Modster "Ain't That Enough?" - Teenage Fanclub
Modster "Abandon" - French Kicks

French KicksAbandon

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Modster oh, man...I was all set to blip this one tonight and you beat me to it! PROPs to you @Laughing_Gravy (rb) "Death of a Disco Dancer" - the Smith (reblip)
Modster thx, @deluxantenna (rb) "Future Primitive" - Papercuts (reblip)
Modster "Sticky Dew" - Office

OFFICESticky Dew

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Modster "Johnny" Ty Segall ...oh...lurve it....yeah.

Ty SegallJohnny

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Modster "Man You Gotta Get Up" - Apples in Stereo's REALLY pouring (loudly). I must admit, Seattle needed this (sorry, I secretly LOVE rain).
Modster "Bring Your Love" - the Cave Weddings
Modster "Make Her Day" - the Go-Betweens ...going to a BBQ @ friends home tonight...hopefully it's not a complete washout....hmmm.
Modster "Waving Flags" - British Sea Power
Modster "Coffee" - Motel Motel ...the vid... some of you may need this (coffee), but I am still working on my glass of wine late at night...
Modster this...reblip-- @IrmzHendrix: "Florence And The Machine - Kiss With A Fist" (reblip)
Modster "Waiting on the Stars" - Pela
Modster "Hey Preacher" - A.A. Bondy ...i take that's Sunday morn...for some of you (NOT for me, yet..)... ;)
Modster "The Crime Window" - Grand Archives
Modster "Where Were You Last Night" - Photons
Modster "I Know Every Street" - Meeting of Important People ...I know I'll end up blipping this on a daily basis....sigh...
Modster "Backspace Century" - Deerhunter
Modster "Holy Dances" - Beach House
Modster Edit the Sad Parts" - Modest Mouse ...I dearly-heart this song...

Modest Mouse- Edit The Sad Parts

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Modster "Juicy" - Rafter ...i think i must blip a few from him...


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Modster "Little Girl" - Death From Above 1979
Modster "Delila" - The Dimes

The DimesDelila

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Modster "Microphones in the Trees" - A Silver Mt. Zion
by_starla [Jeremy Jay-In this Lonely Town] @Modster-trying to get my feet back under me--so good to see you and @all again--i missed blip. hope you are well. :)

Ramones - california sun

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Eagles of Death Metal: Speaking In Tongues

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The Replacements '81 Maybelline (Chuck Berry)

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Modster I can't count how many times I played this over and over and over eons ago.
Modster Cash. Johnny.


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Modster I am stopping this 'thought' here. I could go on and on. zzzz.....
Modster this was the ONLY 'Spoiled' I could least it is Sebadoh (no idea about the vid)! So eerie in the flick "Kids."


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Modster ok, 1st off, are u getting enough sleep @sandyriverside? ;~) We need a COF fan-club for those hopelessly obsessed!: ".I am absolutely obsessed." hi! (reblip)
sandyriverside @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice thanks I will check it out. Spare blood has never been much of a handicap for me. / Hiya @photogurrl
Modster "A Brief History Of Love" - The Big Pink
Modster "Modern Man" - the Blakes
happiestgirl hi @Modster! enjoying your blipping tremendously, thanks!
Modster "Love Has Got Me Crying Again" - Denise James
Modster "The 15th" - Fischerspooner ...LOVE this cover...
indieearcandyforeveryone yup, sat night at home... ugh.. @Modster I have fam in town so, just hanging out a bit.. no vod ton's tonight, just beer.. hope u had a good one.. =D (reblip)

V.A.S.T. Touched Official Video

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Modster Good blip, Ms. @Vacuum_Boots. Thx! I hope you're having a nice weekend. :) (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod Kelly Stoltz - Prank Calls wonderful!

Kelly Stoltz

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Modster I hope you're having a good one, sweets @c_vanoverbeke! :~)
Modster Sticky Dew - Office, this was broken in my Playlist. Here's a blip-replacement, I guess...

OfficeSticky Dew

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Modster Blue Straggler - Electrelane
Modster Syntax Error! - Tiger Force
Modster Waking Dream - The Black & White Years
Modster this Kills blip inspired by the lovely @MsBojangles ' Kills blip (ty Miss & hello!). <3 this....

The KillsRodeo Town

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Modster ..ah...I finally see them in 1 wk & 1/2! yip. / Hello-'ello @cadmium ...wherever you be (apologies for missed greetings the other night!)... :)
Modster @Arth-inspired ...big love for this S.P. tune.
Modster Howdy @doubledrat ...not that I'm implying that you're a modern girl or anything...

Sleater-Kinney Modern Girl

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Modster auto-rb...<3 ...thanks bunches and howdy--> @soniktruth: "Beulah – Burned By The Sun" // A wave a hello also to the lovely @clumsynshy =) (reblip)
Modster I Mean, Come On - The Danks more from them... catchy stuffsters...
Modster Good evenin' out to ya, chiefster @JimmyStagger & @jennyleepenny & @Epicrates & @jong & @SabriESC & @ll y'@llz ... =)
Modster Angus was missing his guitarist (hand surgery), but recruited Fol Chen as his back up band and put on a kick-ass show that was plum full of energy....


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Modster Scarecrows On a Killer Slant - Liars
Modster Ponytail - Panda Bear

Panda BearPonytail

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Modster Howdy @livtiludi...and happy new year! :~) I am reblipping you...thx much. (reblip)
Modster Joy Division Oven Gloves - Half Man Half Biscuit


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Modster Help Yourself - Sad Brad Smith ..also in the film (obviously)... ;)
Modster Goin' Home - Dan Auerbach

goin' home Dan Auerbach

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Modster Work Hard/Play Hard - Palace Music ... hello @ArthrReeeeD... I hope you had a lovely holiday break...
Modster Dirty Version - Voxtrot
Modster @katost: "Real Estate – Fake Blues ... good morning /afternoon/ night ;)))" One of my current favs...thanks & hello to you @katost... (reblip)
Modster Kiss - Scout Niblett w. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy ....of course, dude @BrainSaw! You can have ALL my blips, silly! ;)

scout niblett "kiss" featuring bonnie 'prince' billy

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Modster @bestblips: "Just getting around to listening to this album. This track stands out to me." They're great! reblipping w. gratitude. (reblip)
Modster Advice to the Graduate - Silver Jews of my favorites...
Modster @Corts: "Thanks @Modster"'re welcome, but thank YOU! This is a great blip, too. So...reblip (again!). (reblip)


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Modster Destroyer - Fleeting Joys
Modster You You You You You - the 6ths
Modster Anchorage (live on Kexp) - Surfer Blood
Modster Like You Know - Film School ... later blippers ...
Modster Oooh.. one of my favs...a reblip-must! thx to @DuncanDogg (reblip)
Modster Shady Lane - Pavement I said, quick! I am going out tonight for a much-needed-grrls-night-OUT ... have splendid Saturday eves @ll... :~)

Pavement"Shady Lane"

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Modster Plaster Casts of Everything - Liars
Modster Clear Islands - Liars ...okay...last Liars blip...they played this as well. Super swell show...I was blown away.

LiarsClear Island

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Modster This Orient - Foals

FoalsThis Orient

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Modster Weird Feelings - Male Bonding
Modster any time sir @Davrocks. :] ...oh this one...I'm a bit obsessed with...
Modster Dumb Luck - Real Estate ...attempt #2, as it refused to play nice the first time 'round. New shit.
Modster SHT MTN - Holy Fuck

Holy FuckSHT MTN

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Modster Later - Dr. Dog ... but finally I didn't...

Dr. DogLater

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Modster The Walk - The Ponys

The PonysThe Walk

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Modster You're Already Gone - The Dig ...ahh. if you like the Strokes. If you like the Walkmen.. maybe. Catchy-catchy.
Modster Youth - Beach Fossils ..howdy weekend...

Beach FossilsYouth

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Modster Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Modster Dig For Fire - Pixies <3
Modster You Make Me Choose You - Slothbear <3
Modster Winter, That's All - Fol Chen
Modster I Was Thinking - Gauntlet Hair ... thanks much to the gorgeous @elfgirl for the intro on this great stuff...
Modster Til The Sun Rips - Woods
Modster @TheSurlyTMM: "while i'm on the subject..." You know I try hard not to over-blip this...yet a rb = a-okay! thx, man.... (reblip)
Modster Let's Wrestle - I Won't Lie To You ...catchya later @jong...have funsters w. Breaking Bad...
Modster Smile & Shut the Fuck Up - Dude Japan ...very exact sentiments to follow through with at times...I know. / Howdy @CargoCulte & Miss @ArthrReeeeD! :)
Modster Opps...Now I'm gone...thank you for this--> @DJ_Moishe: "And another." Reblipping fresh tuneage... nite! (reblip)
Modster Turn It Off - Phantogram thinks it's Phantogram day... because it IS. Amazing show tonight, I am quite certain. 'Morn @ll.

Phantogram Turn It Off

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Modster Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram ...the video...
Modster Settle Down - We Were Pirates
Modster Sugar Lips - North Highlands ... howdy sugarpie @jennyleepenny :)
Modster <3 to @CreepyGirl // obviously they didn't play this B-side last Sat...still like it, no matters. You like this too, right @delimiter?
Modster Ugh... effin' halfsie! Well, I like this better anyhowz...
Modster I blame liking them all upon @okmusic 's lovely shoulders. OH! & they have the best song title names EVAH!
Modster Hearing Things - Disappears
Modster Last Cans of Paint - BOAT ...lo' @say_what & @FunkShoi...
Modster She's My Best Friend - the Wedding Present this V.U. cover... #covers
Modster Why good evening sir @doubledrat. U don't mind if I reblip this (1 of my favs), since I ran out of props for you (quite mysteriously) earlier, do ya? (reblip)
Modster Ooooh! Much love & luck to you @elfgirl shall be one amazing night for you...and a pleasure for everyone's ears, no doubt! :)

HarlemCloud Pleaser

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Modster Hiya @TheSurlyTMM: "-" sorry, but this tune screams at me for a reblip (so demanding)... thanks! (reblip)
Modster Montreal -40 C - Malajube ...yay! I'm home! Just a quick 'howdy' to the blipsters....

Malajube "Montreal -40°C"

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Modster love it ! thx much @sandyriverside .. "Golden Phone" - Micachu (reblip)

MicachuGolden Phone

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Modster Happy Holidays @noiseAnnoys83 -hope u had a good one...that Santa was good to u (were u a good boy?)..I got a new tiny, purple nano (exercise hint!):)
Modster The West Coast Rain - Orange Peels we've been dry (& cold)...
Modster You & Your Sister In Jericho - Fol Chen
Modster The Song Was Right - Old Canes
Modster Where It Ends - Boy In Static ...goodnight Miss @ArthrReeeeD ....sweet dreams 'n such...
Modster I am shaking my shoulders & squinting my eyes (I know...) & taking leave to go pack ...have swell weekends if I don't 'hear' you sooner-than-later...
Modster Coming Home - Beaten Awake ...w. warm hopes, tomorrow... quick bye @ll! later... :~)
Modster One of my new favs... reblipping w. gratitude....rb@jtabz: vi@CreepyGirl (reblip)
Modster Darker - Doves ...people are starting to come alive in the I think that'll do it for me, until I return home tonight. Have splendid ones @ll

Doves "Darker"

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Modster Let's Make Out - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Modster Tender Torture - Islands ..they make me really miss the Unicorns.. #2009-Mod-song-digs (NO order whatsoever...stuff I liked) / Good morning!
Modster Beach Demon - Wavves ...of course they can't all be purdy! (from self-titled) #2009-Mod-song-digs

Wavves- Beach Demon

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Modster Who Can Say - The Horrors (Primary Colors) #2009-Mod-song-digs // aw... thanks @nastysurprise72 .... ;)
Modster My Boys - Taken By Trees ..that's right, I pick this cover over Animal Collective's...opps (East of Eden) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster In the Now - Cursive ...only live to blip (Mama, I'm Swollen) #2009-Mod-song-digs


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Modster The Boxer - Editors (In This Light & On This Eve) #2009Mod-song-digs//why hello sir @whistlin_indie. Heys also 2 @bestblips & @PunkBroc ..from earlier

Editors : The Boxer

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Modster The Frozen Lake - Arms

ArmsThe Frozen Lake

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okmusic @doubledrat One can never be sure, but I think I was making a joke too. It's been good failing with you this afternoon.

"Night of the Crickets" music video by mr. Gnome

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Modster @noiseAnnoys83- horrid...don't tell me that (I think I am not going to upgrade to 9)...sorry about your pesky pod. :( // hey there @everythingispop!
Modster "Breaking Into Cars" - The Raveonettes
Modster "These Days" - Joy Division
Modster "Rolling" - Soul Coughing
Modster Okay...for this seb alone, you're now one of my new favorite DJs! ...thx for listening. :~) (reblip)

SebadohDrama Mine

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Modster "Blindness" - The Fall

The FallBlindness

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Modster "Hands" - The Dutchess & The Duke
Modster "Magnet's Coil" - Sebadoh

SebadohMagnet's Coil

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Modster "Toyboy" - Stuck In The Sound
Modster "Inside the Cinema" - Culture Reject me some rejected, good cinema (stoned, even) ...I dig this...
Modster "RIP" - Belaire ...more of a twee-ish indie-pop type thang @okmusic (it ranges, u know)... I am hooked, lined & sinkered on this catchy thing. Drums!


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Modster "These Fangs" - Say Hi To Your Mom aka Say Hi
Modster "Paper Thin Walls" - Modest Mouse ...this is my fav. MM song. It is.
Modster "Birthday" - The Jesus & Mary Chain ..thee perfect holiday tune... ...I'm a mean mofo...
Modster Swim - Surfer Blood ...I can't wait for the album to hit (Astro Coast). I can totally add this...I heard this THIS yr. ;) #2009Mod-song-digs

Surfer BloodSwim

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Modster Lovesick Teenagers - Bear in Heaven, I must've listened to this 12x on my roadtrip... (Love This!) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster I Say Fever - Ramona Falls (Intuit) ...again, no particular order...just some swell tunes... #2009Mod-song-digs // Evening @ll :~)
Modster Hi-Fi Goon - Throw Me The Statue (Creaturesque) ...I need to get the rest of this album...I'm stuck on this song.. #2009Mod-song-digs

"Hi-Fi Goon" by Throw Me the Statue

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Modster Open Shut - Blank Dogs (Under & Under) ...I liked many songs from this album... #2009Mod-song-digs // heya @livtiludi! Happy-almost-New-Year! ;)

Blank DogsOpen Shut

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Modster Natural Man - The Harlem Shakes (Technicolor Health) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Two - The Antlers (Hospice) ...lovelovelove... #2009Mod-song-digs

The AntlersTwo

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Modster Coming Home - Beaten Awake (Thunder$troke) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Man At Arms - Nurses (Apple's Acre) ..hard to pick just one song, but I'm ONLY picking one to blip... #2009Mod-song-digs

NursesMan At Arms

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Modster Antibodies - Sky Larkin (The Golden Spike) #2009Mod-song-digs

Sky LarkinAntibodies

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Modster Day By Day - Taken By Trees (East of Eden) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Mower - Superchunk


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Modster reblipping, thx much to-- @chris_is_cool ..I hope you had a lovely LA holiday... (sounded nice & all) (reblip)
Modster Strange - Built to Spill or two good notes to leave on... for those of you I don't 'see' tomorrow, Happy New Year! (k @JimmyStagger!) good eve.
Modster Make You Mine - Best Coast
Modster I Was Born (A Unicorn) - Unicorns
Modster Hazel St. - Deerhunter

DeerhunterHazel St.

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Modster Stick To The Formula - Eat Skull (Wild & Inside) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Glacially - Asobi Seksu (Hush) #2009Mod-song-digs

Asobi Seksu- Glacially

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Modster Another Likely Story - Au Revoir Simone (Still Night, Still Light) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Be My Girl - Smith Westerns (self-titled) of my new favs... #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Strictly Game - The Harlem Shakes (Technicolor Health) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Losing Feeling - No Age (Losing Feeling EP) ...would have been swell had they opened for the Pixies show I went to in Nov... #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster I Won't Lie To You - Let's Wrestle (In The Court of the Wrestling Lets) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Cool Jumper - Wavves (Mickey Mouse demo) #2009Mod-song-digs // howdy-hey @jong@by_starla@everythingispop @ll..:~) (song intro'd 2 me thx to @okmusic)

WAVVEScool jumper

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Modster Wildlife Sculpture - Generationals (Con Law) #2009Mod-song-digs (I obviously hate typos...apologies!)
Modster Bad Fever - Asteroids Galaxy Tour ...I just couldn't avoid this...I tried running... too infectious! ;) #2009Mod-song-digs

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- "Bad Fever" ***NEW SONG***

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Modster Thunder$troke - Beaten Awake (Thunder$troke) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Should Have Taken Acid With You - Neon Indian (Psychic Chasms) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Young Adult Fiction - Pains of Being Pure At Heart (self-titled) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Ghetto Love - Spinnerette ...there's many good grrl-rawk on this album...this one truly kicks.. (self-titled) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster No Home - The Ettes ...not many blips for this (Do You Want Power?) #2009Mod-song-digs

The EttesNo Home

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Modster I'm Confused - Handsome Furs (Face Control) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Hooting & Howling - Wild Beasts (Two Dancers) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster My Unusual Friend - Fruit Bats (The Ruminant Band) #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster The Trees Grew Emotions & Died - Cold Cave (Love Comes Close) ..I think I've over-blipped this (is there such a thing?) .. #2009Mod-song-digs
Modster Distortions - Clinic


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