ambit .


| play
ambit Its LUTHER..WITH Beyonce...what will JZ SAY?
ambit When I play...I play!!! Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrettpart I

| play
ambit Boney James is ready...R/U?
ambit Need to head to my Secret Space...

Secret Garden

| play
ambit I feel like Jim Carey from the movie "The mask" everytime I hear this. BIG BAADD VOODOO DADDY!!
ambit Enter the Fresh Jazz Cafe with Bella Luna....The Rippingtons
ambit #FJC: I always enjoy the change of seasons: Hope you do 2.
ambit Am I a Changling....Jennifer Hudson!!
ambit Charlie Wilson..and his bros...Yearning 4 ya!
ambit Gotta get back to Cali.....LL
ambit Kickin it with Mariah....We belong together!!
ambit I only think of U on Two Occasions! Face!
ambit Hey tell me something good...pleeeez! Chaka Khan
ambit keith Jarrett.... good evening and peace.

Keith Jarrett - Tokyo

| play
ambit Pax Vobiscum....The Ancients of old are here!
ambit Jeff and RA.....FEELIN MYSTICAL

Jeff LorberSun Ra

| play
ambit Something for the jazzstream this evening...just chill with Miles!!

Miles DavisGreen

| play
ambit Can U tell me where the last exit IS?

Spyro GyraLast Exit

| play
formalhaut I will leave you alone now with a masterpiece of cinematography…

SadeBy Your Side

| play
ambit In our society in this day and age....this is all too true! Someone IS watching U!
ambit Hangin w/my friends...Red Hot Chili's
ambit Sting....he IS an Englishman in NYC
ambit GWB....IS the man who sold the world!
ambit's been a long time since I've heard the Delfonics...thanks for the reminder!!
ambit I am restless...and U?

Bob JamesRestless

| play
ambit Bring your big head over here and let me correct that problem...I've got the MIDAS TOUCH!
ambit a baad boy....writer producer musician!
ambit What the hell R/U waiting 4? jAYZ and Linkin pARK!

jayz and linkin park - numbencore

| play


| play
ambit I remember when I lost my mind!! Gnarls!

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
ambit Hey pass that bottle bro!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You Me And The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight

| play
ambit bLAST FRom the Past w/David Ruffin...voice of the Temptations!
ambit I'm In a Blue...moood!!

Blue Man GroupAbove

| play
ambit Just imagine the good times of your past...Nostalgia!
ambit Don't go to L.A and think your gonna be a star...the Boulevard is rough!
ambit No evening is complete without a little Pat!
ambit sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfriday saturdaylove

Club Epic - 09 - Alexander O'Neal (f.Cherelle) - SaturdayLove

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ambit We are all strangers on this bus!!
clarkowitz Peace out to all the Blipsters in the unrealworld. Where ever ever you live and love, register to vote. We can do big things if we show up. Peace out.

OutkastMs Jackson

| play
ambit Andre 3000 says...Hey ya!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
ambit Here's to the Fallen Heroes...Pax Vobiscum!
randymatheson Love My Way... its a new road, I follow where my mind goes... Psychedelic Furs


| play
ambit @Randymateson...thanks for the FURS!!! Here's more classic Bruce!
ambit oooooo girl...pleeze excuse my hands....My bad!
ambit Met a gal like this once!.....
ambit Sometime 1/2 the fun is takin the long way home!
ambit You know've got the WHIP APPEAL!

BabyfaceWhip Appeal

| play
ambit Mo money w/mo Better Blues @ The Fresh Jazz Cafe! Bradford Marsalis
ambit More Keys here in the Fresh Jazz Cafe!! Bob James

Bob JamesBare Bones

| play
ambit Feels so real ( won't let go) PLEEEZ! pATRICE Rushen
ambit Classic Gill! Without the New Edition!
ambit The Boyz do Classic Smoky!!
ambit Think I'll head to the Hotel Now!
ambit bLAST FROM The pAST! p-fURS


| play
ambit bEEp BEEP...merging left into THE fREEWAY OF luv!
ambit Forget about the future....STing
ambit Alicia KEYS is UNBREAKABLE!!
ambit cAN'T miss with MY Girl>>>MARIAH!! OOOOH YEAH!
ambit noBODY walks in LA...NOBODY!!!
flybitty another mcnaughty song!! meOooOoOOow!!
Chris_Jobim keeping up with the 80s for a bit I guess. More science, the kind that makes you go blind.

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

| play
ambit Hey...there was just a big INCIDENT ON 57TH ST! Classic Bruce!!
ambit Tu Pak and his MAMMA!!

Tu PacDear Mama

| play
ambit bACK N the day when I was cool....eryKAH BADU!
ambit Everybody needs a little bit! Robin Trower
ambit Toni Braxton....back in the day!
ambit hOW BOUT a little SEDUCTION...Boney James.
ambit Love Arizona....especially My SEDONA....
ambit's U...And You've changed!!
ambit Andre 3000 is keepin it real.....U R The PROTYPE!

Andre 3000Prototype

| play
ambit wEcolme to my world...make yourself @home/with Maxwell!


| play
ambit Need some LUV??...Prince


| play
ambit Man would I like 2 take Mariah on a joy ride!
ambit Here's a pretty good UNION....Black Eyed Peas featuring STING!
ambit Maxwell....I wish there were more.
ambit some smooth sounds with Bob and Dave!
ambit Toni...Tony....Tone....need some slow wine!!

Tony Toni Tone - Slow Wine

| play
ambit Music from the smooth one...Marion Meadows
ambit Can I help U find your way?
organicsue Macy Gray – I Try

Macy GrayI Try

| play
avivajazz Michael Brecker + Pat Metheny | What Do You Want (2003) || Metheny (guitar) is in fine form here; one of his best performances, I think. Brecker? Hot!
cagey2519 Good Night, all. Goodbye to Michael, I'll see him in my dreams, I know.
Blackempire Prince – Still Waiting

PrinceStill Waiting

| play
Tulio_S Hall & Oates - Do what you want, Be what you Are. Ain't that the truth.. :-|
PauloStudio2002 Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz – I'll Be There (Michael Jacksons Memorial).............#ThankYouMichael
Tulio_S Happens in every generation... comes a time... God willing... timing right... run on the rise.. stand up.

NajeeStand Up

| play
FineNGood @valstreit: "There's no comfort in the truth" Any southern comfort in the truth? How are you today? (reblip)
manolova64 @miguesme Gracias, Miguel.

Michael Jackson Will You Be There

| play
itsRamel 3 Sides (Feat. Sy Smith, Raheem DeVaughn And W. Ellington Felton)

3 Sides (Feat. Sy Smith, Raheem DeVaughn And W. Ellington Felton)

| play
messinwiththekid one of my fave blip discoveries... Never heard it before finding blip.... So thanks to whoever blipped it the first time :)
Kaleem1966 Jodie watley was so fine!... Kinda skinny for my taste but fine nonetheless! (reblip)

Jody WatleyFriends

| play
ShiaoMei Hush Little Baby~~ The Dynamic Dual! An Amazing clip! :)) @KathysArt @organicsue @T_DeBarros @ambit~~

Yo-Yo Ma &Bobby McFerrin

| play
T_DeBarros Sting. Come Down in Time~in the quiet silence,i turn off the lite switch..i came down to meet u in the 1/2 lite of the moon~ hi @DJstromer19 @polarkat
sweetlilmZmia Follow the incredible @johncmayer on twitter: John Mayer–Human Nature [ Michael Jackson Memorial] W/VIDEO ... takes my breath away. (reblip)
Punched :: Zucchero & Paul Young – Senza Una Donna :: A classic!


| play
broadwayg Mother's Finest-Love Changes You stay awake half the nite, love has just put u thru changes @BohemianChick@Per_Iscritto@ugogirl@goldenlady1 @ambit
BiggL RIP Michael, Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, Big L, ODB, Marley, Garnet Silk, Peter Tosh, Tenor Saw, Luther, James Brown, Barry n every other fallen soldier.

I Wish (Remix) : R Kelly

| play
avivajazz Keith Jarrett || Part I (Of What?)

Keith Jarrettpart I

| play
Atomik Ive been looking for this one, thanks @das_Vakuum: "Ja, gerne!" (reblip)
Grizabella "Michael Jackson – Childhood (Video)" (reblip)
ShiaoMei hello~ @gad821 >> :) Adele~ Right as Rain> >>>>

adeleright as rain

| play
ShiaoMei :-) @ShutterBugGeek: "Blake Lewis – Virtual Insanity" (reblip)
cosita this song has been stuck in my head all day.

Stevie WonderSugar

| play
ShiaoMei Amazing clip of Michael>> Gone too soon...

Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon Clinton Gala 1992

| play
ShiaoMei <>><<> MJ <><><> Definitely a biographic piece of Michael's ....

R.I.P ....Michael Jackson "Childhood song"

| play
MrThompsonR @ambit a smooth Sunday Jazz groove...

Nitin SawhneyTides

| play
Kaleem1966 One of this years most beautiful songs. check out the chorus blippers/twitters... how does it make you feel? hit me back if you feelin it. (reblip)
Writes Appreciate all da replies and props. Heres a dope smooth track. Some shoutouts: @TWBuddha @radiofreewill @LuckySong @DJBloggyBlog @whatsmyname.
SpeaksBeliefs this will be the soundtrack of my Sunday. Expect this blip often: John Mayer - Daughters

John MayerDaughters

| play
avivajazz Keith Jarrett | Tokyo // Born 1945, jazz pianist who also works in (or combines) other genres: classical, gospel, blues and ethnic folk music.

Keith Jarrett - Tokyo

| play
2HandedJam ** Isley Brothers – Harvest For The World ** Good Day Blip-Nation! How's everybody doing? ;)
Atomik happy saturday r b@Daeflyn: "@paalrapper: "David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World"" (reblip)
AntonioGuto07 Quem nao lembra do joguinho pra Snes!?.. hehehe.. q pena q eu demorei tanto tempo pra reescutar michael jacksson.. hehehe
Blackempire Somemore Slick Rick ~ Ghetto Life
ladypn You too, @CooperHarris. Thanks for always taking care of my Beck needs. ;) (reblip)

BeckDiamond Dogs

| play
RnBE Wynton Marsalis – My Funny Valentine ~ @BohemianChick @Writes @Feathers @wild_divine thxxx 4 all the luv!
Bdarealist I wish this wasn't the live version, but this will do.
MrThompsonR vi@avivamagnolia: "Roy Hargrove | Joy is Sorrow Unmasked // Here's one for you, @RonnieBebop...sweet n' smooth..." Thank you very much... (reblip)
ShiaoMei Keiko Matsui >> Mover @----)--

Keiko MatsuiMover

| play
DJBELLADONNA @ambit.. nothing's quite the same now... I just say ur name now
sonsomar parece que la brisa del mar llega hasta aquí
Writes We need more people like @onebelo mainstream. He Speaks da truth- #toodope.

One Be LoThe Future

| play

Cee-Lo- Bass Head Jazz

| play
CynDyn vi@i_Dea: "Beautiful...French bossanova... :)" (reblip)

Les Nubians feat Henri Salvador : Que le mot soit Perle

| play
lilymar The Fleetwoods – Mr. Blue ♫
toosweet4rnr [Erykah Badu ft Stephen Marley – In Love With You]
Writes Bout to end off the night with some Foreign Exchange. Might be the best thing I blipped today. #Dope Props to everyone, peace...
Tulio_S it's always the same... embrace, let go.... go at it again... own... and remember.
Bdarealist Real smooth song to go into the night with.

TomiMagic Happens

| play
avivajazz Paul Desmond // Canto Latino // From the Hot Afternoon // Jazz saxophonist...very peaceful and sweet, without being corny... (reblip)
nuria29 @masterkid4u - More relax...

Howard Hewett & Stanley Clarke

| play
LYRIC "And fear is such a vicious thing... It wraps me up in chains" --and this song has been haunting me lately... and I love it...
2HandedJam Zero7 – When It Falls (2HJ) ** Goodnight Blip-Nation! Take care of yourselves, and each other! Happy Father's Day! Much Love 2U All! 2HJ ;)
2HandedJam *** Angela Bofill - I'm On Your Side
star45 Carolina Liar – Show Me What I'm Looking For – rb@michellelynn69 cheers! (reblip)
avivajazz Zurna Preserve | Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Grizabella nice... @Shaman777 *** Greg Allman Band – I'm No Angel (reblip)

Hallelujah by hana pestle

| play
aqu @ambit > secret lovers is classic...they made many masterpieces....

masterpiece by atlantic starr

| play

Roots Of Coincidence / Pat Metheny Group

| play
AliveinMe Love this group...and how they sing...this song ROCKS THRU ALL ARTISTS though...AMEN
Blackempire Tom Browne – Funkin' for Jamaica
2HandedJam *** Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love (Live & Amazing)

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

| play
messinwiththekid thats a wrap for a brief blip session. Thanks all for props & reblips
ShiaoMei @ambit "One of my faves.. Enjoy .朴树的《她在睡梦中》 (reblip)
Blackempire Juan Luis Guerra – Something Good
Blackempire Najee – I Adore Mi Amor
SingingButler Tks @lipsync, @mystwich, Welcome to the dancing beach @ambit...back at you!
SavannahsGMA Jesse McCartney – My Baby
Joan_Eliza Love fails, only when we fail to love« The Spirit of Love...
broadwayg U r my starship, come take me up tonite , and don't be late, and don't u come too soon....
DJMees @ShiaoMei: "@ambit: "Fresh JazZ Cafe~ ARE U GOING WITH ME and PAT?" :D" (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Amber – Sexual (li da di) (Afterlife Remix)
2HandedJam *** The System – You Are In My System
ShiaoMei RB ~ Great song! :) @mrrodd: "Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)" (reblip)
La_Tua_Cantante you totally blipped my fave Peter Gabriel/Deep Forest song @ambit! You inspired this one thanks <3.This is my last blip for the night. Good night all!
star45 Vanessa Daou – Consequences
DJMees @toosweet4rnr: "[Suzanne Vega - Left Of Center] wonderin' about you..." (reblip)
SingingButler wait for needs to build... tks.@mushka,@moderntimes, @ambit... Man is tethered, spirit is free...

The WaterboysSpirit

| play
cybel I was humming this song this morning (pleasant right?) "Pretty Girls Make Graves" RB @gigia: " IMEEN FREE  " (reblip)
Joan_Eliza Well Done...

Passion- Well Done (Youtube Exclusive)

| play
fbrahimi @avivamagnolia: "Richard Bona + Bobby McFerrin | Live Improv " (reblip)

Bobby Mcferrin improvisation with Richard Bona

| play
metaMeerkat "the morning will come and every day will be bright as the sun..." (it will be; thank goodness for angels on earth)
avivajazz Lokua Kanza // Lisanga // Lokua (born Martinique, now in Paris) is member of the group Toto Bona Lokua with Richard Bona~Cameroon + Gérald Toto~Congo.

Lokua KanzaLisanga

| play
ShiaoMei ~@mrrodd @ambit @BohemianChick @RnBE @broadwayg~ MJ<> Can you fell it<>><>

THE JACKSONS CAN YOU FEEL IT (original director's cut) HQ

| play
GR8FL true love is not bound by someone's ideas/laws @daretoeatapeach - I am so blessed & grateful to have true love in my life & it spills into music.
LYRIC Oh NJoy this beauty too #LYRIC <---rb@bendrix, U are overwhelming me! I have 2 go out, bebacklater. Hope2seeU aftermidnite :) thankUeversomuch b.a. :) (reblip)
Cocoamel I think the title is supposed to be "Gettin Grown". Oh well.

cee lo "grown"

| play
aqu listening to Kim Waters feat. Meli'sa Morgan-Am I The Same Girl. my favorite song..great cover.

Kim Waters F/ Meli'sa Morgan And Chuck Loeb-Am I The Same Girl

| play
Bdarealist @ambit @aqui This was a great jazz track and this only one on their album.

Black BoxGhost Box

| play
ambit Agreed...Nice choice: via: @aqui: "listening to Brian Simpson – What Cha Gonna Do? i love his albums...." (reblip)
aqu listening to Oli Silk – So Many Ways. smooth urban jam.
itsRamel King Britt ft 5 6 Media – Footsteps in the Dark (King Britt Scuba Mix) #musicmonday
williamfdevault In honor of yesterday (Guerrilla Poetry Day) a little reflection on the joy and freedom and passion of poetic expression.
cosita good song to end the day with. i hope everyone had a happy sunday. (reblip)
ShiaoMei Sooo Amazing! >> Jethro Tull & L. Micarelli...eNjOyy! @scorpionkiss...@BLUESBOOGIE...@Stuelpner :)~
Grizabella MIchael Jackson – Ghosts *** Rare

MIchael JacksonGhosts

| play
sheryonstone does anyone get tears listening to this ? (reblip)
ambit Gotta love Marcus Miller....thanks via: @RonnieBebop: "Hello my friend... @ambit" (reblip)
T_DeBarros Chris Botti & Sting. La Belle Dame sans Regrets. ```no regrets here! and yes...Sting does sing, just have to wait a while as the music takes u away☺

Chris Botti & Sting : La belle dame sans regrets

| play
MsSting This is Sting's son. Have a great July 4th @Kim777 @misspeggy7@Felliswelt @julio @AlisanB @Tet_Roberts @krilleg @TreasureDon @BenJammin_21
sweetlilmZmia Hummingbird - John Mayer (You can also..follow the awesome wonderful @JohnCMayer on Twitter).

HummingbirdJohn Mayer

| play
raspberrysonya from steven weitzman to everybody
ShiaoMei White Owl~~ K. Matsui .....

Keiko MatsuiWhite Owl

| play
ambit Very Nice via: @ShiaoMei: "For ~ @mrrodd @ambit >> K. Matsui>> enjoy! :)~" (reblip)

Keiko MatsuiKappa

| play
mystwitch @yggoDraguS Acoustic Alchemy – Georgia Peach. Distinctive, mellow AA sound. @m2ederson @MrsASoprano @BeachSweetie" Acoustic Alchemy - Georgia Peach
musicla Tune for la la land: Chuck Mangione – Lullabye night all
Bdarealist Nice remake to Klymaxx's I'd Still Say Yes...The Braxtons had some really great songs on their album.
Cocoamel @ambit @aNtiTrust. Thanks for the info about Case. I missed that. Ambit, I ran that track into the ground singing in the mirror.

Amerie-Why Don't We Fall In Love

| play
itsRamel Angela Winbush – I've Learned to Respect (The Power of Love) (reblip)
ambit Jamie Lidell~A Little Bit Of Feel goes a long way..and please don't make mine go away!
dcychan @Junchai - Guzheng - Breathing (Chinese Classic music) vi@Exyszt (reblip)
avivajazz Armenian Армяне в Оркестре Янни | Yanni | All Solists

Armenian Армяне в Оркестре Янни "All Solists"

| play
sandraew Got that right @polarkat: "Tracy Lawrence w Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney – Find Out Who Your Friends Are (Remix)" (reblip)
Blackempire Alex Bugnon – Sara Smile
inforalf Duran Duran – Wild boys (long version)
Blackempire Kirk Whalum – Whip Appeal
BJAZZAY Okay y'all this is my jam and I have been waiting to Blip it so here it is
GR8FL here's a Mediterranean sundance for you @DesertLily with Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, & John McLaughlin
powerlevel been lookin for this . . nice blip @AbsoluteVenus: oh you're good lookin! (reblip)
BohemianChick I love this song...thx :-) @LYRIC: "Can't get this outta my head... so I release this ~BUTTERFLY~ 2 U... beautifully poetic LYRICs...." (reblip)
aqu listening to Dave Koz Featuring Burt Bacharach – Don't Give Up. Dave's sax play is like singing..
Damu heart grabbing performance with prophetic ending

Michael Jackson & Siedah Garret I Just Can'T Stop Loving You

| play

Rafe Gomez Icy

| play
ladypn That's me, @ambit! LOL!!! Just call me Snoopy. ;)
ladypn I found her letter all folded up, an origami bird stashed in an old shoebox...
ShiaoMei ~~For: @ambit.. @pita4l.. @organicsue:))~~ C. David...enjoy<><><>
ladypn Love love love this song vi@GR8FL "once my lover, now my friend, what a cruel thing to pretend" (reblip)
T_DeBarros Maria DeBarros. Riberonzinha. "Yes I could not remember her first :) " ```FOR MY FRIEND, @ambit !! i ♥♥♥ her music too n not cuz fam!
AbsoluteVenus @joechapman thanks for listening and the props...and keep it most mella :) Willie Hutch – I Choose You
ambit Very nice ty via: @Chris_Jobim: "Tin Hat Trio – The Longest Night ~ From one of my all time fav albums "Book Of Silk" @krisp @HERDE @BleakMouse @ambit (reblip)
BJAZZAY She takes me to peaceful Places
cosita never underestimate the little things (reblip)
GR8FL sweetness follows you @ambit, thanks
itsRamel Donny Hathaway – A Song For You (reblip)
aqu listening to Howard Hewett – Shadow. urban..

Howard HewettShadow

| play
djdiva you don't have to love don't even have to like me...but you will respect me..

KelisBossy (HQ)

| play
ambit Look Ma....No hands!!! :) Vi@honeygirl: "FUCKING IDIOT DRIVERS!!!! IF U DONT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE DONT GET BEHIND THE FUCKING WHEEL! okay, i'm done ;)" (reblip)

MowerRoad Rage

| play
ambit Classic Rewind: Howard Hewett~Show Me!!!

Howard Hewett & Stanley Clarke

| play
ZOEBOE Just ride on my Titanic baby... (ha!)

Alicia Keys Doesn't Mean Anything HD Leona Lewis I Got You Echo Single

| play
NewageSounds Llewellyn - Great Protector (chill/relaxation)

Llewellyn- Great Protector

| play
ambit #FreshJazzCafe: Brian Culbertson & Earl Klugh That's Life

Brian Culbertson & Earl Klugh That's Life.

| play
ambit @wild_divine: "~ SONG FOR OUR BLIPFAM FRIEND ~ => @washingtonson we are with you and your daughter ! @ambit @Dancer12 @GR8FL @ladypn" (reblip)
ladypn Love this one! Can I play the role of the vixen? :) rb@RHYTHMjunkie (reblip)
SarahABQ Imogen Heap~First Train Home :-)
ambit iNDEED>>"@BlipisHip: "via@BakingMan..ok guys it's "Smooth Sailing" from here..Kim Waters @TropicsZ4@docstimulas@matriax@ShiaoMei @Air_rapupo@ambit" (reblip)

KIM WATERS-smooth sailing.wmv

| play
Belvadere Mystikal feat. Outkast ~ Neck of the woods
JerzoTheKing Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow
LadyB74 Lekker hoor! Met salsa\latin maak je me altijd happy :-)@0_0: "Beetje 'Chan Chan' op de maandag ochtend...?! :)) @LadyB74" (reblip)
itsRamel Jaspects – My First Love Featuring Janelle Monae
SaoRibeiro Hi newest listener @jet333: "Nina Simone – "Mr Bojangles"...Fabulous!!!" This one is really as you say ... fabulous! :) (reblip)
mizsprieta Hey you... "Ready Or Not, Here I Come, U Can't Hide Gonna Find U and Take it Slowly.... Gonna Find U and Make u want me. " (reblip)
Belvadere Jada Kiss ~ What If (feat. Nas)
ambit Hey Jazzdogg I'm saving this for the Cafe.:) Nice one via>>@yggoDraguS:<< "Jazz ♬ Alain Caron – D-code. Magnificent technique. Great band, too. (reblip)
djwashingtonson Toni Braxton – Spending My Time With You
tedleew Marie Digby – Miss Invisible (Original Song)
mystwitch I love this vi@SevenTenths: "To the Wanderers and Bare Foot Vagabonds ... #followingwinds" (reblip)
harmony60 Tears For Fears~~~Sowing the Seeds of Love~~~ The best song they ever did together!!~~ So enjoy the tune!! ~~thanks~~
AFJGroup The Crusaders ~ Spiral

The CrusadersSpiral

| play
aqu listening to Eye to Eye by Chaka Khan. great song.

Eye 2 Eye by Chaka Khan

| play
Ashtronaut Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse
Blackempire Doc Powell – Breezin'

Doc PowellBreezin'

| play
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: Hangin with some Michael Lington~Hey You!! @pianogirl721 @sakapfet @T_DeBarros @wild_divine @Mr Rodd @ladypn @RonnieBebop @GR8FL
T_DeBarros Yolanda Adams. Open My Heart. ``` for my dear @ambit ```
T_DeBarros Yolanda Adams. This Too Shall Pass. ```for @ambit ... this got me thru some times.... † .... my ♥ is w you, my friend... ((hugs))

Yolanda Adams- This Too Shall Pass

| play
Tammay Yes, you know this is my song

MaxwellNo One

| play
ambit Just buried mine yesterday~ Pax~ vi: @T_DeBarros: "iL Divo. Mama. ~mama, thank u for who i am and who i'm not...~ `thinking of my 'mama'..2-5-09 ..†" (reblip)
T_DeBarros Tito Paris. Dança Ma Mi Criola. ``MUSIC FROM MY HOMELAND, CAPE VERDE ISLANDS.`` ....Cant help but wanna DANCE !!! ☺☺☺
T_DeBarros Maria de Barros. Nha Mundo...My World...Maria de Barros...who is she? ....Listen n find out ! ☺ ...b prepared 2 b wind swept !! ☺

Maria de Barros

| play
DownLow rb@yonibeat @ItzMeMichelle @DJStarlynn: "Fun fact: Buster Poindexer = David Johansen from New York Dolls" [David has less hair now but more gel! :P] (reblip)

Hot Hot Hot (Radio Edit) ~ Buster Poindexter & His Banshees of Blue

| play
Grizabella @DirtyUrine: "I was only able to blip a few today! @DJ_Jules: " Still blipping I see :)"" (reblip)
CynDyn has said before how much she loves Mr. Ma. Right?
honeygirl great minds think alike @CargoCulte... i've got my NL west divison champ t on!! GO DODGERS!
Lonravalex Gotta Stay away from the Edge. Or I might go Over the Edge..

Akon- Over the Edge( SONG AND LYRICS!) HI-QUALITY!

| play
daNanner This takes me back [Bebe And Cece Winans – Addictive Love]
CocoLand "...come on into my store, I got candy galore..."
ladypn Good morning @serifenlos! Late in the evening here - early morning there. How's your renovation going?
aqu listening to Tamia – Smile. beautiful song written by babyface..


| play
chadmyers oh how I miss this group..the original girls that is

En VogueYesterday

| play
Roddykat I know y'all can feel me on this one. Happy Monday to you!
steno Ollies "Hot Sauce" Series from his NuJazz label "Compacttunes" 28:59 of nasty stuff.....enjoy!! ,-)


| play
dcychan @Mekasidnipuatier: Bee Gees |I Started A Joke Gr8 song by Robin (reblip)

Bee Gees - I Started a Joke

| play
aflow I've Seen All Good People - Yes --- @consciousone, @timelady, @kamikae5, @EarthLifeInst, thank u 4 RTs & kind words :)
Bdarealist Great song...This song was originally done by Chaka Khan but this is the smooth jazz version.
Bdarealist Yes the 80's ruled...I'm so glad to have memories of that decade @MissM773
Diordan don't complicate your life don't complicate your life
Diordan Buckshot LeFonque is one of my strongest addictions @Atomik @CargoCulte All Fine?

08 - some shit at 78 bpm (the scratch opera)

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MoonlightSounds RB @jessicakorman @ice_wine @MoonlightSounds @ambit ~ Lorenna McKennitt ♥❀¸.•*✶♫•*❀ ✮♥ "Between the Shadows" (Persian Shadows) " (reblip)

Loreena McKennitt- Between the Shadows (Persian Shadows)

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avivajazz Groundation | Jah Jah Know
ICEGIRL152 We all want the stuff that's found in our wildest dreams....


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ShiaoMei ♥ღ♬ >>Robert Palmer ~ Aeroplane ~~ An awesome tune!:))♬
jeffhinz I'm thinking it's more about the evening ;)