TheHospitalOfSongs John Fahey, missed. [TRACK: John Fahey - Requiem for John Hurt]
TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: Manuok - Untitled #1 (a.k.a. Vaka)]

The Hospital Of Songs #21

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: The Beachwood Sparks - Banjo Press Conference] Livin' life never knowin' sorrow ♪

The Hospital Of Songs #27

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: Monster Movie - Chances are high] ♥

The Hospital Of Songs #40

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: Cranes - Astronauts] The Orchard Music© All rights reserved.

The Hospital Of Songs #47

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: The Advantage - Super Mario Bros. 2 Medley: Underworld/Overworld]

The Hospital Of Songs #41

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: Blue Safari - Cherry Blossom Girl]

The Hospital Of Songs #23

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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) [TRACK: Scratch Massive feat. Daníel Ágúst - Paris] ♫
TheHospitalOfSongs ♫ [TRACK: Computer Magic - The end of time]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission .III ))) [TRACK: Asmus Tietchens - Moderne Arroganz]
TheHospitalOfSongs "One thing is certain, the rest is a lie. One thing is certain, life flies"... [TRACK: Agents Of Oblivion - Wither]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Big Black Delta - The Zebrah]
TheHospitalOfSongs Set the dark on fire ♪ [TRACK: Turin Brakes - Dark on fire]
TheHospitalOfSongs Dentro de los mejores vídeos que he visto... [TRACK: Qua - Devil eyes]

QuaDevil Eyes

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TheHospitalOfSongs Classic !!! [TRACK: Saint Etienne - Nothing can stop us]
TheHospitalOfSongs Bien Scott, bien... [TRACK: Jatun - Zombie Hotel]

JatunZombie Hotel

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TheHospitalOfSongs Contribution > [TRACK: Family Of God - I followed the blind]

The Hospital Of Songs #13

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TheHospitalOfSongs Ah, you think you're so pretty ♪ [TRACK: James - Laid (Live @ Later with Jools Holland, 1994]

JamesLaid (Live)

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TheHospitalOfSongs Classic. [TRACK: Beth Orton & Terry Callier - Lean on me]
TheHospitalOfSongs Just pure feeling !!! [TRACK: Bill Withers - Ain't no sunshine]
TheHospitalOfSongs Intense !!! [TRACK: Otis Redding - I've been loving you too long (To stop now)]

Otis Redding- I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) Live 1967

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TheHospitalOfSongs The late great Elizabeth Cotten.

Two Songs played by Elizabeth Cotten

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TheHospitalOfSongs I'm the werewolf. [TRACK: Cat Power - Werewolf]

Cat PowerWerewolf

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TheHospitalOfSongs Happy New Year !!! [TRACK: Lavender Diamond - Oh no]

Lavender DiamondOh No

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TheHospitalOfSongs Sheryl Crow, hot mamacita =P [TRACK: Sheryl Crow - If it makes you happy (Live, HQ)]

Sheryl Crow " If It Makes You Happy " (HQ)

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TheHospitalOfSongs Amazing... [TRACK: Ayreon - Valley of the Queens (Live)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Una de mis bandas favoritas ♥ [TRACK: His Name Is Alive - Summer of ESP]
TheHospitalOfSongs Safe !!! [TRACK: Bracken - Safe, safe, safe]

BrackenSafe Safe Safe

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TheHospitalOfSongs O' this cold weather... [TRACK: Mogwai - Stop coming to my house]
TheHospitalOfSongs And Ziggy played guitar... [TRACK: David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars - Ziggy Stardust]
TheHospitalOfSongs Formados en 1989, Superchunk es de esas bandas que siguen en activo con sus miembros originales. [TRACK: Superchunk - Reg]


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TheHospitalOfSongs "And the one who saved you, ain't the one who you were banking on..." [TRACK: The War On Drugs - Buenos Aires Beach]

The War on Drugs "Buenos Aires Beach"

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TheHospitalOfSongs I wanted to find the official video but oh well, anyway it's a killer track [TRACK: Collective Soul - Precious declaration]

Precious Declaration- Collective Soul (lyrics)

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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Sufjan Stevens - The transfiguration]


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TheHospitalOfSongs Bang your heads !!! [TRACK: Solvent - Frozen Food (Remix)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Musical allure... [TRACK: Broken Spindles - Italian wardrobe]
TheHospitalOfSongs Feel like rockin' !!! [TRACK: The Quill - Voodoo Caravan]
TheHospitalOfSongs We just dig Swedish cheese and bands [TRACK: Mental Hippie Blood - Real as rain]

Mental Hippie Blood 06 Real as Rain

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TheHospitalOfSongs Maybe next time my friends, maybe... [TRACK: Elliott Smith - A fond farewell]
TheHospitalOfSongs With music !!! [TRACK - Wilco - I'm always in love (Acoustic)]

Wilco-I'm Always In Love (Solo Acoustic)

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TheHospitalOfSongs Another good one !!! [TRACK: The Jayhawks - Broken harpoon]
TheHospitalOfSongs Hehehe [TRACK: Simon Joyner - One for the catholic girls]
TheHospitalOfSongs Amazing !!! [TRACK: Lumerians - Burning mirrors]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRACK: Librarians - Cranberry Palace]
TheHospitalOfSongs From Sweden with love [TRACK: Acid House Kings - Will you love me in the morning?]
TheHospitalOfSongs Nice and calm !!! [TRACK: Ooberman - Shorley Wall]

OobermanShorley Wall

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TheHospitalOfSongs (= [TRACK: His Name Is Alive - Dub Love Letter]
TheHospitalOfSongs =)[TRACK: Beulah - I'll be your lampshade]
TheHospitalOfSongs :D [TRACK: Stereolab - Rose, my rocket brain!]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: The Legends - When the day is done]
TheHospitalOfSongs ZZZzzz... [TRACK: The Soft Boys - (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp]
TheHospitalOfSongs For Shannon Hoon [TRACK: Blind Melon - Wilt]

Blind MelonWilt

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TheHospitalOfSongs Yeah, good one !!! [TRACK: Candlebox - Blinder]


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TheHospitalOfSongs I like her [TRACK: Chelsea Wolfe - Mer]


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TheHospitalOfSongs Something to embrace the night with... [TRACK: Fila Brazillia - Thatched Neon]
TheHospitalOfSongs "The lemon of pink" is the second album by The Books, released on October 7, 2003. [TRACK: The Books - A true story of a story of true love]

A True Story Of A Story Of True Love

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TheHospitalOfSongs K. [TRACK: The Durutti Column - Katherine]
TheHospitalOfSongs Way better than the original !!! [TRACK: Jonathan Wilson - La Isla Bonita]

Jonathan Wilson : La Isla Bonita

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TheHospitalOfSongs The one and only: Cranes. [TRACK: Cranes - Shining road (Brauer mix)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Morning !!! [TRACK: Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horse - Garp Gadriel]
TheHospitalOfSongs #viernesdeemptv El clásico de los Turtles a cargo de The Lightning Seeds !!! [TRACK: The Lightning Seeds - You showed me]
TheHospitalOfSongs Ladies and gentlemen: Sandy Bull ♪ [TRACK: Sandy Bull - Gospel Tune]
TheHospitalOfSongs Datach'i is the pseudonym of Joseph Fraioli, an electronic musician based in New York City. [TRACK: Datach'i - Free in a box]

Datach'iFree in a box

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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) [TRACK: Mount Kimbie - Carbonated]
TheHospitalOfSongs Pure genius... [TRACK: Death In Vegas - Rematerialised]
TheHospitalOfSongs You... [TRACK: David Bowie - Little wonder (Edit)]
TheHospitalOfSongs It is... [TRACK: Bent - I can't believe it's over]
TheHospitalOfSongs All the world in. [TRACK: L'usine - Falling in]

L'usineFalling in

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TheHospitalOfSongs Classic !!! [TRACK: Tommy James & The Shondells - I think we're alone now]
TheHospitalOfSongs Sunday again !!! [TRACK: Sodastream - Firelines]

Firelines by Sodastream

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TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Lali Puna - Harrison Reverse]

Harrison Reverse

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TheHospitalOfSongs Ulver play in a different league. They fucking own.
TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Piana - April]


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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) > Pluramon - Hintergrund (Mogwai remix) <

Pluramon 'Hintergrund' (Mogwai Remix)

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TheHospitalOfSongs "Try to see where time goes"... [TRACK: Cranes - Future song]


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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Goodnight ))) [TRACK: Télépopmusik – L'Incertitude D'Heisenberg]
TheHospitalOfSongs Sometime later perhaps... [TRACK: Alpha - Sometime later]

AlphaSometime Later

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TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Silent Poets - Sugar Man]

Sugar ManSilent Poets

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TheHospitalOfSongs Clap your hands !!! [TRACK: Tommy James & The Shondells - Do something to me]
TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: :Zoviet*France: - Gris]


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TheHospitalOfSongs Nightly melodies... [TRACK: The Apples in Stereo - Beautiful machine (Parts 3 & 4)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Don't forget the one you love... [TRACK: S - The coffin of your true love]
TheHospitalOfSongs The last good day of the year... [TRACK: Cousteau - Last good day of the year]

Cousteau On Jools Holland Last Good Day Of The Year

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TheHospitalOfSongs Nightly melodies... [TRACK: Portico Quartet - Paper Scissors Stone]
TheHospitalOfSongs Off. [TRACK: Nils Frahm - Said and done (Live)]
TheHospitalOfSongs The one & only: Olivia Tremor Control !!! [TRACK: Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25]


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TheHospitalOfSongs Supermonday !!! [TRACK: Nathan Fake - Superpositions]
TheHospitalOfSongs Float away... [TRACK: Goldmund - Marching through Georgia]
TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Yiruma - River flows in you] "Moving and soothing"
TheHospitalOfSongs A classic: "Love Detective" by Arab Strap ♥
TheHospitalOfSongs We all tell. This is "A little secret" by Khonnor.
TheHospitalOfSongs Reminicencias a Air? Puede ser, puede ser... TRACK: Sinewave - A ton of automatons
TheHospitalOfSongs Buen video no oficial: Deaf Center - Dial (Helios remix)
TheHospitalOfSongs TRACK: Air – Dead Bodies (Virgin Suicides version)
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic Only the lonely [TRACK 10: Donovan - Get thy bearings]
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic Let me lay down then. [TRACK 9: Piano Magic - Recovery position]
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic Just blue [TRACK 8: Joni Mitchell - Blue]

Joni MitchellBlue

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TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic Happiness ain't never how you think it should be so. [TRACK 6: Duncan Sheik - She runs away]
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic There is love to be found... [TRACK 5: Lisa Germano - From a shell]
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic It's so lonely in this place... [TRACK 4: Slowdive - Here she comes]
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic "Let down and hanging around..." [TRACK 3: Eliza Lumley - Let down]

eliza lumleylet down

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic "...and you know what I mean" [TRACK 2: Beth Orton - It's not the spotlight]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) [TRACK: Manitoba - Brandon]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Xela - Last Breath (Motiv Remix)] Swell sunday
TheHospitalOfSongs The wolf is back... [TRACK: Woelv - Gris]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs [TRACK: Death Cab For Cutie - Title and registration]
TheHospitalOfSongs ♥ [TRACK: Sam Cooke - Bring it on home to me]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Cab Calloway - Dinah]
TheHospitalOfSongs "I want a sunday kind of love..." [TRACK: Beth Rowley - A sunday kind of love]
TheHospitalOfSongs Blue-eyed soul ♪ [TRACK: The Young Rascals - Come on up]
TheHospitalOfSongs Tweet #600 [TRACK: Liam McKahey & The Bodies - Inscription]

Liam Mckahey & the bodies Inscription

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TheHospitalOfSongs But not tonight... [TRACK: Richard Hawley - Tonight]
TheHospitalOfSongs Be exceedingly humble in spirit, for the hope of earthly man is decay... [TRACK: Lamp Of The Universe - Love eternal]
TheHospitalOfSongs Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream ♪ [TRACK: The Beatles - Tomorrow never knows]

The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows

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TheHospitalOfSongs =) [TRACK: Van Morrison - The smile you smile]

Van Morrison: The Smile You Smile

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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Creedence Clearwater Revival - I heard it through the grapevine]
TheHospitalOfSongs You might remember the Lemonheads cover... [TRACK: Love Positions - Into your arms]
TheHospitalOfSongs Shannon Hoon, you were amazing... [TRACK: Blind Melon - 2 X 4]

Blind Melon2 X 4

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TheHospitalOfSongs Another gem from the 90's ♥ Layne Staley rocks !!! [TRACK: Mad Season - River of deceit]
TheHospitalOfSongs Shine !!! Memorable riff indeed !!! [TRACK: Collective Soul - Shine (Live somewhere in Morocco]
TheHospitalOfSongs Alice in jazz ♥ [TRACK: Dept. Of Good & Evil feat. Rachel Z - Angry chair (Live @ Ueffilo Jazz Club, 2010)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Met the ghost of Stephen Foster at the hotel paradise... [TRACK: Squirrel Nut Zippers – Ghost of Stephen Foster]
TheHospitalOfSongs Kenneth W. "Ken" Griffin (December 28, 1909 – March 11, 1956) [TRACK: Ken Griffin - No other love]
TheHospitalOfSongs "Suffer some misery if you want love..." [TRACK: Depeche Mode - Judas]

JudasDepeche Mode

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "It's for your own good..." [TRACK: Steve Jansen feat. Nina Kinert - Playground martyrs (Reprise)]

Playground Martyrs (Reprise)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Crank this shit up !!! [TRACK: U.N.K.L.E. featuring Josh Homme - Restless]
TheHospitalOfSongs Es algo tan bello y poderoso... [TRACK: Ulf Lohmann - Burning bright]
TheHospitalOfSongs "Crawling in the frost, I found it..." [TRACK: Baths - Nordic laurel]
TheHospitalOfSongs Very moving. [TRACK: Venetian Snares - If I could say I love you]
TheHospitalOfSongs Amazing live performance!!! [TRACK: Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright - Set fire to the third bar]

Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs De mis bandas favoritas ;) [TRACK: Suede - Trash]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Excelente mañana!!! El master David Sylvian. [TRACK: David Sylvian - Sugarfuel]
TheHospitalOfSongs Terrible love... [TRACK: The National - Terrible love]
TheHospitalOfSongs Rockin' tune !!! [TRACK: Alejandro Escovedo - Smoke]
TheHospitalOfSongs Nina Persson es demasiado hermosa... [TRACK: The Cardigans - Losing a friend (Live on Nyhetsmorgon)]
TheHospitalOfSongs "Don't worry I'm over you right now..." [TRACK: The Reindeer Section - Your sweet voice]
TheHospitalOfSongs Can't get enough of it... [TRACK: Cousteau - The last good day of the year]
TheHospitalOfSongs ♫ [TRACK: Bon Iver - Flume]

Bon IverFlume

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "I tell myself before I go to sleep" [TRACK: Split Enz - History never repeats]
TheHospitalOfSongs Classic. [TRACK: The Go-Betweens - Cattle and cane]
TheHospitalOfSongs ♫ [TRACK: Colin Newman - Can't help being]
TheHospitalOfSongs Folk me up !!! [TRACK: Storsveit Nix Noltes – Svatbarska rachenitsa]
TheHospitalOfSongs ♫ [TRACK: The Veils - Citadel]

The VeilsCitadel

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs May there be a charm in your shine... [TRK: Blind Melon - Glitch]

Blind MelonGlitch

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: Peter Bledvad - Mad love vanishes]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) [TRK: Broadcast - Drums on fire]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Yes, Philip Glass was a new waver. [TRK: Polyrock - Love song]

Polyrocklove song

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Kitchens Of Distinction - Now it's time to say goodbye]

Kitchens of Distinction-Now it's time to say goodbye(single)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Have a look around you, there’s no-one there... ;) [The Delgados - Coming in from the cold]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: Nina Persson – Whole Lotta Love (Live @ Polar Music Awards '06)]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: The Raveonettes - Here comes Mary]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Chris Stamey - The summer sun]
TheHospitalOfSongs Slow sunday [TRK: Stereolab - Anonymous collective]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Honeybus - Would you believe]

Honeybus ~ Would You Believe ~ Single B Side (1969)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) [TRK: A Lily - Leanna is a quiet meow]
TheHospitalOfSongs The Cardigans are one of the best swedish pop rock bands formed in the town of Jönköping in October 1992. [TRK: The Cardigans - Celia inside (Live)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Strange Boutique was a band from Washington, D.C.. They were active between the years of 1987 and 1994. [TRK: Strange Boutique - A happy death]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Wilco - More like the Moon]

Wilco-More Like The Moon

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Another great band from Glasgow... [TRK: The Pastels - Breaking lines]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair - Crush on you]
TheHospitalOfSongs Gabrielle Soléy is from Iceland and a member of the indie-collective Seabear. She is a passionate piano player and singer. [TRK: Soléy - Pretty face]

SóleyPretty Face

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs A damn good welsh rock band that lean towards psychedelic rock and electronic experimentation. [TRK: Super Furry Animals - Juxtaposed with U]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: The Reindeer Section - Last song on blue tape]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) This mix is sooooo good, honestly.

Theme For A 40-Watt Bulb (Elevator Version) by Tailothepup

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TheHospitalOfSongs Back to the 90's [TRK: Bran Van 3000 - Drinkin' in LA]
TheHospitalOfSongs Rivulets is the nom de plume of minimalist singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson. [TRK: Rivulets - Cutter]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs You don't know what you're becoming... [TRK: The Flaming Lips - Love the world you find]
TheHospitalOfSongs Just let it flow... [TRK: Spiritualized - Let it flow (BBC Session)]

Spiritualized-Let It Flow (BBC Session)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs You quiver like a candle on fire, I'm putting you out... [TRK: Badly Drawn Boy - Once around the block]
TheHospitalOfSongs You ain't getting no younger and you've got nothing to show. [TRK: Jarvis Cocker - Don't let him waste your time]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission ))) The fluffy side of Black Sabbath.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs You made a fool of everyone. [TRK: The Beatles - Sexy Sadie]
TheHospitalOfSongs The wrong girl... [Belle & Sebastian - The wrong girl (Live @ Barrowlands)]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: His Name Is Alive - The torso]
TheHospitalOfSongs Keren Ann, cantante holandesa, nacida en Israel y ahora afincada en Francia. [TRK: Keren Ann - For you and I]

Keren Annyou and i

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Strawbs started as a bluegrass group and then moved on to styles such as folk, glam and progressive rock. [TRK: Strawbs - The battle (Live @ BBC)]

The StrawbsThe Battle

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs The band Dios (Malos), formerly "Dios" before summer 2004, is a music group originally out of Hawthorne, California. [TRK: Dios (Malos) - Everyday]

Dios MalosEveryday

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs I have been floated to this thought this hour... [TRK: The Olivia Tremor Control - I have been floated]
TheHospitalOfSongs A classic... [TRK: The Sad Little Stars - Don't fuck with love]

Don't Fuck With Love

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs This for you, fucking baby bitch "G" [TRK: Ween - Baby bitch]

Baby Bitch by Ween

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Lou Barlow - Home]

Lou Barlow-Home

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Echoes of Travis▲ [TRK: The Unisex - Take me higher]
TheHospitalOfSongs Damn good !!! [TRK: Singapore Sling - No soul man]
TheHospitalOfSongs Great start of the week for everybody [TRK: St. Vincent - Landmines]

Landmines // Lyrics [HD]

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: PJ Harvey – 50 Feet Queenie (Solo Version @ BBC, 1993)]
TheHospitalOfSongs ▼ [TRK: L'Omelette - Opera D'Angoisse]
TheHospitalOfSongs From the Mercury Prize-nominated album "Silence Yourself". [TRK: Savages - Marshal Dear]

Savages"Marshal Dear"

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ♪ [TRK: The Sound Defects - Take out]
TheHospitalOfSongs ▼ Masters [TRK: Kevin Ayers & Syd Barrett - Religious experience]
TheHospitalOfSongs ♪ [TRK: The Holy Modal Rounders - Bird song]
TheHospitalOfSongs The Peanut Butter Conspiracy was an American psychedelic pop/rock group in the 60's. [TRK: Peanut Butter Conspiracy - It's a happening thing]

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-It`s A Happening Thing

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Instant crush ♥ [TRK: Dum Dum Girls - Coming down]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Baba Scholae - 1984-Melancholia Street]


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ♥ [TRK: Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings around the world (Live on Later with Jools Holland)]
TheHospitalOfSongs ▲ [TRK: Mazzy Star - Taste of blood]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Hymnals - City sky at night]
TheHospitalOfSongs One of those gems produced by the great Phil Spector ♥ [TRK: The Modern Folk Quartet - This could be the night]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ▲ ))) [TRK: Life Of Agony - Let's pretend]

Lets Pretend by Life of Agony

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Our future's unknown... [TRK: Ayreon - My house on Mars]

02. My House on Mars

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs My pain is self-chosen... [TRK: Mad Season - River of deceit]
TheHospitalOfSongs The enemy is you !!! [TRK: Elliott Smith - The enemy is you]

Elliott Smith- The Enemy Is You

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs I'll say goodbye, say goodbye to Ruby's arms... [TRK: Frente! - Ruby's arms]

Ruby's ArmsFrente!

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Longpigs - The Frank Sonata]
TheHospitalOfSongs It makes you wanna die... [TRK: The Sleeping Tree - Love is an eternal lie]
TheHospitalOfSongs I let somebody get under my skin, long distance losing is all that I've seen, now there's a river... [TRK: Turin Brakes - Long distance]

Turin Brakes (Long distance)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Amazing song, amazing band [TRK: Cousteau - Last good day of the year (Live @ Jools Holland)]

Cousteau On Jools Holland Last Good Day Of The Year

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: Hedwig & The Angry Inch - The origin of love]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRK: Deadboy & The Elephantmen - Otherwordly dreamer]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRK: Earlimart - Interloper]

EARLIMART Interloper

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ▼ ))) [TRK: Brent David Fraser - I wear a new face]

I Wear A New Face, Brent David Fraser, Tim Schools, Joey Molland, Badfinger, Beatles

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs And I'll flutter on, beautiful, flutter on, beautiful, flutter on, beautiful... [TRK: Candlebox - Butterfly (Reprise)]
TheHospitalOfSongs Say goodbye, don't follow... [TRK: Alice In Chains - Don't follow]

Alice In Chains- Don't Follow

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ▼ ))) [TRK: Days Of The New - Seasons change]
TheHospitalOfSongs Time to wait too long, to wait too long... To wait too long [TRK: Stone Temple Pilots - Big empty]

Stone Temple Pilots-Big Empty (album version)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Just another lonely boy... [TRK: TestamenT - The legacy (Acoustic)]

Testament- The Legacy (Acoustic)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs I had no idea... [TRK: Megadeth - Tout le monde]
TheHospitalOfSongs Damon Michael Gough (born 2 October 1969, in Dunstable, Bedfordshire), known by the stage name Badly Drawn Boy, is an English indie singer-songwriter.

badly drawn boy-summertime in wintertime

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Instant karma is gonna get you... [TRACK: John Lennon - Instant Karma!]

John Lennon- Instant Karma! We All Shine On

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ¡¡¡Una rola muy pegadora y por demás chingona!!! ♪ [TRACK: Bedroom Walls - In anticipation of your suicide]

Ιn Anticipation Of Your Suicide- Bedroom Walls (LYRICS)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Do you believe in joy? [TRACK: Circulatory System - Joy]

Circulatory SystemJoy

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 And life was like a song... No. 1: Etta James - At last
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 I need you so that I could die, I love you so and that is why... No. 2: The Everly Brothers - All I have to do is dream

The Everly Brothers-" All I have to do is Dream" with Lyrics on Screen

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 There will be no tragedies, lullabies; they all sound like sirens now... No. 3: Carissa's Wierd - Heather Rhodes
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Waiting for summer to come, will you wear a rainbow on?... No. 4: Augie March - Asleep in perfection

asleep in perfection

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Hold the dream and let it free... No. 5: Arco - All this world

arco-all this world

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 She's warm, like a fire. The smoke will lead you home... No. 6: Logh - The smoke will lead you home
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 If things get real promise to take me somewhere else... No. 7: Turin Brakes - Feeling oblivion
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 How to fight loneliness? Smile all the time... No. 8: Wilco - How to fight loneliness
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Trails of troubles, roads of battles, paths of victory, we shall walk... No. 9: Cat Power - Paths of victory

cat power-paths of victory(bob dylan cover)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 I want to live, I want to give, I've been a miner for a heart of gold... No. 10: Neil Young - Heart of gold
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Look for me another time, give me another day, I feel that I could change... No. 11: The Innocence Mission - Lakes of Canada
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 I'll see you soon... No. 12: Coldplay - See you soon
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 And one day we'll die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea... No. 13: Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 And we will always be everywhere... No. 14: Dax Riggs - Dethbryte


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Silent, silent... [TRACK: Black Hole Infinity feat. Marissa Nadler - No surprises]
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRACK: Linda Perhacs - Parellelograms]
TheHospitalOfSongs "My name should be trouble. My name should be woe. For trouble and heartache is all that I know..." [TRACK: Conway Twitty - Lonely blue boy]
TheHospitalOfSongs Is it possible? [TRACK: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Happiness]
TheHospitalOfSongs "It's a new world of you and I'm just a stranger here..." [TRACK: The Aerovons - World of you]

The Aerovons-World of You

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TheHospitalOfSongs Esto sí es vídeo!!! Para los fans de Nirvana. [TRACK: Shocking Blue - Love Buzz]
TheHospitalOfSongs In the sun, in the sun... [TRACK: Sinéad O'Connor - All apologies]

Sinead O'Connor- All apologies

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TheHospitalOfSongs And now from Japan: Supercar [TRACK: Supercar - Love Song]

"Love Song" by スーパーカー(Supercar)

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TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Cotton Mather - Password]
TheHospitalOfSongs The origin of love... [TRACK: Hedwig and The Angry Inch - The origin of love]

origin of love (with lyrics)

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TheHospitalOfSongs The Essex Green were formed in 1997, crafting pop melodies like the few. Loyal and proud residents of Brooklyn, NYC. [TRACK: The Essex Green - Berlin]
TheHospitalOfSongs Hank Williams remembered... [TRACK: John Fogerty & The Blue Ridge Rangers - Jambalaya (On the bayou)]

The Blue Ridge Rangers CCR Jambalaya 45 RPM GREEN RED label

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Where do bad folks go when they die? [TRACK: Nirvana feat. Curt and Cris Kirkwood - Lake of fire (Mtv Unplgged, 1993)
TheHospitalOfSongs Time won't save my soul !!! [TRACK: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Shuffle your feet]

BRMCShuffle Your Feet

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♥ ))) [TRACK: John Lennon - Isolation]

John LennonIsolation

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Let me write on the wall of death one more time!!! [TRACK: Dax Riggs - The wall of death]

Dax Riggs The Wall of Death

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♪ ))) [TRACK: Iggy Pop - Home]

Iggy PopHome

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs So beautiful... [TRACK: Kashmir - Rocket Brothers]

Kashmir -Rocket Brothers

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs De esas canciones para llevarte a la tumba ♥ [TRACK: The Louvin Brothers - Lorene]
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Well you never asked me, so I never said... No. 15: Piano Magic - Vacancies

Piano MagicVacancies

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TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 All I want is someone who can fill the hole, in the life I know. In between life and death, when there's nothing left; do you want to know?

The Verve-On Your Own

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Una gran banda de la movida hardcore de NY. Bandas como Type O Negative, Quicksand, Helmet. Keith Caputo y los Life Of Agony !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Unos recién iniciados T00L vieron en esta banda la esencia de sonido que aspiraban. Los desparecidos y geniales Quicksand !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll One of the best live performances that ever occurred on british tv, the one and only: Robin Thrower.
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll The only good thing about the Smashing Pumpkins was their drummer: Jimmy Chamberlin. He's got the whole Chicago school, so smooth.

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex : Streetcrawler

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TheHospitalOfSongs @Ineluctable Hey hi, thanks for the add and the greeting. Have a ball mate !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll "Oh... If only you'd come back to me... If you laid at my side...Wouldn't need no Mojo Pin to keep me satisfied..."

Jeff BuckleyMojo Pin

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Los Stone Temple Pilots no era un grupo constante pero, cuando se lo proponían rockeaban [TRK: STP - Interstate love song]

Interstate Love Song Stone Temple Pilots Lyrics

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll A younger Travis Meeks before entering into the jaws of drugs and rock & roll, this is: Days Of The New. I highly recommend him.
TheHospitalOfSongs Said woman take it slow, and it'll work itself out fine. All we need is just a little patience. Said sugar take it slow and we'll come together fine.
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Pure fucking rock and roll, you don't need more than that. Keep on rockin' in the free world !!! [TRK: Grand Magus - Gaunlet]

Grand MagusGauntlet

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Sal Abruscato's new band (Type O Negative, Life Of Agony) So far, sounds and looks promising; try !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll One of those underrated rockin' tunes, enjoy lads. R.I.P. Ronald Douglas "Ronnie" Montrose. [TRK: Montrose - Space Station #5]

Montrose- Space Station # 5

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Feel like breakin' up again... [TRK: Accept - Breaking up again]
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Another obscure band from Sweden, ladies and gentlemen: Gate 9. This brings some memories from my youth, hard rockin' stuff.

Gate 9Queen of Hades

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Hailing from Britain: Orange Goblin. Fucking amazing vid, just amazing !!! [TRK: Orange Goblin - Rage of angels]
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Simply fucking good. John García and Co. know how to rock. Period. [TRK: Unida - If only two]

UnidaIf Only Two

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll En los buenos tiempos del "Grunge", hubo una bandota llamada Mudhoney. Buenos tiempos; muy buenos. [TRK: Mudhoney - Suck you dry]

Mudhoney-Suck You Dry

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Una de las mejores bandas de rock en vivo en su momento, descanse en paz el buen Layne !!! [TRK: Alice In Chains - Dam that river]
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll A very fucking good song, and the riff... O' man that bloody riff !!! From Germany: Sinner. [TRK: Sinner - Die on command]

die on commandsinner

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TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 A bird can fly on just one wing; but then why should he?... No. 17: Lee Hazlewood - Come on home to me
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 Now don't say a word, no; don't yell out... No. 18: Radiohead - How I made my millions
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 If I saw something good, I guess I wouldn't worry. If I saw something new, I guess I wouldn't care... No. 19: Slowdive - 40 days

Slowdive40 Days

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #20songs20 There is love, there is love, there is love to be found... No. 20: Lisa Germano - From a shell

"From A Shell" by Lisa Germano

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TheHospitalOfSongs This song always make me wanna dance !!! Goodnight good people of the Earth =) [TRACK: New Order - Crystal (Live @ Glastonbury, 2005)

New Order: Crystal @ Glastonbury 2005

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll And now, we start a period of rockness!!! Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned!!! [TRK: Lumerians - Burning Mirrors] >
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll And now, another excellent swedish rock band: Mammoth Volume !!! \m/ [TRK: Mammoth Volume - Helly's Creek]
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Un buen giro a este track de dM; en mi humilde opinión... ¡una remezcla rocker! [TRK: Depeche Mode - Nothing] Keep rockin' lads!!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Votado como el mejor guitarrista creador de riffs en la historia del rock por colegas guitarristas y críticos: Jerry Cantrell !!!

Jerry CantrellMy Song

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Unos King Crimson modernos, con anabólicos en sus amplis: T00L !!! [TRK: T00L - Schism]

ToolSchism (HD)

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Otra buena banda desconocida de Suecia: Mental Hippie Blood. Un disco redondo el que concibieron allá por el '94: "Pounds". \m/

Mental Hippie Blood 07 I choke

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Una de las mejores bandas de Canadá: Voivod. Seguimos con la estafeta del rock, un buen cover a Pink Floyd por estos metaleros !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll Hey before going to bed, you can rock to this !!! A damn good blast from the past !!! [TRK: Aphodite's Child - The four horsemen]

Aphrodite´s child-The four horseman

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TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll The one and only: Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. May this texan flood of blues, water your hearts, warned !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll A damn good american native blues rock band: Indigenous. Enjoy, sit back and unwind !!! [TRK: Indigenous - The moon is shining]
TheHospitalOfSongs #letitrockletitroll When EMPtv was cool: K-Y-U-S-S !!! [TRK: Kyuss - Green Machine]

KYUSSgreen machine

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TheHospitalOfSongs One of those amazin' underrated love songs! ♥
TheHospitalOfSongs "Leaving hope" by Nine Inch Nails. This is one of his best tracks, an underrated classic.

Leaving hope [HD]

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TheHospitalOfSongs Grab your lady and dance with her around the room ♫ This is Lucky Pierre ;)

L. PierreCrush

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TheHospitalOfSongs To all the dancers of the world, a round form of fantasy !!! If you dig IDM, think this is your route!
TheHospitalOfSongs This is beauty, pure beauty. Sorry, there's no words to describe it only love wrapped in sound ♥
TheHospitalOfSongs Another interesting cover, Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie, Postal Service) takes on Björk's "Jóga" ... Enjoy ♫
TheHospitalOfSongs Here comes la breeze !!! Here it comes !!!

SimianLa Breeze

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TheHospitalOfSongs "Futuristic casket" by Phantogram ♪

"Futuristic Casket" lyrics Phantogram

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TheHospitalOfSongs "The Meeting Places" was founded in September 2001 in LA by four guitarists, playing a style of noise-pop that is equally memorable and provocative.

07 Numbered Days

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TheHospitalOfSongs Ladies and gentlemen, we are in space!


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TheHospitalOfSongs If you dig impressionism well take your chances on the master "Federico Mompou", cheers! Nice sunday for all ;)

Michelangeli plays Mompou's Cancion 6 live 1957

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TheHospitalOfSongs Just saw Mychael Nyman hours ago, an amazing performance, boy I was pleased to hear "Jack", that just made my whole year!!! =)
TheHospitalOfSongs Well, time to sleep [ Hospital off ] Nite!!!


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TheHospitalOfSongs [Hospital on] ♫ Wish a good start of the week for all !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs "It's the summer I'm thinking of..."

Lali Puna40 Days

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TheHospitalOfSongs Threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back...
TheHospitalOfSongs Inez by Manual & Syntaks.


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TheHospitalOfSongs Now It's Overhead were the first band not hailing from Nebraska to be signed by Omaha-based Saddle Creek Records.
TheHospitalOfSongs Just press play [ ► ]


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TheHospitalOfSongs The soundtrack of many afternoons =)

Gold Dust Afternoon By The Gentleman Losers.

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TheHospitalOfSongs Maserati is a band from Athens, Georgia, US whose sound is best described as a combination of post-rock and psychedelic influences.
TheHospitalOfSongs Andrew Coleman records under the moniker Animals on Wheels. He is based in Cambridge, UK. Highly recommendable
TheHospitalOfSongs MANTA RAY was born in 1992 in La Plaza café, Gijón, on the North of Spain, a meeting point for young bands of the city.
TheHospitalOfSongs This song transports me to better times...
TheHospitalOfSongs "That leaving feeling" by The Tindersticks ♥ A very imaginative video, quite fun and trippy :)

That Leaving Feeling

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TheHospitalOfSongs The Fibonaccis were formed out of the LA art punk scene which included bands such as Wall of Voodoo, Oingo Boingo and Sparks. This track owns !!! ♫
TheHospitalOfSongs Clip de Tarmac: "Longtemps" ♫

longtemps de tarmac

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TheHospitalOfSongs This is from their debut lp, back in 2001 and it's still a damn good tune :) "Swell" by The Merkin Dream.

Merkin DreamSwell

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs The motherfucking queen Polly Jean Harvey, Live on Later !!! ♥

PJ HarveyThis is love

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Amazing Stooge's cover !!! Lets rock and then roll !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs Zakk Wylde is a bloody genius!!!
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( Intermission )))


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TheHospitalOfSongs "Featherframe" by Pale Saints.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs ((( ♫ )))

Foo Fighters: X-Static

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Ladies and gentlemen, one of our finests guests that grace us with their amazing talent... From Leeds, England: HOOD !!! ♥

HOODThe lost you

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs [Hospital on] ♫ Good vibes for all !!!
TheHospitalOfSongs If I saw something new I guess I wouldn't care.

Slowdive40 Days

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TheHospitalOfSongs No one, no one.

Jim O' Rourke: There's Hell in Hello, But More In Goodbye

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Hace años rompimos nuestros lazos junto con los brazos para no darnos ese abrazo de extraños.

Wendy Rene-After Laughter Comes Tears

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TheHospitalOfSongs "So I'm leaving you to you or someone else."


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "Old songs stay 'til the end. Sad songs remind me of friends."


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "All I want is someone who can fill the hole in the life I know. In between life and death when there's nothing left... Do you want to know?" ...
TheHospitalOfSongs "...But it's too much for a young heart to take, cause hearts are the easiest things you could break."
TheHospitalOfSongs Steve Jansen feat. Nina Kinert - Playground martyrs (Reprise). Track from the "Slope" album:

Playground Martyrs (Reprise)

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TheHospitalOfSongs It really could happen!!!


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs There is love to be found...

"From A Shell" by Lisa Germano

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Someday, sometime, someone, something...
TheHospitalOfSongs Freeing and grieving.

David Sylvian Playground Martyrs

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs If love would be so blind...

Piano MagicVacancies

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Eres demasiado hermosa St. Vincent

St. VincentLandmines

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "Well, nothing is real until it's lost" ...

AudreySix Yields

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Do you still believe in joy ?

Circulatory SystemJoy

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs You've got the planets and stars and the planets and stars they're inside you!

Circulatory System The Lovely Universe

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "She swears I'm just prey for the female, well then hook me up and throw me baby cakes, cuz I like to get hooked."

InterpolLeif Erikson

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Yeah, you.

Dios Malos -=- "Youll Get Yours"

| play

New Beirut video- Postcards from Italy. Director Alma Har'el

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TheHospitalOfSongs A ghoulish menace stalks the west!

Elliott Brood's Second Son

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs This is an amazing performance!!! ♥


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "You had your chances, now say goodbye..."

Nothing Better-Styrofoam Remix

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs We are all in for a lovely time.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs In a big black smoke ♫

The Kinks, Big Black Smoke

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Simplicity is what it's about.
TheHospitalOfSongs The late great John Fahey.

"Poor Boy A Long Way From Home" taught by John Fahey

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "I named you my dark queen"...
TheHospitalOfSongs Album: Futura Black (2002) If you dig shoegaze, come on in!


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs This is another cool tune by Aim, lay down and relax-ah!


| play

Susumu Yokota | Grey Piano | 2003

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs From Iceland: Bang Gang. Think of him as a refined Jason Falkner though both rule, cheers! The model in the vid is quite hot!
TheHospitalOfSongs Shades of Kitchens of Distinction...
TheHospitalOfSongs This song is a killer my friends.

Pluramon feat. Julee Cruise | Have You Seen Jill

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Intermission.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Ah!!! This brings good memories!!! ;)

FOCUS THREE-10000 years behind my mind

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs "Triggering back" by Benoît Pioulard.
TheHospitalOfSongs Shoot me dead.

The Rifle by Alela Diane (official music video)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Y cuando despertó el dinosaurio seguía ahí.


| play

Erlend Øye: Imagine for Pillirina

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Bluesified !!! The amazin' RL Burnside ♫

RL Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line (1978)

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs I love you Chan Marshall !!! ♥
TheHospitalOfSongs Octet is a french duo, they released their first album "Cash and Carry Songs" in 2004. There's some shades of Lennon in this song, nice mellowtronics.

OctetHey Bonus

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Melancholia.

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci These winds are in my heart

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Kurt Heasley and his band may fool newcomers to the party by sounding very British, but this American band proudly wears such british influences ;)


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Where I stand.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Sunday, grab the family and dance !!! ♫

Ernie BushBreakaway

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Hospital is open

László Lassú by A Hawk and A Hacksaw

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Good day :) Welcome aboard, it's Día De Los Muertos ;) Cheers !!! This is William Orbit ((( ♫ )))
TheHospitalOfSongs "Your knives are sharp when you put them in my heart" ... ♥

the veilsthe wild son

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TheHospitalOfSongs The hospital says: Sit back, unwind and relax.
TheHospitalOfSongs The gorgeous Beth Orton ♥ With the talent of Kieran Hebden.


| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Who better than Prokofiev to play Prokofiev !!!

Sergei Prokofiev plays Prokofiev Small Pieces, op.12

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Morning all !!!

If all death is as bright...

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Smooth !!!

Louis Hayes Quintet:Dream Surreal

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs Wake up to this !!! From England: Chungking ;) ((( Hospital On ))) ♫
TheHospitalOfSongs I prefer this one, the original version.

The EggWalking Away

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic Realmente una mega canción. Siempre mueve y saca un good feeling borrachesco. TRACK 9: Oasis - Don't look back in anger

Don't Look Back In Anger

| play
TheHospitalOfSongs #sabadoholic La pura melancolía con esa voz y un exquisito piano. TRACK 8: Richard Swift - The novelist #ny