Shanman For the only man in the world who annoys mom more than you do. "If you see my dad.. Tell him my brothers... are all mad... and beatin on each other"
Shanman "Wonder how that color tastes..."
Shanman Ever listen to a song you haven't heard since you were a kid, and hearing it makes you feel all weird?
CargoCulte Rasta don't work for no C.I.A.!

Bob MarleyRat Race

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richarddrogers nerd rock. forgot all about it. I love Weezer.

WeezerIn the Garage

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Shanman "There's so much space... I cut me a piece. With some fine wine. It brought peace to my mind. In... the summertime. And it rolled."
Shanman People said Vanilla Ice was the first white rapper... cause these guys transcend color.
Shanman "I am myself, like you... somehow."

Pearl JamRelease

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MasterWolf @crowjane: "tooooo long~can't stop now"..... there is no such thing as to long (reblip)
Shanman Angry songs help me clean... dunno why.

Nine Inch NailsBurn

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Shanman I dedicate this song to phone solicitation.
Shanman House? House? ... nah... A bit of Fry and Laurie.

Hugh Laurie-The Sophisticated Song

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Shanman "Lots of people talkin, few of them know. The soul of a woman was created below."
Shanman sleepy sunday mornin song. from all of me... to all of you

Blind MelonDrive

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Shanman "Verbal pocketplay, is as discreet as I can muster up to be."
Shanman *mumble* Don't let the spooky pic throw you... I'm an emotional sap. :}


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Shanman "Fool enough to almost be it. Cool enough to not quite see it."
Shanman "On top of this, I ain't ever gonna understand..."

the strokeslast night

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Shanman "If I speak at one constant volume, at one constant pitch, at one constant rhythm, right in to your ear... you still won't hear."
Shanman "Considerately killing me."

Tool- H.

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Shanman "I'm stranded, all alone, in the gas station of love... and I have to use those self-service pumps." <- genius.
Shanman "Me without a mic is like a beat without a snare."

FugeesHow Many Mics

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Shanman good for drivin, in my opinion
Shanman "Can I be saved? I spent all my money on a future grave... Wooden Jesus, I'll cut you in. On 20% if my future sin."
simoneblum The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Shanman To all my friends, present, past, and beyond.

PennywiseBro Hymn

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HoneyBearKelly Happy Easter tweeps (if it's in keeping with your situation).
techsassy Perks of Being a Wallflower Soundtrack - 12

Beatles - Blackbird

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Shanman "Tell your mama, tell your pa... I'ma send you back to arkansas."
venussuz Remember U2 singing this at Live Aid in '85 - Bono, Freddie Mercury & Bob Geldof were the best of that day in the UK. In the stands at Philly, amazing
Shanman Only because you were greazy last night.

Faith No MoreEasy

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Shanman Superchunk - Home at Dawn "Tried to make a list, but there was only one."
Walk Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm dressed so fresh and so clean

Outkast-So Fresh and So Clean

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Shanman "Hey Revolver? Don't mothers... make good fathers? Revolver."
Shanman "To escape from the pain, an existance mundane... I got a nine... a sign... a set. And now I got a name!"

Rage Against The Machine: Settle For Nothing

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Shanman "A hero ain't nuttin but a sandwich"

House Of PainLegend

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Dysn0m1a rage against the machine - darkness of greed

rage against the machine darkness of greed with lyrics

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Shanman "On my back and tumbling... down that hole and back again. Rising up, and wiping the webs and the dew from my withered eye..."

TOOLThird Eye part 1

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Shanman "Damagin men... mics... and even mannequins."

naughty by nature feel me flow

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Shanman "Jah be wit you... until we meeeeeet again"
Shanman "It was hot... but the snow... lay on the ground"
Shanman Incubus - Clean


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Shanman "The gangs and the government ain't no different... That makes me 1%"

jane's addiction 1%

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Shanman If this doesn't make you nod your head. It would be wise to call a doctor. You just might be dead.
Shanman O Fortuna velut luna, statu variabilis, semper crescis aut decrescis. - Oh fortune, like the moon, you are changeable. Always waxing and waning.
Shanman "Whosoever diggeth the pit. Shall fall in. So if you are the big tree, we are the small axe. Ready to cut you down."
Shanman "Hate if you wanna hate. If it keeps you safe. If it makes your day. Just don't come over here, piss on my gate. Save it... just keep it off my wave."

SoundgardenTrack 2

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Shanman "In my dreams, I was drownin my sorrows. But my sorrows... they learned to swim."
Shanman "Evil... ornery, scandalous and evil. Most definately."

Sublime - Summertime

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Shanman In commemoration of making it through another monday.
Shanman Geetars... mmmm

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds- Tangerine

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Shanman "Lovely lady... let me drink you, please. I won't spill a drop, no. I promise you."
Shanman "But these governments, they don't mind the procrastination. They say `we'll kill them off, take their land... and go their for vacation.`"
Shanman *grumbles something about whiny bald guys that look like Fester Adams*
Shanman "If I say...I may fade like a sigh if I stay... you minimize my movement anyway."


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Shanman "1 and 1... are 1, Eleven. So glow child glow... I'm headed back home."
Shanman "I'm hungry like the wolf... but I'll end up tending cattle." *snicker*
Shanman *sways from side to side*

WeenBaby Bitch

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Shanman Strange how music can make sadness sound so beautiful.
Shanman A man with a thousand voices
Shanman snappy soundin angst (bops head)


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Shanman The soothing sounds of... a xylophone? An egg-slicer? Plucked piano strings? Dunno, but I like it.
Shanman "If you should die before me... ask if you can bring a friend."
Shanman Some `bump up in your eye`... from the kast

"The Return of the "G" by Outkast

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Shanman *sings happily* "b-e a-gg-r-e-ss-ive."
Shanman "This may hurt a little... but it's something you'll get used to."
Shanman Who isn't everyday people? Buncha goofy, emotional piles of... stuff.
Shanman *grumble* I don't even know why I like these guys

DeftonesDai Th Flu

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Shanman "Walk into this world... with your head up high!"


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Shanman "The shade is a tool, a device, a savior... I try and look up to the sky but my eyes burn. Cloud... come shove... the sun... aside."
Shanman "Cause I'm cooler than a polar bears toe nail."


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Shanman look mummie there's an airplane up in the sky
LockeDown815 Who'd of thunk it, a rock god wailing alongside Tori Amos. Thanks @Shanman (reblip)
Shanman "With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand."
LockeDown815 Anything including Maynard is good


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Shanman First tape I ever bought...another secret from my past.

A Perfect Circle - Orestes

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djblackwhite Muito boa passa tranquilidade me vejo numa Ilha (reblip)
AzA And i might as well play the A-side, just to balance it out and go in reverse at the same time.
pstar919 I have a feeling that this in particular will be a hit.
Yeeaauuh If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting...
Shanman First time I really sat and listened to these guys. Think I may start to become a fan.

A Perfect Circle - Orestes

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Shanman Take a real friend... get in a car, and drive down a road you've never driven. The songs you listen to don't matter.
Shanman I don't know why I like the Deftones. Never been able to figure it out.
Shanman Who'd of thunk it, a rock god wailing alongside Tori Amos.
Shanman I push'd it... happy now.


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Shanman I believe that this song exists somewhere within the heart of every cityscape.
Shanman Have you ever heard water play the guitar? Well this is what it would sound like.
Shanman A secret from my very young years. I had no idea what it was about, I just thought it sounded cool.
Shanman Ageless song in my opinion.
PaulLiebrand Calling the bud sticky ... (reblip)

ToolThe Pot

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pjhanse Sally Fletcher / Moonlight Sonata-Beethoven

Led Zepplin - Black Dog

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Shanman Ugly green station wagon. Four dudes of various ages bobbin to this song... that was high school for me.
DJSativa Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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Shanman "Do you know what brings rats, mice, snakes... up out they holes?... Chonkyfire."


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Aerosmith - Dream On

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Shanman Danny Elfman is a full third of Tim Burton's talent in my opinion. :\
Shanman "you couldn't make the fans throw up their hands, if they swallowed their fingers."


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Shanman Travelliiiin... at the speed... of life.
Shanman "Say what you will. Say what you mean. Noooo, you could never offend. Your dirty words come out clean." Great chorus in my opinion.


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Yeeaauuh To see, to bleed, can not be taught
Shanman I clean to this song... couldn't tell you why.


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DJkman @MaddMatt - enjoy the game and here's one for ol' Joe. Tell 'em peace for me.

Jimi HendrixHey Joe

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Skippy This is one of the best songs to come out of the 90's. Top shelf.


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AzA she is so cute :)))
FineNGood Am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home, yeah Have I gone? And left you here alone
Shanman I seen this live at palooza... the lawn crowd trampled security... and became the pavilion crowd.
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