Lunaladee Perfect, thank you so much <3 (rb) @Surreality: "Coil – "Are You Shivering?" Some "moon music" and a big hello hug for @Lunaladee!" (reblip)
Lunaladee Just recently, through you, thank you (rb) @Surreality: "Over the Rhine - "Firefly" Do you know this band @Lunaladee? I love them" -me too (reblip)


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Lunaladee blip, the gift that keeps on giving :) @waybackmachine:"kelw! @frazil:"again! @Lunaladee:another rb@JanetSEyre:"Love this song, too much :D @Lunaladee (reblip)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos

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Lunaladee Thank you, I appreciate that @PyrettaBlaze: "@Lunaladee Thinking of you and sending much reiki <3" (reblip)
Lunaladee 10 yrs later, I'm still hooked on this one, lol @Surreality
Lunaladee from my heart to yours, thank you. RB@Surreality:"@Lunaladee: Wishing to show you the beauty of your own spirit. May the Goddess light up your night." (reblip)
Lunaladee i love Inkubus Sukkubus, vampires, and erotica, so -- reblip @Alfea: "@ReadySetBlink: "Inkubus Sukkubus – Vampyre Erotica"" (reblip)
Lunaladee did you party?? :) rb@mountainhero (reblip)

Schandmaul Walpurgisnacht YEHA!!!

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Lunaladee @gabrielcorpse: "The Gathering – The May Song RB @bloodymaryjoe" perfect! (reblip)
Lunaladee Goodnight, Everyone, see you when the sun comes up. Thanks for sharing.

Soap&Skinthe sun

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Lunaladee @GiliOhayon: "@Lunaladee: "Swans... Cranes... flying through the 'Particles and Waves' of light... rb@Totengrber: "rb@Carmilla""" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "@Lunaladee: "so good..."and if i comprehend this moment i know we'll live again" rb@Totengrber"" (reblip)

Swans Killing for Company

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Lunaladee "The music and voices are all around us." @Faddic: "Shake dreams from your hair :) rb@Lunaladee: "hello "my pretty child" :) "" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Carmilla: "Coz it is. And from midnight it's Beltane. Celebrate spring." But of course *you* would note Walpurgisnacht.. Meet you on Brocken Mt. :) (reblip)

Pluto Drive

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Lunaladee "troubleSchmuble" @ducks2007:"without comment rb@Lunaladee:"rb@mimidancer:"if i am lucky!" Sometimes a girl has to take matters into her own hands" (reblip)

Tonight She Comes (The Cars)

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Lunaladee it's not cool to blip him you know (but i forget why) @ducks2007: "rb @Lunaladee: "*great*! RB@Lambiexx"" (reblip)
Lunaladee Goodnight, fellow-lover of sad and beautiful music, thanks for sharing. Pleasant dreams :) rb@LiveHeart13 (reblip)

Mists of Avalon Loreena Mckennit The Mystics Dream

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Lunaladee thx 4 the help! this is a fav, so soulful RB@Naestopaz:"now its gonna be a mission to make sure every version I've heard u have too Cheers! @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee email filter didn't catch top-prop report, it was in spam. A special song... thank you so much @Totengrber @ducks2007 @frazil @atank @LiveHeart13

neutral - song of shadow and its dream (lunaladee)

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Lunaladee uh huh @ducks2007: "I am NOT stalking, he claimed... @Lunaladee: "...i see you joined blip *1 day after me!* coincidence?? ;) rb@ ducks2007" (reblip)
Lunaladee *4* props & a reblip for this :) @MasterPimpBerrySlim: "I guess it's a creepy spring *Mark Burgess & The Sons of God – Façades by Glass in E minor*" (reblip)
Lunaladee nice pick! @tetsuo: "@GrimLuxuria" --- G'day, Blippers (reblip)

We Fell To Earth 'The Double'

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ducks2007 how sad but true - I'm happy ur back... sigh @Lunaladee
Faddic I heard it from u :) you blipped it couple of times, "Killer" lyrics! rb@ImJustBlue: "Have you heard this one..special to me.. Lyrics are beautiful.." (reblip)
Lunaladee franka potente- believe (run lola run – movie soundtrack) Running off to watch Lola run... she's so very good at it! Goodnight again, for real :)
Lunaladee "just like a ghost, you keep following me" ...a ghost, or a stalker ;) @ducks2007 Nice avatar, btw. Sex-change?
Lunaladee god this is glorious @ducks2007: "rb @DarkElephant: "TY @TarinnAdaria: "The Crüxshadows – Memorare""" (reblip)
Lunaladee weekend plans? hope it's a great one, however you spend it @MojaveMini @Naestopaz
Lunaladee this is wonderful, thank you so much. (rb)@Faddic: "My deepest sorrows for your loss, sending you love, transcending peace & beams of light @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee finished painting butterflies? (rb)@Carmilla (reblip)

DirgeDeath in Vegas

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Lunaladee yes... rb @Surreality: "Sara Lov – "My body is a cage" I adore this. @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee Hello Blipkins. 'downer alert' But Lynn Canfield's haunting vocals are worth it. (I am so thrilled to finally be able to UL songs to blip)

Area - Tunnel

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Lunaladee 3 props and a reblip @MmePaulita: "A Perfect Circle – When The Levee Breaks" (reblip)
Lunaladee the one i usually send is no longer available :( <3 @psymox @SentimentalJo @Surreality

The One I Love by Rosie Thomas, 10/24/07

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Lunaladee @RRicco: @Lunaladee; I joined blip b/c music is my 'perfect drug', a harmless addiction ;) And also as an escape from sev. doses of harsh reality... (reblip)
Lunaladee you're way too young to be a bucket-kicker, but this is a great song ;) <3 @greyskiesblack
Lunaladee you've no idea how much i love this band - more than VAST?? ;) rb@Elecktra: "Hola dears,have a nice day Carmilla TotengrberLunaladee PenelopeVintage.. (reblip)
Lunaladee @gypsysoul_as_ever: debrah6: @Nsibai: "Liquid Mind – Lullaby for Grown-ups (Luna, The Moon)" too pretty to save until bedtime (reblip)
Lunaladee ha, interesting timing, this coming along just now... rb@AirighNamBeist (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@MojaveMini: "The Lovetones – The Sound & The Fury ...and i'm never gonna be the way that you want me..." (reblip)
Lunaladee @Carmilla: "@Lunaladee: "eat cake. remember: 'stressed' spelled backwards is DESSERTS :D @greyskiesblack: "happy bday! @camdalamb: "me April 27th"""" (reblip)


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Lunaladee rb@sribler; "We're kissing the lips of strangers, we're hugging whoever next we meet...oh life I love you, to my bones" @ all the lonely people ;) (reblip)
Lunaladee @PyrettaBlaze:"TY <3 @Lunaladee: industrial blip-luv @Totengrber kiddo84 Surreality Carmilla TinyTania PenelopeVintage greyskiesblack fun4lilli frazil (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "sometimes i can't fall asleep you lie beside me and i weep dancing shadown on the wall onceyou caught me ... now i fall" (reblip)

Now I Fall

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Lunaladee seriously, isn't this nice?i love it @ducks2007:"u won't dance with me unless it's a polka? let's pretend we're french and dance like this! @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee YES! atta boy!!! @ducks2007: "LOL how true, so I quit trying to focus and blip anything that catches my fancy from the last 600 years... @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee love this. don't see it often, not like VAST et al, lol. nice... rb@proxility: ""Low Red Moon, how can you, sleep like a baby?"" (reblip)

Belly Low Red Moon

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Lunaladee i do now ;) thanx, nice! love hearing new (to me) stuff -- rb@Hedgehog: "Know this brazilian band? @Lunaladee" (reblip)
Lunaladee one must strive to surpass previous achievements ;) rb@MojaveMini: "...Waving Hello!!! to... @Lunaladee ...just hitting my new low...again!!! ;))" (reblip)
Lunaladee I began the day with this, think I'll end with it too... an excellent cover of this beautiful song. Goodnight, Blipkids. Thanks for sharing.
Lunaladee ty :) I've been blipping for 14 hours, think I need a nap, lol... goodnight @LiveHeart13: ""<3"@Lunaladee: "rb@anatos: "☾""" (reblip)

VastOne More Day

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Lunaladee I learn of so many beautiful songs from you, thank you - rb@Coffeenuts: "AA Bondy – I Can See the Pines are Dancing" (reblip)
Lunaladee I'm in love with 17 hippies, even the stinkin' ones :D @droolius (reblip)

17 HIPPIES Jovano Jovanke

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Lunaladee @greyskiesblack: "rb@Surreality: "Autumn - "Seconds": This is the 90s American band (There are several bands with this name)"" (reblip)

Autumn: "Seconds"

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Lunaladee (from their "All Beauty is Sad" album) @LiveHeart13

Ophelia's Dream-all beauty is gone.wmv

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Lunaladee "Mesh – Self Healing Lie"

MeshSelf Healing Lie

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Lunaladee hey, i'm cryin' a river here, buddy, *excuse me* ;) @droolius: "the fact that u said...lmao@Lunaladee (reblip)

SkindiveLove Me Still

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Lunaladee "Diana Krall – Cry Me A River"
Lunaladee Natalie Merchant – My Skin
Lunaladee @frazil: "Any Day Now (they never make a bad album) @Surreality: "The Legendary Pink Dots – "Waiting For The Cloud""" (reblip)
Lunaladee new to me, love it -- rb@mario21ic: "Una muy buena banda.. xD!" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@StrawberryToast: "another one of those bands / songs that just haunts you.. (agreed) "unless my soul reacts..the whole world may collapse"" (reblip)
Lunaladee wish there was an instant reblip key -- rb@sabragirl (reblip)

Ego LikenessWeave

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Lunaladee "The Magnetic Fields – The Dreaming Moon" And what a gorgeous moon it is tonight. Goodnight, Blipland. Thanks for sharing. <3
Lunaladee :) @PenelopeVintage:Loves it! :D @Lunaladee: "RB@ horspu: "Great Song!Awesome voice!@PenelopeVintage -kinda feel like when you 1st sent QueenAdreena (reblip)
Lunaladee RB@Grey_Wolf (a welcome-new-listener rb, even tho' you threatened to kill me the other night(!) :P (reblip)

The Charlatans UK-My Beautiful Friend

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Lunaladee @ducks2007: "rb @Lunaladee" --been there, but decided to... (wait, it's coming...) (reblip)
Lunaladee @PenelopeVintage:"Great minds think alike! rb@JanetSEyre: "LOL, you were gonna blip it & me & @PenelopeVintage blipped it simultaneously?! @fun4lilli" (reblip)

Queen AdreenaJolene

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Lunaladee oh this is sooo pleasant! rb@raquelrita: "ok ok. i better go" (reblip)
Lunaladee "The Protagonist – The End" ☾ the end ☽
Lunaladee ♪ the lonely kiss we never shared hangs in the air between our hearts and spellbound i sit watching silence weave a path through our hearts ♪
Lunaladee "Six Organs of Admittance – Hum a Silent Prayer"
Lunaladee ♪ let's fly above the creek of life, like the dragonflies ♫
Lunaladee "sleep then, with the incense of orchids around you" Stone Breath instead of Poets ;) @Eclecticist
Lunaladee "Our God Weeps – When You Were a Tree"
Lunaladee "Stone Breath – The Strength to Face the Stars Above" ...thank you @Faddic
Coffeenuts You Are This Perfect

Petracovich You Are This Perfect

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Lunaladee ty @neomystery_kid, we ღ you too ; )

nitin sawhney- fragile wind

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Lunaladee ღ rb@DarkLady: "dEUS – Nothing Really Ends" (reblip)
Coffeenuts So Wrong For Me

Cory Chisel "So Wrong For Me"

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BRIGITTE "La Vengeance d'une Louve"

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Coffeenuts howbouthis1dick @dickadcock: Wolves

Wolves by Down LIke Silver

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Lunaladee "Neutral – Song Of Shadow And Its Dream"
Lunaladee "The Protagonist – Song of Innocence"

"Pour ton sourire" de Jorane

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Lunaladee ☾ Goodnight, DJs, thanks for sharing ☆
Lunaladee "Imperia - Angelchild" ღ @Vix_Rock


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Lunaladee yvw, and many thanks to you, m'dear @bytera
Lunaladee Six Organs of Admittance – Spirits Abandoned
Lunaladee Decoryah - She Wept in the Woods

Поздняя осень

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Lunaladee "Backworld – Bed of Stone" ...perhaps why sleep eludes? lol @sir_edward_ross


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mnemosine the right soundtrack for this rainy day (reblip)

I Draw Slow : Swans (a live recording)

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Smugglers Cellar Sessions 8: Benjamin Folke Thomas

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Lunaladee well this just shifted my mood from moody-mellow to laid-back-trippy-mellow :) thx, I needed that!! <3 @jennyleepenny: "Hiya, @Lunaladee. ^_^" (reblip)
Lunaladee the next best thing to Nick :))

Crime & the City Solution -- Six Bells Chime

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Lunaladee humanimal [destroying] planet...
koiheart My Cat's A Stargazer – ... Morning Swell ....
Lunaladee nah, it's our pond&farm :) And wow to this song!! thx, g'day :) @FOGGIELOANER: "in the Adirondacks? @Lunaladee ... random blip, but this kid can play" (reblip)
Lunaladee <3 rb@Vix_Rock: "Dionysus – Hymn To The Dying EP TRAILER. For Those Who Are Looking forward to the Album Please Watch Our Albums Trailer.. #MyBand" (reblip)
Lunaladee I think it's happening.. hello@Vix_Rock: "Sun Devoured Earth – And We Disappear (2012)" (rb) (reblip)
Lunaladee ♥ song&video both, and all of you, too, lol :) great weekend, ƑƦİƐɳĐƧ @zoja01 @DjLerica @DarkLady @PenelopeVintage @Stregaserena
Lunaladee every time I see your avi this song comes to mind @rafaelladm
Lunaladee breaking wind @sir_edward_ross (this is actually really good quartet)

The Breaking Winds: Fireflies

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Lunaladee Rosie Thomas - These friends of mine ✮★ Goodnight @LL, thanks for sharing ☆✯

Rosie Thomas-These friends of mine

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Lunaladee Marissa Nadler – "Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning"
Lunaladee Over the Rhine - Firefly ✦ know? @Coffeenuts


| play
Lunaladee ╰☆Calla εїз Fear of Fireflies☆╮

Cloudy Now (Blackfied cover/collaboration)

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Lunaladee an infinite string of ღღღ's for this: Orplid – "Abendlich rauscht schon der Wald" ~~ Goodnight, @LL. Thanks for sharing. ~~
Lunaladee Antimatter – The Weight Of The World
Lunaladee ღღღ Svafnir – Return of misery
Lunaladee always thought this was an exceptional song, too @fxp123 @StreamingMimi
Lunaladee LACUNA COIL – Spellbound (Performance Version)
Lunaladee Edenbridge – Perennial Dreams
Lunaladee Leaves' Eyes – Mourning Tree (The Delightful Crimea)
Lunaladee Theatre of Tragedy – Venus
Lunaladee "Kari Rueslatten – Som Av Meg" (mygoth but this is beautiful)
Lunaladee Kari Rueslatten – The Shadowchant (HQ)
Lunaladee Liv Kristine – Over The Moon
Lunaladee Stream of Passion – Nostalgia
Lunaladee Imperia – Broken Wings

ImperiaBroken Wings

| play
Lunaladee visions of atlantis – the secret
Lunaladee Within Temptation – See Who I Am
Lunaladee After Forever – Cry With A Smile
Lunaladee PAIN – Follow Me feat. Anette Olzon (Nightwish)
Lunaladee Mizar brought this to mind... based on the epic Finnish poem @sparask @ducks2007 @DJVioletSea

Mary Newton Kalevala music video

| play
Lunaladee beautiful music, brutal & chilling video! rb@sparask: "@ducks2007: "@Lunaladee: "@sparask: "@DJVioletSea the balkan version of time time time" (reblip)
Lunaladee Blind Guardian – Harvest of Sorrow (Acoustic)
Lunaladee Sonata Arctica – The Misery
Lunaladee Lacrimosa – Not every pain hurts (subtitulado)
Lunaladee The Gathering – The May Song
Lunaladee The 3rd and the Mortal - Shaman

the 3rd and the Mortal- Shaman

| play
Lunaladee "Schiller tiredof being alone mit Tarja Turunen"

Schiller tiredof being alone mit Tarja Turunen

| play
Lunaladee "Lullacry – Unchain Me"

LullacryUnchain Me

| play
Lunaladee "Magica -All waters have the colour of drowning"

Magica -All waters have the colour of drowning-

| play
Lunaladee "OCTAVIA SPERATI : Moonlit"


| play
Lunaladee "Nemesa – Angel in the Dark"
Lunaladee "Era Nocturna – Beautiful Death"
Lunaladee yvw. His "Aria" cd is truly one of my favorites... amazing... rb@gabrielcorpse: "Thanks so much ladies @Lunaladee @tender13" (reblip)

Paul SchwartzHorizon

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Lunaladee very lovely, tyvm - rb@FOGGIELOANER: "lovely song, enjoy the ride rb @scotlandlover @ Daeflyn @Lunaladee @ avivao @ oldblindog @ pajaritos @ ladypn" (reblip)
Lunaladee 3 props & a reblip for Paul Schwartz... @gabrielcorpse: "Paul Schwartz – Veni Redemptor Gentium" (reblip)
Lunaladee "NEMO – Anette Olzon & Tarja Turunen duet"
Lunaladee After Forever With Sharon Den Adel – Beyond me
Lunaladee Within Temptation – "Mother Earth"
Lunaladee Delain – Frozen


| play
Lunaladee Elis - Perfect Love

Elis perfect love

| play
Lunaladee Sirenia – Sister Nightfall
Lunaladee Xandria – Only For The Stars In Your Eyes
Lunaladee tristania – mercyside


| play
Lunaladee Epica – Cry For The Moon
Lunaladee Angelzoom - Fairyland


| play
Lunaladee Edenbridge - Paramount

Edenbridge Paramount

| play
Lunaladee Lunatica – Hymn


| play
Lunaladee nightwish – bless the child
Lunaladee i adore this D/V and love this song, thank you so much ♥ rb @AutumnPerception: "@Lunaladee this blip is for you." (reblip)


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Lunaladee there are so many good covers of this beautiful Beckett/Buckley song.This Mortal Coil/Cocteau Twins' and this one are esp. good, I think. @Coffeenuts
Lunaladee "Nick Drake – Day Is Done" hopefully it is; TakeTwo at trying to sleep... see you later... much later, i hope ;)

'Dark Iniseoghian' ~ Deanta

| play
Lunaladee ☠Halloween☠ is now drawing near...but this is too beautiful to save 'til Yule @anatos @micoy @calispel @FOGGIELOANER @SabineWe @DJVioletSea
Lunaladee Off to (re)watch "Pan's Labyrinth". Goodnight, Everyone...thanks for sharing ☽
Lunaladee ok, well then, here is the backup version... @Carmilla, this video is kind of cool, but that other one was amazing. Thanks for having introduced it :)
Lunaladee "gothminister march of the dead" // heya :) thanx for the rbs & add @Marsel_Garsone
Lunaladee "KINGDOM OF GOD – DEAD SKELETONS" // ♥ ☠ @Carmilla @Totengrber @droolius :) // thanks for the add :) @JaneEyre & @torino
Lunaladee yay dropbox! finally able to add this, my fav. Star Industry :)) TY @Elecktra @Surreality // welcome @SOcaM & @BJPR, thanx!
Lunaladee Elbow – Running To Stand Still (U2)
Lunaladee ♥ rb@calispel: "for @Lunaladee thank you :)) translation: my soul is sorrowful even unto death (would also be fitting: sadness is my animating force)" (reblip)
Lunaladee ╰☆╮ @mnemosine @kattegat @mutewitness @bliplist @Art4Art ╰☆╮ [break over... bbl]

Neutral -Next To The Stars

| play
Lunaladee wow again! rb@roberthaverly: "It's not often that a video and song are complimentary to each other in creativity, ambiance, and obscurity." (reblip)
Lunaladee "Bloody Woods – Green Flower Pool" This began playing... I can't find the DJ, sorry! (Please let me know if you blipped it.) This is gorgeous!
Lunaladee "Faun – Punagra" // Friday hello's @Kayo @outoforder @2Tall, thanx!


| play
Lunaladee One of my fav. songs ever! ❤ @Surreality @calispel // tyvm for the add @bytera @fun4lilli @lafnalot @Makaaberi

FaunEgil Saga

| play
Lunaladee Please don't include me in replies, you have me blocked, I can't give you props @Chow322: "@Lunaladee"
Lunaladee "Pagan Altar – March of the Dead" // welcome @Johnny_2_Mates & @joegande, thanx!
Lunaladee The Moors ~"The Hunter" // Thanks for the add @burzinski & @theOldPika

The Moors ~"The Hunter" Official Music Video (1998) Pagan )O(

| play
Lunaladee 'encouraged by' ;) @Naestopaz ♥ & ty @fun4lilli JanetSEyre @xSDOx // And Welcome @DJUNIVERSAL & @jordan1507 thanks for listening

Backworld - Magick Is Love [lunaladee]

| play
rachidkas L'semjera, Madioko & Rafika (Algeria)


| play
Lunaladee wonderful, music and video -- rb @singout: "Dustin O'Halloran-Opus 23" // Goodnight, Blipland (reblip)

Dustin O'Halloran Opus 23 video

| play
Lunaladee so nice -- rb@LiveHeart13 "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress – Joan Baez" (reblip)
Lunaladee Welcome & ty @blipstarz @ihrtuvm_ @Ebeel @sasosketa @wtque // Many New Listeners aren't showing up in blip-emails; I apologize if i've missed anyone.

Peter Murphy - Let Me Love You [lunaladee]

| play
BluJulius a glorious way to start the my top ten (reblip)

The Impossible Duet: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia for Cello and Violin

| play
Lunaladee wonderful, ty! @burzinski: "@Lunaladee thanks for rb @Carmilla... Here is a new one... played half an hour ago... out on an EP nov, the 15th ;)" (reblip)
Lunaladee another beautiful Mary Newton song // I hope you're feeling better @LiveHeart13 // 'just hello' @diabolikgene

Mary Newton Kalevala music video

| play

Mary Newton Song Of The Siren Video

| play
Lunaladee heh, the incredible 'bongsters' were good, but this is stellar ;) <3 @droolius: "inspired by>>> @dkline89<<< for @Lunaladee (reblip)
Lunaladee damn...make that *you're* not 'your' (sorry, but i've got this obsessive need to correct my errors...) About this song/band: caution: addictive!

The Czars, Drug

| play
Lunaladee everyday should be Halloween(!) ~ for all my fellow Children of the Night
Lunaladee i ♥ Candia, lol :) Do you?

Misery Turns

| play
Lunaladee not comparing bands, but that last one made me think of this one...

Russian Circles "Death Rides A Horse"

| play
Lunaladee Hello! not going to save the best for last, but rather begin with it! **WOW**
Lunaladee from their new album, Aether Shanties
Lunaladee one of their very best, i think...

Abney ParkWrong Side

| play
Lunaladee sweeeet! "metaphysical rock" should be a genre... Thanks for listening, it's been magickal ;)
Lunaladee such a great goth rock band...
Lunaladee sweet sweet Margo, what a way w/ songs! ty & rb@gypsybug (reblip)
Lunaladee lol, i've blipped this a couple of times, got no response, but who cares, it's great, so here it comes again ;) rb@michelg (reblip)
Lunaladee "Wish I was old and a little sentimental..." ~ been there, done that; can I be young & disaffected again? thx @beaglescout @SavageAdvance @lovemusic

Porcupine Tree Normal

| play
Lunaladee this & Joan Osborne's "Crazy Baby" are my drunk-on-my-ass-cryin'-my-eyes-out-at-3AM songs ~ @Dawnrazor

Inga Liljestrom "Film Noir"

| play
Lunaladee listened to this repeatedly for maybe an hour when i 1st heard it... ty@Coffeenuts
Lunaladee :) rb@Coffeenuts: "nu2me,gr8reply,thx @Lunaladee: Ivoux – 'Rusalka' / Frozen (reblip)
Lunaladee this is so frustrating There are so many songs i want to blip but cant find :( This is just a clip, you prob. know it, but just in case...@Surreality
Lunaladee damn there are a *lot* of awesome German bands.(well this one hails from Norway, too) ty @Fid3Lys @SocialDeception @DesertLily @Faddic @dabnotu

Take off Your Tshirt

| play
Lunaladee nice! rb@harmony60: "hi...This is just Beautiful..tysvm. :-))) @TidyCat: "harmony60 Twelve Girls Band – Freedom =^..^="" (reblip)
Lunaladee hauntingly beautiful ~perhaps it will lull me & help me catch a bit of elusive sleep (which even my herbal 'sleep cocktail' hasn't been doing of late}


| play

Dead Flowers~Keith Richards~Willie Nelson and Friends 2002

| play
Lunaladee 'to sleep, perchance to dream'...of monsters, lol ~ headin' back to bed to try it again... G'night!
Lunaladee "Day is Done" ~ well, not yet, but I must go for a while; be back this eve & will con't. catching up on props & replies... ty

Nick DrakeDay is Done

| play
Lunaladee wonderful, sultry voice... ~ rb@Olga, via?? (reblip)
Superjudge29 Nog een nummer om het af te leren #nowplaying #sweetsilentsunday Riverside - Schizophrenic Prayer
Lunaladee nice song, & sentiment ~ rb@alexparr: "Wishing you a happy Sunday" (reblip)
Lunaladee this is awesome! great song, & the video is mesmerizing... nice! ty & rb@SkyeCebh (reblip)
Lunaladee loving all the Nick Drake flying by recently... rb@SuzySue (and thanx for the Nico, too!) (reblip)

Nick DrakeFly

| play
Lunaladee listening & rb'ing ~a pleasant start on this snowy Sunday. Which is 'The Fairest of the Seasons'? -whichever is upon us, each possesses its own magic! (reblip)

noir desir-le vent nous portera

| play
Lunaladee of the hundreds of songs i consider favorites, these lyrics are, i think, the most beautiful ~incredible! *ty*@Eclecticist @FOGGIELOANER @LUSCIOUSDDJA
Lunaladee beauty & sadness, entwined... thank you for listening & sharing @PyrettaBlaze @greyskiesblack @GothTinkerbell @CynDyn @toxiferous


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Lunaladee such a sublime melancholy ~ many thanks for many props & rbs @Totengrber and @Dawnrazor
Lunaladee extraordinary prog rock band out of Poland; excellent song... ty & rb@Superjudge29 (reblip)
Lunaladee 'ladies & gentlemen, in the Starlight Lounge this evening...' ~ "dark parlour & classical piano, haunting lyrics & seductive style" ~ rb@toxiferous (reblip)

Jill Tracy- Extraordinary

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Lunaladee oh sure, now it's stuck in my head too ;) rb@OrangeHairband: "@marijaanadj I'm ALWAYS humming the bass in this song!" (reblip)
Tsauro 1st time I saw this band was playing live just a bit ago on the Craig Ferguson show. Blew me away.
Lunaladee a lively little number, excellent, i think! :) thanx ~ @Carmilla @ladypn @LUSCIOUSDDJA

AQUARELL pyro-mahncke german Folk-Rock instr. with rare fotos from the band

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Lunaladee ha, speaking of songs that stay w/ you long after they've ended... absolutely *LOVE* this! "!!!!!!!!" indeed ;) rb@Hypatia: "!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
Lunaladee rb@IrishVampire: "@IrishVampire_: "Moonlight is said to turn some people into strange creatures to drive others mad. "Moon Baby" -Godsmack"" (reblip)

GodsmackMoon Baby

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Lunaladee Is your name spelled that way because you're blonde? lmao! i hope you can take a joke :-/ ;) rb@bloondie001 (reblip)

Alice In Chains Don't Follow

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zbself Fiery:)) RB @DCC_700: "@Lunaladee THANKS! I offered that song to you and others yesterday...take a look." (reblip)
Lunaladee somber & atmospheric... luv it tho i don't know what they're saying (i hope it's nothing bad!) *ty* @atibbs2292 @jrkuczunjr @ahuvag

Libana-Lo Yisa Goy

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Lunaladee lyrics worth playing close attention to...

Society by Eddie Vedder ! This song is GREAT !!

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Lunaladee poignant lyrics, beautiful song... wonderfully melancholy

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

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Lunaladee hauntingly beautiful...

Nature And Organisation "To You"

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Love And Rockets- Haunted (When The Minutes Drag )

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Lunaladee such a great movie!

Ginger Snaps {Death Of It All}

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Lunaladee everything about it is beautiful...

Entre Moi Et Mon Amin (radio edit)

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Qntal "Von Den Elben"

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ATB & Heather Nova ~ "Feel you like a river"

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Pan's labyrinth lullaby

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Lunaladee great great song & video

noir desir-le vent nous portera

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Lunaladee Excellent band, beautiful song, gorgeous photography
Lunaladee Admittedly, i am not a fan of country music. this song is one of the few exceptions...

John Anderson: Seminole wind

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Luscious Redhead Dark As Love

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Lunaladee This one is for you, Surreality, with gratitude... xx

Decoryah...Fall-Dark Waters (W/Lyrics)

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Arcane Sun We Stood With Time

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Lunaladee a side-project of Battery... amazing vocals
Lunaladee fiercely beautiful, song & voice & photos

'Dark Iniseoghian' ~ Deanta

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Lunaladee soft grey late day light.Snow has just begun falling, tiny flakes settling on an already-white landscape. i think this music was written on such a day

Solitude -Original Composition-

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Lunaladee "We have a big heart for melancholia — sadness is beautiful. The blue side of life is where we are as persons and as artists." ~Tenhi
Lunaladee these lyrics always get to me...

No Grace by Goblin Market

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Lunaladee Pink Floyd cover... exceptional singer (from October Project), excellent song

Mary FahlBreathe

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Lunaladee strange little clip... i'm gonna go to hell for sending this shit :-/ altho' i guess one must believe in hell to go there, lol :-P

Eyes Wide ShutSatanas

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Lunaladee that last one was cut short, guess the Door's Spanish Caravan ran outa gas enroute to the Spanish Castle ;) rb@GimmeSomeTruth (reblip)

Din Fiv: Through the Looking Glass

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Diorama "Leaving Hollywood"

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Strawberry Switchblade- Who Knows What Love Is

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Lunaladee a mellow one from this German pagan metal band...


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Lunaladee And when you stare too long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you. -Frederick Nietzsche

forgotten (the gathering)

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Russian Circles "Death Rides A Horse"

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Model_Daughters Music Go Music – Thousand Crazy Nights // such a great song
Lunaladee @skunk63: "RB@DJ_Princess_Airoyea_Aurora: "I quiver with an-ti-ci-pation@glitterdream: "I recommend seeing him live~"" (reblip)


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Riverdogs ~ Shadow Of You

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BluJulius hey i'll take all the attention you are willing to give ,<3 & Xz@Lunaladee: "@droolius: ever since that ZW, whenever i see a vid i <3 i think of u. (reblip)

Rykarda Parasol: Hannah Leah: Reaper on Ice

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Lunaladee today kicked my ass, the couch & Netflix is calling... Goodnight, Blipkids

Johnny Hollow Human Lullaby

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Shivers by The Witches with Nick Cave

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Lunaladee Johnny Hollow "Gone" one of my very first blips :)@CommodoreCreazil (reblip)


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BluJulius love it ,thanx !(RB)@Lunaladee: "for @Stregaserena. (and the video is cool too :) @droolius" (reblip)
Lunaladee love all 3, nice! rb@Sibyll: "and the 3rd and last one for today - Video again by Kliz9 - Music by me AND again....Mr. Rickman *höhö*" (reblip)

The Potions Master-Alan Rickman-Severus Snape

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Lunaladee oh i love this guy! solo & w/ Madrugada. what a great voice -- ty & rb@josien01: "Sivert Høyem – Into The Sea"; <3 @TinyTania and @Surreality (reblip)
Lunaladee <3 @Alfea: "→ rb@Lunaladee: "love this (and 99% of everything else you blip) rb@PyrettaBlaze: "Switchblade Symphony – Witches"" (reblip)
gabrielcorpse Le Triste Sire – Le Viatique
mountainhero wonderful indeed rb @Lunaladee: "this is wonderful... ty to both @mountainhero: and "rb @weltschmerz"" (reblip)

Tiny VipersDreamer

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Lunaladee rb @Eclecticist: "Amazing range, Amazing voice......gorgeous song" wow!!! (reblip)
Lunaladee will you pls contact me 2moro (same id everywhere) - & no, you won't need to play, lol, just want to explain something @Totengrber GN :) (reblip)
Lunaladee 'strange color blue' ;) @Totengrber & @mountainhero (i really do love this guy!)
Lunaladee <3 "Madrugada – Love's Institution" <3
Lunaladee i love this band! rb@CommodoreCreazil: "We're broadcasting across the Fifth City in our usual devious-and-somewhat-tipsy fashion tonight. #ebz" (reblip)

Johnny HollowRasputin

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Lunaladee @skunk63: "F&TM at RB@anatos:"rb@Carmilla:"Probably still my favourite F&TM track, tho the new album is bloody excellent" (reblip)

Faith and the muse- Sparks

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Lunaladee "I believe right now if i could i would swallow you whole" @Carmilla @Totengrber @xxnowheregirl

Suzanne VegaUndertow

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Lunaladee i love your (band's) music, and i can honestly say i love every song you blip. thanks for sharing @darkrider1
Lunaladee Dead Can Dance – "Cantara"
Lunaladee oh alright, i'll force myself to reblip this one :D rb@LiveHeart13: "@Lunaladee" (reblip)

The Sisters Of Mercy Jolene

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Lunaladee 5nites in a row @11PM things come to a halt Almost impossible to blip. Cable? too impatient, see you tomor. Goodnight. BTW, this is GREAT!!!
Lunaladee one of many favs. by them @PyrettaBlaze "L'ame Immortelle – Seelensturm [unreleased 1996]"
Lunaladee tyvm rb@Darksheer: "with eng sub...I had to look far for@Lunaladee @Totengrber @micoy @sabragirl @Carmilla's very wonderful" yes it is (reblip)
Lunaladee "well I live with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night cos to me everyday is halloween" :D rb@micoy (reblip)
Lunaladee cool! just logged on & saw this @Totengrber: "@fun4lilli: "Love to the artist@Totengrber: "rb@n3cr0phelia" cover of in strict confidence :D &thanks!" (reblip)
Lunaladee i can't RB this from you, but thank you very much, it's excellent @MasterPimpBerrySlim

Justin Sullivan-Ghost Train

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Model_Daughters Rose Kemp - Fire in the Garden (which I cannot find on any of her albums, despite what wik says - I have them all)

fire in the garden

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Lunaladee @ForlornHope: "...we hurt ourselves and we will do it again... rb @Elecktra: "@rafaelladm: "rb @das_z3d""" (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "rb@fun4lilli: "reblip —>@storylet: "Placebo – Meds""" --real meds, no placebos, please (reblip)
Lunaladee @Totengrber: "rb@Lunaladee: "i wanted to rb your mixes before heading out... will you please blip Industrial Love & Medusa again? rb@Totengrber"" (reblip)

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Lunaladee omg, i truly *am* LOL over this, these guys are a riot! :) rb@FOGGIELOANER: "some modern polka for you @Lunaladee" (reblip)

Polkaholics on Chic-A-Go-Go

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Lunaladee LOL, *great*, love it! thanx! (of course you would know of such a song) :D @FOGGIELOANER: "some modern polka for you @Lunaladee" @ducks2007 (reblip)

Polkaholics on Chic-A-Go-Go

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Lunaladee of course your blip made me think of this one, love the vid... @renothespinner