i8 I have love love LOVED his voice since he was front man for Hootie.. Bought his album this week and have a few new favorites - this is one of them!

Darius RuckerThis

| play
daytonacharger @Lisa_Michele_ LED ZEPPELIN----Fool In The Rain-----my very favourite Zep song which really ROCKS!! FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
avard ""The Honeydrippers ~.~ Sea Of Love"" (reblip)

Goo Goo Dolls ft. Avril Lavigne-Iris Live (HD)

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sir_edward_ross RB @77ozzie: "" dress with the tights underneath,,,she wants to touch me now, she wants to love tongue pressed against her cheek..."" (reblip)

Don't Trust Me3oh!3

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Lady8i8 @MrGrandprix: "CYA later@KWright: "**Sweet Dreams my fellow blippers** Thx for everything!"" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @harmony60: "Hi Teresa.. Nice to see you. :-)..I am good. ty rb@teresa_8888: harmony60: "Paul McCartney & Wings – Let 'Em In :-) <3""" (reblip)
belcanto9900 Bob Seger – Like A Rock

Bob SegerLike A Rock

| play
kimme23 Poison – "Ride The Wind"

PoisonRide The Wind

| play
Lady8i8 @NicoleVSanchez: "Yes, I remember :) Funny, usually I connect on blip first :) (reblip)
avard """Bob Rivers – Porky Pig's Blue Christmas""""" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @mrrodd: "Don't worry @shibari I'll meet you halfway, right at the border! :))" (reblip)
fxp123 rb @senae: "BSS~ love the things you do" Atlanta Rhythm Section – So into You (reblip)
fxp123 ty @johnberr: "Nice one!@fxp123: "yw @Blipdjj: "TYrb@fxp123: "rb @Blipdjj: "TYrb@ARSCHLECKER" Firehouse - Don't walk away"""" (reblip)
fxp123 rb @Sheribaby_SPH: "Neville Brothers Version of Drift Away" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @JanetSEyre: "Love Paul Simon (and Mr Garfunkel as well!) rb! @opus111" (reblip)

Paul SimonKodachrome

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Lady8i8 @romanus: "Love is all around! :: Tesla – Love Song" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Great song! rb@romanus: "Love is all around! :: Tesla – Love Song" (reblip)
fxp123 LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me

LOBO I'd Love You To Want Me

| play
Lady8i8 @JanetSEyre: "WOO! Honored, sistah!! :D rb @fun4lilli: "▂ ▃ ▅ Thank You Top Propper ▅ ▃ ▂ Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song""" (reblip)
ElZorro The Pretenders – I'll Stand By You
Lady8i8 @space_cadet: ":)) I have to go if I'm ever going to get this suitcase zipped. Sogni d'oro @mammara :) & see you in a few days, bliplings all!" (reblip)
BobTheMediaGuy Most often heard by a and thx!@AudreyLipburn HELP!!! I NEED A GOOD GRADUATION SONG, any suggestions?? I'm graduating from nursing school
MirQ 'Cuz a real man knows a real woman when he sees her.'
Lady8i8 @creativeness: "aw hell, JT, i've been rollin' with the punches, life ain't so tough if ya don't try to control it. But I'm not on the cover yet (reblip)
scotlandlover geez I missed it...did you make a vid? :-) @dawnie22: "GM dear. Fireflies trying to teach me how to dance lol:)~~> RB @scotlandlover" (reblip)
sandiegogil nice playlist thx@SpinningDiscs: "Within Temptation – What Have You Done" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @scotlandlover: "geez I missed it...did you make a vid? :-) @dawnie22: "GM dear. Fireflies trying to teach me how to dance lol:)~~ RB @scotlandlover"" (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands........ Shout Outs & Thanks to: @johnberr, @sandiegogil -"TY", @mrrodd
Sylak ‡‡Asia - "Heat of The Moment"‡‡ (reblip)
Dancer12 LOL, do U go away this time every day? My job is 2 say Nite, sweet dreams, TYSM! RB@belcanto9900 thanks 2 all DJs 4 inspiration ** goodnight @all (reblip)
creativeness love the love.......go fly a kite today! ;P ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I'M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady8i8 @bsutti: "LOL =D @Jalapeno: "1965 Billboard Number One Hits... The Temptations – My Girl"" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @harmony60: "Hi Mahshid..great to see you..i am good..ty rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Hello Mary, nice one !!! harmony60: "Van Halen – Right Now""" (reblip)

Van HalenRight Now

| play
Lady8i8 @NicoleVSanchez: "So, Dean, are you coming to my birthday party? @Sylak: "" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @vidabatine: "[ REM - I Am Superman ]" (reblip)

REM - I Am Superman

| play
Lady8i8 @DreamWarriorz: "Ahhh huh!! :P @Lunaladee: "rb : "I hear the secrets that you keep..when your talking in your sleep!" --that'll get you in trouble!"" (reblip)
SimpleJim Queen -- Fat Bottomed Girls >>
Lady8i8 @romanus: "♪Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic Ft Felly" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Jalapeno: "1968 Billboard Number One Hits... Simon & Garfunkel – Ms Robinson" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @donnadontplay: "TY! & No kidding! @NicoleVSanchez: "excellent! So hard to find a decent version of this song! @donnadontplay: "~ Melissa Etheridge -" (reblip)
ankita_gaur lol :D@DamnTheMan: "Just remember to BYOB!!! rb@ankita_gaur: "Come As You Are[Lyrics] – Nirvana"" (reblip)
golfnovels TLC – Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
Lady8i8 @Jalapeno: "1966 Billboard Number One Hits... LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE – THE MONKEES" (reblip)

Natasha Beddingfield-These Words

| play
Lady8i8 @PaulCwalina: "Such a great song @comicmama: "All I need is a miracle. All I need is YOU !"" (reblip)

80's - Mike and The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

| play
Lady8i8 @comicmama: "I got the brains You got the looks . Let's make lots of money !!" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @NicoleVSanchez: "so what has prompted the billboard hits by year? luv this! @Jalapeno:1968 Billboard Number One Hits... (reblip)
Lady8i8 @White_Buffalo: "@StreamingMimi: Love this - John Parr – Saint Elmo's Fire"" (reblip)
Lady8i8 <3 This Song! 3 Doors Down - Here Without You (reblip)
Lady8i8 This Vid combines a song and game that I love.. Five for Fighting - 100 Years
Lady8i8 When you say Nothing at all - Alison Krauss & Union Station -
Lady8i8 This was a surprise - Never thought I'd hear Moe cover Prince! Have a Listen ;) The Pursuit Of Happiness – When Doves Cry
golfnovels Brandy You're A Fine Girl - Looking Glass

Brandy You're A Fine Girl Looking Glass

| play
Lady8i8 Better rain than snow darlin' ;) - Luke Bryan - Rain is A Good Thing
Tropicsz4 Dokken – Alone Again

DokkenAlone Again

| play
Lady8i8 What songs would you put on the sound track of your life? Memory Triggers? All Time Favorites - Please Share! Tainted Love - Soft Cell is 1 of mine

Tainted LoveSoft Cell

| play
Lady8i8 Julianne Hough - That Song in My Head
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Lips Of An Angel *•♫♪

hinder-lips of an angel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

| play
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Don't You Want Me *•♫♪
CBSpinner ♪♫•* I Want You To Want Me *•♫♪
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Breakfast In America *•♫♪
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Turn The Page *•♫♪

Bob Seger- Turn the Page

| play
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Cum Feel The Noize *•♫♪
CBSpinner ♪♫•* Beds Are Burning *•♫♪
CBSpinner @Gypsylyn: "And i wonder if I ever cross your mind, For me it happens all the time...." You can't cross an area you are already occupying (reblip)
CBSpinner @Gypsylyn: "~ Here Without You ~ 3 Doors Down ~ and I dream about you all the time ......." ditto (reblip)
White_Buffalo Here's Nazareth and This Flight Tonight -- for my daughter Cathie <3

Nazareth-This Flight tonight-Live HQ

| play
Lady8i8 Chris Daughtry covering Lady Gaga's Poker Face

DaughtryPoker Face

| play
Lady8i8 I heard this again for the "first" time when I was in hospital and played it for my teddybear - It's perfect.. <3 Trace Adkins – The Rest Of Mine
Lady8i8 Billy Talent - Falling Leaves
Lady8i8 Jeffree Star - Starstruck (Feat. Danger Radio) - Gotta love it when the kids bring home "new" songs and you can dust off the original album or tape!
Lady8i8 Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
Awannabeangel @TropicsZ4: "@ArrowME: "WILL No help. Can't "drive" feelings!@TropicsZ4: "Dire Straits – So Far Away""@Just_ME_on @Close2U, (reblip)
Awannabeangel Dusty Springfield – Put a Little Love in Your Heart
creativeness you have a couple of good points....;P...rb@melimel3: "Thought that was the point Lol!@creativeness: "lol, skirts don't cover much..@melimel3 (reblip)
scotlandlover how is googlechrome? @Flying_Roundhouse: "Try a diff browser - I'm finding tons of bugs with Firefox (and a bunch with Explorer (reblip)
candy156sweet Van Halen – Top Of The World This just seemed appropriate for today! Hope you're having a great one!
SpinningDiscs Breaking Benjamin - I will not Bow... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @rubicreide, @patita - "Appreciate the Support!", @TropicsZ4, @DJrharrima, @Hydejekyl

Don Henley-The End of The Innocence.mp4

| play
candy156sweet Richard Marx - Best of Me This is the first time in over twenty years that I've ever heard this cut. This is a song I'd always wanted him to record!

Richard Marx_The Best Of Me (Acoustic)

| play
Dancer12 Ya think???????? LOL, TY RB@roberlan: "Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love" (reblip)
Lady8i8 Charlene - I've never been to me

charlene i've never been to me

| play
Lady8i8 Howard Jones – No one is to blame
Lady8i8 Howard Jones – What is love.mpg
Lady8i8 Gowan – Strange Animal

GowanStrange Animal

| play
Gidyean Wow baby doesn't matter that it's nickelback. :-*@spinsiren: "Ok, yes, I know... it's Nickelback... but I just couldn't help myself ;) @Gidyean" (reblip)

I'd Come For You by Nickleback

| play
Awannabeangel Turn The Beat Around – Gloria Estefan
Awannabeangel @dawnie22: "!! What u tryin' to do to my heart :}~~> You Better Run' !! -Pat Benetar-" (reblip)

Pat Benatar- You Better Run

| play
Schoork Hey Love!@Angie74: "I'll wait right here for you @Schoork. Thinking of you and T today. Much love!! xoxo <3" (reblip)

White Lionwait

| play
Lady8i8 @Schoork: "Hey Love!@Angie74: "I'll wait right here for you @Schoork. Thinking of you and T today. Much love!! xoxo <3"" (reblip)

White Lionwait

| play
fxp123 Eddie rabbit - I Love A Rainy night + lyrics
Tropicsz4 RB @TrixiesNova: "@lucy_diamond: "reblip @vidabatine: "Must. Thanks RB@TropicsZ4: "Hall and Oates – Rich Girl"""" (reblip)
Dancer12 ROFL, love you, funny, GR8 VIDEO, love You!! so cute!! TYSM RB@marpolo20@Dancer12 RB (reblip)
Jeffie The Monkees - "Daydream Believer"
Lady8i8 @Jeffie: "Chubby Checker - "The Limbo Rock"" (reblip)

Chubby Checker Limbo Rock

| play
Lady8i8 @Chow322: "hey my friend this smile is @ u :)) @EllenaG: "~Hey You – Pink Floyd~"" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Louden: "Doing great, thanks! Hope you are as well. :D rb@pamper411: "My theme song to the x! How r my friends 2day? @creativeness @Time2Burn (reblip)


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Lady8i8 For Cael :)

Jeffree Star- Starstruck (with lyrics)

| play
daytonacharger @Flower_Power---THE BEATLES----Got To Get YOU Into MY Life----another really BRILLANT song by the Beatles!! Bloody Brillant!!! (reblip)

The Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life Lyrics

| play

Eric Clapton- Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

| play
Lady8i8 @daytonacharger: "@desyslava---Van Halen---DESI WE--Can't Stop Loving YOU !! (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Unaturalsoul: "@SpinninR: "#soundtrack this one is always good for a laugh @Unaturalsoul"" (reblip)

Robin Hood: Men In Tights

| play
Lady8i8 @vidabatine: ...The average American downs nearly 150 pounds of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup a year..." (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Djfunkysounds: "Knocking at my door. @SKySWiM: "@sweethonesty Men At Work – Who Can It Be Now (1981)"" (reblip)
fxp123 Journey - I'll Be Alright Without You
Lady8i8 An all time favorite ! - TGIF Gang :)
Lady8i8 @J___Spot: "The Cure - Friday I'm In Love (For my Besties)" (reblip)

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

| play
Lady8i8 It's a beautiful sunny day here in Cardinal Ontario ~ Enjoy! :)
Schoork POISON – Unskinny Bop

POISONUnskinny Bop

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Lady8i8 @avard That particular Marty tune always reminds me of my Dad. When we were young he'd sing along - thought I'd share another Fave Dad Tune :)
DJRoy1 The Rolling Stones – She's Like a Rainbow
Lady8i8 @Flower_Power: "Love Pink! Thank you, sweets! :)@scotlandlover: "just for you ~~"im coming up" get this party started :-)"" (reblip)

Lady Antebellum One Day You Will

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Dancer12 That's what i miss RB material(and U) @S75 MIA 4/18, wondered if U went same place!! RB@avard (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Jeffie: "Leroy Van Dyke - "Walk On By" - If I see you tomorrow on some street in town, pardon me if I don't say "Hello"..." (reblip)

Walk On By-Leroy Van Dyke

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Lady8i8 @Flower_Power: "~~ Tesla - What You Give ~~ ♫•*¨*•♥ .•*¨*•♫♪#BHT" (reblip)

TeslaWhat You Give

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Lady8i8 @Flower_Power: "~~ Skid Row - I Remember You ~~ ♫•*¨*•♥ .•*¨*•♫♪#BHT" (reblip)
Lady8i8 @DirtyUrine: "@DamnTheMan: "Cuz I'm very shy ;) rb@Angie74: "Great White -- Once Bitten Twice Shy #threesomethursday #3""" (reblip)

Great White-Once Bitten Twice Shy

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Lady8i8 @DamnTheMan: "I warned you about those tunnels @ankita_gaur: "i remember ur evil grin :p@DirtyUrine: "I'm back! *reaches for her hand* @ankita_gaur (reblip)

GodsmackI Stand Alone

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DJRoy1 The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue
Lady8i8 @Awannabeangel: "Hi buzz ! can I have this dance ? :-) @hawaiibuzz: "Eddy Grant - I Don't Wanna Dance"" (reblip)
harmony60 Hi about (Go Cavs & Lakers) A bball fans is a bball fan..great to see you.i am are you?.ty rb.@BakingMan: "(go lakers!!) harmony60 (reblip)
Lady8i8 @harmony60: "Hi about (Go Cavs & Lakers) A bball fans is a bball fan..great to see you.i am are you?.ty rb.@BakingMan: (reblip)
Bubbly3 GN beautiful. I dont feel good enough 2 yell-lol. ttyl~muah! @NicoleVSanchez: "I knew I would hear about it too, you can yell at me tomorrow,@me (reblip)
Bubbly3 its so NOT a tag team & how do u know he doesn't want a pie, why cookies? :) @BakingMan: "I knew it it is tag team blip!!! lol =) @me (reblip)
Lady8i8 @Tddmn: "@lostndanet: "LOVE HIM!!!!!! ;) @SongofDeborah777: "Soooo.... True,-this song and all It's words!!!""" (reblip)

Daughtry- Learn My Lesson (w/ lyrics)

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Lady8i8 @chickenkatsu: "RB @TidyCat: "xie xie! @lillianwong: "Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen""" (reblip)
StonyTunes ~.~ STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF YOU ~.~ Stealers Wheel ;-)(-;
Schoork Mötley Crüe – Same Ol' Situation