lilwldchld as a kid I would dance every time I heard her sing, lol...

Roy Orbinson-In Dream

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JefDrus "There's TOO many of them, they're coming though!" only the Aquabats! thanks vi@isabellathestrange (reblip)
avivajazz Vera Hall // Trouble So Hard
Diordan never enough 9 - Molecule - Linea de fuego

05 - Molecule - Linea de Fuego

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ShiaoMei @briannack's another 1 of my favs... eNjoYyy~~

Joe I Wanna Know

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ToulouseLatrec Back from seeing JL at HOB...amazing show

Jenny Lewis at Coachella 2009: Silver Lining

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CallMeBlake and Tom makes me think of Stephin Merritt ( he's in several bands)

The Gothic Archies- Scream and Run Away

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avivajazz Roby Lakatos – Deux Guitares // Virtuoso violinist of Roma (Gipsy) music
dj_OPIUMatic jimmie along time comin yooooooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Journey by Jimmy Cliff

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FernandaW ...E o que me importa,é não estar vencido,minha vida, meus mortos,meus caminhos tortos...
dibbitydib That's two bass guitars on that. Jimi Hendrix loved this record.
philkirby well @Betterlucky, I don't think we'll be running out of Manchester bands anytime soon. Again, it almost chokes me, but MANCHESTER!!!!
Kubrickx The Bronx - Three Dead Sisters
Llltex1969 R Dean Taylor – Indiana Wants Me 1970
Rubens_ un marciano, un marciano sentado en el ala en un vuelo de taca que quiere entrar

Molotov- Marciano

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avivajazz Novos Bainos – Biriba nos States
DJStress Groundbreaking, brilliant, and sadly, never followed up well. Surf+Punk in rarified territory.
joebob Since seeing the video, this song has been all over my head. I'm on a BOAT!
coliwilso I think you're old enough to know better...
elocio Rasa – Saulala raudona Lyrics in English: Sun is red, Evening is not far away, Let me, dear mother, Go home with the sun.

RasaSaulala raudona

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AlyG haha no i wish i didn't...but hey whatever...i'll get bored with it eventually. i've started closing things like myspace etc..we shall see what lasts. (reblip)
rubikoO Fausto Bordalo Dias – A Memória dos Dias
dionroy @Suzn1177 - I just blipped this but Im already onto You Heart is an empty room!
smartard using computer, oldschool keyboard and a SM-57 mike....GE creates some great tunes.
Criggles I think I want this instrumental to be my theme music. Now, who wants to follow me with a boombox?
rico :) @Mojo_girl: "ah the same beat as mojo girl by nora dean.... love both songs but yeah now you know where i got my name" (reblip)
MrNatural digs Savoy Brown! @djwttw: "pretty much my favorite hippie song ..." (reblip)
pulsar Another inadvertent find. Couldn't resist. :)
Jazzhole This song just sounds happy.
Jazzhole Okay, Friday night...must be time for "Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman".
caryseen thx everyone for propping & blipping..... it's been fun as usual. this is the penultimate track....thx for listening & spinning! } ; )
sandraew Can't get the damn thing out of my head @GravyBran: "A guilty pleasure of mine. Thank you for the song, @iluvavanquish" (reblip)
MrMDNews This is my sister-in-law @bekahkelso she is playing at The Cove on July 17th - stay tuned for some cool specials.... #music #sanantonio
ICEGIRL152 hey @AnnieLicious, I tried to stay with your show, but could not hear the audio--hope you and Burl enjoy your guests tonight! Peace Out!
Woywegian "haunting song about not really being parted when someone passes over" (reblip)
Awannabeangel I think she sounds great too @Annimallover: "Oh my GOD! I can't believe she recorded this song!!@Awannabeangel: "@rakeshparmar: "Heartbreaking cover: (reblip)
CargoCulte I blip this way too much, but I'm ok with that.
zebra_as_bolinhas Mogwai – I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead. Sugestão do Miguel Barroso. Poeta de Valor
scotiaj brilliant video, great song IMHO (U2 – hold me kill me kiss me thrill me)
wreckchords i am ghost - pretty people never lie vampires really never die

I Am Ghost Pretty People Never Lie/Vampires Really Never Die

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CHaDmAn "Yippie yi yaaaaay, Yippie yi ohhhhh!" (1949)
RockinRobot RB @PatriotGams123: "RT @theantirockstar: "Better than Phil Collins.. that's for sure.. lol" Agreed! :)" Ditto! (reblip)
Megamuff This movie is sooo depressing but sooo good!!
LeandroAzevedo RB @DJSUNSHINE2: "Sisters of Mercy - Cry Little Sister. Great song from a great film (The Lost Boys)" (reblip)
newNEWwave Cool mash up @WunderTwinPowersActivate. This is my favourite Cure mash up with the Commodores.


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Divvzz most relaxing, soothing music....@digitpt good night ...

Hari tum haro

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omegga Para que @juanguis se anime y baile conmigo!

JImi Hendrix "Taking Care of No Business" outtake

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lilLADYT8845 are y0u Ready?!?.......

Golden Earring vs. Beastie Boys vs. Ludacris

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OliviaWilder Do you love this song like me? Hop onto the TGIF #Lovetrain and let's roll!

KoopIsland Blues

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westham999 Mashup ~~ DJ Mike W – Silence Is Golden (mashup of Simon & Garfunkel, Depeche Mode, New Order and Sarah McLachlan)" (reblip)
avivajazz Fascinating, RB@ZOEBOE: "trippy burial...but all his shit is trippy :) @DJ_JaMn: "RB@everythingispop another trippytastic track, ty" (reblip)


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poochiesan24 RB vi@Songbird1 AJ Croce, Jim's son...can you almost hear him.. NICE!! (reblip)
Jazzhole Insane Theremin playing.

Gnarls Barkley Crazy Theremin Jam

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joshatblip Betty used to be married to Miles. This song is by a girl for the girls.
rabbitchy this song playing my memory of love...

THAI SONG (MV)-- Varunee (วารุณี) -- Kort-chun (กอดฉัน)

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Amethyst Boy 8-Bit vs. Daft punk – Technologic Suspense (Crocoman cheeky Bootleg)...
Diordan @CargoCulte I'm very well my friend Thank your for asking! Sonny Rollins for this quiet moment!
Stay19 Sylvain Chauveau – Cinématographe 2<><>
kbuech "My apologies to all who think I'm ignoring them...." JoJo - "Too Little Too Late" (imeem-free, NOT video)
SouthernGothic @SgtMac: "@SgtMac: "Faster Horse, Younger Women, Older Whiskey & More Money, says it"" (reblip)
newNEWwave This was such a great find I have to Blip it again.
smartard Big Star – I'm in Love With a Girl
GroovyMonster Galaxy Express 999

Galaxy Express 999 Original Soundtrack

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evilsharkerik 7 "I'm Impressed" because it's one of the most singable songs that I've had the fortune of having stuck in my head. #TMBG
smartard Shocked, Michelle – Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)
SouthernGothic @by_starla: "[Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song (live at Glastonbury)]" (reblip)
GroovyMonster Tragedy - You Should Be Dancing (Metal Bee Gees Tribute)
newNEWwave Remember the first time you saw this video?

Sinead O'Connor -- "Jerusalem" Music Video

| play
Liris LOVE IT!!!! Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long
GroovyMonster Shopping for Witchcraft supplies in 1973...

Season of the Witch (George A.Romero 1973, Donovan's song)

| play

There's a Devil in the Bottle

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GroovyMonster (((( Kill the Ghoul ))))

Kill the Ghoul

| play

Warren Zevon-Dirty Life and Times

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MrThompsonR "Boom, Boom, Boom" Good evenin' Blip.(f)a(m)

John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

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kbuech "Keep that Lyle comin"!" rb@PS1968 Lyle Lovett – I Loved You Yesterday" ["Thanks"] (reblip)
Shukitty ....i hate to say it, but this is actually a fairly well done amv. It was at least well planned and spliced, and the imagery is pretty well matched.
kbuech "Thanks! Cool way to find tracks to play. :) rb@by_starla Tame Impala – Flow "songs my iPod played on shuffle last night. hi " (reblip)

Tame ImpalaFlow

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crispast perfect in this hot night ( 19 °out, 24° inside my house) stolen!@kareliz:) ehy there@MetalRocks (sorry, it's not your kind of music)! (reblip)
Stay19 This Friday. LYDIA. <><> This band makes my insides hurt. Feel it.<><>Curse this disease I have to be perfect...NO<><>San Fran. Be there. I will.
crowjane Of course she stamped it as only da' Queen can~with Paul's blessings~`
crowjane @joechapman:Hey Joe~my bro~ gimme a peice of Oh Shelia~thnx bro~I trust U R having a great day~~ (reblip)
clonazepam carla r. vou pra belzonte te dar um beijo .. tu faz pao de queijo ? (reblip)
QueenJaneApproximately @JimmyHook I'm so jealous. He's not coming anywhere near me :( (reblip)

Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts

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KIMN_95 This the best "Little Green Apples" by O.C. Smith

Little Green Apples- O.C. Smith- 1968

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DareToEatAPeach @AbsinthEve used to send me songs all the time... hast thou forsaken me? (reblip)
rkmonkey peace and love rb vi@GR8FL: "I think this song just about sums it up... and thanks " (reblip)

Green Onions (Stax1967) Booker T & The Mg's, full version

| play
DareToEatAPeach Think this is not an actual video, but it is the highest quality clip assemblage I've seen.
Stay19 There's a horrible crash. Standing on the highway, a girl and her Dad...<><> Just remember.

LydiaAlways Move Fast

| play
star45 Stereologica – A Valsa e o Caos – I like the video too! rb@stereomari: "That's my band, hope u like it! . . . @crispast @patita @djwttw @ladypn (reblip)
crowjane In honor of the finals~~ one last blip~Finish propping~ off to bed for me~

basketball jones orig. 1975 animated

| play
BLUESBOOGIE If ur To wasted to walk, And U need to Get Home.. put On some Jimi Hendrix – If 6 Was 9 - IT WILL get U home..BEEN There DID That.. @ManifestIntent
crowjane I got it baby @ptneves ~sista got it real bad~~~
tubilino hey @ximon ...if you invite a fresh beer, I go there now... ;)
SeanMurphy Accidental discovery...who remembers this as the theme song for Dr. Demento's radio show? Stay deeeeee-men-ted!
anjeee @Diordan ~ have a good lunch! =)


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SpinninR @Snuff_D_Rooster all out of props for you today. You're blipping some premo stuff. :)


| play
powerhealths NO OTHER LOVE ~ John Legend Discover secret to losing weight While Eating Ice Cream, Devouring Burgers & Foods (reblip)
RobertoWolvie Marina de la Riva excelente, dica do @rafadoprado, sujeito de muito bom gosto. (reblip)
greglanders This band is my latest obsession ... can't get enough. I normally don't dig gutteral vocals, but these guys really know how to put the throttle down.


| play
Lemon I'm off Blipstas. Leaving you with this infectious groove. Cheers.
kpsoundadvice first heard this song at the close of a Weeds episode

Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack - Lux Aeterna

| play
Stay19 <><>shhh. Lets go on a walk. Yeah, down that path. Floating speakers glaring sound. Quiet. Minds at peace.

Arovane Tokyo Ghost Stories

| play
mammara last blip, goodnight @all.

DenteVieni a Vivere

| play

Sandie Shaw Are you ready to be heartbroken

| play
cdub sorry girls, but i think it is love...

The Pipettes-Because It's Not Love(But It's Still A Feeling)

| play


| play
rubikoO ...singing songs that only birds can sing
rubikoO :)

Lo Chiamavano Trinita' (They Call Me Trinity) ))STEREO((

| play
smartard Andrews Sisters – Gimme Some Skin, My Friend
crowjane thanks @FOGGIELOANER that's it Barack Obama A Pocket Biography of Our 44th President Steven J Niven ~ LQQk forward to it!

Why Can't We Live Together. Timmy Thomas.

| play
PauloStudio2002 Denise Reis - Negro gato vi@carlarafaela: " #Humantrumpet - Remember it? I loved it! :) #" (reblip)

Denise Reis no Programa do Jô

| play
stay_loose love burns... noite estranha essa...
SouthernGothic With Michelle Malone singing backup
DareToEatAPeach New Horrors is produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead. I can hear the Portishead. Can you? [self rb] (reblip)
Deesound (::) Rb@fabuleuxfab: "Good night mate ! This one is for you !#Deesound" i wasn't going ...or are you ..? ...:)) ...btw very nice this version TY (::) (reblip)
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