X Sex and dying in high society

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cdb120 a fabulous creation, a danceable solution to teenage revolution
cdb120 there are boots there are shoes and then there was you...
cdb120 if theres a fork in the road, take it
cdb120 who can turn the world on with her smile?
cdb120 shakin that stick & drivin me crazy

WeenVoodoo Lady

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Miss Shapiro

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cdb120 i think its an idea whose time has come
cdb120 a little frank in the afternoon
Will_the_bloke The Ramones – It's A Long Way Back ..
DJLifesGood weekends are simply too short..it's so un-Phair
eliott_is_dead no, don't do that, kids. singers are nice people :) rb@dronnoisseur (reblip)
cdb120 another tankers hit the rocks


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cdb120 left his soul in someones rental car

Lou Reed -- Romeo Had Juliette

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cdb120 trying to make a connection...


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CMFlinn rb!@sir_edward_ross: "You are very welcome ... always ;) @scotlandlover: "thank you my #1 prop giver always ;-)* @sir_edward_ross"" (reblip)
cdb120 should have played this on tuesday....
cdb120 yep, it's just like it, i'm sure...
elocio Living Colour – Cult Of Personality // ty @Lipesom (reblip)
juicyjewelz Nice! RB @JANUS: "Alpha Blondy – La Guerre" (reblip)
cdb120 blowin free like a cornfield
cdb120 live mess

Replacements '81 I Hate Music/Stuck In The Middle

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HobbeLink Talking Heads – Artists Only
nastysurprise This song is the godfather of hip-hop. Get wise to it.
briangreene Sunshine On Leith - Proclaimers

Sunshine On Leith

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jayteabrew Luckily, I live in 1 of the 2... ha ha!! @creativeness: not bad..just not legal in 48 of the 50 states..YO!!@donnadontplay: "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing (reblip)
MudMan @lelordgs: "d °¬° b <rb@eSandberg" WATCH this Controversial Kristallnacht Holocaust film! http://www.openfilm.com/videos/kristallnacht (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Paul Westerberg – 33rd of July
cdb120 the birdies are saying what I want to say

Pere UbuBirdies

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HAWKWIND Master of the Universe

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Mr. Bungle Desert Search For Techno Allah

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Unaturalsoul Thunder Struck On The Highway To Hell And Darkness Followed********
cdb120 bool

Fletchers Grove-All The Way Home

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soniktruth Fugazi – Little Debbie

FugaziLittle Debbie

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Carmilla Small world! I probably met him/her @Tinkle: "@Carmilla-glad u got home ok!! was worried-)).@ShantiShanti was there & slept in a park-))" (reblip)
Antenaweb Holy Fuck – They're Going to Take My Thumbs
GrassyKnoll @ShantiBaba Hey man! Yes, definitely a good day. Concert this evening, looking forward to it :) You?
cdb120 i might have drove you too far


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SongForgotten Booker T and the MG's - Green Onions

Jerry Garcia Band Performs "Rhapsody in Red"

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cdb120 happy mondays

X Sex and dying in high society

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cdb120 sex once every hour

Johnny Hit and Run Pauline X Live

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ducks2007 good thing I love dogs... rb @Fluffyboots: "Animal cruelty>>I would string them all up cut their fucking balls off.. @TGunnn: "@me -hey bootsy did... (reblip)

Black FlagNo Values

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cdb120 tommy to left, bob to the right
cdb120 im just a boy with a new haircut

PavementCut your hair

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cdb120 your in love & im in trouble

jan and dean -surf city

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David Bromberg plays "Maple Leaf Rag"

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cdb120 down in the hollow live salmon...
cdb120 wish the audio was a little better on this, but it totally smokes

Railroad Earth & Allie Kral 3/28/09

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cdb120 more ubu, never enough ubu
mettee do I hate you ? - do I date you?
cdb120 need to get the blood flowing in my head

RamonesCretin Hop

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cdb120 i'm not sick, just a little sleepy....
cdb120 sure, why not- this will keep me awake

Railroad Earth "Mighty River" from MoBoogie @ the Ogden

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moe. Jazz Wank pt 1 7/5/09 Vasa Park, NJ good audio

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BluesHotel Okay, one more DK entry. By the way, whether intentional or not on their part, to me this is one of the greatest surf songs of all time....

So What by.Miles Davis

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Frank Zappa: Inca Roads

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cdb120 down by the ocean you were so dismal...
tedsplaylist Whats up with all the Clash covers these days?
cdb120 relax & float downstream.....

The Beatles Revolver Album Tomorrow Never Knows

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cdb120 lets get monday off to a good start
cdb120 dayglo, studio version, god, shame they dont write stupid songs like this anymore
cdb120 second verse same as the first...
cdb120 we'll steal your money, we'll steal your show
cdb120 must attack- too much damn work today....

The ExploitedAttack

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cdb120 i remember when the darkness doubled
cdb120 whenever i get my drinking done, it's back to jersey, here I come!
cdb120 feel like some jangly guitars today...
cdb120 followers of chaos out of control
cdb120 ran outta carbona, mom threw out the glue
cdb120 heard this on the radio this morning, and said, hell yes to guitar pop!!
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # When SONGS Are SO TOTALLY TRUTHFUL They Become DANGEROUS! # : The Sex Pistols - "Anarchy In The UK"
cdb120 shut up and smoke, and I'll go somewhere else...

XBeyond & Back

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cdb120 she's blonde...

XWhite Girl

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Figgywithit that's it! thanks!@ladypn: "I know you didn't ask me... but I think it was "the kids in the hall" :) (reblip)
cdb120 all good thing in all good time
Matericia “They are waiting for us to act. They are waiting for us to lead. And as long as I hold this office, I intend to provide that leadership." POTUS
cdb120 hopefully i will have an amazing journey home tonite
cdb120 i'm ready for summer... now.
cdb120 thats a good idea, she said

sugara good idea

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cdb120 the shit has hit the fan...

Little FeatThe Fan

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cdb120 was the afternoon of carnival...

Jerry Garcia Band-Reuben And Cherise (4/23/93)

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cdb120 like a steam locomotive...
BluJulius considering the circumstance(lost 3gs)I think I handled it with the upmost professional attitude@frspirit

Keep A Cool Head. Desmond Dekker.

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cdb120 i need a change...

ChangeKilling Joke

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SGMan ::Killing Joke ~ Requiem


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doyler29 X-Ray Spex - The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
avard ""more morrison"" (reblip)

James Morrison Sings The last goodbye

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cdb120 good flow-- working at home today

Dark Star2/30/69 Pt.1

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cdb120 cats under the stars: time is a stripper, doin' it just for you

Cats Under the Stars (Jerry Garcia Band) Pure Jerry 6

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cdb120 the sooner it opens the sooner it closes
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