PhantomTB thanks to I did not go to sleep last night and worked all day and now can't sleep so now I feel like a zombie...BRAINS! ...BRAINS!


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PhantomTB This song ends up on all my mix cds


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PhantomTB leaves us both blind... so time for a blind knife fight in a phone booth?
PhantomTB lol might be the best intro to a song ever (reblip)
PhantomTB I can't stop bliping this

Trey ParkerGay Fish

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PhantomTB oh I remember this evening when I was sininging along this one while drinking beer and missing someone... Thanks @Huldine (reblip)

CakeNever there

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PhantomTB okay so I'm high and I want to bump some sublime for a few tracks:P


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PhantomTB I always liked this guys bass lines

SublimeDon't Push

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PhantomTB live ver, could only find this and a few other tracks off that cd and they were live too.
PhantomTB please listen to this, you might learn something.
PhantomTB can't find 1996....this will work for now. Got my lunchbox and I'm armed real well - haha /thanks @friendlybaker (reblip)

Deftones and Soulfly - First Commandment

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PhantomTB The Bob & Tom Show – The Murder Scene...Thanks @Shadowtech im still laughing (reblip)
PhantomTB Thanks @meathead are you in texas I think I know you (reblip)
PhantomTB The Bob & Tom Show – Dicken's Cider (reblip)
PhantomTB Okay I have to get at least a few hours of sleep before I wire a duplex... bah this work stuff is for the birds! Night ppl
PhantomTB I think this is mislabeled but did not listen to it all
PhantomTB greatest joke ever but don't listen unless you are an adult with a strong stomach. gilbert godfree tells it better
PhantomTB This would make a good track to mix with

Peeping TomTriangle

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PhantomTB ...i´m feelin so alive...Thanks @www (reblip)

Mushroomhead - Solitare Unraveling

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PhantomTB And you look so fine. When you lie it just dont show, but i know which way the wind blows. Thanks @jambands I had been looking for this track (reblip)

Sublime - 40 Oz To Freedom

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PhantomTB yes I found it!


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A Perfect Circle - Orestes

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PhantomTB after listening to this song one day I started wanting mike patton to make a musical.

mr bungle - california - 01 - sweet charity

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PhantomTB I want to see mike patton, les claypool, drummer from tool, old guitar player from limp bizkit and tom morello form a band.
PhantomTB can you tell I like the double bass?
PhantomTB holy crap on a stick look what I found


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ICP Insane Clown Posse - Dating Game

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PhantomTB Thanks to @SevenTenths for turning me on to these guys
PhantomTB I think this is a comment on the U.S. and the way we act towards other countries or how they perceive us, But I could be wrong.
PhantomTB preach on brother Carlin. And we miss him too
PhantomTB We miss you mitch!

Mitch Hedburg - Smacky the Frog

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PhantomTB ok please listen to this and listen to what is being said its not all heavy like most of mudvayne's stuff. Some interesting things being said.


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Squeeze Me Macaroni

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PhantomTB Sorry if this is to heavy for some of you but trying to show I have a wide taste in music from so heavy your ears bleed to soft silly and melodic


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PhantomTB tool ends a song with a guitar lick from this song I noticed it one day and pointed it out to my friends.


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PhantomTB RB thanks @Dannylcefire great song and video Hellbent – Kenna (reblip)


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PhantomTB I miss cliff burton

Metallica - Unknown - Orion

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PhantomTB I thought this was worth rebliping (reblip)
PhantomTB This is my fav band so I thought I would add another song by them.


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PhantomTB Yes I am 31 and no not yet:P
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