TheNascarKitty #nipclub Put those paws together for @CountessBonnie Pole Dancing !!! Show her your appreciation guys!! She's UNBELIEVABLE
TheNascarKitty @MaggieTKat Then another one you'll find...avante gard is Dread Zeppelin. Elvis singing classic Elvis/Zep blended together. SKA style.
TheNascarKitty @MaggieTKat that's funny cause I was just watching DIRTY MINDS live performance. Song has great melody hook. Glad you like.
TheNascarKitty @MaggieTKat here's one of their album covers album art. Zappa would love this.
TheNascarKitty Last song! #keepfits @AnipalDancePawty *dances wildly* Song make me WIGGLE! Join me @AutumnTheDoxie
TheNascarKitty OK, #keepfits break over, back on the dancefloor. It's the ATTACK OF THE WEINER MAN! #AnipalDancePawty

Here Come The Mummies on Bob & Tom

| play
TheNascarKitty #keepfits OK #AnipalDancePawty peeps, get a water, and relax & watch this really talented girl parody her own song, followed by the original.
TheNascarKitty #keepfits #anipalDancePawty That's right LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN. Now get that blood pumpin'
TheNascarKitty Happy Mothers Day everyone! Enjoy some jumpin' music by HERE COME THE MUMMIES!!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty You are ALWAYS ON MY MIND. I love you my dear. So does Mum & Dad, & so many others. You are wonderful.
TheNascarKitty #nipclub Take Cover...we're turning this one Up. Gonna knock these walls over!! KID ROCK!!!! LOUD!!!! Anyone on the strip pole?

Kid RockBawitdaba

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub HOpe this doesn't happen to you!! Dude Looks Like a Lady!! WE love ya @mariodacat! @kingtuttifruiti
TheNascarKitty #msgpawty Keep dancing anipals NO MATTER WHAT. Can't stop now!!
TheNascarKitty #msgpawty Anipals sure can dance!! Spring is here, soon followed by that CRUEL SUMMER!
TheNascarKitty #MSGpawty You all look so cute dancin' with your special someones. Let's keep it going. TRUE by Spandeau Ballet

Spandeau Ballet True

| play
TheNascarKitty #msgpawty Time to slow it down for a while. Grab that special lady, look in her eye, tell her YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION
TheNascarKitty #msgpawty That was fun!! Let's CONGA more!! Everyone this time!!!!!
TheNascarKitty #msgpawty CONGA line!! C'mon anipals lets show that Spirit!! RA RA RA

Here Come The Mummies "Ra Ra Ra"

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty this song is right.Knowing everything,I'd never change anything that's happened in my life.It all led to YOU. I LOVE YOU.
TheNascarKitty One of my all time favorite bands!! The SMITHEREENS!! Let's see those furry heads bop anipals!!!

The Smithereens- A Girl Like You

| play
TheNascarKitty Dedicated to @bretMichaels Please get well soon! Your fans love you!! You do this song so much better then Justin Timberlake!! #pawcircle
TheNascarKitty @dckitty My beautiful girl, I've got to say goodnight, It's been so great dancing with you. I GET LOST IN YOUR EYES. I love You!!
kittehboi @mattiedog We'll have to get you backup singers... This blip is a video, btw, and is freaking EPIC!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I could dance with you all night my love, ONLY YOU.


| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty a little foxtrotting!! Heck you do it so well, they should call it Kitty Trotting. *swaying to the music*
TheNascarKitty @dckitty This song is dedicated to you. If I wrote a song for you, this would be it!! *dancing cheek to cheek wif you*
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Our love is an ENDLESS LOVE nothing can ever seperate us!! *swaying in your arms...never wanna stop*
TheNascarKitty @dckitty *dancing with my girl* I want the worlds to know, this beautiful lady is Domnique AND I LOVE HER!

THE BEATLES and i love her

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty *leads to dancefloor* As we dance I close my eyes & can hear YOU singing this song to me!! *swaying to music*
TheNascarKitty @dckitty It was such a great sunny day of romping wif you!! I loved the SUMMER BREEZE with my girl!! I LOVE YOU Dominique!!!!

Summer Breeze Seals and Croft

| play
ShibberingCheetos Welcome 2 #pawpawty anipals! Girls Girls Girls @shibberingc
TheNascarKitty #pawpawty let's get that dancefloor bouncin'. Warmin' up for The SC's concert. This song'll get your blood pumpin.

No DoubtJust A Girl

| play
TheNascarKitty OK, fixed the track! #pawpawty now maybe @morriscat @buzzlucas & GeorgetheDuck can show us how to WALK LIKE A CAMEL
TheNascarKitty Two of my favorite things. Motley Crue and Girl, Girls, Girls. =D
TheNascarKitty Daddy says this song was from before I was born, but I LOVE dancing to it!! The SAFETY DANCE *boogieing with Dominique*
TheNascarKitty #NipClub TUNES my favorite band RUSH very talented musicians with YYZ!! SO GREAT!!!!

Rush YYZ Live in Rio!!!

| play
kittehboi #nipclub Let's get this pawty rolling wif some Herbie!
TheNascarKitty My Daddy @WisSmokeFan used to dress like this in the 80's. In public. Dont tell him I told. @linz6384 @RealBamaGirl

Motley Crue- Piece of Your Action

| play
TheNascarKitty RIP Ronnie James DIO when you broke out your own, there was no stopping you!! "Rainbow in the Dark"
TheNascarKitty R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio People don't know how great his voice was. "Rainbow Eyes" will show you a new side. Enjoy.
TheNascarKitty Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio. Thanks for recording the Best song in Heavy Metal. Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell.
TheNascarKitty #NIpClub TUNES Faith No More with a tune called WE CARE A LOT
TheNascarKitty hehehehe rt @kittehboi: "#pawpawty Ok kittehs! We sings much better dan da doggies!" (reblip)

Christmas Jingle Cats

| play
TheNascarKitty Been a long time since I've seen this video....whew! Still hot!!! Dont kid yourselves guys. You know you look..... :D
TheNascarKitty Terrific Song. And it's lyrics are TRUE!! Rock On Friends. @countessbonnie @HollieCatRocks @AutumnTheDoxie @mattiedog @MaggieTKat @SaraBeth3394

god gave rock n roll to you live

| play
TheNascarKitty .@LaBonessa @countessbonnie This song makes me wiggle my kitty hips!! Fefe Dobson "Watch Me Move" *shakin' it* @mattiedog
LaBonessa love this -thanks Tiger <smile>
TheNascarKitty NOBODY get's guitar sound like George Lynch of Dokken!! Crank the volume for this one!!!!
TheNascarKitty @countessbonnie Thanks for the songs!! Loved them!! Here's a haunting melody from Ritchie Blackmore, one of my favs. Luv ya!!
TheNascarKitty This isn't Weather Report, but it's my personal favorite jazz. Enjoy @MaggieTKat.

Chuck Mangione Children Of Sanchez

| play
TheNascarKitty This song is for @MaggieTKat Great job the other night on your Nite Club opening!! Best of luck!!
TheNascarKitty WWWWWOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Great song!!!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said!!!!

blurblur song 2

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub Kittehs gotta love a song by a band called RATT right? Just saying!!!!

RATTBack For More

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub A gold oldie NONE of you remember from the 80's ANIMAL (F*** Like A Beast) from WASP
TheNascarKitty #nipclub As long as there are walls standing on this club we wont stop rocking!!! SHAKE ME!!!!

CinderellaShake Me

| play
TheNascarKitty @TheNascarKitty: "Dedicated to my great friend @SeattleP a great dance tune from Britney Spears #nipclub GET ON THE FLOOR Anipals" (reblip)
TheNascarKitty #nipclub Turn your attention to @kingtuttifruiti's big HD monitors. This song'll make your NIP work. STRAWBERRY FIELDS

The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub Come ON. Get FunKy!! Let It WHIP!!!!
TheNascarKitty #nipclub OK, I know you wanna slow dance with your special girl, let's see some dirty dancin' as you SWAY!

Pussycat DollsSway

| play
TheNascarKitty Our pal @kingtuttifruiti worked hard to make #nipclub a reality. Anyone who disses it, gets his BALLS TO THE WALL!!!!
TheNascarKitty #nipclub I want to see a MOSH PIT on the dance floor for this one!! It's one of those CRAZY NIGHTS!!

loudnessCrazy Nights

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub A dedication to my BFF @AutumnTheDoxie some SKA. SUBLIME with Santaria


| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub Love doesn't always go the way we expect. But it's worth the pain. DONT SPEAK by No Doubt

No DoubtDon't Speak

| play
TheNascarKitty A dedication to @hollieferguson who has been an angel to me & @dckitty. We love your kindness Hollie. XOXOX

Angel Sarah M

| play
TheNascarKitty OK, a little more SKA is in order. This is MADNESS "One Step Beyond" again dedicated to @AutumnTheDoxie..let's see Doxie Dancing!
TheNascarKitty My favorite band!!! The SMITHEREENS kick serious a$$!! This song makes me bob my little kitty head!!

The Smithereens- A Girl Like You

| play
kittehboi #nipclub I talked to da river and da river talked to me
kittehboi #nipclub Down near the river, a place to seeeeeeee
kittehboi #nipclub Hey lady, your husband is cheatin' on us!
kittehboi #nipclub Play me some of dem down home blues!
kittehboi #nipclub Kick off those flash records and play some mellow stuff!

Tom WaitsIn Shades

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub the SKA went over great. Heres' more SUBLIME for ya @AutumnTheDoxie and everyone SkaNK Dance!!

SublimeWrong Way

| play
TheNascarKitty #nipclub This one is dedicated to the lady behind it all. @Flacatlady SHE's A BEAUTY! Someone dance with her.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty You sure can dance. I'm getting tired just watching you, but I'm trying to keep up. *jitterbugs across dance floor wif you*

Benny Goodman Orchestra Sing Sing Sing from Hollywood Hotel

| play


| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty and no great dinner would be complete without a dance. *takes paws* I LOVE you Dominique. You make me complete.

TemptationsMy Girl

| play
TheNascarKitty Goodnight Sweet @dckitty. Let's have a little dance before bed my dear!! I love you so much!! I'll count the moments until I see you again.
Nadir_MoG The Unforgiven – Scott D. Davis' Pianotarium: The Piano Tribute To Metallica
TheNascarKitty Goodnight my lovely @dckitty I love you more each second. You are so beautiful to me.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I will enjoy this great day with The GIRL OF MY DREAMS my Dominique!! I love you.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Goodnight Darling. I hope you can spend some time in Mom's dreams again tonight! Your love with her is True like this song says.

Spandau BalletTrue

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Let's have one nice slow dance before we go relax in the sun my darling. I love you very much.

Tartanic-Big Jigs

| play

Tartanic-Jig Trade Off

| play

Tartanic performs at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

| play

O'Carolyn's Draft

| play

Si Beag Si Mor Morning.avi

| play

Celtic Mayhem ~ "Rocky Road to Dublin" ~ Florida Renaissance Festival 2009

| play
TheNascarKitty Not only is this a great song, but the movie with the same name is hilarious. Cream's STRANGEBREW

CreamStrange Brew

| play
TheNascarKitty I LOVE this band. It's either weird..or Brilliant...or both...but for sure it's FUN!!! Enjoy! @NickDevious
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I love You Dominique. When you get sad. Just close your eyes & reminisce. Happy warm thought of Mom & you. Goodnight Sweetheart.
TheNascarKitty Yeah!!! Play the Funky Music Blonde Kitty!!!! Kitty Cat Funk Dance Party continues!!! *dances wildly*
TheNascarKitty Can't stop the Funk!! C'mon Kitty Dance party. Join me. LET's GROOVE everyone dance!! @mattiedog show 'em how!!

Let's GrooveClassic

| play
TheNascarKitty OH yeah. Nothing like FUNK on a sunny Saturday. LET IT WHIP!!

Dazz BandLet it whip

| play
TheNascarKitty Feelin' like a Funky kitty today. Bring. On. Da. Funk. !! "Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing" (reblip)
TheNascarKitty D @dckitty This song is from my heart. It's about us. Let's just hold paws and listen. *puts head on your shoulder gently*
TheNascarKitty D @dckitty Perhaps a soothing song while we eat dessert. Enjoy my dear.
TheNascarKitty Dedicated to my love, @dckitty.This song is how I feel about her,it'll get your blood pumpin!! She's my Sweet Lil Thing, my Pride & Joy
MaggieTKat Just in case you think he had no socially redeemble value and few guitar solos. @SirFudgeEsq
TheNascarKitty As a fan of HOT guitar, I'll tell you anybody can play blistering fast..but if you can play a couple notes make peeps stop & listen, our great!
TheNascarKitty Funk Music rules. Check out this classic funk remade by KORN @NickDevious It's got Doggies in it too @mattiedog *dancin'*

KoRnWord Up [Lyrics]

| play
TheNascarKitty @duckshowers Here's a cute version of that Apples Peaches song for you!! Enjoy.

Polka Hide & Seek

| play
TheNascarKitty Dedication from my Daddy to @MaggieTKat & @RudyCKat & @_bill_the_cat because Maine Coons Rule!!!
TheNascarKitty @MaggieTKat here is one of Frank Zappa's more famous jazz-fusion tunes. Uses weird harmonies, key changes. pretty weird & cool.
TheNascarKitty Holy Cow, look at the jazz-fusion drum kit Terri Bozzio of Zappa band uses. @MaggieTKat
TheNascarKitty It takes talent to play something so silly & get respected by other musicians. Frank Zappa a genius. @MaggieTKat @NickDevious
mattiedog *grabs mic* We'd like 2 dedicate dis to @dckitty in RB! Bless U! U Dropped a Bomb on Me #Scifipawty #shibberingcheetos rockin da house!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Let's have a dance my darling! *gently takes you in my paws**snuggling*
TheNascarKitty My Dear @dckitty Good Morning. You look lovely. I Only Have Eyes for You!
TheNascarKitty .@dckitty If I had to write you a song, this would be it. You are an extraordinary kitty! Have a good evening my dear! *gently holds paws*
BeaverCat Here Comes the Party Animal-Tony Royden
TheNascarKitty @duckshowers @MaggieTKat have you heard this version of Whiter Shade of Pale? Sammy Hagar & Neil Schon of Journey. :D
TheNascarKitty Great song. Good for Sunday Morning wake up.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty goodnight my angel. I loved my day with you.As wild & fun & athletic as you are, you are still a LADY!! I LOVE YOU.

Little River BandLady

| play
Flacatlady I'll go on loving you... for our sweet friends over the rainbow @dckitty @ersle @RudyCKat @puzthecat @pepismartdog (reblip)
TheNascarKitty @sarabeth3394 HAHAHAHA Lady Gaga AND Cartman? This is so wrong....HAHAHA
TheNascarKitty @sarabeth3394 This'll make you laugh little Sister. We love to see you smile. It's Freakin' Cartman!!!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty before I turn in,I need to dance wif U one time.This song MUST be written about you!! I LOVE YOU *holding tight, waltzing*
TheNascarKitty Another great remake. Hazy Shade of WInter. @duckshowers @MaggieTKat I LOVE this one.

The Irish Rovers Wasn't That A Party

| play
TheNascarKitty #carniepawty Here's a song naughtly little @BadAndy_KityKay & @Jasmine_Woo_Woo will love! And Anyone with a sense of humor.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty and this song is for you. There's just "SOMETHING" about you that makes me so happy. I LOVE YOU!

something- beatles

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I could dance with you all night. A Moonlight Serenade!! My lovely Dominique I LOVE YOU!!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty the worlds greatest rock band plays for us, and I'M HAPPY JUST TO DANCE WITH YOU.

The Beatles-I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty This song is from a movie that could be about our love. Oh you dance so smoothly and devinely. My lovely angel girl.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty It worked!! I'm getting sunshine on a cloudy day, sent by MY GIRL the lovely Dominique. The ONLY girl for me.I love you!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Hope you enjoyed #MonsterCAtMonday. Our special day we started together!! Have sweet dreams tonight my UNFORGETTABLE pretty girl!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty feels so good swaying to the music! How about one more dance!!! I LOVE YOU!
TheNascarKitty Don't forget to come to the #NipPawty tomorrow!! @kingtuttifruiti or @hollieferguson can give you details. STREAKING too!!

Dazz Band Let It Whip DVD

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I had such a great time on the boat with you my lovely kitty!!Hours seemed like seconds. I LOVE YOU *hugs tight*
TheNascarKitty @dckitty I'm ready for bed, but I need a slow dance with my beautiful girl. I love you so much my dear.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty if I could write a song about us, this would be it. I love you. *holding you tightly*
TheNascarKitty #pawpawty An American tune done Celtic style by the most talented Irish band LEAHY (from Canada) Let's see some country paw-steppin'
TheNascarKitty #pawpawty A new IRISH/Celtic twist on a classic Jimi Hendrix song!!! Here's Little Wing for @GeorgeTheDuck & all the birdies out there.

The Corrs- Little Wing

| play
TheNascarKitty Hands together for @hanseebundee What a great DJ. #pawpawty on. IT WONT BE LONG and you'll be on the dance floor with this Beatles tune!

The Beatles It Won't Be Long (2009 Stereo Remaster)

| play
TheNascarKitty Dedicated to @kittehboi a real #pawpawty animal. He's had some nip and seen a UNICORN!!!

9 Prelude From The Unaccompanied Cello Suite No 1 In G Major, BWV 1007 Prelude

| play
TheNascarKitty @dckitty The Angels do sing for us My dear! Let's foxtrot, you make me so happy!!!
Flacatlady In loving memory of those we have lost @kaitduckie @RudyCKat @TheRustCat @pepismartdog @puzthecat pass it along (reblip)
TheNascarKitty @dckitty My beautiful California Girl, I'm dreamin' of you! I LOVE YOU!!!!
TheNascarKitty @dckitty Goodnight my darling love. "These Eyes" only see you, my beautiful kitty!!

These EyesGuess Who

| play
TheNascarKitty Special Dedication to my Godmommy @RealBamaGirl. *dancin' with all four feet* Luv ya Leigh! One in the books! LOL
TheNascarKitty @dckitty And now a song to relax you to sleep. I love you sweetie, & I'll hug you til you go to sleep. Good night darling.See you in the morning.
TheNascarKitty @dckitty It's like Barry White is singing our song. My First My Last My Everything. Dominique, only you for me!! I love you!!!
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