smimarchie dancing to this on a very strong night out in Brixton

Anthea And Donna Uptown Top Ranking

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EFR56 Metro Area – Miura / Whoever that person is he is my fav YouTube DJ ~ He's got one heck of a 12' vynil collection!

Metro AreaMiura

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DJ_EstherSterre Nog eentje voor mijn 'glittering Blipstar'. @c3p0
littledufflebagirl ganglians are my new favorite band.
caspian915 jazz in the sculpture garden > The Constellations / Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves... not a bad Friday evening. And the perfect weather! yes!

Papa Mali: "Early In The Morning" live at Fog Fest

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eubieland RB@frecciArrow: "Former Japan bassist Mick Karn is seriously ill. Please go to his website PLEASE REBLIP!" (reblip)

The Gothic Archies- Smile! No One Cares How You Feel

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jeff Whatever happened to this band?
DivanDiva @DivanDiva: "pretty and modern sounding soft girl singsong" (reblip)

At The Same Time by i am jen

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GarrettTheK Wrapping up with 2 tunes from a fave new CD collecting recordings of Prix Studio in Columbus, OH in the early 70s. Dig the acoustics of the space -
DJ_EstherSterre @Bosmasan: "Sure know something--- Aaaahhh, lekkerrrrr!" (reblip)
DJ_Moishe Finding lots of great new music this AM. Needed it.

Hexes & Ohs "H-H-Highschool" (Official Video)

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muzicmajic i LOVE this band! rb@StrawberryToast: "O.Children. brilliant." (reblip)


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BelRedRoad Billy Thorpe – Children Of The Sun: Trippy Space Rock; a mainstay on Seattle's KISW FM in the early 1980s. Sounded great in my Malibu wagon!
schlenzalot Es gibt immer Erkenntnisse - und Musik.

SophiaOh my love

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GarrettTheK Buh bye blipsters, s'been a gas as usual. Lotsa freeakin' excellent tunes. Tomorrow, then!
irfung rb@DfJkirk: "#nowplaying elbow - fallen angel" (reblip)

elbow fallen angel

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killerswp @Dolittle.....thanks for listening....Welcome to Philadelphia!! (reblip)
oldseoul Little Brother – Shorty's Reprise (Instrumental)
winggirl Only just saw this! I like, TY :) @indieearcandyforeveryone: "@winggirl probably already know, but if not.. ;)" (reblip)
Alvaroxx Weeping Willows – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Vincent Vallières Live Studio 12 Entre Partout Et Nul Part

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GarrettTheK Because My doctor says I have to blip this once a week. Something about calming the inner beast.
PanteraMX The Black & White Years - Power To Change
GarrettTheK RB @beatslut: "@BJohnson@SDUBB ......."there's definitely something going on upstairs"" ::: I've always liked this tune. Well, since it's been out. (reblip)
GarrettTheK RB @cecci :::: Wow this is nice. Sounds like she's whispering in my ear. It tickles! TYVM. (reblip)
CreepingElm Dustin Kensrue - Pistol Thanks for sending me a song... You are sweet! (: @melodyofyourlife: "@CreepingElm Dustin Kensrue – Pistol Sunday Songs..." (reblip)
SGMan Freestyle Fellowship ~ Bullies of the Block ..I discovered this today, have you heard? @BluJulius
Diordan Teresa Cristina - Coração Leviano
ABoyNamedSue So very tense and moody. I really love everything Clams Casino is putting out these days.

Clams CasinoGorilla

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rinzwin thank you @leffi333: "mouneýssa. rokia traoré" (reblip)
JimmyStagger @nattieb I will keep you updated as to program/time/etc

Andre Williams "(Andre W. is) MM-Moving" (Fortune Records 1958)

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SGMan Magazine ~ Definitive Gaze
sir_edward_ross Sam ting @quantumfield: "5 miles, no problem, cake. -40 C or F? @sir_edward_ross: "Walk home 5 mi in -40 then tell me how much fun @me" (reblip)
MusicalDragon @jhcordeiro: "The Israelites - Apache Indian e Desmond Dekker (via @katterfelto )" > TYVM:)) Have a Fine Day:)) (reblip)
rabidrobot | Feel Good Inc. (Single Edit) – Gorillaz |
craigz #wastingtimemix - track 1 [this one never got the tag]
daevababe ♥♫ I'm going to find...
muzicmajic Good afternoon/evening blipworld!
djilo Greets Paul @Paul_ .... Search DiP – Picture Of Words (Balcazar & Sordo Remix)
ABoyNamedSue While we are on the subject of evil, this is such a killer song.
derkrauss // Tom Vek – World Of Doubt //!

Tom VekWorld Of Doubt

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jesusalbertoaraujo @Inquieta: "increible cómo cuadra de bien esta canción a esta hora..." Vamos Gustavo!!! (reblip)

Gustavo Cerati- Otra piel (Audio)

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Alvaroxx Röyksopp – The Girl And The Robot...
naapstermaan i think "east" is my fav off that cd @indieearcandyforeveryone , pacer does rule though. found these guys like a week ago, lovin' their stuff.
22Crystal22 @rocket1206: "Hey TYSM ::)))))) RB VIA@PinkPrism: "Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground for @rocket1206 xxxxx"" (reblip)

Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground

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Hellofacey I think it should be mandatory that everyone on this site be subjected to the AWESOMENESS of this song. So I think I'll blip it every day. haha. (reblip)
olivertwisty can't get enough Jaar...

Nicolas JaarMarks

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zamfir Holly Brook – What I Wouldn't Give
indieearcandyforeveryone nice! @Silverfire: "inspired by indieearcandyforeveryone I love Junip. Thx for the new." (reblip)

JunipSweet & Bitter

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ChakraPennywhistle rb @CargoCult I just love this. Thx for playing :) (reblip)
eubieland Tony Levin – Black Dog

Tony LevinBlack Dog

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CHaDmAn "Unbound! Unwound! Who's here to stay?"
pixelreiter ease into the cold winter sun

Nosaj ThingQuest

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avivajazz Susana Baca ~ De los amores ~ Eco de sombras
FrisbeeViper I checked out weekends gigs in Heinola & Paul Oxley is there today. Damn man, why not on Friday or Saturday, so I can see it too? Gig in Vaasa, thx!
JenOner I am currently in love with this song.
Blackempire Durell Coleman - Tender Blue
bigredneckhead Return To Oz... Return to the Dark Side. Flaming Lips

Return to the Dark Side 7: Any Colour You Like

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muzicmajic I love the LSPs! very nice song indeed! thx! rb@orangekittypie: "Such a pretty song." (reblip)
lilyetc wiretree ~ satellite song @indieearcandyforeveryone ~ i believe i owe the enjoyment of this group to you *_*
Eri_Z Good morning Blip World! a sweet song that says it all...
fabuleuxfab What else is there besides Hot Chip and Love ? rb@threadsandshreds: "Hot Chip love." (reblip)
GorgoMcGuirk It has been a long day, babe. But I still have to say hi and TY before I go out rb@jennyleepenny: "This has been a long day!! @nzstars :)" (reblip)
jccunningham if it were sunny outside I would turn this song up all the way and go drink beer somewhere. lets mark it on the calendars. @ceelee @DJSankoDanko


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Weeksy @Aluciel Have you heard of these guys? They're one of my favorite bands I've found this year. Almost nonsensical vocals, but I still love them.
Trip4Music I got this......take it easy. RJD2 – "Work it Out"

RJD2Work it Out

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Kubrickx Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop and Roll
muzicmajic i just missed these guys in concert (with The Blood Arm) both of these time!

The EttesDirty

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clarkowitz I'm glad @DRE moved... Met her old downstairs neighbor in between "jobs". Oh my...

Banana Phone: (song by Raffi) (SPORE)

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angiece "Bad Things" - Jace Everett
lilyetc the appleseed cast ~ as the little things go

Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air

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White_Rabbit7 this was the opening band, their stuff is pretty good.
EFR56 Peter Broderick – Not At Home
marijaanadj ...just came from the party.....

HinderGet Stoned

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Alturn8tive Yeasayer – Sunrise


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jeff @CDWOW: "this is one of the best records of the year, an australian band..." Nice, but I hit my 3 prop limit for you today (reblip)
DJTIMMY @Aluciel: "Do you like like me? Check one: [ ] YES [ ] NO ((this song makes me think of passing notes in middle school)) ^_^" (reblip)
kitt_pupp blip chains! thx@musicforever also@77ozzie @josephh777 @TiagoMaxi @MissCi rb @mamamiaellen /*/*from Lenny K angels to Eric H food chain...

Videoclip "te invitè" Free Hole Negro

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Oldscool After the Cramps, my favorite band ever live.
Gin_san_ Los Prisioneros – Paramar - Estadio Nacional 2001
leotard whats up @thakoharris?!?!? long time no, er, blip?
syn44 Damn my keyboard skills, @shawnystar (reblip)


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EFR56 Tord Gustavsen Trio – "Being There" from "The Ground" (2005) -2
SarahABQ hello and TY:-) @ladypn: "Hi & a rb @SarahABQ! I really enjoy Mika, thanks!! : "Mika~Relax~Take it Easy"" (reblip)
Atomik No, he just sang vocals on it - they have a great LP, Ive been meaning to U/L. @Mysterymix: "is it a new band of him ? #Atomik: "w/ erlend on the mic" (reblip)
Alturn8tive {Paul and the Patients–Blogspot}
SHYYETI Great track... It's not been released in the UK yet... Soon, I hope. Happy xmas! @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "*** X-MAS PARTY ***" (reblip)

OceanaCry Cry

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lilyetc mary hopkins ~ kew gardens ~~~winter is really hard on a girl who spends all her time in gardens ~~sniff sniff

Mary Hopkin Kew Gardens

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onewordheadline Help him out at his Xmas show every year. He is extremely chill. Buys me bourbon for xmas.

Ed GerhardHomage

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EFR56 Blixa Bargeld & Anita Lane – Subterranean World (How Long)
SHYYETI My next SHY YETI ON LOCATION video will soon be up - but here is an old one:
nastysurprise @HomelessParrot We're going to see these guys in Chapel Hill March 12th. Looking forward to it very much. I will not be driving home.
eubieland Yep!@TheJabberwock:I've got a pretty good hunch that you guys will like this song.:D @kittyluvsmusic@miyuki1115@redroulettes @jennyleepenny@muzicmajic (reblip)

Marmalade Souls - My Heart Belongs to You (TheJabberwock)

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megg yesssss!!! this is what i needed. crank it up, fuckers!! LOUDER! @FeralCat: "@megg: Let the Record Go :)" (reblip)
avivajazz Chico Buarque e Milton Nascimento / Calice
avivajazz Prasad Bhandarkar (bansuri) | Raga Shivranjani (a light, classical raga for any time of day or evening)

Raga Shivranjani on Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute)

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DareToEatAPeach I got my author on Fox and Friends! Wooooo! Happy dance! I'm-so-awesome dance!
onceacurmudgeon her voice is like someone has attached strings directly to my vertebrae. and the plucking/strumming is good....
onceacurmudgeon rules for life #743 one must always reblip parlez-vous francais. please abide by the rules. via @bthecat (reblip)
chazzz The Stems // Man with the golden heart

The Stems Man with the golden heart

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CargoCulte I just want to let my fellow blippers know that the electronic scene in LA is blowing up. Just ask Mary Anne Hobbs. #madbeats

TakeNeon Beams

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CargoCulte Just to warn the blip nation, I'm going to be West Coast heavy tonight. It's what I'm feeling. Check this gem here.
craigz @OKnightmare: "Howdy blip friends! It's been way too long!" / indeed; hi & thanks for male bonding :) (reblip)
craigz here's just norman blake performing baby lee :)
evablue with friends, one is a sound engineer. he told me to play this.
GarrettTheK RB @brucifer :::: I'm trying to picture this as a lifestyle. Wearing a smoking jacket to the Dairy Queen, then heading to the minimart? (reblip)
1001songs come on back with me to 1997
eubieland there's a strange wind blowin' gotta keep our eyes open. don't let it get you down.

Sean BonesDancehall

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TenaciousF I was going to call you a smartass, @thesearejams, but I wouldn't do that in public.

Butter 08Shut Up

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air Sublime..........................
MCDEIBEM Cheegueeei!!! Bom dia a todos! Thanks! Good morning for all!Tentarei fazer aqui uma retrospectiva musical, destes 54 anos de vida, que completo hoje!
SarahABQ GM&Thx:-) gr8 tune! RB@fxp123: "Sharon Little - Ooh Wee" (reblip)

Sharon LittleOoh Wee

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marienie wow, you are really the first one who is blipping this @Sthlm: "The Moodchanger!" (reblip)

MonsterParov Stelar

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CargoCulte @28apple_chic We get one more season of peep show, right?
Coffeenuts Gurf Morlix – One More Second
PyrettaBlaze would love to blip w/ you all tonight, but I have a sick little girl who needs me... hope to be around tomorrow.
chazzz they're coming here soon @poochiesan24: "wow, I need to hear more of them rb@Alturn8tive" (reblip)

Guillermo Portabales, El Carretero

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CaryB learn about Diane C Williams, aka dwbox - she's freaking amazing and destined for stardom.

i got the headache from the dream, music by dw box

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MsBojangles ...all out of cards & quarters, pls accept this song for the mad prop lovins! thx!!! @rerkaizen @aquaflush @nastysurprise72 @iMickeyD @mickeyRAT :)
angiece "Made" - Greg Weeks

Greg WeeksMade

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Geordie- Can You Do It [Original Version]

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muzicmajic it's not gonna go away anytime soon, so ya might as well get used to it. my addiction. to this band. unstoppable!! ;)~~
JimmyStagger RB @Davrocks haha it IS awesome. (reblip)

We Should Fight by Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

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HiroshimaTricycle This takes me back in time. Myrtle Beach, SC: summer nights, liquor, women, drugs, hangovers & chain-smoking Marlboro reds. From their 1991 debut.
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