RadioIdol Hear the talent of Ms. Betty Davis, a friend is developing a biopic of her life.

Betty DavisFreak

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes The best for cutting up beats and mixing them together.
ComputerNationRadio @Echoflow Thanks for listening. I'm sure you're second run will find you well. I've got another for free if you like that one. Peace! (reblip)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Sweet sweet funk music :)


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Again and again...Need doubles on wax. Lyrics Born!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes If you don't know, now you know...

Hot ButterPopcorn

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Shout outs to my people on the left coast
TheDeadlyGoodTimes "I'ma man but I'm built like a horse from the waist down" Not best quality but only copy I could find
trueAMenitY "They wanted me for their army or whatever. Picture me givin a damn, I said never"

TrickyBlack Steel

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trueAMenitY @TheDeadlyGoodTimes (The search on this site is brutal... hard to find lots of goodies....)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Awesome song off of the LiaLeah soundtrack.
TheDeadlyGoodTimes @trueAMenitY Off a great album..Bombay 2 - Electric Vindaloo...another great song..The Good, The Bad and The Chutney
TheDeadlyGoodTimes " ...Get me on the court and I'm trouble, last week %#@!ed around and got a triple double..." OG anthem for those sweet sweet days.
KushiQ Half the chicken left now..... ;-)


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Locksmith-unlock the funk

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill ill. Come my Selectah!!!! Drop it!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes "Sail on ,sail on...sail on sail on" One time!!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Jahhhhhh.....RastaaaaaaFaarrrriiii!!!!!!!


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Morning wickedness!!!!!!! Check it!

DubstepMala - Changes

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Step up!!!!! Come my selectah!!!!!!


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Great morning dub. Wicked!!!!!!!

Cooly GLove Dub

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ComputerNationRadio Gotta throw down just one more! Jayou - Crack Hands --@Mike_Mongoose thx for the recomend. @Dr_Punchface@JosefineAmalie@Lottstock@MEDEAVIII


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KushiQ Thx back to you @djilo: "Thanks for the inspiration folks :) @Tjeerd@KushiQ" (reblip)

Delegation-Oh Honey (12 inch) (1977)

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KushiQ Hi Blipland, Remix of Portishead´s "The Rip".....

Serge Gainsbourg Dub Rastaquouere

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Work out the Saturday morning stiffness...with the wickedness!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes For those that slept...One of the illest debuts ever...The JB's!!!

Jungle Brothers- Straight out the Jungle

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes "Here they come y'all, here they come... Here they come y'all, here they come."
RealtorLefebvre Not to come across as a thug or a hood, but Hon, you got the goods, like Natalie Wood...
ladypn @DownLow You inspired me to blip this Gotan Project! I too discovered this group on Blip, only I don't recall who to thank! ;)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes "All the girls pass the weed to your mother%$#@Ing man..."
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Synth bassline loveliness!!!

RJD2Sweet Piece

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Deadly honest video...Check it!


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Check it!!!! Get ready for your ass to freakout!!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Canada takes over Berlin!!! The Mole has landed...Das is good :)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes "Who's that?!" DJ Signify brings psycho-soula-funkadelic styles :)

Dj SignifyMeditations

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Ahh hell yeah!!! Some crazy ass cuts like ginsu lol.


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes Beautiful people make some noise!!!!


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TheDeadlyGoodTimes The definition of...ill....sick...dope...No joke!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Represent!!!! "Hip, Hop, Hip, Hop, Hip, Hop, Hip, Hop..."

Dead Prez "Hip Hop"

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TheDeadlyGoodTimes This creeps and than...Bangs!!! Canada's finest...Check it!!!
TheDeadlyGoodTimes Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh...The funkiness is making my speakers sweat. :)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes "You out there?....Louder!!!...Well clap your hands to what he's doing..."
TheDeadlyGoodTimes I feel like I should have dusty fingers after finding this one. Hot Shit!!!!


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ComputerNationRadio Just got back from playing some basketball. 360 dunk was my shot of choice.
ComputerNationRadio Played in the snow today. Tons of it!


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ComputerNationRadio I can now open my door because DJ Dave came by and dug some of the snow away from my door. (reblip)
ComputerNationRadio is mine!! And up! @Chaf Check it out. Finally!
ComputerNationRadio Interesting guitar playing on this album.
ComputerNationRadio If only it was summer. I would longboard and bbq.

rob swift - dope on plastic

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Stay19 Molotov – Intergalactic (Folk Remix)<><>
MixMasterEddie @MixMasterEddie Because Disco is NOT dead--it's just in a slight coma. (reblip)
TheDeadlyGoodTimes @trueAMenitY Wicked call on the Shuggie Otis, very overlooked artist. Check this...though you have heard this covered recently.

A Change Is Gonna Come

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trueAMenitY "54 46 was my number. Right now, someone else has that number"
trueAMenitY "Movin, one force one love one whole community"


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