bhellabell @dorisapparel I have THEE shortest attn span, but I'll try to make this a quick diversity mix from here maybe ten songs or less...

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free bird

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Davrocks yep Carl, I've never known heartbreak to buy a ticket either
MamaMel @djwttw like the phoenix does, yes? :o)~

herb alpertrise 1979

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AtheDJ Hi there Mary! @harmony60 How are you ?I am excited about trying out my new x country skis today. Berlin is covered with snow -woooohooooo! :))))))
redredbeard @dolceamie That sucks :( Hope you're at least getting a good opiate intake out of it! Have barely opened my mini-library yet! I is crap. Feel better X

Aretha Franklin Respect

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bhellabell It's a wrap. goodnight kiddies. :) Love Always, ~bhellA!
bhellabell "I wish the stars could shine now For they are closer They are near But they will not present my present They will not present my present" Long wk.
bhellabell "A game is something you can win/Maybe something kind of fun" I only claim the 1st sign when there's blood involved... otherwise there are 9 innings
bhellabell Change, change, change, I want to get up out of my skin tell you what if I can shake it I'm 'a make this something worth dreaming of
AaronBBrown Sex and love is not a game A game is something you can win And maybe something kind of fun Cause love is just a bloodsport "son" (reblip)
bhellabell Is that Tom or Jerry??? I dunno, but I DO know he's takin a helluva long time to get across that screen! Looks like he's on a friggin treadmill! :?

Jimmy Smith ' Give up the Booty'

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bhellabell A little funky now. :) <3 Always, ~bhellA!
bhellabell I'll give you a taste for a lil bit... Can you handle it? "She's a special kind of lady and I know that I want her so."

AurraBaby Love

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Elton John-Rocket man

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DJIntel Definitely feeling this kind of vibe today. Let's get things done.
bhellabell "don't slip, don't fall, just hold ya ground, don't lose ya balance." <3 ya kuz!
bhellabell How ill is it that I've been on Frankie Knuckles' jock for a lil while now??? Well, longer, but via blip for like a month or so... this vibes! :) <3
bhellabell I'm thirsty. Maybe I'll leave the house tomorrow... On my Lady Dickinson. <3 n miss bennnnn!!! <3 Martine!!! <3
bhellabell Pretty sure this will be my New Year's anthem. Well, mine and Madoka's. And I can't wait til 2011 so I can say, "I told y'all I was gonna...: ;*)
bhellabell Word. I feel this meanin' More soon.

Drake: Fear (Full length)

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bhellabell #nowplaying I could really dig this if I was in the mood...
bhellabell Looking for a feeling.. A fire to feed my energy...

The UsedLet It Bleed

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kiresys For the Network of Stars. For Chips Pentium. Boku wa kimi ni naritai..

Pizzicato Five I Wanna Be Like You

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QQureus Sade new single....Soldier of Love I always enjoy her

SadeSoldier of Love

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bhellabell Almost Sleepy-Time: "Rise above this pit Of sorrow and pain Among the few We are the avant leaders We've got to live Through this trouble and decay"

PanteraThe Sleep

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bhellabell I thought I'd lost it in 07- I didn't know enugh then... Aug 09 was fun. I like live audiences. :)"My heroes had the<3 2 live the life I wanna live"
bhellabell Well now this explains EVERYTHING... That passive aggressiveness. I know whose at fault here. Freaking PANIK and JRE, lol. No, no. It's me. cnt leve

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

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bhellabell "Seasons change, madd things rearrange/But it all stays the same like the love Doctor Strange." Lauryn truly inspired me in my youth. She's ill, Son
bhellabell Dope. Dscvrd her on Twittr. Lol. Free dL, too. ;) "Stop stop preying Coz I'm not not playin I'm not frozen Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh"

Little BootsREMEDY

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bhellabell "In the summertime, I feel I'm going to lose my mind" -The Virgins... Aww, Mates of State. I totally spent a summer on them in 07! <3

Darker My Love, The Virgins, Gnarls Barkley | Tuned In w/KCRW's Nic Harcourt Ep 4

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Sobk13 It might be a spinning wheel, but your friends are there & screaming their heads off! (Look at @CharonQC, he's screeching like an over-excited girlie)
AaronBBrown It gives us hope it gives the strenghth, you know, to carry on Keep fighting till the end and past the end we will be strong (reblip)

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra-Kiss The Sky

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Sobk13 @sleeprun, I know you gonna LUV this.

Antonio Mclendon "I'd rather just leave" produced by Madir Wear

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Sobk13 Sade needs no Sobuki intro.

SadeSoldier Of Love

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Sobk13 Oh man, this takes me back. Way back.

Nicole WrayI'm Lookin

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Qualquer Coisa Caetano Veloso

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Sobk13 A bad sign

albert king-born under a bad sign

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bhellabell @AaronBBrown: "It gives us hope it gives the strenghth, you know, to carry on Keep fighting till the end and past the end we will be strong" (reblip)

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra-Kiss The Sky

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Sobk13 It's the modern drift @JohnBolch But as long as the heart is true, nothing can ever truly hurt you....
Sobk13 It's ok @JohnBolch! A 'sort of' revolution is as good as a real one :) You see, the revolution will not be televised....... it will be tweeted..... :)
Sobk13 @sleeprun Is this what you meant to blip? :)
Sobk13 Its nine twenty. NOONE with a girlfriend or boyfriend should be talking now! ;)
Sobk13 Couldn't resist; what kind of marvellous mellow is this?! Awesome.
Sobk13 Now that's a voice. Rowr. Wish i had it :)
bhellabell .......@MrKinetic... "wonder who made the beat and how much did they sell it for"
bhellabell "My heroes have the heart to live the life I want to live." I just saw this pic of this grL that steadily copies my shoots, I feel like SUCH A hero!<3 (reblip)
bhellabell Thx, Ma! <3 @Sobk13: "Evolved: #ff @docmagi, @VoleQueen, @thekidscoach, @bhellabell, @emargee, @lozhead, @VenaRamphal, @CathyGellis, @rapella" (reblip)
bhellabell Yesterday and the day before, the question was posed, "Is it possible to serve two masters???"


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bhellabell it's in his kisssss... **last good kiss, hmm*** @dorisapparel
bhellabell Gotta get about a min in for this deep house to start kickin in... @dorisapparel
bhellabell @dorisapparel ...but "If That Was Your Boyfriend, He Wasn't Last Night!!!" ;)


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bhellabell @dorisapparel I'd mix this into an 80's rap song, but you know... I'll spare you right now. ;)
bhellabell #NowPlaying "Aint I" (Remix) by Yung LA Ft. Young Dro and T.I. *Someone save my brain!***

Ain't I (Remix) Yung LA Ft. Young Dro and T.I. [LYRICS]

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Sobk13 I was bowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn........
Sobk13 They won't give peace a chance
Sobk13 Between rock and a hard place #djss
Sobk13 Thanks @bhellabell :) I can see you like Dwele, so here's a little Dwele for you (or should we hope not so little).... :)

DweleDown Jimmy

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bhellabell I've got music in my heels and @Sobk13 is the reason. <3 (reblip)

Canned HeatJamiroquai

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bhellabell @dorisapparel I totally hear you laughing at this as it begins... This song is DOPE though! She says a lot here. :) Patsy's mah gurL!!! :)

Patsy Cline -- I Fall To Pieces

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Van Halen-Dreams (Blue Angels)

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sirrobyn nennt es kitschig - verbinde schöne jugend-erinnerungen mit diesem song - peter maffay: und es war sommer
WriteSpell LOVIN' this new group I just discovered. @Hypnogaja Check 'em out!

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

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DigitalAnnaLog Waiting for the album, White Water, White Bloom....

The Vaselines-Son Of a Gun

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mamawar "and i sit in regret of all the things i've done. for all that i've blessed, and all that i've wronged. in dreams until my death, i will wander on."

Audioslave Like a Stone

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Curacao58 Quincy Jones featuring Ray Charles and Chaka Khan – I'll Be Good To You (Good For Your Soul Mix)
yayayarndiva Sade – Cherish The Day (Video)
JoDe Wake up!!!

Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

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Valori Great song, great moments

CakeI Will Survive

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icks bright eyes... all i can say is legendary. amazing what he can do with what we all see as a lullaby.
AcidBlack Celtic Frost – Circle of the Tyrants : #Real80sMetal - @fearshop, you set the bar for metal blipping; I'm just trying to keep up!

U2 _ Staring At The Sun (Live from Slane Castle)

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sarahlovesyou @sandyriverside something like $250 for the weekend should come!!
adcarva Oran Juice Jones – The Rain
chameleonpixie @Shukitty I have my cousins' baby shower on the sunday of your birthday party weekend, so I'm going to have to leave early Sunday morning.
zappaconcrete I wish I could have been saved from the Kayne hour last night
mallinka The Killers - Mr Brightside

mr. brightside

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U2 Where The Streets Have No Name Live At Slane Castle

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice RB @Arth Get down with the crown (of thorns, that is)! Reminds me of that song of yours, @DEADAIR. (reblip)
nrgins The Who – See Me, Feel Me
Sobk13 They like trouble :) @MonaLondon, @VenaRamphal, @CarryonCalmly, @thekidscoach #FF
DonnaDoughnut hott forever!

Rick Springfield-affair of the Heart

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La_Tua_Cantante Iron & Wine-Naked as We Come...ok i am doing a spotlight set on Iron & Wine :) Enjoy!
dpva94 Soothing and melancholy, even more emotional when I can play this on piano - even get tears in my eyes.

Vas- Izgrejala

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SarahABQ Great! Nice 2CU:) @chickenkatsu: "Hopping on board! Hello! RB @SarahABQ: "Evening:) All aboard!!"" (reblip)

Love TrainThe O' Jays

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Sobk13 Oh, it's autumn. The leaves.

Stan Getz-Autumn Leaves

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Sobk13 @Cat79 Thank you for the song - Frank rocks.
Sobk13 Luck can be ironic: @DuceytheChimp, @crimecounsel, @coryjohnny, @tonycomstock, @openlta, @scodal, @ThelemicWaves, @zorlone #FF


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bhellabell "You SUCK! ...But Pls keep me in mind for other projects." hhahahaha. I FREAKING LOVE IT! :D
bhellabell Ready to fall in loveeeeeeeeeeee? <3 "U've got looks, U've got passion, but I swear you've got me all wrong." Always, ~bhellA!
bhellabell He needed a pic for that fro, but I'm down! "It's the fallin in love, that's makin me high, it's the being in love that makes me cry, cry, cry!" RIP<3
bhellabell "I never thought that I would be a Lover..." Yeah, it'd have to take me by surprise, too, Mikey. :) <3 Always, ~bhellA!
WunDaGround Born Ruffians – Knife (Grizzly Bear Cover)
Don_Bruno "chester RULEZ m****fucker \n/ 17" scream !!!!" (reblip)

Given Up AOL sessions

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lillianwong TY:)))@ShiaoMei: "~ ~ ty!@CPCDINIZ: ": rb @lillianwong:))<< "Olivia Newton John & ELO – Xanadu""" (reblip)
bhellabell Goodmorning! #musicmonday Something woke me up clear out of my dreams...
Sobk13 @Bambi429 is right.... Battle of the Sexes is OHN! @Wikizine @CharonQC @RichardPrickman @BrianInkster @Clarinette02 @thetrialwarrior (reblip)

Journey Lovin Touchin Squeezin

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marruciic Duets - ar kaislību un mīlestību dzīvē un mūzikā!
DJRosaNava Baden Powell

Baden Powel Manha De Carnaval

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Gldnldy Like Def Jam and Bobby and Whitney!!! Boy BYE!!!
Threadless Blip tip! Here's a tip for one of Monday's new tees! Catch it!
kiresys Your world is different from mine.


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koalix Música da noite - Sitting on a park bench eyeing little girls with bad intent. #grin (reblip)

Jethro TullAqualung

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zakksama rb!@KristyRNinAZ: "TY! And there you are! I shoulda looked on blip first!! :D @fxp123: " "Aerosmith - Back in the Saddle Again" I'm back (reblip)

Aerosmith-Back in the Saddle (Again)

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Saintpaul007 The Cramps – Garbage Man

The CrampsGarbage Man

| play
KiddRock TY 4 Prop & RB @whiskeyrose7 reblipping this one for ya, I am all out Props 4 U already:-) ~ Simple Man (reblip)
bhellabell Funkeeeeee! :) <3

Jackson_5-express_yourself_(Mike Simonetti_edit)

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kiresys I just need my number and location
MJMusicSidelinePass "Friends in Low Places" Musical #FollowFriday @eCommerceDiva @jim_turner @jeffmello @ginaATL They tolerate my love of country music
MJMusicSidelinePass #MiaMafia: Special Ladies Musical #FollowFriday @MiaD @MiaTaylor @MiaSummers @MMRAW @miatroche @miadebolt @TheRealMiaX
rguimaslima Vi@DJrharrima: "The Smithereens – A Girl Like You - RB@heatherlethal: "a girl like... me?" Good Choice!" - Yes it is!!!! (reblip)
Sobk13 @funzeek Hellewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It's a perfect Saturday afternoon in the bayou; music, mischief and molotov bombs :p How are yew? :)

It's got to be perfect-Fairground attraction.mp4

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bhellabell So the keys DID reappear... Magically after the bathroom ceiling turned n2 a H2oFall & flooded the spot. Floods make room 4 New. I was Lost, now Found

Lost And FoundCamel

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eliott_is_dead seems that everybody is in the RUN! mood... damn tuesday! :) (reblip)
eliott_is_dead @chelseagirl19 @normal to me, jacques brel is always followed by scott walker :)

Tindersticks-Until the morning comes

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eliott_is_dead @Dolittle idem, but I could use a couple more hours of sleep // hey you @MyCosmicRebellion!
Sobk13 Robin Hoods: @juliancheal @SubtleBlade @evilesq @leapetra @jimmilles @timbk @MiniPopper @superduper0121 @richardspeaks @ludimagister #FF
Sobk13 Lil Red Riding Hoods:@anneyeungmary @loopyginee @jaffne @nancetron @MonaLondon @Sianz @VenaRamphal @jackiewalker @_millymoo @VoleQueen @Antalianna #FF
Sobk13 Cinderellas and Snow Whites: @Sammyps @editorwikizine @thekidscoach @pooni21@FizzyDuck @Stupidgirl_no1 @LilWizz @brightravenmum @designgrid #FF
eliott_is_dead reasons I love blip: to discover that I'm not the only one who's pissed as hell on a thursday. thanks to all the other misanthropes :)
eliott_is_dead last one till monday... I'll miss u guys too!
eliott_is_dead I love this song, but it always remindes me of groundhog day :)
eliott_is_dead u ol'devil! congrats!@dronnoisseur "for my 10,000th blip, i want to say (...): all you (...) that make this all so probable, thank you for your ears." (reblip)
eliott_is_dead Perfect song for a friday afternoon

Blind MelonNo rain

| play
eliott_is_dead @greentrees I'll play the live version, you play the studio one :)

RonettesBe My baby

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eliott_is_dead a veeery obvious RFB>>@greentrees: "hybrid inspiration from eliott_is_dead y @BJPR" (reblip)
eliott_is_dead whow..can I?? I know how to impersonate him: "ADRIAN! ADRIAN!!" *Stallone's emotional facial expression ON* @revbeatman: "Do you want to be Rocky?"
eliott_is_dead yep; it's winter. 30ºC in the freaking winter WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY? @robotnik:"@ eliott_is_dead by the way, is it not winter in São Paulo?" (reblip)
CrowleysGhost Just noticed how many props @chelseagirl19 has given me tonight, so I'll dedicate this slab of stoner noise. Thanks, and to everyone else too.
djden Nouvelle Vague "Blue Monday" << cute New Order cover (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE #Wonderful #W/E TYSM4RB@GGDANCE: @dANGELofLOVE: Hi Ron!! L♥ve This Song!! I Will Never Forget @HawkNoize: @dANGELofLOVE The Kinks Dont Forget To Dance (reblip)

The Kinks -Dont Forget To Dance

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flavytcha pra minha amiga Felicea que está aqui comigo. Bom final de semana a todos :*
Sobk13 OMG: @loopygigi @jaffne @nancetron @MonaLondon @Sianz @VenaRamphal @jackiewalker @_millymoo @Antalianna @cyberpixie @squeezeomatic #FF
SofiaFada essa música me lembra do ótimo show do Nouvelle Vague :)
Sobk13 Hurry, hurry: : MattB_UK, @robinmatthewfry, @andrewneligan, @AndrewJRitchie @AjeetMinhasGTB @amypalko, @NHM_London @Lexisnexisuk @Chianism #FF
bhellabell Eating an egg sandwich in the shower to this tune. Is that weird? Mmm. (reblip)
bhellabell Curtains. Pulling back. Sunday. Does this go down on God's day? Hah. ha. hahhhhahahhaa!

Janet JacksonCurtains

| play

Forest City Lovers "Orphans"

| play
Studio512 tyvm 4 props rb @GGDANCE: "ty 4rb@GGDANCE: "@Studio512: "That's How Strong My Love Is""" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ▓❈☞ ☸ڿڰۣ.•*¨*ღ I Bєℓїєvє ღ¸•*¨*☸ڿڰۣ ☜❈▓ ♞◆♞ #Kσru ♞◆♞ •.¸❤¸.• #Ѻutṧtαηdїηg #Ɲєw #Ɣїdєσ •.¸❤¸.•

KoruI Believe

| play
GinaGina all night long

Splendor: All Night Long

| play
eliott_is_dead @revbeatman @Dolittle right?! =~ Halloween isn't a traditional festivity here.. so we don't have the pumpkins nor the trick or treats =/

Julie Dexter-A Place For Us

| play
bhellabell Can you see what I see? The best is yet to come. :) <3 Get me the sun, I'll give you the moonlight. "SHOW ME ur smile" LOVE WILL SET US FREE.
eliott_is_dead -> leaving here and stuff. time to have fun... see u guys tomorrow!
jheart Tie your shoes all by yourself... maybe you'll come off the shelf.. you got to grow up nursery boy...
Sobk13 @2Tall I can't speak Farsi either, unfortunately. I should really make an effort to learn.

J DillaDilla Says Go

| play
Sobk13 @2Tall: "Crocodile -- pussy cat diss @Sobk13> had to send you this dancehall with Crocodiles and Pussy cat :)" (reblip)

crocodile--pussy cat diss

| play
eliott_is_dead jesus died for somebody sins but not mine (everybody blips this with the same quote, right?) =)

Patti SmithGloria

| play
SofiaFada fico mto bom, amor @HermannSantiago: "versão indie de Gostava Tanto de Você do Tim Maia, com a Banda Falcatrua aqui de BH..." (reblip)

Faixa 5

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eliott_is_dead rb@MyCosmicRebellion: ":) RB@CHaDmAn: " 'Cause I made my mind up, you're going to be mine!"" (reblip)
bhellabell #NowPlaying TLC-Hat 2 Da Back

TLC Hat 2 Da Back Video(High Quality)

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jheart I'm in heaven...With the maven of funk mutation...
jheart Mean Mr Mustard sleeps in the park... Shaves in the dark....

Mean Mr. Mustard- The Beatles (Abbey Road)

| play
SofiaFada pegando carona na escolha de @MONIKKA, outra versão (do filme Dan In Real Life)
bhellabell Sweet and soft, I want to wake up to this tomorrow. :) @Sobk13: "A tweeter very kindly introduced me to this lady. I still love the sound." (reblip)
eliott_is_dead @antennica yep... with the worst internet connection ever! =(

No AgeTeen Creeps

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Sobk13 All finished! Well, nearly. I'll make the bed later.
Sobk13 Okay, but would you mind not carrying our milk snake by the tail. Would you like it if I carried you by your tail? Hm?
Sobk13 A peaceful, peace out, liquid shell for @JohnBolch
eliott_is_dead Dude, I'm SOO hyperactive today =/

Nada SurfHyperspace

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Seu olhar (Paulo Tatit e Arnaldo Antunes)

| play
eliott_is_dead I don't like winter - it's dangerously close of summer =( @wal_limoli: "Yep! 21 de junho - let's dance etc ;)" (reblip)
Sobk13 General: @juliancheal @SubtleBlade @evilesq @leapetra @jimmilles @timbk @MiniPopper @superduper0121 @richardspeaks @ludimagister #FF
Sobk13 Everyting cook & curry: @London_law_Firm @tim_buckley @Macmillancancer @Unicef_UK @Childrensrights @nipclaw @IkenCEO @mllyssa #FF
Sobk13 Cease & sekkle :) @integrolangs, @BinaryDad, @BrianInkster, @confessionwall, @innocenceblog @Clarinette02 @valentilaw @colmmu @Kobbygraham #FF
Sobk13 Ranking: @hambers @bhellabell @emargee @lozhead @special_noodles @siriolg @rah_rah @lola_bones @Benjaminfgray @Dravin1978 #FF

saravah soul maracatu southbank

| play
Sobk13 Dan Dada: @funzeek @danamorphic @JohnBolch @Mazi @Benny008 @PBizzle @bookapharmacist @iforg @timbuckley @docmagi @rapella #FF

Funk & Soul modern Musikportal

| play
Sobk13 BOONOONOONOUS: @anneyeungmary @loopyginee @jaffne @nancetron @MonaLondon @Sianz @VenaRamphal @jackiewalker @_millymoo @VoleQueen @Antalianna #FF
eliott_is_dead @MyCosmicRebellion Of course not! Since Argentine got kicked, I was fine with everything :D

Pink turtle Hotel California

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bhellabell Positivity & persistence can get u pretty much newhere... For everything else just being pretty shld do it. :P <3LifE! Always, ~b!
bhellabell Two clean breaks in 24hrs. @yasaunbishop feels like I broke up my band. These are sic side projects, but "if I speak for all, but what is it worth?"<3
bhellabell #NowPlaying "You know 2day, I just woke up & I said... 'We're gonna have a good day.'" Nappy Roots- Good Day

Nappy RootsGood Day

| play
Sobk13 Well, it's getting late, there's nothing I can do about it now. Just please don't breathe on it, Papi. You know how your breath singes.
bhellabell It's a lil early for this, but LOFL @ the chick on my b4Ls page all, "wtf did that message mean? i aint no hoe yo." If my abs ddnt hurt, I'd lol more.
eliott_is_dead ok... leaving here ... so I'll see u guys monday, probably. have a great weekend....! (reblip)

DOS GARDENIAS- Ibrahim Ferrer- Buena Vista Social Club.

| play
DJIntel It's a lovely night for some bike riding. I'm going to make the rounds. Pedals down.
bhellabell This brings me a happy: :)
Sobk13 @2Tall: What kind would you like? Environment, politics, war? (reblip)
eliott_is_dead vc ñ imagina o qto.. bom dia! @luiz_com_z: "@abarbosa @wal_limoli Bom dia aos tontos de sono... ou não!" (reblip)
bhellabell "I am Singing... From the Heart." L(i/o)ve Life. Love Always, ~bhellA! <3

Stevie Wonder Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I Am Singing (Natural Wonder)

| play

Nouvelle Vague-Bizarre Love Triangle

| play
bhellabell Just Because... Sometimes it takes extreme ways. <3 Always, ~bhellA!

MobyExtreme Ways

| play
bhellabell Hi-light of my day... Prob my only tweet for 2day so soak it up, babes! <3 *U look so sexy, u rlly turn me on/blow my mind every time I c ur face grL*

jodeci come and talk to me

| play
Doylex "My mu-equita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa. Your my reason for reason, the step in my groove" (reblip)
tracythefish can Amy write a bad song? i think not.
DJJazzyMua777 Love this thx rb@TechnoJava: "Eternal Fate has turned its back on him" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Nirvana - In Bloom

Nirvana-In Bloom

| play
dionroy @cisum35: "rb@Aluciel: "Singy! @moonshower (and @dionroy, since I saw you on FB and know you're around here somewhere!) ^_^"" (reblip)
SandroC My last blip 2nite... ;)

Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile), Santana

| play
rosecryst "HOME' @mrrodd mmhmm, HOME 'version' of off the hook

Roger Smith Off the Hook

| play
whuu Now she's in me. .always w/me @gardenofEdynn #Musicmonday (reblip)
FIXMIX got nothing but love 4 ya...
DJSOOTHE2 YES)RB@Bakojo: "A memory here, a memory there, Locked in a closet, or in the ocean air...Swimming against its tide, the current is too strong " (reblip)

Back Down Memory Lane by Minnie Riperton

| play
Laidback69 @TaraKLucero: "The Used *Pretty Handsome Awkward*" - Good Tune..... (reblip)
Donban As the Rush Comes - Motorcycle
Fortharrison feels velvety, try it you might like it, a friend turned me on, and i want to share..

Milosh "In These Arms"

| play
Choonks No one can do it like Freddie Mercury but... I really like George Michael's rendition...

Somebody to Love

| play

Legend, Original Song by Lux Divon

| play
VanFV Need energy? (reblip)


| play
ponte the man i love ....

Ella Fitzgerald The Man I love

| play
DrkTearz has always been in love with music #fb (reblip)

Leela JamesMusic

| play
raigohead ...parteme...en tres, mi vida, pero no me dejes volver porque no dejare de quererte, vete lejos, princesa. Mejor así.
oliviagotjokes 4GIV Radio:Liv-Nat Dedication songs awww..they both have "beautiful souls"
JenBunny Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Album Version)
djaces29 Vince Guaraldi Trio – Skating...just a pretty little tune..
croxx Kim Carnes / Bette Davis Eyes
bchluvrgrl You were all by yourself Staring up at a dark gray sky I was changed

CryMandy Moore

| play