KiddRock Lets play it again for ya!! vi@glueandglitter just love this song so mucchh!" (reblip)
chenelson The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
AndrewTheGreat @DJMonaLisa: "RB @djwttw: "@DJMonaLisa not certain that other track i just blipped is working try this one (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia My girl candy ~~~> @jennmich97 @luisafranklin @Mia322 @MiaChambers (Holly Dolly/Lollipop)

Holly DollyLollipop

| play

John Lee Hooker - Mustang Sally GTO

| play
DirtyUrine In memory of Farrah Fawcett .....a true angel!
patrickvanelk The Kooks - Seaside

The Kooks 'Seaside'

| play
patrickvanelk Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
patrickvanelk Faithless – I Want More

FaithlessI want more

| play
patrickvanelk Alanis Morissette - Unsent

Alanis Morissette Unsent

| play
patrickvanelk Alanis Morissette – That I Would Be Good (Live)
patrickvanelk Can't get enough of this song... Jamiroquai – Seven Days In Sunny June
UberDorkGirlie Alrighty, gotta shake a tail feather... I'll be back to spread some follow Friday love all slobbery-like...>;-)


| play
mistressmia Mia Dyson – I Meant Something To You Once #MiaMafia
philkirby let's forget it and move on @SevenTenths . . . wa oh, eh!

Eek-a-MouseWa Do Dem

| play
Redmanthinks Koko Taylor (Cora Walton), singer and songwriter, born 28 September 1928; died 3 June 2009. This track is her epitaph, and WHAT an epitaph.RIP
chenelson If you thought I'd sleep on this- Boy you're wrong cuz all I dream about is our first kiss- Groove Theory – Tell Me
DirtyUrine @Atomik: "rb@wdavo: " #### have a great day.......all the best.....wdavo ~~~##"" (reblip)
chenelson That Latina knows what's she's working with... "Rollin' down the street, smokin' indo, sippin' on gin and juice" | The Gourds – Gin & Juice #hillbilly

The GourdsGin & Juice

| play
angiece RB @maggiequin: "Starting the day with a full and happy heart... sometimes it takes the smallest things... " (reblip)
winsorandnewt Yes ~ Here Comes The Sun – George Harrison
chenelson My momma told me don’t lose you- Cause the best luck I had was you- Michael Franti and Spearhead - Say Hey

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Say Hey Music Video

| play
SwnchstrGirl I can think of someone who has the lips of an angel, haha.
DanielCeballos Here's some beauty for your ears. @MiaChambers @joashuaarnao @joelceballos
2liveis2fly @Samanthai: "@SCMurley: "...u might want to clarify the "stain" situation...not the kind of thing to leave open-ended, eh?" that's what they all say! (reblip)
Choonks Thanks 4D props, RBs, Dm,@, listens,etc. You- Make My Day- Survivors: 'Don't repay a kindness; pass it on'...- Proverb (reblip)
DuncanDogg for the night. THANKS for the blips, reblips, props, comments. See you all tomorrow....
westham999 NICE REMIX! rb @Triple5Light: "oH.............yEAH......................." (reblip)
LucidAcid Soul II Soul – Get A Life
LucidAcid God Is An Astronaut – Fragile
UberDorkGirlie WAKEY WAKEY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @R3s3rvo1rD0g !!!!!!!!!! *happy happy happy birthday dance* *birthday smoOoOOchies*
dailystendhal :) @heavenlyhands: "Mother nature is shedding some huge tears today." (reblip)
UberDorkGirlie Hello coffee mug, brace yourself... I'm slappin' your ass & callin' ya Sally. give it to me strong baby...REALLY strong... (reblip)

NIN - Closer

| play

Beyonce v The Happy Mondays

| play
sensible (smiths cover) some girls mothers are bigger than other girls mothers...
sensible if u think that i'm a loser, well u suck. cuz you know i aint nothin but a user of your love...
jaguarjg @WashingtonOliveira: "@Gretchen_T: "@MiaCarla: "10,000 Maniacs These are Days ♪ ♥ "And as you feel know its true that you are blessed and lucky (reblip)
Mathioso [Nouvelle Vague – Master and Servant (Depeche Mode)] uhauahuahuahuahu :)
DHS surely@TheDiva: "I Declare PANTS OFF DANCE OFF!!!" (reblip)
DHS everybody ready for a vampire weekend? vi@DJstromer19 (reblip)

Vampire WeekendM79

| play
DirtyUrine With a friend like that who needs enemies! @ChadThomas: "This is a good description of what happened last night." (reblip)

The Buggles, Video Killed The Radio Star (With Lyrics)

| play
TimbrePitch "Love Love Love" by The Mountain Goats
kjh90210 Beautiful song, beautiful band....enough said.
threebears I don't think you can work this one out :D


| play
chenelson @AnalystAlterEgo: "This song is so funny to me... I ain't tryin' to save that girl..." (reblip)
chenelson @MiaCarla Close-the-sale song: "I don't charge by the inch, I charge by the foot. Think I'm lying, Bitch, here take a look. Here's my card--call me."
chenelson Video: Cover: "What I really wanna know, my baby, what I really want to say I can't define. Well it's love that I need." (reblip)


| play
1sweetwhirl The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels
TimbrePitch "My Girls" by Animal Collective
chenelson @MiaCarla And I'd give up forever to touch you- Cause I know that you feel me somehow- You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be-

Goo Goo DollsIris

| play
Choonks The Most Relaxing Music Imaginable- wow. #FF @organicsue @dj6ual @AlexKaris @keiyz24edom @Bbluesman


| play
TimbrePitch "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty - This kind of "falling"? @Amber_Eubanks ;)
TimbrePitch "Galvanize" by Chemical Brothers - " finger is on the button...." @ElianaBorja @MiaChambers
ElZorro "Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side " (reblip)

Luther Vandross-Never Too Much

| play
crispast i can't sing this one..unfortunately!! :D ciao@MiaCarla @karie @krisp @monovolume!


| play
jackal XTC - Making Plans For Nigel

XTC-Making Plans For Nigel

| play
poochiesan24 Our love was, comfortable and so broken in, she's perfect, so flawless or so they say

John MayerComfortable

| play
Roadie haha hello london @lovely_london: "Summer Romance..(Anti Gravity Love Song)" (reblip)

Realize Colbie Caillat With Lyrics

| play

John Mayer: Say (music video from "The Bucket List")

| play
shortygal Happy Monday to you ;)

The Beatles-Blackbird

| play
shortygal The Gap Band – Early in the Morning
Gypsylyn Good Morning Everyone!!!

U2In God's Country

| play
elocio Diana Krall – Quiet Nights ~~ Night all! :)
mhelens The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
westham999 Great Song :-) ~~ RB @abarbosa: "I'm goin' nowhere and I'm light years back..." (reblip)
1sweetwhirl 1 of the gr8tst bands ever.. ~Green Day – 21 Guns
CocoBijou think this is happy wistful nostalgia...
SpinningDiscs The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979..... Shout Out & Thanks: @MiaCarla
dochugo @MusicIsMySunshine you wer-wer-werkin? mornin @Shukitty // thanks @MissDiggity, need at least 6 espresso shots today
angiece "Shilo" - Neil Diamond

Neil DiamondShilo

| play
ladypn I LOVE her @philsalt & have blipped many times! Thank you! (reblip)
bendrix Yukimi is absolutely positively my fave newly discovered artist. This video is both Brilliant & Hilarious & Sad. I'm digN this gal=> rb@piratejenny (reblip)

Little Dragon "Twice" [ + Lyrics ]

| play

Jenny Wilson Like A Fading Rainbow (Official video)

| play
SlipperyDistortion from @struggleville. Love You 'Till the End - so true. This one's for you. (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion Love these darlins'. Pop with a post-punk attitude and Carter Family twang.
johno cant be in a bad mood listening to this one... (reblip)
Mysticle ~♥~(¸.•´ ~ Peace (¸ .•´¯ `♫♪`•.¸¸.~♥~

Ziggy MarleyFriend

| play
MiaCarla Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins ♪ @TimbrePitch@Mia322 (reblip)
philkirby good evening @MiaCarla . . . well, it is here.
whatsmyname this one's a throwback to my first blip EVER

Bang Bang The Raconteurs

| play
SlipperyDistortion from @Ldubya. Late night espresso martini was a tasty indulgence, but late night caffeine is not so easy to dismiss. Wide awake much too late... (reblip)
MiaCarla Plain White Ts – 1234 ♥ RB @Goofy (reblip)

Plain White T's1234

| play
MiaCarla The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell ♥ RB @ladypn (reblip)
MiaCarla Thinking About You – Norah Jones ♥
Omaflinger Remembering @mrsflinger when she jumped out of an airplane, feeling free to explore her life, her dreams, her goals, her own path. FREE (reblip)
Omaflinger @mrsflinger: ""There are doctors and lawyers and business executives and they are all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same." (reblip)


| play
Tropicsz4 Good Morning , Nicole :-) @NicoleVSanchez: "Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy" (reblip)
SCSImatrix Whoa this brings back band memories. lol Weather Report – Birdland rb @santamistura: "..." (reblip)
Mia__Cavallo Dreaming of you. Thinking of you.
Chise Neil Young – Barstool Blues
Lutes @MiaCarla Gotta play a few more now! I just realized the Chili Peppers are why I followed you in the first place.
Chise Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues...

Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

| play
Jeffie The Allman Brothers - "Ramblin' Man" (autumn, 1973)
santamistura uqe maravilhaaaaaaaaaa @mrojas (reblip)

Que maravilha com Jorge Benjor

| play
SarahSRobinson I've never gotten over my love affair with Aztec Camera: Walk out to Winter.
jackal Gomez – Whippin' Piccadilly
Fortharrison @Fortharrison: "This goes to some special friends @destroyer87@sandyorton@MiaChambers@WeWereDamsels" (reblip)
MrsASoprano Did ya have a good Monday? @RoxUranus: "How-D =-D @MrsASoprano: "Hiya ~ @RoxUranus: ":-) @MrsASoprano: "Sometimes. (reblip)

Main Ingredient-Everybody Plays The Fool

| play

Move Shake Drop -Remix Pitbull Flo Rida DJ Laz

| play
dailystendhal i'm such a bike whore... thanks for this! @J2ad (reblip)
solid_au that's the stuff rb@28apple_chic >>> does this mash count as D2 WIN ;D @Karuna @moijojojo (sry #28apple_chic - hard to explain; trust me, funny) (reblip)

Girls on Film Freak Out (Duran Duran vs. Chic)

| play
solid_au @shouxing >>> if by liquid you mean red wine, then yes; needs candle light tho. so *not* romantic >>> lazy, only open every 3rd electricity bill.
SpinningDiscs Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun.... Shout Out & Thanks: @Ganx, @DirtyUrine
DJMees Hi Nicole! :-) @NicoleVSanchez: "Hi Vera! @verawooten: " Blondie – Heart of Glass"" (reblip)
elinejv nice cover: Dancin' in the moonlight – Toploader
Mia__Cavallo Can't get enough of it. Summer feeling <3 Manu Chao - Me gustas tu <3

Manu ChaoMe gustas tu

| play
Mia__Cavallo This one goes out to @tristanx: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication <3
erroneous who cares if you're so poor you can't afford to buy a pair of modern go-go stretch elastic pants...
1sweetwhirl #YUM ~Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals – Show Me a Little Shame
SpinningDiscs Stone Temple Pilots – Days Of The Week... Shout Out & Thanks: @Ana82, @MiaCarla, @prettyfnmess, dj_AM, @Cerulean - "Hope It Gets Better!!"
SpinningDiscs Fuel – Jesus Or A Gun.... Shout Out & Thanks: @adbert, @ChadThomas, @cjh

FuelJesus Or A Gun

| play
adbert #VideoClip [Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl] Qué lindo día!!!

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

| play
DJFrankie Reblip @redroulettes. Last one for me today. Thanks again, blippers! And welcome back again, @redroulettes. You put in a busy first day's work! (reblip)
Fortharrison I know a few people like this, I think we all do: "The Critic" feeling a bit country this morning
Kspez RIP John Hughes. You will never be forgotten.
grondon It's a beautiful day here, and there? Good Afternoon (night or morning.. I don't know the world is little and big at the same time)
grondon @jimEYE: "woohoo, it's Friday!" (reblip)

austin powers - theme song

| play
grondon New Song, New Album... That's the Monkeys!!
qatesiurade @FowlSorcerous Here's my cure for the deadly earworm. Hope it helps!
ladypn We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail, where are we going, so far away?
Awannabeangel ♫ Boy Meets Girl – Waiting For A Star To Fall (Original Video 1988)


| play
toosweet4rnr [Genesis – Abacab] maybe I should grab an abacab, er... @melodyofyourlife @lilwldchld :)


| play
turbolax i half expected a "wicka-wicka-what'sup!!" RB@wickawickawhat: "rb@Turbolax-what's up!" (reblip)

John MayerSay

| play
turbolax more rock out music from Ash!!

AshKung Fu

| play
tristanx Next one's for @MiaChambers. When it comes, it comes abrupt and it feels like trading brains w/ an imbecile...

IncubusWhen It Comes

| play
Fortharrison for my friend @MiaCarla or @MiaChambers (haven't figured that out yet) good song for us to start monday out is it 420 yet?
aceconcierge It's a party with @mickeygomez @dannybrown @JonAston @CTK1 @beth_warren @HennArtOnline The Clash – Rock The Casbah
zamfir Joan Armatrading – I'm Lucky
zamfir Sid Vicious – My Way

Sid ViciousMy Way

| play
SlamDunk this song never gets old to me...


| play
adbert [Duffy – Mercy] Release you, @GR8FL??? What are you thinking my dear? HAHAHA! :-)


| play
honeygirl another good song! @bruss : ) "The Pharcyde--Passing Me By...Hey Sexy! @honeygirl :-)" (reblip)
fxp123 Cage the elephant - back against the wall video

The Young Dubliners -- The Foggy Dew

| play
Towanga David Fonseca – "Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me" (reblip)
patrickvanelk Keane – She Sells Sanctuary
AnnTran_ Vertical Horizon ~ Everything You Want 1999 Album

Vertical Horizon ~ Everything You Want 1999 Album (Everything You Want)

| play
icinu must we say goodbye--each time we part--my heart--wants to die
ZumbainDallas •**♥ "Love Me Tender" Norah Jones

Norah Jones- Love Me Tender w/ Lyrics

| play
ZumbainDallas •**♥ "Make You Feel My Love" Adele can hear this song over and over! **•
SlamDunk classic! @GiantPimpslapper: "Run-D.M.C. - King of Rock : King of Rock (1985) .haha." (reblip)

RUN-DMCKing Of Rock

| play
2liveis2fly Moar tenderness. feel the love (and the horns) blip!
Coffeenuts @dreamrevelry: Alison Krauss & Union Station – Let Me Touch You For A While (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER 99% of Scots wouldnt recognize James Connolly either @fluffyboots: lol I am crap at historical photos:) @dojodub @TommyGunnn @JimmyStagger (reblip)
BunnyHoney This is the only defense I have for my blip addiction...
golfnovels Bob Seger – Hollywood Nights

The Northern Lights- Slow Burn (promo)

| play
BunnyHoney Takes one to know one ~winks~@droolius: "born hustler@me" (reblip)
BunnyHoney For you sunshine..

When i am 64

| play
2liveis2fly @Dolittle this is the most beautiful ryan adams song. ever.
adbert [Jamiroquai – Supersonic] Hi there @caroltafuri!!! :-)
crispast tnx-rb@2liveis2fly: "nobody really listens to the lyrics of this song. sad, really." (reblip)
AnnTran_ "RB @Blanquis26: "•**♥I can listen to this song over & over! "Make You Feel My Love "Adele"" #FollowFriday for great blips & friendship (reblip)
fxp123 rb @Olive_Rosehips: " "Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday Dr. King"" (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [The Pretenders – Tattooed Love Boys]
DJRoy1 "Biggie Biggie Biggie, can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me"
Will_the_bloke Lily Allen – Never Gonna Happen (Dr. Rosen Rosen Remix)
toosweet4rnr [Matt Nathanson – Sing Me Sweet]
Amazonquen Lipps Inc ~ Funky Town (1980)
Fortharrison @lisa_michele: "Wow! Never heard this before! Love it!"Slideaway" I playlisted it, hey thanks btw you gave me my 5000th prop cheers, one more x 4 me☻ (reblip)

Veruca Salt "Shutterbug"

| play
Fortharrison Original Score of the film True Romance inspired by @MiaChambers, thought you might like this...

Original Score of the film True Romance

| play
Fortharrison Coconut Records~West Coast "waving hi" @MiaChambers hopin the sun is shinin in the O.C. 4 you today☺
addkerberos @RitaLee: "Que jóven se veía Thurston Moore en aquella época. Las niñas de ahora disque oyen rock n roll." (reblip)
Atomik Pink Floyd – Coming Back to Life
jackal @Alturn8tive: "Constantines and Feist – Islands In The Stream" (reblip)
adbert [Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild] Y por no saber la diferencia entre posición relativa y absoluta, un día perdí otra novia. Si hubiese habido Excel... (reblip)
adbert [Falco – Rock Me Amadeus] Você já sabe, me conhece muito bem @natalynha: Sempre sorrindo!!! :-D heheheeeee.
Mysterymix Feel the Love

Feel the Love

| play
adbert [Debbie Gibson – Foolish Beat (Extended)] Hi there @matriax!!! :-)
Intriguingds Great Song! TY 4 Sharing :) rb @harmony60 Robert Palmer { Every Kinda People } To @hawaiibuzz Still the best music you ever sent me, Just thanks, =] (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~~ LA Guns – Never Enough ( HQ )
aproxy New Vampire Weekend!! California English Part 2
Chise Paolo Nutini – Jenny Don't Be Hasty
fxp123 @marcyalisa: "Blip The Commodores-Brick Housevideo" (reblip)

The Commodores-Brick House

| play
patrickvanelk Jenn Grant – Make It Home Tonight
DJFrankie This song is almost 12 years old. Whaaaa??
sweetlilmZmia Oh! One more blip... I love this song!! RB @Roflwaffle: Queen - Under Pressure (reblip)

QueenUnder Pressure

| play
FOGGIELOANER rb@by_starla: "Devastating cover of a truly disturbing song. NOT one to play at a wedding." (reblip)

Bach Under The Stars: Air on the G String

| play
FOGGIELOANER it is a great song ! @musecrossing: "Via @randymatheson: "Crazy - Gnarls Barkley... #1 RS top 100 songs of the decade"" (reblip)

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
fxp123 U2 - Two Hearts Beat As One
honeygirl i remember this one! nice! :)@gohardndapank: "Just heard this on the radio and it brought me all the way back..Tender Kisses♥- Traci Spencer " (reblip)

Tender Kisses♥- Traci Spencer [Lyrics]

| play

Come on Get Higher- Matt Nathanson [[Lyrics]]

| play
ElZorro Etta James – Sunday Kind Of Love
Atomik Kompis & Erlend Oye – All ears
DirtyUrine my pleasure! enjoy! ~ @SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Hahahaa! (LMAO!) Thanks again, DU! @DirtyUrine" (reblip)
natashawescoat "We'll see the stars that shine so bright. The sky was made for us tonight"
fxp123 @elocio: "Pearl Jam – Someday at Christmas (Stevie Wonder Cover)" (reblip)
patduarte Thanks @GR8FL: "um yum dub" (reblip)

Amelie Poulain Dub

| play
Mysterymix #U2 "Pride (In The Name of #Love )" 2009 Remix for #MLKDay and the Obama Inauguration

U2 "Pride (In The Name of Love)" 2009 Remix  for MLK Day and the Obama Inauguration

| play
BunnyHoney Goes with my last blip....long and weary my road has been...
ducks2007 always trying to get me in trouble with the wife... @droolius: "we took turns@Lunaladee: "@GimmeSomeJohn - i heard you dated them or was it @me ??"" (reblip)

triplets of belleville - belleville rendez-vous

| play
golfnovels @golfnovels KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See @BittenByBooks @bookclubgirl @JamesRossBooks (reblip)
LynnSunshine Oh Yes We both know HE DOES:)@BunnyHoney: "for you @rock2monster I know how much you enjoy sex bombs..." (reblip)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

| play
Tropicsz4 The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary
Gypsylyn NJ ~ Love Me Tender ~ Love me true......;-)
muso Love this!! I love to rock to this band! TY! @fun4lilli: "\m/ AC ϟ DC \m/" (reblip)
wdlands42 Clear Conscience – Island Feeling
wdlands42 "There's a storm that's raging..." enjoyed it @babybeluga [Alison Krauss & John Waite] ~Missing You~ (reblip)
rock2monster ~come-on; let's go...monsterdayandlove2U2...~~>@lostndanet: "Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher"~ (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Hole – Pacific Coast Highway --- Another New Song......& It's from HOLE!
Tropicsz4 Boston – Peace of Mind

BostonPeace of Mind

| play
feranto Fallulah – I Lay My Head

FallulahI Lay My Head

| play
feynschliff The Smashing Pumpkins – A Night Like This.
01dela Hello and thanKs for listening@Wes_H
AnnTran_ ♫ Michael Buble ~ The best is yet to come

michael buble - the best is yet to come

| play
toosweet4rnr [KT Tunstall – Other Side of the World]
DJKatalina GM Happy Thursday and TY! @CocoPancakes...hope all went well on Friday at Noon! :)
fxp123 Kings of leon - I want you
smartard The Rolling Stones – Before They Make Me Run RIP Christopher Ingle Page
Wildtunes Hiya, & YW!! THX. :)@zoja01: "Hiya, thx! :) rb@Gr8tune: Nouvelle Vague - Master and Servant" (reblip)
Coffeenuts Beth Orton – Where Do You Go
AnnTran_ ♫ Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
zamfir Guggenheim Grotto - Wonderful Wizard
zamfir This song goes out to all those who have found true love, and to those that are still searching.
zamfir Nobody's cover will ever be as good. Jim Hensen was a saint.
Diordan UAU, como você é fofa! =) Obrigado, também gosto muito dos seus blips! @Daytripper
Coffeenuts Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane
Coffeenuts Mick Flannery – California
Coffeenuts Mark Knopfler – A love idea
jas13 Marvin Gaye – Whats Goin' on (reblip)
rhythm7a Still a great song! Still snowing here @PsychoRoadie Hi @vaniakg
Coffeenuts Dire Straits – Private Investigations
Coffeenuts Kathleen Edwards – Sure As Shit
jackal Hi @MiaCarla [Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire] via @fluffyboots
PavlovsStepson Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
shortygal The Strokes – 12:51

the Strokes12:51

| play