3 Wheel Bicycle by Howie Loot$ the 2nd Rate Hustler REAL UNDERGROUND Hip Hop

| play
TheGrifter Just reformed to tour the stateswouldja believe@DrCocker@jennyleepenny

14 Iced BearsCut

| play
DrCocker @wetrust @TheGrifter rb&thnx love it @bthecat: "This is HEAVENLY.. (reblip)

david bowie and amanda lear sorrow 1973

| play
DrCocker Sound Design aka Todd Terry – Bounce To The Beat @ZONE @TheGrifter
lilwldchld Little bitty pretty one come on and talk a to me.....
Flying_Roundhouse The Rolling Stones – She's Like a Rainbow ~ for the ever-colorful @ladypn ;-)
Flying_Roundhouse Yeasayer – Ambling Alp ~ Brooklyn-based anti-pop craftsmen ~ Evenin' P @ladypn

YeasayerAmbling Alp

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds ~ Playing some of the best of 2010 by the way....
armchairclubber Lee Mason & His Orchestra ~ Shady Blues.. for shady folk ... @DrCocker @bthecat @TheGrifter

Lee MasonShady Blues

| play
CLARITY endin my study sesh at 4:36 ante meridian!
BethLidd Nice playlist today @anonymoose: "when the love has gone you carry on" :) (reblip)
cezzysblu getting a bit frustrated here withblip.fm as I trying to find music i want thats available!
MsGolightly because of course you'll want this on your playlist @TheGrifter

James HunterCarina

| play
honeygirl rb!! thx @bellbtmblues: "Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me" (reblip)
LynnSunshine Prince – Everyday Is A Winding Road(Prince)
winggirl Same thing but better. Hello from Aussieland! @HorsemanNL: "@winggirl :) is a winggirl as good as wingman? greetings from holland!" (reblip)
winggirl Hi :) and thanks @matwater213: "@winggirl @VeryEmerald... Taken By Trees – "My Boys"~~~>>" (reblip)
juanitamoose [Temples – Shelter Song]

TemplesShelter Song

| play
musecrossing rb@opus111:An incredible afternoon in the park!Baby Tal running around!People lounging on blankets in the sun!Dogs pooping!Glorious!;)[#TheChantells] (reblip)
alterkate very nice. thanks and hello :) @aSilverHomeGhost: "@alterkate my fav from the album. hellos:)" (reblip)

John GrantGMF

| play
Kibitzer Gato Barbieri - Mystica
TheGrifter And, after all, this moment is all we have@Kibitzer: "Röyksopp - 'Only This Moment'" (reblip)

Royksopp—Only this Moment (HD)

| play
juanitamoose @sunshineDJ: "If you weren't real I would make you up" [Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon] (reblip)
Kibitzer Adani & Wolf (ft. Noebe) - Wonderful Love
juanitamoose @Iskaldur: I need to listen to more from this band. Always like what I hear. Cheers! [Allah-Las – Sandy] (reblip)


| play
Kibitzer Maceo Parker - Quick Step
juanitamoose @SenelOyhen, @Versh: Thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks [Boards of Canada - Reach for the Dead (from Tomorrow's Harvest)] (reblip)
juanitamoose [Calexico & Radio Symphonieorchester Wien - The News About William]
VinylVenus rb@BluJulius: "ur will is my way<3@Lunaladee: ""yes..i am a witch.. and i have conjured you" ; ) thx, luv@BluJ" (reblip)

the bird and the bee witch

| play
DrCocker @TheGrifter rb&ty@formalhaut: "happy birthday @ G_r_e_g party like there's no tomorrow ;)" (reblip)
LeParadis likes this one... thank you and hello to you all... ;-) @DrCocker: "@TheGrifter @wetrust @ LeParadis"" (reblip)
DrCocker @wetrust @TheGrifter rb&ty@LolaLulu: "Aaaah...AM0R... wens je een heerlijk relax-lui weekend toe!..@no1song #frenchpopfriday" (reblip)

Les Filles C'est Fait

| play
DrCocker @wetrust @TheGrifter @Squashpants rb&ty@bthecat: via@LolaLulu:The Frightened Woman* my kind of Girl don't touch this Rawr kitten without gloves!" (reblip)
TheGrifter Some Freaky Shit 4 ya... Now repeat after me"We're pinheads all" @DrCocker@wetrust@SquareBiz83@InnerRhythm
winggirl So cool rb'ing @mark_till: "Tegan and Sara--Closer (acoustic) (Live on 89.3 The Current)" (reblip)

The Walkmen--Red Moon

| play
juanitamoose Enjoyed this tonight on #WXPN's #IndieRockHitParade [Beak – Yatton]


| play
musecrossing Light, love & blessings@Djruca: ~ There's a light, always ~. Gd eve @scotlandlover @Ancient @musecrossing (reblip)


| play
Versh ▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖ ╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮ ╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖ ╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮╰▀╖╙▄╮


| play
danniaranda Cartola – Alvorada


| play
slacktastic My bank acct request that I get back to work ... catch yas later
winggirl seriously...

Pony up! Shut up and kiss me

| play

Interlude (Time Is Like A Dream)_Timi Yuro

| play
donfelipe Ah, this was the one I was looking for @wetrust @TheGrifter @DrCocker


| play
donfelipe There is not enough Romanthony on Blip.Fm @DrCocker @TheGrifter


| play
wetrust @DrCocker @donfelipe@TheGrifter thnx@ElNito: "... something from outer space (reblip)

JOHN COOPER CLARKE i married a monster... 1978

| play
donfelipe @wetrust @TheGrifter @DrCocker Always sounds to me like something off of "Magic Murder and the Weather". Which is a good thing.
donfelipe @wetrust @DrCocker @TheGrifter @armchairclubber Odd to think that this lot were SubSub once upon a time.
donfelipe I seem to remember supporting this lot down the Zap a very long time ago. @TheGrifter @DrCocker @wetrust
120hippos1girl Kero One - In All the Wrong Places

Kero One- In All The Wrong Places

| play
tesselove it's like that, eh Danita?

Cypress Hill- Armada Latina (Ft. Marc Anthony, Pitbull) *NEW 2010*

| play
DrCocker @TheGrifter @shanti45 rb@wetrust: " via@kalosmalos: "Rosko Recites "Desiderata""" (reblip)

Rosko Recites Desiderata

| play
CLARITY @dailystendhal yes yes yes. amazing album indeed! :)

RadioheadThe Bends

| play

HERMAN DUNE "1-2-3 Apple Tree"

| play

Two Ronnies Themetune Remix

| play
DrCocker @wetrust @TheGrifter forgot about this one rb&thks@jsotonyc: (reblip)

the strikers body music

| play


| play
TheGrifter Never Mind The Balearics.... @DJ_VIXEN@DrCocker

drop the deal

| play
TheGrifter ...and while you're at it stick aflake in it@DrCocker@wetrust@donfelipe
TheGrifter Hurrah Indeed@DrCocker

Mo-dettes -White Mice-Live at Hurrah

| play
TheGrifter That's A Biiiiiiiiiiiiig Twang@Dr Cocker

The Byrds-"I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"-5/11/65

| play
CreekSiren You were my thrills, you were my pills.
BohemianChick Dancing my way outta here....later BlipStarz! :-)
TheGrifter Mighty Purty @MsGolightly

REM Driver 8 Video

| play

Sade-King of Sorrow

| play

Ever Fallen In Love-Nouvelle Vague

| play

[RIP 1936-2010]* Dennis Hopper & the Ladies

| play
MsGolightly Have you hugged your mermaid today? @TheGrifter@DrCocker

SupergrassLow C

| play
TheGrifter @DrCocker Jus Keep On Jumpin y'ol Cocker

Malcolm McLaren, Double Dutch (1983)

| play

William Pitt "" city light "" extended version

| play

LaLaLa (feat. Julie Delpy) Nouvelle Vague

| play
MsGolightly he's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock and roll @TheGrifter

Digable Planets- Jettin'

| play
Mysterymix @Literati hug back.& good luck with your seafood !


| play
DarkLady My Brightest Diamond – Reaching Through to the Other Side
TheGrifter Well it ain't 'Sunscreen' but it scans @DrCocker@CarrieYolky@GypsyDustWitch@Leadfoot_McTurd

Words Of Advice William S. Burroughs

| play
TheGrifter In case you thought you had only one @DrCocker@CarrieYolky

Material + William S. Burroughs ۞ Seven Souls

| play
mark_till Film School--"Heart Full Of Pentagons" (Cereal Spiller Remix)
TheGrifter Amongst deeper thoughts one wonders if his head was that shape under his hat... @CarrieYolky@DrCocker

Rumi I, You, He, She, We

| play

Depeche Mode Wrong *LYRICS*

| play
Leika Nice...thank you :) rb @Fuita__ (reblip)

Pale ► Too Much

| play
GeorgeSand America - Always Love

AmericaAlways Love

| play
mark_till Emiliana Torrini--Gollum's Song

1 Faith -Dark Bass Mix (Braille Merchant) Joseph campbell

| play
mark_till Marie Antoinette--I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow)
TheGrifter I miss the starlings.... Thx @GeorgeSand and watch @GypsyDustWitch@CarrieYolky (reblip)

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers

| play
Iskaldur LOL..Yeah..right.

The SMITHS ::: Sweet and Tender Hooligan ***VIDEO***

| play
DrCocker let me see you shoot it

J Walter Negro & the Loose Jointz ~ Shoot The Pump ~ Zoo York Records

| play
DarkLady Thx sweetie & Happy week ahead :) rb @MsYogini: "Lucius – Until We Get There" (reblip)
TheGrifter Ah the bittersweet memories of youth suddenly seem strangely relevant again.... perhaps even moreso @CarrieYolky
DarkLady Ólafur Arnalds – Pú ert sólin
TheGrifter Oh I could go on forever.... @CarrieYolky and thanks for the inspiration@terrastic
Leadfoot_McTurd Where'd you go @TheGrifter? Ah got the email...room 101!@DJheavy: ""Where'd You Go?"" (reblip)
TheGrifter Bob says "Don't be a stupid cult WAKE UP!" @DrCocker@CarrieYolky

Robert Anton Wilson Real Reality

| play
TheGrifter See you on the other side.... @CarrieYolky

The Velvet Underground " I'll Be Your Mirror" with lyric. Music time stretch 120%.

| play
TheGrifter Good find.... It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Schwing @animationblock (reblip)
GypsyDustWitch In terms of bodycount, this is another missed Halloween gem @TheGrifter
GypsyDustWitch So utterly beautiful. One of your moving soundtarck songs @TheGrifter

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Push the Sky Away

| play
Leadfoot_McTurd Get to the front of the stage! @TheGrifter

The Freestylers Feel the Panic

| play
Leadfoot_McTurd I'm here on business, in my business suit, with my business case and business papers, to do business, with business people.....@TheGrifter
GypsyDustWitch It's all pretty beautiful... @TheGrifter @Leadfoot_McTurd

Elbow with Concert Orchestra

| play
morganh Magazine – Vigilance (Original Version)
juanitamoose [Roxy Music - Virginia Plain] (reblip)

Roxy Music Virginia Plain (Lyrics) (HQ)

| play
DJBadBilly Fatback Band...Spanish Hustle
GypsyDustWitch Lyrically beautiful - meant to play you this before you left @TheGrifter

Josh Ritter bone of song

| play
GypsyDustWitch Didn't have the space for this story gem on the cd so bombarding you with the joy of Tom here @TheGrifter
GypsyDustWitch songs need to be anatomically correct - it's all about the stories if you ask me... @TheGrifter

tom waits picture in a frame

| play
GypsyDustWitch Always been a personal fave but live... ahh, bless you boys x @TheGrifter @Leadfoot_McTurd
TheGrifter Like the froggy said.... Reblip Reblip Reblip @GypsyDustWitch: "A fine way to start the day - shake that booty! @TheGrifter" (reblip)
TheGrifter Simple is as simple does @DrCocker

RAZE Break 4 Love (Original)

| play
TheGrifter Seein as you dug them Green Dogs so much figgered you might get a kick outta this @KayceeSpinnin and what goes around... @DrCocker

The LookGlammer girl

| play
TheGrifter Oh you really don't wanna be dreamin about me.... @Snuffpuppy
DJBadBilly Talking Heads ....."Talking Heads..Take Me To The River"" (reblip)

Talking Heads Take Me To The River (HQ)

| play
DarkLady Fica bem, Diverte-te :) rb @Pedro_S: "Bom fim-de-semana Paula! Obrigado! ;) Rb@DarkLady: "Grouper – Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping (reblip)
axefield Kyogi – Carousel


| play
axefield Passenger - Feather on the Clyde (Stefan Biniak Private Edit)

Passenger Feather On The Clyde Stefan Biniak Private Edit1

| play
DJBadBilly "Gnarls Barkley - CRAZY(slowed down version)"TY @TheGrifter (reblip)
DJBadBilly "Everyday is Like Sunday"Sort of TY @TheGrifter (reblip)

10000 Maniacs ~ Everyday is Like Sunday

| play
DJBadBilly David Bowie..FAME TY @TheGrifter

David Bowie 'Fame' 1975.

| play
TheGrifter la la la la la Hi My name is The Grifter, I'm a Leo and I love chips, coffee, beehive hairdos, Blip FM and.... @CarrieYolky

The B-52's Song For a Future Generation

| play

The Pharcyde-Passin Me By [ HD ]

| play
StellaBears WOOHoO! indeed:) @pulsar: "@StellaBears :) (reblip)

Shags 11 Breathe In My Ear

| play
TheGrifter Appropriate for so many reasons.... Video made by my mate Andy after they'd played The Big Twang @CarrieYolky@DrCocker@GypsyDustWitch@Leadfoot_McTurd

"No Frills" Taana Gardner © 2012 West End Records

| play

WAS (NOT WAS). "Out come the freaks". 1981. vinyl full trak lp "Was (Not Was)".

| play
mark_till Deftones--Please, please, please, let me get what I want
GypsyDustWitch Got a bit of a theme goin on... Spotted it yet? @TheGrifter

Sam Cooke "Chain Gang"

| play
KayceeDee Matthew Valde – That first beat sets the mood!
TheGrifter Mr Stipe goes in my shed thank you very much.... Hoody looky likey or not @GypsyDustWitch@Leadfoot_McTurd@CarrieYolky@DrCocker
GypsyDustWitch one to watch upon your visit. a right stunner, and the film and soundtrack not bad either! @TheGrifter
TheGrifter Thanks a bunch..... Just what I wanna hear when I'm on the other side of the world! @GypsyDustWitch@DrCocker (reblip)
TheGrifter Reagan... Thatcher.... Jazzercise! @GypsyDustWitch

The Specials "Maggie's Farm" (Paramount Theater, Staten Island: 21-08-1981)

| play
TheGrifter Not enough pop videos of pov skanky toilet piss shots if you ask me Thx @GypsyDustWitch and payin it forward @CarrieYolky@DrCocker (reblip)
onesanz ... tyrb@djilo: ":) @ onesanz .... David Sylvian – Let The Happiness In" (reblip)
alterkate Young Summer – Fever Dream
juanitamoose @Tiny_Montgomery Good one! [Pete Shelley - Homosapien] (reblip)

Pete Shelley "Homosapien" (1981)

| play
KaapseKind ★☽ have a moonlit dance with me

Katie Melua By The Light Of The Magical Moon

| play
winggirl Ok, off to go hug my pillow, thanks @FUZZYsBACK @Fuzzyfacedbandit @TheGrifter you all behave now.

Bat For Lashes-Sleep Alone

| play
luffe1 like this one ty @unspokenwords: "." Sophie Hunger – LikeLikeLike (reblip)
parsprototo Welcome and thanks for joining in! @TheGrifter

Vapnet Håll Ihop Med jens Lekman

| play
FUZZYsBACK Langsom Dans is definitely worth a listen for those who like to be challenged
DarkLady Merci :) 4U2 :) rb @Chymell_: "Douce nuit :)) Rb vi@DarkLady: "Laika – Almost Sleeping ... #G'night to @ ll"" (reblip)

LaikaAlmost Sleeping

| play
DrCocker Daniel drinks like Richard Burton dance like John Travolta @TheGrifter
Wildtunes ***Blondie - Maria ... thanks for der props & inspiration.. @TheGrifter :)


| play
DarkLady Cinephile – Comatose


| play
Wildtunes Hello Amsterdam :-) @c3p0: "Hello :-) @Gr8tune: "**Mika – Love Today (Eric Kupper Extended Vocal Mix)"" (reblip)
TheGrifter and spinning out slightly

John Cale & Brian Eno / Spinning Away

| play
FUZZYsBACK Somehow, this didnt make the first album in the UK ..

Sisters (The Church Of Skins and Heart)

| play
FUZZYsBACK Byrdsian verging on Power Pop

The Grip Weeds- "Strange Bird"

| play
FUZZYsBACK Motorik. THX @Shaman777 (the irony is not lost ..) and Welcome! to the fuzzy corner @uliana

TOY 'Motoring'

| play
FUZZYsBACK Everyone should have (a copy of) Fantasies

MetricFront Row

| play
juanitamoose [Fol Chen – The Holograms]

Fol ChenThe Holograms

| play
TheGrifter Thank goodness for the freaks @Iskaldur

Julian Cope Psychedelic Odin

| play
juanitamoose [Shout Out Out Out Out – Now That I've Given Up Hope, I Feel Much Better]
armchairclubber Garden Of Eden ~ Everybody's On A Trip (Kon's Edit)
sufferin_jukebox good afternoon..from the 2nd happiest place on earth...
winggirl OMG this song, played it a million times this week #Aussie @FUZZYsBACK @TheGrifter // Hi @juanitamoose :)
FUZZYsBACK I'll take your Guillemots and raise you a Dangerfield @TheGrifter - and you know what they say... @winggirl
winggirl Weird I was just thinking about playing the Church :)@FUZZYsBACK:enjoying the day. Listening to some great sounds as ever. Here's some wizards of Oz. (reblip)
FUZZYsBACK Speaking of horrors .. with appreciation @winggirl for props

The HorrorsStill Life

| play
winggirl ...

Interpol- Evil (+ Lyrics)

| play
FUZZYsBACK Listening. #nowplaying ... growing. Depeche Mode baritone meets Cocteau Curve
FUZZYsBACK New album "The Minutes" ... well worth a listen. Thanking @feynschliff @TheGrifter (keep them coming) @caranemica

Alison Moyet Changeling Lyrics Video

| play
TheGrifter Why are Pirates caled Pirates? Bacause they ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR @FUZZYsBACK
DarkLady Moby - Temptation

Moby- Temptation

| play
DarkLady Broadcast – I Found The F
Iskaldur ta & rb @axefield: "Perséphone – Retro Funky (SUNDANCE remix)" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach When walking your dog, watch out for foxtails! These weeds look like wheat, and they're very dangerous to your dog's health!
GeorgeSand I won't debate religion/spirituality which is pers. choice. I only keep my mind open to eternal possibilities and try to love my neighbors. :) @bytera (reblip)
TheGrifter Enjoyed it Moby Style but Barney and the Boys still give me the goosebumps @DarkLady
DarkLady Low – Words


| play
DarkLady The Durutti Column – In Memory Of Anthony
DrCocker Everthing @TheGrifter


| play
TheGrifter If Hammer had made Bond movies this would've been a theme song... but of course they didn't... so it wasn't. thx for the reblip @VinylVenus (reblip)

the bird and the bee witch

| play
axefield Simian Mobile Disco ▲ It's the beat (The Teenagers remix)

Simian Mobile Disco ▲ It's the beat (The Teenagers remix)

| play
axefield Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)
mark_till Neon Indian--Should Have Taken Acid With You
armchairclubber Mount Kimbie ~ Home Recording... with greetings @TheGrifter

Mount Kimbie 'Home Recording' (from new album 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth')

| play
axefield The Turtles - Happy Together (Todd Terje Edit) | @TheGrifter @cjcomputerservicesnc @Iskaldur @chopp3rr3ad @GinaGina @KRIS23 @Paul_

Todd Terje 'Happy Together' (Edit)

| play
DarkLady Madrugada – Only when you're gone

Siouxsie & the Banshees New Skin

| play
Versh #new Cocorosie – 'Tales Of A Grass Widow' released May 27th

CocorosieChild Bride

| play
DarkLady Still Corners – Cuckoo ... Hello :)
TheGrifter TTFN one of my fave Heads sons too y'ole Devil @FUZZYsBACK (reblip)

Talking Heads Love → Building on Fire (HQ)

| play
Dancer12 ♥ღ ♫♥TySm,FUZZY! ♥Rb @FUZZYsBACK Sending Northern Man into the ether for @Dan12 @yuuhi_hajime @Will_the_bloke @TheGrifter @robertaglass (reblip)

Josie And The Pussycats Theme Song 1970

| play
Will_the_bloke David Byrne & Brian Eno – Life is Long
robertaglass gloomy sunday is a sad song...@TheGrifter

Portishead Gloomy Sunday

| play
Will_the_bloke Teenage Fanclub - Flowing ... @FUZZYsBACK you are kind sir :)

Teenage Fanclub-Flowing

| play
robertaglass why you aren't my listener? I don't know blip.fm yet@FUZZYsBACK

MGMT electric feel

| play

Tanghetto Enjoy the silence

| play

Tanghetto Enjoy the silence

| play
Unaturalsoul ....Yep...Be Liking This One...!!!....Thanks Love..@GinaGina: "and a happy weekend to YOU @Unaturalsoul" (reblip)
Beseech rb @alterkate: "M83 – Skin of the Night" (reblip)

M83Skin of the Night

| play
alterkate CHVRCHES – Recover


| play
bloem_van_cath Rachid Taha – Voilà Voilà, Que ça Recommence
TheGrifter Or at least we could have a good shot at it,,,, @Iskaldur

The Carpenters ~ For All We Know

| play