SarahWV C'mon fire me up. (It's acoustic even!)
purplesime I promised a change of hue, so if you could all come along to the White Room please...

CreamWhite Room

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Just because I love this song.
serks even the chair heard him
serks what we'll have if the redneck republican's win over obama.
ShyTrbleMaker For @lectroidmarc so he can sing along - even if he can't post the lyrics.
clarkowitz Another Seattle scion. And a fellow scorpio.
clarkowitz @DRE Help me. No... You needn't. A weekend to remember. That's for sure. This is as close to church as I get anymore.
clarkowitz @threebears Hate to hear it. But, I'm glad you're free. Next time, should there ever be one, break out. 0_x
clarkowitz Here's to a successful Saturday night for everybody west of GMT. And a peaceful Sunday for everyone in GMT and east.
clarkowitz Oh, I've been losing, and regaining it for decades now. And, @daretoeatapeach I know I heard an hourlong interview w/ dude. Just can't find it. Peace
ShyTrbleMaker Keeping an eye on the end of the day. Is it friday yet?
amberella If being hipster enough to like this song is wrong, I don't want to be right. #girlsnames
amberella Anyone remember the state? This goes out to #subgenius.
ShyTrbleMaker I'd like to just sit down at his feet and listen to the guitar.

Iron & WineJezebel

| play
eitheror Dan seems to be obsessed with this 80s classic lately
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY out of all the post lovesexy and sign o the times prince, this is the a friend of mine says..
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY is it any wonder i came onto the planet in the late 1960`s...the doors, hendrix, beatles, marvin gaye, otis redding, cream, the stones,aretha etc
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY imagine hearing this for the first time again... i was sitting in a club, in need of a good song, and this came on..and this bird you cannot change.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY great vocal.....and when the band comes in...amazing track.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY legendary jimmy cliff...classic tune. real era captured in the production. love the horns, rims, hammond stabs, rollin bass and jimmy`s amazing vocal
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY back in the long has to technically pass before it qualifies to be "the day"?..soul flower, take me flying with you..great lyric
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY won`t you help to sing...these songs of freedom.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY how does bob marley like his donuts? with jam in....

Bob MarleyJammin

| play
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY the one and only john amazing saxophonist friend put me onto`Trane 20 years ago. close your eyes. i hope you feel this. body and soul.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY gemma hayes. another great, if yet undiscovered, irish singer songwriter.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY polly jean..better than billie jean, and norma jean
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY the sound of urban, cosmopolitan britain came to the fore in the 80`s and of the most vibrant and memorable, being soul II soul
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY more of manchester`s post baggy beats beats...this is one fat city..
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY you know, sometimes, you`ve just gotta shake what yo mama gave you....hammond organ, big drums, screaming guitar..that`ll do it!!
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY And we sat on our own star and dreamed of the way that i was for you, and you were for me...the incredible poetry sends me into..well, astral weeks.
DJSOULPURPOSEBABY I`m glad Jimi had an Angel. I have one, and they make your soul sing. .Fly on my sweet Angel..You touched my life forever James Marshall.

Jimi HendrixAngel

| play
davidwatts1978 it was this tune we were playing, it's not so bad, hilarious video @theknickermafia
davidwatts1978 monza grand prix today, great circuit, youngest ever F1 winner Vettel, nice
davidwatts1978 It's the music that we choose.. and no monkeys in site (sic)
Danacea I make no apology for loving this track as much as I do. It's one-of-a-kind awesome!
Danacea Morning music to start the day on an upswing!
Danacea Sultry, sexual, a taste of sinister.

Garbage#1 Crush

| play
KimWood @Hthrflynn Was this you in Vegas? (Missed ya -mwa! )
amberella Uh oh, I don't usually do this, but uh... check this kid out. I just ran across him on tumblr.
KimWood I wanted BLIP back!!! I was stuck out.... Thanks @RyanDowning!!!!
KimWood I wish I was ready to head to VEGAS with y'all :(.....
LaniAR i love linkin park, what amazing talent. they're so creative.

Linkin ParkFaint

| play
LaniAR this REMIX was super huuuge when i lived in Spain!

Tom Jones - Sex Bomb

| play
LaniAR chillin at teh office today!
LaniAR HOW I ROLL song #17. i shoulder lean. but i don't drink purple stuff. well, not on purpose.
LaniAR look at @melodyofyourlife all givin me blip suggestions. i approve!!! :)

Girl TalkOnce Again

| play
LaniAR ooh i forgot how much i like this song!
LaniAR how did backwards clothes not stay in style??

Kris KrossJump

| play
LaniAR my cell phone ringer is this song...
LaniAR @ebruce reminded me of how much I love this song.

Elton JohnYour Song

| play
LaniAR Keane is my new fave this year.
LaniAR love this song.

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

| play
LaniAR HOW I ROLL song #4. i'm way groovy despite the impending hurricane coming at us.


| play
LaniAR my little brother and i had this record, played it and jumped on our beds. miss you buddy :)
LaniAR can i give @mattwilkins a thumbs *down* for blipping this? (remembering 2nd grade and my keyboard AND a family guy episode...) lol
LaniAR i may be re-blipping this but i don't care. 9/11 on my mind.
LaniAR this remains one of my favorite songs. in my head i can play it on the guitar but in real life it's an air guitar.

dc TalkJesus Freak

| play
mikeneumann THIS is one way to push through the afternoon blaaaaahhhhhs. Thx, @LaniAR

MC Hammer U Can't Touch This

| play
JohnLauber @LaniAR I'd give you multiple song props. But I'll just dedicate this song. Your like a curry...
LisaSanderson @LaniAR GNR makes me miss my little bro. He air guitared them awesome.
stewbagz couldn't find the Salt n Pepa version of this, so here's the original :D
ShyTrbleMaker Love this song - not for work though. Headphones a must.
ShyTrbleMaker California mornings are perfect for California Dreamin'
DJDaleChumbley My life theme song. I take, pictures...
milkfish *That* riff. Chelsea Dagger
ShyTrbleMaker Totally digging this song. Jazzy with a latin beat. Reminds me of Jonathan Butler.
calamari @Millichip Thanks so much. I think you're exactly right. I've gotten a few replies and that seems to be the consensus. :)

The PresetsTogether

| play
lunarboy aos reis da noite, muito mas muito queridos: @danielms @Pizzy
djwashingtonson Let It Rock-(Radio) – Kevin Rudolf Feat. Lil Wayne
Snarkygirl Hands Down I'm too proud for love

Lykke LiLittle Bit

| play
TechJunkie Would you spit on me if I was on fire?

HinderUse Me

| play
saynine Hunker Down You-all. I love me some Canadian Punks
djwashingtonson Libre – Mambana (turn it up and dance!


| play
purplesime Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of Scotland, my apologies for my attempt at being Irvine Welsh. Don't give me [song title] please.
Figgywithit A bowl for the cat a bowl for the dog a bowl for me.
jlightbody Seems appropriate in my neck of the snowy woods...
lilwldchld If you call me I won't be at home....
rebolado let's be dumb. i'll show you how.
calamari @gmona My iPod says definitely yes to your iPod, and chooses a song by Josh Rouse.
morningtide ~MEME#10: Name one of your fav books~
ShyTrbleMaker Oops, I've got enough for two pages of blues/blues rock. Gonna end it the way I started it. Just remember, Anything's Possible.
juniorone tá...é bixinha...mas pega nada

Papa RoachScars

| play
OneLuvGurl @ernmander How about this circa 1992? I was 12!
Vickingo The Beaches Of Cheyenne - Garth Brooks
ShyTrbleMaker Okay. I had like 100 probs. Then 13. Now 267? Yeah, color me confused! Weekend is still not over! Rock on without me, I'll share the props soon!
rkmonkey is this same band? this song chillz me bonz and hauntz me soul @punkrockdiedwhen
DareToEatAPeach There's maybe 5 remixes of this song including a new 1 by Pomomofo. Why do DJs remix the same songs over & over when there are so many great songs?
GypsyOwl "...on the mountain was a treasure buried deep beneath a stone..."[Coven - One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack )]

Coven - One Tin Soldier (The Legend Of Billy Jack )

| play
adbert [Santa Maradona – Mano negra] Falemos de futebol @nathvalverde, @abarbosa, @puroglamour, @luiz_com_z!
adbert [New soul – Yael Naim] * * * dancing * * * (reblip)

yael naimnew soul

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Really Really like this group. Not a lot available on blip though.
sandraew @briangreene 10000? Congrats! Your music often makes me smile.
DareToEatAPeach To clever boys sending songs to hardworking girls---the girl can't handle pop punk right now. (reblip)
sendchocolate @ambit Bobby McFerrin is like the machine that goes "PING!"
ShyTrbleMaker Well damn. Seriously, I love this version.
chrishyde It's been a Rusted Root day. I love them!

Rusted RootEcstasy

| play
DareToEatAPeach Radiohead reinvented #11 @squidbrain Oh, you think flattery will win you props, do you? Well, you're right. ;)
jlightbody Crazy shit...I love this CD!!!!!!!!!!

Mr BungleCarousel

| play
Truffle @clarax3 about to record a vocal cover of this song.... xD YOU won't like it... :P
ShyTrbleMaker Yeah I'll spank you. I love naughty boys!

Bad JanuarySpank Me

| play
EvDJ Ditto @ladypn. Also check out Dimeola, McGlaughlin, Deluca, not new but freaking awesome. I'll search. <Thrilled to add this new track> (reblip)
ShyTrbleMaker I like this guy. You played me like a little game.
Figgywithit I guess they dance on their planet...
OutdoorLori Make me shiver with the fire Let me kiss the pictures on your skin [Feelin this groove. Thanks @miamism] (reblip)
JohnCannata Wow... @OozzyAlley I would never have remembered this song. How did YOU find it? (reblip)

LFOSummer Girls

| play
ShyTrbleMaker "i agree. gotta run to help those in need of my services @Figgywithit a good one..." @rkmonkey (props and reblips!) (reblip)
DNACowboy He's a stranger to some, And a vision to none, He can never get enough, Get enough of the one
blip_tales I remember a dark and smoky den whiskey-edged faces of barrel-chested men And I'm feelin' small, weak and scared @bitinic (reblip)

Andrew BirdVidalia

| play
sendchocolate reminds me of John Hughes movies, but still a quiet mellow tune for a gray afternoon
DareToEatAPeach What's up? Does no one live in San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose, etc? Send me a song if you do. (reblip)
poyo_ no more sweet music please!
Redessie Music is the victim and so am I!
paulzy pf500 1977 - Winner for best song name today.
paulzy pf500 1978 - No secret here, this is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I have a feeling I'm not alone.
adbert [Little L – Jamiroquai] * * * dancing * * *

JamiroquaiLittle L

| play
milkfish Get on your feet when you play this
mtlb Not sure if I am happier from the claps in the song or the name of the band... (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre @knox and I walked into their set and said "Wow! These guys are absolutely ripping it up!" Turns out we had the time wrong and saw the encore only.
joefy How did we get here? When I used to know you so well.
LizGilbert @quiverandquill I have reblipped this waaaay too many times,but Blip is musical soul of Twitter I think.Blip me back & I'll give ya props & add you. (reblip)
Somabulaboy A new year afternoon. For Frank. Karoosin', Tony Cox

Tony CoxKaroosin'

| play
lilwldchld Boy I wonder what would happen if I trip and let you in....
dozerbr have a greeeeeeeeat new year everybody :D (reblip)
jacklhasa The original

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
rebolado why do you tie me up with words?
rebolado that bird's ready i know. he's tired of being alone.
LizGilbert & Bring On The Wonder by @susanenan(Thnks @solobasssteve) To: @onlineteacher,@crazyonyou,@adbert,@quiverandquill Great Stuff ! Bring it: UK musicians (reblip)
by_starla Read the words of the captive mind/& you tried to leave the past behind/But webs spun slightly, they catch those likely/To come back again
briangreene Une americaine a Paris ~ Rupa and The April Fishes
tindle What am I doing, I'm old enough to be their Grandad..I love these lads..they are so...goosebumpy! I have a chorus Pedal, guys, let me join the band..

Red Vein

| play
RealtorLefebvre These are the same Aussies who sing "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"? Which Beatles album was this originally from? (That joke never gets old for me).

jet - look what you've done

| play
Vickingo Bawitdaba – Kid Rock, And for my hoods of the world misunderstood @mellowmello TY

Kid RockBawitdaba

| play
jacklhasa What about soldier battle scars?
jacklhasa I swear I didn't know that .45 was loaded....
randymatheson Candyman, tell 'em the truth... we'll still end up knockin; da boots
calamari Here you are, you are breathing like little ghosts under rocks
NicLizD @DownLow My absolute FAVORITE PG song...for you :)
gigia oi @surra... especial pra vc, menino tosco mais lindo da titia...
ms_strait Doin Our Own Dang - Jungle Brothers
morningtide watch the sunrise all alone sitting on the tracks, laying quiet in the grass, everything is still, river stones and broken bones scattered on the hill

foo fightersstill

| play
joefy I regarded the world as such a sad sight, until I viewed it in black and white.

Owl CityDear Vienna

| play
melodyofurlife Weezer? great cover!

Weezer - Where Is My Mind (pixies cover)

| play
paulzy My blipstream is running very slowly today. Probably because all of the water is frozen upstream.
briangreene Medina ~ Chachi Tadesse .......the end
capitano four AM in the morning.. carried away by a moonlight shadow..
sh3n3rd Time is Running Out - Muse (acoustic)
ShyTrbleMaker I like this group. I like Loquats too.

loquatsit sideways

| play
sandraew @russo I'll get back to you on that. (Forget Myself - Elbow)

ElbowForget Myself

| play
ShyTrbleMaker It's not raining, but just in case, I'm keeping my umbrella.
melodyofurlife @NyQuilDriver I was going to blip ever tune you gave me props on. But I lost count at 29 props, & you give Mad Props for Modest Mouse must be a fave?
LizGilbert @ZAmmi Here ya go...;-)

RemLeaving New York

| play
morningtide I'll be standing with my dyin' bell / if you care to come along / I've been lyin' in the bright lights / see my shadow from below
purplesime The album version of this was playing in the off licence (liquor store for you US-speaking peeps!) and I fancied a proper listen.
paulzy Finding the recorded version of a My Morning Jacket song is kind of a chore.
RealtorLefebvre Please excuse the over-blipping. I tend to do that in the beginning. This might be my favorite track...(for now)
sandraew Alleluia @washingtonson (It's Raining Men – The Weather Girls) (reblip)
Jennavive Going to see Land of Talk tonight!
purplesime @ShyTrbleMaker I'm too much of a nice guy and if I could I'd follow everyone. Except those Blippin' absolute shite! You're very safe though ;)
SlipperyDistortion getting ready to close up shop...


| play
SlipperyDistortion @elfgirl I like it a lot and will seek out more from them. (reblip)
elementguy This really blew my mind The fact that me an overfed long haired leaping gnome Should be the star of a hollywood movie, hmmm But there i was
Jennavive Woke up with this in my head.
TackyParker Great cover! Ha ha ha, bless your soul, you really think you're in control... (reblip)

Ray LamontagneCrazy

| play
420thoughts I wanna know what what what's your f-f-f-fantasy....
djwashingtonson Fire – Ohio Players (for our lovely Blip Ladies) (reblip)

Ohio PlayersFire

| play
djwashingtonson Dayman Ala Bali – Iwan (Hola!) (reblip)

IwanDayman Ala Bali

| play
milkfish Just about as evil as you could be...
lilwldchld Wine your body, wriggle your belly, You dip and go down in a new style....
quakkaz Not heard this before, sounds good! :) Thanks @evablue (reblip)

Charlotte Gainsbourg - The songs that we sing

| play
briangreene bit of Phil Daniels after Eric Idle


| play
Gaspar Blipando a pedidos. Mas devo dizer que, mesmo não sendo a minha praia, curti.

Lykke LiLittle Bit

| play
pennstatephil It's not about where we go, let's start living life before we die
chuckboycejr put not the blame on vcr


| play
OutdoorLori Absolutely love this group and this message. I am so done with mediocre. That was just so, yesterday.... ;-)
OutdoorLori I try to learn from all of life's lessons...

Travelling by Steam Fairport Convention

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Don't know this song, was looking for a different sideways, but I LIKE this a lot.

Sam IsaacSideways

| play
crazymilk she came up in an uncle tupelo search, for @photogurrl who was on a kristen hersh/throwing muses kick earlier
melodyofurlife @Aluciel ---> Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall, but there is always someone cooler than you. So True! (reblip)
ShyTrbleMaker @lilwldchld She's awesome, not much on blip but she's got a website. I think I'm addicted to her. <Grin>
OutdoorLori My weakness is I care too much... but I tear my heart open once again, just to feel.

Papa RoachScars

| play
OutdoorLori Even though it's hard, I follow the light up on the mountain. I won't surrender.... How about you? Do you wanna be a boy? Or a man?
ShyTrbleMaker Sometimes Silence speaks louder than words.
ShyTrbleMaker Anyone want to can can? Yep, these girls are going on my favs too.
ShyTrbleMaker Yep, liking this band. @Figgywithit You should come up and visit Central Cali - pick me up and we can hit San Fran for Blip N Beer!
adbert [Gary Jules - Something Else] Hola @abarbero! Que tengas lindo día! :-)
DownLow one of my all time old school hip hop faves. thanks to @GlaucexVx. I hope you like this one @MeeJong... (reblip)
LizGilbert @ydubel,Light enough to travel..You will be here with us in the desert <3 @pareidoliac here's to our identity-less existence ! <3 ;) (meet each other)
sandraew Gotta fly. Ran out of towels. They use one for each limb. (Dirty Work - Beoga)

BeogaDirty Work

| play
jlightbody Watching the TT on Versus...Wiggins on top so far...
ShyTrbleMaker Speaking of girls. Beautiful version of this song.
inappropriatewriting This is what it's all about, take me in and eat me out

The BraveryFearless

| play
ZachsMind KT Tunstall is amazing. I want you back (live cover) (reblip)
ShyTrbleMaker Love this one - just heard it on an episode of Dexter.
DareToEatAPeach Sounds like: The Decemberists.
DareToEatAPeach "No le gusta caminar. No puede montar a caballo Como se puede bailar? Es un escandalo" (reblip)
sandraew rb @Louden"Are you ready to rumble..." WOW! This is awesome!!! I love it. Thank you. And hello to you too. :) @SarahABQ: "Whole Lotta Love~Hello:-)" (reblip)
by_starla [Geographer - Caught A Fire] another from Innocent Ghosts
tindle Here's David Knopfler, Mark's brother..But that's got nothing to do with it, he's a talent all his own.. I like :-)

The Heart of It - David Knopfler

| play
musecrossing ... You make the darkness disappear ...
by_starla [Basia Bulat - The Pilgriming Vine] heading off for a while- see you later @craigz @lilyetc @space_cadet @CatfishFriend @photogurrl @Franimal @all :)
by_starla [The Quarter After - Sanctuary]
Triz Them Crooked Vultures. .No one loves me & neither do I.
elsharnefarn Definitely one of my favorite NMH songs. So beautiful!
purplesime Amazing word play from Maximo Park's Paul Smith. New album out soon, free mp3 from that long player available from RCRDLBL here:
jeff Always love that rush when the bass and drums kick in...
paulzy If you don't like what you got why dont you change it? If your world is all screwed up rearrange it!
TheRealClint If Def Leppard got mauled by Moby...this is what would result... (reblip)
gasolineheart wow mike dunns new album has taken a big turn from the E.P
Figgywithit My favorite version of any Raconteurs song.
gasolineheart this is rock music. i can picture the club,the crowd, the booze and the sweat. i pretend im not a big fan but i dig everything solo stuff included
DareToEatAPeach Starts out as a very pretty song, then proceeds to rock out.
DareToEatAPeach Student's property seized for running "suspicious" operating system & using Command line!
briangreene just jack new one not yet on blip called embers.
patipelada @ShyTrbleMaker you're gonna dig this one - i could totally listen to it all afternoon nonstop.
ShyTrbleMaker Okay, sounds like a cross between Pink and Missy Elliot? Hot!
ShyTrbleMaker Made a mountain of a molehill. I know I've been a fool - way too many times.
melodyofurlife Ain't No Sunshine, love the Banjo
unmarketing Great Singer/Songwriter: Butterfly Boucher. Saw her open for Sarah McLachlan years ago.
by_starla new album coming out from them this year :)
ShyTrbleMaker #calilove with toddler recommendation. Interesting combination of heavy and slow. Scars on Broadway from LA.
jlightbody It's 2 degrees above freezing, I might go out for a ride...Anybody in Cali going to see the ToC today? Any bets...Cavendish or Boonen?

QueenBicycle Race

| play
paisley Rotten Apple – Alice In Chains
OutdoorLori Oh yeah baby... GREAT remix. A slow jam... sexy. And yes, in case you were wondering... it is the end. C ya!
DareToEatAPeach @skwm Elbow charted in '83 w/A Night In NY. Why pick on Coldplay & MGMT when there's garbage like this: ? (reblip)

ElbowForget Myself

| play
robsonsanchez Dangerous - Billboard Top 100 - 1990


| play
sendchocolate (via @thinkpink) You hold me without touch, you keep me without chains.... thxs, @thinkpink, I know a lot of Sara, not this, it's good. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Sounds of the guys from Animal Collective joined a funk band.

Seven sevens mastered

| play
lofolulu @ShyTrbleMaker You are welcome! I like cool accents too. =)
rkmonkey Who's that writin', John the Revelator wrote the book of the seven seals. @Figgywithit (via one of the great dj's recently)
crispy The acoustic guitar solo was originally a sound-check warm-up by Jim Cregan captured on tape and later used when it was realised it added to the song.
unmarketing I go abso-frickin-loootley nuts-o when this tune comes on in a club. (doesn't get played as much now) Need my baseball cap for it too #tweepletuesday

LL Cool J - Headsprung (Ft Timbaland)

| play
ShyTrbleMaker I'm loving this guy. This one is a classic folk song.
ShyTrbleMaker Let me see that dirty dance.

BoomkatHere I Come

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Serendipity rocks. Was not looking for this Leaf.
unmarketing My fellow Canadian, Nelly Furtado... feat Timbaland. Shake it ladies (boys: no shakin for you, that's my job)
adbert [Seven Days In Sunny June – Jamiroquai] Virtual sun for @crispast. Guten Abend @klitoria! :-)
girleddy If I'm gonna play some Elvis Costello..I have to add this one..Alison... For the innocents..
ShyTrbleMaker Hey! My request lines are open. Click and I'll play any song you want! Just give @ShyTrbleMaker a shout out!

Black Eyed Peas - Request Line (feat Macy Gray)

| play
DareToEatAPeach More sidechains. Kinda funny, this one. @silversatirical should have sent that last blip to you, check it out.
paisley Jack Johnson vs. Beats International - Dub Be Good To Three (lobsterdust mash)
ShyTrbleMaker Here's some Will Dailey, also sings on the NCIS Soundtrack. I really like his voice!


| play
ShyTrbleMaker @by_starla well we all know you're aren't a Rock N Roll Loser! <hugs> grats on the prop win!
StamperCat You make things better...


| play
VivoEstSomnio Why don't you call me? I feel like flying into....


| play
by_starla @Will_the_bloke--i'm doing well, thanks. a very good class tonight. how was your Monday?
SarahWV You can't judge a book looking at the cover, you can't love someone while messing with another
sendchocolate Now the tears, they fall like rain, now I'm [Alone Again -- Dokken] #HumpDay ( are supposed to send ME chocolate. see name)

DokkenAlone Again

| play
sendchocolate It's Wednesday! #HumpDay and nothin' gets me in the mood faster than a good power ballad [Home Sweet Home -- Motley Crue]
OneLuvGurl @ladypn Hey girlie! Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!
lofolulu Funky & Mellow Folk*tronica!


| play
Vickingo Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life
tindle @musecrossing Nothing strange here, just a nice song..

10 As Soon as the Tide Comes In

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Speaking of girl rocker chicks. I like this band.
ShyTrbleMaker I like this. got to sink to swim!

CursiveArt Is Hard

| play
ShyTrbleMaker I tried harder than I should have too!

DriYou Know I Tried

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Interesting stuff. These guys have a new album coming out. I like this song best so far.

KinkyMexican Radio

| play
PreppyDude @onelugurl have you met @vicequeenmaria? S Florida & Miami in the house you both are groovy to the 5th power
calamari Hmmm...Only one Umbrellas song on blip, "Ships" it is then.


| play
Hispania yeah !!!!! (reblip)

ACDC - Thunderstruck

| play
lofolulu Love Tunng! **Experimental Indie**

TunngThe Pioneers

| play
raphaximenes I cried for you on the kitchen floor
Figgywithit I tried to watch, but his fingers were moving too fast.
Figgywithit Blind Faith to tour this summer with Clapton and Winwood. Well...all right!
lofolulu Unique!! Female~Aussie~Afro-beat~Political~ World~Reggae!! *fun rhythm*
ShyTrbleMaker @DownLow Yeah choosing my own color scheme would be nice. Or heck, my own layout.
ShyTrbleMaker Okay I'm liking it, it's a metal group. A little bit of scream-o. This is going on my hear more page.
Truffle Just because..... pause from #blipwar :P I can do the vocal intro lol

Kamelot - 01 - March of Mephisto

| play
ShyTrbleMaker Okay I like these guys! #blipwar something to catch @Truffle with!
Truffle @Sweetnote @ShyTrbleMaker once again I feel that life's begun..... #blipwar

Kamelot - Epica - 10 - A Feast For The Vain

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Truffle @ShyTrbleMaker omg fine... this should be fun... HIYA! #blipwar @oneluvgirl
jlightbody From one @4Stringer to another...Mike Watt
gigia ai que to boa na calcinha e vou tocar tudo do robertao... lo sinto! eu to uma braza, mora??? #robertao_é_rei!!!

roberto carlos - Proibido Fumar

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lilwldchld When the rain starts tumblin' tumblin' down. Will you be around...
hootmama it's london calling... anyone there?
dd_ss ...Since we've talked...and I miss you...Don't worry I'm over you right now...
evablue UGH. BLIP is BROKEN in IE. 100/1K/icons are not trasparent. the star|+|props buttons are obscured. want my firefox! or chrome. works in chrome.


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TomCollinsRocks Dios! ¿Cómo The Nerves no tienen su sitio donde les corresponde en la Historia? Con temazos como este o el Hangin' On The Telephone, no me lo explic
gotakeawalk this is a kids song that rocks. it rocks hard.
calamari @kaomig Thanks for the blip last night. Do you like Math And Physics Club. They remind me a bit of The Lucksmiths. :D
jcagusti pase largo en diagonal, cambio de tercio
hootmama i wanna get freaky with you...
CaseyJo the backyard dancing video - i think it's fabulous

OK GoA Million Ways

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LaniAR this song sounds so sweet and then you listen to the lyrics and say "omg mraz, you so dirty" and then you realize you like it. :)

Jason MrazButterfly

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v1kthor 10 Women Who Rock: No. 3. Who: Lady Gaga. Sound: Dance-pop. Listen now: Just Dance (feat. Colby ODonis)

Lady GagaJust Dance

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v1kthor 10 Women Who Rock: No.4. Who: Zooey Deschanel. Sound: Indie pop. Listen now: Why Do you Let Me Stay Here?
v1kthor 10 Women Who Rock: No. 9. Who: Uh Huh Her. Sound: Indie electro-pop. Listen now: Say So.

Uh Huh HerSay So

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gigia algumas tribulacoes que animam a madrugada vai dai @maujabur....
ShyTrbleMaker I was looking for a song that said I'm tired of waiting for YOU. Found this and love it.
melodyofurlife A little Busty Duck for Blip'ers to try
toddtyrtle @daretoeatapeach Heard this version yet? I like it even better than the original. Video was filmed in Toronto too :)

Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West remix)

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mbottan If I saw you dancing, I would spin you around, spin you around.. turn your world upside down! :)

Puddle Of Mudd Spin you Around

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Versh ... you were right. (more denouement music... eh, it's more of a epilogue tune though).
dd_ss ..I'm in over my head..You got under my skin..Baby, I'm too lost in you..Caught in you..Lost in everything about you..
SarahWV Say you want the same thing, too
randymatheson if you don't know this song, you're missing something special
randymatheson then you find you're back in Vegas...
ShyTrbleMaker @Zafmaster You were looking for the Janis Ian version of this song. Here you go. Have to say, this was my theme song in high school!
punchdrunkdaisy just wanted to share tunes. I'm actually delighted that people joined Blip. So much for yesterday's unintended recruitment.
asktonyc Snappin my fingers and tappin my feet to - Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
cchez Tempted to touch - The way you wine & the way you dance & the way that you twist & turn your waist leaves me wanting, leaves me yearning
randymatheson oh yeah, I just blipped Shakin' Stevens, and I might do it again... I'm blippin' crazy like that!
SarahWV @ShyTrbleMaker "Me, I think it all depends on you touching ground with us."

Edie Brickell - Circle of Friends

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Felixito National Lampoons Euro Vacation is on TBS!! Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on Some feel the heat and decide that they can't go on

The Power Station - Some Like It Hot

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DamienBasile @evablue Dont get cheeky with me in other languages. I can throw it RIGHT BACK atchya. ;P
evablue oh those british wanna be americans...
mtlb This is not the country song but I’m liking.
ShyTrbleMaker @evablue this is a great surprise? I think just the outfit is rated pg-13. <luv>
randymatheson These guys impressed me at VFest... solid songs, great performers...
rebolado @ShyTrbleMaker @evablue shhh let's keep it a secret and pretend that {song title}.
SarahWV Say you want the same thing too
ShyTrbleMaker Okay here's a Ska group that is made up of members of several small bands. Covering Come On Eileen. Nice.

Save Ferris - Come On Eileen

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sixbones 'Cause the Devil is my friend


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sandraew Welcome @dereuter & thanks for blipping It's Alright - Big Head Todd & The Monsters
evablue not sure they're really local although usher does live in montreal


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