kaitlinmhorst ahhhh, expect a lot of conor oberst up in this bitch.
crispast yeahh...!!Happy Birthday, @SevenTenths!! :D and ciao@mellomatic! nice new pic! (reblip)
beckiendo @Maggpie. happy day :) ( my new addiction)

Jason MrazOne Love

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idjd SoooooFYANNN! This song makes my heart swell. You?
slatetake I couldn't stop listening to this when it came out!
SpinninR She couldn't help thinking that there was a little more to life somewhere else
sookmo For Jed > If you listen to the wind you can still hear him play
beckiendo to the mosquito hawk stuck in my room, good night.

Ben KwellerSundress

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deadwood4 we are the champions (i mean um we are the people who rule the world)...
doubledrat Bright Eyes – Papa Was A Rodeo
Yan as if I won't hear this song a million times this weekend or heard it a million times last weekend
lancaster this song is about a goldfish


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brita great for driving with the windows down : )

The KooksNaive

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blumers to biking home in the rain with tights on, hello.
karen_koltrane The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
Aswan @Yan i love the inspirational text messages...important life decision indeed!
midnightwalker @midnightwalker: "My last blip tonight. Gotta head to bed. Guess you might like this @indieearcandyforeveryone @singout" (reblip)
tejtej @Cedar come to the city. to see the black keys. and me
beckiendo YES! YES! YES!!! @Marvik: "found you! name change, huh? @kcosta" @Natatat (reblip)


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Passion Pit "Sleepyhead" (Grum Remix)

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Yan awesome > @Marvik: "new BARBRA STREISAND video hot off the press!" (reblip)
beckiendo Uh MEEE TOOOOO! @JJdubgoblin: "Wish I would have seen these guys at Outside Lands" (reblip)
JJdubgoblin Wish I would have seen these guys at Outside Lands
djork The XX – VCR

The xxVcr

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Cedar RIP CR you will be missed. Squaw loses another one. Ski forevermore. @Yan @lancaster @Marvik @tejtej @Pterandactyl @Skierchaz
brita so @erika_... I want to rally this song >____o (reblip)

Go Outside by Cults

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Yan super excited for the minus the bear show next wed, they're awesome live!

Jamie Woon -- Lady Luck (Official Video) HD

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amandagris torture me with all I've wanted

MetricTorture Me

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JosieMK When you feel wronged by everything, this helps....
Hachimon tyrb@musicalmind: "Effin' awesome track. On regular rotation when I work out. :)"Yes, great one! (reblip)
dj_maxx John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up (Arcade Fire Cover)
Eduardo_Emilio Good sunday! Bom dia e domingo!
paeix from@redlemonn &@miralize: "You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again"" (reblip)

MetricBlack Sheep

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Adam K and Soha VS Glenn Morrison(Deadmau5 remix) Mike Weertz Mash Up contact the twilight

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B-Movie- Nowhere Girl (Extended)

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Marvik yep, moguai is legit. way ahead of you there. saw him live in miami. nbd. @kcosta
blumers it's a state of mind....but i'm also pretty sure it's not america.
Tropicsz4 Cage the Elephant – Shake Me Down
JJdubgoblin in a matter of time, it would slip from my mind
TruckeeJoe I swear this song was everywhere in Europe (reblip)
JLIVA @TiffTackToke: "WOWzaaaa" i think I just had a minor dance sess at my desk (reblip)
paeix thanks -------from@msbojangles (reblip)

Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

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paeix from@t0dds ___________________________________________________________ if you only knew the history of@crosby &@Karuna (reblip)
lancaster you can't make someone... (reblip)

Lo-Fi-FnkWant U

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tejtej so cool- Also in the Where the Wild Things Are trailer...automatically going to be a good one. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are featured in the movie too...so sick
beckiendo beautiful sunday afternoon

Josh Ritter- Come and Find Me

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beckiendo @jambands aww thanks, we saw his show last night and amazing would be an understatement.
jambands @beckiendo you get three props for masonnnn niceness... peace and love to you hope your night is blessed
beckiendo to taking a nap in the hammock.
erika_ (500) days of summerrrrrrrrrrrr

Feist: Mushaboom

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brita beach, burritos, and john legend. this is heaven, @claaaaaaire

John LegendHeaven

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Loesje I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned
Yan gunships in the storm, sinking to the ocean floor and with them goes the cause we all were fighting for
Maggpie @beckiendo oh what?!! dare i say acoustic? YUP! thanks @evablue for the sicky discovery (reblip)
paeix rb@cammy (who is very cool and should be on your list.....) (reblip)

The AntlersTwo

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Cedar what Karin Dreijer did before the knife

honey is cool -- Nach heart

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Rebelution-Ordinary girl

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blumers i love this entire album...but this one...<3

Title and Registration

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blumers mason jennings station = uh-maze-ing @brita: "guggenheim grotto meets bon iver? = radical face." (reblip)

Richie Spice-Youths Dem Cold

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beckiendo obsesssssssed

The xx :: Intro

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paeix no disrespect, but that's who I am... ________________________________________________ from@Mollykills thanks (reblip)
paeix I want breakfast: beans, fried eggs, toast, and lots of money. It will be fucking fantastic.

Lilly Allen The Fear

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TruckeeJoe @Yan i dont think he gets disability, since he is off the books, the doc said he might be able to ski for the big trip... so where have you been
jazzyrat @MoiraColleen: crim!!! I love this song! I played this for you guys when I got to your house in SC.. Wemember? (reblip)

EasyDeer Tick

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Trampled By Turtles - Arming Of Infants

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kylecameron guess I should take Prozac right? just sigh all night at somebody new; somebody not too bright but sweet & kind, who would try to get you off my mind

I Don't Want to Get Over You by The Magnetic Fields (Music Video)

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Josh Ritter- Come and Find Me

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Swan26 @Schu sweet sweet harmonica

Shoes- Chris Volpe

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erika_ lets have bizzare. celerations.
lancaster @DJOutre Radiohead overrated? I think not... you have much to learn young one


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claire_ mmmm which do you like better? @DJOutre
jasonspacemantn My favorite Yo La Tengo album closer is my closer for tonight. Good night, blipverse.
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