MarkGoren Some new Boss for a Tuesday afternoon.
rsevero When the lyric meets the perfect piano.

remeverybody hurts

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elhombrecohete se añade a mis cosillas una incurable jaqueca
cesaraovivo É a música que tem aberto os shows do R.E.M. na sua atual tour brasileira. E é MUITO f*da.
djhelcat Which for some reason comes to mind when I hear Rebellion by the Arcade Fire
cneri Para Juliana para su almuerzo un cordero on Broadway
Barone You know I got black eyes but they burn so brightly for her

U2Sweetest Thing

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danierp reblipando o @dudex, porque essa música é foda. "It was on the way/On the road to dreams, yeah. Now my hearts drowned in no love streams, yeah"
Bachsonate Moon River - Henry Mancini, His Orchestra A
leoncych Trying Teardrop again - Massive Attack
trepanado não é do Grandmaster Flash na real, mas do grupo Younger Generation - como Flash e e seus cinco furiosos se chamavam em 1979. baixão matador
adme chega de música nova, vamos para uma que geral gosta
jojatk Just getting a bit more of a Jeff Beck fix
guto (the sweater song)


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Draven Soll ja bald schneien...

AC/DCBlack Ice

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gigia just in these mood. @decodamata.... vou te dar um helicoptero de natal. hahahahah

Tom WaitsTemptation

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Hnomad gotta say, i prefer peace though.

John LenonImagine

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mau_svartman Parte 83 da obra infinita de Robert Allen Zimmerman. Sim, não se engane, é uma só música, dividida em várias partes.
ana_ra Nosso caso ficou ainda melhor depois de sábado.
headphone incrível como todas essas músicas ruins dos anos 80 (redundância? :P) já estão no
piuma un classico che canticchio spessimisssimo

Nino RotaAmarcord

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MrValeMadre ♪The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind♫ nunca me cansare de esta canción...
jonratcliffe Heard it just now on the Riley Show. Great cover.
Bachsonate Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen - Allison Crowe
zoncho saaboooor!

Buena Vista Social Club Compay Segundo Son De Cuba

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adrianovieland PorcelainRadio: "I'm a whisper in water. Secret for you to hear. You are the one who grows distant. When I beckon you near...", Bachelorette (Björk)


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jgmancuso So pardon me while I burst into flames. I've had enough of the world and its people's mindless games.

IncubusPardon Me

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adrianovieland PorcelainRadio: "It shouldn't hurt me to be free. It's what I really need...", To be free (Emiliana Torrini)
bakinrapscallion @stay_loose seein' the sights and feelin' alright.

Alright [Supergrass]

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glaucoja Pra recordar minha juventude. :)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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bobscopper Now this kind of day has no night. Ain't got much on my mind Ain't got much on my mind 'cause I know something good this way comes (reblip)
letslets And yes, I love this guy. We should all be so lucky as to have someone like Willie in our lives. If only for a little while.
JuiceNJenn Some Call me the gangster of Love :P
GeeWeezy WOOOO Wake up call from my homey D-Riz! (reblip)
nixe @by_starla yep, coughing sucks all the way around. no fun in codeine.
xbruno kOöl, la mejor banda de la historia
manxdan Just because, well, in England it's funny when you say fanny...

The BandThe Weight

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DominikZauber Cavalieri nella Tempesta, buttati in questo mondo come cani senza un osso, come attori senza parte...
nixe @by_starla Take no Smiths song personally. : ) Oh, the interview. Hee hee. I don't drive well when I'm nervous. There was a tow truck involved...
nixe Everything I had. I'll hear this week if I got it or not. I am crediting the calm to all the vibes being sent my way at 2:50 pm that day @by_starla
forever_trust Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline Hope to see them in concert in July! (reblip)
ivansmith Old skool punk Tuesday continues...

The ClashTommy Gun

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simplesmente Desculpa ... então, ai vai... Um BOM DIA pra vc @nunomontenegro ;) bjim (reblip)
Raquelnews Vontade de ouvir Coldplay.
yasmin Curtindo bastante o novo do Oasis. Seria melhor ainda se tivesse sido lançado em 2000, quando eu só ouvia os irmãos Gallagher.

OasisFalling Down

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analu137 si de versiones estabamos hablando... lo maximo
DJBrandrede "And if you look closer / It's easy to trace / The tracks of my tears"
brujodoncarlos Bossa, lo mejor para una buena digestión
RachMorais You're not the Jesus of Suburbia....

Green DayLetterbomb

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Dobin1000 Tom Cruise is very annoying...
m800 Fifteen minutes with you, well, I wouldn't say no. Oh, people said that you were easily led. And they were half-right.
elipongo I loved the version he played at the "Concert for New York" after the September 11th attacks
laurarmac sei lá, vontade de ouvir Kings Of Leon.
mau_svartman The song tells of a road trip in which Anthony Kiedis guitarist John Frusciante and bassist Flea surfed at Big Sur following John's return to the band
davewasthere I think trying to play this as a beginner is stretching it a bit far...
davidwatts1978 and on this totally brilliant tune I blip goodnight
sosureimparanoid constant marry-go-round status.


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alberto Stare a letto il giorno dopo è forse l'unica mia meta
madu Her hair is aways a mess

TrainMeet Virginia

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fredone88 Just like Fiona and Shreeeek...
sosureimparanoid we dream our dreams alone with no resistance, fading like the stars we wish 2 be.
manugue Por eso blipeo esta, que si la memoria no me falla, he dedicado un par de veces.
MOOSTER You can't get more 70's cool than this band.

Steely DanJosie

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manugue Duro escoger solo una canción de ese discazo que es "Bandwagonesque".
uri A donde quiera que vaya... la gente sabe el papel que juego
Mudo Faixa 1 do "Murmur", álbum de 1982.
mariaz juan,por dios...pero que corte y peinado me has hecho!!!.hola a todos
Tracenator @m800 Kasabian just has so many good tunes!

KasabianClub Foot

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manxdan I guess one thing to say - thanks to Maggie Thatcher for inspiring The Jam
herbalicious @nowirecoathangr don't u h8 how u can't post songs (via links, etc) when ur out n 'bout? Bring it home to me - Sam Cooke
Spenceh0e Im sick, and work is pissing me off today. I wanna be sedated.
cabezabajo No es que yo esté así precisamente, peeeero.......
desechable ...use a golden grill and smile!!! BLING!


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Estrangeiro Gostei do pessoal segurando os cartazes de 'Na', 'Na', 'Naa', hehe.
TibiDabi Fedele compagna che scendi su di noi!


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Vesyp Why Can't This Be Love? - Van Halen
mian @Creep_ agora conta quais são os os outros dois!
SofiaFada @jorrge, eles têm tantas músicas boas que fica até difícil decidir qual blipar... ;-)
Vesyp Let The Good Times Roll - The Cars

Cars - Let The Good Times Roll

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Andre_SC A Kim Bessinger ainda era sex symbol
maurilao the exact time my daughter woke up tonight and only got back to sleep after 3 or 4 hours

The Strokes12:51 AM

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aleks_be @uknaus @medienkompakt die zufallsliste führt mich heut in die sunday-afternoon-chill-triphop-ecke, auch bei nem roten (schleck)

AirAll I Need

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elismarchioni O disco é uma obra-prima que está fazendo 40 anos neste mês.
novalis Il giocatore di biliardo - Angelo Branduardi
Creep_ Tá Cansei de Radiohead. Que tal Devo?

DevoThat's Good

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viktor if i'm the man you love the most you can say I do at least
rafaelsachetto Dedico essa ao meu brother @betoside, e claro ao meu irmão @fabioverdi q fica louco comigo vendo clipes bizarros.
jhana peace peace peace peace - no weary heads!
gsorvig Christmas music is now allowed!
schneeengel meine allererste mp3... 1998 war's... manche songs vergisst man einfach nicht...
kimfresh i guess i'll see you next lifetime <3
SpeaksBeliefs My favorite from the beautifully tragic songbird: Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own
FanboyQ I'm heading to bed - sweet dreams to you all - Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
jessicat enjoyed this. and our q.t. tonight. @rydog
Schlick2 @amorinthe: "pick a pocket full of sorrow, run away with me tomorrow"lol lost password on my other account (reblip)
blustraggler I am a fan of Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky plays Stravinsky Piano Sonata (1924)

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DirtyUrine Beastie Boys – No Sleep Til Brooklyn !!!!!!!!!!

Joni Mitchell ~ River Live

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alison_london It's in the water, baby

Post bluePlacebo

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powerhealths ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ Time After Time ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ "Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely." ~ Michael Levy RB @gimli_ss (reblip)
amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong @webaddict (blonde guy used to be my roomie-in-law) Grease – You're The One That I Want
DJFDK Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me - Not their best song by far but they never made videos for the better songs
libron love this scene in lost in translation
Annimallover I saw him do this on nighttrain? or midnite special? when we were having a girls sleepover- he had a leotard on & U could see his junk!@redskyy: (reblip)
shinji_aoki ♪My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
itsRamel Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (reblip)
sidily the ganja god : ) makes me feel peaceful
LOLlTALOLA @unchienandalusia: "Remember Rock and Roll High School? I loved that as an early teen." (reblip)
JBlake1084 Hard Rock at its finest.

Queen Fat Bottom Girls

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Vygotskij This song is not a rebel song...

U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday

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andie519 for @Elerinwen, hope this combats your boredom :)


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browserd Once again... Soprano! You're so fucked up dude! And so am I.
EmmaGrace talk talk version or no doubt remake....hmmm great male vocals, great female decide!!
mark_till The White Stripes - The Denial Twist (reblip)
threebears "hhhhhooooooooooooooooooooome home again!!" ..quooote'n'rb @Diordan ^(^ thanks for the loooong quote! (reblip)

Pink FloydBreathe

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threebears 'scuse me while I kiss the sky ... whatever it is that girl put a spell on me :D :D

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

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ainame The Smashing Pumpkins – Here's To The Atom Bomb
Si_za Bloc Party – One More Chance ♥☺♥©
Ineffable "bowie's in space... whatcha doing up there, man? That's pretty freaky, bowie"
Tsaksonakis RB @PerLight: "It's a breath you took too late It's a death that's worse than fate" ~ Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Senior Service " (reblip)
threebears reblip kick with @ilbis: "Bronski Beat - Smalltown boy" ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
tommarques Pra tirarzis essis cheiris de aguardentis #mussumday

Paul McCartney'Live And Let Die [Live At Wrigley Field Chicago Aug 1,2011]HD

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DrEdge It's coming down tonight
threebears @caporal_chief: "@katmars: "Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps [RB @Snigerals]" ...quote'n'rb @caporal_chief ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
threebears reblip kick with @loganzito: "Set Me Free ... " ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
threebears (25hr default)

Eagles of Death Metal: Speaking In Tongues

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harmony60 love this song?? so please just sit back and enjoy!! thanks!
brokenmirror good night blind snakes, they secretly worship you as worms
angelheart @Che1313...whenever im alone with make me feel like I am whole again...
Inhoud uaaaa uaaaa

Video Killed the Radio Star

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srishtig Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me "You got your ball, you got your chain tied to me tight, tie me up again." (reblip)
eclectick Nena: 99 Luftballons - in German
Ineffable 1980's U2 - back when they were still really good.
TerryFree " "Van Morrison - The Back Room""" (reblip)
surfsuze Used to sing at the top of my little LUNGS! @UKDad: "Listening to Fast Car by Tracy Chapman - subscribe to my high quality audio ONLY playlist" (reblip)

Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

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Bruce Willis : Under The Boardwalk

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hardcoreharves 2 MY GF HANNAH HAWKINS(:

Queen-You're My Best Friend with lyrics

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skwalliduz Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Inhoud jua jua jua juaaaaa

Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

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truthfoundhere The more I learn to care for you,the more we drift apart Why cant I free your doubtfl mind and melt your cold cold heart- Cold Cold Heart- Norah Jones
JohnnyUtah And now for something completely different
sekala Birdland on fifty-three The street sounds like a symphony We got john coltrane and a love supreme Miles says shes got to be an angel

U2Angel of Harlem

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DarkGuardiangel Hahahah me recuerda a HIMYM
PopCorn Remembering Horatio, Caleigh and Delko... :DD
khindrilla here's to hoping the clouds clear out
JimtheNinja I don't know why this version is not on their B-Sides disc.
Cheshire_Cat @Elling_ y esta es mi favorita de Moby!!! me recuerda a la U!!

MobyNatural Blues

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DJ_tastic The drums in this song are so good I can't take it :D:D:D

Foo FightersMy Hero

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threebears saying hi and reblipping @Teacake ^_^ thanks! (non-imeem blip) (reblip)
77ozzie metal..ok one more...YOU HAVE YOU HAVE ,,,

RammsteinDu hast

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patch615 from their album "Dirty"

Sonic Youth100%

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Vygotskij ...for some reason I can't explain... (reblip)
lorangil Thanks @lilderryberry! I haven't heard this in a while.. :) (reblip)
alexparr This is one that takes us back ... Rosie by Joan Armatrading
fabuleuxfab Looks like you're a cut chemist fan @mazeri Enjoy !
Terrebelius Of course you all know this one: Whistle along with Lou Reed and "Walk on the Wild Side"
payolelly Song O' the Day


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moldedbytheoldies Well, one of the Beatles here.
Matericia Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix ~ yes ~
Radiobread @VolvoCowgirl..mmm Great song thx.. Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris - Somebody Pick Up My cool! (reblip)

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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kmiyazawa 左手も痛いし、夜更かし禁止。消灯、就寝、セレナーデ。
michebel EMILIANA TORRINI Me and Armini ...girl just can't help it...
Digimuse Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls. So true (♫MP3 Why not try blipping with Blipster-> )
miguesme The Ronettes – Be My Baby
lordmitchnz @Vitriol_ one of your favourite songs yea?
michaelgrainger @rubydoor ... True Love Ways...I Love You Darling xxx
verkoren John Lennon – Working Class Hero
pagan_spell A bit of pink makes my day :)

Pink FloydHey You

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no_alternative "On the edge of the window sill . . . ponders his maker . . . ponders his will . . . " Pearl Jam, "Deep"

Pearl JamDeep

| play
Triforce Garbage – Special


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lillitot More Lilith Fair Singalong music: I have a tape of me singing this with my high school band
patte diese 30sec. tracks shiz geht mir auf die nerven...

Ben HarperAmen Omen

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kbuech Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - "Life Without You" Couldn't have made it to 1K Star without u @all
sosureimparanoid two lovers lie with no sheets on the bed, and the day it is breaking (on rainy days we go swimming out)
zoe è felice di aver aggiunto zurfe
24shots p-p-p-p-power!

Aerosmith - Rag Doll

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mr_diego Song of the day: Even Flow – Pearl Jam, probably Seattle's best band and one of the best songs of the 90s.

Pearl JamEven Flow

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tangledcord A BLIP.FM EXPLOSION! Look at all those blips!

The KinksStrangers

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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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24shots get your kicks on route 66!