Lowell they were more than "for what its worth"
Lowell It's not a hard sell either
Lowell Della gets real


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readmylipstick Clap your hands, tap those feet, sway those hips...
Lowell Hope you're feeling good this morning!
2HandedJam *** Inara George – Fools in Love
Lowell DCT took them from nowhere to everywhere
Lowell oh yeah take time take five
Lowell Some good cruisin' music
Lowell @DeAnn - another great Searchers take on a Jackie DeShannon song
Lowell @DeAnn I like the Searchers better but Jackie wrote it (and some other great hits.)
Lowell I'm thinking - hearing Brasil tonight
Lowell Start your day with something positive :-)
veriserpa Ah, se a juventude que esta brisa canta Ficasse aqui comigo mais um pouco Eu poderia esquecer a dor De ser tão só pra ser um sonho
veriserpa Marina, morena, Marina você se pintou Marina você faça tudo mas faça o Favor ... Não pinte esse rosto que eu gosto Que eu gosto e que é só

Gilberto GilMarina

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Lowell Laissez Bon Temps Roulez - Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
Lowell Getting it revved up this afternoon

Gypsy KingsBamboleo

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rjmarmol this ain't no disco... :) sheryl crow is my ultimate rock chick! hit it sheryl! http://adayinthelifeofrj.com
Lowell Gettin' on towards lunch time, so pass 'em
Lowell Some banjo, Banjo? Yes Banjo and a little more.

Seldom Scene - Appalachian Rain

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Lowell He has a way with his chosen instrument
cabrochette vezenquando deixo um bondia dramático aqui. então bondia, gente. hora de ir pro tronco. :)
Shade37777 Here Lowell......Chew On This!
Shade37777 Rollover Timtoven. Open Your Eyes And Weep Not For Thyself But For Those That Surround You For They're Loss Is Immenent!
Dave_Malby Do The Memphis Grind - Duke Robillard
Shade37777 @ Lowell Jus Cause I Know You Like It! No Props Needed.
TheGreatSantini Need a mellow musical interlude. My favorite Asian composer about favorite Asian area: Silk Road
Lowell I think I need to go there
Lowell Can't get her out of my mind
Lowell Groovin on some late morning music

Boz ScaggsLowdown

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Lowell And she's a preacher's daughter!
Lowell Blue Man Group Gospel Blues

Moby ft Jill Scott & Blue Man Group Natural Blues (Grammy 2001 Version)

| play
readmylipstick Kudos @GR8FL Talking about Smooth, here it is. @thaisypecsen for sure and thank you for the blip and also @sandraew (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Linda Ronstadt – Hurt So Bad
Lowell Not quite blues but what's in a name anyway?
Lowell jeff takes the blues aways

Jeff BeckJB's Blues

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readmylipstick How can u not crave her early songs? mmmmmmm smooth @GR8FL a classic kd lang song! (reblip)

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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Lowell @ Rod's kinda posing as a bluesman don't yo think?
Dave_Malby Clean shirt..blues shoes...Every Girl Crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
Lowell Cream was at heart a power blues band
DeAnnLR @NigazG : now THAT's a great version, awesome blip, man! (bom eh poucooooo>>>>@suzan @adanaflavia@ric@Diordan@DJRodneyKing... ) (reblip)
Lowell Buddy what you goin' to do?
Lowell When you're at the crossroads there's one thing to do
Lowell In the south you grow up with the blues
readmylipstick reblip reblip reblip, feelin' like a frog... wait that's ribbit. Cream creams 'em @threebears CLASSIC [Cream – Crossroads] re-blipping @adbert ^_^ t (reblip)


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readmylipstick Oooooo, this is NICE. Better n' nice... Tx @Lowell for sharing. Change of pace for Mick (reblip)
Lowell Back in the USA the Doors had the blues
Lowell Change of pace for Mick
Lowell Checking out for a while I'll leave you with this
DeAnnLR @kdcat : Great treasure chest blip :-) cher did an exelent cover of this (reblip)
DeAnnLR @Bluespanther the groove goes on...leaving for uptown (reblip)
DeAnnLR @LaLoLeigh : she's got some great songs...Dolly! Jolene- Dolly Parton (reblip)

Dolly PartonJolene

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DeAnnLR Peter Paul and Mary with The Mamas and The Papas – I Dig Rock'n'Roll Music (reblip)
Lowell Many versions but this one was on the charts for a while

Dixie CupsIko Iko

| play
Lowell Memphis - home of many music kings and queens
Rudra 1000 blips celebration! Rebliping my best stuff since the beginning! =] (reblip)
Lowell A band named after a ? Who knows?
lissame73 The Marshall Tucker Band - "Heard It in a Love Song" (1977) @Jeffie I love this song... thanks for blipping it.. (reblip)
Lowell Oh Natty

17 - Natty Dread - Bob Marley

| play
DeAnnLR @stacia I Got an error when I tried to reblip your last song :-o You must have a cool mom ;-) Be back in a few guys, stick around, will ya?!
Lowell Golden song golden voice


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Lowell It's hard you know it's hard.........
Lowell Just give me some kind of sign
Lowell Did you ever get a letter?
Lowell Hello

Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger

| play
Lowell Some day you're gonna be sorry


| play
Lowell Weekend at Bernadette's
Lowell 1965 it was 44 years ago........!
Lowell the other jimmy Jones hit

Good Timin'-Jimmy Jones-original song-1960

| play
Lowell Originally the theme from "Black Orpheus"
Lowell RIP Les Paul - let's not forget multi-tracking - how about 24 tracks in 1953? Overdub overdub overdub
Lowell it'll have to do until the Peggy Lee version is findable
Lowell Do you know Pat Suzuki? She was the first Japanese-American woman to get a major recording contract..............
Lowell BillBoard's # 3 Song in 1964......and it's not the Beatles lol
Lowell My grandfather and me.......
Lowell Sort of was my anthem in high school
Lowell Doolang doolang doolang
Lowell was a very special boy
Lowell Had one of those once in a lifetime days how about you?
readmylipstick I'm gone gone gone again. But I will be back. Later.
Lowell Mersey - Mersey Beat - what they called it :-)
Lowell beatos besouros beatles ole
Lowell A good thought for a sunny day
Lowell Tal's tribute to Django - "Nuages" aka "The Bluest Kind Of Blues"

Tal FarlowNuages

| play
Lowell From the Esteemed Reverend of Memphis
Lowell You've got to get off to a good start

james brown - i feel good

| play
Lowell Mood music for today - Once In A Lifetime
Lowell @radioreview thanks for the Django here's another
Lowell @NeedBlues2Live some acoustic for you and thanks for wakin me up with SRV
Lowell @Buzzz thanks for the blipspiration I just had to reblip it. (reblip)
Lowell sunset moves across the pond
Lowell It's been a while - thought I'd come back with this -
sueandsteve Considered by many to be the last of the disco songs

Lipps IncFunkytown

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DeAnnLR Nice - rare - version of the EC master thx @Siberia Good morning to all! :-)) (reblip)
Lowell Wes has the right message for all you beautiful ladies
Lowell Good morning - where are you looking today?
MasterWolf If you remember the song sing one more time this time with Johnny Rivers

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

| play
MasterWolf Now that you are all tuned up lets fly with Peter Paul and Mary
Lowell feelin a little snakey today not sneaky not snarky but snakey...
Lowell AM too - Satellite, Internet, Fm, it's all radio radio radio

Steely DanFM

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Lowell @DeAnn awesome blues for sure reblipping it and saying hi to @NeedBlues2Live (reblip)
DeAnnLR @Oldies Santana featuring Michelle Branch – Game Of Love (reblip)
cabrochette eu quis dizer "troféu joinha". já passou da hora do blip deixar de ser esse ambiente amigável. ;)
Lowell A Brazilian Twist on the Beatles - Rita Lee's version of "A Hard Day's Night" @Affiliate_Rev (reblip)
Lowell Always a good thing to do
Lowell Free your troubled mind - Nina !
Lowell Maybe this is the antidote for the way I feel :-)
Lowell Feeling this way today, don't know why........

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
Lowell Yeah it's afternoon here but not everywhere - Good Morning (reblip)

Sopranos theme song Woke Up This Morn

| play
DeAnnLR @killedbydeath: THX - awesome blip! ...never thinking of the future... (reblip)
MadMommyMariaMagnosi This one is dedicated to anyone who is 9 days older than baseball (that would be me) but I am sure there are others????
Lowell Think I better play here tomorrow and make some bread the for the rest of today (reblip)
Lowell and another made famous by a guy named Clapton

J.J. CaleCocaine

| play
Lowell Still in Memphis with the Rev Al Green
Lowell @Jewisha I'm in a Stax-Volt state of mind right now - thanks for all

Carla ThomasB-A-B-Y

| play
Lowell Gospel roots rock'n my soul
Lowell JJ could cover a song too - this one's by Clapton
Lowell More from Jean Jeacques Cale

J.J. CaleCrazy Mama

| play
Lowell she had to make the songs her own
Lowell She never got the breaks
Dave_Malby Good Morning!!

Sopranos theme song Woke Up This Morn

| play
Lowell I remember I remember

Rosemary Clooney - As Time Goes By

| play
Lowell can't forget this one

k.d. langSkylark

| play
Lowell Yowza

Tower of Power - Brick House

| play
Lowell @BrendaHeisler i don't think anyone totally got it - it left us with unanswered questions - thanks for the blip! (reblip)
Lowell still fresh after 40 + years
Lowell one more for the ro - o -o -o oad
DeAnnLR Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son" (1969) Yuppieeeehhhh!! (reblip)
Lowell Music for the birds this morning tweet tweet
Lowell Love this Buffalo Springfield piece
Dave_Malby The Power Of Love – Huey Lewis and the News
berequinha sem comentários....


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berequinha Em homenagem à minha amiga Pata. LA BARCA!!!!
Lowell Someone said no not Nancy, but Jackie so of course here he is
Lowell One of the classiest singers ever

Nancy WilsonCall Me

| play
Lowell an even bigger place

Steely DanAja

| play
Lowell Memories of Detroit

Yusef Lateef Russell and Eliot

| play
Lowell rag mama


| play
Lowell Forget the Hotel California stay here
Lowell ah Judy so long ago so far away
Lowell on a jazz trip so nice to get this from home
Lowell great weather for my flying friends
leinergroove I will buy the Rachael Yamagata's albums. I will. Oh yes I will. The albums.
Lowell Starting the blipping day with something from the California way back machine
Lowell One of the R&B greats and his greatest song?
Lowell Yeah Mama was right - she told me........
Lowell Equal time for the ladies

The ShirellesBoys

| play
Lowell You can't please every one..
Lowell Where ya goin' with that in your hand?

Jimi HendrixHey Joe

| play
Lowell Got a line

Spirit - I Got A Line On You

| play
Lowell Been playin' since they babies
Lowell I'd like to be goin' down to St. Thomas ...
Lowell Trinidad - Calypso, Soca: Mighty Sparrow

Mighty Sparrow - Big Belly Man

| play
Lowell Down in Hollywood, better hope that you don't run out of gas...
Lowell Talkin' 'bout New Orleans funk
Lowell Never have been a big Stones fan but
Lowell Bright lights of memphis
Lowell Back to those muddy roots
Lowell Back in the day we wore this guys albums out
Lowell Stan could play with anyone

Chick Corea & Stan Getz La Fiesta

| play
Lowell Saw these two way back in the 60's a Stax/Volt review concert.
Lowell from trains to chains
leinergroove It could have been released back in 1965! (reblip)

DuffyWarwick Avenue

| play
Lowell A sunny song for you

Bobby HebbSunny

| play