aquaflush see y'all later - thanks for the props/rbs

2AM ClubFlashing Room

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MissMarian via@c3p0: "John Denver – Annie's Song (radio edit) lol @ the bleeps :)" (reblip)
glenmeade (Johnny Cash – One) RB@aquaflush: "quality coverage brought to you by @SolangeCorbeau" #nowplaying (reblip)

Johnny CashOne

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The Black Keys Never gonna give you up

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kramehr A Fine Frenzy – Coming Around
kramehr Heard this on Happy Town. Can't get it out of my head.
aquaflush noice. thanks, @MsBojangles: "just have time for one =) ...wanted to share this new FANTASTIC song with ya >>> i ♥ <<<" (reblip)

Eels - Mystery of Life

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aquaflush this is great stuff - Steve Miller cover with Bootsy Collins on the vocal. niiiiiice. vi@RadioFreeIllinois (reblip)
aquaflush hey, who knew ol' Ray had a li'l soul/funk in him? diggin' this vi@pike360 (reblip)
MissLordy gotta be my fave KOL song :) thanks and RB@Indie_Tunes (reblip)
penfabulous Little Birdy – Six months in a leaky boat
aquaflush wilco is kinda hit/miss for me; this is a big hit - thx @MsBojangles. (reblip)


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aquaflush love this song; i never could find it - thx @TheJabberwock: "And the simple secret of the plot is just to tell them that I love you a lot. (reblip)
MsBojangles can we talk about how beautiful this song is? swoons...

Monday Morning Maria Mena (with lyrics)

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moxiemuchness @aquaflush if u like Madeline Peyroux, Melody Gardot will be love at first sight.

Melody Gardot Debut On Jools Holland May 08

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MsBojangles I don't care much for the taller children. @megg ;)
disconnesso - ieri l'ho postata sul blogghe e non me l'avete considerata proprio. Maledetti! :)
DJFrankie I'm kind of obsessed with this song, now.
aquaflush diggin' this - thanks @DJFrankie: "Wicked Tomorrow - Just Break" (reblip)
SoMuch Madeon -- Shuriken


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DrawnWithSound Blind Pilot – Half Moon

Blind PilotHalf Moon

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DrawnWithSound The Clientele - Isn't Life Strange?

The Clientele -Isn't Life Strange?

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aquaflush gorgeous cover vi@alekr2o: "Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven" (reblip)
BellaMia22 The things that you say that you do ~ Dressy Bessy
pike360 Ray Charles – Hard Times
DJFrankie @DareToEatAPeach "Have you listened to any of the stuff NPSH has released with their new name?" // I hadn't. Not quite as catchy at first listen... (reblip)
Gen22 ooooh great cover this >>> [Adele - Lovesong (The Cure Cover)] @rodrigoraamos
aquaflush man, this is good - vi@Gen22 & @Alvaroxx: " [ Adele – Lovesong (The Cure Cover) ] (reblip)
pike360 Beastie Boys – Egg Man

Beastie BoysEgg Man

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pike360 Noah And The Whale – 5 Years Time
pike360 "Babe" by Evenings

"Babe" by Evenings

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DJFrankie I hate that MTV won't release stuff to YouTube.
DJ_HeckaCool good stuff, thanks! rb@smilecin: "RB@wolfmanjake: "RB @intraintraintra: "he goes electric on this one. love it.""" (reblip)
Gen22 indeed............. Metric - Torture Me

MetricTorture Me

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aquaflush p.d.a. is rude but this song is faaaantastic - dig those handclaps! *dances awkwardly at desk* 8D
thegeek74 Ok, so I had to reblip this from my husband - and he's not even a Star Wars geek. Too funny! (reblip)

Mc ChrisBoba Fett

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aquaflush one of the better beatles covers out there
thaisypecsen Adoro essa música e o Terra letras me dizia q o nome dela era Forever. Como é bem conhecida, achei q difícil não ter no blip. hahaha estava certa!

Simply RedSunrise

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aquaflush Dusty Trails - Est-ce Que Tu
skyroots [Scubba - Bossa N Roses - Paradise City] Hell yeah...


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shortygal Carl Carlton – She's a Bad Mama Jama
aquaflush boy this day went fast - see y'all tomorrow
aquaflush okay, it's not all the Chicks, just Natalie but it's still my fave Yorn tune
aquaflush we gon' kick it ohd skoo fo' a minit *head bobbin'*
aquaflush oh yeah - happy music for the monday stretch run
mellomatic @godninja Oh! Did you see them? That's fantastic. Things are good here. I've just been really busy getting ready for my move.
cabrochette "what came first, the music or the misery?" :D
mellomatic @godninja Oh no. :( I was a good girl and had a very productive evening. No fun. What did I miss? I broke the CWK law. What's the penalty?

The Information - A Simple Plan

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thaisypecsen @melloregina aaaaa mas eu to tãaao feliz... que é bom nem falarrr. hahaha (reblip)


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aquaflush excellent track from @MsBojangles. girl, you got it goin' on in more ways than one. \m/ (reblip)
aquaflush can anyone tell me who the vocalist is? thanks.

This Guys In Love With You

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aquaflush i'm just a reblippin' fool today - more good stuff vi@penfabulous. (reblip)
aquaflush clearly i need to spend some time in canada. more good stuff vi@penfabulous: "rb vi@happiestgirl: "this song feels like a canadian winter."" (reblip)
aquaflush @TheFreshPrincess turned me on to this and now i am thoroughly hooked.
MsBojangles leaving everyone with this little nugget, take it's a beauty ;)
aquaflush try as i might, i cannot get this song out of my head
aquaflush new Shakira - that'll get you revved up in the morning. :)

ShakiraShe Wolf

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aquaflush (vi@MsBojangles) this is really cool and everything but it makes me really want to hear...

SleeveGet It On

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aquaflush this was my first AM song - so glad to see it on Blip at last

Amy MacdonaldL.A.

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aquaflush my co-worker turned me on to this 2 minutes ago - dig it.
werd LOVE pink martini! they are playin' tonight out here in DC. @aquaflush: "fun tune vi@vantonoff - thanks!" (reblip)

Pink MartiniLilly

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aquaflush some Yoko Kanno goodness for you

Gravity : wolf's rain ending

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aquaflush some Neil Finn for your late afternoon

She Will Have Her Way

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aquaflush i got a girl that's got eight arms... :D
aquaflush thanks @somethingmoreexciting, this just became my favorite song. so good. (reblip)
aquaflush some Todd Rundgren for ya


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aquaflush @teffymae just made my week with this one. just awesome. XD (reblip)

David After Dentist

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