just_a_gigolo Back home. Warm with air scented with cherry blossom, ozone and nitrous oxides - a heady mix
just_a_gigolo You should know :) have a GR8 weekend XX @Goodbody: "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked - How true" (reblip)

Robert Plant-Morning Dew

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just_a_gigolo You lookin' like breakfast - real tasty @Loredana: "buondì!!!!!" (reblip)


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CreativeDainty Turn Off The Lights – Teddy Pendergrass ,,,SEXY ASS SONG
PumamanRedux Jimmy Buffett "Margaritaville" (backtoback)
Ocean_ Richard Ashcroft - You on my mind in my sleep

Oh Well-The Rockets

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divadonna5 TY@Hizzapuf1: "♫In my prayer I see your face♫ Eric Burdon and The Animals – To Love Somebody thxs rb vi@SF_RealEstate: "TY" (reblip)
Neruda65 Thanks for your listening I add you too @Evesstars Sarah McLachlan – "Blackbird" (reblip)
MissLalala Ive been waiting Im still waiting... Faithless – One Step Too Far
just_a_gigolo Blipped out of pure nostalgia nothing else
just_a_gigolo TY 4 this @tokool4u: "The one the Blues covered..."What Can I Say"" (reblip)

bessie banks go now.wmv

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just_a_gigolo "I may need a talented instructor... " You can't drive? LOL @pclovinU
just_a_gigolo all these places have their moments, with friends and lovers I still can recall
just_a_gigolo Hi & TY @StellaBears: "ty4sharing sweetie pie! I hope you had a gr8 day:O)@DjblueClariz: "Hi!Thank you:)@Mimir: "Rb @coloured@MasterBonky" (reblip)

Please Mr. Postman

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barbsurvives my oh my@JLHensley: "Jason Mraz, Sleeping to Dream (with lyrics)" (reblip)
sil_vicious @iculpin It's beautiful. Thank you, "du fond du coeur"! (reblip)

ApeCut the rope

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just_a_gigolo Haven't blipped Hindi Zahra for a couple of days now, must be slipping, she is fabulous
LindyLuv great interpretation of The Beatles' songs by Fiona Apple
just_a_gigolo Now that is just plain provocative - don't stop ;) @gbrish: "And she'll tease you, She'll unease you, All the better just to please you, @iculpin" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo "The pleasure is always higher if you cook on real fire" ;) @gbrish so if you feel like it you can always

Come And Join Me

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just_a_gigolo She certainly does @JoanieBeachMusic: " She sings this so beautifully@Hotyoungmom: "Corinne Bailey Rae – My Love"" (reblip)
VivieJan I'm dying for you just to touch me, And feel all the energy rushing right up-a-me. L'amour looks something like you....

Kate Bush L'Amour Looks Something Like You

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markLtuttle An American composer and acoustic guitarist widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential solo acoustic guitarists of all time.
ThinkFloyd61 Thanks @GypsyFM: "@ThinkFloyd61: "Pink Floyd's David Gilmour in Studio Playing - Breathe - Acoustic"" (reblip)

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour in Studio Playing Breathe

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oldblindog Bobby Darin sings "Mack the Knife"

Bobby Darin sings "Mack the Knife"

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avivajazz This is indescribably beautiful. Thank you! RB @vajracutter: "John Tavener's Lament for Phaedra performed by cellist Maya Beiser" (reblip)
avivajazz Toto Bissainthe ~ Dey ~ My favorite female vocalist from Haiti.
MaryLied Sooo good. Her voice is haunting! @BallotBoxer: "☒ EVIL [3/11] :: "till the siren come calling, calling / it's driving me evil, evil"" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo Just one more before the light goes out
fridayschild A rather haunting take on an Aerosmith classic [Kelly Sweet - Dream On]
just_a_gigolo Ane Brun - A name to remember


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just_a_gigolo Ooh such a night of discovery. Just so oooh
dANGELofLOVE Thanks For My Fav Angel Song! A Must RB @Wes_H: "Sarah McLachlan - Angel" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo Sung by Cher, not a lot of people know that

Alfie (1966)End title

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GullyJumper Tracy Chapman & Buddy Guy - Ain't no sunshine (reblip)
just_a_gigolo I'll drink to that @GullyJumper: "Gets my vote for the best Time After Time cover " (reblip)
just_a_gigolo TY GR8 fan of song and singer @eric275: "@jet333: "Long John Baldry - 'Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew'.."" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo Oh yes @tenderlee: "thank you both very much rb @SabineWe: "Nice to see you. So much qualities for Cassandra. Thank you @ShannonGrissom (rb)"" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo My lady of the day, a discovery for me. Great balance..
just_a_gigolo A Norwegian would like her and so do I
MissKillerKittin Alcatrazz – Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
just_a_gigolo Well well what have we got here @state1848: "it's a butt!@Unaturalsoul: "Awesome.Thxs!!.@Skull_300: "A Little Make-up And I'm Ready To Ride" (reblip)


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just_a_gigolo GR8 philosophy for this afternoon - I'm on it @pclovinU: "Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild ~ "Take the world in a love embrace"" (reblip)
PinkPrism And Hello Again, Ben. 2 accounts. RB@MesaBoogie: "hey PP! @PinkPrism: "Hey Ben! TY. RB @MesaBoogie: "Hinder - Take Me Home Tonight""" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo I'd forgotten all about this, so cut the rope and be free. Happy Monday @katrinagulliver
LoveForX Thanks for thies Song! @GoodEarth: "Thank you for Hearing me @indigodogs" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo Nancy is having the last word tonight - good night
amphore for @Angelitos55 ;)) ..... merci :) RB @Goodbody: I'll lie in a little longer svp @iculpin: OK I give in (reblip)
dcbizzy @Angie74: "Smooth and bluesy...lovin it :) @joanalamas: "@Angie74 I just love this song!! :))"" (reblip)
just_a_gigolo ty/rb@vnss549: "@cpcdiniz: "rb @Driftaway: "Haha! Got a good laugh from this tune, clever. Think I have to side with BB @CBK: @Driftaway @SabineWe" (reblip)

Opportunity BB King was wrong

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SirRascalian Feeling warmer now TY rb @Cristellegem: "for anyone who is feeling chilled.... :O)" (reblip)
mizhelena (~.0) @StonyTunes: "~.~ SEXY SLEEPY EYEZ ~.~ Dr Hook ;-)(-;" (reblip)
SirRascalian Stairway to heaven. On the first step. Glorious version.
SirRascalian Don't take this the wrong way - but dogs are great :) @HarleyChick

E-rotic Big Max

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WieYu Kid Creole & the Coconuts – Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
SirRascalian And if you want a doctor I'll examine every inch of you If you want a driver Climb inside Or if you want to take me for a ride I'm your man XX
taitela FRENCH KISSES~ (Advise: Sexy) [[HD vid]]

FRENCH KISSES~ (Advise: Sexy) [[HD vid]]

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SirRascalian A sea shanty quite unlike any other - enjoy
HarleyChick The Vaccines ~~Post Break-Up Sex~~
SirRascalian Dr. Hook – A Little Bit More - thats all 4 now @sunshine66
SirRascalian Haven't heard this in a while TY for listening rb@Kiltweaver: ":)" (reblip)
YvesSatellite Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Maid Of Orleans
MissLalala Youre the best dream in my head Youre my calm thought when I see red... Youre breakfast in bed... Breakfast in Bed – Train

Breakfast in BedTrain

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SirRascalian Thanks for listening @Marystudio @Christalore @rescuegal @geekette57 @yellowstar2000 - I'll sing a song to change your mind
gbrish @matriax: "rb, ty, ~~@BodhiBaba: "Pre 'Take My Breath Away'..."" (reblip)


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SirRascalian You can do something in between xx @pclovinU

Baby You Can Drive My Car

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SirRascalian I've stopped doing that - finally - Good morning blipsphere how's it hangin'?
SirRascalian Just gotta play ZZ and their great vids, I'm in the mood for it
Lil_Wing I wanna run through your wicked garden
SirRascalian Flowers in the morning for all of you, and you xx
SirRascalian sweet ;) @aprildax: "You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun..." (reblip)
SirRascalian You can't hold out, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, XX
SirRascalian Saddled my thighs around your hips like ropes, I rode you on a chair and in the shower And all the while I clung heavy to your back - Oh yes XX

cocorosiehoney or tar

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barbsurvives nice ty@andrew025: "great live performance from the jools holland show :) @barbsurvives" (reblip)

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant : Killing The Blues

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SirRascalian I'm not much of a man by the light of day, But by night I'm one hell of a lover :D
SirRascalian Lesley Duncan - I think I'll go walk in the Sea Straight into my playlist

Walk in the seaLD

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SirRascalian But they don't build pubs like that no more :(
MrsASoprano reblip @DriftingAway: "slow and acoustic?! (: >>> @just_a_gigolo" (reblip)


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kritovl @deekattax "nothing can´t change it"

Lenny Kravitz, "I Belong To You"

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SirRascalian I blipped this 2U before @pclovinU but repetition is a key to retention XX
SirRascalian Almost 4am, so its time to go. What time is breakfast :)) It's been fun and I like to do it all again. I'll improve my counting skils I promise XXX
SirRascalian TY for listening to my reincarnated self @Gidyean @fridayschild @Naestopaz @kittycat62 @lacarita have a great day
JodyGirl162 WHO AM I, TO KEEP YOU?

Fleetwood MacDreams

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Track 4 ~ Dub Side of the Moon ~ The Great Gig in the Sky ~ Pink Floyd done Reggae Style

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just_a_gigolo Wow - I love the lady and her voice, but that is a beautiful performance
velvetella Blipped before but too good to not blip again. Neuroticfish 'They're Coming To Take Me Away'.
lasmart thnx @romanus: "Supertramp :: The logical Song" (reblip)
SirRascalian This couple are deeply embedded in my aural pleasure centres - fantastic

"Dance Me to the End of Love" by The Civil Wars

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SirRascalian All blipped out so I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song XX
SirRascalian To thrill you with delight, I'd bring you diamonds bright Double takes I will excite, to make you dream of me at night
SirRascalian TY rb@Laudyeloy: ""The only thing I know for sure...Is what I wanna do..."" (reblip)
SirRascalian Feeling sleepy yet XX

Moody Blues, "For My Lady"

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SirRascalian I should be writing a report but this is more fun XX
SirRascalian Stuck in a mid Atlantic time zone - a little disorienting
SirRascalian I don't think this is working, so you'd better ...
Sly_dog g'morn! :) @Bikermom69: "Morning! :) rb@Sly_dog" (reblip)

You Are The First, My Last, My Everything (Barry White)

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kiwi_sarah And this is no way to live. And this is no way to die. Who in the hells life is this I'm living this way?
SirRascalian Found it - now I can go and work - have a great afternoon, I won't be long
SirRascalian Every day and every night


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SirRascalian To be near you, to be free! Always brings a lump to my throat, might be a furball though.
SirRascalian Strange I always make the right decisions, but my timing is sometimes a bit awry ??


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SirRascalian sweet TY @jennyleepenny: "Je ne peux pas s'envoler." (reblip)
SirRascalian GR8 recycling :) @velvetella: "Blipped before but too good to not blip again. Neuroticfish 'They're Coming To Take Me Away'." (reblip)
emroc {; LOL thx NL@MusicBandit: "and the bitch ain't one .." (reblip)
jazcan Even in the Quietest Moments. Time for bed :) Sweet Dreams! See you tomorrow xo

Even in the Quietest Moments Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)

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SirRascalian Its gonna be a bright sunshiney day :))
BattLady Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville (backtoback) ~ Happy Cinco De Mayo ~ I plan to have AT LEAST 2 margaritas today, probably more LOL
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