valwears listening to "all I need" by Radiohead
BryanViper Deadmau5 – "This Is The Hook" ~ i wanna dance my face off!
livtiludi fun song by these guys...
lolly_golitely_ Thankyou Sweetheart :) xxx @VonD: "John Mayer – Say... "Say what you need to say..." "4 my B"..." (reblip)
robertog what a day, night to everyone happy blipping to all
TheAmyTucker Whatever happened to Johnny Lang? Saw him at Memphis in May a while back and he rocked.

Johnny LangLie To Me

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stacyrea I would if I knew how..@Jalapeno: "The Sweetest thing would be for 1 more person to go join @orangekittypie listenership.. then she would have 100 :)" (reblip)

U2Sweetest Thing

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kidkilowatt Sittin' on the back porch, drinkin' red wine.... #thirstythursday
FineNGood Chris Cornell - Call Me a Dog
FineNGood Chris Cornell - Preaching The End Of The World
Gidyean good to know :)@dirtylittlesecret: "TY...Petty is a favorite of mine :) @Gidyean: "Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – American Girl (reblip)
MdniteEagl supposed to rain here Monday... does that cancel the two out?
Sirtaggy This Song has Sweet memories for me, I just met a Girl of my dreams in 1979 :o) sadly it all ended in 2008 :o(

Puddle Of Mudd-She Fucking Hates Me

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Wish You Were Here (HD 720p) Widespread Panic 10/14/2006

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anniesteudner Very interesting... Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan & Luciano Pavarotti - AVE MARIA
MrFlinger Shimmer - Don't Trip On Your Way Out

kings of leon - use somebody

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soniktruth The Vaselines – Slushy

The VaselinesSlushy

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gilgalad I most defenitly agree!!!@TrainWreckRadio: "this is bad azzz" (reblip)

Lindsey Buckingham "Big Love" Live Acoustic Performance

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ladypn Baby take off your coat, real slow. Take your shoes, I'll take off your shoes..... you can leave your hat on. ;)
vixxeninpink seether and amy lee, what more could you ask for?
rguimaslima @WaterWayRealty: "≈≈≈ The Doors ≈≈≈ Ship of Fools ≈≈≈ [New Stereo Mix] ≈≈≈(Advanced Resolution) ≈≈≈" (reblip)
Joleesa i've got my ☆ Eyes Open ☆ and i see u @SeanMurphy...holla!

The GossipEyes Open

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Fiona Apple-Fast As You Can

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Beatles - The Long And Winding Road

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Owl City ~ Saltwater Room

Owl City The Saltwater Room

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klynnDemar i'm good, how are you today? @Bubbly3: "woohoo!!!!! SAWEEEEET :) xoxo how are ya today? @klynnDemar: "you all know i love john! LOVIN THIS!"" (reblip)
adbert [Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song] Thanks @Fated! All fine here, how about you? Hope all is ok!!! :-)

Jimi Hendrix Killing Floor

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DDPlay Anytime with you! One way I hope! @Sylak: "Lets take a blast to the moon baby ‡‡Godsmack – "Moon Baby"‡‡"" (reblip)

GodsmackMoon Baby

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DJRoy1 The Doors – People are Strange
arcticarab ♫ {art brut ~ rusted guns of milan} "it has nothing to do with anything i've had to drink..."
DJ_E_klek this shit will get you so HYPE! joey crack! haha

Beat Novacane-All Or Nothing- Fat Joe [BestCwalkMusic]

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Sunrise828 #1000Recordings (and one a I like ... liked the last one too)
MrFlinger billy holliday - all of me
Squirrel10001 I Drove All Night – Cyndi Lauper (HQ Audio)
ChAnDel @MysticEclipse: Where'd Lzzy and the guys go? They kinda just dropped off the radar after this one. Shouts to @UncleRay @droolius " (reblip)

HalestormI Get Off

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michelg thanks@makinitrite: "TY ;)@Unaturalsoul: "@pussreboots: "RB @makinitrite: Radiohead - Wish You Were Here ( Pink Floyd cover with Sparklehorse)""" (reblip)
michelg @Will_the_bloke: "Guns n' Roses – Patience .. patience ma boy, patience .. ;)" (reblip)
michelg @ladypn: "So you're heading down the road in your taxi for 4 & you're waiting outside jimmy's front door but nobody's in & nobody's home till 4" (reblip)
LadyFox Just put sign out that reads ->Love for Sale :-)

The Aviation Orange "Radio"

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LenaNemo "Now... I can't let go of this dream" Evanescence- Good Enough
michelg @ladypn: "Well then, what song would have been more appropriate@droolius... this? LOL!!! :) You know I love ya, just teasing... :)" (reblip)


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michelg thanks@Angie74: "Me? ;) @Schoork: "Blink-182 – I Miss You"" (reblip)

Blink-182I Miss You

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xera @TheOneAndOnly Amazing to think were all connected by wires and waves of light these days, digital LoVE!
SocialDance Aretha Franklin - Sweet Sweet Baby Since Youve Been Gone !! Yes @crowjane awesome beat. Nice #Blues #wcs West Coast Swing (reblip)
SpunkLOVEE Goooodnight blippers.

Kings of LeonMilk

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campnicole More CD vibe inspiration. New favorite gifted from my keyboardist. Pretty sure I have that xylophone in the Elmo version.
MichelePrado Eu só gosto do que é bom. Grand Funk Railroad
Aosoth For everyone that is about to suffer with my #FollowSturday assault... LOL Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (reblip)
aprildax @GiantPimpslapper: "Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing : Ritual De Lo Habitual (1990)" (reblip)

Quincy Jones Sanford & Son

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dieU3 @Shukitty: Some reason, I've got a thing for heartfelt (if kind of whiny) acoustic work; I like this song. Thanks!!! (reblip)
ximeamaya Yo vivire (Sobrevivire)- Celia Cruz
Flashback70s Going for coffee to "start me up" rb vi@golfnovels: "The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up" (reblip)
BrunoCuruja RB: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yeah! New York (reblip)
jas13 TY :)@jet333: "Ray Charles & Count Basie - "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"...happy weekend!:))" (reblip)

Ray Charles & Count Basie Oh What a Beautiful Morning

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gohardndapank I can run a nation from incarceration. I know that's right! LOL Westside Connection – Gangstas Make The World Go Round
oreganospy Adam Carson (drummer) Feb. 5, 1975


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michelg @Leo_RJ_2009: "@flaviastefani: "Well put, Amy: "Life is like a pipe and I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside.""" (reblip)
georgeslada I'm so jealous but proud to be an ordinary girl I'd like to talk but you know i hate all ordinary words // Yann Tiersen – La Parade

Yann TiersenLa Parade

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Sade - Bring Me Home

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stanice Ziggy Marley – Friend

Ziggy MarleyFriend

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JosephRanseth To all my wonderful friends! Thanks for the mention: @KristiLynMiller @BeMeaningful @TammyBurnell @LadyExec
Andresa The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin' (reblip)
SquirrelBait sing with inflection, then rock the harp (reblip)

Blues TravelerHook

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RedRhia TGIF! The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels
MichaKrajewski Horse Feathers - Curs in Weeds


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tokyogoat I'm the Chairman of the Bored

Iggy PopI'm Bored

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Koufie 1994 --> Always, Bon Jovi

Bon JoviAlways

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ME007 This song totally reminds me of something.

LL Cool JDoin' It

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kimphat Klaxons - As Above, So Below -- getting ready to go out, again. ha

Elvis Presley - Fever

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Kshaytwit Thanks for the props peeps.

Craig David7 Days

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saraashley It is so easy to groove to her. :) Hope you enjoy it!

AdeleRight As Rain

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Paper_Pistol @TasteLikeCrazy : I have been really digging this song lately.
Melati Take the drill to that cubicle wall. Go on. Do it.
DJHomicide Got this going on about my job this morning..

Rod StewartPassion

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schmutzie Bill Callahan – Eid Ma Clack Shaw (reblip)
ZOEBOE That quiet little dog is Zoey @Flow @DHS...hence ZOEBOE my alter-ego :)So blame her for any crap I send your way :}

Mos DefQuiet Dog

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codyvw From the Metrocenter Sessions.
deejaiAJ I always picture that emo guy from the Wedding Singer singing this horribly! :-D
jinky67 one of my best ever concerts, this was song of the night
dankitti The Ting Tings – That's Not My Name (Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny 12-31-2008)
HellenKellersIpod @Maedhros Mission complete. Hopefully this makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.
AJLaDiva C'mon baby shake your body

Gloria Estefan - Conga

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ChristineMadray What A Bloody Sad Song... It just messes with my emotions ~_~ LOL ~*~ Celine Dion – All By Myself ~*~
GoonSquadSarah Yes, I know this is a kids song, but I really like it. They Might Be Giants does this well.
GoonSquadSarah We used to play this as a signal that it was bathtime in our house. The twins would hear it and crawl to the bathroom. True story. (reblip)
Audiophile021 @intinet: "@GR8FL admiring your dedication for all blippers, thanx in advance for all your blipups =)" I second That - Thank You (reblip)
victoralexandrem Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands). Para entrar no clima da sexta feira chuvosa... :D
craigdrollett Start the day with Janes Addiction.

Janes Addiction Three Days Live 10-11-1990 Milan, Italy

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The Beatles-All You Need Is Love

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CarmenL_Sigman @paul_e_wog I cant thank you enough for sharing them with me!
avivajazz Juan Formell y Los Van Van // Me Mantengo // Arrasando // Gracias, RB@elmolestoso (reblip)
Surreality "Breaking like dolls, singing like birds we always get what we deserve."

LowIn The Drugs

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Filter Hey Man Nice Shot (Big Mac)

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Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra 1960 (FULL)

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MrFlinger @looneytunes Sounds like a good reason for everybody to get drunk tonight. Reel Big Fish - Everybody's Drunk
MrFlinger Reel Big Fish - Tetris Theme #tetrisgeeksunite

Reel Big Fish - Tetris Theme

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joaoduro Smashing pumpkins – For Martha
nastysurprise @UncleRay No contest, one of my favorite voices on the planet. Alison Krauss / Away Down The River

Away Down The River

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jonidunlap "Everybody's coming home for lunch these days"


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Blondie: One Way or Another w/ subtitles

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GoonSquadSarah @GoonSquadSarah: "My favorite new song." (reblip)

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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euvoltologo é pra claire ouvir passando a make. vai bésha!

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

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Interstate Love Song Live STP Stone Temple Pilots

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oflaherty Simply phenomenal. I don't care who you are, there is no way you can't appreciate this! (reblip)

Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro

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pnkpanther :) Thx to my new listeners! @Turbolax @RoxUranus @Marystudio (and thank you @Shaiman for the 'Crazy') (reblip)

CRAZYThe Kooks

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Isleen72 This should Cure whatever's ailin' ya: The Cure - Friday I'm in Love
TraceyJWhitney weezer – island in the sun first version (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - Stay ~vid,aud only]
dizziemelodies ugh! whoever made bonnie feel this way needs to be hit with a 2x4 or punk'd or something. it hurts, but it hurts...sooooo goood.
RDBD To PJ for reminding me time after time just how fabulous Elton John is with her ringtone =)
smartard Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington – It Don't Mean a Thing
mochamomma Oops! There goes my shirt up over my head! Tweet featuring Missy Elliot.
GoonSquadSarah This is such a great song. It is poetry.
rizvn praise you like i should

Fatboy SlimPraise You

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patrickvanelk Duffy - Stepping Stone (Live)

DuffyStepping stone

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golly_loli I still think that the gorillaz are the coolest thing ever. We need more albums, more often.

GorillazDirty Harry

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briangreene RT@BreakingNews A book containing 33 drawings by Pablo Picasso, estimated to be worth €8M, has been stolen from a Paris museum, French media reports.
JustOneMiss Pulled my headphone plug out and the kid started dancin'.
JustOneMiss I wonder if I take you home, will you still be in love baby....

Black Eyed Peas-don't phunk with my heart

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divadoll123 Beautiful . . . imagine yourself flying over the mountains, fields, streams, valleys, forests, oceans, etc. of this great country.
GiantPimpslapper Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers, Inc. : The Fragile (1999)
Snowblood We're living this 'til the day that we die. Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive.~Mobb Deep
JustOneMiss A shadow of a life was hanging over me....

BegginMadcon (HQ)

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tynie626 is listening to Kings Of Leon - Arizona
ahsan hey Anne? have u every heard Enigma? they are kind of my favt from prev 10-14 years :) saw that thought to share with yaa @AnneHaynes (reblip)

Enigma ~~ Return to Innocence ~~

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JoAnnMarie Christmas is over. Over, and over.

Crimson & Clover

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DirtyUrine I like this band! @klynnDemar: "@DirtyUrine I am old enough to know better still to young to care" (reblip)
oxandco watch the walkway...choreography...ever...

FeistMy Moon My Man

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daniels fiz aquele anúncio e ninguém viu ..
Dreamwevagypsy Holy shit I totally forgot about his movie. NICE! (reblip)

Howard The Duck orginial music video for the soundtrack

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b_richardson From my favorite band of all time.
SamPerovich This song is way too catchy. "I love being around you..."
emily_farris Awesome song; love the intro. Crawl - Kings of Leon

Kings Of LeonCrawl

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RealtorLefebvre Oh! Look at that! He's right... it IS martini time!
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